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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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but not getting bad vibe. i think it comes from the attitude of terry francona. he gets them to respect the game now they play this game on the biggest stagee season in the cold. now and november, it's warm and they are enjoying baseball. terry francona talking about th team.
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took the cribbage on the road t play. i think, everybody has been around long enough to see that the guys can be loud, maybe cover up a little anxiety. as i look around the room, one of the biggest challenges is to be yourself. >> sometimes, you have to work at it a little bit. i think our guys, of all the things we talked about since da one. they think they are living it. i am really proud of them. is like an amateur psychologist of how these guys deal with pressure to play baseball in front ofs people worldwide.
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he says have a good time, this is baseball, so go out there an play. it is very elementary, you are on the biggest stage against th best players andnd be the team win tonight. says we are ballplayers, don't make any bigger, as watching very closely. lots of smiles and they're having fun. >> i'm sure there are some nerves. then you look at other people like jim thome. he is nervous. everybody is nervous, we're going to be itching guys who .ust play baseballll the only thing getting almost as much attentionn is charlie
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today, he sent a tweet to say that we as on his way can tell you that she has arrived. it's going to be an exciting while he arrives here,be spoke to him at burke lakefront airport earlier. sounds like a hollywood movie. manny wanted charlie sheen to b here for the world series. he will be here he landed at burke lakefront at 4:00 o'clock. he played ricky wild thing vaughn in the in the nine movie major league.i he gets the final out as they went many fans have donald social media askingng him to throw out the first pitch at one of the gamesit in cleveland but they declined.
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including barley house. said that every time i watch in the movie i get chills. we cannot let this slip by, we decided to bring it out. as for charlie sheen he says he has been followingng the magic season closely. it was in the middle of that 14 game winning streak this yea when i said that i told a friend thatld there is a dark horse te in the al, look out for cleveland. and here we are. charlie sheen says his mom is from cleveland and the family has been fans of the engines fo many years. i will go to you one more time. that was jack shea
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will go down in history. the possibility of a championship and great weather includes a jackpot for downtown businessss, this is a look at e 4th streett, it has been packed since this afternoon. no matter where you watch the game you are guaranteed to have a great time, were surrounded b thousands of some of the luckiest the game in person. matt wright spoke to some of the lucky ones who had tickets to tonight's gamem. they have a great spot the ready to cheer on the tribe to nine. there are some cubs fans. these guys got a great spot wit
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some earlier video, it was a m rush to get to these sro spots. they wanted to get the good spots to see all the action on the field and are thrilled to b here for game seven this is wha sun said especially about the number of cubs fans. there are quite a few but this is our gain. they have a major base, i think it's our turn. have been so nervous and excited all day. >> i just said, game seven, pol field, nothing like it. everybody here is thrilled to b herere. for game seven of the world
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fans will same the national anthem with the cleveland orchestra providing background music. those who do not have tickets, not let that keep them from experiencing it. they're having fun plaza as those inside the stadium. i am so close to the clydesdales. >> how close can i get into. >> they're so beautiful. this is a moment.
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this is one of things people can experience at gateway plaza. they get to see , once the game starts in watch party. this is unrestricted access, and awesome budweiser clydesdales. i spoke to them why he tonight' the night to win this at home. it is a party. i can only imagine what it will be like >> is going to be exploding. is going to be huge. look how beautiful these horses are up close. the budweiser clydesdales. when the game starts, this will be a watch party at gateway plazal is just as electric here
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fans have important responsibility as matt wright dumbness,an they will be in the national anthem the idi that the crowd will be seen tonight the coveted by the string section of the orchestra it is do or die time, ticket prices areo sorry,
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maia belay has more from east 4th street. their pain these high ticket prices, has been waiting in line is the middle of game six. diehard fans have been here for hours. >> i have been here since the bottom of the third last night. >> hope for tickets, there pa >> $1,500, or $2,000. >> one of his more than $2,000? >> i'm going to buy it. intricate iq they see some of the highest prices in years
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but they sell around 1800. some say no price is too high to get inside, even willing to change their diets i think we'll be eating ramen noodles in cereal for the next year.we >> they promise to give you 50 percent of your money back i the home team loses by more tha five runs.. it would have been money well spent during game six. it is game seven, there is no tomorrow, someone's drought is going to continue and someone's is going to end the excitement in town has been remarkable. all through the misery, we know that these days are coming the cavaliers and the indians i just the beginning of an eraca. >> that will bring a new sense of pride to fanss that have bee chewing on the teams
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cubs fans are statute of the tickets on third-party websites. see more cubs fans than indians fans so far.. have same price of $12,000 for just one seat. barry white to break the bank to be part of history in the making.o >> she said $12,000. i am astonished. >> may have been a cubs fan. the i-team has found some people are being cheated by con artist >> it has been occurring throughout the world series as ed gallek as the last minute warning.ld
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last night that were burned by fake ticket scams into people resteded involving fake stadium badges, credentials. excited fans in game six found out that their tickets were counterfeit, inhabited earlier games,s, those that see g time dozensth were burned, as one victim described. >> i was at my lowest low levelized that the tickets were fake, i would not say revenge but i want to see justice served. i i amanda was busted for selling fake credentials to get into th ballpark, charge three and $50. last week another man was buste the same thing.
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just able to walk into any gate they havel separate entrances set aside for employees and reporters in badges can be checked with barcodes say they do with tickets. caustic into these games is so high that the police arreste a wall in for another credentials camp using a stolen major league baseball pass and onto the field. we met a cubs fan walking in downtown cleveland crooks. >> get approached by a bunch of different people want too sell youou tickets you just cannot trust people >> in ac victims tonight. this will not be the last big sporting event in clevelandnd s
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get ready for the final game of the world series pregame show starts at 7:00 o'clock. >> be joined by tony rizzo and d
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a gut feeling that the indians will do at nine.e. and we've got great weather in early november. there is concern of some potential rainfall tonight to hear his melissa myers weather forecast.. >> the threat of rain drops, will be few and far between, mostly out of the. we've got some aerial views of the private jets at burke lakefront airport. many of them are from chicago. coming to watch the game. first pitch, low 70s with increasing clouds.s. cannot rule out if you renegade dropsc
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mild and dry. record hot november 2, we have broke some new records. it was 77. hopkins was 78. and mansfield also 78. and currently 74. the wind has begun to die down. starting off in the low 70s at game time. looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies with showers later tonight and tomorrow. then after that the temperature
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to wraparound raindrops mount union. it will be sunny friday in much cooler.. rainfall between one quarter to one half inch your midday tomorrow. tomorrow, about 60 degrees. the land will increase intensity, then friday upper 40s agogo on saturday night we turn back the clocks one hour. and thenk local place tuesday, election day for the weather.
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behavior surprised to receive .he national anthem tonight stay with us for complete postgame coverage after the game,
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will start for the indians, he will pitch for the third time i nine days, kyle hendricks with the cubs, andrew miller and cod allen have had a couple days to rest, tonight all hands on deck.
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i think that not a pitcher is going to through nine ufc corey kluber tonight with three days rest, the cannot expect them to go nine innings.n laissez got a lot of early innings count on him to get som assistance from andrew miller. is using one of those instances where you can use it in the sixth inning. he can close games, can do so many things.. that is a comfort to a manager like terry francona. thoughts on using andrew
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depends on how efficient he is. we brought him in earlier this year to maybe go one of the third. but after eight pitches it was kind of silly to take them out. andd it's not like he has to pitch tomorrowit. is not like you have to pitch tomorrow. there will be no tyler naquin in the starting lineup, carlos santana will bat first, jason kipnis second, francisco lindor third andco mike napoli will ba fourth, was a reverse fifth and lonnie chisenhall, then rajai davis, and then coco crisp will
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perez will be batting ninth in catching. yourself a cubs will counter fo games world seriesy. gentile tomlin will throw out tonight's can, former players from each team have thrown out the first pitch prior to each came , he played a world series last timee advanced in 1997, they fell short in game seven agains he marlins. >> big ten football, friday night lights next year, the new tv contract will include a package of six
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they will be limited to september and october. and won' include every team. athletic director gene smith told espn the buckeyes would be able to host a friday night ga during its autumn break. the front and isolate will include three nonconference and three conference first pitch night is at 8:00 p.m. but does baseball manager dreams about before one of the biggest games? he lets us into subconsciousus with a bizarre
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about 90 minutes away from firs pitch came several of the world series. is in saltbrine to watch these fans coming to the ballpark will be talking baseball, as john telich joins us, padilla to throw you a curv ball, as in the parlance of baseball. dollar bill chicago fans, can we just asked to leave to i can be persuasive, i would just say here's the exit, why don't you use it turned to >> here we are, game seven of
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the players seem relaxed. >> this is a drain them get the opportunity through little-e, high school, college, and then, to be drafted on to college and then the liners and then into the big leagues. like jim thome. all-time home run great. we know what he did in his career playing them to world series. 95 and 97, he will throw out first pitch tonight because islam to us a short time ago was
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this off-season to enjoy it my son loves baseball. to be in contact with the indians front office and the guys that i played with whata kenny lofton and mike hargrove. is a great time is been so much fun that was jim thome, one of the all-time greats, you can feel the excitement regarding.
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who's talking with the fans wer ready to win >> lots of loud cubs fans, we tried to get the tribe fans revved up for this. >> they already. some of these people were through the gates first day of them have been games been waiting for this 19 years, tonight is the big nine.
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down to is that hotel rooms can because there were times as muc as $200,, some people, opted fo airbnb >> lorrie taylor is here with more on that part off the local boost the economy. airbnb, offers accommodations like private homes and apartments, people who rent out there homes have brought in more than $16,000 to the local economy during the world series home games. >> 38-year-old dino vianos says
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to rent out his east 4th street apartment during games wanted to. passages one of 1100 airbnb listings across the city he says he is attracting calls with a add that reads- says he is chased away cubs fans for games six an seven with an asking price of $2,000 per night. credit for the first couple
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there's no way. despite an asking price he says he is still getting phone callsg from cavs fans trying t talking down. stay with us as we covered the world series reports and updates at fox
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these high clouds give us the lovely sunset about 20 minutes ago. sunset was at 6:21 p.m. family big game time one showers will be moving in tonight, mostly after the game. could be a stray shower, anytim after 10:00 o'clock post should
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they continue through midday tomorrow. that much cooler temperatures. tomorrow the winds from the northwest showers, in some spots tomorrow. on friday, sunshine and mary chilly temperatures.
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the high temperature on friday, about 48. talking with you may need a winter coat. >> daylight saving time andy 2:00 a.m. sunday. on election day tuesday, partly next threat of rainfall. next friday and saturday could be very chilly. just an hour away from our chance to shine with another
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mlb teams offer payouts for playoff appearances and usually big bonuses for world series titles. on last years world champions royaleses they earned just unde $400,000 per player pocket change for the $30 million player but those wh earn the league minimum of half a million dollars in play only part of the season came easily double the income. they were the very latest
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mlb contract to make the indians world series championship t-shirts, as jennifer jordan .oins us after the game, a liquid company will start making the world series t-shirts, the team will be the first to wear them, but will they look like after work that will remain a mystery until tonight.te from champaign to hugs and tears, the indians locker room celebration after winning alcs was a saints remember. we can expect a bigger celebration this time the entir will be a original. the t-shirt wilson production a
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major-league contract. >> river great relationship with licensees including mlb in nbab the calamus to get the job done >> 5,000 will be available on days machines, then they will b at big box stores tomorrow. he says the image will remain top secret until the final out you will see the logo on all of the baseball uniforms, they wor with major league baseball may come up with a design and gifts given to ususwi in str confidence. >> they printed the teams alcs championship t-shirt in 97 and also one of the championship contractsh that have not seen t
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be our year . to see them before anybody else into print them is pretty cool. >> allow the fact that we are i it and that we are battling a good team and i'm very, there were going to win us tonight.nd >> they created the cavaliers championship shirts as well as
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ricky wild thing vaughn is here. they began a social media campaign to get the indiansns h him throw out first pitch. >> that did not happen, but thi did. charlie sheen arrived and burke lakefront airport about 4:00 local business owners worked to get him to cleveland for tonight's big game.
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there were plenty of celebrities in the crowd last night.. you can see people the mike rk on this night, hargrove, jim thome, al roker. there's drew carey, and bill murray, he is watching his beloved cubs, and representing it is better and chris chelios is seatmate. lebron james, 19 points. a point.victory. this place will be filled with celebrities, lebron james sent out a tweet,, said that the two greatest words are game seven, his advice was to live in the moment andnd the game will play
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terry francona has been chatting to the media. today was no different. here he is describing a rough night after game six. i was having a. of somebody breaking my ribs. and i woke up and my ribs hurt the kind of got scared. tv remote was stuck in my rib cage. evidently i slept against him several hours. i got up to go to the bathroom and it hurt. is the easy being a manager. my bedroom look like a national disaster last night. i want to have to change a few habits when we are done here. i had peanut butter on my
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i was dipping pretzels into the peanut butter jar. i go straight home and i go to bed and everything is laid out next to meme. i felt asleep at some point., while eating. thanks for joining us
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below from progressive field of this game seven. >> of the world series. the cubs when yesterday means a winner take all game tonight and progressive field.. enmass, is mike hargrove with his thoughts on this game, and is there no crying in baseball?l? the indians have a surprise for a young fan devastated after sunday nights loss. >> beginning team coverage with


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