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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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sengts in. >> steve harrigan live in miami. fox broadcast network [ wind whistling and duck quacking ] [ fire alarm blaring ] [ indistinct conversations ] [ fire truck horn honking ]
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it's been a long, bittera l presidential race and it allg, comes down to tonight. after months of campaigning and plenty of scandal on both sides, voters finally have their say. tonight the world is waiting to find out who will be the next president of the united states. a very long night and early into the morning. glad you're with us here special in addition of fox8 news..n ofox keep an eye on the bottom of your screen for the latest results.ep an ettom o let's jump right in by looking at the latest numbers in the race for the white house.the lat this is how the national race is shaping up.w thna donald trump with 50 percent hillary clinton with 46 percent with 23 percent reporting. we've got multiple statess
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close to let's zoom in on ohio right now and donald trump's leading 522 and 44 percent with 44 percent of the estate currently reporting and.. for a closer look how the race is shaping up portfor let's send it over toe lou maglio, live at the national map. lou a lot of people are very ar surprised by what is going on here. very surprised indeed there are interesting shaping up to be a very close race a very long night. here's how it shaping upa long electoral votes at this pointes the magic number they need to a get to is to 72 become the next president of the united states.d herest are the states accounted for so far tonight just received updates on four other states that start with hillary clinton picked up connecticut ates t wie has also picked up new mexico and donald trump has picked up montanaha and donald trump has also picked up louisiana. at this point as it stands here
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trump. 109 hillary clintonbe 1 d the mt number is 270 a whole lot of key battleground states in play were talking about florida north carolina virginian ohio michign wisconsin and out west arizona colorado.. a long night ahead that's where it stands right now trump ahead but many more miles before we go to sleep than i. it will be a long night of the pulled out west close about three minutes ago keep an eye on those.nut ag thanks. both sides are our kevin freeman continues our team coverage.elni he's live tonight at the ohioo te cov democratic watch party in columbus.cratic w kevin. i think that people thought this was going to beeo a little easir for hillary clinton than it has turned out to be.. hyatt regency hotel in downtown columbus. that you take a look people po stillp here paying attention. you hear some cheers from time to time from people a when shew
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are states shese was supposed to win anyway no real surprises here.e. concerned about ohio as they should be because of those numberso ey. but let's listen to a couple of people we talked to a few people about what they feel just at couple of moments ago how they'rents feeling about hillars chances of winning this election.'s i wish it wasn't as close as maybe it was especially in a lot of the states. clearlyesn i want hillary to wn a landslide but at the same timh i'm a little nervous about where things are right now. at a loss for words right now. i feel like at any point it can go either way. not quite what you expected. it's not. i'm shocked. i really thought she way to win by a i wouldn't think it would be this close.
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what is happened is that people were expecting she would win wn ohio waiting for that. paying attention north carolina florida looking to be in trump's favor about playing close attention to this. not quite the excitement we saw when this night first started. everyone is keeping their fingers crossedirsted that hilly clinton can pull this off. t nerves then we are seeing that.i thank you kevin. very much.uch tonight suzanne stratford is also in columbus, where the republicans are eagerly awaiting trump results.nighsuzaalson the a lot of people are surprised this is so close and so many states. absolutely good evening tracy and bill.. were at trump headquarters. it's going to you in a crowd get fired up. quite a difference earlier in the nightt a little tentative a
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they were donald trump. d these are the volunteers people knocking on doors making the phone calls out tonight until the polls closed in ohio. workingin very hard in this grassroots campaign that's what they call it. i drain the swamp using the words of ronald reagan from thethe 1980s. a little bit nervous right now feeling a little bit better they say although they don'tbi want o be overly confident w realizing how close of an election this really is. one personhow cof stage a familiar face steve loomis who got some slack when the police union endorsed donald trump but he spoke to the crowd he said they tried callingriecal hillary's people and inviting them to come speak to their union that they say she didn'te respond.dnespod. in terms of this election how it might end up here's what he had toe's say about that. people hate politicians. it's a message that's being sent and that's the message that i
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state and federal level and this isth a movement. it's refreshing to see. back here live we will have to wait and see everyone herehe on pins and needles as they are at the democratic headquarters as well. so close of a race. we knew it would be a nailbiter. this is like w nails fingernail polishna down to the bone. thank you suzanne. never a doll moment especiallymm this year's presidential election. suzanne thank you. ohio's big senate race is all wrapped up tonight, along with all the other congressional races in northeast ohio.eshis . wrpepea t fox 8's elizabeth noreika is here now with those numbers. elizabeth? tracy and bill.racynd no real surprises tonight. only token opposition foro ealsi incumbents, paving the way for a predictable outcome tonight.on v first let's look at the race for united states senate. this one was called early on, shortly after the polls closed. losed. incumbent republican rob portman
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against democrat and former ohio governor ted strickland. the numbers show portman 58 percent strickland 3. many political experts sayay portman ran the best race of any endangered senate republicante e this election cycle.p this will be portman's second this. at first the race was close, but he quickly pulled ahead in the polls, making sure to distance himself from the drama of theoft presidential election. here's what both candidates hadt to say tonight.h n i called senator portman acknowledged his victory and wished him and his family good health much happiness and success in the future. i'm overwhelmed. we did it. re thank you ohio. and thanks everybody in this room of god a lot of great friends in this room who made the difference together folksroe waged a great campaign. so you give it your all now it's
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mine. andm i i will try to represent the best of ohio in every way i know how. and as your united states senator to make youas in our gt state i proud. turning to ohio's 11th congressional district. this is in the northernmost portion of the state and cccludes portions of cuyahoga orti and summit counties. we have incumbent democrat wed s sfudge walking away with a win in her race against republican beverly goldstein. the latest numbers showeverly marcia with 81 percent. goldstein with 32 percent. the battle for the 14th congressional district in the u.s. house also call early on with incumbent republican david joyce beating out democrat michael wager. those numbers are ononbent repdd 65 percent for joyce and wager with 35 percentnt of the votes. now to ohio's 9th congressional district.t. now a big win here, but an expected one for incumbent democrat marcy a brer.
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donald larson. kaptur is currently serving her 17th term and is tied for the spot of second longest serving woman in congress. the latest results in this race n. cuentfor eerving are kept or 70 percent of the vote and larson with 30 percent. now onto ohio's 16th congressional district. n we have incumbent republican jic renacci walking away with a winn he was up against democrat keith mundy.mun the results from that race thus 61 percent of the vote and monday with 39 percent.v now on to ohio's 13th incumbent democrat tim ryan walking away with the win tonight against republican richard morckel. the latest numbers showw mocrat tim r rwalklkrrd ryan with 71 percent of the vote richard with 29 percent that's with 30 percent reporting. so as you can see, it was smooth sailing for ohio's congressional wiwisos s smoot all of those races, called not long after polls closed. all right elizabeth thank you. all right. right there's a lot at stake in local races tonight everything fromhea safety services to continued
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local issues for us tonight. saetntinu vering that's right.. a pair of school issues and cleveland's request for antt'pao income tax hike top some of theo local issues we're looking at tonight.p omom issue 108 it's a renewal of issue 107, that passed in 2012, the cleveland plan. iss this is not a new tax it's a renewal. since this plan was enacted, graduation rates have increased reot newew 17 percent.17 rc enrollment is up especially programs.4 yea right now it looks to be residents in parma, seven hillsh and parma heights voted on issue 118, a school tax levy renewal that is critical to the fiscal future of the parma city school district. 118, renewewtha in contacts jumped 25 percent sounds like a 2 lot but 2 percet to 2.5 percent. this would provide better cityit services including more police officers and m supervisors on te streets according to the cleveland mayorsuu frank jackson
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snow removal and a better publc health the primary. if issue 32 does not pass t cuts could be coming. right now you can see leading b just a hair of a mantra and 51 to a 49 percent. with only 15 percent of the precincts reporting. residents in parma, seven hills and parma heights voted on issue 118, a school tax levy renewal that is critical to the fiscal future of the parma city school district. n parma, onsstastril of the existing levy will provide more than $8 million to the district. it's been a rough ride in parma as of late, two school board presidents stepped down in only a matter of's of tnte you may remember the dramatictha scene when kathleen petro, just got up and walked out in the middle of a packed meeting. lynn halloran was next.when ktrp they're 15 million dollars in the hole tonight, issue 118 is knocking at. 32 percent against.
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2 perc hopefully someme that are rock solid. bill entry to. thanks for a look at the local numbers. stay with fox 8 all night for all your election results. at thee our team is working to bring you constant updates both on air and on amou also look for our special coverage on our facebook page. keep it here for much more. on
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z24zxz z12fz y24zxy y12fy cold front made it through the windsor out of the north. literally hittingg on you found them
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picking up. notice that i'm not holding anig umbrella like it was much earlier this afternoon and early evening. the rain has pretty muchieafas t cliffdell easty as far as the raina of the front. northwest ohio parts of northert indiana trying to clear out. here's a look at radar.indina tr to see the showers by and large moving away now towards the ohio river. the back edge of the t spotty showers still might be sputtering along in geauga and portage county and a few moreor than stark county but that's about to come to an end. here's the rain fall noticedl that mostot of the rainfall dropped about a quarter of an inchon and that was fairly unifm across the area. current temperatures nowres following through the 50s. it eventually we'll get to the 40s like g toledo is right now. at 49.
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east will be coming to an end. d breezy colder mostly cloudy. skies. overnight low tonight 45.45 those winds have shifted to thee north 10 to 20 miles an hour. tomorrow we could see a couple of spotty showersil hanging on o the east h side for a little while. lots of cloud cover and eventually we'll break out into perhaps some fun later in the day.we'll b that the overall flavor of the day willf be a cooler breezy with a high only 50 degrees.grees. that's about 15 degrees colder than we saw today.. a quick recovery but then another b smack down as we head for the weekend. i'll have for a look at the weed outlook in just a the sun will fill nice if it comes out tomorrow. waiting for ao ohio to be called interesting stuff going on in michigan as well.. a big night extended election
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welcome back to our special election coverage tonight. for a closer look at how the race is shaping up, let's get to fox 8 news anchor lou maglio, live at the national map.hapiup
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their heads right now the numbn of states verybe close. wondering what is going on because this is not what anybody really had predicted a race tha ist this close it is indeed tha close.inee. here's what's happened since last time wewh spoke hillary clinton has picked up the state of virginia neck and neck for a is fromfrmrunning mate virginia not really a surprise they are the numbers right now are donald trump 150 electoral votes hillary clinton with 122. you need t .266 remaining we are watching very w closely several key stats for the north carolina ohio of course and michigan. right now donald trump's leading in all of those key states but trailing s in another key state pennsylvania newan hampshire alo very important very tight right now.ho a long way to go before the evening is through abuse theyh e win t the states get declared we'll have a much better look at how this whole thing is ave a sg up.
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trump 150. they need to 70.ed lots moreto states to weigh inw before this night is done.e the polls out west closed about 21 minutes ago when possible web might not have a winner by the end of the night because they could beb a recount in multiple states.ea they're saying in florida may not have a final number at all tonight moving very slowlyowly there. that's the case we'll wait until ohio the heart of it all we thought we might predict it and thankfully i guess for some around trump has a healthy lead at the moment but not everybody is looking at michiganamo and wd is going on up north of us. that's been a key because that was typically granted to be democratic state a lot of peoplo thought hillary clinton will win the cli bet but donald trump spa lot of time there lately in the state of michigan. he has made inroads theree he i ahead not by a large margin we still have to figure out many oo the states were exactly theutm e
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he is made it closer than a lot of people. at this point anyone's race. thank youhi so much for a look t that national math. busy night downtown cleveland back in the old days we talked about problems at the board of elections.da both in the cab cab would drive around.. our bill sheil is at the board t of elections warehouse and joins us with more as the votes are being counted. morasing bill?ou tracy and bill brought votes those days areays long goner as you can see a whirlwind of activity behind me the votes are coming in fast and furious right now ohio has not been counted yetght not been cad in large part because of what's goingo on. the waiting for cuyahoga county forhog more results to come in. they are coming in quickly right now the posted inre comi close l 7:30. some of precincts letting get back until nine or laterer7:30 e could be stragglers.
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counties to report before ohio is called. cuyahoga county traditionally democratic stronghold would have to come inic big tonight for hillary clinton overall if she has to have a chance to carry ohio. as to these with what has been happening here all night long. a matter of getting the votes in-house t once they get them n their counted quickly. there's no sign of any major problem here just slow and steady ju getting the votes in.. as they come in counting them quickly and hoping to have final resultscoun 11:00 that may be a little optimistichop but so far it is smooth going here as you said billarr very different than it was years ago.y donald trump leading in ohio 53 percent to hillary clinton's 42 percent with 75 percent of the vote in. waiting for cuyahoga county and both workers very hard at work behind him. keep it here.g forrbker our extended election coverage
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clone you with us here fox8. special election coverage tonight take a look at the national numbers currently withh
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reporting donald trump leadingng 49 and 47 percent. a long way to go.4to go. yes we do moments ago fox news calling the of ohio mo and hearw the numbers look donald trump 5h 42 percent. donald trump winning state of ohio picks up 18 electoral votes. for a closer look at how the race is shaping up let's get right toatt loop back at thehe national math.nat wenal talk to donald trump earr asked t is o how the vote was g ohio i told him projections were he would be aheadp by one or tw percentage points he's completelyr obliterated that up nine percentage points according to most polls somebody's reporting out there tonight 10 points. here are the numbers as we adjust them giving the state of ohio to donalds trump. the electoral count on the way n up to 168 hillary clinton won 22. 248 remaining all of those key
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florida north carolina and and western states look out fort arizona. he is maintaining a slight leadd in michigan. we're just hearing in my earr d foxnews has giving the state off colorado to hillary clinton. that pretty much is as expected. she is now up to 131 he is up to 168. you know the rural no republican ever won theo white house rep wt winning the state of ohio.oh that should make donald trumpdon feela really good right now ohio very good predictor of time since 1900 and the state o ohio has predicted the nexts president of the united states.t these are numbers a lot moret number lo still out there stillo come. you look at this donald trump needed ohiosill three of the for ohio virginia and north carolina and florida. he lost virginia that he ishe leading inis the other three inf course taking ohio now. and the firewall for hillary clinton according to many observers was the state of north carolina her packers saying if
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it is over. that state right now tonight is still very muchit in place for donald trump. waiting north carolina and florida. thank you lou and a large gathering tonightth coll in ohio city as many donald trump supporters are gathering to keep a close eye on the numbers. ohi dalsupporte find fox 8 newss reporter melissa reid who is standing by with the latest. melissa?me reiwh high their bill republican partr cuyahoga countyt predicted a strong wind for donald trump in ohio. it appears they got it. for do of the party came out here and announced trump had one ohio. the placement absolutely insanee you look behind me a watch party in ohio city the watching the thists as they come downwn is really the parties way to say all of part these people for beg supporters not f only to the pay that to donald trump as well as other peoplee on that party
10:31 pm
thinks that ohio would go to trump in ultimately it did. take a listen. lit we expected to deliver a big vote for donald trump nearing in on if not exceeding 200,000 votes for donald trump. likely be his biggest total out of any county in the statetris t may surprise people that cuyahogarp county will come in g tonight for donald trump i expect to have ohio wheni. we may know that before too deep into the night. know until 1132 night. however i talked to people inin the party they said they expected a much later night as those results come in as you mention all eyes on ohio some of the key states herere and you cn feelan the shift in the exciteme here. there's a lot of people that went from nailbitingre to beingb little bit more excited a little bit more lively hereee in ohio city.
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melissa thank you very much. meanwhile, democrats here in cuyahoga county are encouragedud by a high voter turnout, believing this to be one of the most important counties for them anywhere in the country. fox eights dave nethers is at the local democratic headquarters where a watch party is being held, and he joins us mo cotiesount.ox ghghhdq with more there. david. i would have to say kind of a in themood heree democratic headquarters in cuyahoga county really very mixed reaction becausese the county the democrats hillary clinton doing very very well but as you know around the state not so much most of the networks including our parent network fox calling the state of ohio for donald trump. dot 40 percent just under 40 percent noww of the vote counted in cuyahoga county and
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trump's column now.we spectators we just have to sit back and now. what our callings are going to do particularly in the west end other key states. thank you very much. the chairman of the cuyahoga county democratic party. the networks are saying nationwide ounoc far from over v close racee it will be a long night of these people the people who are left here will be closely watching the numbers. again ohio has been called forf donald trump. david thank you.hank yo
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rolls on. stay with fox 8 for constantnsta updates both on air and on also look for our special coverage on our facebook page.
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ck guarantee, and there's no contract to sign. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. plus, free installation and access to over 500,000 twc wifi? hotspots nationwide. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so. say yes to more. call now. welcome back to our special election coverage tonight and tonight suzanne stratford in columbus where republicans are awaiting trump's results as i can imagine i'm sure they're pretty please with what they are seeing coming in right now. they absolutely are many people telling us they are stunned they were hopingbsp he could sneak by but they're kind of stunned with the results they are seeing and the volunteers stumping for trump very happy to see that right now fox has called ohio
10:38 pm
happy by for rail was supportedd hillary clinton. there it don't care. they're very happy herelli this crowd behind us they had a speaker onstage a short time ago thanking everyone for working so hard to campaign and saying once painting ohio red. obviouslyp the results aren't in just yet but peoplere feeling significantly more confidentcn than they did even an hour ago or hour and a half ago. the mood is definitely lighthearted peoplehl. worried about security worried about the economy. ands future of the country where it's headed.ure it's an exciting mood here it definitely is you can feel it that you can see the energy increased by about 300 percent.. much more to come. look at the map of ohio as well trump is taken all but seven counties i think. big victory for him. bb coal country steel country going for donald trump might be saying something about what's happening
10:39 pm
a close watch there. ohio state senate race is all wrapped up along with all of the other congressional racestateenn northeast ohio. elizabeth is here with a look at all of those numbers. elizabeth.zher no real surprises tonight. only token opposition foreal sur incumbents, paving the way for f predictable outcome tonight. first let's look at the race for united states senate. this one was called early on,ea, shortly after the polls closed. incumbent republican rob portman the projected winner in his race against democrat and former ohio governor ted strickland.t deoicd the numbers show portman 59 percent strickland at 36 percent. many political experts say at portman ran the best race of any endangered senate republican po s election cycle.e. this will be portman's second term. at first the race was close, but pom he quickly pulled ahead in the polls, making sure to distance himself from the drama of the presidential election.icklyulula here's what both candidates had to say tonight.wha b our campaign was about making
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works hard and plays by the rules has this opportunity and chance to fulfills their dreams. we also ran hard and we ran clean. and even if we hadn't won tonightan this would have been campaign and aa race to be prou of. turns out we did whenbpr. with a little margin to spare. i'm so grateful for the peoplee of ohio who have opportunity to represent them for six more years. moe turning now to ohio's 11thno congressional district.w this is in the northernmostnmost portion of the state andstae includes portions of cuyahoga and summit counties..inclu we have incumbent democrat marcia fudge walking away with h win in her race against republican beverly goldstein. the latest numbers showgainst 36 percent of the precincts reporting. the battle for the 14th congressional district in the e prec u.s. house also call early on. nalis
10:41 pm
joyce beating out democrat michael wager. those numbers areyce beaatt joy 63 percent and wager with 3f the precincts reporting.iept now to ohio's 9th congressional district. a big win here,but an expected one for incumbent democrat marcy kaptur. she ran against republican donald larson. incbearrd lrs kaptur is currently serving her 17th term and is tied for thed spot of second longest servingi woman in congress. the latest results in this race our captor 68 percent and and 32 percent. now onto ohio's 16thto io congressional district. we have incumbent republican jim wenacci walking away with a win he was up against democrat keith mundy. the results from that race thus deo far our ren?e c with 63 percent keep with 37 percent with wi 28 percent of the precincts reporting. now onto ohio's 14thttecins congressional h incumbent democrat tim ryan walking away with the wint doc tonight against republican richard morckel. the latest numbers showpublc
10:42 pm
richard 29 percent of the votes 35 percent of the precincts reporting. so as you can see, it was smooth sailing for ohio's congressional incumbents. as u wasm all of those races, called not long after polls closed.all of a win for donald trump in the buckeye state picking up 18 electoral votes. ves. elizabeth thank you. and a lot of times for some people a lot of candidates running.g.pp extended election coverage continues next keep it tuned toc
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glad you're with us tonight. donald trump winning ohio that called a little bit agot ohio's 18 electoral votes. we want to take v a break a lite bit of a break from election coverage to get you caught up what's happening weatherwise. a rainy back half of the dayg looking at cooler temperatures down the road.d. starting with this bread that came through. a 14 hour time lapse out and about 14 seconds from west central geauga county started lots of sunshine but as we went through the day the clouds started to thicken up right about there. and by 3:00 in the afternoon you can see the rain hitting the camera and a you about a quarten inch from rain before the rain n
10:46 pm
speak. some of these rain showers upu here may continue to clip the extreme northeastern cornerpph f the state. into this morning. however for the most part mostms of thet study showers are done and you can s tell when the rain began because the temperature shot downnn held steady mid 50s. high today 65 that was at noon today.. before the rain and heading down to 45 tonight. showers are in the process of ending breezy an 50 tomorrow. that's and it will be breezy and colder as this cold front goes by. andreezy aa we anticipate actuaa recovery. it will be a chilly day tomorrow 50 back up to 58 thursday. notice 30 percent for friday. vein day rain or snow showers but notai much of a chance justa little bump in primarily in snow beltp communities. co does not appear at this point in we'll be a big deal other thanmt
10:47 pm
see a snowflake or two and then saturday cold. 43 will get down to 32 saturda3 night. which means 20s in the burbs2 sy and then normal for a lot of next week and basically fair skies. little bit of a cool shotdca saturday. the electric blanket ready. thanks very much. numbers from all around around northeast ohio are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. we're breaking down moree otto election results next keep it
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z24zuz z12fz
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going to be a presidential election to remember for a very long time. just beon tme a few minutes ago donad trump declared winnero in the state of ohio picking up 18 electoral votes and moments agoh fox news has called north carolina giving trump the wind there is picking up another 15 electoral votes. a lot to go but very interestini night excitingnte night forre my people who follow this a lot at stake as well in local races everything from safety services to continue funding for cleveland schools.afi davis covering key local issues for us tonight and he is here with all of the latest numbers. a fun night. my goodness gracious. will cleveland get more police officers on the streets? cann parma fix a 15 million-dollar shortfall
10:51 pm
swe that start with your children. education cleveland's issue 108u renewal of issue 107 that passed in 2012 called the cleveland plan. not a new taxx eight renewal. sincee the plan was enacteded graduation rates have increased in cleveland schools 17 percent enrollment is up especially for year-old and preschool programs. right now issue 108 looking nice. 68 percent forssu loo also in cd in income there hasn't been an increase since 198135 years be your incoe tax would jump from 2 percentyo 2.5 percent. this will provide better city services including more police officers andm supervisors on the streets according to mayor frank jacksono ma this will bring consistent street repair and a better public health department. if issue 32 doesn't pass cuts could be coming right now you can see it is passing with wt 51 percent of the vote.
10:52 pm
hills and parma heights voted on issue 118, a school tax levy renewal that is critical to the fiscal future of the parma city a hue 8, school district. the renewal of the existing levh will provide more than $8 million to the district.m it's been a rough ride in parma as of late, two school board presidents stepped down in only iin parmaof laeks.s. you may remember the dramatic scene when kathleen petro, just got up and walked out in the middle of a packed meeting. lynn halloran was next. ln y're 15 million dollars inne th passing 62 percent for the votet that's where we are now we have more results on our websitee.had real-time back to you. thank you. a large gathering tonight as many donald trump are supporters are gathering to check on the numbers. melissa. rto you can feel the difference in the energy here.
10:53 pm
the roof. roof. especially when ohio was called for trumpp and moments ago as yu mentioned north carolina. that just added more fuel to the fire here at this watch look behind me the watch party right now this is really republicans gathering to watch h the election results on the big screen behind me. and this is really the party's way of thanking them for not only being supportersway of the party but donald trump as well as other contestantsts people that are on that ticke as ohio was called for donaldr d trump the placement absolutely i talk to supporters about that feelingut when it was called. i wasc convinced ohio was going to go for donald trump.d trump supporter for a long timeo and i know that the last 13 electionssan he's always been wh it. i just wanted to make sure thatn we were there to see it.
10:54 pm
we could see it.. and we were frustrated ohio hadn't been called sooner. we hit our target here in cuyahoga county. hit percentage continues to creep up as we go on. the main thing is we are delivering the largest number of votes of any county in the state of ohio and the gap that we g close over 2012 is going to be the differencea in donald trump winning this state this time. of it. that's melissa reid we'll be checking back with her.redher. her to here with everything going on. watching a supersized election edition of fox8 newssup at 10:0. keep it here for updates on air on and look for special coverage on our facebook
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let's take a look how it shaping up the national scene tonight. let's get to move once again he he is live at the national map inai north carolina was just called.l north carolina just called bill and tracy donald trump continues to defy sot many of the prognosticators out there let's ok give donald trump the state of north carolina he ist at 168 right that moves of up to 183. that magic number is 270. 224 electoral votes out there hillarye quinton with 131 severl key states to consider talking that it all night important north carolina was os certainly but you also have florida you have pennsylvaniac you have michigan and you have arizona out to the west a lot morete still to come but right w donald trump continuing to defy
10:58 pm
that lead. a lot up in the air. thank you so much. m appreciate your time at 10:00 we'll hang around another half an hour just for you see se what's happening around the united states. we will be back. united states. we will be back. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? le for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. look, anyone who thinks you gotta make a truck heavier to make it stronger,
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flood you with the special edition of fox8 news at 11:00 want to check the numbers for use here around the country: donald trump currently leading l and they are just calling florida as welleadd for donald a few moments ago north carolina was called for donald trump asnr well.l. it has been interesting watching ehese numbers coming in. a look at the numbers from the buckeye state donald trump t 53 percent hillaryu clinton's 42 percent. no doubt about it presidential race closer than anyone had ever imagined or predicted. looking at other states peoplee becoming concerned about wisconsin and michigan and what isiga going on even in pennsylva donald trump is currently only e down by about 70,000 votes or so


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