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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  November 16, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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you've got that little tip so you don't have to worry about that but thanks to the cream will see if we can get this thing >> is just coming out now. it is upwards. it was so good i thought if yous make a desert like a pirate is a lot of trouble this is really good. s so let's try this. >> why not have both? >> i think you should. >> @looks and smells really good. the different take on a regular so we've got ten i always like when the crust is it
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are all doing the best. business. you that iss a kid for thanksgivingh was measured per kissing and squirting the whipped cream in your >> and you want to give it a try? there we go. notice thanksgiving. what? what did you say? it is really good with the brown sugar and the other. at the little different defend those in whole foods this morning and square that that was a good deali what do you think? it is nice and sweet, but not
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better then than a pumpkin pie. is there is a nice job with >> i'm going to take out the mediterranean with the maxus place. >> are you supposed to sit and eatt it? >> that is of pork. i think that was really fantastic with a great alternative. >> if you like a sweet red dot that is a great dessert drink >> this will be my sugar. >> you will be excellence in the second halfen hour and your drik cocktails. >> i swear michelle aside from the show i never really get to indulgee in any of the 21 orderd drinks with the city willhe make sure happens for you that is for sure.e you can be the starter next partyca with happy our collections i love having it
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had any inkling of knowledge of who you workli was to your instagram page i fell in love l with that then we had you on the show when you any comeback ever since because you have some of the most creative gift basket ideas, but you also have great ideas. >> it's cocktails and church i have two seen and know how to have a couple of cocktails. >> it is make great for entertaining large group so it is a primary cranberry raindrops moscow mule that makes it a little bit better than just your ordinary moscow muleb so we it will start off by using a local leads to
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will do 2 ounces of vodka.e >> healthy for us. >> you can do want to have if you want to ounces is probably about art. it is actually made with concord grapes so it is a little different has more thanit the regular vodka with flavors. >> he can smell it right away it does not smell like a normal so i smile at you notice the difference. >> this is different than the regular ginger beer because of the concentrate you can put it in your in your fridge you can go ahead and makes it is little or as much asit you like. >> everything smells so good. >> the next thing is the range just s s put won and a half ouns of orange juice and h and you cn
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>> yes we carry it out the story and a half spicy and a medium spacing the hot spicy is my favorite it has a little more heat with that with a little and extra ginger in and so we are putting in an ounce of cranberry juice it has the tartness to it shops to go alert do want to
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a nice cinnamon flavor
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>> december 2 is the perfect there will be cocktails of theirw. >> there will be hors d'oeuvres there will be music, and a couple of participating with giving cocktail apps for everyone. >> ior love it they make great gift baskets as you can see right here. it right here. its all on instagram h i love your instagram page. thank you so much foryns being here, marie. still to come ?-er the new nonsp destination from spirit airlines
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will come back to new day. a lot of that has to do with paul
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through spirit .com. that is three ?- 19. >> that is a nice airplane. >> we love the bright yellow when that burgers in the sky you read it through it there are
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like a roller bag if you want to, we do charge a little extra every airline charges you for
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flies you can connect to fort lauderdale you can't can go see cuba t t akron canton and it isa dream. they were going on and
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is you park in front of the door you walk right in anything in the airport. >> wanted what it wanted us to be never too because it is so easy to navigatee using at least in going there the future of an extra 15 minutes or so words and it's so worth and some of those extraornd >> i've been here for some sort of six months i can't tell you how t many people even sale at hopkins it's a great airportle e love and airports like hopkins but it takes more time in more easym to fly off of akron canto, so i get it. >> you live in florida also. >> yes the last time i was here it was 4 degreesd this time its a little more tolerable, but i'm probably getting out of here'm
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>> when you go home i recommend spirit they have great> deals i recommend it and it's affordable. >> bringing in the holiday cheer with mannheim steamroller taking place saturday december 17 at playhouse square tickets are on sale now by logging on to even better than that when you are ways that. e be color number eight ando when a pair of tickets.n good luck. when you you can go see mannheim
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new day cleveland coming up in sfr a touch touchy subject talking about divorce cases highest and best prepared and the difficulties station. never easy but we've got to talk about it so we are. >> no appointment necessary the quick and easy way to protect you and your family from the dreaded flu.o >> we will go to a place now for
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chocolate. this is the a vast the best grandpas juice bar while i was cruising done i 76 i sawg a sign that said grandpas cheeseburger i said i'm not buying s 71 i'm near norton i jp off the exit right down the street i find grandpas cheeseburgerer and a friend i misty how are you? its it's best of grandpas cheeseburger andts so all the things you like the best to find your. >> all that is selling projects do find nationally find here. >> that is your grandfather. >> right. my grandpa yes. >> when she was in school she was it offff the bus done here n the lane and run up here and
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always worked the store to so that was really good and they were just little planet and they just grew up in the store. her and her brother. >> grandpa told call the started it's pretty good. >> yes it's awesome we were a little my mama .-dott got grandpas open start at the store and i just his interest is grown and grown. >> he wraps to the customers and hasr fun. he loves it to come n to work and some time with people i think that's what really keeps them going you relate to acceptma folks is not you've not been hearing can't believe there are people i got that told me richard ?- my dad? >> yes said 65,000 people drive by the there day. >> uss and about 35,000 appear everyday a exit for team right f of 760 if you are on your way t
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akron there right off the exit. >> leads to the same thing tommy kinds of t jesus you have? >> there we here we have about 1055 and just like grandpas his devotees and summer sausage people of the something. >> they love the. storm stall miles west is the number one selling to supposed locations. youoc can really only candidate grandpas it is a specialty item of hours.s. >> holes ine it. >> neither do that mice and imported she is also? >> yes we have a big selection of imported cheeses of both locationss we try to keep a big variety for cookies and for people who just want to sample i want to make their the cheese curds from montr?al you can find it anywhere you know we can find the littlec cheese curds?
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terrific stuff and ashley over here there she does she made met a convert to a brand-new chilly cheese i've never had before. >> willing to use as a high moisture content it is of utmost although all the way so it's kindt of like eating fondue without needing anything else it is also just no space offed softness mac & cheese. >> it's almost like the part of the pizza you want to off and phlebotomy. exactly. you have honey and everything saw so does said grandpas she that said grandpas she shops plus allgr s of the chocolate. >> yes we have all of our cominf chocolate syrup just like can actually make everything here just like the spirit. >> the spreads seemed to me they keep getting better and better. >> yes we keep coming up withre new recipes all the time depending on what people like r. >> that is her favorite that is
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that is her bread-and-butter she loves the chocolate. >> so you stop over here and the in the side of town akron and canton theiron summit county. >> having him on the highway to pittsburgh or anywhere. >> off of i 76 exit 14 check it out. watch those finds out there the science out there you can't go wrongch o >> thank you. >> the new store is located nearby off of exit 14 if you are looking e for a nice gifts, they have beautiful gift baskets and gift boxes for t the holidays. >> it is never an easy topic you've made it difficult decision to get a divorce. what
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okay is made this decision it is one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lives, but the man kind ofiv forget abt it this is a process what do they do next? >> basically the first thing? this spring an attorney experienced in family law you are comfortable with that it is a long processan that can be vey painful and also a very emotional process find somebody who will guide you through that you know, understand. >> i know people have different legal options and route with what they can take whether they options?e >> in ohio it you can get a divorce primarily in two different ways ways ones a look at a divorce is a lawsuit one party sues the other for the worst. the second alternativeor is what is called dissolution of
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parties agree o in advance befoe they ever get to court the terms of the termination of their marriage. >> so that would be the biggest difference of the two what all comes were all comes with the disillusioning process?s? in terms of that you have to get an agreement up to three major categories first office t the allocation of responsibilities. second is how we divide up the stuff the propertyow and is thee going to be ongoing support postdivorce. those are issues you have to decide in any agree to these in writing and file it with the court with your petition and in in the court will hear the petition and less
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and then start the proceeding. >> you verdict p made up the decision yourself which i think will be betterhe than litigation or someone is coming up for the decision for you. >> i want to decide with the
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like waking up every morning in the middle of a wo last months and months and months. >> i'm guessing you decide which m y should i kill you with probably say dissolution. >> less damage was extensive and also a plan that will specifically work for your family.anll >> it's not like on tv where everythingon looks like it capsn so easy and quickc it's not the same people have to realize that. >> exactly people thinkpl r i'm
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i am rightt and they will decid well, your spouse is thinking the same thing.g. one of euros from the a distance not work like it does on television in the dissolution the other area you need a lawyer for his people think while we've got this agreement we just want you to write it up. it's not that simple it's not just writing it up it is deciding where do the pieces go. your family from the dreaded flu
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>> most of us today people have to pay nothing. so really not
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that as well. planned comparisons for you to see what is the best choice for you.u. in the language and all that medicare stuff is so complicated there is a and b and the people get this and don't
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this medication synchronization where we have your prescriptions run out on p the same time especialy with the winter weather being what it iss coming one time instead of three or four. >> this is something for everybody. if you want to organize your medicine that is the great thing trying to understand the government language ofin t other cap it is
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>> although language and confusion that can help simplify that.e >> and what do you think, natalie? >> i'm not responding to thehi serving in style with polish pottery take a look. >> this is the kind of stone where you just fall in love with pretty luck and an tendency apiece and l you just to have i polish stoneware art. they are heirlooms that can be handed down h generationo generation. that is why these are sought after pieces. the functionality and durability just the practicality it is of oven dishwasher safe up to 425 degrees in the oven it is madeee from white still claimed
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beginning to end 12 days to complete. this is also good for students. over oven students no two pieces are a like. so, a huge pieces individually hand-painted and this is a cereal bowl. a small serving silver serving bowl dates back on as part of our ts approximately 4,000 signature t patterns if they are signed they are considered you can polish they are sent on the bottom by the artistre that up into the particular pattern we have traditional and find the pieces they are exactly made the same just loves brushwork done was
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piece here is one of the most sought-after signature pattern it is also signed on the bottom this isso also one of the beautiful signature pieces consider the wedding bowl they can taken great wedding gifts. another hand-painted every flower in here roadster a great sharing pattern any of these pieces if you put a hand mixer and one of the nice things on this table the pancake lady or cheese plate lady goes
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of like the polish grandma to parts throughputs pancakes underneath that to give that out. it's like christmas every time a container comes. you can't wait to see the pattern on the pc picked out on the watere and three months later actually see it made with the discounted areass they make great quality it gives.i more coming up after
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a typical question make it on a regular basis my dad startedd this woman was 14 years old. i remember the middle of theig three, not time my daughter was taken plumbing phone calls from outside ofin on the side of the bed where the phone wasd on the side of the pillow he wake it up and that mr. ritter truck and had to customers housest to fix their issues and we only hadx a couple of employees and three trucks on the road todayc we hae over 75 vehicles over 125 employees, and we are going we're going strong everyday.go >> you obviously fell in love
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you think you can attribute to all your success? >> i have to say the commitment to the customer is so important to us, and they are employees. there is no company without the employees are employees mean everything to meme and a very tough jobs. they do it all. it is not about me. a services mr. bruder office? >> we do it all. >> it to the nitty-gritty. garbage disposal hot watertt tak leaky faucet on toiletk sewage coming up anywhere in any direction but it is too. definitely. any plumbing issue at allef we will call. there is no job too small. no job too
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a small garbage disposal making too much noise and it is bothering here you want to replace itn so that is mr. rootr plumbing the other company is mr. electricom keep putting roor and everything it is just that is just a fun game. >> mr. electric is al electrical services and a lot of people don't know what that if you need a chandelier hung, you will would call an electric company, straw electric you would do that. if you need a panel upgrade or surge protection to protect computers for storm damage and storm protection we would do that.
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rated in the bbb we are highly rated on angie's list people that have been with us for many many written i probaby
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expert. things on this show $29 for plumbing job you heard it right here the most part they are hiring. coming up today on tomorrow's show story and entertaining
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then on friday it is a little taste ofe the holidays in one of our favorite hometowns. we are going we're going to a bakery it is perfect for thanksgiving. plus we're finding the reindeer and huge bargains on christmas cards
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dr. oz: can your chiropractor kill you? in an odds exclusive, that tragic twist blamed for a model's death. now her family is speaking out. could it happen to you? we investigate. plus, what could be worse than heroin. see the new synthetic drug taking over the streets and a is someone you love at risk? coming up next. dr. oz: it was the headline that shocked the world. a 34-year-old model dies from a stroke occurring from chiropractic neck ma anymore lation, including one performed the day she was rushed to the e.r. today, we ask could this happen to you? and for the first time the


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