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tv   Fox 8 News Election Special  FOX  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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flood you with the special edition of fox8 news at 11:00 want to check the numbers for use here around the country: donald trump currently leading l and they are just calling florida as welleadd for donald a few moments ago north carolina was called for donald trump asnr well.l. it has been interesting watching ehese numbers coming in. a look at the numbers from the buckeye state donald trump t 53 percent hillaryu clinton's 42 percent. no doubt about it presidential race closer than anyone had ever imagined or predicted. looking at other states peoplee becoming concerned about wisconsin and michigan and what isiga going on even in pennsylva donald trump is currently only e down by about 70,000 votes or so
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currently. in the state capital donald trump supporters gathering they have been watching what's going on as you mentioned ohio goes to trump.ump. we continue team coverage tonight fox8 suzanne stratford with supporters tonight. good evening surprise you didn'u hear moments ago florida was called for trumpp they started chanting them for the hard work for republican . for his hard work here in these election post. talk to millennials. final result in donald trump
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it's looking great. looking great. feeling great. i don't even know how to describe this right now.aa that majority is there and we will speak their voice. they definitely are using their voices tonight. hoping they might squeak by many surprised how he is polling so far it's not over yet.s peoplere down the street some have been trickling in over the last half hour so we'll see how it goes. o a lot of people surprised by florida in easy win for hillary clinton once againas state of fl orida been called for donald trump picking up another 29 electoral votes. thank you. ahe both sides are watching this race very closely kevin freeman
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kevin.h don't think this night is going the way many hillary clinton supporters felt that it would here in columbus.s. hyatt regency downtown. you can see people are still heree still watching the return but not quite the excitement inr jubilation a couple of screams a little while ago when the polls closed in california buthe the state she was predicted to get anyway. not much mention of her lost here in ohio. in fact they haven't mentioned that at all over the last hour or soaven't. pretty much congratulating local candidates local democratic candidates who haveidat lo won r elections here. we talked to some people ei abot this night about how it stands right now many of them say theyy didn't quite expect this to be like this a little nervous.t as the west coast start to comem
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feel good about oregon washington in california. see how it goes. i can tell you this crowd has been thinned out a bit.o still here waiting. no one is giving up hope but certainly people here are nervousivi b wondering weather hillary clintonwo can win this election right now everyone isc on pins and needles here in coluu anything is possible. that's right. se. the electoral math is changing by the minute for a closer look at how the race is shaping uple. little california you have that andh washington state as well. fox fox calling for clinton. changing by the minute certainly it is doing that let's check the numberste the number to get to o win the presidency is to 70. 224sid electoral college college
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let's see what's happening recently donald trump taking tn state of florida that boost him up to 212 right there. hillary clinton taking state of california also washingtona stae she is up to 198.98. it's getting close to the finish line know a lot of key state still out there donald trump leading in georgia pennsylvania very close.ry cle. donald trump leading there in i michigan other states minnesota right now is going to mi hillary clinton.into i am a going to hillary clinton donald trump has a lead in arizona and nevada utah idaho and georgia as we mentioned. a lot of states out there in playback getting really close to the magic number of 270 donald trump to 12 hillary clinton 198. bill and tracy will continue to keep an eye ond wes f 2727 it.. idaho just went trump and michigan and wisconsin talk about to close to call so is pennsylvania too close to call. within a couple thousand votes. if you reach that to 70 some ofe the states are very close likely
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ohio's big senate race is all wrapped up tonight, along with all the other congressional races in northeast ohio.sente rh fox 8's elizabeth noreika iseiks here now with those numbers, kind of a quiet night in ohio. it sure is tracy and bill. anbi no real surprises tonight. only token opposition forllno al incumbents, paving the way for a predictable outcome tonight. first let's look at the race for united states senate.irst le this one was called early on, shortly after the polls closed. incumbent republican rob portman the projected winner in his ract governor ted strickland. many political experts say portman ran the best race of any endangered senate republican this election cycle. this will be portman's second term. at first the race was close, but he quickly pulled ahead in thec he bst repubicanante. polls, making sure to distancer himself from the drama of theioe presidential election. here's what both candidates had to say bc i'm overwhelmed.
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thank you ohio. u and thanks everybody in this room up got a lot of great fansi in the room that made a difference together folks we waged a great campaign. mr. donald trump is always talking about elections being bent iss . let me say if this senate election was rigged there was some good at rigors doing this.g turning now to ohio's 11th congressional district. this is includes portions of cuyahoga and summit counties. we have incumbent democratngrein ernmtrtionndd marcia fudge walking away with a win in her race againstarcia fut republican beverly goldstein. the latest numbers show marsha was 79 percent of the vote hosting with 21 percent at 54 percent the battle for the 14th14t congressional district in the u.s. house also called early onn with incumbent republican david joyce beating out democratt dcr michael wager. those numbers are joyce 63 percent of the vote michael with
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district. a big win here but an expected one for incumbent democrat marcy kaptur. she ran against republican donald larson. kaptur is currently serving her a ut aexp oumbe 17th term and is tied for theede spot of second longest serving spman in congress.s. the latest results in this race chapter 69 percent of the votet larson with 31 percent. 31c now onto ohio's 16th congressional district. we have incumbent republican jim renacci walking away with a win. he was up against democrat keiti mundy.nd the results from that race thus r now onto ohio's 13th noonressional district. incumbent democrat tim ryan walking away with the win tonight against republican repul richard morckel.ic the latest numbers show ryan six in a percent of and richard with 31 percent with 80 percent of precincts reporting.. so as you can see, it was smooth sailing for ohio's congressional incumbents. all of those races, called notao long after polls closed. and a lot of surprises in the
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here. don't think any camp will bet sleeping tonight. thank you.. than trump picking up for a talk aboutpiin north carolina oo as well. toono close to call in donald trump currently leading in michigann and wisconsin as well. some of the western states leaningng to donald trump as we. nevada do and utah and arizona. aa lot of close races and hillar clinton picking up a big win in votes also picking up washingtn state taking a look at the electoral votes you've gotgot hillary clinton 202 in donald trump with 216 once again that magic number is 270. stay with fox8 for all of your election results. team is working to bring your constant updates both onr air ad on also the for special coverage on our facebook page.
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glad you're back let's take a look at national percentages right now ba what's lonal happea aroundp the great country donald trump leading by two percentageg points with about 46 percent reporting.n really been an unbelievable night.t. razor thin especially in i michigan. it iss crazy close. large gathering tonight in ohio city as many donald trump supporters gathering to keep a very close watchma on the numbe. we find news reporter melissa reid standing by with the
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hi there build the drinks flowing at the cuyahoga county gop watch party in fact a robert frost is chairman of r the party announcedm moments ago that drinks were on tony the owner af the bistro. kidding aside the mood here is excitedt as people watch the w election results come in the placement absolutelyat crazy when ohio was called for donald trump it obviouslyr north carolina followed it and moments ago utah as well. this is a thank you to the supporters from the party for not only supporting the party but donald trump and other candidates that are on the ticket.butrum the watch party supposed to go until about 11:30 however it will open as long as thesee election results come in i was the chairman chai they expected a long night. the mood heree
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elevated quite a bit. a little bit of a nailbiting toi very cautious optimistic him of the party leaders herep had been very confident.nt. in the last couple of minutes the mood has gone to very excitedoes and there's been a lt of applause we just saw results coming in. all right melissa thank you ver much. not over yetouy a long way to gn most of the states are so close to call pennsylvania michigan s talking a something to see in so manyny up-and-down we want to toss things out today that the w democratic watch party in cleveland dave what is the mood like there? watt really not much of a party very somber mood the crowd there wasp has been here at the democratic headquarters and cuyahogas county.adnty really a mixed reaction to what happened tonight r because inaus cuyahogae county 53 percent of the vote hillary clinton in the presidential race55 still leadse
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we know that around the state donald trump is now the projected winner of this race. so cuyahoga county much different then the rest of the stayed there won't be a surprise ayke there was four years ago nt when the election flipped on the resultss of cuyahoga county and so there will have to be some examination of exactly what happened here and around the state. i can tell you there is disappointment. little bit ago with earl johnso. who wasn't hurt race or is winning should win her racet state school board member and this is what she thinks about the presidential race in the state of ohio. i have faith in my country and i know that at the end hillary is going to win. i don't know en what the attracn
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no respect for himself or other people. i don't know what the attractioa is. i know thisran country was found on racism so obviously there's a leftover from that. fro a lot ofm th peopleat. who justr this kind of pay to have been this countryy it says a lot of people hate themselves.s strong words from earl johnson that she is not alone becauseds there is a g disappointment by the way she is winning her race now with 53 percent of the vote cast for state board of education district 11 vst for48 percent ts none of her opponents have any numbers greater than 23 percent. so just very somber mood here m very sad about what's happening in the state of ohio for the democratic party. the race is not over yet.
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keep it here extended election night coverage continues after the break. ge continues after
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even along ohio pennsylvania border of the rain is coming to an end by this front really came together andohioio consolidatedt ofa the rainfall as it was
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this timeint it was a scattered broken band of showers but it filled in quite nicely as you can see. now the rain is pushing towards syracuseseno buffalo and south towards lexington. let's take you closer look the package of the showers pushing towards youngstown. raining thereou still raining s west virginia. by the showers have become muche more scattered here. let's take a closer look on storm fox couple little lightl one in central lorain county were near bedford. most of the serious rain now closer to the pennsylvania border.. that's pushing away. so within the next hour i would figure even by midnight tonight most of the state at least inig our part of this day the the northern part should be relatively rain free.fre not to say that you couldn't see a passing shower. probably will between now and morning thetw clouds will stick
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rapidfire clearing. 54pidre cleveland. 51 lorain. cllora. notice the trend we're going downwn and we have a pair of 49th that are showing up at toledo and finley. as we go through the night we will be pushing toward the overnight low i don't think we'll hit 46 but we'll get close to night. 65 was the high bet that was before the rain occurred. 45 tonight. showers coming to a conclusionn it's already turning breezy andn cool. average and not much of a rise inot temperature tomorrow. 50 breezypera lots of clouds. may be a morning shower or twof and then will quiet down. recover that on thursday very briefly but notice that on fridayth that we anticipate temperatures to go back down. starting with a 52o on friday d then a 43 on saturday which means o that a few of the lake effect showers may mix in with
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early saturday morning.htrn notg. appear that it will be a i thing at all. at l the winds aren't right for that but it will be in the air and ad places. and after that next week it looks dry and near-normal. mid- 50s.s. thanks andre veryd much. mu keepc it right here extended
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welcome back to our special election coverage and what a cti has been.s ee this presidential race has been so close specially in michigann . not over yet for the numbers around the nation get right to move looking at the national map and more states have closed for hillary clinton and donald trump. to for hillary clinton bill in tracy to for donald trump let's get to don that shortly before t give yoush the numbers as they stand right know hilly with 198 again these are the electoral votes donald trump with 212 they are closing in on the big number where they need to goer which is to 70. still 128 electoral votes remaining out there at this hour. let's see how donald trump has donedt since last we spoke he hs taken idahowe and he has taken utah and hillary clinton has taken hawaiiii
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let's check the updated numberse now. donald trumpmp with 222. he is within 48 of winning the presidency hillary clintonw not too far behind with 209. many key state still out there we have georgia where trump's leadingia pennsylvania where hillary clinton is leading a big state an important state it's very close but she is ahead asas of right now michigan has been crazy closeow all night long. right now it is a virtual tie. donald trump's leading in ae slight lead in the state of iowa minnesota as expectedpect hillary clinton is ahead let's go down here to arizonae where donald trump's leading in nevaa he is leadingi as well it is not over again these races are all very very tight a lot could change betweenen now and before all of the votes are counted bill in tracy. trc especially look at michigan that's where everybody's been learningg y it's been going back and forth right now it's 13,000 votes donald trump's is leading
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knowy we don't know right now te experts do where the votes will come in from n to push her if se loses michigan might be up for her if donald trump wins michigan he might be in the white house.nldp wins michigan if he wins wisconsin of course pennsylvania is another key state.stt both have campaigned vigorously in thempa state of pennsylvania. we don't know what's out theretf is an rural votes more likely to go one person or the other. is it urban votes may go to hillary u clinton we just don't know still some indecision out there tonight but certainly we are closing in on w a decision it ae closing in on it fairly quicklya this has been something to watch and i don't think anyone ever imagined this race would be so if study hitsen that to 70 that magic number it could be a wild before anyone is declared a winner. thank you lou. we saw the polling it was a big clinton leading get narrower anr narrower and look where itt stands right now about as close
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fox8 is your home for up to thee date election information inti n northeast ohio for continuing coverage and full results had to interact and wake up with fox8 news in the thanks for being here appreciate your time. good night. e
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and shepard smith. >> breaking news, donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. wisconsin was a blue state. wisconsin was reliablely democratic. wisconsin had milwaukee and madison. wisconsin is reliablely this is the flip that donald trump was seeking. this is the end of the inside straight. you must win florida. he won it. you must win ohio, you probably will but it will be close. no, he won it big. he won florida, north carolina, ohio. now he's just flipped the blue state that we knew he would have to flip out west. wisconsin goes to donald trump.


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