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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  November 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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this week marks two years since cleveland policee shot and killd tamir rice. how a vigil intended to honor the 12 euros memory, is only causing more plus, it is the end of an era. cuban leader fidel castro has died. sees how people from florida to havana are mourning and how celebrating dia >> , talk about a game of inches. despite two missed field goals ingo another poor passing day. see how jt barrett launched himself into ohioa state lore with a play for the ages to help the buckeyes beat the team up north.h two years after the shooting
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still demanding answers. welcome to fox 8 news at six. tonight, family and supporters gathered to remember tamir. the rice family calls the sacred ground, they say they will continue to push for justice matter how long it takes. f >> with tape over their mouth is, tamir rice supporters stood next to the spot where thesu a cleveland police officer more than two years ago. tamir cousin spoke on behalf of the family at the rally. >> two years too long we haven't courage and allowed outside influences to come into our city and change the narrative ofed or story. >> a story she says it should not be forgotten. tamir was killed by officers who believed the fake then he was h holding was real. the rice family was not involved in planning the rally. they found out about it on
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have not shown up. so we didn't want folks to come out here to memorialize her son and spirits of uplifting and supportingoron mrs. rice and the family was not involved. >> people presents a hearing from tamir family reminds them there is still more workf to be done. >> and makes the conflict a a lt more real. also, reminded me of the ways e haven't really dealt with the. >> it's hard to come back and feel like nothing has changed. >> some expressed their dissatisfaction with the cleveland police department, whose officers were present duringng the rally. the message from the rice family to supporters was don't stop fighting for tamir. >> we are still fighting for justice two years >> tamir family is hoping to meet with federal investigators before christmas about the case. an internal investigation has yet to be completed with cleveland
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for the case, as we all know me to a federal investigation and the justice department.nn we are hoping for change this evening, there has been a lot of the past two years. is in other news tonight, we're learning more about a fatal shooting on i 90 just east of it happened around 5:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. witnesses tell fox 8 that someone inside a red jeep pulled up next to opened fire. the 23 -year-old was hit in the torso. he lost control and crashed through the fence that separates the shoreway from north of marginal road. aa passenger in the car was not her but paramedics rushed both men to metro where the driver diedme from his injuries. a witness as it could've been her.h. >> we just heard -- that's what happened. i could have gotten shot.h my mom could've gotten shot.
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>> witnesses say the shots came from a red jeep, police say they're looking for a gray vehicle. the victim has yet to be identified and police are still looking for the 26 will passenger who left the hospital without speaking to investigators.o euclid police and local fbi agents are asking for your help to o track down a pair of two bk robbers. take a good look at these photos. investigators say they walkedy into the us bank branch on east 200 street. they handed the teller a note demanding cash. police say the young man did not appear to have a weapon. suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of money. they were last seen running down killed your avenue. there is a reward for any tips that lead to an arrest and conviction in this robbery.y. streets four oh firefighters are trying to determine the cause of a barn fire that t killed severl animals. this was the scene as sahbra farms on diagonal road k around 4:00 a.m. investigators say a barn,
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property, fire, trapping several animals inside. firefighters worked quickly to extinguish the blaze but not before the flames and smoke killed a dozen horses in at least three rabbits. you can read more about this story on fox8.comm. big news making headlines across the globe tonight. longtime cuban leader fidel castro haser died. for decades, he put his small island nation on the international stage by antagonizing united states and setting many cubans into exile.i they can florida are celebrating castro's death. >> we are celebrating -- >> and- outpouring of emotion by thousands of cuban exiles living in miami on to the streetsts following the death of fidel castro.ol he spent nearly five decades really the country after launching a military takeover in 1959. died at the age of 90.
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the announcement on television late friday. the celebration has not stopped since.e crowds were cheering, honking horns and waving the cuban flags. on help that fidel's past worldb pave the way for changing cuba. >> i have been waiting for 56 years for this night.e it's over. >> my mom and i believe in 1959. she had nothing. the fact that fidel is dead -- at the new beginning for cuba that we all loved. >> florida lawmaker -- also reacted to the dell's death. >> now to his deatha is upon us, we must use this opportunity tot refocus our efforts to help the people of cuba build freedom
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>> as you can imagine, reaction to fidel capap stroh's death was very mixed. the cuban flag is flying at half staff across the cuban capital. [ inaudible ] the mood is a jubilant in miami. where thousands of ex- pats took two streets of celebrating celebrate a some cuban-americans say this is the day they have been waiting for their entire lives. they believe, finally, conditions and cuba will change for the better. president barack obama is just one of many world leaders makind -- marking the death of fidel castro. he recently traveled to havana where he met with raul castroro,
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relations between the two nations. issues n zi the president went on to say --n our thoughts and prayers are with the cuban people. in thee days ahead, they will recall the past and also look to the future. as they do, the cuban peoplele must know that they have a friend and partner in united states of meantime, the president-elect is taking a much different stance. >> all the concessions that barack obama has granted to castro regimee were done through executive ordere next president can reverse them. that i will do, and last unless the castro regime meets our demand. >> those are president-elect donald thompsononde words on the campaign trail. today he backed up his talknwith a tweet -- fidel castro is dead. in a statement, mr. trump called the former cuban leader a brutal
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people for nearly six decades in the leaves behind a legacy of o firing squad, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.inri >> stay with fox 8 news for the latest on the death of fidel castro.ft you can always find the latest information online at back here along the north coast, has been a chilly, overcast today which are perfect conditions to do some early holiday shopi known as small business saturday. so will it beb any warmer for sunday morning services? while the browns game tomorrow?r the clouds have really robust guys for the last few days. we have occasionally seen some
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most of us have seen nothing but the cloudy skies. a chilly, damp. as well.l. while we did see some sun showers across the northeastern corner of the state this morning, most of it has been in new york state and also you can still say we are getting clipped by a little light rain or a little light snow.i here's a look at what the skies look like earlier. these breaks are encouraging because, as we widened up theth view, we will go from cloudy skies here to lots of sunshine.
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40 degrees. as a much different from earlier today. tomorrow will be a different story. some of that sunshinela will finally break through the clouds and we will see a day that is a little bit different. much closer to normal, very n uneventful. but the big change will bey as getting rid of the gray skies. and the sun we could have especially as we approach winter is more than welcomewha. we will take every bonus that we can >> is that the chilly weather, there t is still a big crowd tht has gathered downtown on the public square tonight. cleveland's annual winterfest celebration is going on right alison brown is live.
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but we are just moments awayf from the annual tree lighting ceremony downtown. take a look behind me.e. a sea of people here tonight. this is the first time in a few years the public square has ben the center of attention for all of this. big remodelen underway -- it looks great out here. the real gem week. it's been a long time since we have seen anything like this downtown. i also want to mention the live entertainment. people have been on stage all afternoon singing christmas carols.n.
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i cannot wait until they like the lights. >> everybody's gathered together. i love the skating rink. everywhere i look, -- cleveland just feels great right now.c this is a highlight. >> this is absolutely a highlight. right noww presentation on stage, waiting for the trees to be this event lasting until 8:00 p.m. tonight. even from last year ---- there is so much more room out here. really a good place to enjoy this activity tonight.a
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there really is a green space in the heart of downtown. there is an energy down another has not been before, or at least a long time. >> yes, absolutely. there are food trucks out here. people were even in tower city just walking around, shopping. a big crowd coming outside. a lot of fun out here. we are up on a right now. there are kids a people doing a lot of photo opportunities as well. a the stage is set, getting ready for the tree to be a lot of people having a good time out here. just kicking off the holiday season.goer >> a look at the green knight down there. thank you.u.>> could be a while before anybody could place of their ice-skating --
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it is unclear when the rink will be ready. and the long history of ohio state and michigan, never has the rivalry gameme needed overte to decide a winner and till today. one overtime. wasn't enougha t, so they went o another one. >> and nailbiter the ball. noo state and michigan had man a rivalry game was so much at stake in ten years. the winner of today's game kept their college football playoff hopes alive, as number two ohio state met number three michigan. ohio state scored first in the overtimes period to give the buckeyes a 24-17 lead. but michigan quickly responded with a touchdown pass on fourth and goal. to send the game into double
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one play later, curtis samuel ends it with the 15-yard sprint to the end zone and the buckeyes come from behind the force overtime and the michigan 30-27e this is amazing inaudible inaudible. can make that any more clear. my view of the first town will see what the big ten has to say about him criticizing officials publicly.s he will likely get a fine of some sort. we'll wait and see what happens
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many buckeye fans hoping that penn state actually wins tonight, because ohio state is already guarantee themselves a spot in the college football playoffs. and they won't have to i it pln the big ten championship with i would give them another week of preparation. a fourth down play -- is ohio state doesn't make that, game over michigan went. it was really close. sexy was also criticizing more officials
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to the death of fidel castro. comingfi up, we will look back n the controversial cuban leader's life and legacy, including his role in the tense bay of pigs conflict that nearly started a nuclear war. >> just what you thought the election was over, why a candidate who barelyo got 1 percente of the boat is now demanding a recount in at least one state.oa then, these guys walk into a convenience store looking for cheese. why they endto up alone in thet store, except for several police officers. and super moon. nower see how people in one stae are already preparing for another celestial phenomenon, more than one year in the making. >> we have a lot of active weather coming up in the next a
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?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth ics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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the official start of the christmas season here in cleveland. it was beautiful down there today.
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the christmas season officially beginning with the lighting of the downtown tree. the question is will he get some christmas like weather coming into the area? >> it's a mixed bag but lots of variety. thehe atmosphere is providingg something for everybody in the mac.thn bravo get ready because that variety will come fast and furious. a lot of quick changes in the next eight today we had this.
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lets take a look at the webcam
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a lot of dry air in place. we will here comes that wet weather. that will spend a couple of days in 32 degrees tonight. the next system -- which will be an increase in clouds s. we'll have some pretty toasty air before some colder air begins to wrap up back into the system.ld increasing clouds on monday. warm rain on monday night and
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then back into the 50s on wednesday. by thursday, normal again. towards friday and saturday, we could get back into some snow showers. there is something for everybody and not a day picture. there is something for everybody in the eight day picture. sports is coming up next. what a game i was down at the shoe today.a >> will have much more on the ohio statete buckeye game. that wild finish in columbus. can thehe buckeyes keep their playoff hopes alive. we'll talk about all the more
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michigan and ohio state needed a double overtime to decide this one. lebron james and the cavaliers -- ohio state trailed 10-7 at the half. a dusty call on fourth down. cameron johnstone fakes the. michigan capitalizes, -- wolverines led 17-7.
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fourth-quarter -- ohio state looking to tie the game but tyler durbin pokes it left from 20 yards out.u michigan leads 17-14. sixteen secondsds left in the game. another game-tying field goallee attempt. we're headed to overtime for the first timee ever in this rivaly game. both teamst score in the first overtime period. we had to a second.h ohio state wins a double overtime thriller 30-27. >> will talk about this for years to come. inaudible inaudible inaudible penn state who posting michigan state, with michigan's loss.
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the big ten championship game. former ohio state offensive guru tom harmon has a new job tonight. o he is taking the head coaching job at texas. he has led the 18th ranked cougars to a 22-4 mark to the last two seasons.2- ohio state and michigan not the only ones needing double overtime to keep playoff hopes alive.on these two teams were tied after seven after regulation. sending the game to a doubleto overtime. in the second overtime -- wesley settles for a field goal. and that's your game-winner --
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>> no overtime needed for mount union but certainly a nailbiter at johns hopkins.o freshman quarterback -- threw for 159 yards and two touchdowns including the game-winner.5 28-21. visit satu cavaliers. they flew to columbus to take in the big game. then flew to philadelphiat for tomorrow's game. first team to have back-to-back regular-season games with 23 pointers.-t
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inaudible inaudible you rarely hear coaches calling out officials like that. >> especially in >> thank you pj. still ahead, he was a key figure in american politics were 60 years. during that time fidel castro rarely sett foot on us soil. coming up, how a single man from a small islands made such an impact likely take decades tod erase his legacy. plus, not so fast. it is been almost three weeks
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find outti why one candidate is demanding a recount tonight. and talk about in an convenience store. what happenedboni with these twn try towi buy some cheese. and how the police had to get involved, when fox 8 news at six
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will come the death of fidel castro triggered both celebrations in morning. support is grieved over the russian missionary while others welcomed the death ofeonmi the polarizing strongman who loomed overtr cuba for decades.
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>> fidel castro came to power in cuba in 1959. following a widely popular revolution that overthrew dictator -- the rubble left his ideology student but some on the collision course with the united states. it wasn't long before the small caribbean islandndte found itsef allied with the soviet union at the height of the cold war.ts the alliance brought the worldg to the brink of a nuclear war during the c ~ missiles pointed at the unite states, were deployed in cuba. >> washington retaliated by imposing an economic and political embargo against cuba. the revolution provided education and health care for all. n >> with the dell achieved in thi social order of this country has not been achieved by any coronation or any rich companies.
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turned into the nightmare we live today because we have a totalitarianan regime. >> prime minister and later president, castro was never able to achieve economic prosperity, even during the many years as soviet grosson a model in which everything was controlled by the state in the communist party. thousands of opponents, dismissed as traders at the services us imperialism, were imprisoned,mp send to exile were both throughout castro's rain. castro
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and 2008, who was ill lesnar, not washington, that forced him to step back. they castro's voice was still heard.d. mostly through essays published to newspapers. and to 11 sh the unannounced appearance marked the official end of castro's role at the communist party's helm.t presidential election may not be over justno yet.e green party candidate jill stein has officially filed a request for a recount in wisconsin. the header wisconsin elections commission says there are no reports of any such the green party is expected too seek recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. stein raised more than $5 million to cover recount costs here at meantime,
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administration from his t resort in florida. he tapped former white housese aide, kt mcfarland to be his deputy of security advisor. drop also new reports show several students auto was a category two hurricane. over the past 40 hours, it has struck torrential wanes some areas that more than 2 feet
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the snow in washington state -- that system is going to be headed for ohio.s we will be on the warm side of that system, not the court system.a will finally break out into some
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there is really not much out therere from here west. that system is just beginning to show up there.e. 32 degrees tonight. tomorrow the sun breaks through the clouds.ak it will be a decent day. uneventful and quiet.
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it could have been better but it certainly could have been worse. it turned out to be a beautiful nightco -- a live look at public square word is beginning like christmas.oohr santa claus arrived just minutes ago.. cleveland's official christmas tree. a beautiful site there in downtown.n.
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grinch as well just a few moments ago.g the tree is lit and everyone is in the holiday spirit out here. take a look behind me -- we have a local band having a good time tonight. you can really feel the excitement. there is plenty of room and activities for everybody. the real gem out here tonight is the t ice-skating rink. people are skating for free tonight.t. we have food trucks as well. this event goes on until 8:00 p.m. tonight.t. definitely a great kickoff to
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>> it is a beautiful sight behind you, allison.n. still ahead -- keep your eyes to the sky. unlike the recent super moon, you will have to be pretty patient to catchh up once of ths natural phenomenon. where and when you can see it. but first, bottoms up. too late for that guy ---- but see where he and other beer l hours on black friday, when
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a rarer clips is already havinga an impact, little under a year in advance. the transcontinental eclipse will be impacting businesses around south >> the united states will experience its first transcontinental solar eclipse and 99 years and it doesn't happen until next year. >> i'm looking for to seeing it myself.h >> but enthusiasts are already making plans. >> we have had calls from people in europe, south americaca and o people will come from all over the world a to see this in chase this a clip.
6:51 pm
eclipse on the east coast, columbia, south carolina. anyone within 100-mile radius of the city will experience two minuteses of pure darkness in te middle of the afternoon. twelve states are along the path of the eclipse, which will travel from oregon to south carolina onre monday, august 21, 2017. >> there is a massive effort throughout the midlands of south carolina to the people will have options o of places to view it. >> which means a major boost in spein >> 75-80 rooms are booked up right now. >> that 80 out of 130 rooms, a year in advance. the columbia chamber of commerce hopes that nearly a million tourists planning to come see the eclipset , the economic impt will be powerful. hundreds of black friday
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item on their wish lists. it was in the tv or computer, it was beer. >> rather be here buying beer on black friday than fighting the crowds the target.beg >> beer lover started lining up outside lakefront brewery in the walkie about 9:00 o'clocko thanksgiving night. they were all there to get my friendsdsan limited edition blak friday imperial stout. it's only sold on bla for the past five years. it's become a tipsy holiday tradition in milwaukee. still ahead, there are only crime being black on black friday -- these guys walk into a convenience store looking for cheese. while they almost walked away in handcuffs.
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?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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a couple black friday f shoppers had a very strange and scary experience all because they happened to be black on black friday. the men were just looking for some cheese but ended upup facig questions from police. >> something strange happened
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drugstore last night. they asked an employee for one thing ---- cheese. >> all i asked for was cheese and she told me that in carrying. >> before the new york, the two employees just vanished. as we looked around for 30-45 minutes. we can find anybody. >> of their customer is also in the store.n job. then the employees disappeared. and we'll became a part of some weird event expects eventually,a police showed up. customers and the police worked together to find the missing employees. >> he was laughing with us.s. this is how a weird movie starts. joking about it. >> shows officers trying to find the employees. >> someone call the cops on a. >> eventually the officer took
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because they were scared of us. >> they just told us that we needed to leave the premises otherwise would be arrested for trespassing.. that completely flipped the script on all off us.u we had no idea what was going on. >> what a story. a quick final look at ourur forecasts. >> sunday will be much brighter. cloudy skies right now but tomorrow the sun comes back.k. >> thank you for joining us for fox 8 news at six. we will leave you with this beautiful look at public squarea
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>> we are fox sports. >> mike macintyre's colorado buffs, they said just one win away from completing an improbable worst to first turn around in the pac-12 south, but it is utah that stands in the way of the pac-12 title hopes. >> history can teach us many things. it can reveal the highest of highs. >> number one for colorado! >> and the lowest of lows. >> well, this is the day the buffaloes and its fans will soon want to forget about. >> but today, a new chapter can be written.


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