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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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people with a butcher knife as they tried to escape, campus police officer shot and killed the single suspect about one minute later the toll of nine people were hospitalized for injuries both from the vehicle and from stab wounds they are expected to survive the campus was put on lockdown, they were told that there was an active shooter university told him to seek shelter for about one hour until it was secured, at first, there was confusion they tried to run away, the first thought it was an accident until he began to stab people with a knife. it was very scary,
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this happen in front of you is very unsettling. the suspect identified as a 2-year-old somali into the country as a refugee but then granted legal permanent resident status the motive is unclear, early report that their could be a second suspect that the police say the could find no indication of tha the only firearm use was by the officer to come suspect? >> that's right, there were no injuries resulting from gunshot wounds, the suspect was shot an killed by the officer, witnesses heard about four gunshots, seeley, that officer shooting
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the injuries due to the car crashing and the wounds witnesses received the alert they said it was very quickly, many of the witnesses said that they ran a lay seeking in other rooms in thank you matt ride from the campus of ohio state university doctors about to get an update on some of the victims conditions from the morning attack at all issue. >> down to that news conference in columbus, surrounded hereby collects from state and city government and from public safety and from the wexner medical center.
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an individual this morning who drove onto a sidewalk striking people and then stabbing people with the butcher knife and before he was stopped by one of the campus police officers, the individual was neutralized, the initial victims were struck by the car at 9:52 a.m. the officer counted the individual at 953 and was neutralized, at 955 campus aler went out for people to seek shelter in to stay put. first of all to exit the place for this occurred, and they wer told to get away from the area.
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and a variety of local law enforcement 's joined us and the fbi on campus to make sure ther were no further threats and about 90 minutes later the buildings were released i have with me the people who were directly on saying they will speak at the moment, but to say at first that we spoke to the first responder to thank followed his training and to neutralize this within roughly one minute ago and to visit three of the injured people in the hospital to let them know how much we are supporting them to come to a speedy recovery an
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replays that there were no more serious injuries and , i give you the director of public safety. give you a brief timeline of events, and it's 9:52 a.m., the officer involved called out tha a vehicle had struck about seven pedestrians, he radioed into this batch, then a few seconds later, he called indicating that there was an officer leading the systems that there was a man with a knife, at 9:53 a.m. the same officer reported of shots fired and one person was down after that the suspect,
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and driven his vehicle into some pedestrians, then he got out of the vehicle with a knife, began stabbing people. the suspect fired shots, and th officer use deadly force to sto the thread, the threat was then ended, several elder law enforcement agencies were spotted in addition to all issu pd arco gas surrounding area followed up on other possibilities are, the parking garage, rumor that their may have been another potential threat that was thoroughly searched and turned out to be not true. like to share with the officer' name did a great job today. 28-year-old officer.
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january 2015. the suspect was an osu student. we do not have an information on the motive is an ongoing investigation. want to thank several people on stage , support that we received from the city are represented here by the mayor and support from the state and government kasich and the representative joyce beatty is here. just want to mention those people. my name is andrew thomas, chief
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at la's wexner medical center. the update on these victims, that were brought here as well as to other hospitals in the city. we have had six total individuals that have been brought here by ems or have a ride on their own , earlier it was five, since the press conference earlier we had one additional victim was hit by th car, who came in with some muscular injuries and his b and downstairs. there were two stab victims and two other victims who were hit by the car, and another victim with some lacerations that we are working on. to attack into riverside methodist hospital are those people were hit by the car. wild weather orthopedic injury
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fracture he is being observed that he is responsive and appears to be stable. two individuals that were taken to grant with lacerations. and one additional patient who showed up at grande hospital wh was a victim of the vehicle with an injury and has has been discharged. then back over to. chief still have some more specifics about the incident. we have an elaborate camera system on the campus. reviewed the video and saw the suspect vehicle entering the campus
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the vehicle was spotted on woodruff and also on 19th. want to thank the officers and syndications and by tracking this car down we could tell tha he was in the vehicle by himself appreciate this if he responds, county partners who are assisting us i this investigation, thank you. is there a question or two? >> was he acting alone and not in conference with anybody else? this is an ongoing investigation, i can tell you that's we can prove that the suspect was by himself in the
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perform this act by himself today. investigation is to determine motive
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the suspect, is an osu student. indication that he was involved. >> it is an ongoing investigation. >> let me just ask a moment, we have the governor and the mayor and would like to say a word an also congresswoman this morning, i talked to the dr. and want to thank the first responders who did a remarkable job, you think about this timeline, from 9:52 a.m.,-9:54 a.m., shows how much practice and training and expertise and coordination
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columbus police, fbi, state police and recovery team, which is our special unit of the highway patrol. there was amazing coordination. the speed that they came together, but this tragedy coul have been what i understand, both doctors they expect people to have a full recovery. many parents were contacting
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it is remarkable with these first responders did, it will be a lesson across campuses of what to do with this kind of thing happens and as dr. drake mentioned, these tabletop exercises are not to be taken lightly is the same that we fee about high schools and k-12. all need to be take field. the other thing is , i have a goddaughter who goes to a schoo here, she got off airplane cohort of the situation and came to my home and i believe has no returned to campus. >> this is where i started. this is where i was
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had the stands out there, i remember walking into the worship looking around at this unbelievable place. sarah bassett orientation leader, my first big meeting in politics, there is just nothing like the oval or quantum hall. this is just a magnificent place truth i immediately thought about this morning the stab wounds perhaps the gunfire. we are a strong tough
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not just the students it is anybody who touched this place will be affected by what happened today and we will be extremely grateful to have full recovery. state police and recovery team enforcement do their job, the fbi is assisting with local and campus police, columbus police are the lead investigators, we are assisting, also the highway patrol. the fbi has a partnership, they have not taken over, they have great respect for the work of
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of the campus police and columbus police. is our job to say that the investigation tickets due course, and then we will find out what happened , we may never totally find out why this perso did what you did or why he snapped, we may never come up that we have more information and i will be joined by dr. drake to say that now we must the campus will reopen tomorrow, the campus is called, and peopl restoring confidence and ohio state will be stronger. to have come through this and w will have learned a lot and i will promise you, from the university present to the security, that they will of the game beyond what is in
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performance on part of our first responders. like my colleagues, i have the opportunity to speak to present drake and his staff team earlier. i would be remiss if i do not think the medical team and the multiagency police force. what was unique about the alert system, the students received the message and acted appropriately. though sites are not happen, do not take it lightly a lot to say to the administration to sa thank you for the preparation that is what happens when something like this happens the students did not overreact, the
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like the government. all of the places we saw on tv were fresh in my mind spending four years here as a senior vic president to go by those buildings in that garage and i say thank you to president drake and to andy thomas and and eric atkins and to our police chief into all of your fine officers and i'm so proud that i can stand here with chief chickens and say thank you for your leadership and thank you. the city of columbus, this is one of those days that we are grateful for good training and people. >> chief jacob's we have the opportunity to meet with the outstanding law enforcement
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want to give thanks to those who continue to take on some of the biggest challenges in law enforcement, some are more dangerous, located time to be an officer. we had a well-trained professional today, who saved the lives of residents and students. and till the outstanding professionals and at hospitals throughout our city and the first responders. a difficult tragedy takes place, they are running into the heart of the danger. so we say thank you to
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columbus is a very special place and ohio state is a major reason why we are so special. asked the people of columbus to lift those involved, to be in their thoughts and prayers, for the victims, the families and the collective community, this is a diverse, community as we welcome people from all over th world, that is what makes it so special, so i asked for everyone to continue to pray for each other in to look out for one another and to make sure that w continue to focus on, what
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there were six at ohio state, two of riverside and 3m grant he's been on the 4 cents januar.
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bloesinger remarks from the the columbus man, as well as going kasich talk about the tragic today in columbus on the osu campus. the good news is that those victims today will recover. the hero is the officer, who has been on the force for about two years. he arrived first told the suspect to drop his weapon and that he did not see shot and killed the suspect. now the task force will be looking for motive, looking through his computer, phone records and those kinds of things.
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they will be stronger than ever. >> and open for classes tomorrow. >> will have our lab on the campus of ohio state, and more info at fox
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it has been a cloudy day, and not too bad for most of us
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we have a few light rain showers from the north-northeast. most of the rainfall, is affecting southern illinois and the entire state of indiana extending all the way into the deep south and through louisiana. mechanism showers will start there is widespread coverage with strong winds tonight leaving tomorrow morni the same front will be effectiveness wednesday. arizona they have watches/warnings.
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about ten above normal, low-re going to move across this deep south bringing scattered showers midweek warm temperatures tomorrow wants the rain is by. tomorrow, strong winds it will
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at about another quarter inch before it is done before wednesday. tonight rising temperatures. tomorrow low '60s the back to 50s wednesday.
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>> fox 8 official school closin station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app,sign up for text alerts. fox >> will be
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the question tonight is the amount of come as matt wright joins us from columbus , and you have been on campus we can use tell us? are more information about the attack that happened just before 10:00 o'clock. there is an active investigatio here on campus, as please try t
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conference wrapped up, the suspect was in osu student. a total of 11 people were injured in the attack it all started when students evacuated after a fire alarm inside the building they say the driver of a silver sedan crashed into a crowd hitting several. they say that driver began stabbing people with a butcher knife as they tried to run away they say the 28-year-old osu police officer end of this within one minute, shooting and killing the suspect, perhaps saving lives, the suspect, is an 8-year-old osu student from somalia, he was granted legal permanent residency status. listen to what they said about how this investigation is
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tracking his movements. be checked video. electric vehicle away to the to the crim scene. they're investigating this and investigation continues here at osu. donald trump continues to put the pieces of his administratio
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people who work for him now more on the transition team. inauguration is less than two months away in donald trump continues to narrow choices for positions while at his new york trump tower, mike pence joining him for me to the manhattan, retired general david betrays meeting with donald trump is rumored to be a candidate for secretary of state, the ralei position, during an interview over the weekend, kellyanne conway question the president's picking mitt romney as a possible secretary of state, to question his credentials, and says that party unity is not worth the price to pay, a source says that he was irritated by her remarks but the jim kish divisor says a decision about secretary of state not be rushed.
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governor romney, they too had i spent that much time together so this gives him more time to do so, when he is ready to announce the decision that he will do so. other contenders were secretary of state include rudy giuliani, former un ambassador john bolton and tennessee senator bob corker, some that workers are worried about dog shows promised to drain the swamp during his campaign suggesting a federal hiring freeze and possibly eliminating the department of education, they say federal workers are worried that they could be targeted, but so far he has not acted on shutting down any particular agency. recount efforts into stasis in donald trump captured the majority of votes, threw a part is asking a pennsylvania court
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, spearheaded by green party candidate jill stein, try and beat hillary clinton by about 7,000 votes, republican lawyers say the courts lack the authority to order a recount, i have a cat will be held in wisconsin, they say it will begin on thursday but not clear the method that they will use. >> each of the said two county canvassers, would request them to start by december 1 at work continuously until completion o tuesday december 13 we are proposing the recounts be completed by ms. and we will then prepare the official recount certification and how that signed by one of the commissioners at 3:00 p.m.. green party candidate jill stein can ask a judge to order the recount be done by hand, which could delay a quickly it gets done, federal law requires recount be completed by decembe. givens have begun to pay
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former president fidel castro who died last week at each of 90, he was cremated today the lined up in the revolutionary square and havana cuba, it was marked by a 21 gun salute, his ashes will stay at the ministry of defense to wednesday before they're sent to santiago de cuba where his funeral and burial would take place. the man driving a school bus an chat nick and tennessee have been the subject of complaints in the past, killed when the bus crashed, th driver johnthony walker faces vehicular homicide charges the school had taken several complaints about his reckless driving, to show he was not drinking or on drugs come the police say he was driving to fast. san francisco mass transit still trying to figure out who packed the system,
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someone hack the system allow the servers. people were allowed to ride for free, the san francisco examiner claims they contacted the hacke who said they only doing it for money and to make sure that the transit authority secures the system before they hack it again. the browns have the week off, so by the time they take the field it would be about one yea since the last on
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out to the west, with cooler air much of the rocky mountains with winter storm warnings and advisories even into arizona they have freeze watches/warnings. it is about 10 degrees above normal, with 50s, we will be warmer tomorrow then back to
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>> chicago 49 and indianapolis. rainfall was widespread and consistent, it will be gone tomorrow. another way of low pressure that granted more showers midweek before it gets lower on wednesday, scattered rain showers, especially to the east looking at some of these wind gusts with dr. vandyke, whence gusting up to 42.
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upper 40s tonight rainfall tonight tomorrow the 60s about 20 above normal, on thursday showers mid- 40s the new range
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, is often called america's team. >> qnexa family love the dallas cowboys and wanted to show the spirit their home is painted in countless colors. along with a flag and decorations, on the inside it i a shrine to everything that is tony romo and then team, will not allow anybody into the house without a cowboys jersey and if you do not view for doubtless they are kicked out o the porch. what is next for the cleveland browns still looking for their first w of the year?
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more than 30 minutes after the browns were lost, their hea coach, hue jackson how does new conference seemed a bit odd as he is always the first one to talk and then after him the players but he insisted it was routine meeting with upper management and that he is in good standing, despite being zero and 12, the team continues to make some of the same mistakes week after week, the bi-plane decent for half-game back cannot close the deal, eac week we see the stadium where the fans wearing visiting gear outnumber the browns faithful, hue jackson said that this horrible feeling of losing will not continue. got to know, into learn what it makes to what it takes to wi in this lake it is rough, i don't care what the situation i is hard to win again, the ball
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grinding business. and not for everybody. so far owner jimmy haslam's been silent, reached out for an interview, and continue to try to talk to them, but will let you know that happens, joh he has been playing behind a line that has been disarray, john greco's injury is the latest thing the how to fix man things on this team, having a bye-weeks this late in the
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team that it is the hand that they have to deal with. player competes on the back of a live reindeer? >> people who thought of this done did not think it through. why he would rather be
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this could be found under category of of, it seemed like a good idea japanese theme park closed and traction after massive backlash on social media. the greater display called freezing world took animals into the surface of the skating rink. do not take long for people to complain, the display was closed they say that the ice will be melted, there will be an
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then they will be be used as fertilizer. all the fish were bought from a market and they were dead befor they were frozen under the ice. domino's pizza japan was having reindeer delivering pizzas. that like the idea and tried to run away, they were eventually been hooked up to a slave to complete the delivery but it wa
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roy joins us from columbus with the latest at 5:00 o'clock. >> are still investigating outside of watts hall 10:00 o'clock this morning since students run for city, at least 11 were injured were expected to survive the suspect car surrounded by crime tape happened after they evacuated watts all due to a fire alarm then a car, crashed into a crow hitting several. the driver began stabbing people with a butcher knife as student tried to escape, a campus polic officer shot and killed the suspect, 8-year-old somalian student who was granted status as a legal resident allow state
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an hour and a half students wer warned of an active shooter which is not the case they said their first thought it was an accident as the rush to help victims. there were people everywhere, he had as many as he could, and just a tragedy to know what els i can say. >> i looked over my shoulder, went back to help some people, and after that i heard gunshots and all that it was from a police officer. investigators are crediting the quick action of ohio state officer


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