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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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rob portman. they say that they spent $10 million against strickland. david pepper says, turnout will be the deciding factor in ohio. lot depends on how well it does if she can't win by a cushion i think it mayhe lift s candidates if it is a squeaker between her and donald trump, i thin harder to win. becomes down to how muches the democrats show up. feels blaze that the star power over the weekend, coined out for hillary clinton and would have helped her. beyonce, jc at their product concert, the
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it shows just how important the campaign, still believes that ohio is. check in with what is going at the democratic headquarters in sase is where we find dave nethers.r it is quiet. at the democratic headquarters. people have been canvassing neighborhoods to touch base wit likely supporters today. lathe of this ec may be one of the most importantnt if not the most important in the state. very important county to win ohio. the democratic party. making sure that things go smoothly, volunteer seven canvassing the neighborhoods to make
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sure that they get people out t the polls. canvassing shift is scheduled t leave even at this hour. there working literally until the last minute tonight. that leaving anything to chance they are encouraged by early projections of a high voter turnout that historically it favors democrats up and down the ballot. >> in 2012, ohio 80 counties, president obama tzu's invite 90,000 votes. cuyahoga county comes up with this votes and he wins by 166,000. you can appreciate the importance of cuyahoga county. and why this the epicenter of all things ohio. will be in watch party this evening. right now,
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they believe the greater the turnout, thel better the chances for democrats. crosses state, could be very close. and cloudless republican watch party set up for tonight's results. >> suzanne stratford, details on why there are two separate watch party for the gop.op we will get to. first we are at the sheraton as they are setting up. over 3,000 volunteers are still out and still will be until the polls close to knock on doors making phone calls. there is a different party at
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will be watching the returns. different from the complication. kasich, made no secret his feelings were donald trump, his former rival, spoke to thehe director of the trump campaign said should not read too much into that and other reason for having separate parties. >> the key to our success in ohio has been the 80 eights county chairs coupled trump chairs and thousands of volunteers >> and knock on doors making phone calls, they deserve victory, that's we want to celebrate with. that's what we'll be taking place. everybody of your celebrating. exciting night for the gop, no republican candidate has won th white house without caring ohio.
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gop inin cuyahoga county. cuyahoga county gop, predicting a strong trump or clinton. stick it in the party set up. republicans will gather to watc the election results. it is one of the large tvs, set up as the election results come in. today, i spoke to the director of two locations, of cuyahoga county republican party encouraged by the outreach efforts expecting a good turno of republicans in cuyahoga
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according to, will be watching races in addition to donald trump, rob portman, judge pat fischer as well as their all expect to make a stop at this when i spoke to him i asked about their competence they said that they are confident they said it was the early voting numberswa we watch those numbers
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thousand sunday casting ballots in westpark they were at the gunning rec center on puritas avenue as well as the highland heights community center also a south russell, the star-spangled banner by the chagrin falls fiscal band. >> they got in early start in chester linda perko over there doors the polling places were packed with people for most of the morning and lyndhurst, russell township, voting remain open until 7:30 p.m. to nine.p, >> there has been lots of focus on potential problemss, but as that happened? matt wright is tracking reports of issues at polling locations across the region. >> cuyahoga county sheriff's department investigative report
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at bethany baptist church on th east side. spokesman says that in anonymous caller to the board of election made the thread around 10:00 a.m..le after becoming an when you told it is at the wron precinct. they have added deputies at the location which has remained ope and no weapons have been cuyahoga county or elections ha not received reports of widespread problems b amount of complaints in line with a collection. confirming at least two people had to cast provisional ballots in parma lutheran church because i confused poll worker checked the wrong book does not see their names listed. we spoke to a man who is not listed on the list and school. though the board of election fall registration check showed heec was registered.
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cleveland says they were frustrated by poll worker confusion, we later foundf a board of elections special operations team at that precinc to troubleshoot problems.s. >> this is a big election i think that we should have been better prepared than what was going on. i know that they meant well, that they were nat well prepare for all the people at 6:30 a.m.. photo shoot had provisional ballots, will not b counted until the board canba verify that they are eligible, if you have problems at the polls you should report that t the local county board of elections, in cuyahoga county. that number is 216-443-8683. votes will be tallied in cuyahoga county at or so 30 pm wants the polls close.
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election warehouse tuesdays tuesdays at downtown. >> that's where we find bill sheil. know that you have covered elections for a long time, anything different? >> what is different, is probably good news there have not been major problems in years. ever since we got rid of computerized voting currently back to the system arco that you fill in the oval and submit the compu smoothly for the last several years i explained why the e num of people voting by mailnu a beat-down. one reason is that there was lots of encouragement to vote by mail to make sure that when i problems on election day. nellie had several elections without major problems and things expected to run more smoothly tonight they haveveth had thousands of voters about 16,000 expected to cast ballots
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they will start counting, the early votes have been loaded into the system. they will be counted when the polls close, shortly after 7:30 p.m.,., we should start to get some significant results from cuyahoga county on just ho people have voted in the elections. we have you covered, with my results all ev and also tomorrow. you can go to fox >> . history is made on election
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if you want to avoid the raindrops andnd i feel voted before noon you are okay. >> it is
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just enough to keep it slippery. it brings up the heavy road oils. so it is even more slippery at the onset. so pay attention. here is a look at the webcam time lapse from burke lakefront airport carper is just starting to productive with rainfall. the ceilings have come down to the point., a few thousand feet. look up quickly the front has accelerated , already in northwest indiana. the atmosphere clearing out, also playing in chicago. we are in the apex of the rain.
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cleveland, mansfield, down to cincinnati. it will be with us right throug the evening hours. b if you are lucky enough to live fromm vermilion, sandusky, two west. you will begin to see the rainfall quitting. the current temperature, 55 mos everywhere. not much variation today with the cloud coverr and rainfall. as we move into the southern part of the state, not enough rainfall to dampen things work the temperature did approach 70 along the ohio river. where it was raining, basically mid- 50s. that represents a slight tortur decrease over but noticeable because it is cool, damp anda with the shower continuing tonight. it will
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as soon as the winds shift to the north it will be between ten and 20 mph. as the rainfall lose out by midnight tonight. the only thing left over will b some backlashon, almost lake enhanced type showers. it will be more scattered, and will be with us at 8:00 a.m. lots of class maybe some mornin showers, by afternoon we some sunny breaks his high pressure builds.s. a better. as we work our way into thursday, we will recover from 15, two about normal thursday. talk about the potential of lak enhanced snow and rain showers on friday night into early saturday i think that they will be very scattered , because the wind will
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not especially favorable wind for a lot of lake effect. we could see some,la but i don' think it will be a big deal, what will be the bigger deal is thea w chilliness, 43 and then freezing saturday night and official stations which means upper 20s and the various nooks and crannies. kids breaking out of inside of a sippy-cup that has local mother in trouble with th
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a local mother facing charges in 23 -month-old son trig uncle
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sippy-cup. >> jack shea john does with mor on the story. they say that she was unaware that he had been drinking alcoholol until it was clear th he was under the influence. >> were contacted by the staff at university hospitala mac l center about a child that hadme been reportedly falling down an was not able to stand up they say thatt she took her for three -month-old son to a friday night 30-year-old andrea mucciarone i smuglyly sippy-cup filled with fog into the stadium.m. the sun began drinking from it. it was discovered and took the taller to the hospital,l, when please discovered he had to giv it access to alcohol she was charged withi child endangering for the child was removed by children's services and placed
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of another i don't think it was intentional, but it was a bad decisionw to put the beverage in that type of container. she was arraigned in plate not guilty this morning to recharge up child endangering,n if convicted she could face up to six months in jail and $1,00 fine . what is happening that house an the child would be safe because she brought her alcohol to a
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in a matter of hours we president will be asrs polls cl at 7:30 p.m.. >> have live team coverage from each candidate's parties as suzanne stratford follows the republican race from columbus. >> it is hard to believe, that this night is certainly think about a year ago,t the debate i cleveland at the quicken loans arena then we had the rnc is been a roller coaster ride
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columbuse where trump supporter hope to have a victory party tonightt, right now, more than 3,000 are stumping, door-to-doo. there making phone calls to get out the vote any way they can. talk to the state director of the trump campaign earlier you said they're feeling optimistic in terms of returns especially in some of the traditional democratic counties like mahoning county echo to very happy with returns without taking any chances. lots of early voting, and absentee ballot shows there are some lagging indicators in a large countiesshe where democr usually perform well. where she is underperforming which is good for mr. trump's
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everything is uncertain, depending on which poll you loo at, it says that one is ahead of the other.r. the state to be party will be held a few blocks away from the shirt, he said not necessarily because governor kasich is not a fan of trump's, they want to have a party for trump supporters and volunteersrs separate so that more people ca attend.. in columbus, a big night for th democrats as kevin freeman, covers all of that. supporters here are expecting a big party here at the hyatt regency in downtown columbus. they're feeling very optimistic, they say the turnou
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will have an impact, hillary clinton has said a lot of star power on her side. she has been fighting to gain votes until the last minute. a huge star studded rally in philadelphia with lady gaga in bruce springsteen there to support her. state democratic leaders believ that early voting in voter turnout could pressure over the top. which is a tight race eric trump i think that i could help former governor ted strickland to unseatat senator as you know rob portman is way ahead in the pollsls, they say turnout is the only thing that can get himy, strickland over t top. hillary clinton boyd lake and pairedla with lebron james, beyoncem, jay-z, david pepper says turnout will be the
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between lebron james and beyon? and jay-z cannot have more high profile people to go to bat for herhi. think that will make a difference especially to have lebron james, who is not like every four years gets involved i think that will make people pay attention, there is a lot o energy and shows how important cleveland wants to the campaign. he says ohio is still very important in this the only difference is that there are many other states tha usually are not democratic statest, but they are in play this year he says ohio is still important is still in this, and they're very optimistic, of a celebration for hillary clinton tonight. thank you kevin freeman and
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many people are anxiously awaiting the results. >> lou maglio, joins us with a look at how the numbers will break down. we have computers to do the numbercrunching. have a great new tool. is all aboutt electoral numbers not the popular vote. it is the electoraln vote.. the magic number is 270. hookas air force would be the next president of the united states. thisce tt , is just for demonstration purposes. we don't knowu how anybody has voted so far, we will find out later tonight this is for demonstration purposes only. if hillary clinton wins some states. then you see what happens, the
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in the low teens donald trump, pick up some states for him. i'm not going to go through all this because we would be her a long time, g he is up to 95, make this a bit closer this is just for demonstration. the first candidate to get to 270 do the weather. will not be any speculation involved wants the states are called they will be posted, if forever reason there is a correction we can correct it . it is an important tool and we look forward to show that to you tonight. we have you covered, with lab results.
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fox for coverage this election season. many people will be involved al lines with extended coverage tonight. no matter who wins the race results will be historic. >> wallin who cast her first presidential ballot in 1944 ash maia belay as more from the judson manner, i voted for franklin delano roosevelt on hi fourth term.. >> not much that visualizing to discussing their first presidential voteh but the tone of this election. it has that wanted to away. >> it is unprecedented it is
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i just find it shocking. there was not this feeling of hate. there was more understanding of each side and the issues. now we have such a division of these things. peggy kennell's 92, she says that pushing politics aside. >> it would be amazed to see th glass ceiling broken.. 7 sarah wiehe said last time an election sort out this much deer cameras running for president. he was catholic and they do not think a catholic of being president.t. it will be over till it's over and i that we've long way to go i don't know if whoever i chosen will be the end of it.
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a lot of it goes back to laura bush, the rain is falling like you said, and it is raining, everybody can agreeee there was, look at this, there says geauga county webcam looking southwest. we had increasing clouds. can see the house are blocking out the sunshine.
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the tempter has fallen into the 50s. lake water is 57. talked about the lake effect potential of friday and it will be margina s does not look like it will be big, 24 hour rainfall at this point., 71 hundreds cleveland. the house amount is tran eight. almost one fifth inch. rainfall amount is not heavy bu
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we had highs in the 60s, once the rain began, it went into th 50s. that 65 was just after lunch time, so, we're going to end up above normal for the day tonight 45 degrees, some showers, that come to the end toward morningng, but will not completely,. to morning rain showers. and then we have some lake enhanced type showers, that may last until 11:00 o'clock, by afternoon, high pressure will begin to clear us for a shot of cooler air, we return closer to normal friday and then much colder for the weekend.d. the target will be new york
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a glancing blow as the temperature saturday will reach 43 with some snowfall in the snowbelt. might be enough to get some attention, and then into the 30s at night. they were elected by voters and out some council members are exposed by the 19 undercover cameras,by tomorrow nig news at 10 p.m., ed gallek take his hidden camera to cleveland city councilman is come to see who must pay attention and who was watching a baseball game? the council caught on camera, and i-team exclusive tomorrow a 10:00 p.m.. >> campaign have come to an end. donald trump's still making
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donald trump and his wife voted him and had about 11:00 a.m. outside of trump towerd just before he finishes, he looks over at her ballad. the internet loud. were sme when you trust your wife to love for you, not really. >> make sure that,
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everybody is still stressed out, where we will go to work and , just some humor. the clinton/kaine, took a moment to try to trumpmp the mannequin challenge we had yesterday. jon bon jovi has been participating in the get out th vote event in support of hillar clinton, people freeze in dramatic poses, created by high school students and jacksonvill florida, i think the trick to pull that off is to have a cell phone person who needs to
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willing to their. are jason kipnis, gives away hi cleats and
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jason kipnis thanking fans for their support. >> he passed out souvenirs to dozens of fans, peggy gallek ha the details. ni >> there were cheers , when he walked outside to greet his fans, and then when jason kipni handed outja 11 pairs of cleats there were tears dozens of indians fans stood
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parking lot tuesday afternoon t get a chance to meet jason kipnis, and a chance to get one of hiset size 11 cleats. i got my jersey signed , that i've been trying to get for a year and then i got his cleats and then the hat. i got a bad from jason kipnis because i was yelling we share the same birthday. >> he signed the cleats, and a few bats, he does it to support the fans for support. >> to show appreciation of and have a fun time, i've done this the past couple years andt we g a bunch of them sought means fo them. >> some people drove for more than an hour thank him.
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were not disappointed, they did not get a bad or cleats got something signed. come down before the result, it turned out in our favor, all the kids got something, we appreciate him definitely. peggy gallek fox 8 news. >> he is in the front yard. it has been since 3:00 o'clock.k.o' and earlier to the west. to the east, if you raindrops have yet to hit the extreme southeast corner of the viewing area. but it well. we have a cold front that shows up on maps in motion.o the cold front goes by, behind
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we will not get rid of them until sometime tomorrow morning. after that, high pressure will try to poke some holes in the clouds p. tomorrow some scattered morning showers and turning colder in breezy it will be tough to hit 50 degrees the 40s with cloud cover and sporadic showers. this is the first of two cold smacks you see a bit of a reprieve. there is the second this weeken that will target the northeast. will get athno glancing blow, that might give us some lake effect snow or rain showers friday, early saturday. at this time, not expectingng t
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cause traveled to be diminished. this is just a practice run. see highlights one of the most extreme sports, zip line
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surfing, base jumping and simple money,, are all derry, but for a group, they did santa to combine all three. a group, hooked up a zip line across the mountain range and 2,000 feet above the ground the hood the surfboard t the zip line, then with no
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the came up the idea, has been working on for about two years. is been two years of campaigning. now comes down to 29. >> the polls close in 90 minutes. it will be a close race. hillary clinton held a small lead in the national polls, donald trump within striking distance of many key states to win the m
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parties here in columbus, miss week is not on republican leaders in cuyahoga county, the first suzanne stratford in columbus.. ohio is a must when state for trump. there are thousands of volunteers at this time canvassing. >> look at the polls, some him ahead of others with hillary clinton. >> the is coming down to the end.d. some debate over what's happening in columbus. we are at the sheraton, the trump party the gop state party is at the renaissance.
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they don't want anybody to read into it.dd they said that there was a luncheon with the term people but this is going to work out because the trump people have this party designated for volunteers and supportersha sin the beginning. they're feeling optimistic they say so far. but they're not slowing down to get out the vote tonight. >> we have over 3,000 volunteers across the state making phone calls from on top of the grassroots effort, and we feel like an ohio victories in the makingan. will be here all night. from a year ago, planned that


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