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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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street is open causing it to snap over 90 smashing him to pieces police say the driver love before they got there. mainly right here. >> we will check in with scott sable right now taking a look to see if the winds will die down. the winds are much, much lower. here is the break in the overcast with closings in the
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forecast today will stay dry recalled back over with temperatures climbing they should break around 60 this afternoon looking pretty good today. however, we are anticipating more showers later tonight and we will probably get showers early tomorrow morning. anyway you look at it, interesting morning. patty is over here. >> good morning we've had our share of problems between the wind and accidents. ninety eastbound it is so out there but in the right berm. all lanes of reopened the main getting by i 90 backing up all the way into liquid almost into rocky river, so it is a tough ride coming in from the west the side. not so
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west 45th over where that construction is three cars reported to be in the fender bender and they are trying to clean up an accident for 22 westbound power outages as well and the traffic signals are not working, not make make it a four-way stop. >> classes resume at the ohio state university this morning after one of the worst days in campus history. >> the investigation as well under way into the horrific attack that injured in all 11 people. we have the very latest we are learning so much more about the man accused. a horrible story here. investigators are trying to determine if terrorism could be a motive. a terrifying monday
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man went on a rampage. the attacker was an ohio state student of permanent resident of the united states investigators say he used his car to plow into a group of students and then plowed into people with a large knife. campus police arrived about one minute after the incident he shot and killed the incident. the 11 who were injured were taken to three columbus hospitals. fortunately, and none of their injuries are considered life-threatening.
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community and they say they are looking at facebook postings of grievances
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motivation of the attacker but we do know somali heritage and that will be enough for some to falsely claimed the tragic accident. >> we stand united with the muslim community in the buckeye nation and with her strength with that weakness and division into a vision will make us fall. >> the suspect is a somali born man it i will patrols looking into a crash that killed a lorain county man killing excuse me walking his dog on state route 18 investigators say the 51 -year-old was crossing the road
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by a car 31 -year-old driver stopped and was questioned troopers say speed, alcohol and drugs to not appear to be factors here. cleveland heights police have a man in custody after a hit and run with a ten -year-old boy who is in custody is facing a charge of aggravated vehicular assault. the victim and his brother last week when the younger boy it was struck go ten -year-old boy it was released after being treated for head and leg injuries. >> facing domestic violence charges after an incident in his home according to police he tried to choke his wife of 25 years during an argument they state they were drinking before the fight. >> six minutes after 8:00 a.m. is your time. first up by flames ?- >> we have the latest
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wildfires burning through tennessee at this hour plus, former coach mike fratello is here to talk about your record-breaking cleveland cavaliers. >> good morning. good morning, everyone it looks like the sunshine breaking through with temperatures and upper 50s and lower 60s not all whole lot of wind today. will we see snow? >> not the elf find yourself but we are right here at castle noel. when we come back, lots to show you guys including were christmas ornaments kicking it
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good morning, everyone. the breaks of sunshine with no rain on radar right now. the high
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the strong winds normal high this time 15 miles per hour no reports of wind gusts of 20 at time akron right now at 52 most of the cloud deck has sent out beginning to increase with storm fox radar no rain until tonight an low this pattern would become more unsettled dryer temperatures generally in the upper 50s lower 60s here's the next system with the panhandle low taxes in the next ten ?- 12 hours we will see rain began to develop ahead of the post southwest to northeast bow southwest to northeast right on through southern and eastern
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50 widespread rain mainly is with more hit and miss showers early tomorrow high temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees. showers early most of that begins to move out dryer evenings and then did we wait for the clipper system far weaker this front coming in and wednesday much cooler trending back to the lower 40s with about mix of a very minimal accumulation of what the jetstream pattern and this is what it has been looking like. well up to the part starting to move further south with the slow with the lowe's tracking much faster from west to east with higher frequency and eventually we see it pushes of colder air especially the second week of december above average $3 for december's going back to
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temperatures which means much higher chance to seeing accumulating snow the first half of december. >> your is here is the eight-day more shorter terms climbing back into the high 40s with slushy snow and again very minimal accumulation we send it back to you guys fox eight news is always your official school closing station. i always forget that >> breaking news out of columbia where a plane with more than 80 people on board including a brazilian soccer team as cars. seventy-six people died. six survived. one lady died on her way to the hospital. the team was set to play wednesday the plane crashed in a mountainous area just before midnight on its way to the international airport not clear this morning what
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had declared emergency. >> in other news ?- evacuations in and around gatlinburg, tennessee were at least 14 wild fires are burning. new cell phone video shows smokers you see it billowing at least 30 structure south caught on fire including a 16 story hotel. and right now, the staff at the aquarium have been forced to evacuate with5 inside the aquarium with flames now moving in. the fire and that is the theme parks owned by dolly parton so far at least one is been hurt the national guard is on the scene hoping to fight
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traveled anywhere where there is a problem. it is confirmed through lab tests they say the woman is not pregnant because the zika virus is linked linked to devastating birthing fact. >> trump is expected to top georgia representative tom price as the health and human services secretary is secretary is a former orthopedic surgeon and staunch critic of obama care use don't meeting with is still meeting with contenders of secretary of state cia director is currently on probation after pleading guilty of removing and retaining classified information. >> that romney newt gingrich and rudy g all up giuliani are the others. >> time to kick it with kenny
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the slide is still there we well and with some slides. we've got to have a big one. all of you guys are on the slide when you came down here a couple of years ago what is truly incredible is they keep adding more and more and more stuff. >> i always used to love playing on laying on the christmas tree looking up at the ornaments so i thought our a couple ornaments it would be good, but what a hundred thousand? >> last year there was a mere 75,000 so you added another 25,000. you can't just have ornaments without dancing chandeliers and lasers. it it, dana. >> yes. >> tell us about the whole experience for people who have
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will enjoy it. what we hear over and over something you told me to come and i did not know what i was going to see. oh my gosh, i love it displays is amazing. we get a lot of guys that come with their wives and they say they don't know but oh my god they had a great time. really, what we want to do is make everybody from other kids to older people feel like a little kid again that is what this is than you think it will be. it is cooler than you think it will be there are movie props and window displays. we have thousands of old toys you can wander through and see what you remember as a kid. and then this morning with the toy train it is just something new around every corner and then you can try our other attraction and what would happen if santa claus
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vacation. >> who does alaska that? everyone asks that question. >> , would it take you days for the extra 25,000? >> february or march about two months and so every time it is glued. we include it. and then one of my great friends to the angry elf from the christmas story movie he is here all the time working on it it is like celebrities come here and work on this. our own residents coloring, so we are going to finish in the grander room. grand room. that is always beautiful. just when you think you can't add one thing more.
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done. back to you guys in the
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welcome back to fox8 news in the morning on this tuesday morning in the city 8:30 is your tight as we take a live look at public square from the eighth floor of the terminal tower. terminal camera i guess. appropriately on the eighth floor. there you go. i wonder if we planned that. at believe we are enjoying this. pretty warm fall. another bonus day. december has been warm the last several years may be not this year. check in with mister zabel right now how are you doing? pretty good. will start to turn colder as we head to the latter probably like december 7 through like the 10th start to see big pattern
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short-term weather temperatures climbing lower 50s cloud cover increasing overall temperatures make it up above 60 later today. breezy we won't have those strong wind like we had late last night. then we keep an eye on another panhandle though get more of these another one developing over northern texas. doesn't really look like much right now but this thing will continue to track right up to the ohio valley and eventually northern ohio late tonight into tomato. a few showers tonight mainly after midnight lows high 40s. breezy again showers will spread and quickly move out of here by early to mid afternoon. 60 early following through the 40s late. temperatures will try and colder this is where we highlight cooler but not super arctic cold air. lower 40s thursday and on friday there's a chance we could see lake effect but nothing big. best 10 december's average temperatures across eastern half of the country well above normal. best i may temperature below
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significant shots of arctic air below average now this is the first half of december when you start to see a jetstream like this usually means one of these systems will produce some snow. we'll see how it goes thinking out loud here looking ahead to next month. right now primarily rain early tomorrow could see light snow thursday night and at the end of the weekend. fox8 news your official school closing station. back to you guys. thank you very much. topping the news this morning what happened dot ohio state university yesterday. investigators are trying to determine if terrorism could be the motive behind monday's horrific attack at the ohio state university. eleven people were injured after a suspect plowed his car into a crowd and slashed victims with a knife. today we're learning more about the man responsible, who was shot and killed by police. check in with jessica dill who has an update for us. good morning. good morning. classes will resume today on campus as this investigation continues.
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many students just opting to be together. students gathered last night for a prayer vigil near the scene of monday mornings attack. the question remains why did this happen? police have identified the attacker as abdul razak aki artan, an ohio state student of somali descent and permanent resident of the u.s. he was interviewed at the beginning of the school year by the student newspaper where he spoke of being uncomfortable openly praying and projecting his mus saying quote i'm a muslim, but it's not what the media portrays me to be if people look at me, a muslim praying, i don't know what they're going to think. police are searching artan's west columbus apartment complex we hearing from a neighbor about him. i talked to that boy almost
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he spoke when spoken to. had very nice mannerisms. wasn't rude. wasn't disrespectful. artan's mother told a community member he had been complaining about grades recently. ohio state president says people shouldn't rush to judgment about whether the attack was terrorism related. or whether his somali descent had anything to do with it. of course there is another person we need to talk about here and that is the officer who stopped this from getting much worse. we'll hear about the man being praised as a hero, coming up next. incredibly quick action by him. absolutely. thank you so much appreciate it jessica. stay with fox8 for continuing coverage of the attack in columbus. we'll bring you the latest here, live on the air, and you can get updates anytime at in other news this morning. a 4 month old baby is fighting for his life this morning following a two car crash last week. his parents reached out to fox
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stranger who stopped to help. the one driver is walking around the other one the guy is barely conscious. the baby is losing consciousness he was ejected from the car and thrown. this frantic 911 call made around 7 a.m. wednesday, from a woman who witnessed a two car crash on romig road in akron. a pickup truck collided with a car, seriou car's driver and his 4 month old son, who was ejected from the vehicle and remains in intensive care five days later. the baby flew out of the car with his car seat and i didn't know exactly where he was because i was still in the car. the baby's mother, lorena escudero, told me that seconds after the crash, the boy's father was injured and unconscious and she fled the car searching for their son. i couldn't find him and that is
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barberton hospital stopped and helped me look for him. when lorena found her son, he was having a seizure. i tried lifting his arms, he wouldn't respond. they rushed him to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. his father taken to another hospital for treatment. i woke up in the hospital. everybody is telling me i was in a car accident i bl i don't remember anything. he said he left as soon as he could to be at his son's side. i'm just thankful to have survived it in my son i wish i could have been my son would be okay. the parents say they don't know how long neco will remain in intensive care but they are asking for prayers that he will make a full recovery. peggy gallek, fox 8 news. a number of cleveland workers
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higher minimum wage. they'll take part in a national day of action, in support of a 15 dollar minimum wage. at noon, passenger service agents at envoy air will lead a rally at hopkins airport. then, later in the day, raise up cleveland will hold a second gathering at a cleveland mcdonald's. the group has been fighting for months for a higher minimum wage in cleveland. across the country, workers are planning walkouts to draw attention to akron's mayor has introduced a plan to redevelop several buildings along main street. the plan would see the buildings, including the historic landmark building sold, then turned into mixed use office, residential and retail space. city council will now consider the plan. that looks great. very nice. 8:37 is your time right now. still ahead an historic miss minnesota. plus, still in the hospital. why rapper kanye west's release is being delayed and how his wife kim is reacting.
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meet the boys who created a doll business with their own hands. but first let's kick it with kenny. good morning. good morning. that's one thing i have to say here. they are refurbishing and repainting these two big iconic characters from the nutcracker. when we come back where going to show you the grand hall. look how big these things are. pretty cool. kicking it with kenny.
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[music playing] [music playing] with forces like that you don't need any music. beautiful. i love that. put you in the christmas spirit. don't like it when it's all playing before thanksgiving now i'm good with that now i can handle it.
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if you want to get in the christmas spirit or you just want to have a good time for place to be is where kenny is at today. check in with kenny now to see what's going on. now mark has got his sweater on. perfect. there you go. i feel so much more festive. getting ready for fox eight kenny crumpton appearance is a big deal with lots of people. i feel more appropriate. now i'm marked. there's no marker. getting ready for this big thing is a big deal for us to have you folks telluride like to thank eric. this is my oscar moment. especially my brother who for 30 years putting up with this. all that. thanks steve. here's the tour what people don't realize is you guys are constantly working on this thing
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what have you ever seen tim allen added a box. exactly. from the santa claus. this is a constant effort. that's why i say we're working on a year-round and it is i do work on it seven days a week but also we have so many people that try to help us out to make this come together work out of the way it is. really a family project we celebrate all the wonderful things we grew up with. all of the fun and excitement in alwaysa around this place every day and i look at new things i can do in new ways to do it. and of course the slide is just awesome people love going down the slide at the end of the tour. santa claus will be here in a couple of hours to start greeting people in if you want to get pushed down the slide by the angry elf you can do that on the 26 in 27 of the month. he'll be here. in full costume and everything. he comes than it does to you
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hysterical. also. this is from the grinch. the big unveiling there it is. there it is. when people just go to your website in figure out when people can come out? go to castle order your tickets online you can get a reservation gives you kind of a nice window where you know you get around that time. you get your tickets in advance. you can also do walk-ins come on in you can still call for your groups to come on in that for this year. but he has. plan ahead if you have a big group plan ahead. even if you go online and find a day ago this day looks great. get them now tickets are going fast. thankfully in we want everybody to go to castle order tickets online. if you have a group called and dana will answer your call. family project. castle noel. may be a year or two we should bring the entire show back here
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you know what this place is sorely missing a walk of fame has the famous people in it but i don't have a kenny crumpton christmas. where going to have to dress up in take a christmas picture. similar to what you see here. all that. going to go back to you guys. things everyone merry christmas. we love you guys. that is the place to be people travel from all over the country do see it if you live here please take advantage of this special special place in your own backyard. headlines on this tuesday right now. south korean technology giant samsung is considering splitting the company. samsung says it will take the next six months to look into splitting itself into a holding company and a separate operating business. the move could be a windfall for investors. it comes amid calls for samsung to overhaul it's complicated structure and the fiasco over its galaxy note seven phones catching on fire.
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pleaded not guilty in connection to a body shaming picture that went viral. danny mathers made headlines last year, by posting a photo of a 70 year old woman in the nude in a gym bathroom on snapchat. mathers wrote on snapchat quote if it can't unsee this, then you can't either. the post sparked a national discussion on body shaming. she was later charged with misdemeanor invasion of privacy. her attorney says mathers is remorseful for what happened but she did not try to invade anyone's privacy. a somalia american teen has become the first to woman to compete in the miss minnesota usa pageant wearing a hijab. 19 year old halima aden a saint cloud college student won the two day pageant on sunday night. she'll now compete at the 2017 miss usa competition, representing minnesota. aden also wore a burkini during the swimsuit segment of the competition on saturday night,
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aden, who has never competed in a pageant before, decided to take part this year to combat stereotypes and misconceptions about muslim americans. the miss usa pageant takes place in june. willa wonka offered a tour of his candy factory, for people finding a golden ticket in a chocolate bar. now a somewhat similar offer is being done with beer. anheuser busch is distributing 37 thousand gold cans of bud light, around the country. a person who finds one and posts a picture on social media, will get a chance to win super bowl tickets. and one fan will get tickets to the big game, for 51 years. of course, super bowl 51 is coming up in february, here on fox8. the golden beer can't. what an offer. right. by some bud light on the way at home. still to come brothers in business. meet the local twins that are sewing their way to success with
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plus, we'll tell you how you can get your hands on one. these guys are awesome and a booming business to boot. and scott is back with a check of your 8 day forecast. can we expect another windy night like we had last night. we'll find out when we come
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good morning everybody. the eight day forecast step out check it out gluing down. after tomorrow. today partly sunny mostly cloudy late. highs lower 60s we begin to see in case and shower activity tonight into early tomorrow. starting out in the 50s falling into the 40s made with a. the afternoon late tomorrow will be drier. thursday into friday low 40s week clip or comes in from the northwest. touch of rain could say wet snow
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normal through the next week sunday through tuesday timeframe on the eight day have to adjust that a little. some percentages on sunday but discrepancies as to how whether or not that will hold into monday or not. you give a general idea that these systems are coming and much faster it is trending cooler but certainly no arctic air insight at least not right now. we'll send it back to you guys. all right. thank you very much have some it started out with one doll. now identical twins charles and eric pohl have a booming handmade doll business, named cheric dolls. they are here this morning to show us how they make them why they make them. good morning. good morning. titles and eric. do you have a name for your doll that you have names for each individual doll. each doll has their own name tag with their name on it. and a number and a hand-drawn picture. tell me how you came up with
8:52 am
been doing this for quite some time. since the first grade been selling the dolls decided i would make something for my teacher so i hand stitched one gave it to her and she was like my gosh you guys should totally start a business in we didn't think that much of it until. you're only like six. and then in the third grade we thought we can actually do this. now tell me what kind of dynamic is this. do you to yes. great. it's a lot of fun. it's more fun i think they all there we are because when we were little we were like you know it was like when we were little it was something let's go so but now it's like my gosh let's go. a lot up on. i need you to demonstrate mom isn't doing all of the work. we have some video of you guys making them. and how fast can you actually make one of these? it takes us about an hour if we
8:53 am
then by doing the legs one day a print another day. piece them all together. and these are the arms. we also them like this. this is the sized flip it over we will so it and stuff it. all right why don't you show us how you do that. your mom initially hoped to do all of this. she taught us how to so from the beginning and now we're just picking up skills as we go a long. pickg like to hear. you make how many of these would you say in a year? we do when sale usually this year we also did a sale in april. but each year we make 40. 40 for each sale. these are in demand. used to be friends and family. now you have expanded. first grade through third grade friends and family. making them for fun but now we've expanded and we do
8:54 am
and december. tell me you also donated some of the proceeds to charity. yes. we donate a dollar from each doll. we also have stickers that we sell red along here. here is some of the stickers. okay. and all of the proceeds from the stickers also go to charity. and what is your charity this year? something different every year? the past two years love for luca which the pe teacher in our so the donation money week collect we give to him. gradeschool. you love it a lot. love it. been there since first grade. i've got to say how do you describe this kind of like a scary monster sweet face undescribable. you can't really describe it except for button eyes and a
8:55 am
try to describe it and i'm like let me just sketch it for you because you can't digest describe and. they're just adorable tell us about your event you have coming up. where you guys will be selling your doll's $25 a piece. it's the artcraft holiday sale on the corner of 26 and superior. it will be a couple different artist they are. mark who runs and he has really helped us out along the way we were to be able to have or do any of this without his help. that is awesome. we just want to show us your little tags you guys take the time to do this. each have a sketched up picture and a name. on the back they have a name. do you argue over the names? this one is definitely a vivienne. we sort out.
8:56 am
we'll just sketch out the tags and write the names. you guys are the best. so great to have you here all of the information about how to find be installed on our website. thank you for coming in you're doing great work both of you. we'll be right back. i love these. so cute. rld where the holidays are about joy again.
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at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays
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movie fans have a limited time opportunity to see a classic on the big screen. fathom events and turner classic movies are rereleasing breakfast at tiffany's in theaters tomorrow. the oscar winning film will screen in selected theaters. locally it's playing at crocker
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kanye west remains hospitalized this morning. the rapper is apparently not yet stable enough to go home. his wife kim kardashian west has been by his side since he was admitted for exhaustion last week. according to tmz kanye is also struggling with extreme paranoia at one point he would not even let the doctors touch him. kanye canceled his tour last week after controversial rants on stage. plans are underway to celebrate the late pop star prince one year after his death. the music legend will be honored with a four day festival in april at his paisley park home. morris day and prince's band, the revolution are expected to perform. organizers say the festival will include panel discussions and presentations on prince's influence on the music industry. which will last for ever. into perpetuity. very nice. incredible. one of my favorites. what an artist.
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for so many other people in the industry. incredible guy. thank you. tuesday morning in the city 29 day of november 21:69 is your time. i'm wayne dawson. todd meany has the day off. and i'm stefani schaefer. thank you for being with us today. wondering if that wind woke you up last night because there was a lot of damage that you might notice when you wake up this morning with trees down power outages find out if more wild weather is on the way that's up fit the man was possible for the attack at ohio state university yesterday the latest on the investigation plus what may have led to the attack. jessica dill standing by with the latest on that for us in today did you know we have black friday and we have cyber monday but today is a very special day. and it is been given a name called a giving tuesday. a day to help out some of your favorite charities. will give your favorites a shout


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