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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  November 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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the devastating loss, but a great game. >> we have reaction from the players after the loss of game seven, world series. g went to the fans had to say about the game andnd how they f after we came so close to another title.l dry spell beginning, we have details coming up.nn our indian summer is coming to an end, in more ways than one, with the temperatures cooling down, and t we say farewell to the postseason baseball, we go outside for the
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jenn harcher looks at the forecast on thisis thursday. we had record heat yesterday today back to normal. cooler than yesterday. most of us in the 50s, cleveland 57 degrees. and upper 50s in wooster. mid-sixties new philadelphia. the wind out of the northwest. the rain, is mostly done could have some drizzle but that is
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most of the rainfall is done with. by 5:00 p.m., try to break the cloud cover, and then tomorrow evening, lower 50s. it was incredible to play baseball in november, the fans are disappointed,in but full of
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stacey frey is a progressive field. they have given us an october and november to remember. this is the team that was not supposed to make its out of the first round of playoffs against the red soxt. they battled back against all odds, against the doubters and against injuries, and we were believing that they could win the whole thing last nights gam was one of the most spectacular baseball. the crowd went wild, by the tenth inning they had nothing left.
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sad but we all said we have to acknowledge that this team was nothing short of remarkable. it was the best game i have ever been to.t i give them a ton of credit, they were down, and they went seven games, can't say enough about the effort. >> so proud of the tribe,, they were down with pitchers they gave everything they had,w the indians rock, congratulations t the cubs. what was remarkable was the reaction from fans. there was not in the brawling in the streets over the cubs winningtra on our turf, and its fans wereo shaking hands to
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it was refreshing and the team, of rate course we wanted them to win, they did take us on a fantastic ride. we exceeded expectations and then one rajai davis got that home run off of aroldis chapman. people paid $4,000 per ticket that was worth every single penny.y. >> people said that they were honored to witness such the historic game. these two teams that were battling it out. we said that, it was emotional and the best game, bu then to hear others like ellen
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from the outside, people who do not have there part in it..h the indians put up an incredible fight, to the end. jessica dill is that progressives, with keen reaction. we have a tough, classy team, they were heartbroken but still professional am after last nigh was. >> we will be back, we were pretty confident news crew. >> the game went back-and-forth corey kluber gave all he could but only lasted until the fourt inning,,co trail for most of the gameof but was able to tie it u
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ninth, cannot score then a rain delay that stopped again 15 minutes, the cubs won the bases and scored two more runs, the indians, could not tied up, the cubs winning eight-seven. >> i think when we start to chi away and come back, the kind of felt that's what this team does and it was pretty impressive, nobody gave up everybody was tidied up in a pennant, it was just unbelievable,p wildest dreams, unfortunately we cannot do the whole thing into when it all, but that was a great fight by our guysb we hav a lot of great players never give up. to walk with their head held high because they left nothing on the field and that's all the things that we ever asked them to do, they tried until there
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>> the cubs hold the longest title drought in baseball, becoming the first club to overcome b a three-one series deficit since the 1985 kansas city royals. this city rallied including the cavaliers. >> after the game, lebron james sent a message to the tribe. >> want to congratulate the indians on an unbelievable season.. did something that nobody thought you could do and we are very proud of you. the entire cavaliers organization, the fans in the city of cleveland are proud of you guys, you have nothing to hang your heads mill about. he made a bet with dwayne wade,e, since the indians lost, lebron james has to dress in
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in chicago next month. yes to the dress and cubs gear games ever brought out the stars, here's a look at who was in the stands.s >> we are contractually obligated to show you the celebrities, bill murray is back. bonnie hunt, with event wargames and joe maddon felt the same for john cusickk. lebron james, ricky vaughn, a.k.a. charlie sheen, a.k.a. the wild thing. crowd went nuts when charlie sheen was shown on the giant scoreboardhh yet how to make it onto the field but that did not
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president obama, who is from chicago to today's early this >> the cubs win the world series, that is change that eve this cell site oran can believ in. wanta light house before i leave? he is a lifelong white sox never said he was written for his hometown teamn even though it wasn't his team. >> the indians tweeted this after last nights was >> the guys never give up, the storybo short, congratulations to chicagoon. they had like three or four corey kluber is and we had just one, it shows that when you hav to work, brings success . it's great to see the fans rally, they began to believe this teamt and that is exciting for next year. the fans are now in place. and hopefully, no injuries and we will be okay
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>> the world today is classy. >> only five days until the
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is obama criticized the fbi ase they expand the probe into clinton's valuesro and continue investigation into the clinton foundation.d >> although this may be causing pulse to tighten as we close in on election day, doug luzader has more.i fbi investigations into h clinton's e-mails and the clinton foundation have created uncertainty h on the campaign trail but also exposed a rift between the fbi and the
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department on the other. we got to be nice and cool, stay on point. >> donald trump is reminded himself to stay on message in florida,do never an easy thing him , but perhaps, never more crucial, the fbi is digging dee into both hillary clinton's e-mail use and whether the clinton foundation was a pay-to-play enterprise. possibility of multiple indictments, they say fbi agent have been at odds with the justice department, which is been pushed back gets investigation.enstm enough for the present to offer what sounded like a rebuke of his own fbi director for pursuing the case againstbi clinton >> don't operate on innuendo or on and complete information we don't operate on leaksa he has been campaigning for clinton in
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that have hurt trump >> imagine having a president, who demeans women,, mocking the disabled consultant latinos and african-americans, muslims and pows.. national polls, show trump closing in on clinton, although still behind in many critical stateso. >> i think that has done is to got in from a sure loss to the position where he is on the verge of being competitive whic soth about a week and a half ago. his path to victory is much narrower thanan hillary clinton both the meantime focus on a state that has become incredibl important, north carolina, doug luzader fox news. anthony weiner has checked into rehab for sex addiction, he resigned five years ago after lying about sending sexually explicit
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apologized and ran for mayor until he once again got caughtm sexting, the less investigation isst impacted the presidential race after some e-mails on his computer a/b related to the probe of hillary clinton's private server. >> the windy day at the beach can send sand everywhere but imagine if there is a a giant j taken off nearby. is something out of a cartoon, this is videos from saint maarten, which apparently has an airport right next to th water,a was the jumbo jet takes off and basically looks like a small
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many of the cavaliers were on him last time teacher on the tribe. e >> jr smith celebrated in typical jr fashion, we will
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actually been spoiled with some fantastic weather the past now it is tomlin backed down were should be. we have lots of cloud cover but we got rid of the rainfall.ts great time to take that afternoon nap late-night. some clouds disappearing over the lake.
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new philadelphia, at 66 degrees. over the next 12 hours, not going to drop that much work low 50s tonight 50 degrees. a few morning clouds. with a weak cold front that wil be pushing through the region.n. we will not see rainfall.
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do have the wind switch. from the north with cooler temperatures,s, sustained betwe ten upwards of 15. high temperature came just afte midnight. the wind out of the northwest,
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saturday night you turn your clocks back one hour, with in game one hour sleep. we also have a dry stretch, sunshine friday into monday are goingns with typical for this time of year, mid- 50s .
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it was a historical game. and what a great time, thanks to the chicago fans by stopping by
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>> the fitbit craze slowing down stock dropped, they represent t say they expect sales of the last three months to miss the estimates by nearly $200 million, them cofounder an ceo says t they're looking to double down on health care use.c >> still trying to figure out your lunch plans, they want to go to subway. day's sandwich day in honor of this holiday, away free sub sandwich for each that you buy, with a drink. that also donate a meal to feeding america, the nonprofit runs a network of 200 food bank across the countryfi. uber announcing a major app update with new features to get you where you needo to go fast you can request a ride directly to find a friend, without
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by typing one of the contacts names into the search option, it will ask them for approval to share their whereabouts. they then take you straight to the friend. they will also be able to make the device calendar to tha new appeybe for future pic advice, the features will begin in the next few weeks. it was a game that we will not forget. >> some celebrities weigh in on
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that was the rajai davis homeru tatted up last night on russia tv.
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lifted up the tower city. we are sad we would have loved to see the indiansns go a the way to win the world series it was a resilient team they battled past the red sox and blue jays make it into the worl seriesa and that's when the wild ride they went to games in chicago then took the world seriesth to height,e did not have the storybook ending but not back from a three-run deficit to tie it upe into the tenth inning. -
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such a fan. i am so proud of you guys. all the comments, they're just thinking them, a great season andw incredible finish to the world series. >> again unlike any other that can remember.
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>> he said, pretty proud to be in the end is nigh, p no matter the outcome i would go to work with this dvd, and to the, well-deserved. >> that member, a fantastic game, do remember seeing a game like it. congratulations to the cubs in the indians,, realizing the significance of last night. bob newhart, says that the bill goat is dead, he said i'm
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tag go cavs. >> dan gilbert, said congratulations to the indians, don't despair, this was the sam as the cavaliers in 2015. tribe fans at all in 2017. try to help the team by taken off his shirt.
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gray with dropping temperatures. this is elitebook. the top half of the city is gobbled up by these low-lying clouds, how are you? that was just some great baseball weather. pc sunshine, the skin at the rest of your day-to-day. us in a lot of sunshine at the moment. currently 57 degrees cleveland.
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northwest at ten. they change from yesterday. they have dropped between nine and 16 degrees. we are pretty much dry for the most part.. lots of clouds, that are beginning to break up the leg. weak cold front pushing in earl tomorrow morning.
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hillary clinton will be back in the states want to campaign in cleveland to joinb gz adds a kick out of the performance of the wolstein center to encouragek people to take advantage of early voting. she will return to cleveland on sunday, just two days before th election. details of that visit have >> food bank willll kick off its holiday food bank today to providee meals to the less fortunate, offering more thanme 112,000 meals over the holidays this year. also accepting $70,000 gasar fr susan bank today to buy 7,000 turkeys. rock 'n roll hall of fame debuts a big change to the fron
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rock. installed yesterday in the plaz area. toledo rockets are still in the running for a mac football title and a ballgame but. >> former friday night touchdown player the year, willoughby south star kareem hunt ran 136 yards to help them to control it against the akron zips, meantime the rockets quarterback came into the game leading the nation with 31 touchdown passes a, he tossed three more as they won 40-17, toledo is now four and one of the conference will the zips or three. big ten football will start under friday night lights as next yearfoa the tv contract
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night games that will be wednesday september to october and won't include every team, athletic director gene smith saysys the buckeyes win able to host of prodding i gave only during its autumn breakii frida night slate will include three nonconference and three conference games.i soon we will be making new year's resolutions.. >> if you hope toti lose some weight there are some things yo need to know such as som meal
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in adults or problem drinkers tend to suffer from more health problems that nondrinkers, review of the long-term health records of 600 meal veterans,, about half had a drinking problem in theiyo those who experience our goal i at least five years and early adulthood on measures of physical health as a resource 60s thata held true whether the person still drank or had quit drinking by the age of 30 study finds kids actually gain weight faster the summer, attract more than 18,000 children with a start up your second grade blad
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during the school year. they said the findings short in order to control the obesity epidemic we cannot only focus o the timet they're in school but also summer, there has been an year-long effort between parent and educators in public health advocates to keep them healthy.e added canola oil to your diet may help you to lose abdominal fat in about a month. five different vegetable oils were tested in a diet of more thant 100 of these people, they were randomly assigned to drink to smoothies a day,gn if you canola oil or corn and flax oil blend, those who used canola oil lost a quarter pound of belly fat after one month, they say more research into the long-ter effect of the diet needs to be doneorto meal replacement shakes in bars have been a growing trend of those wanted to lose weight.
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are the even effective as kim hutcherson breaks down the debate in the health minute.. >> soylent is the latest brand to promise the nutrients needed in just one bottle or bar,om th replacement diets are popular for those whoi were too busy to eatoo a meal, but they have recently made some people sickm and are offering for refunds. the world remains divided on the meal replacement trend that could be beneficially taking th place of unhealthy food in your diet. they say that great way to jumpstart weight loss. the help with portion control,t high in protein and low in charter. solid foods are important because they stimulate i the moment of muscles in your digestive tract.e they warned that the replacemen tend to lack of fiber and good bacteria needed to keep you healthy. they can also leave you feeling unsatisfied, if you want to try your replacement they suggest
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try to shake breakfast in traditional healthy meals for lunch and dinner,t for today's health minute, kim hutcherson reporting. if you look for some plans this weekend . >> they want to go to the movies, inferno is the third installment in the da vinci cod
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the temperatures take a dip this wiggins we might want to g to the moviespe . >> tom hanks is back in theaters,n reprising his role a robert langdon, inro the da vin code, this time in inferno, david moss talk to another star of the movie felicity jones.t felicity jones with tom hanks merely based on the dan brown book inferno, in florence italy
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is something like hitchcock about it, with the suspense and intrigue and ck hopefully you e to spend time with these characters. you on the edge of your seat as he was going to happen next. >> is also a learning experience. exposed to things that you thin you know about so you learn a it is amazing that a movie of this size you have this adventure story basically there are a treasure hunt at th same time, got the mystery and there is context to it. that's why people keep coming back.. you really are experiencing
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you grow as an individual as we are in florence italy? to make such fun, some can be hard to be away from home. away from friends and family. you're not around for people's events, but you are still fortunate to travel into work with people from so many different nationalities all the morld. >> this does shape your professional life. >> absolutely. it is a bit of luxury. >> thank you. >> it was lovely to meet you. >> with felicity jones in florence italy, david moss fox news. the indians may make some
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weekend is nearly here. in the forecast is i think going to like as we talked to jenn n harcher, the sunshine should return an all-time. >> the internet loves a good ca video especially if it features the indians, amanda steiner
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shows her cat trying to catch javier baez home run ball, it
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today on "the real." >> guest host eve. >> before you came on the show, what did you think? >> i actually thought all y'all was so mean. no. >> plus, today on girl chat, we kick crown.. >> and with who rules your h household? adam is probably 60% alpha because i >> bam. >> and then -- >> who is the hostess with the mostess? >> i can't tell you that, tiffany. you're from compton, girl. spill it. "the real." ? this is our time don't waste another minute of it ? ? this is our time grab ahold it's time to live it ? ? starting right now right now right now right now ?


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