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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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following developing news after a local teenagerlo goes missing, and his body has been found, the latest on what the plays are same happened and he was found. >> smash and grabs , across northeast ohio today suspects facing the judge in her what >> apublic square opened ed's ice-skating rink just hours ago one also what else is happening today to get ready for the holidays. look at the thanksgiving and weekend forecast coming up, fox
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the 16-year-old boy who had been missing for more than an week has been found thatad. jessica dill has more on the the tigation and what family of exam for mullins says. the family, is devastated 16-year-old alexander mullins lassie going to school on november 9 they have been searching since then for him ngng unfortunately they were just given the worst news , yesterday afternoon his body wa found in a a vacant home on eas 54th street and gunshots to his left chest area , he attended washington park environmental studies high school, the school
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counselors today who are available to help any students or faculty having a hard time with the newslac. >> this is it early in the investigation, the place had no yet said that this was a homicide, and the family says if someone is responsible they wan answers.. three people indicted in atm smash and grabs across cuyahoga county over the past 16 months faced a judge this morning. they were all arrayed on a number of charges, being held o $500,000 bond each, are the three men, along with two other who have yet to be arraignedcovert accused ofof targeting gas stations, convenience stores and pharmacies throughout the area also accused of stealing vehicles that were used in the crimes. a
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the place youngstown said that roads closed during a major accident sunday are back open, they shut down the road white mahoning county ands afte several accidents he had to remove a 40 car pile up on stat route one, parts of eye 680, medicine and kim ronaldo were shut down the hill also has bee cleared. >> willl it is called out there but we d have some good news, this is a s look from the roof-cam. plans are still pretty strong
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there is some lake driven cloud cover down one doe not see much to see the brakes. inaugural in the low 30s0s down to ravenna, and massillon. which is the outsiders were going to get today with they had about 3 feet in some locations. and we will not see that,ot as we will have increas temperatures today . the clouds are pretty thick to the east africa today we will b in the
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matt zone takes our role as presiden of the national league of citie he was elected to the position after the big cement in pittsburgh they represent 19,00 communities to deal with issues affecting cities he is the secondo cleveland road to serve as the president, george voinovich the first back in abound still up for their first win of the season of the pittsburgh steelers look to tak control of the divisionon pittsburgh scored on a short touchdown run to end the first half after two defensive ow gave the steelers a pair of extra place, browns win quebec cody kessler to a
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josh mccown led a scoring drive connection with gary barnidge with just under ten minutes lef to closed within a touchdown, but at about three minutes 30 seconds left, pittsburgh strip josh account of the ball, and they o had a touchdown in the endzone, winningad 24-nine, the steelers aret now five and five tied with baltimore, the browns are now at zero and. >> i think do not play well on offense we have to get better and i take responsibility for that,tt we had to make more plays and to do a better job to find way to score. m we have to help our defense to score more points . >> lost a couple of really good players, think the best of thei possessions, but that was our strategy in the off-season, that's what we decided to do an you've got to lie in the bed
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>> browns will host the seven and three new york giants on sunday, you can see it here on fox 8 at 1:00 o'clock.ann in downtown cleveland the public square i skating rink opened up at 10:00 a.m. today, those who want to go ice skatin the prices $10 and scooting rental skates and $7 if you hav your own, it will be opened the entire winter season, me-time crews were also set up the christmas tree today ahead of saturday's winterfest
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president-elect donald trump is hosting interviews, the positions he is looking to fill
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a busy weekend for donald trump, transition team, is to meet wit a handful of top prospects to theee capital positions, a broadway show is stealing some of the spotlight, jason carroll has the latest from washington. donald trump, interviewing potential cabinet picks, but not yet made a decision on who wil be the secretary of state. media buzz a top adversary, 201
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mitt romney. about possibly joining his administration.. >> it was not only cordial, but it was also very substantive. is under active serious consideration to serve as secretary of state. >> they were quickly spine during the trump campaign. a steady stream of possible cabinet picks in front of the cameras throughout the weekend includingibs wireless like giuliani, trump repeatedly praising retired rain corridor james madison the leading candidate for secretary of defense.e he has the real deal, he is he widely respected as could be the former ranking general to be defense secretary and nearly 70 years , trump also considering billionaire investor
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the tie that he pledged to the point.throughout his campaignn, a businessman with a history of resurrecting dying companies who has billions. in the middle of assuming his new keys chris heisey the cast of hamilton at the end of the performance. trump's is at mike pence was harassed and that the cass was rude and that they should apologize for their turbo behavior.
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onto some big headlines pope francis gave the path of police the power to forgive abortion says that it puts an end soon as it lies within the same way, i can in m statel that there is no sin that way when it is find the repentant heart looking to reconcile with the father, for this catholics could only seek forgiveness for abortion from bishops. the tense standoff over the dakota access pipeline in north dakota escalated as having fire tear gas and water cannons into a crowd of 400 using them to put out fires, andp was one person
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pipeline to say that it will hurt the environment and destro historic sites.ur workers at o'hare chicago decideded to go on strike next week 400 workers voted for a strike on thursday the place mainly work for private contractors including baggage handlers and janitors they're asking for human rights and $15 an hour. >> union says that they don't expect to shut down the airport but will create a disruption. last night, american music awards featured some great moments.
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tempered by the norms of the lake of the lake with water temperature in the '50s on friday we broke the recordrdak , 74 and within $40 we started the sea snowfall saturday night and then fell to 32, yesterday was the first time hopkins that we felt to freezing and over 220 days as the second-longest streak ever.22 more clearly further west fox 835 degrees wind chills tonight with teams and lower
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weak clipper out tonight, into the middle 20s than a nice day tomorrow with upper 30s for the high end the temperature started to climb close to 50 wednesday late. anything widespread would be after sundown wednesday, this front is weaker that there is e more cold air on late friday. most of the snow stays up north , on the 8 -day forecast, it is
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in the 40s where the upcoming weekend working tomorrow, the last forecast of dick goddard a. slight chance of a snow shower fridayy into saturday. >> daytime highs in the riddle 40s. >> in the first weeks of december, start to see the pattern start to repeat, probably no supercold shots for stop the see these fronts moving out more frequently. i think the stretches of dry weather will be a distant memor in december, fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air online and the fo
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night's american music awards featured some great performance in some ht memorable moments. >> david danno has the highlights of ama's and the hollywood play 60 ama's included a reserve the award of merit in prince's sisterer accepted the soundtrack for purple rain. keep this reader paisley park did we see you ariana grande in the q nosh brought the house down la's microsoft theater before our ariana grande t took the top pr as artists of the year treatmen
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it is that i create in my life that i hope you fee a little bit of light and hope that i canho enjoy to you thank you. selena gomez, accepted favorite female artist pop rock for her first appearance since taking a career hiatus . >> i had to stop because i had everything, and i was absolutel broken inside, i had to say thank you to my fans because yo guysf are so loyal and i don't know what i did to deserve you, don't have to stay broken. >> david daniel reporting. another color debate taken the internet by storm, remember the address last year, it is back in the form of flip-flops. >> a twitter user posted this photo of, what color do you see? >> it appears to be light blue and ten on the outside drama
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illusion that occurred with the infamous dress, some people see black and blue, and others see white and gold, some say that the sandals are blue and brown , but we have confirmation, it is black and blue. i don't accept that i don't see white and gold. the browns, fall short again this time against the steelers,
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this 60 or bottom of the missing f been found dead. a jessica dill has more on what alexander mullins family says. the family is devastated they say they been searchingfa and t is not the outcome they were looking for. 16-year-old alexander mullins was last seen going to school on november 9, his family had been searching or him since thens even having
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that they were just give them the worst ms. , yesterday afternoon, his body was found i a vacant home on east 54th street with gunshots to his left chest area. he attended washington park environmental studies high school, the school district say they have counselors today who are available to help any students or faculty. this is very early in the investigation the police have homicide, they say that , stick with fox 8 for any updates. it was an incredible weekend with a drop of 50 degrees in about 48 hours on our movie bac to normal temperatures as we show you the view from the fox
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now back to the latest with scott sabol. never had a drop of record high temperatures toto snow in hours in november, it has happened a lot in march in early april but usually go from the cold to warm in springtime in late winter but not like this, it te usually happens at the end of the winter season. right now we're looking at low to mid 30s. nothing on radar, it will stay that way for a little while. the wind chills, and the low 20s in cleveland. forecast high will be in the mid- 30s. winds gusting at aboutt 25 mph overnight wasn't
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then tomorrow, not as windy height of about 41 degrees.n w will have a week warm up, with temperatures approaching 50 lat wednesday and maybe wednesday if the rainfall holds off. rainfall chances would start to increase, a cold front thursday morning, o thanksgiving morning with showers sundown wednesday and wednesday night and lasting about 12 hours. man in my touch 50 tomorrow on dick goddard's final
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snow shower late friday night with, picard's first broadcast back i 19614 days before our first manned space mission. >> he was here at channel three in clay but then he into philadelphia,nnth thinking back cleveland about 1965. running out of time, the browns have a another lost yesterday to the steelers to bring the record to zero in 11. here's p.j. ziegler.
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losses, only five to get a victory, his sunday is any indication does not appear to become an increase inap the steelers came to first energy stadium having lost four the took a halftime lead. it was their second effort to bounce penalties. the browns and the ball ball in the third quarterer at the steelers 1 yard line. but settle for a field the steelers were up 17-three when josh mccown came in for cody kessler who left with a concussion.r he found gary barnidge to make it a 17-19 the steelers in mcallen, he fumbles and steeler recover for a touchdown this bird waiting, as j.t. has more
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a starting quarterback cassandra, then the team tries to make it a somewhat competitive affair, but in the end,d, the visitors leave with another victory in the browns are stillth in a bad way. got to keep moving. >> weight loss a of good players that were good at their position,n, our stretching our season that we decided to doo a you've got to lie in the bed that you have madee and i don't make the decisions. to win the game we had to help the defense and score more
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>> 's are a victory in the last five games of the regular season? on sunday get the answer as the giants come, john telich, first energy stadium. with sunday's loss to the steelers the browns have been eliminated from the playoffs. cody kessler got the start on sunday it is the first taste of afc the ball in november. is ticked off in the first quarterr and also listen his ga with a concussiona he did not return. if you play the schedule try to figure out wher the next victory would come from, next week is not looking to good as the new york giants come to town.n. they played chicago sunday new jersey eli manning found a shepherd for a 15-yard
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the giants will come to town next sundayay on a five-game winning streak. four games in nine games has taken its toll on the acronyms soccer team faltered fourth-ranked indiana the secon round of the ncaa tournament features winningn congratulations to the volleyball team that while there, and sunday beating green bay 5 cents you'll find out t tournament next sunday at 9:00 p.m. nascar came to a close with jimmy johnson winning , his seventh-sprint michigan championship. alex borstein. there is a big game this
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100 13th time. to both ten and one and tied at the big ten east indians, kickoff saturday at the horseshoe and new. the weather moves one step closer to looking up a berth in the college football playoffs strewn onone at the end of the michigan india ohioan, with 13 into against
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continued the month-long celebration of dick goddard, prepares to retire in his final forecasts are >> he is a protector of the four-foots and is oppression
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goddard's law is officially on the box, as been a long time coming for those whoho value the four-foot especially dick >> it is wonderful. spent five years traveling to ohio statehouse were lobbying legislation to make abuse of companion animals a felony. was there with a group of animal lovers with ghana kasich side the bill into law and bill patmon was one of those. >> we were there incessantly during this. >> he cosponsored and said that dick goddard's involvement wasa crucial to its passage. >> he has been in
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>> makes it of history felony t cause serious physical harm to companion animal includingou th private them of food and children. now that it is in effect, ohio companion animals are safe and protected more working on the law to protect animals what you learne thatt dick goddard withstood th same forces. >> he put his name on it and it was magic. 's name will now be associated with a felony provision for a first offense and that is a huge step. this morning aaron costic was
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masterpiece, this image of dick goddard. the countdown to dick goddard's final forecaststs is he will do it tomorrow at 6:00 p.m...
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making a memorable holiday dinner is easier thanks to the internet. >> chris earl has your thanksgiving asked to know join us from los angelesth, it has now become thanksgiving week. those people celebrate all week
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the printed cookbook is the feeling lonely because most people turn to the internet today three candydy cooking app that take a different approach to make they skinnydipper memorable. >> all you need to make a great thanksgiving dinner are these three apps . >> it has a different design and trending, quick and easy and ki friendly the seasonal section is great for cricketing inspiratio clearly listed in the ingredients, calories and have time e you have everything you need on the shopping list just click. for lodges appeal food cutie with recipe submitted by the users for slot of feedback you can vote for
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to turn your phone into your tsu's chef chec out side chef it will guide you on the way with step-by-step , full screen instructions complete with pictures and narration. to swipe to go to the next up i resistant phone you can use th phone to give instructions and will make your mouth water law before theia finished product, source bi top food bloggers and chefs across the globe. they will not be able to cook for you but they can make it as foolproof as possible, you can get a link kent, you can also find another link
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the kids even my 2-year-old loudon which is always a good thing in my house. . toys "r" us is making a popular toy off of store shelve after a tonka dump truck sent a real truck on fire in washingto state they werere driving home when they saw the tonka truckck in the back on fire wit flames reaching 15 feet high. there were no injuriesg he say that they're not recall of the toy trucks but they are investigating. was rest says that the toy trucks will not be sold until they figure out what happened. >> apple is replacing faulty batteries on some i-phone 6 they say a very small number of
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may shut down due to better issues that were made between september and october last year for those who have them could go to the apple stor to check the serial number to confirmec it's part of the malfunctioning batch. and then get a brand-new battery which tested essentials the internet is up there with oxyge in water for many. in a survey, 40 percent said that wi-fi is more important thanwi three fourths said the internet has include the quality of life in their stone data is more important than minutes when
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australian zoo walkman three babyia the cameras. for the first time in three decades. >> it look like little ant
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mammals lay eggs and are very difficult to trade in human car they will not be able to tell i theye are male or female until they go outside their burrows early next yearr no word on what
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explain that to me again please. alright, here's the deal. i'm gonna say you owe back taxes and threaten you with jail time. that'll scare you into giving me a whole bunch of your money. i also need your social security number, too, because then i can really take you to the cleaners. unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families against frauds and scams.
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today on "the real" -- >> our co-host takeover continues with a surprise. >> angela simmons. >> and her new baby. >> you going to wake up and tell the people anything? >> i don't want this to end. >> plus girl chat. how did her friend react when angela simmons said she was >> how to catch a cheater 101. >> you have do it the old school way. >> and 2 chainz gets his way. >> you have to pull. this is our time ? ? don't waste another minute sunset grab ahold of time and get it ?


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