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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 11, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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a great friday morning to you on this november 11. it is veterans day. that is also national ice cream sundae day. if you are looking for an excue to have a great sunday it is te deal. i we have a list on website. >> good morning happy friday happy veterans day. >> i am christie capel we will toss things overr for all look the temperatures up in pretty mild i know it is windyt with a few spots where the winds of not been as strong down to the middle and upper 30s. cuyahoga falls at 47. the
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got a streak of lightsh rain overnight near developing over the lake erie islands and then light rain also heading south along the cold front so as the day continues, we keep an eye on the streak of rain here further west a few more further north with ar couple more clearing up south ofe akron. the forecasts been highlighted acutere a cute few quick showerste we start out in the 40s and 50s with the northwind any showers will after noon temperatures begin to fall by sundown widespread upper 30s. we are lookinger at a nice night into the 20s is some frost on the way to a pretty nice day saturday. at this.the biggest it seems to just be scattered rain. traffic time with patty. been a very good looking rush hour we do have one accident off the freeway and a very busy intersection at west
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bad news happening for cap morning commute southbound on ontario and the screws should be out there until 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. this is that usedte to sure way where traffic is going quiteay heavy in the inner belt bridge of quiet ride as you go about your travels this morning.t still closed at the railroad bridge they tummy now it has been pushed back to the 14th. closed until the 14th they have posted it. >> 802 right now for the second day and our protests have filled into the streets in cities across the nationi. >> and oregon officers are calling and it all out riot. >> good morning. the crowds have dwindled down to $100.200 people police in portland have been trying to disperse them for
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protest on the day that donald trump went to washington tot met president obama for the first time they say most what on after a few what they call anarchists ignited into a riot. a number of businesses donald trump president-elect trump went to twitter calling the protest area for writing professional protests and cited by thates mea after his rather pleasant davide in washington he met with the president in washington he also stop the capital hill to meet with mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryanit and his dayn washington marks the start of the transition process the president and president elect met for about 90 minutes in the oval officer despite harsh, comments they have made about each other in the campaign.
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elect, that we know want to do everything we can to help use of the country is complete. >> i very much look forward to dealingry with the president in president in the future including counsel. >> anti- trump rallies were held in los angeles, philadelphia, denver, minneapolis, columbus, police in portland oregon announced everyone would be under arrest in use tear gaso most of the protests nationwide if a very peaceful. it's a very small number of people who were fighting violently. >> be sure to keep it right here for continuing coverage coverage. you can also find constantc updates on our website at >> in another news is friday morning toefo suspected gang
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in virginia behind bars here in northeast virginia as us marshalshn with the violent fugitive task force arrested the man of her own apartment less than the members allegedly shot amenities to machete on and the suspects are a now in the medina county jail waiting expedition. >> police in akron investigating an abduction and sexual assault the near the university of akron campus.ona after an 18 -year-od woman was walking back8 to camps early sunday it when a man in a before stocking her. she told police he thenh dropped her off about 2 miles away the university sentinel or two students and staff yesterday urging them to be careful. >> it was a big day for your cleveland cavaliers d to get to relish in the championship title this time at the whiteh house. our waynee dawson was there at the rose garden for the special visit with president obama. >> welcome to the white house, and give it uppr for the world
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>> of beautiful autumn day in the white house in the autumn rose garden. >> i also want to give a special thanks to jr smith's shirt for shirts for showing up.mi i wast sure if it was going to make an appearance today. >> the cavaliers receiving a presidential congratulations for a championship season bringing fans all the way from solid an attendant. entiret journey with the cavaliers. we wenth to the season, went to the parade. whatpa do the wedding ceremony, and we could not miss this opportunitywea. >> a crowd of more than 400 invitees. family, friends, officials of the cleveland cavaliers along with state and local leaders. >> for this to happen ever me to bebe able to be here in the rose garden with the president and the cavaliers, there is nothing better. there is nothingng
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daughters my daughters wanted to meet lebronm moore than she wanted to meet the president she had alreadye met the president okay, she wanted to meet lebron. >> coach taiwanpr was not his mm was not able to be at the finals because his cancer but she was your today calling another blessing. >> amazing and ever that i never thought this day would ever happen i am so privileged and honoredalno.ev just to be here t that my son more immediate, and share the stay with them. >> how about our you >> i don't even know how to put it from one to 10100. >> obviously with this all comes down too is a team up for the first time in nba history comesc back from being down three ?- one in the finals. give it up for the world champs one last time. >> today, one of the final times president obama will create ana team at the white house before leaving office, something he calls one of his favoritefo pers
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cleveland cavaliers, we wanted to present this 16 obama jersey. >> , guysre know the only things thoughkn the sleeves get tired camera from? >> all of them are show you exactly how i do it. >> very cool. thank you. this is not just people standing is the manikin challenge from the cavaliers. easy tyree coming up with this type. lebron and the first lady in their selfie. kevin interested in the background jr's little photo bomb there. what a great basically stand around and someone films it. that is what they call thet manikin we did it here it's on our website its quotas you have a cavaliers the other a cavaliers and then the
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>> you've got to love at the sophie they actually took because we have a numberie fox eight instagram page. >> with the photog bomb iran everything pretty i go thank yo for being with us we will take a short break the time is nine minutes after. still ahead ?- sometimes allll you need is as breath of fresh air. >> hillary clinton was looking yesterday we will show you what the former presidential candidate has. >> good morning, everyone we still have extremely light out here. take a look approaching cedar.ewith a few more of them some more outlying close to lake and ashtabula county for that most part temperatures will be setting in the lower 40s later today. we talk more l about the weekend forecast in just a few minutes kenny? >> wen st are with an amazing cf
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come back, lots to show you guys. kicking it with kenny we
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with the shower activity each we will start to see a few of these pop upll in between and
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here is the future radar. a quick shower with temperatures all over the place here. fifty up there in range we start to fall quickly everybody to the 40s showers will quickly fade away. strong northwesterly wind and we look at these temperatures with thee widespread 30 this evening anything left overt is kind of a to mainly clear out when start to shiftup more out of the west and the weekends overall pattern with the weekend forecast upper forecast mostly sunny sundayn upper 40s. most of next week as i step out will be dry. we are we're not looking at any significant weather until next friday when the pattern starts
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weekend, energy thanksgiving week, we doing in my active? does not? necessarily mean snow justsa means the storm systems will become a little stronger and move quicker. so, enjoy it a pretty nice looking eight a day over allet with temperatures generally in the 50s. >> thank you so much. making headlines this veterans day this friday morning hundreds gatherth to honor off on pennsylvania and officer who died in an ambush attack and killed while responding to a domestic call outside of pittsburgh yesterday morning. he was a veterane of the police department and department and leaves behind a wife and four children. his partner was also shot is in stable condition. the suspect, the 47 -year-old and his pregnant wife were found dead in their home after an apparent murder suicide.
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between president obama and president-elect trump not the only ones getting attention. michelle obama also met with mrs. trump before she operatory the executive residence. the first time they've met. hillar clinton was seen in a hike yesterday this woman pumped into the former secretary of state on a rock with her daughter she told mrs. clinton's you voted for and offered her a hug. gratitude she said former president bill clinton was also there they all walk together but according to marco they did not talk a lot of politics just general conversation. >> probably a good idea. >> the i music industry is mourning the death of leonard cohenem. >> ?? hallelujah hallelujah ??
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published several poetry collections before joining the folk rock scene in the late 60s his son hallelujah has been covered often he was inducted into the rock hall in 2008. his cause of death is unknown. he was 82 years old.d. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas already in the big apple his crews justas cut down is 90-foot spruce that will actually be on display at the beautiful rockefeller center this holiday season itn will arrive in manhattan tomorrow. look at this project ?- the tree lighting ceremony is scheduled. >> i a hard it is to get my christmas tree inside the car or on the roof luckily they have professionals. >> only about 80 people >> it is 8:16 a.m. coming up ?-
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how i new line of stores hopes to create cater to millennial's ando your chance to score tickes to finding neverland. coming up later this hour, todd is making fun of the fun that i said dial iti is such an old-fashioned word. s the dials anymore and e ready to punch in those numbers. >> it is almost time for the 2016 turkey bowl. it to and process with a power amanda an amazing story or a fun costume anything to get yourself noticed. get it in now. it is
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[music playing] welcome back.ack. going to be busy there tonight friday night people had out and sample some of the ea and beverages we have here in northeast ohio.o. great deals out there. a lot of great deals. big thank you to our veterans for serving our country protecting usyo.. wearing red white and blue today. check in with scott sabol seeab how the forecast is shaping up on this friday. fda good morning 8:30 check out the lower 50s here along the lake without strong wind all morning long. a route eightongg cuyahoga falls 47 clouds are beginning to thicken up slightly year here especially for their west.
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like much. this front r like talking about threeta days ago wasn't really advertised to produce a whole lot of rainyst real and the ways working i know i don't think that will happenths a little stk of rain over lake erie islands islands and cloud cover also producingover couple of spots f drizzleou off short near genevan the lake a little streak of rain but notice once it has away from the lake in the front it basically falls apart. forecast today tt it will be a couplei quick showers but still kind o today temperatures will begin tl fall as theb front goes through this afternoon. any sort of light rain or drizzle will be pretty much history then the temperatureem droper through the low 40s. parties this evening and widespread 30s and even upper 20s overnight tonight as we are clear out30s upp not anticig any flurries tomorrow will get improvement herean the wind we a the little as the front disappears translates into highs tomorrow in therasl middle and r
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eight day coming up a little bil later on in the half-hour. guys ha back to you. thanksba so much scott. topping our headlines today.h o. rallies against president elect donald trump continued acrossgai the nation for the second nightu in a row. police say that protests in portland, oregon got out of hand. lihat s stacey frey is in the portis inheth the stacey. good portland police that peaceful rallies got out of hand and han turned into riots overnight when a handful of protesters started causing damage..turned ini this is the portland police bureau all protesters you are under arrest remain where you are until you receive further orders.protesternder arwheou police used tear gas to break up the group after someone threw projectiles at officers and damaged some cars.som there were anti-trump rallies ia los angeles, philadelphia,lade denver, minneapolis and oakland, california. most of the those have been very peaceful.h denpols s cal trump took to twitter, saying that the rallies against himmtr
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the media for causing them. the president elect spent the day in washington, sitting down with president obama for about 90 minutes. it was their first meeting and 9wa that went a lot better thann expected according to people wht were there. these men have been extremely harsh with one another each saying the other is unfit for the office. that was all pushed aside. sayis a pusd some of thehehese e difficulties, some of the high flying assets and some of the really great things that havenga been achieved, so mr. president, it was a great honor being with you many, many more times in the future.t beeachir. prit was abeg after meeting with president obama, trump and his team left washington without notifying the press. another breach of protocol occurred earlier in the day when trump left the traveling press corps in new york. the white house correspondents'' protolccurred ea association said it is deeplyrl ' concerned about his decision to leave the pool reporters out. later in the day, a spokeswomann co hide for trump said his team plans to adhere to tradition going for id hi thank you stacey.
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in honor of our veterans, our parent company, tribune broadcasting, is recognizing men and women in the military with a inour veteteparntrib it will air this weekend. the 60 minute documentary puts a name and a face to the millions of military members who fight nam to freedom.. homeland diaries america's veterans follows four heroic veterans as they share their struggles post service.mela's rans f the special airs this saturdaysh at 5p.m. right here on fox 8. s time right now is 8:33.8:33 still to come the black friday ads are out. two weeks away. if you're looking for a great deal on tvs, phones or really any gadget or gizmo.if you're we'll tell you which store tor g head to coming up. and there's a new kardashian. find out what rob and chyna named their baby girl plus see
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okay. you're listening to the band a
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with an attitude. they play a mix of top 40 and line dance favorites. perform all over northeast ohio anddancs. they want going to bef the thursday cowboy saloon tonight at 930oit of. if you love great country music and like to have a good time they'll be at the thursday trs cowboy saloon. if you're thursday the segment is for you. we'll do i the fabulous food show starts today. goes through the weekend tons of shops lotsekend of great demo lf cool things. includingat dems some by the mi. good morning. good morning kenny. okay. what are we making? i see a combination of things i wouldn'to necessarily see in a juice i don't think. you what invited to good to get that vegetable in in the morning andet this juice is kind of replacing orange juice for a lot of people.
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little bit of mango and some mango nectar.le good way to get veggies in the morning. veggies in the morning.. okay let's go ahead and get this going. all right. get tta a going. this is a mango carrot juice ann blend.. exactly this is in the new cookbook by the mix cookbook by our president and ceo and she will be demonstrating here ater the show. well done. okay. here we go. this isde. the mango nectar. and some wate he always want to start with liquid at the bottom gets the blades moving the origin.t the a little plop. good thing i have the apron on.l and then sliced apple. okay. you always want to slice it if i it's around it might get caught. it's. 3 carats. getting a lot of veggies in here. 3 carats.
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then we should be good to go. blended out and let you start blending. we will. okay. here we and here we go. we're going to watch that planned for a few seconds . okay. okay. that blending a very good. excellent. excellent.t. okay start s okay. blend. what are other demonstrations you will do?b they're also going to do a little spin off a hummus dip but a little different.difer one second. keep spinning. okay. who is not over there.o isv that. is that somebody i know?
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come on over. who do we have here?kenn look at this. that is jim and this is jim is j holloway. too late now by. ladies and gentlemenih this is jim's last two minutes as ainte photographer.oto howgrap are you. how many years have you been inn the business? 45 plus. it's not on anymore. 45 plus. event fox8 how many years? i don't know.t kw. you don't know. tooo long. like of this. we have a celebratory l gluten-free cake. what are you going to do inng retiremento big i. my wife just had a car i've got to pay for that in am going to kick back. kick back and chill. vacation. to the caribbean and you're a big fan go ahead and poor this
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you're a big fan. come on man i caught you. you're a big fan of art and you take pictures. a studio in waterloo andak do se graphics and things like that. that's what i'm going to do. andnd th not wake up early. all right. you have a beautiful daughter. go to get her through college. she's on her own 22. excellent. tell me about some of your fond mo memory was at normandy?e it wasn't a normandy. i always enjoy covering the president i'm hearing isp. was enjoyed the president's covering the president's because you feel that power i hate to do it but enjoy doing the presiden got to do a few. went back a i don't know how fa go back. as a kid i got to see
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you are pretty young. y my dad put me on the show to set eisenhower. jimmy it's been a great addition to the fox8 family.amily. you will be missed we love you. that it will not be missed workout here's to you buddy. we'll have some beautiful mango carrot juice.. gym was surprised that's why it's so funny.y. so nervous. nervo we loveus you buddy. we are going to miss you jim. congratulations.i he's a superstar. he's a superstar.h gym is on tv.s such ao class act. over the years as reporterc assigned to a photographer love working with him know it's going tow be a good day no matter wht your covering he made it alloody right. always lets out for us asas reporters and great to work with. such a nice guy.ers grat great memories. good job kenny.
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i guess we have some news to get you caught up on. all right.t some stores are revealing their black friday deals already.ome l target is selling apple watchesd for $198 fitbits for $89 dollar$ and 50 percent off select video games. over at sears, they're sellinglg amazon's echo for 140 dollars, which is 40 dollars off the regular 4 and after midnight today walmart shoppers who have downloaded the walmart app can grab some black friday specials, including a $79 trampoline, and a 65 inch hdtv for under $300. $300. yes. dollar general is going after millennials with new convenience style stores.dollring afte the stores would not be gasd not stations but would have a selection of fresh food andee basic groceries. it will also feature some of the products that dollar general is best known for seasonal decor and home goods. the first store will open in nashville early next year.r.ies. lloducts ts own it's about to get a whole lot
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sunglasses.s. et you we've been telling you about. the smart glasses which feature built in wireless video cameras will be sold through pop up vending machines.. the device works when a user touches the button on the glasses, they light up, record for 10 seconds, and then postou the clip via wifi or bluetooth to their snapchat account. you can buy a pair for about 130 bucks. t the coconds, a cliv the first vending machine was set up in venice beach, california, near snapchat headquarters.first et up v time right now 8:45. still to come. cool, creamy ice cream and that warm, gooey sauce. stop it. you're speaking our language. we're dining on ice cream sundae's with our friends from graeters. find out about the delicious deal they're offering up on this veteran's day coming up.p. g on ice fries frgraet to add have our band members are veterans. thank you guys. we love you guys. also taking a peek outside how is the weather looking for your weekend in this veterans day?
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hand-dipped, with real milk, is the only way to make a milkshake. you can't trust machines. now, how come? once, i got a machine-made shake from some other place, and it clanked and clunked and spit out a glop into my glass. and do you know what it was made of? artificial turf? what? no. powder! what? powder! chowder? (announcer) get half-price holiday milkshakes
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i'm generous cuyahoga county animal chapterer . we just want to wish goddard a very happy retirement. we lookery ha for to seeing himn more in the future and spending more time with us and our dogs. t good morning everybody we continue the countdown to dick goddard's final forecast is at the end of the month. o remember watching himn growing got mygr very first winter weatr guide from himw i think it wasws back in 1980 something like li that.e still have added home after bring it an.ill h check it outavavbn so far the ft doesn't look like much of a really asidendfar from a few of those showers over not anticipating a whole lot of coverage.
8:49 am
sandusky.. forecast today pretty me generally keep temperatures inpe theture 50s to the north falling temperatures no as we see the e clouds beginning to increase sandwichgi around will be breake of sunshine we are anticipating a few showersbsu the coverage wl be minimal not going toth be ago washout it will tend much coldei lower 40s and some of us are already there but widespread 30s by the middle ofalr the evening. we can forecast looks prettyy good upper 40s tomorrow 50 on sunday and most of ex 50sos week through next thursda. we'll send it n back to you guy. thank you scott. all right. uy it combines hot and cold with ao cherry on top.tnd ry o today is national ice cream tundae day.y. yes. and more importantly it's veterans day so we have mashed the to today together. our friends from graeters ice cream are here to share a sweet oom gthey're serving up.p. a great deal for veterans day. we're joined by nick whitneyeya thank you for being with us and
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we love veterans ando the servie weth give to our country the let we can do is give themv a freee sunday. that will be at a crocker parkcp today. come in and get a freear sunday. stop by the ice cream store ar crocker park and veteranssto ge free sunday. every time i see you guys i hae another new favorite.s chocolate chip has always been myip favorite band the raspbery chip and pumpkin but nowo i thi i have laid eyes on my new favorite i haven't even tasted it yet. back i chocolate chip. it's chocolate peanut butter ice cream with signature dark chocolate chips and peanut butter cookie dough.iture d doesn't that sound amazing? make a sunday with it. i think you should. aa pumpkins the new favorite right now? it's a seasonal flavor. comes back every year.r. pumpkin and cinnamon both. available through thanksgiving. then we'll get peppermint ice
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for christmas. that led there is black raspberry chocolate. this is my c favorite. make a sunday with it. what is your idea of the best way to mix the sunday?e u wen have so many great homemade toppings homemade butterscotchso with a black raspberry hot fudge pairsh really really well. homemade whipped cream. if you want something with cinnamon we do a apple spiced apple pie. apple pie fillin cinnamon ice t cream. a wrong way to make a sunday? never. i don't think so. o no. there's not. we know that you can get it inin your local grocery store. and so it's absolutely delicious what i love no artificiall. you guys it's all fresh. wonderful. you mention mint chip was your favoritete . what i said to you it's like mind blowing because it's not green and it's not green because you don't want the artificial.
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doesn't matter how big of a mess you make it all tastes the same. i've got quite a mess over here. i like it when it's a little bit melted. scientifically taste better when it softer. because you can drink it.te all right then we mention you canight get it in tn your groce but then tell us about crockerok park store.e. we open the very first storet st northeast ohio crocker park this summer. thank you.etht my gosh city of cleveland.and it's a huge hit. h i had a growing up because i grabbed down in cincinnati. northern kentucky cincinnati area.cti. when you guys came here i'm like you guys have no idea how good this is. it really is delicious. tell us about what you guys have going on with that.w my little dairy. he is our little mascot you see that bear at all of that you will see him at the fancy the fabulous food show
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cream with our partners at gians eagle. that's worth the price of admission. samples.ith he and you know we'll be hanging out there all weekend. samplingbeh the buckeye chocolate chip ice cream. it's awesome. and a sneak preview of peppermint ice cream. that's not green don't be fooled. that hits stores when? it will bethah ini stores next . fantastic.asc. you guys always do great things for the community andu raise money for a lot of charitable causes it's really fantastic always giving back.chi it's family owned company and the family loves giving back to the community. comm thanks. we saved you a sunday.y. come over here and build your own. all right. yourourn. chance to win tickets tots to see finding neverland just a few minutes away on this friday veteranswa day. first we would like to thank river hawks for being with us this morning see them perform
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you guys were awesome. take it away.y. [music playing]
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[music playing] looks like a great show. finding neverland is broadway's biggest new hit. it tells the incredible story behind one of the world's most beloved characters peter pan. fierldbigggg right now is your chance to win two tickets to the show at connor palace theatre.w be the 8th caller atiyo connor two tickets to the 7:30 show on tuesday november 15th. again that number isday o 216-578-0888. good luck. entertainment news now robews n kardashian is a dad.ow the sock designer and his fiance model blac chyna welcomed a daughter they named dreamth yesterday.e rob posted this picture of the m yd thipicn instagram sayingg
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the baby was born via c-section at cedars sinai hospital in latn and many family members were on hand.d. dream joins big brother king cairo chyna's son with rapper tyga.hynas s dated one of those manic and challenges and the hospital. now she was in labor? she wasn't really inw sh wa lab. that's what the dream team taking partt in the latest social media craze. challenge they shot in the delivery room. cthisiseo features friends, kris jenner, chyna, her mom, and rob all freezing for the shot before nnm, a lcomed the baby girl. congrats to them. born via c-section. you know she wasn't in any pain. that's clever. that's funny. that was good. it is amazing. amaz while you're waiting for a baby
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the last thing on my mind that's do a manic and challenge. hold on baby. good morning to you on this friday morning it is november 11 also veterans day.nieters i'm todd meany. i'm stefani schaefer. thank you for being with us this veterans day this friday morning. more than 48 y hours since donad trump was elected president inr the news still being met withwih mixed reviews. we are live with more on protest and what happened during his first visit with president obama at the white house yesrd white house yesterday cleveland cavaliers were also honored we'll show you what happened during the visit how the team ou h as well with the firstll lady. wih h lae of those challenges as well. today as we've been saying it's veterans day we are honoring local veterans and alsosa lettig you share stories and also great pictures in this morning's download. check in with scott sabol see how the we canwth forecast is i shaping up.s scottha good morning.mor goodn morning everybody. 9:01 storm fox radar winds aree picking up in contact beginning to increasee


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