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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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numerous 911 calls on ohio state campus monday abdul artan is the suspect ran his car into people began stabbing with a
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killed by officer alan horujko. he came to the western somalian 2014. there searching his apartment looking into postings on facebook complaining about attacks on muslims, he said i'm so sick and tired of seeing my fellow muslim brothers and sisters killed and tortured and cannot take it, in august he wa quoted in a profile to say that he was scared to pray openly on kansas as a muslim, the place are speaking to witnesses said it started when the alarm went off over what it was outside , the car plowed through students they said that it they thought was accidental. >> digital still running by the gas pedal was stuck as though the car was out of control so through a check and make sure that the injured were okay in the driver was okay and as soon as it had settled down he got o the car and began stabbing
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he attended previously columbus day community college, they said that he graduated the spring of 2016 with no record of behavioral or disciplinary issues, the neighbor said that he was a great kid. muslim leaders are asking everybody not to jump to conclusions about the suspect , his heritage or religion after the attack cat osu. we as of yet know nothing about the motivation of the attacker we do know of his smal the heritage that we can offer some to falsely make this tragi incident to the faith of islam and to the moslem and somali communities, we stand united, and the buckeye nation and we stand united first is our strength and division is going
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the suspect, abdul artan, is from small he became a resident of the united states. >> news conference scheduled fo later today we will have continuing coverage as new information becomes available on-air and online from columbus the latest at fox >> at a big story, tuesday, strong winds caused parts of several buildings to collapse last night, part of an abandone factory near west 90th on maywood avenue came down around 1:00 a.m. parts of the bricks were less scattered in the roadway traffi was detoured, crews responded a about the same time to another partial building collapse on kinsman road. at the saint theresa's holiness
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part of the wall fell slightly in part of the roadway, part of east ninth is back open after it was closed to crews could clean up broken glass, causing a construction wire at the pnc building to snap overnight slanted windows, it is now open for business, also caused trees to be downed, after it fell someone drove into at the drive left before they could arrive, trees are causing power outages over the area mainly in cuyahog county. the less significant wind damage last nights we hope that the worst is behind us as we take a look from the roof-cam i
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with jenn harcher who joins us from the front yard. we do not have those damaging winds that have wind gusts up t 55 overnight in cuyahoga county. that was the highest so far, th good news is that the winds hav diminished, it is still windy, but not as severe. winds gusting between 20 and 25 sustained between five and up t 70 mph out of the south. the temperature today will be warming up pretty quickly over the next 124 hours.
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61 degrees and willoughby come upper 50s in solon, some of us will top in the low 50s today, we got rid of some of the cloud cover depending on your location. will have a dry spell with some breaks of sunshine, checking the next system developing across mississippi river valley. started to see some showers developing and that will eventually push into our area tonight, late tonight into tomorrow, we're talking about rainfall. we will be mild the next $30 with rainfall arriving then as we switch over to december on thursday its way to feel a lot
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the latest developments following a deadly plane crash, we tell you who was on board as more survivors were found and
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strategy for brazilian soccer team after the airplane carryin
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in columbia it had declared an emergency before crashing >> it is regrettable situation and we can confirm the accident of the plane that was carried the soccer players. >> those aboard were from chapaconese, the top-flight team of brazilian soccer travel to face a colombian team for a continental tournament, compoun of the tragedy they are lesser-known and soccer mad brazil but had find success and a great following, they're vowing to do everything to do for the crash survivors. chapaconese's twitter feed showed that the logo had changed to black on tuesday. kim hutcherson reporting. >> evacuation underway in and around gatlinburg tennessee wit
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smoke last night at least 30 structures have caught on fire including a 16 story hotel in the tourist town, staff at the ripley's aquarium have been forced to evacuate, but they still have 1500 animals to inside with flames moving closer the fire is also near the edge of the dollywood, the theme par owned by dolly parton in pigeon forge, one person has been injured the national guard is in they have also helped authorities to set up evacuatio centers. memorial services continue today for fidel castro, united airlines wiccan flies to cuba, tourism is still illegal. americans need to fit into one of the 12 pulverized allegories including athletic competition educational research in family visits, delta airlines will begin commercial flight on thursday for the first time in
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president obama's plan to reestablish formal diplomatic relations wit
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hope that you're having a decent day, woke up last night and picked up 14 bags of leaves yesterday in the yard is again covered. do it today, are still dealing with a windy night, windsor sustained betwee five and upwards of 50 mph gusting up to 25. coming out to the south. they're actually helping cuyahoga
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medina county and points west have lot's of sunshine. you step outside in your thinking that is not feeling like the end of november. the temperatures are near 60 degrees in cleveland. mid- 50s down to mansfield also ashtabula and new philadelphia with 57. we've go more changes on the way. tonight, development across the ohio river valley. just points east and southeast expecting steady rainfall, to the west, just occasional showers. and eventually the cold front will be pushing through the are tomorrow afternoon. we picked up about one quarter inch last night some even one half inch, edu tonight and tomorrow, about
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east and southeast, to the last loss than one tenth inch. everybody, will feel the changes on thursday. today, we talk in the low '60s, on thursday we will drop 20 degrees , where we should be in the lower 40s. 39 degrees forecast in mansfield mansfield. then a second round of rainfall moving into our direction. currently a dry spell with warmer temperatures the clouds increasing after midnight, and then mainly to the southeast, i the morning you could be dodgin some showers and even on the west side. it will be in here about 3:00 a.m. and then move out her wednesday evening and then it
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in temperatures start . lyc?e plots of cloud cover. and it went out of the south was showers developing , tomorrow it will be in the upper 50s. two days of mild temperatures befor we go back down to the lower 40s.
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and one tell the police have come u with the unique way to punish
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thank you for joining us, big changes coming to disney's epcot. speaking at the convention and executive announcing the epcot will go it relies heavily on festivals will be more more rides and attractions also have less exhibits. police department of a small minnesota town is trying to kee people from driving drunk by threatening a unique form of torture for some people, minnesota sent out this tweet that said do not drive drunk, i
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cover bands, only to jail, it went viral on social media, they say they're happy that people took notice of such a serious issue. every year we have black friday, small business saturday, cyber monday and today is givin tuesday, tens of thousands of charities, more than 7,000 individual dollars expected to participate, relations expected to surpass last year's record of $117 million, if you want to find events to participate in g to fox >> . the story of richard and mildred loving. interracial couple whose marriage led to a legal battle of his record as david moss set down with the stars of the movie, joel edgerton and ruth
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and a possible times when lawyers c be good? could be, i think primarily it is to be a love story, and not a political story but it is hard to separate the two loving. >> it was straightforward and a sense
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to complicate it. i think is what she cannot understand is why would anyone want to legitimize something as what was anything you want to say to the supreme court justices of the united states? to the judge that i love my wife. thru the mail they come to watch the building strength of mildred, someone who just wanted to be left alone to, to reach out to those willing to help.
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it is a must-see, in toronto, david moss fox 8 news. is your safety at risk? new statistics find some
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classes resume today at osu after one the worst days in campus histor now hearing that there is a problem at the same building of the attack on jessica dill has the latest. or that there is an alarm sounding at watts hall, students have evacuated the building. the same thing , the same building that happened yesterda just before the attack. there are police on scene. investigators are digging into the life of smalley born ohio state student abdul razak ali artan. trying to figure out why he drove into a group of people then began stabbing them with a butcher knife set in 11 to
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legal resident came to the us in 2014 from pakistan. are looking into postings made on facebook just for the rampag said that he was tired of seein his fellow muslims killed and tortured and that cannot take i anymore, they say that they cannot rule out terrorism but people should not rush to judgment, or getting good news about the 11 victims who were hospitalized. erma is doing well at this point.we see no reason to about life-threatening injuries, there are still, for people in the hospital, two of them at the wexner medical center and two more at another local hospital. learning more about officer alan horujko who arrived and took out the thread, 28 years old has been on the force is under two years they said that he was responding to a call of the gas leak on campus, which i
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students outside of watts hall right now tweeted about the smell of gas which could be connected this and why another alarm has been sounded. matt wright is there he has bee teaching us video and will keep us updated. remind you to stay with us for continuing coverage of the columbus attack, with updates o here and also at fox >> i to look at the investigation into safety, especially consider the homicid
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reporter ed gallek with what he uncovered. shootouts in the streets, and murder happened along a busy highway downtown and sometimes nightly smash and grabs all of that, but the activity of the stats, comparing last year and this year, found that cleveland crime up less than 100%, almost unchanged, has had more murders than last year, we surprised to the activist those numbers. test of consolation to the people that just got caught in crossword or a drive-by shootin or someone gets killed. bob render waters of the numbers tell the full story i sent you said many folks in inner city have given up on calling the police even when something happens. >> is they don't call because they're afraid of retaliation o it is just apathy. >> multiple sources say another
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able to count police crime reports because they have been behind having them entered into the police computer system. a closer look at the stats showing that rape, robbery, theft and drug abuse down despite the curl in problem, rather, film itself, stolen car in weapons crimes are up, marci alexander while those were project. >> i am s i could have lost my life. bob render says no matter what the numbers say he sees a need for more police and citizens involvement. to solve a lot of crimes and turn a lot of crimes if people would get involved. >> ed gallek fox 8 news. the police union says another factor is how please keep the stats, to downplay serious
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series of questions for the chiefs office to see the stats and you can find those at fox >> . it is unseasonably warm and how long will that last were two days away from decembe and they were going to have temperatures in the 60s as you can see from the roof-cam, on lake erie, soaking up th precious days on the water, now into the weather center for the latest from jenn harcher. so far november has been
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we are when sustained of the southwest between five and 15 with some higher gusts. last night it wa stronger. we had guests of 55 over the border in erie pa. mansfield with gusting up to 45 mph last night. it will be a
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t is 45 degrees. tracking rainfall begin tonight and continue into tomorrow and began in the december chill wit low 40s expected for the end of the week. to get low 40s and dipping down near freezing overnight are talking about a wintry mix, hel back coming up in the forecast. michigan coach jim harbaugh is in hot water over his conduct saturday when the wolverines loss to ohio state. harbaugh was reprimanded and the university level they hefty fine. the big ten hit jim harbaugh in the wolverines hard monday afternoon, reprimanded for violating the sportsmanship code.
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within the official said he was disappointed in the calls schoo kid with a $10,000 fine. yesterday the big ten handed ou there defensive awards. due to the attack on the osu campus the wording was supposed to and michigan athletics also sent along a note of support. >> this is the long-awaited bye-week. yesterday rg3 was given the green light to practice , the no contact, hue jackson said cody kessler was cleared from the concussion protocol, so we migh
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bye-week? >> still to early to make a decision about robert, he has not played in a while. let's be honest, and i'm sure, you got to get the rust off, bu hopefully, we'll see where he i and when he is declared for contact we will know more. john greco is out for the rest of the season put on injured reserve due to a injury. corey coleman, making progress his rookie year concedes it can be difficult. >> it can be tough. but we will continue to keep working and nobody is giving up. that is what is good about this locker room and all the guys. >> the cavaliers and walking versus the milwaukee bucks
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give a love fully acclimated to his team and then to him to announce that he is the eastern conference player o the week usually it is lebron james award. he had for setting a in the record with 30 points in the first quarter at the camp 65 percent, during the game. several area schools qualify fo championship, including the cayuga heights redskins they beat kirtland twice and just blocked off newark catholic. their honor also good luck to all of the schools and the titl
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being a parent can be hard work especially if you feel lik you're not getting spectrum you kids, new product claims it wil
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physically now the potty-mouth, parents have mixed reviews, but for some this might be a way to get the fence across , keeping up with the kardashians has halted production again they have not shot anything since october at gunpoint, tmz reporting that production will not continue fo the rest of the year possibly longer after the hospitalizatio of kanye west who was expected to be released monday from ucla medical center, people magazine reports he is feeling better bu still unclear when he will be released. still to come, new year and a new president, but will 20s and teens bring any change to
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just a few weeks away from the new year and the new president. how well the election results affect your finances next year, were joined by les szarka of szarka financial. >> we were talking during the commercial break he said the last two thanks that things hav been good the bier more than his victory was how the market reacted in people in general. the last 15 days we will have t days, consumer spending numbers came out and it looks like the consumer side is very strong.
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you have to have positive outlook from the start market for the economy to go up and that is something that we had been sorely lacking the last couple years as we have been mired in this slow growth economy seems that people have a much better attitude, partly because we have a resolution of the last election >> i think that some of these trump appointments seem to be thoughtful, people question but mostly they seem to be well thought out, th things that were going into nex year with more optimism than we finish up this year. i asked you drink lunch break to receive the same kind of thought when president obama wa electively said this is more reminiscent of much further back. this is more reminiscent of
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the carter administration and the economy is in a tailspin and there was that hostage situatio i think the main thing that ronald reagan brought was a spark of optimism and some hope and i think that is what we see now and we had seen a mode shift in terms of consumer sentiment , the market is more optimistic i think that the first 100 days will be critical because if they actually do start implementing some of those po changes to the infrastructure to also restructure taxes and regulations i think that we could set the table for a good next year , and consequently you want to look at your portfolio now, so that that is not generalize how do you want to repossession perhaps take some tax losses this year. >> i think if you could generate
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be thanked market is going to increase you can take advantage of the growth. so things are looking good and people are optimistic, how does that change in the way tha you invest? >> if you are optimistic you want to be more aggressive , we have been pessimistic for a number of years ago now were ru in the opposite side, looks times, interest rates may go up it would be a rough ride for th bonds that you had to be careful with the portfolio you want to begin recalibrating this year into next year. maybe increase your bonds holdings and perhaps your stock holdings, people are feeling hope, is this a good time to purchase a house that's
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able to do that? >> large purchases like a home is more dependent upon job security. the economy is stronger than your job security increases tha would trickle down to maybe you are more optimistic to buy that house that you been looking at, if the economy continues to gro the job security increases so you have more security to buy other large ticket item that yo have been putting off. >> i just got a text message to say, buy gold? if you have more financial questions, or to ask les szarka
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your portfolio, your retirement, all of that.
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things have been around for the browns burro for the dallas cowboys they had a better record, family new mexico tech's region t out the entire house dallas cowboys theme there are iron cowboy signs and flags all over the front yard inside it is a sea of countless colors on game day nobody will be allowed into the house without the new jersey. >> as every touchdown we rang the bell, and the celebrate. what happens if someone who does not read for the cowboys
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family film is that person is
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chat, how to get through a bad holiday meal. >> you going to eat bad food, but you're not going to take the bad gift. >> "the real" is getting naughty and nice as we go grinch on the negative comments. >> let me tell you something, baby. >> uh-oh. >> and two of the kids from blackish get squared up for charity. what is 50 cent's real name? >> i don't know. >> "the real ? this is our time ? ? don't waste another minute ? ? this is our time, grab ahold of time and get with it ? ? join us right now, right now, right now ? ? it's all right we got a choice, it's our time to join right now ? ? grab ahold of time and get


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