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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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ig investigator and a daytime shooting caught on camera that assemble its into a school. >> that's only part of the story, as ed gallek is here with what he found . >> the video shows a man one car shooting at another car, shooting across the street from a school, the police do not ha a patrol car to send . attained the security video of an suv cutting through a parking lot, the car chase and it, a man and firing shots, the saw what you see, one man firin
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charter school across the street, chapel side clear of th tuesday afternoon, 3800 block of east 131 in cleveland, there were no kids in the school, records show that a police car did not arrive for 47 minutes, listen to dispatch? there was no report of any injuries, the people in the neighborhood not having it took for a five minutes to police car car, why did it take so long? that part of the story coming u in fived . most of the people here said thatat they were not surprised
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been this issue before of slow police response time the do not have enough people toto handle of the calls. i-team has learned, a court approved a massive payout to th failing of the cleveland girlat shocked and permanently disable by downed power line coin a court hasaspo approved a $60 million settlement in the case of gasia thomas, in 2012 she touched a life paralleled that of fallen2 now she will need round-the-clock care for the rest ofe her life, the family filed a lawsuit against the power coveting, the paper show that cei an first energy agreed to pay $60 million, one third o
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burning pickup truck out with man trapped inside, to painesville police officers are caughtp, accredited for a rescu that was caught on camera. >> may have saved this man's life wednesday is pickup screen into some words aa the back of riverside cemetery. dash-cam video shows the officers running toward the burning p they found the victim unresponsivewatr is that had remained on the gas pedal, they broke the window and pulled the man to safety, moments before flames flared skirt it happened in a remote area so it is working that a witness saw what happened in the officers arrive in time.. >> is glad that we got there in time .. >> do think that you save his
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>> how does that make you feel? >> it's my job,, i would do tha every day if i had to. >> some say that is overlooked what do you say? it's my job, i don't like to think that it is heroic., >> the victim remains hospitalized, his son says that he is still shaken but grateful to those officers, doctors are running tests to determine exactly what medical issueeo ma have caused it. the officers are okay, he did suffer smoke inhalation, hehe said the other officers made him jus to be sure if he was okay andr what a season of the cavaliers and it's paid in an unexpectedly to help the families of officer killed and injured in the line of duty bogoa peggy gallek was
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explain that starring.g an officer shot in the chest working in decemberer, they reached out to help him after h was injured today, he and his friendsn return the favor. richmond heights police sergeant, and his friend, of ma printing in painesville gave $1,000 to police wives of ohio friday. it was raised by selling to hirts and he designed,d, celebrate the cavaliers in the indians winning season.n. he helped him with the project, he suffered a gunshot wound to the chest last yearuf and is st off recovering, he said the organization reached out to hel them at a difficult time.heh and organization had never heard of it not aware of until this happened to meme it was ju touching and heartfelt for mei be, so what i do know, they reached out to help me and to give me support >> we do operate solely on
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will be able to help other officers in the futureis . >> we know that it will happen. >> there is still, t-shirts tha have not been so they will be available for a few more weeks. in the extra shirts will be no need to a local charity.l today is veterans day, and northeast ohioans are honoring those who served with russ herbruck introduces us to a local marine was still dealing withne the effects of w. >> on this veterans day,i] the family of jimmy glynn is grateful he is still alive. he served in iraq suffered a brain injury,fe he was also suffering from ptsd, he says he benefited from operation
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works with military families. >> academy alive, in my family together. if not for this operation homefront, or the wounded warrior projectt, or any of the other groups, and there are so many of them, i will not be her todayma and i don't think that would be married today. >> are going to do a couple of turkeys because we have a coupl of people coming over.c says it has been a struggle to raise her two kids in the same time to help him deal wi healed.thea >> be somewhat thus but he's no always present with us is the hardest thing sometimes that when they come home, though notn who they were before when they left and that sacrifices dealt with daily.a >> there also facing financial hardship, the va has indicated that his disability benefits ar being cut. might present you with a $5,000 gift card for free
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the family is presented with a helping handnd that i >> reran a battle of the va about losingg some raging and that bit of money helps us to offset costs and , we have to least we have that covered. >> this is one of those things that isis kind of feels like someone is watching out for us and sought out theret there aree other people who struggle and it doesn't matter whereho they are ads, it gives hope that there are people out there.s >> jack shea fox 8 news. is giving back, he is studying therapy andnd to use t to help others dealing with ptsd. last night's loss brings the
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start and longtime fans are getting to where they just don' want to watch,, dave nethers talked to some of the biggest fans about how they are feeling and joins userg. >> it is not pharmacies and sessions you have season ticket you have spent a lot of money for tickets that many people literally don't even want,ot t fans are frustrated in the team can help i know it,, of hope and expectations the browns were start in any season is wearing on the fans. have been a season ticket over since 1985, and only misse two games since then it is pretty painful now. >> is present of the southeast tioga browns backers sees enthusiasm waning. are trying to stick it out to keep the group together,r, and have us go, these via doesn't,
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become the guy say that they just can't take it anymore >> she's been a diehard fan since she was a child, i she lives and raise rentable kurt voelkel includes pictures of he with browns players, coaches including coach jackson. >> its very heart wrenching no matter what i color is therefor all the games for her the team seems better than zero and tene. >> we say that it is horrible butut next so far and so much college potential you have to trustra coach jackson and on coaching system. >> in his conference call on friday, coach jackson said that he is also frustrated >> is disappointing none of us want to be in the situation and especially our fansi we don't want that for them and our players but this is where we are, this is our realities we have to fight our way out of itt
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's top of the thing as the indians had a challenging time, the cavaliers at a challenging time but eventually they want, am very confident in the coaching staff that we will hav at this juncture that we will prevail. h >> watching the team lowe's has season-ticket holders literally given their tickets away. why should i keep buying tickets >> i understand, i have a few friendsds you'll never see me jumping ship. >> i am a diehard browns fan. is all about commitment and perseverance. so, how do you fail? we like to hear from you go to fox tell us your degree of optimism or frustration, with the team
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we would like to hear from you at fox >> ik thank you david others from first energy stadium. the second week of the playoffs back of their rentedof for more postseason action and less check in withre p.j. ziegler who is in strongsville for the westlake, olmsted falls game. >> it has a southwest conferenc rival showdown between olmsted falls and the westlake demons.
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about, that's not the case tonightouo, these two teams kno each other very well. you go back ten weeks, these two teams met in the second week of the regular season. it was a good game. it was so close, the westlake demonsns the bulldogs by scorin touchdown in the final two seconds of the game. as westlake one , less like it is worth their bes playoffff run in 32 years after biddingun springfield last wee 48-41 in overtime. olmsted falls, cow's eye tonigh habit of said midview last week 31-28 i came down to the final play. matchup tonight,
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kickoff it 730 who have highligt and the week 11 edition of friday night touchdown. more than 16 million americans served in world war
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the countdown to dick goddard's final forecast is oncoming
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goddardca. now the latest in forecast from melissa myersrs. >> overall the weekend is going to be pretty good, a bit cold tomorrow, but right now, i just took this and see some sunshine. it j break apart the clouds. dry air is breaking up. this says avon lake. folger home. they're getting some sunshine.
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it's the weekend. the full super moon on monday, and then take a look at what is happening next week. we had the high temperature this morning in the 50s. they have beene dropping to the 40s with the north wind gusting at times close to 30 th land will settle down evening and overnight. it is 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. you go to texas, oklahoma, and the southeast there are freeze watch's, and warnings in
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we had some rain showers through midday. the front, as some snowflakes in northern england. tomorrow sunshine it will be upper 40s. and then warming sunday with 50s and upper 50s on monday with more sunshine. next week, we got 50s and 60s0s but no more 40s. were going to be approaching mi
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walter ganous if his kids can spend five days and get along i will be a miracle,sp danny glov and gabrielle union lead this
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arrival in theaters, an alien spaceship touches down, a team led by a language expert investigates. as mankind teeters on the edge of war, they raced to financial before it is, too late it stars amy adams and jeremy renner rated pg-13.lata the earth years after a battle in iraq, brought back home for a victory term, with appearance at the halftime show
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day and don't see theh horror o war and the effects. start alongside vin diesel stev martin and long halftime walk rated r. cerda one of the most historic days in american history. >> matthew scherer sue storey c fox 8 about his service in
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we will see 16 karat in there lots of veggies currently, are getting so more sunshine a few areas got some raindrops workere alike ascribed to be a
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>> since about midnight we have had falling temperatures start the lanzara basically due north gusting close to 30 most of the guests will go away. looking at all the thinning clouds. the skies become mostly clear it will be called tomorrow morning. geary for lots of sunshine.
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lots of sunshine. will only make it to the upper 40s. we continue to honor those who served on this veterans day. as the number veterans dwindles, their storie can help to inspire us, roosevelt leftwich spoke with a westlake man about hiss witnessing history. the 83rd division was made up of men from around the country that mostly from northeast ohio, 20-year-old barbara bell-mack left slavic village in 1942 in in combat fo almost a four-year.
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westlake on it with more than two dozen other veteransayay at the gardens of westlake senior living center in detroit road g during world war ii it, you thought in some of the toughest battles normandy, and the crossing into germany he was wounded, says that his proudest moments came , raising two children and to be grandfather and great-grandfather, says hisstw time in the world was just a part of a much bigger thing, on this veterans dayo in hopes that we remember all thosew we should think more about our veterans, and i forget. is aimed like they're going downhill. different veterans organizations, are getting older. they say he did not talk
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is a past commander of a ghost disabled american veterans, he says, you should just be here when they need them, he said that you should talk to them andm listen from their stories and appreciate what the have done. e says he would like to see, not just veterans day but every day, hired, such of those coming ba from iraq afghanistan cody say they need more help in his generation dead. >> as marcus albright's, the annual veterans day parade was held as hundreds give thanks to those who served as it made its way through downtown streets. you can see the mayor and other officials honored theer veteran in a ceremony at city hall, som other veterans say you're glad
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a day of remembrance, to take care of our brother veterans. makes you feel good to voluntee to do this. to be heard to take care of the enter on of them just makes us feel good.keke they lit up city hall graham today to thank veterans.y veterans affairs says the agency is still s the ring from its scandal, va secretary says that they worked hard to reform an agency rock after a reported pattern o negligence in the treatment of us military veterans in 2014.4.t in an interview today robert mcdonald said that his goal is to continue to change the agenc in an effort to help more of those who have fought for our
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inscription read here lies a soldier known to god, will travel to arlington national cemetary to pay respects at the tail of the unknown soldier.y the military granted photo journalist ali ghanbari unlimited access to the honor guard stands across waterloo to.
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six hours a day, at minimum. lead to the inspection every morning, it is aa representatio of the unknowns of the army and nation.f >> the unknown soldier in arlingtonn, there are three set of unknown remains that are still in on the plaza, world war i kallikrein andt it is the
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ladies and gentlemen, may i hav your attention please, ii am sergeant winbush., >> of the third commander of the relief tomb of the unknown soldier and it is the changing of the guard. is a great honor, to give them the public respect because they gave the ultimate sacrific which no one will ever know
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as of 5:00 p.m., arlington national cemetary is closed to the public and the tomb of them. unknown soldier is a restricted military post, thank youou. we are here 24 hours a day, no matter the weather, we will be walking the unknowns, it is a vigilant guard coat at all times we are aware that we are protecting the dignity and prid of the unknowns and of the monument.a azide is amazing how he showed some out and thenen just noticed send them wider than 21 million veteransn
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time to honor those who served. >> we celebrate our nation's veterans, take time to celebrat some pictures sent in by our fox 8 v. the first isrs sergeant francie mcwhorter of u.s. army say that they are thankful for her service and reminds us that freedom is not >> the next photo does not have a name, that the soldiers of the 101 airborne division are on a helipad waiting for a drop into the jungle in vietnam in 1970.i he served from 1965 through 67 in germany, if you have a photo, you can submit it to fox >> . >> today, on veterans day, restaurants and other establishments across the country are thanking our
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to veterans and members of the military,y, for complete list a go to fox >> . tribune broadcasting is recognizing those in the military with a special 60 minute documentary that puts a name and face to the millions o those who fight for our freedoms,li homeland diaries, america's veterans followss for veterans as they share their struggles after serving, there's
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it was a little on the windows side, looking at quite bit of sunshine that went between 15 and 20 out of the north end gusting up to 30. took a close to 70. look at the swap that takes ove
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here is the front, down to the south, the cool air is working into we did reach the h this morning for good so we wi have bright skies for the weekend. looking at low 30s 20s. tomorrow despite the sunshine will be in the upper 40s. on sunday mid-fifties blue monday mid to upper 50s
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next saturday, the weekend before thanksgiving at that point.. want to pay tribute to three important members of the fox 8 i-team. >> it is a bittersweet day as w bid farewell but also celebrate the careers of jim holloway, herb thomas and russ herbruck, all three are retiring and we losell 117 years of experience. fox 8 chief photographer jim holloway sickened by this morning. he started here in 1981, went t another station then came back, is that much of his career during the one ancient and live
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morning. the first thing he did today wa to turn off his 4:00 a.m. alarm guy named pete miller tommy oliver started to sit never anyone talk to you into this i is a terrible job, you probably one of the best jobs in the world. p >> also retiring, photographer herb thomas going a true institution of fox 8, he starte here in 1969, just before he graduated high school. the works of news and also coproduced wayne dawson's neighborhood specials and has been with me on new day cleveland for the past few year he is one the mostan p recognizable faces tv that says a lot becaus he has been panned the carrier for most of his career, he will be deeply missed. and after 36 years, photographer
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in akron,a went to hollywood for a few years, working with johnn carson and all of the cool california cats that when he came back to cleveland , 36 years ago and we never let him go.. congratulations and good luck t all three of you, you will be
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for proves that age is just a matte of mind. >> they met a year ago and said that it was love at first sight so thehemeo desire to get marri. is 95 and she is 80 >> despite her age, they say that they are happy inin plan t spend many years together they say the success of the relationship is students of florida are
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the event hosted by the. each year their given the task of constructing water shoe to travel across the lake on campus will be discredited to
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is almost there is enough to point.out the air mass virchow let's ease into it. we have high winds, speed between ten and 20 sustained. and gusting close t 30 . at hopkins , the current temperatures have been holding dramatically, just a degree or - two every couple hours, so were down to 46, factor in the land.
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wind chill values in the 30s. we have essentially was a cloudy skies, and a november like atmosphere. >> .much join up on radar until you get the northeast. >> much more significant snowfall in upstate new york, but not here. we will have a quick recovery on sunday burning pickup truck with a man trapped, a pair of painesville police are credited


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