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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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for so many other people in the industry. incredible guy. thank you. tuesday morning in the city 29 day of november 21:69 is your time. i'm wayne dawson. todd meany has the day off. and i'm stefani schaefer. thank you for being with us today. wondering if that wind woke you up last night because there was a lot of damage that you might notice when you wake up this morning with trees down power outages find out if more wild weather is on the way that's up fit the man was possible for the attack at ohio state university yesterday the latest on the investigation plus what may have led to the attack. jessica dill standing by with the latest on that for us in today did you know we have black friday and we have cyber monday but today is a very special day. and it is been given a name called a giving tuesday. a day to help out some of your favorite charities. will give your favorites a shout
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of money on christmas presents and on yourself this is a day to think about great charities he would like to give money to. breaking overnight strong winds caused parts of a couple of buildings to collapse while you were sleeping. we're going to show you some of the damage right now. take a look at this. part of an abandoned factory on maywood avenue near west 90th came crumbling down around one am. parts of a the large brick wall were left scattered all over the road. traffic in that area is being detoured at this hour. crews res same time to another partial building collapse, this time on kinsman. this is at the saint teresa holiness science church on east 73rd. a large brick wall fell onto the sidewalk and part of kinsman. meanwhile part of east ninth street is back open after it was closed most of the night, so crews could clean up broken glass. the wind caused a construction wire at the pnc building to snap
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into windows and breaking them. but the mess is cleaned up, now. the strong winds also caused some trees to come down. we found this large one, blocking west 134th, near cooley. after it fell someone drove right into it. police say the driver left, before they got there. downed trees are causing power outages all over our area mainly in cuyahoga county. that's the big story talking about with scott sabol hopefully those have come and gone. scott. has thickened backup behind a. check out localized wins and wind gusting normally don't pop the wind gusts on unless they're about 15 or 20. wind speeds much much lower right now wind speed in akron 13 we had a gust at burke lakefront at about 1:50 this morning about 53 miles an hour. that is history now that the front is gone. storm fox radar put temperatures on top of all that notice the cloud deck temperatures steady
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the forecast now as we look at the outlook move the front out there's the front lifting into pennsylvania and so it is drier not going to see as much sunshine is what we would like start to see some pics of it easy 10 to 15 miles an hour with temperatures climbing above 60. don't see a reason why that can't happen at this point highly doubt we'll get any rainfall until overnight tonight. watch what's happening again panhandle systems this is the pattern that we hinted at about three weeks ago and here we go with one after another coming at us from the south must. the for tonight into tomorrow showers redevelop coming at us from the southwest. 45 to 50 overnight tonight. the rain moves into cincinnati columbus heavier rainfall tonight into early tomorrow crossed eastern ohio coverage on it rained tomorrow about 50 percent. primarily first half of the day we start out 60 see how the showers move out and start to partially clear out as the temperatures drop to the 40s. a lot of detail different
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stretch. talk more about the general pattern shift for early next month see whether or not anticipating some bona fide cold air that will support some snow. okay. we know it's bound to come. eventually. it always does. thank you appreciate it. onto our big story today. classes resume at ohio state university today after one of the worst day at that university. check in with jessica dill who joins us with the latest information. good morning. good morning everyone. today investigators are trying to determine if terrorism could be the motive in this vicious attack just a terrifying monday for the students and for all of ohio who has friends and family on campus while the school went into lockdown. there's like for to cop cars everyone is very frantic the swat teams are getting together
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terrifying moment for many staff and students monday after an alert went out telling them to shelter in place a tweet saying run hide fight. police say the suspect went on a rampage outside the hall. the attacker was an ohio state student somali descent a permanent resident of the us. investigators say he used his car to pile into a crowd and got out and started stabbing people with a large knife. campus police office about one minute after the incident began. he shot and killed the suspect. the 11 people who were injured taken to three columbus hospitals none of the injuries are considered to be life-threatening. think they took a piece out of everybody here at our beautiful ohio state university that this could have happened here. that we are a strong tough
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investigators used surveillance camera footage to track his car before she arrived on campus. they were able to conclude he acted alone. as for officer there was a nearby gas leak that he had gone to to investigate which helped position him so closely. he is 28 years old when ohio state police department for just under two years. universities public safety directors that the the school i was officer a debt of gratitude. he probably saved a lot of lives. people saying nationally acted and how quickly they had so many things in place and had rehearsed this just in case these drills and you see the importance of when that is ever you need it it comes into play. crazy because i told you yesterday when the news was coming down talking to staff members who i know where working at ohio state at the time they were called inside the rooms. locked in there on lockdown and sending me messages on facebook saying it's okay police are working really well on this we
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to talk and it's incredible they knew what to do the fact that all of them are safe today. social media playing a huge part in yesterday's situation. i think we are at a point in our country where this has happened so many times we are saying enough is enough in to see the students barricading themselves in putting acting in think where at a point where we are done and were all coming together saying we don't want anymore of this. i like the one student who said military classroom also students there and she was telling talking to reporter on the phone and said they stayed out at the door the classmates state and protected them at the front of the class. continue to come out. inspiration no doubt. thank you. appreciated. the muslim community in leaders in that community asking everybody not to jump to conclusions about the suspect his heritage or religion following the attack yesterday.
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but we do know of his somali heritage and that will be enough for some people to falsely link this tragic incident to the faith of islam and the muslim and somali communities. we stand united. the muslim community is a buckeye nation and we stand united. that's our strength. diversity is our strength and weakness and division is going to make us fall. the suspect abdul artan is a somali born man who lat a permanent resident of the united states. a news conference is scheduled for later today. we will have continuing coverage as new information becomes available on air and online in other headlines today. the ohio state highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash that killed a man in lorain county last night. troopers say 51 year old michael richley was hit while crossing the road with his dog in front of his house on state route 18 west of quarry road in brighton township. the driver did stop and was questioned but has not been
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trooper say speed, alcohol and drugs do not appear to be factors in the crash. okay. in other news today. cleveland heights police have a man in custody this morning, for a hit and run that sent a ten year old boy to the hospital. investigators say 25 year old jeremy boone is facing a charge of aggravated vehicular assault. the victim and his brother were crossing lee road in a marked crosswalk last week, when the boy was struck. the driver kept going. the boy is now out of the head and leg injuries. police are increasing patrols this morning after another series of break ins in western suburbs. bay village investigators say more than half a dozen vehicles were stolen recently, while thieves took money and electronics from about four dozen others. police say in most cases, the cars were left unlocked. the westlake police department is also reporting a rise in such cases, with more than a dozen
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as a community if we could be more vigilant lock everything up hopefully they'll move on somewhere else by not making it easy for them. one resident's home surveillance system captured images of one suspect peeking into a car. anyone with information about the break ins is asked to call police. still to come following development after a deadly plane crash this morning. sports team on the play now the death toll numbers are rising. black friday and cy will you be participating, today? up next we're letting you give a shout out to some of your favorite charities in this morning's download. temperatures trying to go up but the cloud deck rolled in slivers of sunshine. even with temperatures mid- 50s 10 degrees above normal. anticipating any rain today? a lot of detail on the eight day forecast. sneak peek at early december
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every year we start with black friday. then there's small business saturday, and cyber monday. well today is something else. a day we are calling giving tuesday. it's the single largest day of giving. tens of thousands of charities and more than 700 thousand individual donors are expected to participate around the world. donations are expected to surpass last year's record of
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family happy and friends and make someone else's day even someone you don't know. that's what we're asking people about today. steuben writes please consider supporting greater cleveland chapter of project minus since april kind and thoughtful northeastern ohio and donated nearly 700 handmade blankets to support kids in need in our area. hospital shelter empties initial support mean so much volunteers are ready to make blankets and make a difference for kids in our community. haven't heard up. shar says don't forget about the animals considering giving to the humane society summit county helps many sick injured abandoned and abused animals in that county any animal organization we have a lot of them here absolutely. angela says consider autism speaks in fact thanks to the henry a claim charitable donation your gift will be matched and worth twice as much for people with autism. we want to know will you be
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we have about 5050 pole going on right here. have say they will have say they won't. really. we know over the holiday season sometimes people spread it out maybe not just today. many kick off today continues. good to think about food banks and things like that is always an express train around the holidays so many places. so many worthwhile charities. even if you don't a neighbor who is struggling something like that. little kindness can go a very long way. got th more comments coming up. thank you. makes you feel good. no doubt about it. are going to check in with scott sabol taking a look at our forecast for us. good morning. would you feel like giving anything? absolutely see what happens. buy me lunch. you know what i got a couple of weather hits i've got to do here. he is like a wayne who. there goes your blessing right
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i'm only getting. know you're not. know i'm not. i'm just getting. take a look at the forecast but when now are pretty light compared to late yesterday late last night early this morning. winds are generally out of the south starting to pick up 10 to 15 miles an hour. should start to boost temperatures already lower middle 50s in fact temperatures climbing yesterday evening high temperature yesterday before midnight was 55 in that's where we've stayed between 50 and 55. between the system came through late last night the one that's coming in later on tonight. anticipating more clouds then send today going to stay dry. highs between 58 and 63. panhandle low again abuse will start to come ready click here and were already seen before developing over northern texas. doesn't look like much now i think this is the third one lost count but i believe it's the third one wasting that last week
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which is great for us if you don't like snow tonight will be very similar to that heaviest rainfall further east 45 to 50. showers heavy rain we will get in cleveland we wake up to rain tomorrow morning showers move through move out of here by afternoon temperatures will jump up between 55 and 60. there's the next one the purpose -line there that's a little many alberta clipper from the northwest. temperatures thursday and friday barely out of the lower 40s cold enough to start each day with a touch of light snow. temperatures are borderline highly doubt we'll get a key relation something to keep in the back of your mind trance cooler but not arctic cold. early december jetstream we could say late november or early december jetstream one that brings the systems across the middle of the country. that's why we've had more frequent chances of rain and a little intrusions of cooler air.
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to the north. might start to change. last 10 december's average it altogether happened well above normal. compare that to utter anticipating this december at least to start below average. i would say probably after the fourth or fifth through at least the middle of the month below normal. jetstream tract takes a southerly track and add all of that up but it means much higher chances of seeing accumulating snow in early decebe right now not seeing much of that at least on the eight day forecast now. rain tonight early tomorrow lower 40s through the portions of next week keep an eye on the sunday monday tuesday timeframe. certain little more uncertain how that will work out. the eight day has change a little bit since then by give a general idea it's not going to be 60 looking more lower 40s. fox8 news your official school closing station. another two weeks or so looking like december six through the
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that's five or six day stretch could be real interesting. could be something. could be so. thank you sir. still to come fox8 news at 9:00 wildfires causing problems for a popular tourist destination. the latest on the evacuations injuries and what has caught on fire so far. deadly thanksgiving dinner police say they've linked three deaths to a holiday meal. find out why the feast turn fatal. president-elect donald trump announces more cabinet picks today. find out the big names in the running. driving is a skill. very gently release the clutch. -okay. that was too fast. so is managing your credit. get experian creditworks basic for free today and you can start getting better.
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breaking news out of columbia this morning. a plane with more than 80 people on board including a brazilian soccer team has crashed. officials say 76 people died only six survived by the to the hospital. team scheduled to play wednesday in the first of a two-game final. plane crash in a mountain region just before midnight on its way to the international airport. not clear this morning what caused the crash the plane had declared some type of emergency. schools in gatlinburg, tennessee are closed this morning as wildfires there continue to grow. will show you some cellphone video. shows the smoke that forced a mandatory evacuation last night. at least 30 structures have
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story hotel in the tourist town. at least one person has been hurt. workers at ripley's aquarium forced to leave animals behind as wildfires printed evacuations. national guard on the scene helping fight these fires. the chimney to fire started last week the cause is unknown. so far it has burned at least 500 acres. the driver in last week's deadly school bus crash in chattanooga, is scheduled to be in court later on today. johnanthony walker is facing numerous charges including vehicular homicide. six elementary school students were killed between the ages of six and 10. at least five others are still in the hospital three in critical condition. woodmore elementary school opened for the first time, yesterday. the schools principals says about 35 percent of students were in class. california health officials are trying to figure out where three people who died after a thanksgiving dinner, got sick.
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had dinner at an american legion hall in antioch. this is in california. five other people also got sick, but survived. the health department is awaiting test results, to see if they got sick at the hall, or at an assisted living facility where they lived. doctors say the general public was not at risk. the cdc is considering what steps to take, with the first locally transmitted case of zika virus in texas. the state's health department says the brownsville resident the virus is a problem. the case was confirmed through lab testing. doctors say the woman is not pregnant. the zika virus is linked to devastating birth defects. memorial services for fidel castro will continue today. meanwhile united airlines will begin flights to cuba today. tourism to the island is still illegal. americans need to fit one of 12 authorized travel categories to go including athletic competitions, educational
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assistance and aid in helping people. delta air lines will begin commercial flights on thursday for the first time in 55 years. it's part of president obama's plan to reestablish formal diplomatic relations with cuba in july of 2015. word is that president elect trump will choose georgia congressman tom price as his health and human services secretary. the republican has been a primary opponent of president obams supported trump's candidacy despite several controversies. meantime, trump met with former general david petraeus yesterday, he is under consideration for secretary of state. classes at ohio state university resumed today, after eleven people were either stabbed or run over on campus.
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he posted on social media before the attack. the right to get paid find out about about rally scheduled around northeast ohio for a higher minimum wage. temperatures continue to climb but slowly not indicated on the eight hour forecast. temperatures a pretty good chance we could touch 60 this afternoon. no rain a decent amount of hardcover. the eight day in the next half
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he was only on for about a year you can find out a lot about him on our website the new information condition and they will be okay. was the person who is the attacks it was the attacker you
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$15 minimum wage hundreds of employees at chicago o'hare international airport will also begin their strike today for higher wages and union rights. other save their bills have been have not been consistent they've run their own electric plant but as they can't control the pat the cost associated with it. transmission these because some of it is transferred through to
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have their meters test of the audit is free but the meter test comes with a $50 fee. friday night was incredible.
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should doctor out of new york that can start my solution.
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incredible story. there's so many. and his final taxi into the gate. we can tell you she was
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the airlines says there's sorry for this disruption in the rife ending tickets for all of the other passengers who had to hear all of the on the flight the disruptive passenger has been banned from delta flightsf you should get this punishment. i will find you an arrest to make you listen for one
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my 14 -year-old would be one. are they still hot. i took the car. i don't blame him.
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maybe not.
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ki november. we are lucky. no snow. we could be digging out. first of all we did it firsters ring you thought the manikin challenge is for over an australian movie tickets came up with creative way to celebrate star rose, broke one ticket
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the popcorn that special effects there. george lucas maybe did that.
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one more manikin challenge to show you this was a surprise ending. so we will show you that later. a texas woman and her family were frozen. we're frozen and placement her boyfriend got down on one knee shocked to see him holding out ring she did not freeze and she said yes. ceric she thought it was part of the manikin challenge and it was see if they are proposing. that's a cute idea parents clever. such a clever idea. how about that. it's only tuesday. isn't it friday.
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everything is right. i that i don't know if i'm ready to come back to work today. had time off its nice is the first day back can i do it. we're here going to have a good week. we had big dinners and had everyone .com you are are at a


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