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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 22, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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hells going on here -- friday prosecutors dropped murder charges against 19 javon homes. they his grandmother was inside the car when she didn't happen. mother and sister at all. >> you go in and out. >> the president of the case is called. >> you have got it is going to be okay. >> you probably won't for a while. we just have to keep on trust i
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will get one. >> it is charges against the 30 -year-old charged in that case.
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-year-old man he's accused of picking up sharply from the scene. what is going on behind the bal
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is at stake. do that. according to the report shows u it is taking and that is voluntary buyout. if you you you will will will will will will will the tenure of the scott scarborough. >> alive and well tonight. junior. he played for the carolina panthers up with students to
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after surprising 25 families. the students return to school. they handed out another 175. >> i started off where i was born and raised, where my grandmother gave us before she left. think economic hardship. they were all those serving up food. >> leader of the roman catholic church but is francis the final pope? >> it is significant when you have one thing robbery by
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>> inside the ancient prophecy up last pope, does it work to help the and of the world. the sears discovery in a local greek. is looking to attract on the owners of the luster but it wil not be easy. the celebration involving a pole, but it wasn't the north pole inside the holiday. had some people upset. >> why does the government to reach -- that nobody wants to talk about orchids knowledge. lawmakers to his some eyebrows critic a big
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you can see the crossing clouds but we are still dealing with pesky lake effect. clouds and they won't be productive but they will tend t stick around the ball. because the winds out of the northwest and it is still a col wind over a warm lake.
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lead, 36 at hopkins airport and even milder. it feels like it is 19 in a booster and no kidding. those winds were ever persons will be dropping of going into the day tomorrow and pardon me, at the end of the day the winds are much lighter out of the wes and the atmosphere will continu to be actually most of the sunn weather and what a ni the final forecast. 38-30 the extremes today and tonight 25 is an average. some places already in the teen are heading for a 19 or 20 for the overnight low. then tomorrow sunny and still not too warm. we will go with 40 and that is 10 degrees. a normal. will eventually see the temperature rise but in the interim this is just going anywhere, he's not play tomorrow. >> that's a great temperatures for tomorrow.
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family. powerful. 's causing major damage to thei home and how they narrowly avoided tragedy. and the president-elect takes t you took to outline his plans for the next 100 days. find out what at the top of the list.
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donald trump continues to and t be cabinet members. >> truly great and talented men and women, pickets and the committee brought in and many will soon be part of our government. >> and a video based on the one -- youtube coming he puts for his first 100 days in office at the top of the list with drawings from the transpacific partnership and replacing what he called their trade deals pretty also outlined his ideas and immigration and defense policies. picked reform washington and rebuild our middle class. i will provide for updates in the coming days as we work together to make america great again. >> he made a mention about the key campaign promises like repealing obama care or buildin a port ball. those will likely require the
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>> police that revealed how the crash took place. they say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. 's tsunami advisory and portion of japan following a 6.9 magnitude earthquake in that part of the video country. residents have been asleep for higher ground. waves out 3-10 feet possible. back in 2011 and earthquake struck in nearly the same area and the tsunami that followed killed 15,000 people. >> an arrest is made in the shooting of a san antonio polic officer. the 31 -year-old often -- the detective was killed as he sat in his vehicle at the makin a traffic stop. authorities say the gunman walked up to patrol car and opened fire. police say the driver that was speeding ticket it had nothing
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and put francis has extended th power of catholic priest to forgive him portions. he notes. they stay reiterates that the church's stance on abortion is that change into still considered a grave sin. makes it easier for women to keep themselves with the action and join the church. >> after canceling the remainde of mr., there are reports that kanye west has been hospitalized. the telling tmct be restrained and he was taken to the ucla medical center for psychiatric evaluation. in recent days he launched a number of attacks on stage, up to cancel the show and psychometric after four songs. five nations tickets for the 21 remaining dates on his tour wil be fully refunded. >> still to come to mitchell probably at the center of a new lawsuit.
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every time i say on the hallway you asked me how our breath and cooper. you always member the name and hours felt that was our little inside story that we both share. i'm going to miss you and this film think missing that this building and walking down the halls. happy retirement >> countdown to dick gothard's final forecast is on. tune in tomorrow at 6 as we celebrate the life and career o dick gothard. >> all monthly look back at the legacy of dick gothard leading up to his final forecast. and he felt that he has moved countless people by his love of animals. >> matthew wright has the story of a local company inspired on how to get back. >> we watch typically round-the-clock. >> when you're in the landscape
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forecast matters. >> it is all in precipitation and how much would got to put down and how many plus we have to have a family guys we have t have ready. >> doug has kept a close eye on dick gothard's forecast. let's get something back to the community. >> can sit donated the years with the landscape services valued at about $6,000. >> we struggle every single yea all year just trying to survive. anybody who donates anything to us is definitely greatly appreciated. the atm relies on donations to support animals. this fictitious one more way that they got his love has made
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>> we hear about dick gothard's law a lot. we do face a lot of animal cruelty issues out here and tha is the first thing that somebod will bring up. they will use gothard's law. >> inspired lasting legacy long after his final forecast. good luck to him and wishing th best. in ashtabula county, fox 8 news. >> i think that he will be thrilled to hear that. still to come local a 37 myster on their hands. >> for her to sound very unlikely place picked a peck family that it belongs to is no easy task.
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the search is on for missing teenager did answer the tragic discovery tonight. this the more questions than answers. the lawmakers for this celebration sparks controversy. it seems not everyone at the statehouse was faithful to have a piece of this cake. wintry weather made a big entrance over the weekend and now find that out when we can see a break in the temperatures. news that 10 continues right now. >> cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> family members of a missing teenager devastated tonight after 60 or he been missing for more than a week. peggy gillick has the latest on this investigation tonight. >> by somebody would do this. >> close friends of 16 -year-ol alex stuff that this vacant house on east 54th street in cleveland on monday to place a teddy bear on the porch for the teenager was found dead inside the house late sunday afternoon.
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boys father told police the las time he saw his 75 was when he dropped them off here at school on november 9. the cleveland police and school district says they have counselors in school are available to help a student or faculty having a hard time with the news. friends and family members say they have any questions about his death. police reports to new orleans o been shot in his left chest area. >> plu
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was pinging on east 50th street and they were searching for days. police are continuing to investigate. >> it could be anybody son. he was fun to be around. in cleveland, compelling gala, fox 8 news. >> bailey peggy, thank you. discovery made initial a quick providing more questions than answers local law enforcement. and elizabeth's is here with sheriff's deputies found. deputies of trying to figure ou what an earned was doing a grea earned a name on it and that is the name is casey sean, challenges made the discovery i
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he was rinsing of his hands. aside from the name the all-inclusive deputies have our birthdates, which was in 1986. for fox sake of it i and had no luck with that as well. >> investigators say the most important thing for them right now is to get the turn back to the family. they want it back in the proper hands and they' a who might have any information about this 11 -year-old are possible relative to go ahead and give them a call. >> the lisbeth, thank you. cleveland police have recovered a call that the stolen with the young child inside of it. it happened near east 55th and broadway. the job then it took off and moments later letting the seven -year-old girl out. police say that he stole cash from the mother's purse but her credit cards were still inside the car.
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james allen was 44 years old when he was found murdered inside his adult books or where he worked in 1981. the attorney general says that the cash register was empty but is not convinced this was a robbery. if you anything clear as to cal place. three suspects accused of a series of a team smashing grab' facing a judge today along with two others. they are accused of targeting gas stations, convenience stores, and pharmacies throughout the area. they're accused of stealing vehicles that were used in the crime. >> old melon went there are. when rookies ohio and had many folks going up today. however a family and they've eligible extra lucky. to click the damage. bruce winds caused major troubl sending the tree crashing into neighbors home through the roof and into the bathroom and kitchen and the homeowner and son were inside at the time.
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and he could've been a lot worse. >> his father's death so he can't hear so he wouldn't even heard anything if it happened like he was in the kitchen. he wouldn't even know him. >> family is staying hotel whil insurance something out. this at the damage is estimated 40-$50,000. >> my goodness. temperatures really to tumble this weekend and some people go snow. not bill of course. everybody wants to know when th temps are going to go back to normal. is going to take some time and we are not going to go back to levels that we haven't tried it. those are gone. those days are history. has now the record high temperatures are only hitting 7 or so. the high on friday 74 and it is probably not going to occur until april of next week -- next year. we will start some nice days bu the clouds are beginning to
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let's shrink like the clouds in joke the county. here is venus. and i think will be dealing wit this client that comes intermittently through the nigh in -- and elsewhere away from lakeshore west and south for that should be mostly clear. the wind should be dropping off and as well as radiation coolin setting and so there is a poten temperatures to speak down to 2 and even may be little bit lowe and some of the coldest looks with the life. there is the edge of the lake effect. it is unproductive and that is important. go to the northeast and it is just a really nasty ride along 90 and i bet he has traveled th stretch of road's how like at that can go piquancy some of th heaviest bands in the heaviest
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towards watertown, new york, in a global of the stone to speak can. the temperatures here falling back in the 80s inland and were using the wind up like we have 30s and also some cloud cover, hampering some of the radiation cooling. most of the places should you see fall to the east night. lynch temperatures are in the 20s, even in the 30s. cold spot of a team in toledo. so for tonight skies. like affect the clouds are goin to hang on the northeastern corner of the state. notice how productive snow showers will probably stay out of ohio but if you are watching this from pennsylvania, you might see if he snow showers. 40 degrees and sunny and cool with later northwest winds. there's the rich high-pressure and that should bring this up even in the lakeshore
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here is the next system. is picking up moisture. looks like the storm triple beaches to our north so that should keep us on the rainy sid and here it is. it goes through and by thursday we should start to quiet down. here is our forecast for those of you traveling on wednesday. tomorrow is the big day and there is -- showing up there. is going to be a great day for him and rain moves in wednesday night. least of this rain and that snow. showers should in, 48. another week system friday and saturday and snow showers basically in the 40s. a little cooler than normal and maybe not what you are accustomed to. >> we are getting into winter and it will be okay for travel. >> thanks so much. is it naughty or nice. >> coming up here, pole dancing and up at the person that comes to mind think of christmas.
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an eye opening holiday parade. oh, canada, our neighbors to th north debate the appropriatenes
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art abraham received a communit can kind of cake offense of important state capital to shar with colleagues and included with the cake enough that said he likes the cake and eat it too. many leaders are upset. they believe it since bad message. >> it just since such a terribl message. this is the capital and we are legislators. we can allow for this type of rhetoric to become normalized. within the legislatures. these are elected leaders. they ran maintains he never meant to offend anybody in centimeters have better -- autoretrato con collar de espinas y colibri to.
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meant to spread holiday cheer featured whole dancing. a pole fitness dance and chip i jacksonville, north carolina, participate in the christmas holiday parade of the weekend. there. featured pulls for dancing and the manager said nobody mystery anything inappropriate. it is a chain restaurant with a fan following. now chipotle is in hot water once again. three people are sewage partly, alleging that they lied about the calorie count and they said the cheese burrito -- they claim it's about three in calories at least 700 calories. one customer said that he was led to believe he was eating healthy and came away feeling excessively fall. was supposed to help charlie
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pope francis' future. seasons for domestic it's with some believe he could be the last poll. before the white smoke came out spoke but some say was prophesied spicy malachite in the fourth century. >> it was a strange experience to see if the place. from seattle, washington, john hope is an international author and an expert with an interest in saint malachi. >> have my experience in 30 years of studying prophecy is one of the most accurate track
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>> prediction subsite trigger the start of armageddon, which proves clearly on display at th
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if your member of car -- lawmaker facing criticism over her use of shall certain four letter word during an impassioned speech. >> what is this government to alberta like a spark in the rim or acknowledged. that is where my constituents have been out with his government. i heard her say where the is on parliamentary. unappreciative want to withdraw it. the work was -- >> she addressed the house of commons about economic issues facing her home -- her borchers did that sit well with some of her colleagues. they called them crazy not to touch.
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statement. >> when the football giants first energy stadium and sunday we will see the texas tough guy josh mccowan under center. the veteran gets the start is cody kessler and not in the concussion protocol protect to say when he will play again. one wonders with rg iii slated to return some time. they proceed again this season. terrelle pryor was coached to refrain from on sunday that were in referenc to the brush up beating. >> quarterbacks to. stalk was upbeat and all good today. now pryor continues to stress how he wants to stay with the team and wants to turn this thing around. >> i don't believe in taking it easy. tinkling teams just because the team is great. i would rather start even if i have five or six years left to play this game. i would rather start where we
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i believe in that. i don't believe in taking the easy way out of anything. >> meanwhile a report surfaced this week can pick one of the purse comment and saying the cleveland browns are really enamored with lithographic whic to be ski. we all know mitch very well. plus the 2011 foxy player of year former mentor high school. while he is not officially declared for the draft, he does have one more year of eligibility for the tar heels and his former coach mom. >> he is a great throw who can run. he is exactly what the nfl is looking for. >> that would be fun and exciting. i also see a lot of pressure fo hometown kicked come in and do that. >> it is the game in columbus ohio this weekend, number two buckeyes gets the number three wolverines and coach urban
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damper on his favorite saturday. >> my mother for some reason, statistic don't know why, grant me and said be ethical run an errand. would be talking about. in ashtabula, ohio, walking dow come i am from the loudspeakers second going to the game in the 70s. >> thanks a lot, mom. stunning columbus, and deshawn tate who had a nice night for the buckeyes. they beat western carolina 66-38. and now that golden flash stick a 77-76 lead over south dakota tonight on that layout. south dakota came back after tw free throws. tyler takes it in this shot and south dakota posted 80-77 win over the golden flashes. >> thank you, jt. >> mr. goddard's date is the bi
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than normal but it's bright and sunday and showers move in thanksgiving eve. appreciate your time here. the morning show proof wilson a 4:00 a.m.
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