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early voting is today, they're heading out across cleveland. >> have you voted. on a monday morning, you not expect to find a lot of people home, we are targeting people that we have not yet reached th last two days, 50 percent of th homes, people were home and we were able to talk to them and not have a single person that said they werend going to vote early today or go to the polls tomorrow. >> supporters, know that she trails trump and most of all .hio polls >> the concerns me that he has an edge, our preferred thatt sh has the edge but that gives is added impetus to get the vote out early tomorrow. they believe that there candidate must win ohio. to do that, er she knows when
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in the final hours before the polls open in ohio, still leaving nothing to chancece. some precincts of one by 19 vote per precinct, is incredible, that is one straighc straight, that one block we hav covered 20-30 homes is one bloc and make a difference, come out to vote your conscience and mak a difference. they're coming back in, will be keeping an eye on the number of people e who have vot early. with that information becomes available this evening, and the people for hillary clinton in cuyahoga county, will not take their foot off the pedal until well into the day, tomorrow. donald trump is barnstorming to rally last-minute votes
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you will be here in the state campaign volunteers are working down to the wire.e >> matt wright joins us from a trump field office in middle of archives with how the campaign spends election eve. they have fewer of these offices to coordinate the ground came then she has, there has been a steady stream of activit turn out the votere one of two offices in cuyahoga county. this is it will never have another opportunityty, not informed and not in eight years, in florida monday, donald trump made 10505 election eve campaign stops in several states.ev >> good luck, get out there, an in my work. >> he will not be in ohio and they have no planned events northeast ohio,t sarah palin campaign for drop in other part of the state ah.
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that momentum for our next presidenti donald j. trump, his campaign focusing on large rallies,s, volunteers rally las win support local field offices , george harvey chemist in southern cuyahoga county.. >> encourage people to go to th polls. people are just not as enthusiastic as they used to be the parma heights contractor says this is been his worst yea wants changeye >> she stands for a lot of bad things in i thinklo that he may not be the perfect candidate, but i think he is the better choice.otpe >> the races off for last-minut last-minute votes, before the elect a new president. the last campaign hereabouts ten days or go you will make final campaign stops in pennsylvania, new hampshire in
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if you have not voted, you are out of luck until tomorrow, amounts to go a news conference wrapped up at the board of elections asnc maia belay has details. 38,000 people voted early in cuyahoga county, matt siko, mail ballots are being scanned, he here at the board, they're waitingt for a big traffic back in long lines, tomorrow could b even worseic to wait at least 30 minutes to vote. they say that despitei the line early voting is down, in 2,008, 54,000 people voted early, they said are ready to put this electiony to bed as officials gear up for a busy tuesday compare this to 2012 and 2,008, it is slightly behind early voting, think we have a late
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up their minds only said they would outlaw that negative, it is senseless, they look into everyone's closet, just focus o what needs to be focused on. >> election officials protect 6 cuyahoga county tomorrow, results may not be in until midnight or 1:00 a.m. . >> to get a sense of relief that it is behind us and now we can move forwardd? >> move forward to, and even busier day. they said that the most stressful part is the long lines, make sure that everybody gets inli quickly, see what happens tomorrow. new york city announced a major plans for increasing security on election day,w wha about security local polling
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>> there is no specific threats found that the cuyahoga county sheriff's department is avant-garde but not expecting trouble. national headlines warning of possible terror attacks on election day in cuyahoga county no direct threats the shear it apart will have extra deputies and some polling places,wi to handle large crowds there will also have a special squad for any trouble spots to come the i-team reporter that for th first time,e, training for poll workers in cuyahoga county include what to do if a gunman appears maybe start shooting. in the primary of the biggest threat came to, from a poll worker rested with the gun, coming up at five , protecting the votes once the election end and time to count,, g coming up
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when you live results won't even tomorrow, you can alwaysn go to fox 8 fox for continuing election coverage. the weather can sometimes have an impact on voter turnout from what will be like tomorro was washed joins us with that forecast. the average high his mid- 50s and we are in the 60s almost seven days. we have plenty of sunshine. at the mississippi river valley there are some showers heading in this direction. in the morning it will be dried with increasing clouds.t mid- 40s when polls open at 6:30 a.m.
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with showers beginning about 2:00 p.m. spreading west to east.sp with scattered showers. >> overall pretty good-looking day. it is not a bad looking forecast. i-team heptane video overlay clued the police cruiser set on a police station, as peggy gallek is her with the details. >> this happen early saturday morning, a short time after another car a few blocks away was set on fire. ot the video obtained by the i-tea shows a police cruiser on fire, it was parked outside the 1st district police station saturda morning when someone sat it on fire, about 30 minutes before
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respond to this car lot on west 130 in lorain. a car there was set on fire the owner of the car dealership sai that it was completely destroyed and he would like to find responsible.. it's hard to make a living these days,, we took a big loss the car worth about $10,000, they don't know if the two incidents are related, they are ts nearby businesses video and asking for anyone wit information to call the police. sounds like they have a couple of days because this is cannot be toleratedd, that car dealership is just a few blocks away about 30 minutes before the zone car so the hope that they catch you did this. man who helped police remains
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the lorain police chased the man wanted in connection to a shooting and assault , went into rocky river when he went down a dead-end street,, he refused to get out of the car so they just waited and outcome of the suspects rendered around 9:00 a.m. and taken back to the ring to be charged.dd opening schedule solved 2-year-old mystery. composite of a man found in lak erie back in 2014. they're asking for the public he this estimate ages between 40s and late 50s, his nose and left cheek have been broken and he had warned dentures since his headnote to throw his body was found wearing wrangler jeans in size seven and a half steel toe boots if you have any information call the cuyahoga
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famous because of
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the countdown to the guards final four casadonte, keep watching all month as we celebratee the life and career dick goddard. from highlights , two bloopers and of course the woollybear festival, don't miss the first part of this month-long
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solon elf suit is very meticulous about forecasters melissa myers and they wonder what's going to happenn tomorro morning. tomorrow afternoon could be a different story, hi avon lake, just to see this vie of the lake erie. 60 lake farm, 65 hopkins, the
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67 degrees indianapolis, and 60s and 70s on this , that is typical for this season. there are still quite a few trees with leaves. we have a gorgeous day because of high pressure. we have election day showers, tonight mostly clear. we will have the first quarter moon then in the 40s tomorrow morning. as of 2:00 p.m., some scattered rain showers until about 730. it will not be called tomorrow. a few lingering showers
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then get rid of the cloud cover wednesday afternoon. were talking about overall, .... ...most areas aboutut one tenth-one quarter inch rainfall. the full development will be next monday,
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could you imagine being named hillary clinton for donald trump, at this time of year?li what sort of problems that are facing, and who they're voting
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when he wasas ten years old, he now has more than 3500 pieces. >> is not a matter of democrat or republican, i have prohibitionist, communist, socialist and other minor parties, what is really about i reserving historyr. my favorite piece is always the next one. is always items dated back to the 1780s, he says for history leading to travel around the country to trade shows inhi antique shops for mo than 30 years. a teenager in casper wyoming is interested in presidential politicsen . >> in this case it is entertainment. >> this is kevin milburn, and as you have just heard, she does a spot on impersonation of donald trump.
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impersonation in school that ha become so popular that they hav helda mock debate fundraisers. he also caught the attention of donald trump who haveve met him a campaign stop in wyoming last week.m >> he put his arm around me and said thatat this kid is really aggressively likeid to have the only to soak blessed are they which hasav did the presidentia mock debate and never thoughtd saturday outward have the chance to meet donald trump, it is amazing, the guess it is the luck of the draw. >> cincy is only 16, he cannot vote tomorrow, so who would he vote for if he could, he's not sayingf. hillary clinton donald trump have two of the most recognizable names in americahru but neither of these two people is running for president, they have toe share the names of the presidential hopefuls did not
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hillary clinton says that sometimes her e-mails get ignored and she has to send follow-ups. facebook account has been suspended multiple times, andce dr. donald trump says that he andd the nominee have spoke in d once met at trump tower. >> facebook will not let me hav my name.. >> all have reached out to him, intermittently over the years, suggesting to mr. trump that he should join me to shave his hea and we could raise lots of mone for cancer research. >> they both say that neither will be voting for the republican nominee. somewhere, there is a t-shirt proclaiming the indians as the 97 world champions. >> but you'll find any merchandise baking temperature
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it is a great day here, but just wait till tomorrow, >> does a good chance that you will need your umbrella and> windshield wipers when you go t the voting booth tomorrow. >> it does depending on the tim of day. 65 degrees cleveland today. new philadelphia 70 and the rai 68. average high temperature is 55. south-southeast was between fiv andas ten mph. these rain showers and clouds approaching late tomorrow. tonight, we stayed mostly clear. we will have the first quarter
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tomorrow morning. some bright spots especially to the east. and then cloudsec filling in for west to east after 2:00 p.m. and then you likely be dodging raindrops after 2:00 p.m. raindrops between 110 things-on quarter inch continued until wednesday morning. tomorrow, low '60s, it will be dry for the first half and the scattered light showers in the afternoon.n. polls are open tomorrow at 6:3h mid 40s. then about 2:00 p.m. it will be low '60s and then polls close at 7:30 p.m. with scattered showers and temperatures in the mid- 50s.
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people will have already cast their vote for who they want to be president. >> today both candidates make the classic and push to sway in the undecided voters as kristin fisher has the latest. they're both make in the final push, 41 million people have cast their ballots in earl voting,g,li they're now fanning across the country to quote those who still have not voted, of likely voters she has a four-point advantage of that couldld increase after fbi director james comey sent a letter, said that they found no evidencent in his review of newly discovered e-mails to warrant criminal charges against clinton, despite thatg, donald trump's continued to hit her heart on her e-mails from one hillary clinton is the eost corrupt person to seek the office of the president of the
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she threatens national security. she would sell her office to th highest bidder, andt then to cover her tracks, she deleted a leastr 33,000 e-mails, after receiving congressional subpoena. so far she has not addressed the issue. she continues to hit him on his temperament and qualifications. >> the choice in this election, cannot be clear. or unity. between strong steady leadership, and a loose cannonn >> tonight she will hold a rall in philadelphia, joined by her family, mr. obama, the first lady, bon jovi in bruce springsteen, kristin fisher fox news. the supreme court making a decision that could impact election day coheres lou maglio.
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campaign can useou poll watcher of election day, democrats said that they could intimidate voters in ohio.tide a big win for the trump campaign,n, gop parties have successfully fended off several preemptive lawsuit filed by democrats who accused trump and republicans to conspire to threaten and intimidate minorit voters in urban neighborhoods from voting. bolivar for the democrats adjusting for the possibility o appeal. the word is to stay tuned. police investigating an attempted arson and theft of a donald trump sign. it happened a in a neighborhood near west 22 stree. they say someone tried to steal and then poured an excellent in an attempt to set it on fire. they say that it is usually
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they say that you should vote for whoever you want without being threatened..e >> they took our signs and through the into the street. she goto it back, they came bac with lighter fluid. and i guess that they the accelerant on the side in the grass. they came back again, this time with ay can of gasoline. >> we live in should be able to vote who we ho want without being harassed in our neighborhoods. >> they say they're glad that nobody got hurt. manny are denouncing the decision by a so-called murderabilia website to sell items created by accused serial killer shawn grate, jack shea joins us.l may say that his is insulting to the memory of the victims an a slap in the face of the families.
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the victims and the families of the victims, people are that interested in the sky to give him fame and make money off of what he did is really disgusting.wh a call from a kinetic victim that led them to the doorstep o 40-year-old shawn grate in september. launch an investigation that allegedly killed at least five women as he sets and the ashland county jail awaiting trial, website called serial killers egg placed items they claim from him up for sale online. authorities believe that he sen them before a judge issued a ga order stretching outsidee syndication the so-called son o sam law prevents convicted felons from property from the crimes of this case he has been accused but not convicted. those who reject the sale of hi drawings and letters see those who would pay for such items ar as much to blame as those who
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>> but try not to judge others, but i don't understand it at all. to me, to celebrate people that willfully take other peoples lives needlessly,y, that doesn't make any sense of think it is disgusting. >> killed these people, they should be poor and he needs to be where he is at an issue go t hell for what he did to these innocent young women. website says that morons will be put up for sale in the near future, they say that under the gag orderu i he can no longer s such items from jail. when a team when they chanted jim flaiz world series, the cannot wait to get their hands on merchandise but what happens to all of those items from the losing team, this answer it is different as elizabeth noreika
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carriere major league baseball prints out thousands o shirts and hats for both teams in the world series the winter merchandise goes on sale the osers is donated to charity but not the answer, instead all of the gear is being destroyed. dick's sporting goods store in westlake was ready to go las week to anticipate the engines ortween the cubs , so stores like this cross northeast ohio in th coun off the floor.o mlb usually donates the merchandise to a charity called world vision, nonprofit that the world rty around this year mlb destroys all of thosese items they say it is to protect the team from in eckerd merchandiseii be available in t general marketplace. sometimes designers end up on websites like ebay butl they do not cite that as a reason why i
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decision had to do with the indians use ofomif chief wahoo. but on those items that the blocks the logo appears so that does not appear to be the case, as of now not clear when or how it will be destroyed. if it could be donated to people who could really use it, >> a lot of people probably not just been destroyed but it is the decision of mlb a local medical company had discovered a possible cure for professional athletes, tonight at 6:00 o'clock former ohio ?- state star matt wilhelm and former browns joe jurevicious on a potential breakthrough used t treat everything from dad needs to concussion syndrome. 9 percent of patients
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your ailments? special report tonight had 6:00 p.m.. lebron james, there's a lot more than just play basketball these days.s in shared a stage with someone who could be our next
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looked up when don't realize that sunset is that 5:15 p.m. midview can get your sleep a little earlier because inner body clock shows you that when it is dark it is time to go to sleep. a look you're from chesterton
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looking at these clouds and showers producing election day shows that it is the timing. it will be light and scattered in the afternoon. >> tomorrow morning, it will be dry. after 2:00 p.m., will be some scattered, light showers throug
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so in the afternoon, not heavy downpour. lingering showers wednesday morning and be gone wednesday afternoon. rainfall amount to betweenen 11 then shoved to 1 inch.. nine, a quarter moon. on friday, we get some chili showers and even with high temperature in the 50s.
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rain/snow m the goal was to raise scholarships and warm winter coatsto, and also to do some >> there were some strikes and some exciting spares. >> exciting time who took part in the eighth annual wayne dawson celebrity bowl-a-thon
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brother in honor of their mother. >> she was a stickler for educationthr that was the key t success and we get backw to provide scholarships to student liket my brother and i, those people who don't havey money to go to school and that is what w have in trying to do the past eight years.ha were so happy that so many people supported as, from this event we can providepe scholarships coats and mentorship. >> many people, joined a large crowd at the games of wickliffe. it draws support including from jay auto group. blade to get back beyond monetary value such as this foundation, concerning educatio is where we see the optimal valueue the idea is to mix good times with a good cost to benefit good people. >> just a good family event and
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support this foundation this was the eighth event and the larges in the money raised goese to scholarships into help inner-city children, there are some recipients you are here today. the conscious prince was a lot of fun and work and like anything it takes hard work tha i think will pay off in the lon run.d hats off to wayne dawson in his we had a great time there, that event is just so big. >> and they used up every bowling lane this year. the cavaliers have a busy week, they play the hawks tuesday.h >> and thursday, they go to the white house to visit the
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lebron james title teams have had to visit the white house an of course he has been involved in projects with michelle obama. lite-house is nothing new for lebron james. he said he's very happy to have his teammatesro to share in this momentous occasion. and that they will get a lot ou of it to say the least. coach ty lue had the chance as player to visit the white house. he made a decision that regrets this is what he said to reportersth about wishing he showed more discretion 17 years go. was a young guy. right one a second championship wasas 22. they invited me to go and egging on did was as a young guy you
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now going to take full advantag of it. did not extend over student mike napoli or rajai davis, that the price tag of $70 million, was to five. wh with the lakers in the wizards and they fight you to be part o the celebration ande his pride gotot annoyed at this time he i the coach of the champions and
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were some people, cooking is more than just food it is also an art form. especially true for a a japanese woman, a look at osaka kawakamii instagram page and yo see that she makes edible works of art over the food that you see is cookies, japanese food is done in miniature, some the siz of her pinky finger. soccer has been posting her art for about a year and has instagram followers. brazilian photographer, was overjoyed that her dachshunds gave birth to six puppies, so she created a announcement featuring the mom and six puppies.
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than this today. dr. doolittle was famous for talking to the animals. >> this wall and may not be able to hope conversations with them but
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you look at your dog or cat and wonder what they are thinking? >> wallin says that she knows, darla steele claims to be a pet psychic says he has a connectio to all animals, says that she i into with even insects. sometimes it can be emotional o
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are bringing information to the veterinarian. in cases where they do not know what was going ones and insteadf thousands of dollars that could clear it up in one quick session.n. o >> to make the invisible visible, she says her purpose i to connect humans with their beloved pets, both past and coming up, fighting obesity, high tech, virtual reality use
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donald trump barnstorming to garner 11th hour votes he will not be here but is volunteers
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office in middleburg heights with how the campaign spent election eve. they have fewer of these offices to coordinate the groun campaign then clinton there has been a string of activity to ge out the vote. > will never have another opportunity not in four or eigh years. >> donald trump election eve campaign stops in separate states. >> he will not be in ohio, they have no events planned, sarah palin campaign for donald trump in other parts of the state. while the campaign has ocused on large rallies, volunteers rallied last-minute support from his local field offices, george harvey canvasse
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>> encourage people to go to th polls,, people just aren't as enthusiastic as they used to bee >> the parma heights contractor says this has been his worst year for work in 20 years and h wants change.n >> she stands for a lot of bad things in my fake, he may not b the perfect candidate by think that he is the better choice.ot blazes on for last votes, before the election. trump made stops in pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan, shaker square monday.


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