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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 4, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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52 degrees here at fox eight and there's 15 degrees cooler than that out here and 12 degrees difference. and we're down into thee lower 40s 50 in westlake and eastlake temperatures in the lower 50s with mansfield in the lower 40s. full forecast looks relatively quiet we are not anticipating any weather systems once the temperatures go up most ofe that while shut down pretty quick not anticipating any major problems today with forecast is generally in the lower 50s. the eight day is coming up in about 15 minutes. traffic time with patty. >> good morning. a couple of problems soon lookout for to look out for soon lookout for as you step out the door inbound on o reports of an accident down towards mlk talking to cleveland fire and police they were headed to the scene. unfortunately we still
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22 westbound closed at 528 with the pedestrian struck fatal accident there if youi are traveling for 22 westbound they did open the first east and westbound motoristsfi and then custody towards martin luthern l king. it is very, very crowded as you head eastbound this morning as well. today, and this will cause delays. but there will there will be gas linesbu going fine. >> will come back we want to get you caught up> on the top stors this morning as you know notice the lastnst day for hillary clin and donald trump f. >> it will be exciting next week
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we are lives where there will be a big campaign event tonight if you can still get tickets. >> that is right. wrap rapper jay-z will be here> for our get out the vote concert in support of hillary clinton she will be here as well. cbs news is reporting thate while the campaign one announces the cbs news says beyonc? will be here. the battle to get to the white housetn bringing other circuits president obama among them trying to get young voters motivated quite good at this jay-z concert the president out on the campaign trail yesterday. >> the choice could not be clearer. because donald trump don't do. don't do. come on,
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knew that. you can't of blue. he can't sure you boot, but he blue, but he can hear you vote. >> big names big money little time left coming down to the wire.nle hillary clinton as her late as the cnn poll polls which averages a five-point through national polls shows relating 46 ?- 42 percent. out in full force yesterday had not delivered a campaign speech since the republican national convention made aware solo and parentst speaking to voters in pennsylvania.a. >> this man in a solo donald trump with your help and god's grace will make america great again.l >> clinton is calling a lot of star power not only jay-z here
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other concerts linedot up for gt out the vote g stars. share wil be in boston tonight bon jovi and florida tomorrow katy perry anda stevie wonder in philadelphia tomorrow. hillary clinton will be back in cleveland on sundayli accordingo her schedule thatcc is her last campaign stop before the tuesday election donald trump will be in wilmington, ohio cincinnati in ohio four is less for days of campaigning. >> ohio very important as it always is. stacy, thank you. we of other news to pass along a man in a hospital right now hit by a car overnight near east 93rd street just after
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police took the car in custody we can tell youto it is open agn struck by a vehicle baby boy. >> anyone with information should call crimestoppers are
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all the last-minute votes they could get wea will have the latest from the campaign trail coming up.. >> plus one of the smallest babies ever born now now little nathan is finally heading home from the hospital. more on this remarkable journey straightahead. h >> we are finally getting into a somewhat normal pattern temperatures will sta i start to warm upte we talk more about the forecast maybe t.. >> reading looking at a great within a great table designed by billat today and tomorrow great tables from all over the city a with their own interpretations
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we have found it is still a
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approaching 60 here is the
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families and running mates are all out in full force. here we go with the latest from the campaign trail.w >> he considered essential for the path of the white house. the republican side former troop
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milani a trump campaigning for her husband honor where campaign trail in pennsylvania.e >> he could not to buy anymore watch what is happening in our country command out is why like right this contains this movement. >> that us department of education has a fine for penn state into allegations of former
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spokesperson for the casino says it was due to construction on the property the hotel restaurantsdu and casino for hae all been closed because of theu outage. the property is working with energy to restore power. >> a baby boy born in nebraska weighing less than that a pound is now home with his parents after morent than 300 days in te hospital. when he came into this world, t t he was one of te smallest babies ever born fought hard to survive spendings the first ten months of his life in the hospital. and here he is now.w. wayne 15 pounds. his parents say while he is still hooked up to some machines are now, they helped years off themm soon. for now, they are just happy j to have them home. >> what a sweet little miracle. wow. >> fourteen minutes aftercl 8:00 o'clock. let's do it. let's do it. a lot of comments
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>> i think a thank you jackson should seee if he could so more money for heroes because he sure can't saw so mammograms. >> why daylight savings? i don't even want it anymoream i like the extra hours sleep at losing ito in the springtime dos it to. >> why are the cleveland's why is cleveland not holding a party for the players winning the al championship.on >> a dog is old and stale. here we one more. they are not actually having them vote at the concert is just a c get out the vote ray is what it is a just happens hillary clinton will be there. >> reality challenged patty for three gamesat of bowling where s the margin then? >> contrary to the we will have an accident just to say hey guys.
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>> i was just wondering one of my pet peeveses driving on the freeway and you allow a person to get in front of you, and so many drivers they don't acknowledge that. it's a little bit troubling for me that there's an there is an assumption that they have the right to just piletth in front f you are drive in front of the without o acknowledging there is somebody who extended them grace. >> the hockey team should get publicity to and celebrate like the cavaliers in thend ending. have a good day. >> we had a big celebration we have the guys aren't we love our monsters. appreciate the comments so far onre free for al friday here is how he a the arrival of the. >> if you are just getting up, 8:16 a.m. is your time. still to comee about the best accessed
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assessing i something i need to tell and now your answerer could change the popular spread. >> plus we'rec picking ourselves up, cleveland. a video you need to city kickoff your weekend raid straightahead. >> cool schools will returnta to its normal schedule next week but wel invite you to nominate your favorite cool school just ahead click on the a.m. show
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a lonely a very lonely east fourth street l courtesy other camera. last weekend was rocking. wall to wall people as thee indians were in the worldor series. we still can't believe it. stucco to pinch myself.' the indians in the world series. a lote ofworld pictures to pro. a fun week. a lot of fun. think the indians. very proud of you guys. time right now is let me check the old. 8:29 according to my i watch. that's wrong it is 830. i'm kidding. scott sabol has a look.. at the forecast. get with the program.m. low 50s today make drivenriv clouds beginning to thin out. widespread locations ins the upper 30s outing portions of ashtabula county o and look of e clouds begin to clear outlea o looking good for playoff p
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games in looks like will be the 40s duringil the evening upper 30s tonight little fog tomorrow morning mostly l sunny skies on saturday with highs ing theh upper 50s. widespread clearing through theh weekend. no organized rainfalle. we spike that percentages of rain fell up to 20 percent not big rain producer. might not even rain for a good 80 percent northern ohio. eight day forecastst the only t issue on the eight day even thee it's a nonissue when you look at it from afar. the restst of the eight day forecast for the middle of next week looks quiet temperatures next weeke x in the 50's chancef rain at the end of the week. small science that will get really called next weekenda. might have to drop those highs
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40s. kind of thinking about it we'll see whatab happens. looking good this weekend everybody we'll send it back to your. all right. thank you scott..d to just four days until voters heac to the polls on election day, and the race remains close. fox 8's stacey frey is live with more on the final leg of the race for the white house including the details on a bigne campaign event tonight here in big cleveland.t he i stacey good morning. hillary clinton pulling out the good morning. star power to reach young black numbers in cuyahoga county ins s to win ohio wedges polling in donald trump's favorite at this point.eddpot. jay-z will perform a free concert here at the wolstein center.z wilperf the first person in line notot sure what's going on. gates open at 5:00 this evenin. cbs news reportingat beyonc? wil bebe here as well. thousand there people lined up last friday free tickets given
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ten a building across the street from the board of elections. they were of course encouraging people to head right over and cast an early ballot.hom t the polls nationwide are tightening and donald trump's potential path to victory is widening a bit. the fbi's look into hillary hil clinton and her emails is stealing the spotlight.a the latest new york times poll g th has hillary leading 45 percent to trumps 42. hillary clinton had been leading some polls by double digits. hill mostly after the access hollywood tapes with billy bush where donald trump could be heard making lewd comments about women.d h billy b screeching halt when fbiwhen director james comey announced they are reviewing more emails connected to hillary clinton's private email server. donald trump using the investigation to his advantage during his campaign stops. donnouy a ry c'sil r it was reported that an avalanche of information is coming in. the fbi agent says the investigation is likely to yield an indictment.stdictmen
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demeans women mocks this disabled mocks latinos pows pitts people against each other instead of pulling us together.i donald trump will campaign near cincinnati today according to his schedule that is the last timetith he will be in the state before the election on tuesday. hillary clinton will be here fo the concert back in cleveland again on sundaycoack i. other stars who were popping up share upo rally votes in boston. bon jovi tomorrow in florida and stevie wonder and katy perry in philadelphia on saturday. we'll see if it helps her. we'll see next week. can't believe it. thanks stacey. all right. in other news.. . it's been an emotional week for
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alliance is here to help us kick our weekend off right with this new hype video. us out.s en la let's do this.nd iselp eck o [music playing] [music playing] always come back stronger. we are cleveland. couldn't have be done when be done. but they went and did it anyway. i love it. is that not just what you needed?? the whole thing is about 3 and a half minutes long and it will leave you with chills. you can watch it on our website under seen on tv.lea y. that is so very nice. that is also. if you guys are doing s anythig this weekend the 8th annual wayne dawson celebrity bowl a thon is tomorrow. tnual wiss the fun at the gameme
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family.y. that should be a lot of fun. all right.d b it supports the annie l dawson foundation which provides college scholarships, empowerment programs, and winter coats, hats and gloves for students.. and big news take a look at theh ves r newly renovated space that we'll ne using.. the game is more than just a bowling alley, it's an event center with a great menu and its absolutely incredible. fraternities that should be interesting. a good time family affair.fratea runs from three until six oncese again that is tomorrow all of the information on there's a link to our website if you choose to show up tickets are going fast if you want to come i would say get there early tomorrow. if you have something going on cancel it and come.. and if you look on my instagram page you see kristi capel signing autographs. m
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all right. if you're just getting upt. the time right now once again i've got to check my watch. 8:35 is the time right now. still to come is nutella a dessert topping or a spread? too that's a good question.estn. we'll tell you why the fda is asking americans how they eat the popular y fda is plus starting off the sales before thanksgiving. not talking about on thinks thanksgiving. before thanksgiving.g.notg find out which major retailer is opening up their doors one day before the holiday. thasgsgfind that is straightahead.. kenny crumpton what is happening?that is straightahead good morning.. we are talking about entertaining by design. a big part of that g abou the te skate some of the coolest themes tables and aligned tables around. when we come back at the beach with all ohio design center. that's to show you guys likeh into the blue. that is this thing. kicking it with kenny.
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america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. [music playing]
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it's all about that benjamin's.b younj are listening to that
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band cover a variety of salt rock and jazzzz songs from 1972 today. they'll be aton unc's patio lounge in chagrinagi falls next saturday at 8p.m. in chagrin falls. thank you for coming in. we are here used the the sign a little clue a little tease about ourt next table scape. entertaining by design happeninn at the ohio design center incen beachwood. tomorrow proceeds benefit malachi house and some of the clothes designersn tablesav. okay. hi. hi. what's your name? and what are you from? program directorr hi.. of trace tracy pure design department.r help us with the door. created a table scape that is reminiscent of holiday past. the display windows.ho we have taken kind of a historic
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it would work in a modern day time period. taking what old and made it newe correct. very good. .ome of the students a group of students came togetherr in june we started putting together ideas.idas. and this is a big year for cleveland wanted to do somethins that was historic is reminiscent of cleveland past. well done.s iem we are going to go from there we are going to go across the pond as weg come over here and talk o kelly. kelly hashere ta in england themed table. hello. li hello there. tell us about your table. my theme is british invasion is lived in london for four years andh i i love the way the britih use t that union jack and red white and blue to decorate and design. i decided to bring it back here and kind of have fun withesign. very good. a lot of red white and blue. i love the union jack is kind of
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brought through all around. you stuck with primary colors . i like the actions. with the crown.w. talk about the accents. wetheac decided to add royal fay to our tablead as if the royal family was going to come and st down. they have their tr is on the red satin pillows.e nice touch. and then the little red white and blue balls. what are those tomatoes. they were actually ordinance but i painted them.tothe very good. and then really simple with thee chairs. the chairs and table are from fellow in the show room and we're very lucky to be in able to use allto use all of their fabulous furniture and then add the accents and move things around. let's move back so jimmy can see behind your ticket to another level and youkind of have a british teamam lounge as well.we yes. we decided to make and create a
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table. i expanded my table to a room. well done. akay. entertaining by design a big table scape projecty.y. some of the cool designers in town. happening today and tomorrow at the ohio design centerin here in beachwood ohio. thank you kelly and all of the designers who came outha this money. the proceeds benefit malachi house. a win-win for everybody. la a british table. i love it. i love it. a british table. well done. great idea. thank you kenny. all right. .. jc penney is moving up the start of its black friday deals. last year, black friday for the retailer began on thanksgiving day. but jc penney believes that wast r, bthee too late. so this year, all of itss advertised specials for the day will be available on wednesdaydr before the holiday.sle n we and like last year, jc penney will be open for business at three pm on thanksgiving. employees who choose to workoost
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there you go.the how do you eat nutella?e y think about it because the fda wants to know. antsrently many americans use nutella on bread for breakfast, instead of eating it with their desserts.tead of e so the maker of nutella asked the fda to change its serving size from two tablespoons to the e its that would put nutella on par with honey, jam and jelly. makers believe a smaller serving size with fewer calories would be more popular. the fda will consider making change if americans agree and they're asking for customers to send in comments. all right. apple just released a new batch of emoji characters and onee a honors the late david bowie. bowie's emoji includes both male and female versions of the gender blending pop star. also among the new batch femalee judges, teachers, firefighters, astronauts and plumbers. previous series mostly depicted women as painting their nails
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by google to promote gender equality.y.the rws b all right. still to come it's almost turkey time.e. ti. our friends from two of our favorite local wineries are here to whip our thanksgiving menu into shape with some wine along the way. soe don't want to miss this. our favorite ladies. we'll be right back. ies. we'll be right back. be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true
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honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine for ohio supreme court. ? ? lookin' out on the morning rain ? ? i used to feel so uninspired ? ? and when i knew i had to face another day ? ? lord, it made me feel so tired ? ? before the day i met you, life was so unkind ? ? you're the key to my piece of mind ? donald trump: she ate like a pig. does she have a fat ass? absolutely. boob job is terrible. she's a slob. lips are too big, solid 4.
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ard to be a 10. i moved on her like a b****. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. [music playing] all right. welcome back to the big show this morning. thanksgiving is coming up. and what better way to get somew anksg recipe ideas than while you'reit wine tasting? nina salerno, the chef at theh ferrante's winery and restauranu and cindy lindberg the owner of grandriver cellars winery arere grandriver cellars winthis
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ladies thank you very much for stopping by. appreciate it.y ver let's talk before we get started let's talk about the turkeyrke trot. a fun filled event. one of my favorite events we do in the grand river valleyy this saturday from noon until fiveile it's five different railways and what wefert do is take the guek out of picking the lines for your holiday meal. everythingy thatou we poor that they will complement the thanksgiving meal in one way or another. you come tgi tos youle so get to have a great appetizer to go with it. the winery's work together. we absolutely do a better job together than separate and i thinkk it's good to have thate tat camaraderie and it's all about the consumer getting them toa tl right to location for what theye looking for. of course one of the items folkr can sample this weekend is what you'll be making this morning. correct. we have a cranberry puff pastry we are not for the puff pastries
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what we're doing today i did a little cheating caramelized some onions made a homemadeaa cranbey sauce with cranberry block. i love that. i know it's your favorite.ore and i did. some bacon in the oven. i will quickly build it what you doov is you just put a that up t off cranberry sauce a little bit off of caramelized onion. this is a desserty sale b, righ? with the cheese and cranberry sauce itit tears really nicely. then we put a little bacon. okay. then a little bit of said cheese. this will bebits. this is the and to make it you can folded in half or what we like to do the infamous little then you just twist it fittedy in the oven 35415 or 20 minutes and it turns out like our little. can you eat it o is it best eatn warm warm? room temperature?te everything is a little bit lile
8:51 am
oven. this holdsds real nice and it will hold for several hoursr you coud eat it at room temperature and get all of the flavors with your wine.t rooe a let's talk about what we have over here. this looks very nice as well. cranberry horseradish dish that you can get. took his later lighter with a pumpkin spice that you will have and over here at grand river we do the famous cornbread he bacon and cheddar stuffing. topped with of course. topped with ing. a nice. nice. excellent. okay you n have brought some sampling ofha wine as well. tell me what you have a friend. i always like to give suggestions when we come because i think it'sc helpful. these are the wines some of the winds will be serving for the weekend. he over here the white selection and a chardonnay blend.. of this is crisp white wine that will w complement the turkey vey nicely. you don't want to compete with
8:52 am
how do you know how to pair thee up? that's what we're trying to dodo you don't want anything too strong and a robust. you wanted to something that will go very nicely with the turkey. okay. mgo verni over here we have ros? from grand river cellars a dry rose a. they have become very popularpou thel last five years. an excellent accompaniment to turkey and st. joseph's famous . it's a lighter red wine and so that again compliments. not compete with the turkey. sounds good my goodness gracious. kristi capel is heree g. we love kristi. do whatever you want. help yourself you can have a puff pastry or you can do some of this. will start over here. you want everybody to know if you're interested in making thee recipe it's on our websitewet also on our pinterest page as well. turkey trot happening this saturdayso on oe for.
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not bad. five dollars but bring in a i canned food item get 1 dollar off at each winery weg try to tr help stock those food banks this time of years.he thank you to the donation to myy bowling event. that's excellent we appreciatea the support.pre always. god bless you. thank you very much. you're welcome. all right..od b mu you want to do the tease? find. i've got to work.a still ahead wonder woman is ready for her big screen debut. but first we'd like to thank thn the gym and they have been here all morning long. old-school music played on my alley. unc's patio lounge in chagrin ch falls next saturday at 8 p.m. take it away guys.nallse thank you very much. [music playing]
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig.
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y that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. to defend the world in that's
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[music playing] [music playing] that was the trailer for the new wonder woman that just dropped. it stars kristi capel. gal gadot and chris pine. the film hits theaters in june. got a little ways to wait. all right.aigh one of the most critically acclaimed actresses is getting another big honor. othtic meryl streep will receive the golden globes lifetime achievement award. the organization is presenting streep with the cecil b. demille
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years in the film industry. the 67 year old actress has been nominated for 19 oscars during her career and has taken home three academy awards. the annual ceremony will be held in january.. hend has jk rolling has scored another a lister for her megahit harry potter franchise.terf johnny depp has reportedly joined the cast of the upcoming fantastic beasts and where to find them sequel.d t but his role is being kept under wraps for now.hem but s we will keep you posted. that's the news at eight. e theg news at nine beginsns immediately. thank you sir. enjoy the weekend.d.imm good morning to you on this friday morning. after aa long wait. will get a lot of rest this weekend.d. we need it. hope you get some rest. i'm todd meany. i'm kristi capel.w.t. e es i almost said i'm todd meany informed wayne dawson. i'm good. the election is days away.
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town to get out the vote and that includes jay-zz find out whout as we are hearing may make an appearance. may be related to him somehow. are you planning to vote in the presidential election? belae yoa would you be more likely to votl if you got paid time off from work?ee go home here's a couple hour of overtime feel free go to vote. l it's an option more companies are offering. we'll talk about it in this ee n more co morning's download. charlie sheen in town for the worldcharli series one of the ll businessman brother wild thing got him here andh what were they up to around cleveland.d. we didn't think it was going to happen all of a sudden he says i am there. mayor remember his tweet he's not really coming and t that he did. check in with scott sabol see how the weekend weather in shaping up.heck ie good morning everybody. theor temperatures have varied from point to point they do with clear sky this po time of year d as the car cover is beginning t thinbegi out we'll have a few locations that will start to


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