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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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for sure. eric it's dark outside buzzing get light until about 7:00 a.m. or after a minute start again i like four. we've got some breaking news it's roof i don't. breaking news overnight and kids you're just waking up strong winds overnight causing parts of the couple of posing to actually collapse. an abandoned factory on mayfield happen it came crumbling down around 1:00 a.m. parts of the large frequent were less scattered all over the traffic had to be due to its crews responding to another partial building collapsed on spend road at the same chorizo point is science charge on east 73rd street large brick wall fell onto the sidewalk and part of it. it was good overnight cruise
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against high-rise buildings winters window shattered there's broken glass veteran offense that area of the roof have to be shut down strong winds are causing some trees to come down we found this month blocking was 130 fourth after a fellow somebody true freight into a police say the driver left before they got to the scene denture is causing all power outages mainly race hearing cuyahoga county. what a night. with the weather's going to stick around for most of the morning. let's check in with scott to see what follows after that. let's follows in the short-term is pretty nice bump up and temperatures well into the 50s regionwide we will check it out
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in cleveland 15-202 small are too low for us to show them which is a good sign storm fox radar we had rain month it will be dry this type of a pattern and we will explain in a few minutes. good news is you're traveling
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that with the ohio state university police just to your
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there are many more people on campus is permanent resident in
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he started running around and stabbing and apparently this officer was nearby he set over and try to get them put the gun down and did not get part of his
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strippers say 51 -year-old michael richly cross the road this is dog and it was question is not been
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everybody high temperatures today so far 55 degrees that was around as the temperatures started to quite those winds picked gusts a little before 2:00 a.m. to 3 miles per hour out lake park front airport. we'll eliminate wind gusts here because once they fall below 20 miles per hour we are and route to our temperatures of 60
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detect about this a couple of weeks back. and in and sugar into do some were seen this pattern is a typical will stay dry today in between these systems we mentioned the panhandle lows are you developing north of doubt. southwest were anticipating some showers to develop overnight tonight primarily across southern ohio and if you will start to contact and points east early tomorrow morning. coverage will be about
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was going to happen here early in december sure everything will shift a lit translate to a much here
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back to you guys. he will onboard included a brazilian soccer's from has
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survivors the team is scheduled to play on wednesday the first of the two-game finals the plane crash in the mountainous area just before midnight just on the way to the airport were area were told us about with heavy
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big ten and washington donald
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friend of his plan to reestablish diplomatic relations
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welcome back.
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that's fantastic. 6:22 a.m.
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space bar the very warm day. the good and the bad thing is the cause damage already seen some breaks in the overcast row:speed think us jus hour that's it we are looking at his overall forecast most of one's all north of cleveland.
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tomorrow the tenth of two's second big big when that comes in that will shift the pattern much colder. surveillance fitted of the
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short-term weather reset the damage from the wind and power outages about 50 miles per hour. was a 24 mile-per-hour wink guys and mansfield. we're looking at partial claim with breaks of son today that's our outlook showing dry and breezy much warmer conditions also us will will break about 60
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we're going to keep this thing going here is going to allow for some showers to develop temperatures will begin to fall and then one long clipper system late thursday into friday will shift the pattern:this is the first of those two of cooler
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nothing significant.
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investigators are trying to
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the most in this vicious the
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there's estimated that 30,000 refugees living in the columbus area i didn't know such a large population be interesting to find out what his spirit we do
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he acted alone increase in others think that those has not been consistent since new meters were installed
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hour charge was $15
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the day to part the cheapest let the park $9 per day. long overdue with a few much smaller airports throughout the country.
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huge difference to males some make a using the parking lot here. revenue i think it's okay your nba champion cleveland cavaliers will face is familiar so.
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before flaws to them in double overtime. he said there were ms. called ms. cheated by officials in the second of last plate of the king. he violated sportsmanship policy including respect with the pundits and officials. your time not is 6:39 a.m. an update on weather and traffic
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anticipating any additional rainfall the roads are wet from late last night. showers develop after midnight tonight high 50s to near 60s temperatures will fall late wednesday and route to low 40s on thursday and on friday the persistent thursday night could
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will be the coldest one of the season. we'll memorial in the days ahead the coffee quiz it's time for traffic with patty harkin. we are in sky fox it's been ongoing construction project between 48:00 a.m. brooke park. it's pretty much the big cluster out here they have the same faith. that who went down little
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kick off the charitable giving season and now it may be carried for your help at the cleveland clinic if we think people ask them to make charitable donations we know that they get activated and stay activated longer than a someone is given a gift. very interesting. they also report lower blood
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ask. they should not skip on the sleep. it makes you age faster that's my problem. that doesn't work that way.
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let a real fun party. i will make a healthy thing to bring like pronounced dead like a veggie child try to do something healthy so i don't snack on the heavier friday i do
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we have an accident blocking two left lane's if that's the way
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very windy early some trees and wires to come to we still have a roads blocked weekend with chance of light
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coming in every other day and then behind it we been talking with the cooler air coming in a week to ten days. really how are you this morning. good at morning. i'm doing pretty good. we are talking inventions a. pretty much super myself.
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that covers up all the wrinkles. here rico with that for
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warms up back into the low to middle 50s her here notice the break storm fox radar is dry. wind speeds ten ?- 15 wind gusts between 20 and 25 the rest of the day today well feature a break temperatures will continue to climb with a salt southwest breeze today much dryer issue for high in the lower 60s i know it does not look like and now but we anticipate anticipated to continue through early tomorrow morning. more rain and eventually cold tone we have not have that in many years we will check that out and just a few minutes. traffic time with patty. we are in sky fox. new line we have found strength no lanes blocked along east ninth heavy wind that we did have. >> top story this morning investigators trying to figure out if terrorism could be the motor between the horrific attack a verb and people injured after all suspect plotted his car into a car and got out and started flashing victims with his wife money more about the man responsible shot and killed by police within about a minute out of all of this we have the details, such a horrible story good morning. classes will resume today how do you get back to normal after something like this if you use an ohio state student of similarly distant
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by the school newspaper openly praying on campus saying i am a muslim but with what the media portrays need to be a simple economy and muslim praying i don't know what they are going to think police say he complained recently about attacks on muslims heading meanwhile the muslim community leaders are asking everyone to not jump to conclusions about his heritage or religion following the attacks. >> we as a know nothing you know nothing about the motivation of the attacker but no space somalian heritage that will be enough for some to falsely link them to the muslim communities. >> we student united cannot is our strength another weakness of devotion will make us fall. >> the suspect is a somali born man who later became resident of the united states and in this conference and this conference is scheduled for later on today it will continued coverage us new information becomes available on air and on line. >> investigating a car central the man in lorain county lost nature per se he was hurt while crossing the road with his start in front of his house most of
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to be a factor person in charge of aggravated vehicular assault of the victim and his brother were crossing the road police are increasing patrols another inno in the western village this is more than a half a dozen words: police in most cases the cursor left unlocked. the westlake also reporting arise in more than a dozen ducks over the weekend. >> a dozen thoughts it's not
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surveillance system captures the suspect peeking in a car anyone with information about the break and is asked to call police. >> the time right now is 7:08 a.m. >> extra smoky mountains as wildfires continue to burn this morning. find out how much damage is already left behind in one tourist town. >> donald trump is expected to make huge announcements morning. >> temperatures in the low to middle 50s. sky conditions are in proving then we see some breakthrough son unseasonably mild only see snow in the eight day? we will check that out in just a few minutes. >> good tuesday morning to
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now ranked the number two clinic in the nation number two in heart care for 22 years to
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breaking news out of columbia where the plane with more than 80 on board including a brazilian soccer team is crashed officials say the reports of six survivors team scheduled to play on wednesday in the first of a two-game final. the plane crashed in a mountainous area
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what caused the crash, but the area we are told was hit with heavy rain and thunderstorms. >> the new judgment for more of cincinnati could recuse himself as early as today he is accused of killing during a traffic stop us to prosecutors argued he did not need to fire has been a judge declared a mistrial this month after they could not read it reach a verdict represented one of the children and probate court. >> the driver in esther last week school bus crash in tennessee is said to be in court later on today. he is facing numerous charges including vehicular homicide six elementary students were killed between the ages of six and ten at least five others are still in the hospital three in critical condition school principals is about 85 percent
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wildfires continue to grow at least one is hurt the national guard is on scene they are helping fight the fires after two fires were started last week the cause is least 500 acres. >> preparing for what could be an important day in politics. the vice president teasing a big announcement in the works as he was putting trump tower yesterday. we have more. >> back out in the first thing in the morning and a number of very very important announcements make the promise of a big day in washington president-elect donald trump is expected to announce more cap
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tom price health and human services secretary is a secretary is a former orthopedic surgeon and obama care clinic. >> ever since congress the penthouse obama care six years ago the laws failures have been piling up. >> not just his campaign he plans to replace obama carry the most recent bill includes tax credits for buying private policies and putting money aside in helping savings account is tempered his plans can care since the elections were election for his prices been steadfast saying for this after they a palpable in 2012 ?- >> the supreme court ruling it's good because does it mean it's good policy for the country. >> questions of swirled since he is currently on probation after he pleaded guilty to removing and retaining classified
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castro could continue to date the first commercial commercially of us fighting half a century we ended as they cannot morning into in cuba began touring no caps off illegal americans need to check off athletic competitions educational research and family visits the first fight was an american and lanes flight on thursday for the first time in 55 years part of president obama's former diplomatic relations with cuba. >> i would love to take a cruise to cuba. >> article to be in any island about now. maybe that he can take us there. harkin? paging harkin. >> we do have an accident be
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certainly have a lot of wind over at night east ninth night east ninth is wide open so it is open for your morning commute send you it over to scott. >> good morning already the low to mid 50s winds of died down significantly with the peak wind gusts see breaks in the overcast. those check it out what we are anticipating later today with sunshine and winds pick up generally ten to 15 miles per hour. when speed at hopkins downtown cleveland $10.15 miles per hour. the wind just there is no number because they typically don't show numbers unless they are above 20 miles
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youngstown 77 in willoughby partial clearing so here is the outlook as we finally look at the warm front completely ignores back into western pennsylvania upstate new york dryer today milder with daytime highs climbing above 60. we look ahead to tomorrow an early thursday with the systems will come out of the south was developing over texas a very tricky because as the temperatures turn colder than it usually means rain turning over to wet snow but we have been lucky so far each one has been primarilya wayne type system tomorrow into that will be pretty much the role here as we look at showers developing from southwest to northeast heavy rains those stays south and
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a quarter of an inch of rain it will still seem mild temperatures between 55 and 60 early than they really the major up early the major up behind the cold front watch as we link the lowe's to gather and then they left out. and then the clipper coming in late thursday to friday it turns cooler, but not called. that is been kind of our weather happening here the last couple of weeks. lightly carfax i don't think anything major here a muslim muslim also jetstream so far has been well up to the north we see a change in late november or early december truck tracking across the controversy most moving much faster with more frequency the trend trying to been much cooler but nothing
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one is been well above normal across the eastern half of the us when you create a composite what happens in early december of this year is that we are going to have several distinct areas of cooler air one coming in early next week another the following week in which means temperatures will be trending below normal meaning our chances of seeing accumulating snow the second week of december will start to climb looking, wrote a little bit. weather it would be pretty temporary daytime highs cooler but not all. lower 40s a week clipper late friday night and another maybe on sunday the pattern may shift but it will occur over a couple weeks time. foxing is is your official school closing station finally cap the cross from the vote for the last time yesterday i cut it and most of all the leaves. i
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saturday you know thank you very much. >> the time is 7:20 a.m. let's kick it with kenny crumpton. >> that's what is kind of interesting. i like it. >> yes, you like that ra, when we come back when we come back we will show you new stuff. kicking it with kenny. >> time for the fox eight stork report cleveland's own recognizing cleveland's own she is just a month old from euclid a man killer. you have your little one featured just upload a picture to if we
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send you this. beautiful. so
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since we add had would not what occurred. we will start to see those inches trending colder. they are actually trending warmer after the warm front came to middle 50s no rain on radar the chopper 49 it will bounce back bounce back a little bit here and begin to die down. the peak wind gusts was 53 miles per hour at burke lakefront a little before 2:00 a.m. we are not anticipating anything like some high clouds streaming in from the itself was dryer with breaks of sunshine and temperatures
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little above 60 you. will we see snow in the eight day are well we have to wait into the heart of december? details on that in about 15 minutes traffic time with patty is from mike the when certainly have died down but that does not mean without problems cleveland fires heading to the scene of an accident 90 eastbound over on west 25th the roadway is going in with delays because of that. and clearing stages route eight southbound way. kind of tricky over all drive time overall drive time not too bad 90 coming in from 83 as you approach west 25th and it down a 17 minute commute as you come to the intersection where traffic lights are not working, please make that a four-way stop.
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is what happened that ohio state university yesterday 11 people in the hospital this hour after a student went on a rampage putting the entire campus on lockdown. the investigation continues into by the suspected this but people are honoring the officer who brought the terror to an end. we go now with more. >> the suspect rammed his car into students who were watching on campus got stabbing people with a butcher knife while others ran for cover. as bad as that is, it could've been worse at it not been for this officer. >> we had a dynamic, well-trained professional today save the lives of many of our residents and students. >> the 28 -year-old officer is being credited for stopping the
7:34 am
the ohio state university police department just under two years shot and killed at a man when he failed to follow orders to put down his weapon. the osu president says the officer was able to stop the suspect within roughly a minute students barricaded their classroom doors in an effort to keep the attacker 081 cause problem chairs at on campus you acted heroically during the terrifying time. >> we have quite a few military men in our class who are actually all standing by the doors keeping us safe. feeling pretty good about that. >> the attacker was the ohio state students and a permanent resident. law enforcement officials say on facebook he
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attacks on muslims. it took the officer three shots to take him down there was a nearby gas leak he had gone week he had gone to investigate which helped position him so closely so he could respond to that attack so quickly. saving probably a lot of lives there. >> absolutely. no doubt. a news conference is scheduled for later today at ohio state we will have continuing coverage is more becomes available and online >> cleveland workers plan to rally today for higher minimum wage. they will take part in a national day of action in support of a $15 minimum wage. fast food workers will rally at a mcdonald's restaurant at east carnegie chicago's o'hare international airport will also begin today for higher wages and union rights.
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parking fees over the weekend. the $1 price hike took place on thanksgiving if you park in the cheap cheapest from a it will from $8 last week to $9 today. a million dollars a year they say will help with more improvements in and around the airport starting in 2017. it is 7:36 a.m. more dangerous than heroin and it is legally available. what we are are learning about a new drug >> plus the word of the year has been revealed, but the choice may surprise you. remember to log on to to vote for your next fox eight cool school we will announce it on thursday featuring that school next week
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another feature is the anonymity users can purchase the drawn and powder pro-form on the internet from company's outlook legitimate most of that comes from china, but since it is been better, it can be made anywhere, but you never really know what
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>> you have to realize we don't know what we are dealing with. this could be a mix by a mad scientist it is not being made a note legitimate pharmaceutical earlier this month they added
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era cap spot that changes the game when it comes to dining out. >> i windy night, but but the winds have died down. weather and traffic straightahead. stay
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the temperatures are well up into the middle 50s rain into the forecast here is the eight day bringing temperatures are part of the breaks of sunshine showers redevelop with panhandle will climbing back into the lower and middle 50s and temperatures start to fall. low 40s thursday and friday with the week front coming in from
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about all with ellijay have a little while about all while if it does occur we've had a big problem along i 90 and that i 90 eastbound right before you head of the ramp to the inner belt and southbound we have fire crews on the scene of the accident basically you are ju lane this is really doing a number on traffic the accident is rates before you get right before you get to the downtown 71 southbound they are quickly slowing down along i 90 break it down. break it down. push the button. trust me it is very slow out there before west one
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left center lane getting by. >> thank you very much. the word of a year has been revealed but a phobia offers two different definitions feet or fear or hatred of foreigners people of different cultures and fear or dislikes of the address or searchers for the world came after after president obama talking about ten us republican nominee donald trump. earlier this month it was supposed to word of the year in other words we don't care about the truth anymore there's no such thing. >> there's avenue a hotspot to get out for those who don't like interacting with others it is the japanese -based restaurant chain famous for its unique dining style that limits interaction with humans. diners
7:48 am
each table that will signal a server if you want your water refill. the paper menus are detailed and you can order by filling out a form owners believe that helps people focus on their food and combats the stigma of dining a loan. >> i would want something more than warm and more of a steak dinner talk about. >> anyway he makes this up.
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on noel but these are really cool themes. when we come back marked has been working on a new line and we will show you what it takes to bring one of these beautiful window dressings to
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are here at towson noel. so it is days although cool window things with a big huge workshop this is where santa's elves would be if they lived in medina. and then you work on it. and then you can show. this is your latest creation the 2015 lord martin taylor christmas cool. of those bakery pieces look like you could just taste them? they are incredibly detailed the artwork and artistry is unsurpassed in the world of window displays. and i got italian, kenny, when we go to new york, the night before it is one does come down and all the people are standing in front taking pictures looking at everything and we stand in front
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put these in our museum, it is absolutely mind blowing. >> what is interesting for you as you said they only build builders to last a couple of weeks, so you out to come back at him basically reconstructed. >> we do we add things really need to add them this was is inside the storefront so we had to build a storefront to that this will be all new storefront to match that way it will all feel like it came from exactly with me, kenny are everything. every little detail every kenny has to be written cookie but this is just a spectacular window display, and we are so excited to have a. along with the new entrance way we use on earlier there was a giant cuckoo clock there it will take three months to reassemble the
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window comes down in front of you the base is actually on the street which is incredible and then we are able to load them out and the hours of just wrapping each cake and bubble wrap. >> i was about to say how many hours do you and your team have involved if you take us? >> i don't know a couple months
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ruin it when you are given this great opportunity you want to keep going. >> your christmas headquarters for the world. when we come back, we show you guys a little sampling of what they do year round. back to you case. >> that makes you want to div knew tree. for sure. what a great place good morning and happy tuesday don't forget fox the azure only local news weather and traffic until 10:00 a.m. >> classes resume today at ohio state university after a vicious attack sent 11 to the hospital coming up i will tell you what we are learning about the hot sauce suspect tomorrow it officer who took them down in the preparations the school had
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>> hardcover is starting to break up temperatures well into the 50s and the winds of died down. former head coach mike fratello is here to talk about the record-breaking weight in gold. >> the 12 -year-old twin brothers behind a booming local .-dot business we will how they got started and so much more when we come back. you will love these place. they are
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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio a tuesday morning in the city the 29th they of november, 2016 thank you for joining us. >> happening overnight are strong winds causing parts o couple of buildings to collapse while you were sleeping of any take a look at some of the damage a maywood avenue near west 90th around 1:00 a.m. parts of a large brick wall are scattered all over. >> crews responded runaround another partial building. this is at the saint teresa church located at the 73rd straight a large brick wall fell on the
8:00 am
street is open causing it to snap over 90 smashing him to pieces police say the driver love before they got there. mainly right here. >> we will check in with scott sable right now taking a look to see if the winds will die down. the winds are much, much lower. here is the break in the overcast with closings in the


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