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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 7, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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in less than 36 hours before election day voting begins. in the battle for the right of both nationally and here ohio. next line bill sheil let's get right to the latest polling numbers nationally. donald trump ahead
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after nearly discovered e-mails. they said the love letter to lawmakers say the fbi clinton's campaign welcome them. it donald trump is firing back saying that he is being spent. she is being protective system. team coverage tonight begins on the campaign trail. hope to pick up the last-minute loans comes votes for the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail with swing voters to other side into swing
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the clinton campaign was literally on defense trying to shore up the space around the country. there's an subsequent stories this week about the internal turmoil with the mbi. with donald trump i think the american people seem to know that this is going to be a fair election with officials across
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they're joining us from the outside cleveland auditorium it's a mix of sports and politics today. >> they all took the stage
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know you guys are excited. i get big campaign push with a strong message. we have to get on though. we have to get out and no one was going on. >> we have to go. that whenever i will never quit on you no matter what. >> she wants to make history on november 8 not just within the first him a president that she wants to make the country better. everybody should have the right to go as far as their hard work
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she also addressed the campaign thing is painful at times. >> anger is not going to get his new jobs they say they left with a feeling of hope from ellicott and an in lebron. >> there's different a lot of energy out here today. there have been super passionate i think that's the senate after
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alison. more than 10,000 people have already cast their votes part of early voting. you can still vote tomorrow only at the cuyahoga county board of elections it can be an issue downtown. we will bring you life resorts tuesday election night don't forget as long as you -- speaking of election day, what they election be like on tuesday. ceric that's the big question
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let's take a look at temperatures right now. we're already japan off the winter jacket but i'm bringing that up as you might not want you might want to change it. forty-four in the rain. we were chance around their western and some spots could be done at times coming out of the southeast depending on where you are you are just under that mile and then as he had all the way
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watch out if you are traveling interstate 80 if you plan to travel the next couple of hours it's deathly going to be -- middle and upper 60s tomorrow afternoon tomorrow is monday will talk more about the election days showers and a cold snap some hats that winter jacket. maybe. >> maybe. >> there is a new record for the cleveland browns hits not a it is a big one. they've lost 12 straight games getting back to last year that's
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around them. he scores one of two touchdowns
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over and over and over. you will face there on thursday i am baltimore this the only
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wednesday rebuffed a very knows why the fox 8 i team reveals severe of what happened. as search into a possible a possible serial killer the queen of hearts trying after about the
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last night. the so-called million of mass marketers a new shoe support of the antiestablishment movement everybody split with their own way. he has rights to be there.
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big must not man cages around to have the card game. there everyone wants to wants to be went with our new the least about you would win today the particulars from you're going to get 10 percent of the progressive populist people hoping to get rich quick
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raffle. maia belay, fox 8 news what
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our fox 8 i has said tim video a fire chief arrested for drunk driving. ed gallek with more. cement. >> the man fled into this book a room and hiccups gets paid to protect you. the chief of the ridgefield firedepartment that i team leard when we review police video we found that he was doing a bit of name dropping as he spoke to a jailer about posting bond two
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refused a vessel breathalyzer. >> for much of the heart we went to the ridgefield fire department in from the chief's office was dark. i team came over looking for the mayor been administratively calling this very serious. this is legal and personal matter she's not anymore.
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local girl scout air here is conducting a routine traffic stop and he was hit by another driver along i 90 from the threat of election day cyber tech's has prompted many states
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assistance from the department of homeland security the threat of election day cyber has prompted have confidence in the
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they disrupt the report information people apart from that you can't touch as a result we will not lessen over his been tree or so you can't trust the results. the department of homeland security and knowledge on friday the 30 happened in several states will they with the same here's your headline you miss
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outdoors for some reason it was absolutely gorgeous little myopic tomorrow temperatures with the mid and upper 60s with full sunshine. another gorgeous fall afternoon well above average election day were showers developing after 3:00 in the afternoon when actual front itself will become even after polls closed that's what i'm expecting the bulk of a quick cold snap to merges in the 40s during the day we're going to be watching that forecast 49 degrees in elyria lots and lots of clear real
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right now. we have high-pressure complaisance going to stick with us for the next 24 hours at least it's going to one of the to the south is what i'm expecting temperatures to stay in the mid and upper 60s tomorrow temperatures back to near normal that's what i'm concerned about. even that white.
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might want to dig out those close not have. you might see some light stuff. unseasonably mild
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me out. even if it does are looking at next week and take off in the pattern. enjoy it while last. now it's nearly impossible to hide your life. coming up, a new i team great reports that with they are turning to.
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the flowers you think how her cooking could a land her behind bars. that's not trash on the street y1 city is spreading toilet paper on purpose all over the
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>> there was a browns game tonight and they lost the rizzo
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thing has announced he will perform at the reopening of the vatican one year to the day after the pair is a on 2015 tell when your mother of six is facing jail time after she was cited for selling an illegal substance was not drugs or pills people there share recipes origin night organize potlucks and sell with a cook but when
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actually an undercover sting. she was cited and now she does not have a -- permit to sell food. they were sent a warning before charges were handed down with selling any food not suec puts the public at risk. the city of littleton posted these pictures is not a prank.
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have seen no shortage of election shall over the last year with the election days are out of the girl letting up. donald trump and hillary clinton they said dog is selling the election themed say he just wanted to use of the front and as you can imagine they are getting a lot of attention. sumac i think a lot of our customers love it. you might have a note to larger particles your car but when butter chocolate. stops at nothing to take off with the man's man's kick cap are going him and he was able to
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bar cars mcandrews stairs the most popular guy on campus things to a kick cap. the flop behind a note apologizing simulator the chocolate treat after they heard that there's a big makes a few any bars to him 6500 candy bars
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to lock his car in the future. >> the losses are piling up and risher franchise record we would has lost 12 straight going back to last season after losing sunday into the red-hot dallas cowboys. think about 40 yards on the table they had had their moment they bring down see kelly in the backfield. the cowboys had a field day on offense they could run and throw
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lebron scored late in the half and tesla was in the back of the enzo. it's his fourth receiving touch on the armada 21-10, cowboys. it was all dallas from there. they had a 39-10 win. >> we've got a coach better to get on the play better and put them in better that is what it is. it's unfortunate that we are things the i know we can do better. there are things that really exactly had their prepared to start cody kessler for the rest of the season provided he is healthy get decent numbers against the cowboys on sunday, but the team that struggled to score touchdowns his 19 of 27 for 203 yards and one touchdown hit a nice long pass to start
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he did not throw an interception, but he was not helped by the browns run game. that's not good on any sunday. >> we got a little momentum going with the penalty was something that pushed us back a little bit. it's unfortunate as they with capitalizing putting dries together. that was on us offense of late continue to do that the second half. it did not go our way. we had to games and finishing games and we give ourselves a chance at the half and cut it close town second half and unfortunate we couldn't capitalizing keep things going on our site. for more ohio state start ezekiel elliott had a big today he rushed 181,092nd yards with two touchdowns on the data browns defense had a hard time lining up in the line of scrimmage. they missed a ton of tackles if
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after week after week for the browns defense. nobody else can do anything but the players on the field. we've got to play better forget to make sure you make tackles he's got to step it up. >> it will be a very short week for the browns though be back is tonight in prime time to face the baltimore ravens in baltimore. they hosted been roth is burgers of the steelers and the felted-0 lead. that ravens came on and went 21-14 to step a four-game losing streak and move into a tie with the steelers. from the winless team in the national football league to the loan under seated team in the nba the cavaliers are suffered busy week of cap basketball. cleveland will host a clan at
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white house to meet with president obama after winning the nba title in june and that's it will play friday night in the nation's capital. if you joined us for a post game show after they lost to the cowboys we give our game balls to the meteorologists who dialed up a perfect weekend for the first weekend in november pit are a testament this meteorologist. on behalf of the fox 8 weather team fog advisory until 4:00 a.m. and them a look at your eight-day
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off with the men getting cooler as the week goes on. that's all the time we have for fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. did
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thanks for joining us. let's check in with scott sabol f >> good morning. looking at this forecast, it is more likely that we are going t get rained on on election day. yesterday let's go backwards an work forward. we're well open to the high 60s. look at thee normal high. fifty-five. we're going to be well about that and probably see our temperatures climbing about fou we were yesterday. lookinger good here later today the widespread clear sky and areas of fog.


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