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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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gone there all in gates you know. i want to thank you for joining wayne dawson.da is a beginning to seal of that like christmas not by the end of the week as we check out that eight-day in about 15 minutes. s they're already have been a few and a few widespread showers into south western ohio at thein line see how starting o move easton in there showing significant signs of weakening will fall apart completely it's just too strong for that who we are highlighting out weekend overall forecast meaning there will be a few scattered showers
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under 30 percent temperatures by lunchtime will be teams 45 and 50 see how they start to spread from west s to east and eventuay fall apart watch the left side of your screen. widespread rainfall overnight tonightht sc and also look at the pros traffic time for patty. right now on the roadways we are that's good news we are in sky foxth looking at the in abot and traffic is slowing lot coming across the inner belt bridge between hours of nine and sites crews will take out the
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as you head into townwi for suny work. we had an accident this morning down and akron along russell streetand police attempted to pl over the vehicleic for a traffic stop and bit slide hitting the streets to teenagers were transported from that vehicle no word on their condition. this is c in the 650 bucks russell afternoon down and akron in the roadway has been clear. jessica dill life at first
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worse from there he threw three touchdown passes including two h percent most of his afternoon it'sent dancing in the end zonen for what it's worth it to fight back it's his first touchdown catches in three months the cut their lead to just seven pointso with eight minutes left but the
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have to have a hundred and 10 percent. and look forward to better days there's a toughness that comes out of going to stuff like this. coach was asked if he's worried about if his job he says absoluy not he's not even thinking about
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averaging and for lack of people having a referenceor and all for god knowing that god is the giver of lifeow in the lake she has theha right to take it away. family and friends of a man
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are asking for helpi in finding the person responsible they have green iteelast night was driving a silver sedan downtownilv when someone in anor vehicle opened fire hitting them in the chestne e he died latera hospital.ita airport officials around the nation say they have been few problems for travelers headingg home after the thanksgiving holiday will security lanes for longer than usual out at quite smoothly through security this it has been the case that many other us i airports. they showed an average delay of 15 minutes or less during peak travel times. is 6:06 a.m.ght nowr weather and traffic every eight
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the jobs of the junior firefightersrs inside the fire the town is about 45 miles south
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some are calling it divine intervention after an ends and then ejected from his cards was found on hard it harmed in ain drainage the car was struck by a truck on arkansas highwayhe friday nigh. firefighters found the bases 35 feet away and a hate covert drainage great. baby was sitting there she wassh even crime in this chapter out t e-cigarette it exploded and demand pocket.po it has gone viral and prompted a potential lawsuit you can actually seat height new york winds store employee stamina counter when sparks and smoked started shooting from his pants man's attorneyatt says he's currently recovering from burns and he'se' worried
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legal action when they identified the manufacturer. business area and out cyber monday. it feels will continue through the week on aue variety of toys electronics video games and books electronics tend to be big sellers on cyber mondayayb so fr this holiday season thes most-watched deal has been the mermaid tail blanket.el disney has announced tickets for rope once a star wars story will go on sale today news of the advanced ticket sales came in the form ofcke a tweet from the official star wars account. fans have been eagerly awaiting the details about row what which
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prequel it will debut in theaters on december 16. i can't wait.ece seventeen minutes after 6:00 a.m. stay with us an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes6:st talk aba see if cleveland is officially lit up for the holidays what makes this you're so special.ano our monday morning therapist great pruitt is here to break it all down and make us feel a little bit better value cleveland browns. web will bee right back.
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good morning a fairly quietqui morning if you're driving heading out to work early this morning if we time lapse portions of sunshine we jumped up to 35 willoughby at 31 westlake out into elyria between 38-42 akron in38 massillon with the 37 whats happening were keeping a very close eye on this finer showers who's is really actively last
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possibly break up years old her to see the leading edge of winds will you will strong gusty under 35 per and then all rights row quick iq the morning once the rain moves
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this is the pattern now we need the eight-day forecast with some late snow and deeper system waltzes of another panhandle
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it's time to see what's
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inside to wayne and stacy. your cleveland browns is not attracting it many fans. good at morning. we are 0-12 that's been a long time since before and again.t the last quarterback to win a a game for us was trying to sell. we need to start winning.
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this point they count on the opposing teams institute of thef barstools. i do not count on the groundthe hints for their success. while there off to their worst start ever there off to the
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in other news this morning a plan to close in a week in andi
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had that no plans for the forcible removal of anyone who stays in cincinnati churche wil stay with defense it -- will tough to defense attorneys how they should they plan to read try and ended in a hung jury earlier this month and out want a second child
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he won the popular vote if you detect them millions of peoplepe who voted illegally that thereth is no evidence to back his claim.m. some in the morning in the city an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes plus leading up tonight. it's 50s. city of cleveland is in the holiday spirit.
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you know he is made big money b and they've done well. i'm in the wrong business. i should be working with it is 6:51 a.m. let's get a look at traffic with patty. easy tv on your monday morning rush hour mark meets east 22nd this is over 72nd and i 90
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at the eight-day and the coffee quiz with the good usually means something is lurking behind it you could see a little bit of light snow c how
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are you doing any shopping. we did a little over the weekend i haven't in the received any there's nothing people for that. how much do people spend cyber monday.
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there's always cents free shipping. what do you think. i'm very impressed. it's like $2 billion or $3 billion or something like that.or
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good stuff.tuf we have mcdonald's can certificates thank you so much you guys have a great day.ha she's done already.a that isl impressive. 6:55 a.m. a short time rightgh now. it's time to kick it with kenny. christmas is here as you can see we're going to talk about the holiday extremes that extra up
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explain that to me again please. alright, here's the deal. i'm gonna pretend i'm with the irs. i'm gonna say you owe back taxes and threaten you with jail time. that'll scare you into giving me a whole bunch of your money. i also need your social security number, too,
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i?n su n?mero de that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families against frauds and scams.
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jurors in the middle 50s costs about 25 and we are really looking at widespread rainfall with a whole lot of wind and warmth to start out tuesday we tried to nail down each and every weather system as we see it now through the beginning of next week.k. n t g withthd to >> it is pretty good is pretty good rush-hour so far is from 77 to 90 eastbound the ramp that does tend to jim, folks along 90 eastbound that want to start want to start over next to carnegiest 77 i 90
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will be traveling in akrons the route and it will open today. wayne and stacy, back to you. >> cleveland browns are now zero and 12 live at first energy stadium with a recap the recap and emotional postgame reaction good morning. be a cleveland browns fan everyone knows it wants to know when in a long time as hard as it is to be a fan it's also really hard for coach . >> there are things such as to why it is easy to that is probably the hardest thing ever
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few booted the ball out of bounds it would only give out after three touchdown passes were passedd junior who spent most of the afternoon dancing in the end zone for what it's worth a they did fight back the could not pull it off for browns the browns lost 27 ? >> just keep fighting and you know look forward to better tearss with what's going to come out of those they are former
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says he refuses g to other allor anyone to feel the this way and then so hopefully somethinget changes. >> that means they went in there very near future. the browns will have a week off to recoup before regroup before returning to actionl of trying to find thr way when they are something i close the bengals on may. >> last year's homicide rate end of this year could warm police are there but 121 murders in the city so far in 2016 which equals the homicide rate for 2015. it is just short of the tenure i in 20071134 were killed. councilman says they are
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two men were shot one died at the hospital. a pastor says the silence house to end.s >> people have a reference knowing god is the giver of life only has the right to take it away. >> this is the third year in a row oklahoma city rate homicide rate climbing. >> they held a vigil last night to remember the 20h -year-old jamal greene who was driving a silver sedanvi friday i 90 is in canton be lost control and crashed and died later at theer hospital. >> security lines are a bit longer than usual and hopkins
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moving quite along smoothly through security checkpoints this is been the caset that many otherse places around the nation as well. their children they showed an average delay of 15 minutes or less during peak travel times which is wonderful. >> it is 7:06 a.m. trump tower got a little makeover thanks to .oogle maps6 >> find out what people had a hard time finding trump tower this weekend and what they found in its place.we >> plus this is not your average gingerbread house it's no house at all.ur >> good morning, everyone the temperatures are generally between 35 and 40 we anticipatee calls to increase with a good chance of showers later on. we talk more about the changes tomorrow with prospects of accumulating snow between noww
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from the in the newsroom our man is dead after a shootout withu deputies and bartenders, louisiana the 48 -year-old man fired shots it at deputies last
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his hands after police shot him a flat into a wooded area near interstate tend he was captured and died on the way to the a celebration on bourbon street in new orleanseb turns deadly the shooting took place during the bayou classic weekend including a big college football game they had two men to women killing won and the process the shooter was arrested but we do know two people including a man who was shot were taken into police custody. >> we wereol able to make to unrest in honor of the victims was in possession of a firearma who may or may not be associate with this was arrested in possession of a firearm in addition to eight other progres we've made over the past 24 hours. >> the mayor of new orleans says
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police responded fast and police will pursue the investigation. >> the small box gives a glimpse into the soldiers yourr observes are now they are trying to get the well-deserved model into the right hands. >> if you take that shot thatth means you were shot by the enemies. >> it is unclear who just started have reachedwh out to severalal organizations working hard. >> google has fixed the name of the president-elect's home after someone changed itre on the giat map app. instead they brought dumped time users began noticing the changes to the fifh avenue fifth avenue bridge on saturdayfi logos is an unknown person changed the way ball.
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any offense it may have caused. donald trump has yet to comment which is surprising. >> when it comes to gingerbread houses this one headed out of the avid cubs fans ?- thursday this day is a shelf. he used his artistic skills to make a gingerbread replica of wrigley field. check field. check it out.ic it weighs more than 40 pounds and is l doubleo receipts proceeds are made out of crackers the windows are made out of gelatin. >> we are all all caps fan something that a the cubs won te world series world. series with thee quickly cap powder measured
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visit him in his workers within so many areas to build the replica. it will be on display until after have you ever been to wrigley? i have it's beautiful. everywhere i looked that's why i say that 7:13 a.m. is your time right nowi it been a nice rush hour so far no major mishaps we will take it thatma goodness is for folks coming up 77 onto 90 eastboundfo also heavier volumes for 80
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today. you need wind it to get that. we will have that crowd cloud cover rapidly increasing 42 out will be. outlook as we start to track the line of showerss with the sciene partially breaking i am so we are highlighting scattered showers the coverage on this me have to adjust depending on the behavior but over all it will be breezy spotty showers later this after noon daytime eyes well up
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start to fade away with widespread rain windy and tested about 35 miles per hour with christmas lights and the could be running into a problem tomorrow. the temperatures rise most of the heavy rainfall will be out of heree by the morning rush highs in the mid 60s it will be a windy day tomorrow notice the pattern shift as we go through this is 60s back to the 50s andac then 40s by the end of the week there is the break tomorrow secondary low develops with flow develops with showers developing winds tuesday nightin into wednesday where we see the temperatures goldtone rainfall amounts a quarter to a half inch of rain a and notice e
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we start to see those trough and when that happens you normally get panhandle lowe's with the one coming in early next week lookswe to be much different and that is for accumulating snow fox eight news school closing station a lot of stuff goingci on here with two chances of rain. look at you out there with no the jacket on what is the temperature out theree again? >> forty. forty. a cold snap
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>> while you why you shared chances on thanksgiving day george couple judge couple exchanged vows. we learn about the couple special day. >> happily ever after, i all three. >> this is the first time to my knowledge we've ever had four years of after returning from a drawer inr afghanistan he ran into the haey west 40th avenueey to pick up a last-minute itemspi you are searching for cranberry sauce little didfo you know a thing someone else's so might.w >> a shy of as i have not seen you in over 20 some years. they had met a few times before but it was not until that encounter
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he never did send anything permanent. >> the leader decided it they later decided it was time to seal the deal. so they asked harvey's to service the venue. >> we were so excited to be a parta of that special day. they helped several months and helped witht the live music and wedding cake topped with none other thn cranberry. >> on thanksgiving we havean may >> a moment that mary, larry and over 70 witnesses will never forget. >> on thanksgiving day you said what he wanted to do was give thanks to the lord with the old going out and the new coming in. >> that is one wedding he would never forget that is for sure.
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kicking it with kenny good morning. >> good morning. a great place to buy an awesome christmas awesome christmas gifts. they have bn a call celebration cald deck the halls we will show you some of the new thingson it is time now for the fox eight cool school.
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time. the monday after the holiday we were wondering how we
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moving this morning because they had all last week off. that was a big vacation i am sure with a little i bit of torture when the alarm went off. we want to kick it with kenny good morning we are in akron ohio. recorda year last year about 37,000 that is great. that is important for you guys because that helps run everything and deck the halls one alcohol is
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very nostalgic with the historic good year blimp touring the city.. you can't stop but they are you alwaysbu have to give te folks something new. and along the same look at it we we have a neww seen >> we have a new animated is traditione's with the cooking here that used to send all their gifts, the freshly baked baked bag of goodies very fine. and that is seen on the back as the rooftop silhouettes. it is pretty fine
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one right across the way we had a very bige shop with are livee breakers draws out the window. this is our new seem to meet and greet so weird rudolph is visitingm this year and children can see almost alive let's ju good. absolutely and as many adults are sitting with santas o
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actually you really should go and look out our website because at our website because our nights are different the week before and after i would encourageou you to get your tickets before you ad to give your self give yourself time to park. absolutely cap gingerbread head to the fire see santao we are attacking the hal here. lights thank you. appreciate it. 7:26 a.m. is your time right now still open for business. yes but not many are coming in need. we want to take a live look outside right now traffic is moving along nicely o with weather and traffic
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>> it is one of my favorite songs they don't know why minutes is up there. the eight minutes is up three, two, one there we go 38 degrees pretty lights. and then strongsville
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impressive amount and then the spine will start to partially weekend t and scattered showers bryantt made day early afternoon as the temperatures will climb out in the win the bigger story after today and then tonight as the low really startsll to not only move heavy rain in here wind gusts could be between 39 and 40. we
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youil and explain each one is jt in just a couple of minutes. this is up on the inner belt a of stalled vehicle, so hopefullh they can get that remedied with the vehicle out of other accident is ine the clearing stages by broadway for
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that was 76 westbound. >> demerit months. unfortunately the top story this and for the second stick with straight week there turn proved to be critical. >> second down and maintain into their hands. who will in. touchdown giants. >> he returned a fumble 43 yards a 20 ?- six lead lead on that next edition that was the third one of the about the giants would add to putting but away
7:34 am
our 4-yard touchdown square then he that he had the nerveya to do the lebron james choctaws they are now zero and 12, and the coach is in tears as our a lot of fans a a lot of events were new yorkre giants. >> upon a couple of times and that to times the two times i went to the away team was louder. >> if you have a business downtown you are feeling the pain.fe you are feeling the bun inur your pocket book that's noa good thing we are in first energy stadium with more on the
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won one in a long time it is been almost a year we need to start winning. hello. the concert should be on help bring this runs bounced back. and then the timeouts expected or a mess. miss. at this.sthey count on them to oppose the barstool the steelers definitely travel well. it is more of the people we are going
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>> bar owners say they do not rely on the cleveland browns for their success fortunately we have the cavaliers had the cavaliers as well taking place this weekend. it is just so windy down heret it was 50 and y son was out. i did drive past a lot thank you. other is to tell you about a cincinnati judge will meet with prosecutors and defense attorneys you talk about a deadly police shooting case help for the 2015 shooting
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are asking for a change of venue demonstrators will gather at 4:00 o'clock at the cornerth of main and market in downtown they say the dakota ask access sparkling violatesta native american lands meanwhile they plan to close and area and norh dakota next week advising protesters there to leave. was brutally attacked by a bear. >> i really did not think i was going to make it. >> see how this man and woman survived after coming with a black bear
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good morning, everyone let's take a look at the eight day forecast. we are going to stir to g get into this pattern and it seems like it will hold true the showers later this afternoon down rain downright lazy tonight we will get a break
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mid-sixties showers redevelop temperatures stayh in the 50s we get a break i don't think te temperatures will be quite cold enough for any snowfall with light accumulation at a thursday night or friday night and maybe a better chance oftt snow fall by snowfall by the end of december. it is still looking like that. traffic time with patty and we have two areas
7:48 am
a stalled vehicle off on that left-hand side it is blocking folks with 271 north you see the vehicles off in the right berm which is a good thing if you can screwed over always do just make sure you o slow it down and ths is this is the inner belt further along on the left-hand side which is causing for the delays as you head into town this morning.d it is ramps are now open and you are good to go. >> thank you. it looks like holiday shoppers are being a little more careful about
7:49 am
national retail association says 53 of people0 150 million o that space same aa for the master its where the master each consumers spent an average of less than 2015r at te retail federation gearing up for some of the bigge online retailer that is rolling out more than 75,000 sales and if you are looking for travel deals they say there will be big wormsra on hotels. as you surf the web we have you covered for all the best holiday shopping
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hamburger is getting some company adding two new burgers inspired by the big mac b it is made with a 30-pound of beef while the generic back as aa single layer or burger or you could say the ground around is what you get a few if you supersize it.ou basis thing coming maxtor and you don't want to know the calorie count on that brand mac. >> nonno probably not. not calories for that we goot for te little baby many back. it is
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good morning, and every one. we are having a great time.o the expo hall is dark the hall is
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gingerbread to the land and just . joan talked to some water and made this after so bright and so happy toto make it even the membrane now it's
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what we see here. >> we have gingerbread people that we started in the courtyard it's one of mark. and then we turn it into a giant tutor gingerbread house. and candy everywhere absolutely. no see everything you need to know about your
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recommend that with all the details there you go to great tips great tips by your tickets onlinere we will indicate which locks are available that night. and that gets really busy you. especially on the weekend. deck of the halls with the holiday extravaganza out to the s big house. back to you guys in the studio. >> the last time i was there was not the last time you were there too? we did a half an hour specialw that was a long time ao you are rate. happy ready.
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>> a little unemotional we emotional we will hear whate the players to say after the 12th loss of the season. and indulged. and that is a little reality. plus taking advantage of cyber monday. find out how many of us will be shopping online today. all of that and so much more one fox
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good morning. the 20th day of


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