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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 22, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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the force of will to warn you he is over there, so screwed over if you can with client volume at first, i think it would be okay be cautious as you and i flares out also close to the right lane keep that in mine over so you can give them plenty of space changing a tireem otherwise no other problems are being reported keeping an eye on
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>> our top story this morning cleveland police looking for a killer this houro fox eight stac fry is live with what we know this morning. forty-two years old the father of six young children shot and killed while someone found outut the food market at east least 100 16th and craven not a lot of details from investigators at know the man was shot in thes. head taken to uh where he died. he was friendly and was just a
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him though. a warning has been issued jessica joins us live with the latest.ns the single vehicle accident happened yesterday and chattanooga, tennessee 24 hours before they were sent set to begin the thanksgiving break within 30 children were on ther bus six were killed overnight, police arrested and charged 24 -year-old bus driver walker
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homicide, reckless endangerment reckless driving. were chargers qb coming they ranged from kindergarten to fifth-grade taking thehe bus from square school when it went off in order never true. some childrene escaped through the roof hatch emergency crews had to break into the records to help others school leaders are now focusing on helping the children cope and recoverhemere. from this traged. >> thank you very much. u cleveland families searching for justice like an again after
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against the man accused of shooting a five -month-old brault to dust. five -month-old was killed in october 1 of last year while riding the backt seat of her family's car and spare avenue prosecutors dropping murder charges against the 19 -year-old in connectionprg withr death on friday prosecutors told him they are still trying to track down the person or peopley responsible. >> possibly two other suspectsts like a said i just have to get the evidence to go back and try to get from. >> you think you got it and it's going to be over with, but it's still not w over with. it probably won't be over with for a while, but we just have to keep h putting keep trusting in god that eventually someone will
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>> is 63 -year-old man still charged with tampering with evidence accused of removing his shellus casings from the scene. >> black lives matter after this willi mark the two-year anniversary of ricece that. she feels that justice is not conserved. her 12 -year-old son was shot byy timothy lohman whie holding an airsoft pistol outside the rec center. she wantswhn it to fired. her famiy did that except for $6 ll city and just startedt at the first districtte on west first street and will last until 6:00 p.m. tonight.t >> closed once again because of electricity issues after high winds. all other o buildings wl be opened as normal is normal the district saysgs it is also experienced intermittent issues withte the phone systems as wel when the issue is issues also forced to gives a village family
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archery came crashing a tree came crashing into the roof into the bathroom addition of their home no-brainer. damages estimated at 40 ?- $50,000. it is 6:06 a.m. a man accused of shooting a police officer apologizes just moments after being arrested. >> cap next on fox eight news in thee morning, hear what he has o say about why you're so upset in his message to family. >> plus the latest on the strong earthquake e to hit japan sparkg investigation to see mommy ?-ellipsis morning. >> good morning, everyone starting to see breaks in thev overcast you don't see all whole lot of help your we start to see breaks in the blue sky which is a man thing. heading into the holiday weekend in just a i few
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details on a stalled vehicle. watch out for other than that, things things look pretty good at cleveland clinic ranked ander two in the nation number two in heart care for 22 years in a row accessum the numr
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all right, good morning everybody the forecast still shows some clearing we have like driven called to the east or
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into the lower 70s. we have spots in the high teens. some left over cumulus clouds more sunshine we mention the range mentioned the range in temperature from northeast to the southwest new philly just dropped to 19 over the last 15 minutes ahe couple little spike turned temperature yesterdayst evening as the clouds thickened up. then a i nosedive as the clouds began to clear out at hopkins. widespread teams the winds will be nearly as muchde f a factor today is the law which is driving this up in upstate new york almost 4 feet of snow that begins to move out this we see the quiet conditions roll out on the heels of their breakh is the panhandle will notice the rain approaching kansas city those like him very tricky because you have a lot ofse warm air that overrides thea cold air in place and you end up having in many locations the transition
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smells bad i think will happen tomorrow morning that today looking good mostly sunny high temperatures today art right around at right around 40 degrees overnight tonightod middle to upper 20s the when start to shift out of the west and it movesorrow through warm front overhead rain and sleetrh over there initially it will be briefve and what most areas for that used primarily to the west and then it's really breeze will then southwest breeze will be very dominantu increasing back up to the lower 40s we will have some areas with low 20s here tomorrow morning which has me a little concern for the transition but byfo midday look at the widesprd 40s the transition will be a brief what here between seven and 8:00 a.m. all rain tomorrow afternoon rain moves up by thanksgiving thanksgiving looking better with clouds
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40s rainfall amounts into the upper 40s around a quarter of an inch with higher amounts further west. this is what we mean a by trailing down the outlook you can do it if you look at the behavior of the jetstream without well over the gulf of alaska starting to pump up the warmth. october and most of november until this pastos weekend. the jetstr ripples in the jetstream transitioning into the jetstream and also translates into temperatures a lot cooler. it just means the air error is trending coolerir so much warmer 60s and 70s history. look at0s the eight day we mentioned rain tomorrow tomorrow night light snow on my weather system andys another late monday and tuesday of next week. nothing
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lot of this. we are youre official school closing station good morning. we are in sky fox along 271 looking good. no problems local and express as we head about our travels on this tuesday. giving you a heads up as you to write the rta which will beas operating on a holiday schedule thursday and if you traveling inbound east sure way we have a stalled vehicle.av it is in the right berm before martin luther king. the driver does have flares set up around the spherical. be cautious and screwed over if you can affect cars off to the right hand sid we send it back inside to wayne and christie. >> a man is in police custody this morning accused of shooting
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officer sunday police say the detective was sitting in his patrol car winning ticket and police headquarters when the suspect walked up and shot him. hours earlier michaela season surveillance video. inside and inside police headquarters he confessed to the joint say he killing thing joint say he was the first over a custody battle for his from. >> investigators did not believe the fatal shooting all in san antonio was connected to three other police shootings in missouri and florida just hours later. >> aftershocks continue to shake thee japanese coast of at least three people hurt more than 1900
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near fukushima were told to evacuate because of the tsunami warming and waves up to 10 feet high. that is now the downgraded the nuclear power plant has been closed since more 2011 for a knife .2 magnitude earthquake killed people. >> 6:16 a.m. stay with us.qu an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes. >> president-electtr donald trup ta plans amid a new controversy. >> @6:30 a.m. on unusual lost and found a geologist found some clues in hopes to find his family this morning.. >> we will be back with cool school's next week with the new paul and three greatco northeast ohio's close to select. in the meantime, nominate your favorite
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school and the nominations we
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today by the way his final forecast after 55 years in thee
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you tune in we want to say good morning and wake upan to a coupe of young kids are watching on tv anyway good morning wake up have a good day and thank you for watching fox eight news in the morning. 6:21 a.m. is your time right now. >> good morning good we are in sky fox traveling along to 71 traffic is flowing can'tng quite well no issues you may find a lot of construction going on during the nonpeak hours please remember that and remember to slow it down to all of the construction zone. as you head to the metro up into downtown i it has been easy sine they opened the ramp from 71 to
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if you are traveling w the inbod sure way there are flares the t set up behind the vehicle we send its to scott with a look at the forecast. >> good morning daytime highs willhe climb up to 40 it is cal now winds will start to die down 40 ?- 42 west tonight as we increase the clouds, temperatures will stay steady in the middle 20s. we watch the warm frontdsm going to be the north as it starts to lift we will have a brief transition as we start to see the shades of purplea on the future radar indicating a lot of warm air over writing cold area basically translates into sweet early in the morning cloudy and rain againn with the flurry. we are talking between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and i can anything that develops would be
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40s there are the temperatures you have to stay cool with a sharpit jump in temperature into the afternoon around midday there isur the transition with multiple colors and eventually showers now sort of mixture ofxt green and sleet in the after noon. aboutt a quarter of an inch of rain wednesday into wednesday night thanksgiving day is looking a lot dryer.w in the news this president-elect donald trump taking to youtube to share his plan for his first 100 dayst in office. >> meanwhile his team sends out fresh controversy we go now with new video. >> trump is not held a press conference put out my disposalpo might including proposals on trade, immigration and defense he says his agenda will be based on a w simple core principle of putting america first on international trade he said he would will progresspi a key part
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immigrationu a topic he campaigned aggressively pasti promising national security. >> i will direct the apartment department s of investigation tt undercut the american worker the comprehensive plan to protect the vital infrastructure from cyber attacks and all other form of attack. >> a new video from the so-called rights activists his them celebratingso many give a nazi salute. trumps transition team said monday that trump continues to the amountshe racism. this morning we are learning he is heading to pompe adding to pompey to stay for thanksgivingy and the coast guad will t be setting up security guards this afternoon in the area for the next several days were protection. >> it will be interesting to protect as they were on the world in new york city it to be
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>> if you are just getting up, 6:24 a.m. our time on a tuesday morning an update on your weather and traffic:2 every eigt minutes. >> the search for the gun man at this hour after aat robbery taks a violent and that the trend. >> and an elementary school bus driver charged with the deathh f at least six students what investigators believe led up to
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will come back. it is almost the weekend could be guided suspects you. >> site you?ou >> welcome back. >> almost time for the weekend maybe a short week forme some of us. >> yes we queue. they you. they are out thereue working you like crazy. >> at least are getting paid overtime those are all great ideas can you put that on no pay overtime start overtime are
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couplene of doors or something check it out and see what is happening the forecast you certainlyee on your money with e forecast like this and whether we have the last couple of days going fromd w a year and a half without any significant weather mild weather last winter and seasonably warm summer and rainfall and here we are with the taste of winter and snow before thanksgiving we check it out to see what c is going on currently with breaks in the overcast ig resort of a light northwest breeze with temperatures in the lower 30s water temperatures still running well below normal in land a different story with the wind chill in the akron at 1819 in new philadelphia millersburg you go up route 871e up to someone in twinsburg in
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of cuyahoga county and we are above freezing. if you thinkin we've had a bad year, 4 feet here, 4 feet of snow right nowad in upstate new york that was the lake effect they have been hammered with over the last two days. there is the pier and handle will coming out of the southwest tomorrow 50d with the day of rain our forecast today mostly sunnyy temperatures climb close to 40 little clouds tonight we climb back ov as the warm air over rights further west a will have a litte sleet mixed in thereve primarila rain if there is any sort ofrt transition it would be short livedan temperatures climb well into the 40s tomorrow any sort of sleet would be left currently with winds picking up out of te southwest with the good thing at the rain out of here by thanksgiving day a quarter of ar
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estimate of what we are anticipating with that. notice the jetstream week at these buckles in the jetstream that means moree frequent weather systems heading into early december it does not mean we ar anticipating snow but it does that is five to seven day breaks between rain and snow forget it i don't think we will have allwe lot all that indicatd on this forecast daytime highs in the 40s with lows in the lower and middle 30s. traffic time withfi patty. >> thank you and good morning we are in sky fox along for 80 headed towards the valleyview bridge eastbound you see a couple of vehicles with this car they are getting ready to put it up on the toe truck this is for 80 eastbound along the valleyview bridge they are scooting overor anytime you see
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definitely want to screwed over if you can. if you are traveling inbound eastan sure wy 90 before martin luther king there wasb a stalled vehicle to the right hand side of that folks hadat to look out for you can still see it out here with the cars and flares now and that is on the inbound east sure way before martin luther king we send it back inside to wayne ad christie. >> thehr top owner's derek gun man on the loose. g >> this on the east side after a hold of. we are live with what we know this morning. >> good morning. it happened of those tour on east 100 16th in craven around 8:00 o'clock a man working there was shot in the head died later at the hospital what we know about him as he was
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to the scene marching in disbelief. they are not telling as much at this.he is blocked wearing grey sweatpants of blue hoodie and yellow shoes. maybe this will be a clue to someone who will help identify him so police can make an arrestif gret they help anyone with information will give them a father of six young children. >> we are now learning more about the 24 -year-old bus driver and we wantmo to check in with jessica dill just a sad situation. so devastating heres good morning. it was carrying
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when it slammed into a tree yesterday killing sixt so many are left with questions and heartbreak. the bus driver has now been arrested been charged with five counts of vehicular homicide reckless endangerment and reckless driving to begin with police say more charges could be coming. yesterdayw police responded shortly after police say it w the road one that when it struck a tree.wn twenty-three were tan to theke hospital six of the children were killed. >> we cannot even begin to
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from at family friends loved ons in victims all of our hearts go out to them. i were is been issued to remove the black box speed is believed to be a factor walker isto thank you very much they are from the streets of downtown columbus last hundreds of anti- trump protesters blocked traffic pay for they threaten the crowd people are not gone at least two expected to announce the whether he will returnno in a deadly shooting. his trial was declared earlier this month
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manslaughter charges he is accused of shooting and killing him during a traffic stop in july of 2015 the next hearing ii scheduled for monday. >> richmond county sheriff's department need your help this morning climbing and earny.nd ia shallow creek in the city of belleville the dozen other it is 70 name on it did a post date of death 19941998. if you are just getting up it's time to
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>> we had a lot of comments coming in if you have a photo of you and dick goddard maybe at one of thek willie bear festivas send it to us. here are some that came in so far some of the commentsmeme will go to the rigo the photos craigslist best to you, dick goddard our family was honored to have you for many years. thank you so much notice as i've been watching mr.r. goddard since i moved to akron in 1994's love for animals makes it even better to it or such a marvelous many will be missed we wish you all the best of my fuel mission on the weather but you will not be forgotten because you'llt alwas be there fox it will not be the same without you. that is for sure we have a lot of stuff
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now when he has his final newscast a lot of special guests of thingsn trying to describe it without telling people what it is. >> withat people stopping by soe special guest former colleagues. >> you may be talking about myself. some seasoned veterans those who have been here and have moved thoughts and comments on it memories and thoughts we would look for you love for you to submit your photos. i am on twitter or instagram instagram fox eight news clevelandn and of course leave us a voicemail it is 6:38 a.m. an update on your weather and traffic coming up.
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bring how pregnant see later pregnancy later in life may actually helpetet h your cognite skills. >> one of the best experience i ever hadite in my life. >> asserted grandmother by one she had no problem handing over her baby boy. we
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i kind of forecast with scott looked like the event of beard with his little baby face.. now
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something. you could probably run for van buren back in the dayen president van buren it feel when you stroking your beard? >> kind of manly. >> because you do that a lot a. >> you have to do to the get to the end of the end of the browns when i get rid of it. i'm not going i to keep it until next yr the buses won't like that. sunshine and clouds really it will be
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along the lake temperatures going up to near 40 tonight tomorrowheur showers in the southwest cold enough in the morning for pellets of sleep further west. more than likely occurring between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. in the morning. showers tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening, tomorrow night. by thanksgiving day, showers day, showers will be longer on much dryer 48 friday into saturday notice we have the week48 cold front snow showers little accumulation lower to middle 40s by dave middle 30s by daybreak sunday rain mixed in with wet snow mondaywe into tuesday of next week. coffee quizzes coming up discussing the legendary dick goddard. >> we are on the west side on west one 30th awful for 80. these guys are out there working
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of brook park road and they do not police on the scene directing you through this intersection it is a very active construction zone west one 30th the other roadways look pretty good as we go through the travel watch the inbound sure way g and said to wayne and christie. >> a new study this morning plants having children later in life may actually improve your cognitive see skills researchers say after 35 is linked to better verbal skillsin and those after the age of 24 have better problem solving skills scientists believe the
6:46 am
progesterone during pregnancy may have a lasting impact on brain chemistry. >> i like that ms.s. >> a 38 -year-old california woman just gavee birth to a bouncing baby grandson. she carried her daughter's child embryo created by her daughter and son-in-law she had risks ofk tumors and could not deliver a baby a circuit was too expensive upui to $75,000. she at is 7 october. >> i guess that anyone can receive is becoming a mom. to have my mom give me that just gift is unexplainable. >> the attachment for me was on that as soon as people predicted because in myna mind it was biologically their baby.nd >> i liked like our her sense of
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ready to be a surrogate mom i got up her daughter and son-in-law want another child. mom's already give so much to their children. wow. the deluxe easy bake oven. >> we will find the coffee quiz with scott when we come back. walking a mile in an and artists shoes. day for more information on this and other jobs click the job's
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>> while come back on patty harkin of beautiful morning so far if you are traveling this is for 80 over on the west side by great northern traffic good no problems traveling to the airport with the construction to show you t between for 80 and brook park it may cause you a slight delay with the stalled vehicle between martin luther king taking a look at i 90 as
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inner belt you will see this picking up and so moving that are pretty good rate. scott has are look at the eight day in the coffee quiz. >> good morning. let's take a look at the eight day forecast mostly sunny a d high around 40 tomorrow will be breezy showersh early primarily a rain in the t after noon breezy tomorrow afternoon showerss giving way to nicer day thanksgiving light snofr with weighing rain and wet snow monday and tuesday of next week. >> good stuff. yes. there we go. you have a mohawk going on. >> all right here? it's a bearo yes. you've got to have some fun with it. keep it maintained. i can forfeit up if
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here. okay. we've got a little bit. >> i like it. don't ever say thatwe lik. >> our producers are saying what is going on here. every time he doesn't does it always see is beard.e we are just saying what everyone else's thinking. >> juicer is on the phone with us from clevelandd hurry up. >> 5 degrees. >> today more that goddard's final forecast coming up at 6:00 p.m. a lot of surprisesat the question asked o do with mr. goddard. you probably already know this one here we go.. ro there have been different seals along the way this is the original okay to give you an idea i got mine 20 years agoy my numbers 1,071 that
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mr. goddard's? 11545 or 105? >> forty-five. i think you are ratete teresa, what do you thin i will go along with the team that makes the questions you aro the other 44 people who had it before him?r >> one of them are probably still doing the weather p there was one woman who was on the air older w than him shoes general fund she she was general fund she was in her 90ss doing commentary back in the day. >> and she loves chocolate.
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a lot of pioneers we are talking about. captain kangaroo i remember captain kangaroo and the ping-pong ball. you have to look it up.lo >> two tickets to see the christmas carol at the great lakes theater and mcdonald's gift certificates. >> thank you so much. >> have a great thanksgiving we will talk to you later. >> seem to you >> do you remember mr. jingling? >> that i have heard about it reminds me of kenny crumptonn h, kenny good morning, it carries good morning. speaking of holidays ?-dash thanksgiving is right around the corner,of and make it easier to a great thing for our first responders when we come back we will show you..
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welcome back to fox eight news ing the morning time to kick it with the one and only kenny crumpton. cleveland first responders hot nice good morning. it is really cool. a really. fun story it has a gret
6:58 am
something you might not know as they prepared meals for the first responders on thanksgiving morning. good morning. how are you working magic on all months is kind of symbolic of what we will seell this morning it is something wellness for the firs responders. >> we call it that are on the mayflower is really abouttt creating things giving doing it for the people who are so important for us. people on first response but also those whost are really the true heroes of cleveland. >> it's not like making one flavor for grand slam, uk said kind of a big task back there with tons of gravy lots ofot things you to tasty. >> we have 400 we will serve in
6:59 am
thirty-seven families will really be impressed by the county thanksgiving meals produceded by them as well withw take out they will take it on presented to their families and last but not least, better little dinner on the mayflower it is tt really brought to us brought it to live now we are all here to support supported and do the best thing for those heroes in cleveland. >> we will check all of that out this morning education that will be cool we will tell you all about that project.t. when we come back, lots to show you. fox eight news at 7:00 a.m. starts right now. >> good morning. it is 7:00 o'clock on the dot.
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joining us. w stuff has a lookt the forecast good morning. take a look at the overall forecast showing the lake driven called stillca keeping the locations hours in lake and geauga counties with temperatures in the lower 30ss painesville at 3332 here at fox eight canton and new philly down and massillon dropping down into the high teens. little wind the like affect up and portions of new york state with almost 4 feet of snow. a panhandle will developing the panhandle will developing look at the raie tomorrow on to speak spend showers to develop that could be some sleet mixed in there. that is still about 24 hours awayix clouds further east most of us will be well up about 40. in
7:01 am
fox right along the downtown area along i 90 where everything comes together. it is magical today. not a lot of slowdowns all the lanes are open coming to the innerom belt bridge the ramp at 90 and 71 those cramps are both open it has alleviated a lot of the congestion we have seen no problems as you well across the inner seventy-seven as you come up to i 90 good news the inner belt on the sure way before mlk as been cleared away. have aen great rt of your morning we check in from the studio next time you see us. >> we get you caught up on our top story is sad one cleveland police looking for a killer this
7:02 am
the victim was 42 years old it was around 8:00 o'clock last night still tryingcl to get more detailst from police at this.we know the man was shot in the headad taken to you is what he died family members were there at last nighte all we know about the gun man asw he is a black mn wearing greatk blueberry the yellow shoes. theylu say the victim normally worked at night only did not work at night and normally worked in the morning. this is she was just a nice person. it is crazy. i cannot
7:03 am
>> we don't know at this.if there was surveillance videoll inner outside the store that may help police but the description they may be able to help them identify a little the shooter is. >> other news this morning a 242 -year-old bus driver arrested after flipping a school busve wh more than 30 children on board six were >> we're now hearing from one of the children on the busus that s heartbreaking. we go with moreh in chattanooga tennessee. good morning. new details that continued to commend on a horrific bus accident that took the lives of three children. hours after the cars they made shocking announcement. >> we have a rest of the bus driver of the school busoc stop and his name is walker he is 24
7:04 am
with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. police say more chargest could be coming. it was that a nightmare for safety professionalsit rushg to the crash site. they lost control and flipped the tree split the school bus almost in half you see it right there it up a science i partially crashed the children all from an fifth grade the youngest in kindergarten one of the children on the bus talked about the bus driver.e >> she had hit the garbage bag of the best does have the bus that collects data and records video police so that will help
7:05 am
they say speed may be a factor are many many are trying to helt so horrific these kids about to go online breakfi. >> and you know you sometime this morning and it is kind of a firm's those worries. >> you know there's nothing you can do n winner kids are on the bus. >> and that's it's just as these parentsth there's nothing they n do they can't take their child. >> cleveland families searching for justice once again with charges against the man accused of the shooting of a five -month-old girl. she was shot and killed october 1 of last year while writing the back seat of her family's carlaea prosecus dropped murder charges in connection with her death on
7:06 am
to track down the person or persons responsible. >> possibly two other suspects are morens but they just do to t the evidence and go back and try to get us what you think you've got it and it's going to be over with, but it still not over with.o it probably won't be ovr with for a well, but we just have to keep on and keep trusting in god that eventually somebody will ?- they will get th >> is 63 -year-old man still charged with tampering with evidence accused of removing shell casings at the scene. >> the mother of two men are pricehe and black lives matter have is a sitting at the station hunting she feels justice is not been served. her 12 -year-old son was shot bythths officers n
7:07 am
$6 million settlement with the city. that is said and started about an hour agoha at the first district headquarters on west 100 30th street and will last until 6:00 p.m. >> sandusky high middle schools closed once again today because of electricity issues with height when all other school buildings opened is normal the district saying that is also experiencing what it is pollen tormented issues with its phones. >> when the weather also forcing their home into ae hotel this morning. a tree came crashing through the roof into the kitchen of their home luckily nobody was hurt. damage estimated at 40 ?- $50,000. 7:07 a.m. a man accused of shooting and killing a police officer apologizesl just moments after being arrested.t
7:08 am
the detectives family. >> in this morning president-elect donald trump talkingg about is his plans on youtube. his proposals for trade, security, and immigration amid a new controversy straightahead. we will be back
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7:10 am
police as a deductible sitting in his patrol car running and to get in front of policend headquarters when the suspectua mccain walked up and
7:11 am
receive an surveillance video outside and inside police headquarters he confessed to the killing over a custody battle over custody battle over his son. o >> connecting to three other police shootings people living in thereg were told to evacuate because of the tsunami warning
7:12 am
nuclear power plant has been closed since 2011 when a nine-point oh magnitude earthquake killed more than 20,000 people. >> president-elect donald trump unveiled his plans forp the firt 100 days in office not in a press conference put on youtube yesterday says his agenda will be based on a simple core principle putting america first on international trade he said he would halt progress on the transpacific partnership a key part of what president obama will be a trade legacy. he also addressed immigrationeg on the
7:13 am
>> they said in a statement yesterday that trump continues to denounce racism. >> to 71 down from broadway then through the oakwood macedonia area that construction they sendakce me the off-peak hs taking a look the lookout for 80 overbite warrensville with road surface is nice and dry so the weather will cooperate and more on the forecast.
7:14 am
climb later 1 with a 15 degrees temperature difference work all mountain to quote for free.
7:15 am
than what it was. really all fall. we really haven't had to deal with systems coming in every other day we've had those breaks breaks even have that patternn showing more frequent rain and snow systems tonight into tomorrow as clouds increase which is the warm front of the area to begin tomorrow today mostly sunny high around for a mid 20s 40 mid 20s tonight. cold enough h early tomorrow morningor with the rain mixed in transition back over to all rain will be abrupt. and then sleet and rain would be primarily to the west early on and then it goes up to the 40s with showers becoming more widespread the leader in the day especially into wednesday night byl thursday, thanksgiving day we have the a last-minute will still see some clouds again it is the a pattern thatl features
7:16 am
jetstream you see how it undercuts the low over the gulff of alaska with the northern pacific allowing the warm-up that we see now until this past weekend here is the jetstream pattern taking us into november it goes south the storm tracks will be right to the ohio valley. higher frequency weather systems temperatures will be trending cooler, but it does not necessarily mean we will have arctic outbreaks. the pattern is not conducive it had into the heart of winter daytime eyes cooler but not arctic cold. temperatures in the 40s friday and general temperatures in the 30s at me. fox eight news is your official school closing station. keeping a close eye on siberia right now because they have every snow cover with lots of cold airus ad usually they get pieces the break off overh the north pole eventually coming down to the
7:17 am
>> we down the line. it is 7:1e to mr. dick goddard celebratingr his career and letting you guys have a say as >> good morning. well deserved we saw the that they guy's cow sculpture. a lot of people are talking about the washington post about it today about dick goddard. it was just doing an interview with jetting jim overn at * 102 talking about them it is forecast is one of those things if you are from northeast ohio or any connection you know the name dick goddard, and today is history. fifty-five years in television. we take your thoughts comments, and some photos some photos if you have anyy send us your fox eight facebook page you will talk about that is that come in. >> thank you, mr. goddard, for all those years of others m weather and smiles. best of luck to you.
7:18 am
great post i remember it as garlic make suret i stayed up just to know how to dress for school you are the most accurate weatherman we've ever had. enjoy retirement. >> he is still going to make his appearances one from ten she will miss her pal dick she was abe to get up how was dick goddard. aod couple more voicemails that
7:19 am
7:19 a.m.he kicking it with keny
7:20 am
congratulations good include ready for our first responders on thanksgiving day we cannot forget about theouer on the air let us know. we will
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
>> good morning, everyone we are here at the intercontinental hotel with all kinds of great thingsho you can do for thanksgiving. one of the cool things they dofoha is along with
7:24 am
dinners? >> as for the first responders resume on a the mayflower outsie we're prepping here with our clients to take care of their guests at home topping the onions. thank you for giving me euros. so proud p of you. and then you have the garlic rate? >> we chop the garlic up for the brine. urban rosemary and time right here. we bring our turkey's overnight to give them good flavor ando making it moist
7:25 am
after that you can all those up and then what do we have here? >> that is the time and rosemary then you take four cups of cold water wasf some sugar and salt e have already next up. then you add the onions and garlic and baileys and some peppercorn, and then you have the herbs and thy are bringing it to a boil does alloi that with t and then it comes out like this i put ice in there to go on donald at home you would not have that much ice. we probably make thate the day before. its cold over called over the age where you major you can call the turkeyisd and out we will put t in there. for the brine over it. there you go. and then we love that so for 24 hours.
7:26 am
refrigerator? >> yes. then we pull it out we pat it dry and put in and seasoning on it so i getting that ready every bird we see and getting ready is going to go through his prior. >> yes we will keep it in the cooler 24 hours tomorrow we pull it out with the herb crust rosemary time sage we will have them done overnight fire thursday morning ready to go. so when we come back, we will go and talk about getting the great gravy. >> yes they will have a great time getting christmas dinner readywie for the city's first responders about 150 dinners that is pretty great. back to
7:27 am
murder. the search for gun man at this hour after a robbery takes thea violet into the tren. >> more tragedy in the news today a tragedy the school bus driver charged inho the death of at least six students. what investigators believe let up to the heartbreaking crash. we
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
7:34 am
devastated with the father of section children shot and killed we don't even knowre if the shooter actually got away with anything on the gun was locked away and he ended up running out
7:35 am
top story this morning. meanwhile and warning has been issued killing six children on board. we are learning morell about the bus driver now arrestedt we have the latest. >> so hard the single vehicle accident happened in chattanooga tennessee just 24 hours before the children were set to begin the thanksgivingn 30 children, bus six of them killed. overnight police arrested in charge the 24 -year-old bus of buss taking students from school when it went off the road and hit a tree some escaped emergency crewsme had to break into the
7:36 am
leaders are helping the children cope and recover from the >> we just ask for prayers and heart simply going out to the families for the students who've been two of been transported to the hospitall to make sure they are getting the best care possible.ey >> police say speed is being investigated as a factor the national transportation board as responded to eight into the investigation we're beinge told me maybe hearing from them shortly school wasg willre have counselors for everyone dealing with this as well. it time is 736 to live looking back at the right on dick goddard is getting ready to sign up tonightig at 6:00 o'clok right now we tell you the story
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> while come back to fox eight news in the morning it is 40 minutes after 7:00 o'clock on a tuesday morning. it we are talking about dick goddard. my name is wayne. >> i am christie. >> as you are we are talking about the one and only dick goddard. everybody is stories
7:41 am
>> this first times you haven't met himir a special times he sad something h when the band would play he would always come up ana say dond you know anything that because it knowing fast of how about some up-tempo stuff let's just tell you what is a great weight about him such a great guy, we will be happy with the willie bea cominge back is not going away. no. his mother weather clicker his pointer whatever taking your thoughts and comments about mr. goddard today a lot of great stories from years one from carrie f loved watching you have the guy watched any other forecast in 20 i can't wait to see all the wonderful things you will do next. you are irreplaceable thank you for
7:42 am
year and this your endless devotion best wishes all of god's blessings to you. >> cares dick goddard hanging out with the home depot crew. such a treat they said we will messy good luck on your new adventure.n i matt dick goddard three times in the past 20 years this one is over the college doing one of the giveaways last year,eg and you talk about the voicemails with the photos coming up in that next messag. times are they just watched him on tv a pretty calls and we wil have more of those coming up we want to hear from you in today's plugged in facebook, twitter, instagram the voicemail lines are open wein will have more coming up in a little bit. thank you, todd. 7:42 a.m. is your time. remember we have the weather and traffic every eight
7:43 am
starbucks hikes prices again find out what it will cost you can ask him an extra me needed caffeine jolt. >> andnd the sales are straightahead cool schools are on holiday break for thanksgiving, but we will be back next week with a new poll. in the meantime nominate your favorite school to start over to we will be right
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
even though we only work together a couple of months i feel like ion never knew my whoe life growing up in northeast ohio eye wants to all the time. the final forecast after being on television since 1961 head over to my instagram page i posted his weather diaryam entry from july of 1961 the first month he started recording records your northern ohio he has everydayere since then. had to believe.c it is going to bea
7:47 am
tomorrow can't rule out sleet to the westerly but the transition to rain will be pretty rapid in your lower 40s on wednesday with rain and showers wednesday
7:48 am
77 or by 22nd this is where the slowdowns begin and 77 i wih the inner belt up to i 90 and 71 moving pretty well through middleburg heights this is so still close to the southboundnd between detroit and now we are talking to police this morning they say it is rumored to be open next week. our eye on that. >> patty, thank you very much we get you caught up on the news this morning ith will cost you more for your cold call drink a muffin c at starbucks. they ar raising prices again. the costc of most cold drinks and bagels one of ten ?- $0.30 earlier this month starbucks not saying why they made them move s, but following a similar price hikes for coffee espressos and lattes
7:49 am
summer. >> instagram is jumping on a live video streaming bandwagon. a couple months ago they added it stories feet allowing you to share short term pictures and video nower it is 500 million users will be able to go life but unlike space bar quiet it will delete videos from your story as soon as you have your broadcast over instagram kind of out hopes the new feature will bringss them together over the >> a shoe company giving artists and a new way to sell their a bucket feed cells dozens in the city's chicago in washington c dc this series the issues of unique designs created by different artists and companies is anyone can submit the designed to the website and if you are selected, the artist look at $250 up front $1 for every pair of shoes sold. the
7:50 am
>> all right your time right now is 7:49 a.m. on this tuesday. kicking it withh mr. kenny crumpton. good morning. >> good morning. as you can see daniel is basing the turkey we are talking about how the guys at the intercontinental are makingh thanksgiving dinners for all the first responders in cleveland we will do ast little gravy 101 when we come back. kicking it with kenny. stay
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
good morning, everybody we are here at the intercontinental hotel with a really great story in addition to the tons of thanksgiving meals they are going toiv make they also make meals for first responders those and women coming in make a great thanksgiving mealg since you give people perspective, chef, this is not the ord mixing bowl people would havewo another house for? >> it iser not your fork or saue pan this is actually a 40-gallon kettle thetu we will make the gravy in. >> this is what you case was used to mix the gravy that you will use for all of turkey's. that is insane. ra.r making e gravy he. your give us a quick demo of how you guys are
7:54 am
there we have daniel who will help us out what are we doing here? >> basically if you notice at the bottom of that. he is scared celery and onions and of course the giblets themselves are roasted off into the bottom so what makes almost like a bed for the turkey to be on top of wants the turkey is slow roasted we go throughl the brain process already this morning. becomes a basting liquid all thh natural juices come off the turkey blend ine with those vegetables really creating great flavor. >> it is really are not wasting anything. >> no. >> this is arty venues wantss with the great flavor now we will use it against my cap scared celery and onions really been more of your binder we are a firm believer there is so many
7:55 am
kinds of allergens to flour that they truly want to look for options that are a lot more in line of gluten-free. this allows you to make that gravy with the vegetables without havinget to use of binder like flour to bring them to gather. >> okay. really good flavor to. >> it brings out those natural harvest flavors like you would expect on thanksgiving. >> you are looking pretty good with that. brand-new. we are talking about first responders making some amazing thanksgiving dinnerss and i have not brokeno
7:56 am
is all right. that is fantastic good morning. happypy tuesday. don't forget fox eight has all your local't news weather and trafficws coming up at 10:00 a.. coming up at the top of the hour ?- stacy. >> a father of six shot and killed during a store robberye now police need your help finding whoever is responsible we will fill young in on whatevr we know. >> good morning we have new information on the devastating bus crash in tennessee was sixwa children were killed. coming up we have the latestst from the superintendent and what he hasr to say. >> thank you so much. today is the day dick goddard's final forecast we are taking your thoughts commentsw to celebrate is 55 years and television. >> good morning. look at the breaks in the blues thursday
7:57 am
struggling. how warm all we get are a we anticipating snow over the weekend? >> also new at 8:00 a.m. here to preview previous upcoming holiday show and then the fox eight recipe box. thanksgiving looking at texas waffles with those thanksgiving leftovers. >> @nine ?- thanksgiving between two slices of breade>> i talk at this all than a sandwiches with that thanksgiving entire meal in one family. it will be amazing all that and so much more coming up just after this break. stay
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>> hello and good morning tired to trying to navigate the new equipment here. ra here we go


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