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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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they say he began stabbing people with a butcher knife for a campus officer shot and kille him the campus put on to lock down for about 90 minutes >> speaking to the confusing first new orleans that lets people stunned, people are freaking out. a car driving through a crowd o people. a first survey thought that the guy had lost control and it was accidental, then he was trying to hit what was in front of him. i saw one guy who was flipped over. >> there was someone, who was in the way and i threw him out of
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comprises in the right place at the right time. investigators are crediting the quick action of 28-year-old ohio state university officer alan horujko who shot that officer within one minute perhaps saving lives after the incident classes were canceled here at ohio state there are lot of that they do say that th suspect axolotl. the officer is called a hero and he is in thank you very much. >> kevin freeman continues team coverage from wexner medical center at osu in columbus.
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some were serious but none are life-threatening six particular to the wexner medical center, former students, one faculty an one staff member. two for stab wounds, 34 injuries after being struck by the pickl and another one for lacerations five people were taken to two other clubs hospitals. osu president michael dke to some of electives and appeared to be in good spirits. bmr from the chief of medicine andrew thomas who has more of the victims. there was one person, a faculty member, to our graduate students and one undergraduate and i do not know about the las
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i believe two of them were undergrad students into our work graduate students. , kasich was at the conference said that classes will resume tomorrow. facer activated its safety check so that people could mark themselves and save to notify facebook friends. >> keep it here for continuing coverage of today's columbus attack have mark lime reports from ohio state university campus with up-date said fox
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two, 16 -year-olds face charges after police chase at 2:00 a.m. in akron anyplace else would try to pull driver of the dodge durango for speeding, that began the chase, until crashed into a tree both teenagers hospitalize, four -month-old baby is fighting for his life after a two-car crash last week, they reached out to peggy gallek tsh to thank a caring stranger stopped to assist. neco ware remains in intensive care you had to have brain surgery they continue to
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they won't have witnessed a two-car crash in akron, a picku truck the boy was ejected, remains in intensive care five days later. >> he flew out of the car, with his car seat attached he went through the sunroof. the baby's mother said that seconds later the boys father was unconscious and she search for the sun. >> , find him that's when the lady, who took me to the hospital helps to look for him to try to lead to but he would not respond.
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father, it to another hospital for treatment to a lack of a hospital tells me that i was in a car accident the father left to be with his son. >> just thankful to have survived and i wish that i could switch w be okay if they don't know how long he will be in intensive care their asking for prayers for a full recovery. >> crash remains under investigation, no charges filed four-year-old expected to be hospitalized for an extended time they have started the go-fund-me account to pay medical bills for more info fox >> charges filed in the crime,
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file this in a store owner to the hospital, justice joseph mascellino charged with robbery and high bond has been set the said, he is at the old brooklyn food mart cleveland attacking the honor, pistol whipping him, he was fought off and they foun him hiding nearby backyard, the i-team investigation looking at your safety in clev started. >> considering the homicide rat is soaring, ed gallek with what he uncovered. i-team compared this in last year found that crime overall i cleveland is almost unchanged. she doubts in the streets and murder along a downtown highway
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i-team reviewed the statistics reviewing last year and this year found that crime overall was up less than 100% almost unchanged. yet has had more martyrs than last year, as the consolation of person who is just in a drive-b shooting it someone gets killed bob render wonders of the numbers tell the story since some people have given up on calling the police even when something happens to you the duck call because they're afrai of retaliation, or this is apathy or they have just given up sources say another factor is the city has been way behind to even count police reports, to get thousands of incident reports into the system. a closer look at the stats
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rape, robbery, theft and drug abuse are down despite the curl in problem, murder, felony assault, stolen cars and weapon crimes are up, she's while those that was carjacked, no wonder she feels like this. bob render says, he sees a need for more police and citizens involvement in the neighbo >> you could solve a lot of crime people would get involved. completion and says in the factor is, how police keep stat downplays serious crimes in som cases, we sweated a series of questions to the chief's office see the stats on fox
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hari more officers could help at how quick they could get here, or talked about hari more than they had originally planned. schools have become the backdrop and the push for a new that would provide money for th hospitals to test drinking wate for lead. they had been derelict on the verge of almost criminally not doing what the do which is basic to make sure drinking water for all people that they should all have good access to clean water it shows cleveland metropolitan school district because of the reese results showing that in the water as part of the water resources development act that passed the house and senate
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hopkins airport it has increased parking fees , but too they have reason to complain? jennifer jordan joins us with more what do they say? >> at the rate increase is the first in years and the revenue will be used for improvements a the airport, and to possibly attract more airline carriers. parking at hopkins just got more pricey. i was here tuesday and it just went up a dollar is cheape in more convenient treatment th increase of $1 goes into effect on all odds on thanksgiving day. at the smart parking it will off costs $18, the cheapest is
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airport director fred szabo say the rate hike was long overdue with rates much lower than othe airports look at others, we are in the lower percentile of parking rates it is a very competitive business and we offer. parking at the airport there are a number of off airport opportunities you can g to. act providing free shuttle service to and from the main terminal the additional revenue to be about one million dollars annually to the airport operating budget, they have undergone major improvements in recent months costing $36 billion including updated terminal fa?ade , checkpoints and parking signage. >> survived consomm? can those
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got to have improvements in security you got to pay for it. if it will create more revenue i think that is okay as it has not gone up in a long time. saleh improvements are made this year, they say next year improvements coming to make it more functional. turning on your bluetooth put your personal information at
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100 million people are expected to shop on cyber monday
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from the people add dealnews .com to get the best possible deals, clear your browser to allow you to see the lowest price and leave the item in you card sometimes retailers will e-mail you additional discounts to encourage you to purchase th product, and don't use public wi-fi shopping online because i means you more vulnerable to hackers. it has been cloudy. it has not been rainy just
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it got dark or mccown sunset at 4:59 p.m. rainfall is on the way, it will be light initially and the spread tonight and three tenths fell in toledo most of the aeri has been completely dry because most of the rainfall is still
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strong west miner testing 35 plus mph. to the last of it storm warnings pressure wrapping around some hefty snowfall in the northern plains, dakotas will rise after midnight supposed to falling. overnight, rainfall tomorrow,
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sunny in the afternoon and then it's going to be warm with the sunshine and then wednesday the same front brain is some scattered showers across the central and eastern ohio about one quarter-one half inch, the second wave with an additional superfluities it will be rainy and windy,
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imax on saturday, the major snowstorm in the forecast for the next eight days. brown still searching for their first win of the year, has the latest on the strategy to
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another loss or the browns, what is the solution? that many answers, they have been outmanned and cannot find the winning formula. no easy task, the team has issues and the browns need to solve what has been ailing them. not necessarily news a solution. >> we have got to know and to
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this league, this league is rough, it is hard to win a game i don't care what the situation is, the ball is a hard-driving, business. it is not for everybody. >> so far, the owners haslams have been silent reached out fo interview and we will continue john greco would be gone for th rest the season he was placed on injured reserve he suffered a foot injury yesterday the team cleveland offensive line-man from the raiders had a lot of injuries and with so many young players they just cannot get that leonid corey coleman feels that time will come. >> it is tough around here. will continue
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nobody is giving up, and that is what is good about this locker room, we have the guys leading us talk about the game on saturday, support for the box i the big ten spoke out about coach harbaugh. for blasting official saturday, according to reports the coach was reprimanded for his behavior the school $10,000 fine for his comments after the game about the officiating in the sideline antics, pull over its, showed a ton of class as he was aware of the osu incident this morning. so he tweeted, thoughts and prayers to the ohio state p. diddy, stays safe.
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cavaliers, love, he has the eastern conference player of th week. without that would always be lebron james award , today, though a named him as the eastern conference player of th week thanks to 30 points per game over three games, he had 34 first-quarter points in one game's past week setting that i the record, and he had the 5 percent in the cavaliers were unbeaten in those games. cavaliers a locking the only home game is thursday at the q. against the clippers said that cody kessler is cleared to practice after that concussion and
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weeks once they have that bye-week. bounce it reached a new well, but what happens on the field that puts there star quarterbac
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but then you can say that this was done on purpose, to strike
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striking with the math was on purpose. >> in columbus, the man runs down people on the campus will issue then he continues the attack with the knife, little people injured before the suspect's killed by the police. suspect was killed by campus police officer, the question is what was the motive as matt and, they will be looking into his computer, phone records and online activity, they will be looking at all those that. >> this investigation just beginning, to give you a better view of where the attack happened outside of watts hall at osu. a couple of emergency vehicles after love the people were
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i have a photo of the suspect h was shot and killed by the police identified as abdul artan, they say that he is somalian entered the country as a refugee before being granted legal residency status is a ohi state student, they said that they had gathered outside the building due to a fire alarm went the car plowed into a group of about 50 getting some, they say he got out against avid people with a butcher knife before the campus officer shot and killed them. the campus was placed on lockdown about 90 minutes warning of the night or should've it turned out to be not the case. witnesses describing the chaos after the attack the car came in, there were people everywher
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tragedy. i looked over my shoulder , i went back to help people. after that i heard gunshots and that they came from and police officer. all of the injured expected to survive the credit the quick action of 20-year-old officer alan fusco who shot and killed the suspect within one minute perhaps saving countless lives.
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they say the number injured could have been much higher. >> kevin freeman continues that part of the story. the 11 people injured injuries are not life-threatening six or at the osu's wexner medical center, their students, faculty and staff. to buy stab wounds, from the injuries due to the car and one with lacerations and also the other said to two other hospitals osu present dr. michael drake said they
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the students got that message and actor probably that is not just happen i say thank you for planning and to be prepared to kasich was also here at a news conference said that they are tough and resilient and that this will make them even stronger announcing, the class tomorrow will resume at ohio state. today's events but a truce on a bitter rivalry sparks, michigan athletics tweeted out simple, stays safe buckeyes. keep it here for continued coverage of today's columbus
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7:00 o'clock. updates fox >> . >> man accused of a shooting rampage at a south carolina church will represent himself, the judge really that dylan roof-cam act as his defense attorney calling it an unwise decision, or he will have a defense attorney to advise them the 20-year-old accused of killing nine parishioners at a church in charleston in june, dontcha continues to assemble his administration he is getting some opposition from some who already work for him. >> blizzard-like is here with more on his transition. inauguration is less than two months away as he continued to narrow down cabinet position choices, at his new york trump tower. mike pence joined him for meeting the manhattan today, retired general david petraeus
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and talk of former candidate may rally up for that position, during a weekend interview, kellyanne conway question the present by to pick mitt romney as a possible secretary of state, bush and his credentials and said that party unity is no worth the price to pay, trump camp source says that he was irritated by her remarks but hi advisers says that the decision of secretary of state will not romney you not spend that much time together so this is a wartime to do so, when he is ready to announce the decision that he will do so. other contenders including rudy giuliani, john boulton and
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mr. trump claims millions of people illegally voted for hillary clinton cost him the popular vote, not saber he got the information , he also tweeted t for him to win the popular vote down the electoral college. according to the latest count hillary clinton leads by more than 2 million ballots in the popular vote, and green party have found for recount in several states it is led by jil stein, despite losing the popular vote by almost 2 millio votes, has been no evidence of any kind of massive voter fraud
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recount but it clear that they're not trying to contest the results but jill stein says the recount is necessary to our voting system should have that kind of assurance built into it so that there is automatic auditing ticket place to make sure that were not being hacked. federal law requires the recount to be completed by december 13. we thought that things cannot get any worse with the browns, rg3 is girlfriend say are both crime victims as maia belay god fan reaction about what happened. is just like the curse of the browns. >> occurs that the team cannot seem to shake. >> you're on the fourth string quarterback on game two it's a little hard to win anything. >> write out waiting for the team's proving hard, as players are hit with losses on and off
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the season is not played a game since. >> is girlfriend said they have both left her the car the came back all the money was gone, those are taught to say that yo had to be more careful. >> vichyssoise in the car and t his girlfriend defendant would happen, said they part valet in the browns family garage sunday and should be able to leave anything they want inside some fans they not show they said that he has taken muc more money from the browns. >> got no sympathy for him? you had to keep up with your stuff, stuff happens. browns officials say that they're looking into it and tha it will be handled, they say that the off the field antics only distract for the heartbreaking season. in cleveland, maia belay fox 8 news.
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networking to find out how much money was stolen. are you putting yourself in danger every time the rental
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there is a hidden risk it was rental cars that can put you in your information at risk as illusory reports. is a vice president at at rehab in healthcare services company she is an experienced business traveler. if i am traveling more than two hours i rent a car, if it's longer than four hours than i fly. slaver joe tensey rental cars per month, of 120 per year, >> is second nature to get into
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take the calls hands-free. in different cities in different clients each week relies upon hands-free technology to navigate life on the road. >> i don't have a headset, and i use the bluetooth in the car it is the easiest and works the best every time. >> was she does not know is tha each time she rental car she puts her personal information a risk. number so i can easily connect back at a later point.. research analyst, in cleveland says every time you plug your phone into the auxiliary court or bluetooth th rental car stores your data. it also download your contacts address book text messages and e-mails in the cal logs you make stay >> all of that personal information is just there waiting for the next person to find it so working you do to
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yourself? best thing is just do not do it, that it will be there if yo don't connect, you can go to th settings and deleted or do a factory reset. something now she might not think of is that if you have used the car's navigation syste be sure to clear the location history, you don't want someone to know wer where you live. also recommends staying away from the usb ports, he says there is a real risk and use of these are connected cars including hackers taking contro of the car. technology progresses and hackers get more advanced will always be that vulnerability that someone has to be on the watch for. >> it is real eye-opener for
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going to be much more cautious when connecting to her rental car. >> i had no idea, something i never thought of thought that once the phone was off and i wa out of the car it was over, so knowing the next driver could seem a information, it is a little unsettling. hills reminds people to delete their data from the bluetooth if they are returning a car that was leased or loaned. beheld the rain and the winds gusting up to 40 mph quicker poker poker poker poker poker a you can say it was a cloudy day, the rainfall to the east, the
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we had a high today in the 50s. you can see some of these are rainfall along route 90. more widespread rainfall, are mississippi with warnings and watch boxes. the rainfall will be gone by tomorrow morning. three snowfall and the rocky mountain and the coders, looking at watches/warnings, tornado warning in mississippi.
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winter storm warnings in the coders and advisories across th rocky mountains. hopkins airport currently 55 and 54 degrees lake road. it may fall a little bit but mostly with the rising as opposed to overnight falling temperatures. it will be gusting to night up to 40 mph. we are 13 degrees warmer than
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then back to near normal temperatures, rainfall tonight one quarter inch to one half. on wednesday, some of us will have about half-inch, maybe 1 inch. are or will do in tonight about the 2 degrees and then low 50s and the warning, sunshine and breezy tomorrow, about 20 degrees above normal. on wednesday, the last day of
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and rainfall arriving , a mixture on friday with low 40s and some lake effect showers on saturday then back to a wintry mix on sunday between 40 and 45 to free apps that they meone once asked, do we ever think about anything other than steak? yes... and... no.
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cleaners. unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families against frauds and scams.
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bi-rite is in columbus with mor on the attack in columbus, the area here has been cleared that happened outside of watts hall, the biggest question is what prompted the suspect to attack these people injuring 11. the suspect identified as a 2-year-old student abdul artan, the city is somalian, he was


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