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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the develop late yesterday morning and continues totoat donate mosf northern ohio we are somee a clearing further south as we look further south out one will be coming in s late tonight. a lot of showers with the front
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as been very quiet, in early quietiet as one of the dispatchs told me over that does not mean that things to o if you have a sick day or something this is a good time to
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jude caught up on our top story. present obama patience publicly with donald trump and there's aboutew informationon potential cabinet appointments during a little familiar name has popped up asing popped up ae puts the other his cabinet and john bolton is served as an under secretary of state for four yearsis an everyone's it ie
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he was quickly taken away byen a police they released a statement saying they actively protect first amendment right"ey expres
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statement saying it's been a joseph all parties i he's on the golden retriever in lorraine on friday the two or three -year-old dog has thethe qualities are microchip so is findimpossible track downwn
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see his is a nice dog. his back leg will have to be amputated they've set up a go find make him to help pay for his medical bills if his own a cornerstone i come forward he w be put up for adoption. tragedy strikes was school student hascalleded died while writing the best what officialsth are saying about ths i will tell you about the berger
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not all lot of hair behind that we hai should make it back to te
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will break above 70 on friday here's how this weekendl will work out here's what we are hinting at their work early indications that this wouldir mh colder. focus on the lake effect sunday intoct early on monday as you sy in the 30s.0s. anything that does melt off pretty quick facing multiple tuesday into wednesday of next week's tone to
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and we are almost there the month is flying by alm that youe rolling along at the posted 77 northbound official tree lighting theirhe
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year were also very excited to havery the ice rink back for my families who grew up in clevelandceny we have been witha nice ring for some yearse the cleveland foundation 4:57 a.m. targeting the city'sit eastside weather going after and how they are fooling their we'll have the latest coming up
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