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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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like that line is forecasted to partially. cap. that's going to allow a futurist to work in here by midday anday early afternoon at this point i think the coverage will only beb a the winds be of all the showerss went to see will not play call.l
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climb back to the middle 50s python tomorrowmb it's also gog to boost temperatures tomorrow mid-sixties the group look at it from afarid- this is the pattern we've been waiting to typically get to the south fourth like that visit pic from behind it not far off. overall a nice, easy start tort listen to the monday workday it
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physical threat and then crashed that. here going to take off that right lane. daveg and that will not be affected. wayne and stacycya back to you.o another one bites the dust the cleveland browns find oute 0-1.
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it's tough being a cleveland browns.'s as hard as it is to be if it's b also very hard for coach youe when there are things i don't go right there. point fingers at a bunch of different people. chris for the hardest thing ever. sunday was bad enough to kick off as they put the ball out of bounds and it would only get worse from there.he he did most of this afternoon dancing that in zone for what
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his first touchdown catch in three months the browns just could notbro pull it off and thy lost to the giants 27-13ff i thk it's just the effort.ffo we have tapped 110 percent out what's going to come out of this is a toughness that comes out of going to stuff like this. coach said it's going to maketo sure they never feel this thingi again heavy percent on the team is a fighter they do deserve to wina f they have the wind down s their bye week before they put
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they will have the week off to ricohs cleveland police say there have been 121 murdersce int far in 2016 and that equals thes homicide rate for 2015 show short of the ten year high in 200-7134 were killed fact said therefa averaging 2-3 homicides per week leave this happen saturday two men were shot onee type at the hospital this islad
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this is the third year in a row with the homicide rate climbingc above 100.l they held a visual last night to remember jamal green. in other news airport officials around the nation say they have been few problems for travelers heading home after this thanksgiving holiday while lines they sayr than usualal passengers have been moving quite slowly this is been the case that many
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or less during peak travel times fidel castro tribute remember theut longtime leader that his legacy is being remembered and a vastly different wayacy off the
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let's get a check on weather ann traffic with the bearded one. we'll get it did jump up for
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this again because the humidity is serial not reaching ground it will continue to tracn fromu west to showers of break up and eventually make it around here the coverage on any of the rainh today will be relatively smalliv temperatures climb to the middle andetur upper 50s the south went
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admitted because you to warm up like thispr this time of year is an indication of something largerimt' push of dry air in the first
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the salt lake with done over the great lakes that this buckling the jet stream would indicate higher chances seen panhandlers p.m. lows like that eventually one of these will produce l some snow the one on doesn't promising a couple of light snow showersco it's lookig more ahead to next week sunday
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hampered it in with the allegedd harker is not demanding. we do weather and traffic every eight minutes.
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don't do that to me. you know i'm barely making it. we to weather and traffic over all nice easy start going to close permanently. it begins today. they are scheduled to reopent in
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percentage holding town 189tow wayne and stacy back to you. cuba is observing nine days of mourning for fidel castro throw be a memorial in the revolutionary square totobe --- canonist prime minister clarified original remarks when he praised the communist dictator.he the 21 -year-old pennsylvania in connectionbarsrs to a junior firefighter and
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homicide charges after shooting the teenagers last night al andn times with 5 miles south of twenty-three -year-old man was going east to the westbound lane
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trip to the off-line for manyr writers. they were allowed to write for free.e. kevin love needed several stitches over his right eye n hd over to is the next foe them next week on fox 8 news in
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again our outlook today starts to push a few ofofs the showers into wese ohio there will be spotted by the time they make itpott into
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will be looking out widespread rainfall just being fitted be with a high temperature today in the middle 50s.e and that will start to see widespread rain developing late thisin evening and overnight tonight that's been the temperatures paly clouds will fall to around 50 will be relish tournament temperatures will rise the middle andwi upper 50s tomorrow morning with widespread payfall endingup morning behind them we start to see breaks of sun tomorrow it's going to be pretty windy and unseasonably warm with highs in the middle 60s eight-day forecast coming up in just a little bit.ths e they needed something
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the cavaliers the first sleep after trailing by 14 at one point he extended the advantage for the corner three.
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and another rematch from lastas year there trying to win a fifth straight title.h ohio state buckeyest remain number two in the latest poll in the game. 30-27" over time in columbus ato the horseshoe michigan fell from thirdlu to set. alabama still never want alll comes in followed by washington wisconsin are going to square off unfettered the big ten championship game hoping to get
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now it's been felt clevelandn patty harkin will hae a closerki look at your morningr commute as we do weather ande traffic every eight minutes.
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