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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> those temperatures are stay in the city probably not going up a whole lot here. one extreme to the other.. a one of the warmest days since record keeping began this late in the year from 74 into a little estimate. it is never happened us for this early in the season it is happened a bunch of times in the month of art march but never in novemberha it is been a long time coming as it look at these temperatures widespread middle and upper 20s. further south spots in i upstate new york there picked up 3 feet of snow in the last day and a half. 3 feet. a lot of a snow, and it is still snowing up
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10 degrees below normal and then we will have a look at that coming up. traffic time with patty. >> thank you so much we do have a couple of accidents to watch out for as we head over to the inside a lot of the semitruck volume is 93rd in part broadway. we had gone to the summit county where there are a andle of problems in t this is in springfield township a car hit a pole.e. ty are poles and wires from police are asking you to avoid the area as it is now rather congested because of the accident. clean up on westbound grand to 77 causing delays. wayne, christie, stephanie, over to use you. >> we want to get you caught up on this story the grand jury has
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occurred in the course of the last year. we are live at the justice center with more on who will be joining today. >> this is definitely something we>> have talked about a lot ths past summer even this past yeart especially on his early morning hours. talking about smash and grab their up and so many of themut and unfortunately some of these alleged clerks are now behind bars fiveus taking part in a series of smash and grabab expected to face a t judge around 830 this morning. gas stations, convenience stores with an 8:00 a.m. they are also
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be used in that time in removing the passenger seat so the vehicle could be used then in the past. there from so many detectives are saying they are continuing to investigate themga throughout the area and more arrest could be coming soon we will keep you updated here. >> another headlines a very busy weekend for president-elect.s they met with them handful o down the latest information on our president president-elect. >> alln we can impact in new jersey. among those new jersey governor chris christie who was removed from trumps head trump transition team. rudy giuliana
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trump is already made a few selections. kansas representative mike pompeo is the next cia director alabama senatorr both need senate confirmation. retired army lieutenant general for his top adviser on security back to romney it seems absurd to many that hean was joined disputing during the campaign years with the the former governor had to say about that.wi >> make sure you're taking your otherr with a thorough an in-depth discussion with the time we had. >> and other trump another truck transition it news milani at
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right away they will stay near control is the end of the school yearne the invitation is expectd after the the years there this is their best weapon t is late scottish mother it was a big fan of the queen. foxing is keeping tabs on developing stories all morning long. here's a look at what todd asked to say.. >> pope francis gives catholic priest the power to forgive a portion>> g we put an and put tm into an innocent life in the same way i can and however must say there is no send us mercy cannot reach and wipe awayy hoping to be reconciled with the father. >> before the second only seek forgiveness for abortions from
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been extended out into any anytime after thatha back to yo. >> ra. we talk about your cleveland t browns right now. still looking for the first victory of the season following yet another loss against the pittsburgh steelers we take you to the highlights are a low lights or low lights or whatever it want to call themm at the end of the first half with a pair of another quarterback.ce he camen after they it lasts. it left. a scoring drive connecteder just under ten minutes left under the fourth with a touchdown but with about 330 to go typical browns fashion the steelers took the ballyy and they ended up scoring filling this one final score 24 ?- nine lebron the browns in case you are countingin zero and 11.
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offense i don't think we did itd all. we've got to get better. i take responsibility for that. we've gotpo to make more plays, andys do a better job to find a way to square. >> we have to help our defense out and squirt mark. >> we lost a couple of really good playerss but that was our strategy in the off-season that as well we decided to do, and you have two light in lying in the bed you made. >> you can see that came right here on fox eight. kickoff is at 1:00 o'clock. >> seven minutes after 8:00 o'clock is your time still ahead ?-dash protests turn ugly in northy dakota. >> police say what they were forced towe do when the riots or the controversial pipelines rolled over last night. >> plus,ip are you heading out n black friday? any specific
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in. >> all that lake effectt snow in upstate new york was to have a strong northwest wind. a couple of flurries. temperatures staying steady in the lower 30s that leaves the afternoon. a look ahead at the upcoming weekend just a few minutes. >> as you can see they are putting the finishing touches on her a does the whole thing my buyers often a like five minutes 600 ornaments when we come back, we will takemi a look at that and give you some ideas for
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good morning, everybody. that isng the front yard. the
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the national champion and he is is working on creatingal our own dick goddard. but that was like a half hour ago and here we are thank you, aaron for coming in and doing with us as we celebrate his careers looking back at his first broadcast is may 119614 days before our very first us when he was on air they have not been in space it that is a long career. >> so far, our temperatures are colder. we have gone from one extreme to the other record high to snow in under 48 hours. you think it is kind of a big drop year denver went through 62 degrees drop in a couple of hours to resolve flurries here
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of canton. for the most part, it is just blustery with wind chills between 15 and 20 staying there all day long. look at the snow in upstate new york. . 3 feet of snow already on the ground. blizzard like conditions in upstate new york we will not see any of that here justne n strong northwest winds starting to dry out with highs in thes low to middle 30s tonight, mostly clear was into the 20s comingig tomorrow werr start to see more relative wath should approach 50 on thanksgiving day right now it is rain not snow with the next front coming in it does not look like much now but we will start to see a system developing over central colorado that will raisr to near the next 48 hours. as we look ahead the future radar brings in that rain sometime after eight or 9:00 o'clock wednesday heret is the rain most of the snow stays clear of us as
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the next system. the bulk of significant snow falls days away from northern ohio the rest of the week. that is a good thingg as he look with daytime high is starting to climb upper 40s wednesday on thanksgiving day is pretty much where we will stay through the upcoming week. fox eight news is your official school closing station. >> thank you so much. it is 8:13 a.m. making headlines this monday morning investigators want tos know if the shootings four police officers and three students could be connected. one left a veteran officer dead we have the latest this morning. >> most families will be celebrating the holidays we will be bearing one of our on. >> san antonio police's briefing the press after what authorities call a targeted deadly shooting ofutd an officer sunday. >> everyone's worst nightmare you never want to see anything like this happens. >> police say the 50 -year-old
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patrol car outside police headquarters wherear he returned to read a ticket r for a drivere pulled over on another driver pulled up the approached his window and then shot him in the head reach to the window and shot a second time them for the scene and what police believe wasev a black sedan in st. louis another officer shot sunday and what officers or call the targeted catch ambushed one of police vehiclesch had a purple p next to it. >> he was not involved in a traffic stop or polo >> he was shot twice in the head expected to survive police say the suspectec was later killed after k again shooting at offics officer in missouri and officer shot near gladstone kansas city the governor asking for prayers for that officer in florida another shooting hospital officer hospitalized after.
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temporary taxes overly a differentar axes five for an escalator overnight deputies fired tear gases and river canys into the color four. police say they use the water to put out fires the protesters were setting. t protesters of been trying to stop construction saying that will hurt the ct thisment and destroy historic say. >> the rescued six people on a sinking boat in massachusetts they released the footage of what happened 5 miles off the coast of new bedford yesterday one personed on the bow call for help on the radio the crew was able to lift all six to safety and no one was seriously hurt. >> we will check in with todd now. we arek getting plugged in on this >> let's talk a little black friday shopping. walmart is now moving their cyber monday two black friday both will start on the same day. hopefully you can at least take advantage of one of those what is the plan were
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be easy for me i don't think there will be a lot of people at the harley-davidsont store tryig to climb over that person in front of them tried to get a bicycle. >> we will be out at 6:00 a.m. with both daughters and granddaughters. >> my wife does not need a special day to shop. black friday is every day for her. >> was at how? >> anyway. >> retailer should have to pay overtime on black friday which retailers pay their employees extra came in. >> good morning, fox eight. this is debbieie. i just wanted to say that i i have already got my christmas shopping done, and yesterday i wrote out my christmas cards, so i tried to beat the crowd every year. so far, so good. >> all of a sudden all of these
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is the is the public being misled?? if the sale 1 of those in the company would not make anything. >> interesting there's so much on salee how do the companies make any money. h this is on is on sale does that mean and they want at least make an apartment some things the door busters theyget you in the doorr may be they are still making money. >> and then other than picking up with a gift certificates i am donene good for you. i am not. >> here is how you get a hold of us what do you do forow black friday to go in line or on line the voicemail lines are and, thank you.
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tested many of usu are to the internet and it is prettye sobering. >> coming up ?- making more headlines find out what he did over the f weekend that has thousands of his fans demanding refunds. we are back right
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[music playing] welcome back. look how good that looks. check out olympic ice carver aaron costic in his element in our front yard getting close to finishing his dick goddard masterpiece.cost int ya i will run outside and catch up with him in a little bit but doesn'tb that look amazing? sensational.
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it will stick around mother nature cooperating burkle friday would have been an issue. 70 something friday. incredible. check in with scott. good morning mister beard. it has its own zip code now. facebook page instagram. does it have its own microphonee what is wrong we can't hear you. sunshine with some breaks in the overcast a strong northwest wheh alle day long today. that will start today die down tonight burkle middle 20s to partially clear outgh and starto see temperatures climbing close to 40 tomorrow. wednesday and thanksgiving weksv getg a little push of relative warmth here.rmth this tomorrow most of h the snow should be gone and start to increase the southwest went bringing temperatures close to
8:31 am
on thursday. look ahead to the next front coming in this is rain not know. showers is by probably late wednesday night into earlyt into thanksgiving day.anksg then wei start to look ahead one more cold front coming in late t fridaye night is pretty weak mot of the snow stays north of northern ohio. eventually some light snow will develop friday night into early saturday. so look ahead to the eight day forecast temperatures staying pretty near average which is middle and upper 40s. tempe go wednesday night into thursday may be a touch of light snow friday and tomorroww goddard last forecast join usgd at 6:00 p.m. fox8 news is your official school closing station we'll send it back to you guys. all right scott thank you so much. in the headlines today. five people suspected of taking part in a series of smash and grab robberies across northeast ohio are expected to face a judge this morning.ted tgrarotef the indictment is teaching us a lot about this crime. jessica dill is live at thedill justice center with more on is today's court appearance. jess?ay'sou
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's death kristi and wayne good morning. good morning everybody. it seems pretty basic thieves gos ptt their vehicles into theo while in stealing the atm.teal but the indictment shows us it's b little more planned out.i t t a lot of the vehicles are stolen and taking the passenger seat outp of the vehicles in order tr make room fore the atm if they throw it inside the car. it's a crime we have heard a lot about over the past year.we ye. the crooks scout out nonbank businesses at front such as gas stations, convenience stores and pharmacies.suchs gions, then in the early morning hours they ram the vehicle into it, jarring it from its anchoreddthr down position during the hit then attempt to steal it.wn posi well five people are now accused of taking part in this horrible trend and will face a judge this morning.g. their indictment states the thefts began in july 2015 and continued through november 2016. these suspects have been indicted on numerous countssthet rough
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of corrupt activity. a cuyahoga grand jury recently indicted them. ivit we have a fox eight crew insidee the justice center right now we'll keep you updated here andr at just think you. other news this morning.f president elect donald trumpld u filling his cabinet and holdinge meetings all weekend at histnd h private golf club in new jersey. his primary goal, filling his national security team.s pra a big job. stacey frey joins us with the very latest. good morning. a very busy weekend for thehe president elect and his national security team.m.busy wekek not only did he interview 20 high profile candidates in two days, he also took some time out to tweet. more on that in a minute. prilwt the president elect already has begun filling key administratioe positions picking alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general and kansas representative mike pompeo toey head the cia. the retired general michael flynn was also picked for national security adviser. odd as it may seem, mitt romney
8:34 am
become the nation's next secretary of state. and retired marine corps general james mad dog mattis is a possible pick for defense secretary. mattis is a seasoned combat commander who is held in high regard throughout the ranks of marine ceralessiblsecraris a attending an economic summit in peru president obama working to reassure world leaders that existing relationships will transcend party politics.. re obamm i can't guarantee that the presi some of the positions that he's taken but what i can guarantee is that reality will force him to adjust. the latest twitter feud involving president elect trump is over vice president elect visit to the far right show hamilton.n. the cast also called on him to work on behalf of all americanso
8:35 am
harassed pence, called them rudw and said they should immediatelt apologize. the vice president elect said he wasn't offended and that that's what freedom sounds like. everybody has their right to voice their opinion. stacey frey reporting an updatee from for the newsroom. thank you very much.h.f former glenville star and current carolina panthers former a ted ginn junior will be back in cleveland today, to giveaway turkeys. he will deliver many of them to people living in the community,, y, to while ginn academy students will also give them away at the school, starting at 6:30 lsm away caem giving back. b so nice. in other headlines today.c city leaders in independence cill unveil new street signss today honoring your championship cavaliers. a section of brecksville road ring y outside the cleveland clinic courts where the cavs practice will become cavaliers way at 2:30 today.outidclinics wher the mayor will also present a key to the city, to cavs general manager david griffin and others, to honor the 2016 nba
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every time i see the video it makes you happy. it does. got to relive it every day.d 8:35 your time right now. coming up a warning before you set out the appetizers thisis co thanksgiving. that's right. we have the details on the armistice issued. you're not going to want to miss it. plus before you hit the stores on black friday we're sorting out the best deals out there. find out which stores are offering up the deepest not gos e stsn blinggstd kenny crumpton good morning.rnin good morning kristi capel. just to get this bigig tree into the town i missed a piece of of what they had to cut off to get it in the door. you can see putting the finishing touches on the tree when we come back we'll light it up it will be a lot up on. on.
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rld where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first.
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all right. good morning you guys. all right.t. okay. we are at the botanical gardenrd and we are showing you guys the christmas tree they've been working all day all night on and we just finisheddw everything right . yes we okay so all right we can get a
8:41 am
whole thing.thin. it's great. tell us about the top your head to commission an artist to fix that. local artists and woodworker that thatw together.her. i just brought him my simple design and he constructed it fou me. on a piece of paper.. excellent. what we're going to do now staff our fingers and they were going to turn the lights on. let me say this is the magic finger right here. not okay. hold it. okay. snap.p.oo and your finger is broken. that it is. i here we go. a little cold. awesome. okay. is what people are going to see. inis wh peo incredible concolorr northeast ohio chief i made we w take these trees about three years in advance. a keep their eyes on them and it's from an beautiful field of tres that look this tall believe it or not in over 20 feet tall andl 15 feet wide.
8:42 am
we have brought into theght botanical garden. isn't it it's a gorgeous tree they last a long time inside and they have to last at least of the glow show which is how many weeks. and from this friday until december 31. the whole month of december. come d in and take a look and tk your picture of your family and yo for yourhis tree card for the year.f you said during this period this tree will soak up gallons andll the countries will soak up literally gallonsntries of wate. we really have to keep an eye on them especially when they're newly cut. when we first get them and we cut them again and w we had to t several feet off of this tree to get through the front door and n off because it's very heavy tree we know that it's 23 years old.. we counted the rings and it's like over 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide.. we open the day after thanksgiving until december 31
8:43 am
be guarded .org to get. information and areor hours we hope to see you here. i love it. congratulations to you and youro team for such a beautiful tree. thank you so much so nice to contribute one of my favorite shows of the entire year. definitely. 600 ornaments. 600 ornaments not including the the soil it is a blast. awesome. ic contohe eing the thank you to be a guy for not fr killing my photographer as he beautiful.p a we are going to go back to you kristi in the studioheud congratulations come check this out a beautiful tree. back to you guys. kenny thank you so much absolutely sensational. speaking of sensational yuch wee going to go outside to the front yard as we take a look at the beautifulsifr ice sculpture of goddard in we join kristi. it's called out here. i what time did you start on this area and?
8:44 am
the studio but i think weo bu started herei th at 6:30. so amazing. i'm calling you a close friend of fox8 news you're on the ot payroll around here. h sounds great i'll be looking for a check.l a lot of things with us i want to show a couple of pictures.s you made this i would advise.dvs when we came back down this awn couple of times made a whole desk out of eyes broadcast the showb it was really fun. you also did the cavaliers with lebron james. so intricate it amazes me. it is interesting we started with w lebron started with aed 600-poundw block of ice and then you just take away everything that is at the carving. i did my c how long would it take you to do something like lebron james or goddard? a couple of hours from the start to finish design work takes a lot of time.ot of it happens back in the studio but bac in when we get here taka
8:45 am
explain what you're doing withni goddard.rd. got to fix a couple of spots. are you serious it looks perfect.. putting the last couple of strands of hair on there.g th a few areas that need a little bit of detailing. you can seele how we do this bua nice pointy little bit here. and it cuts this real nicely. i want to know how this all began. solid piece of ice. it would take you how long to finish this? usually a couple of hours.ple o pieces frozen together for thisr top part we use two blocks and each one takes three or six days to make depending on the time of the year.o you are also part of our wedding shower mother the wedding of the castle. whenever you guys leave the property i'm going to.guys goddard is excited about this you exced put 56 years on the bm many. been told recently maybe 56 wasn't the right number.
8:46 am
had to be right. you have help greg he came toto hear and help me this morning that some of the work on the ot carving is all. we are going to give this to him tomorrowgi. for his last day. it will stay pretty solid as you can imagine. we're inr sol a hurricane a wind tunnel here. the winds doesn't help not going to guarantee that if you coveruo itv while the sun is on it keep the r look really good. if you don't they'll get in there ande it will change it not going to look the same as it i does right now. what is next for you mr. olympic i'm heading to a big competition and new york one giant block of icedg and then six little blocks like these l and three days ande get to compete competing witht young lady from croatia now she
8:47 am
title we learned last year d do our best to win again this year. that will be awesome. where do you come up with youryr ideas? have you come across something that you thought? i can do this but i'll try? c sometimes when you said i want you to draw nicko i said i don't know i wanted to turn out righ don'tri get the right referencer materials hard to make a good sculpture.culpur is this your best mr. goddard? good answer is yes. carved. looks great. we thank you so much for being n with us this morning. you did great i know you will appreciate it. congratulations 55 or 56 congratulations. his final forecasted tomorrow don't want to f miss that plenty more surprises coming up tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. thanks erin.
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over it. good morning everybody the eight day forecast and you can plainly seee id these temperatures are g up today low mid 30s windy a 30 few flurries nothing significanw on radar at this point. not running into any major issues mid- 20s and i. i quieter day tomorrow mostly sunny. highs around 40 upper 40s wednesday and thursday. 40 rain developing late wednesday evening to wednesday in a. windy but not as wendy as the front goes through thursday afternoon. thursday afternoon looking drier. no chance of snow until friday o week front couplk snow showers along that front but the way this is going noto anticipating any majorr temperature drops over the weekend highs generally middle and upper 40s and lows in theth lower and middle 50s.a sendn m it back to you guys. all right. thank you so much. gus. a heads up this morning for
8:51 am
make sure it's not this kind.nd. sabra has issued a voluntarily recall of some of its hummus an spreads, because of possible listeria contamination. consumers are urged to throw out any product with a best before date through january 23, 2017 on the lid.e thou listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children or elderly people.g cldr it looks like when it comes to daily essentials, the internetwh is right up there with oxygen and water for a lot of people. in a new survey by ipass 40 percent of respondents said wi-fi is more important than chocolate or alcohol. three fourths of respondentss vey byert thth said the internet has improved their quality of life. and the same amount said phone data is more important than minutes, when choosing a contract.ta imorent tha okay. good news for those who can't
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some iphone 6s devices. may unexpectedly shut down due to issues with the battery. it happened to me.e. really? yes. keep reading. the affected phones were made between september and october last year.ctnes we owners of affected devices can go to an apple store to checkk the serial number of their the device to confirm it's part ofma the malfunctioning batch andg bh then get a new battery. you know what i have when you go to one of those offbrand likehey the doctor kind of things and they do something to your iphont then it's like it's been compromised. there you'een geniuses can do anything. if they want to. they hold that against you. yu they do. good morning talk about black fridayaou friday shopping may ba new phone is inr your my daughter wants one. o.
8:53 am
people talking about different aspects of black friday shopping interesting that we fund the best discounts for black friday. while it helps those macy's has the best discounts att 63.4 percent. pretty good. some of those door busters goess on to say jcpenney harbor freight gourd moves cold 58 plan 1 percent fred meyer 49 points out of.ey 's ears bottom with still a prettyi good listth for the top. the best discounts for blackntsb percentage that while it hubt did. that's good a lot of door busters. shannon's on the ball today.he shannon. shannon. ba after years in retail i'm never going to go to dot friday people are rude treat retail workerset it's a bad day. i can understand that. i'll be on amazon prime mostly was a year i take my granddaughter to do herr
8:54 am
not necessarily black friday. i was going to shop ne online ss more ever your websites don'tbs crash. never want to go without your internet.itsnn we had thanksgiving saturday.y. i've never done black friday fid before a very tiny don't want to get trampled. that would be my luck so i stay home and take out all day. submit o this as i hate the cros i'll do cyber monday. we've been mentioning. one good thing when you get ofg the afternoon nobody's at the shopping done. walmart is doing cyber black friday. both at the same time. may a lot of those that you can door busterss you can do online some of the stores. it's a good option if you don't want to fight the crowds of people we've been hearingng it's the experience. don't be rude. rd standing in line hate that. camping out.e makes you much closer to being done.e. love to have my
8:55 am
friday. we haven't even started. back to you guys. thank you. appreciate it. still to come fox8 news in the morningyit kanye west losing soe fans of and we can. wetland rapper did and said ove the weekend that angered a lot of his fans.nd s holiday break for thanksgiving but we'll be back next week with a new poll featuring three greg northeastth ohio schools in thee meantime you can nominate your favorite schools just head overd to and we will be right
8:56 am
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[music playing]
8:58 am
welcome back. sting performed at the ama last night after winning the award. the show is hosted five model gigi hadid and funnyman jay pharoah.. haroah. the big winners of the night zayn won the award for new artist of the year his firstt aynn award as a solo artist. but the biggest award the artist of the year went to ariana grande.. did you catch it? i did not. did you record i did not. did you know it was on? i did not. behringer highlights. anyway. did you watch it? no sir i was withnyw getting my beautyrest. kanye west cancels a show afterh sparking controversy with some rants on stage at his last show. last night the rapper's saintowe pablo tour show at the forum in los angeles was canceled, just hours before the show was set to start.lo tourles t the 39 year old's decision to bow out came one day after west stopped his show in sacramentooy after only performing two songsa
8:59 am
upset. ue lashed out at jay-z andnd beyonce for not calling him and i don't know what that is about. then left the stage upsetting fans. knoatut he admitted he didn't vote but d if he had he would have votedt o for trump. okay. he wrote his name in. voting for me kanye west. all right. rocker vince neil says he's no longer playing at donald trump's january nc's gui the longtime m?tley crue front man said he was asked to perfm election. said he wd to pe but he told tmz over the weekend that his band has since beenhas uninvited.n no word yet on why. the singer is set to appear in next season's celebrity apprentice.singer iappeain trump still host that thing? celebrity apprentice. i thought schwarzenegger was hosting that. i don't watch it. sr some other network i've never nv heard of.
9:00 am
it is what it is. he still owns it. another good question.ti okay. you guys do that. you guys got a conversation.rsa good morning to you monday november 21. don't know what they're doing over there. i'm todd meany.ememdot hi everyone i'm n still discussing all of that right now. police have charged some suspects the latest on the lash of the smash and grabs that we feel like for a while we were doing a story every single day. the very latest on what's happening northeast ohio. the right people and now it's over with. vice president-elect opens up about being called out by the


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