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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  November 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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l. a. probate roof-cam on thisis tuesday evening, just one won't work day a long
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may people are going to be traveling,b will there be any problems with the work thanks for joining us. >> check in with melissa myers who is in the newly named dick goddard weather center with a look at the forecast. love that is it akron/canton andnd 30 degrees new philadelphia wisconsin pretty stagnant winds. cloud to cloud's some breaks of sunshine, the showers will be approaching from the last post
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it will be overcast tomorrow morningg areas across i-75 with chance of the raindrop early tomorrow morning. we will have highs in the 40s tomorrow. tonight mid- 20s. tomorrow low 40s with showers after lunchtime. we try to identify a government who killed a father six and a convenience store
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as a dave nethers says .ew information happen on the east side, please start reviewing surveillance video that capture the moment the shot was fired the say it showed the shooting happened seconds they believe that 44-year-old marwan zahriye may have known the government because he tries toy push aside the gun when he shot in the chestwh, store to build a memorial, the victim described as a father of six, a generous man who made many close friends. soy came in pointed a gun and shot him did not say anything ran out with just one jersey or one teacher in nothing >> its big family that he comes from andth they have a good support system that's why i kno it's going to be higher because
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give them close to identify the government as they now only hav a vague description, the friend and family the victim say he deserves justice, dave nethers fox 8 news.s the following michigander found shot dead in an abandoned building, alexander mullins father pleads for justice, airmall says that the six-year-old and teenage issues is missing for several days before found dead this weekend you been shot in the chest you please and other teenagers to blame and when asked what he kristan markey said good luck. >> the idea that it would end this way.. >> i was hoping, it is sad when you say that the best case scenario is that he is out ther possibly doing drugs
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kids, need help. he said his son did not have a drug problem has no idea of a motive. dave marquis two years since 12-year-old tamir rice was killed by police today remembered him at a sit in at thehe first interest headquarte the messages out there still is not justice, plaque lies glib and says they will try to make their voices cpd ions for the mayor for in the way that chief calvin williams is a bit of thisi poli department and we think of her step is to fire these officers so our tax dollars will no longer fund their the family filed a civil lawsuit over the shooting
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prescription drugs plead county in court today is sandusky county sure kelly lombard was indicted on charges in august accused of taking medication from drug take back boxes that he pled guilty to charges including that the novice to be sentenced next month he ran for reelection despite the charges, but lost. law enforcement in cuyahoga to get video related to a crime two yearsc ago video from a camera's field to capture a suspect for two attack in lakewood now the cuyahoga count office has teamed up with the detroit shoreway development organizationouou for a safety c initiative to put up cameras in areas where they can make the most impactt a map of where the are will be available, to save investigators leg work we comes to tracking down any video that
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>> are trying to cut out the legwork that the officers were doing there will be an application they can use for their phonew to register into t website and get access to the person who hasn't. they say that it will improve safety and will also strengthen the relationship between the police and residentsts massive retail entertainment developmen is underway on the eastside called a suburban downtownwi apartment hotel construction began last year on the $230 million project called pinecrest to hope ofof the sprin of 2018 to sit on nearly 60 acres just east of i-271 between harvard and chagrin despite other shopping nearby, he said that pinecrest feels a retail hole with many coming to the area for the first time. long time it was on the low
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this rise of the downtown and of the rnc in the cavalier success, those things have contributed to this is a now a hot market. >> the developer says that the site close access to ice 271 should is traffic observers. you may ha in the westside market, they sa some people park in the lot behind the market don't leave four hours taken up spacece the side petition asking the official to charge the same fee to matter where you park, as fa as price is nothing has been said,fa mike polensek says whatever the cost it can't hurt vendors.m want to make sure that there is a window of free parking for people to go to the marketi , if you don't have a window they
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that is the biggest fear, making sure the parking situation does not scare away people who shop there on a regular basis. throughout the white house is lobby for the president-elect. >> coming up, donald trump is coming under fire for not
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is getting mixed reaction, ray tensing accused of shooting and
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stop last year this month's trial ended after they cannot reach a verdict the prosecutor wants a new trial to be in a different venue, state police union said he had to make a splitic second life or death judgment call , a cincinnati councilwoman is happy that thei will be a continued fight for justice.,ei schoolbus driver in tennessee was speeding it was swerving along a road in chattanooga before hitting a tree yesterday killing five charge were brought against the driver johnthony walker because of his high rate of speed in a 30 mph zone and reckless driving. >> donald trump coming under fire for not keeping campaign promises. during the rnc in cleveland last july donald trump when protesters in the rally cry to
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promise and he prosecute hillar clinton for her use of a private e-mail server while secretary o state, today, his advaita says it will not happen she saysrere trump is more interested to let her heel? i think hillary clinton semester face the fact that the george americans don't find he to be honest but if donald trum can help her to heal them perhaps that's a good thing.p mean considering ben carson to head the department of housing and urban development. cannot complain about trauma like this. you may run into
7:16 pm great sunset to see the high clouds adding to the colorful sunset at 5:02 p.m. tomorrow we will be on tour for the normal height,, pretty low in the grateful department. currently in the 30s, gloomy mood the
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tonight forecast tomorrow rainfall in the morning and expect the afternoon so scattered showers. is you about one quarter inch of rain to the west about nothing to the east by thursday morning the rain will taper off with about one quarter-one half inch. tonight in the mid- 20s in the
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average high. most of the mix stays west of i-75. showers into early thanksgiving. on friday a range. > said in the evening into saturday . on saturday in the 40s and some 50s beginning next week. fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app,sign up for text alerts. fox >> os o
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kit is recalling suvs because of possible engine fires involving since 2,000r in the the covers sportage models 2,082,009 they say that road salt can get into the computer that can cause connectors to rust in the circuit board to spark a fire possibly if they find wiry grass they were replaced the computer if not they will replace the cover.e >> apple bring back a popular style of cell phone a granted a patent for a flexible iphone that can fold like an old flip
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iphone flip phone in the works but the patents often provide a glimpse into what they think fo the future.ofde amazon she cannot pay-tv to explore deals to acquire broadcast rights for professional and college sports to talk with wigs including the nfl, mlb and nba, amazon to create a sports package for its prime members and leaving no stone unturned also approaching espn and one world sports. a overseas pilot received applause r from the ground crew after landing in heavy winds, the airbus a320 landed with extreme crosswinds the footageg was conquered by a point.employee. can see it correcting and then making the safe landingg
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the day we say goodbye to the pledge in and in and look at th celebration to honor retiring
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seems like traffic has been having your baby people trying toicn stay later to get the work done because her taken two days off. >> and bittersweet day in fox 8. >> talk about the end of the year as we say goodbye to dick addard. reception was held with the entire fox 8 family and many special guest general managers, anchors and favorites like big
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to say how much he is man to northeast ohio, people asked me why dick my ard is really like, yardstick for the way that i determined someone's character is how do they treat people and animalsls when no one is lookin and by that yardstick, he is th greatest humanitarian that this town has ever seen. that he has sent al roker as well as drew carey and terry francona. a final forecast and then a final goodbye to the surrounde by family friends and coworkers as he stepped away from the new began to the animals, the four-foots and the 2-foot animalsur , i have not been handling this very well, i'm
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sounds much like your first broadcastu. is said that his voice was so high, back in 1961. >> even small animals would gather outside the station. he was honored by guinness as the longest working tv weather caster in history. >> he was touched by the showse parkrk and i think it hit him today how much he means to all of us. >> that does it for fox 8 news at 7:00 o'clock.> it back again tonight at
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