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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 12, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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good evening. for the third night in a row and anti- donald trump protesters are taking to the street since streets in cities across the country. large protests happening in miami atlanta dallas in new york city just to name a few. demonstrators expressing over tuesday's election results. he tweeted this morning that he loves that people have passion for our country and hope to come together keep tonight to local high school students say they face suspension after posting another student students words online to get peekaboo said was an attempt to expose racism one day after the election. melissa reid is here now with
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girl thought they were doing something nice by exposing racist rant on line but it turned out before thought they were wrong and now both girls are suspended to give the day after the day after the election, my friend who is no longer my friend put on a snap story. >> something so racially insensitive that shaker heights junior elena try to screen decided to screen grab it and put it on her own snapshot. >> you can comment on a story appeared. i got a lot of coen can i put it on twitter and twitter and i said sure. >> we are not identifying the student who posted multiple snaps about black people online saying things like quote they are scary violent rude and needy , loud rude and annoying, among others. enter in maya, a shaker heights sophomore, who decided to expose the racist rant on her twitter account. from their social media exploded
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see that this type of racism still exists a spatially and especially in such a place that shaker heights where everyone seems to be liberal and accepting. >> by just one day later both elena and maia were called to the office. both say they were suspended for quote this rep to disruptive behavior. >> basically i i'm at fault because i put a private message on a public forum. >> we reached out to the district for comment and they declined to go on camera but they reads in part the student issue has been resolved with the parties involved. the shaker heights city school district cannot comment further on student issues according to law. elena says she's disappointed the student who posted the comments was not disciplined. she says free speech is one thing, but disrespecting someone's race is a problem. >> i understand that i did put a private message on a public forum and they said with that i opened her up to harassment, but he never intended anyone to be
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i just wanted people to know that saying that stuff is not okay to get elena served her in school punishment today and maia gets her punishment next week peekaboo so many nasty things being things that online in an donald trump admits he will consider keeping parts of obama care, and he describes a concession call he received from hillary clinton. >> he has been a vocal critic of obama care so what has changed here? >> he is not backing off his pledge to repeal and replace obama care, but the wall street journal is reporting that for president obama urged him to take another look at the healthcare law when they met at the white house, and he is now telling 60 minutes are parts of the law he would like to keep. >> when you replace it or you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes because that happens to be one of the strongest assets. also children living with their parents for an extended period,
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and keep that. it adds cost but it is very much something we're going to try and keep. >> they're also making changes to his transition team to make key recommendations for the trump administration in new jersey. governor chris christie is no longer in charge. two of his former aides found he will be in the bridge gate scandal. christie becomes vice chair who is still a on the road but mike pence now is on charge of that transition team talked about the concession call he received from hillary clinton. >> hillary called and it was a lovely call and it was a tough call for her. cover for her than it would've been for me and for me it would've been very difficult. she could not have been nicer. she just said congratulations donald, well done. i said i want to thank you very much. you were a great competitor. >> trump says former president
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and was very gracious as well. he also did not rule out talking to the clintons and president obama for advice at some point. as for obama care he promised to replace it with something better and for better price. tonight he is saying for the first time there are parts of that law that are worth keeping him at the recent rash of crime plaguing beachwood place has people urging people to be aware of their surroundings. here is more on these incidents. format in separate incidents have been violent and have shoppers here on edge. the first happened thursday october 27th. police a teenager was arrested after trying to steal from nordstrom at beachwood place. police say he tried to walk away with more than a thousand dollars worth of clothing. when he tried to get away police say he choked the loss prevention officer at that store. he was arrested and faces numerous charges.
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gunpoint right outside saks fifth avenue. her car was also stolen. police is still looking for are still looking for that suspect. if you have details on that robbery give police a call and be aware of your surroundings as crime do increase around the holidays. exclusive video of wild gunfire on the streets leads to your streets leads to a fox to box eight i team gunshot. gunshots went into a and with all the police had no cars to have no cars to send to respond. formica gunmen leaning out of a car window firing shots at an suv. we we've obtained this exclusive video. broad daylight tuesday not far from east 130 first and harvard in cleveland. the gunfire left loopholes in a school building in the shooting of course led to nine 911 calls, but later witnesses wondered what took so long for police to get here. it took a very long time. >> fired about eight or nine
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and by the time i left, no police were here and now as may with maybe 15 or 20 minutes later. >> receiving multiple calls of several vehicles shooting at one another from inside the vehicle. >> vi team has also obtained police radio recordings. dispatchers put out an alert to all cars in the area but one transmission reveal dispatchers had no cars to send. >> we heard the blog broadcast crystal of no one available to respond to the shots fired. patrol car finally got on scene after 47 minutes. >> we're investigating more than how long it took a patrol car to get here. we even found a delay getting crime scene investigators who to follow up on this. a police report shows no csi unit was available until the next day. >> it is a big problem with that in the community and police response time. >> folks in the neighborhood were not surprised by the gunfire were, they say, by the
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five bullets hit a charter school kids were not there but the teachers were. why did it take so long to get a police car there? we've reached out multiple times to the chief's office but no explanation has come yet. witnesses are amazed. apparently no one heard. >> it entered the school and he was only 10 to feet away from the truck so was he really aiming at the truck with you just trying to shoot just to scare the person and you didn't care where the bullets went. >> called the police response port concerning points out that this will had officers inside and outside when children of their. honoring those who serve our great nation, today today is veterans day in downtown cleveland celebrated with a terrific parade. >> this is a look at the annual parade of is it marched down lakeside avenue. it included members from every
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marching band. ?? >> before the parade, a special event being held inside city hall paying tribute to the nation's veterans. among those in attendance to world war ii vets. this years theme celebrating the 75th anniversary of the united services organization, and a marine corps veteran we talked to says the way america treats itv different from when he served. >> i was from the vietnam era where they didn't treat us very well. we came back, we were spit at and all that and i didn't even want to let people know i was a veteran, but since the vietnam veterans came up and spoke all of our veterans treated a lot better are treated a lot better. it is extremely awesome. >> two today's ceremony also raising awareness of the green greenlight initiative a national campaign to establish more
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lights to the color green. the chill in the air is about to get colder. they've a first look at the first look at the forecast next. see how to local officers sprang into action. brown's rounds one step closer to an early 16 seasons away so why are some fans ready to throw the team a parade? a social media proposal that is gaining traction. a status update that no one likes. why facebook listed many of its users as dead today. my health was pretty dramatic house is pretty dramatic clocks clock spinning backwards. >> he participated in close to 100 experts exorcisms and now he has a target on his back one man's reason for continuing to help those possessed. we are minutes away from friday night touchdown playoff edition. as immediately following foxy muzak 10 fall of northeast ohio
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msn scanning all over the place and it seems like everyone's got a temperature between 38 and 42, even in a lot of your backyard weather stations that are plugged into the network, and the coldest i see is to be five in lisbon just outside of youngstown. these are the official numbers so it stands to reason that if youngstown by an airport is 37
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west 343 in cleveland but 35 in toledo efficiently. gusty winds at hopkins and the lakefront, but they will start to ease up. right now they are out of the north which makes a lot of sense but those winds will come back around the and a bit more gentle from the west west and eventually southwest tomorrow. that will usher in some more normal air or when we get to sunday. tonight a big temperature depth, obviously, compared to 24 hours ago and we will see a temperature spread perhaps says as old as 28 in some of the areas that see this guy's clear out and the wind drop off. closer to 40 right up against the lake. tomorrow a crisp day but chris
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temperatures will recover to normal by sunday which is somewhere in the low to mid fifties. beyond that it's it still looks pretty quiet so we will take advantage of that and take a look at a really cool time lapse and two fascinating pictures, one from the us and one from finland coming up. still to come, lifting up a local military family in need. >> house for this veteran comes at a crucial time. you might next line to sister two sisters facing.
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president obama paid tribute to the nation's veterans that arlington national cemetery today. he laid w the unknowns for the final time as president and he delivered an address in which he referenced the suicide rate of veterans saying the nation has to get them the help they need the help they need and he also talked about the recent elections and the division that has left behind. >> when the election is over as we search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another and with the principles
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best examples are the men and women we salute on veterans day. >> tuesday veterans voted overwhelmingly for donald trump. was busy across the south fighting a number of wildfires burning across floors. a hundred homes have been evacuated 17,000 acres already burning dozens of people and in the northwest georgia mountains also have places on the charring parts of south carolina and tennessee new mexicans at the university of albany are under arrest accused of blindfolding sorority recruits and making them eat mud then dousing them in rotten eggs and milk. one pledge ended up in the hospital after suffering an allergic reaction. the support supported the suspects belong to is not officially recognized from campus. >> we want to did we don't want to discourage students from
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but you need to be safe and hazing is not only dangerous, it's against the law and it is a crime and you can be arrested. >> the students who are under arrest all women between the ages are all women between the ages of 19 and 21. a group of nfl players once the leak to change it dance on marijuana. one current and eight former players asked the leak to lift the ban on path on pot. it wanted allowed marijuana allowed us as a viable pain management study more than half of all retired nfl players used narcotics during their careers and 71 percent ended up abusing those drugs. the browns get a parade. >> see the proposal on facebook that is getting a lot of notice. how many forecasters can say we have a street named in honor. this would will look back on the
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matter how do you think met parties say thanks for men like dick goddard. dick thanks you thinks you done so much not only for us here spirits us here at fox sake spirits foxy the fall of us in northeast ohio and inspired us to do the best to not only no work but also to the best out
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get the countdown to dick goddard's final forecast is on. keep watching all month long as we celebrate the life and career of mr. dick goddard. >> not many people get to have a street named in their honor but then again not everyone is dick goddard. >> as social shows you now, among the number of honors and awards mr. goddard has received over the years, one of them is more visible than all of the others. >> for more than half a century dick goddard has been cleveland's own when it comes to forecasting the weather. twice he has been named the most popular local weather television man in america. >> reigning moderately and hopkins, likely in the city of cleveland. >> his advocacy for animal rights is second to none and over 40 years he has held the largest one-day festival in
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here's a man with he is a man of many accolades to his credit and because he is such a valued asset to the cleveland community, it came as no surprise when in april of 20 (-left-parenthesis 2011 cleveland city council probably renames the street fox eight calls home in his honor. the day was marked by speeches from numerous dignitaries including cleveland mayor frank jackson. >> spent 50 years and still maintains the confidence and trust of the people is most remarkable thing about dick goddard and his 50 years. >> and congressman dennis kucinich of brought with him a message from president obama. >> you witnessed a you've witnessed great milestones in our nations history in the decades decade's end your life represents an important part of the american story begins wasn't all business. former fox saving for tim taylor roasted dick with a story about how he once went to dinner
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his table his companions nudged him and said dick, do you know your tennis shoes are lighting up? >> the festivities were capped off caps off with dick receiving the sign renaming the street in front of fox eight foxy dick goddard way. it was presented by the mayor and councilman jeff johnson. >> dick goddard is a cleveland asset, and we want to a knowledge that you ackwl >> you believe you really went out of your way to do this and i can't thank you enough. >> no, thank you dick for showing us the way. a battle against evil that has turned very personal. he keep my father woke up at the top of the steps and he was in the air and he never touched the step. >> part number two of our look inside an exorcism, one man's
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the face.
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every second counts as a least counter the least and interaction. see how a pair of officers pulled off a daring rescue. help for loca he and his family needed it most. inside today's special surprise. a real chill in the air this weekend. andr? will let you know how low the temperatures will go as we break down the local forecast. local police officers putting their lives on the line to make a daring rescue. a burning pickup truck with a man trapped inside. >> tonight a pair of pain painesville police officers are being credited for their heroic
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wright has that story. >> shattered glass after a brush with death at the back of painesville's riverside cemetery wednesday night. >> businessman he's in a pickup truck and he drove into the woods and in this flick must be on the gas pedal. it looks like he's having a seizure in their. >> cameras rolling as officer jesse tram won his first to arrive on scene. >> i was definitely scared of the worried. jesse trend one >> officers bolted toward the burning vehicle with the man inside. >> he was not responding to anything. when i looked inside i knew something was wrong. trend one smashed the window >> watches the flames to do flare moments later.
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>> him he may very well have saved a life in a remote section of the cemetery that the officers say they were just doing their job. >> i wouldn't consider myself a hero. we did what any officer in this department or any officer across this country would probably do peek it makes me feel good so it's my job though but i would do it every day if i have to. a court has approved a massive payout to the family of a cleveland girl shocked by a downed power line. we've learned the $60 million settlement in the case of 12 location thomas has been approved. in 2012 she touched a live powerline that have fallen and she needs round-the-clock care for the rest of her life. the family filed the suit against power companies. you meant he meant to liberties deliberations begin to brown the case of a former police officer now charged with murder. earlier today the jury said they could not reach a decision that the judge ordered them back to
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have all the information they need to reach a verdict. a woman is under arrest for stealing from a disabled woman for the second time. in 2015 wanda starcher pled guilty and was sentenced to two years of community control. detectives say she was again again withdrawing funds from the same victim's bank account the summer and she is now charged with theft. it is veterans day and northeast ohioans are honoring the brave soldiers and airmen airmen and marines who have served our co distinction today there was a special veterans day veterans day surprise for a decorated marine and his family. >> we would like to present you with a $5,000 gift card for free groceries keep sergeant jimmy glenn and his family were given $5,000 in free groceries donated by mark ek ridge and eskridge and operation homefront. he served two tours of duty in iraq and while in combat suffered a traumatic brain injury.
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suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. he was recently notified that his disability benefits are being cut, and that is why he and his wife are so grateful for today's gift. >> right now we are worrying about with the va about losing the even numbered of money helps we had to eat so at least we have that covered. >> it's just one of those things are kind of feels like somebody's watching all out for us and somebody out there saying that there are good people out there and they're struggling. it doesn't they are struggling. it doesn't really matter where they are at the gives you more gates seem our hope that there is good people out there. >> sergeant glenn says he has benefited from programs offered by operation homefront, a nonprofit organization that helps military families and in honor of our veterans, our parent company tribune broadcasting is recognizing men
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minute documentary that puts a name and face to the millions of military members who have fought for our freedom. old man diaries american veterans follows for baroque veterans as they heroic veterans as they share their struggles post service. that special airs tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. right here on foxy. we are getting into the weekend and finally a lot of people are sleepy because of the cold, tracy. >> it's been a long week. >> just flew cover is right up under the nose. it's going to be a cold one but we are going to re- rehearsed that for one more time on sunday but i want to show you right now a time lapse which almost goes 24 hours. we are going to go back to midnight last night. that was the moon and we will go to sunset tonight. you can see the cold fronts that began to arrive by morning. here comes the cold front.
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11:00 o'clock on the east side and notice there is the noticed there is the sun sets. we are still dealing with some cloud cover but we think we slowly but surely will get rid of that. too neat photos you want to show you right now we want to thank first of all sandy feet sandy d from lakewood for snapping the this and sending it to us at and obviously to look into looking to use with the setting sun have the next one actually comes from finland and it from someone by the name of hannah new and there is his twitter handle peer asked, show can i show's picture? is from germany and he said absolutely. you can see from northern finland and this was just recently a beautiful halo, some dogs and perry helix circles that go out from the fund on. we had that here about a week
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the clouds are beginning to disappearance will slowly move out tonight. 28 to 38 for the overnight temperatures spread and look at the moon. it's almost full at 92 percent. small brilliant sunshine and chris that 48. it's below normal but most of the errors in the northeast. sunday will be a nice day but the overall trend is a in northwest wind so we will see another system combines knock a few degrees off the high it up to 55 sunday, 55 monday, then low fifties mostly cloudy tuesday and wednesday, maybe if you a few spruces been quiet the rest of the week until the next front a week from this weekend. next saturday could be the gateway to something much colder and we will keep an eye on that but we should be fairly quiet. >> that looks great.
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still to come, celebrating failure? >> diehard browns fans pulling for their team to stay perfect and the loss column see why they are calling for a different kind of victory parade. friday night touchdown playoff edition. gearing up for the big choose that's just minutes away. keep it here for high school football highlights from all over northeast ohio coming up at
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[ corvo ] delilah won't go without a fight.w she outfoxed me, and i never saw it coming. but i was corvo before i was the royal protector. i don't know what grand scheme you've got under way, delilah. 4 but i'm coming... to put you in your grave. ? so it begins ?
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>> a big laugh also knew men newman can many points in sports on sports and plans from the ready for another event. >> tickets to celebrate. >> is to celebrate cleveland browns perfect season as a inch closer to a winless recor and reaction from browns fans can give. >> they look like they are on their way so the print parade may be passing after all. last night's loss to the baltimore ravens leads the browns of with an all when 10 record, the worst in franchise history but one man says instead of fans and can upset about it, it is time to celebrate what could be an historic season peaked this season has been the toughest ever for cleveland
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so far the team has lost every single game. >> i will stay a browns fan for the rest of my life. >> browns fan chris mcneil said about one week ago he jokingly thought about celebrating the browns season with the parade if they want to perfect winless oh and 16. we talked to him by skype. >> it's really caught on. people are talking about the idea and one side thoughts that little, little bit of momentum. i started up a facebook page in and a facebook event for its. >> chris has officially filed for a permit from the city. the parade is scheduled for 1:0n a stadium seventh. it goes around the stadium creating a zero and if you look at the map the rest of the roof creates a number 16. >> were kind of changing the dialogue from the browns being as bad as they are to now kind of looking at a positive about
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something historic albeit in a negative light but still doing something historic for our team. >> so what do browns fans think about a perfect season freight? >> i think a little disrespectful to the cavaliers and the monsters and those who worked so hard to work so hard to be victors. >> i can see going to celebrate a losing season do you wish in 100 percent celebrate them losing at this point because they can't get themselves together. >> you might as will be good at something. the brown thing is cavs is winning. >> from a young age this team has been a part of me and it will continue to be so, win or lose. >> chris chris's idea for a parade appears to be catching on as of tonight on the browns perfect season parade facebook page 2400 people say they plan to attend and nearly 5,000 say they are interested in attending >> why not have another part party. >> why not? and he says from now on when he looks of the game when they lose he will have something to look
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factory of sadness. he fights a real-life battle to save souls. >> tonight learn more about the personal toll it is taken on his life and why he continues to face down evil during gearing
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story. it would be disturbing to some. if you thought your job could be hellish at times, you're about to meet a man who spends his days actually battling demons peaked suzanne stratford has. >> suzanne stratford has the in-depth interview revealing what really happens inside an exorcism. >> in the heart of steel city is a man of true metal with a career that makes most people cringe. >> for my health was pretty dramatic my house was pretty dramatic clocks spinning backwards while pounding on the floors all caps of stuff like that. >> adam is demonology and exorcism from the diocese of pittsburgh sharing secrets in an effort to save souls. >> pretty much all of the majors religious systems in the world have seen this problem. >> a spike in malicious manifestations has witnessed in
1:47 am
don't argue with skeptics. i think it's a reasonable position. >> he was one with a masters degree in clinical psychology research and paranormal reports of possible human summations when he realized his calling. >> i was one when i first started. my will my wife and my kids get a pass because it will take revenge on anything close to you that you love. >> a foreboding morning that came to fruition one fateful night. >> my father woke up at the top of the steps and he was in the air. he was thrown hard enough that he never touched the steps and broke his neck. >> fortunately, his dad survived and with newfound faith. >> it was a wake-up call for me. >> as crazy as it all sounds,
1:48 am
"-left-double-quote any career where on-the-job training is most important, and just like everywhere else, there is a lot of interest in the new guy. >> praying with the a man from madrid and immediately the demon spoke spoken english fluently with an american accent and said what are you doing here talking to me and he started yelling at me in english. >> screaming fighting and fighting is all part of the process he sa turned surreal. >> dramatic stuff that's going on and demon stopping everything and turning in thing you're a and sing your little shaky guy say have these moments almost like you're at the water cooler to give up up always with malevolent intent, looking for the weakest link. >> wherever you go they already know you. this your faults and the things that you're most embarrassed about that nobody else knows and
1:49 am
distract what is going on and to rattle the person. >> a spiritual suicide to face them with unrepentant sin. >> i'm seeing a person paralyzed and stop breathing, lose their minds and the institutionalized. >> that's intense. >> it doesn't seem intense. when i am helping a priest at an exorcism, i feel more at peace with my life than i do times. god takes away god takes away the fear. >> no matter who shows up from damned souls to the devil himself. >> he is often not motivated for whatever reason. which unlike the movies can take months or even years. >> we get requests from people from all faiths or atheists, agnostics.
1:50 am
>> the demons often say to us do you believe this one? they'll mock them and call l-letter mock them and call them trash and then they start torturing them. >> must but heavenly support is always nearby says adam as witnessed by the possessed. people of all backgrounds was we see jesus his mother mary as they are finally freed he could be burst into tears of joy and their faces are transfixed and all suffering stop. so i will do this as long as god wants me to do it. >> for more information about what really happens inside of an exorcism head to and click on seen on tv. you can't read believe everything you read on facebook. >> why the state social networking site listed countless users as dead today. could caps on's back
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1:53 am
to facebook readers. >> many of the social media sites users found their facebook page hopes the users loved ones would find comfort in and sing posts of others shared about them. even mark zucker berg's page listed him as deceased. facebook has not commented on the problem but it appears the company may have already fixed the voyage. history made in the nation's capital where the wizards were hosting your
1:54 am
one lebron james sank a three pointer in the first quarter he became youngest player to score 27,000 points in the nba. he broke the mark set by kobe bryant. the cavs led by two at the half then pulled away in the second. they beat the wizards 104 to 95 carrier for leading the team with 29 and lebron having adding 27. browns still winless after an ugly loss to the ravens last night. the team saw before the ball was even stamped and head coach coach you jackson raised some eyebrows and josh mcallen promptly threw a pair of interceptions. talked about that decision earlier. >> at the time it was the right decision decisions made for football team without looking for a spark and i didn't get it so i mean none not going to be perfect and everything i do.
1:55 am
do tm think is best for the football team in the world series is has been over for a little more than a week now and heading to hot having to hot atlanta the 43 -year-old right-hander a one-year deal worth more than 12 million. the they won 15 games last year for the mets and become the all-time winningest pitcher and candor is my analysis heading north of the border three-year $33 million deal with the blue jays. he hit 30 homers for casey a year ago critic of those. it was both edwin and jos? batista friday night touchdown can only mean one thing. there they are doing their mannequin challenge. >> don't blink our newsroom mannequin.
1:56 am
>> are trying to make him laugh. >> he he's like, on ontario. mo curley and schamp. >> they are they are. >> that's pretty good guys. >> very good. they didn't flinch or blank. it's going to be a brisk night overnight lows in the burbs outside the city we will get down to 28. 38 in town " of at slow clearing and that'll leave us in pretty good shape for tomorrow and a crisp 48-degree chris 48-degree high temperature off by about four or 5 degrees from normal. we get that all back going into the day sunday and then we push that up to 55 degrees. a great weekend but my pick is still sunday. i give it a 10 out of 10 or maybe a nine out of 10 for
1:57 am
your time. in 7:00 a.m. the morning show crew will be here in a good night everyone and staging for
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen. right now, on "crime watch daily" from here in new york... ? ? >> chris: her touching all movies paint a picture of a devoted mom. >> by, say i love you. >> but the surveillance video would be the last time anyone saw tricia todd. >> they said, she has been missing. >> chris: who vanished into thin air and straight into the arms of a savage bespeak of this guy went to the extreme to do the most violent thing he could do. >> fingertips, power saws, and a plastic tub filled with acid. >> it was shocking. >> chris: then, in all new "hansen vs. predator" double-header. two grown men talking explicitly with a girl they think is 13.


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