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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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is reserving judgment, the
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a statement from a victim said that she appreciate the support and is focusing on recovering asking for privacy for her and her family and even plan tonight at 7:00 p.m. on campus, invited to what is called buckeyes drone july at 7:00 p.m.. stay with us for continuing coverage with more live report stupid hassles today for years they gather to remember two people were killed, and to discuss changes made jennifer jordan joins us
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both suspects and art were killed in a hail of bullets after failing to stop pedro police chase many praise change made to say that more needs to be done improving relations between police and the black community uniting in east cleveland today exact location where they were shot at the end of the chase group of 13 police officers firing the shots that killed them. michael brelo, the only officer criminally charged was found no guilty many praising what they believed to be positive changes made as a result, gigantic do not get reelected, and the judg who presided over the brelo trial lost his reelection bid t the ohio supreme court prosecutor out of a job and a
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on the supreme court bench of ohio, racism is a cancer on this country the only way they were going to have equal rights for anyone is to have black lives matter cleveland there were both homeless with a history of mental illness and drug use try to pull them over for a turn signal violation when they pursued. for families filed a lawsuit seeking a settlement of $3 million the death of a missing centennial has been ruled a homicide else under balls was found shot in a vacan home on east 34th street this monthly counter he was missing his father dropped off at school developer mindset that was last time you saw him alive, the place and i said if they have
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illinois police arresting eight as part of a multistate cow train could have brought these ohio connections charged with felony theft for smash and grab at the saks fifth avenue store in st. louis on saturday, police tracked them down and arrested them believe they're responsible for nearly $2 million in stolen goods and damages. the other suspects ar still at large, a similar thing that happened at the beachwood saks fifth avenue with $3,000 and other high-end merchandise the police confirming that are working in both illinois and missouri to see if the cases are connected. >> getting a look at the heavy damage cause by wild winds overnight, peggy gallek is here
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church's been here for about 65 years founded by. ukrop spinning her sundays worshiping here at saint teresa science church on the east side on tuesday the congregation gathered to look at the damage caused by strong winds >> i am thanking god that there was nobody hurt, no cars were damaged and i am grateful that it could have been far worse than this. that's exactly what many are thinking, no injuries were reported, they dig a cause of downed trees and branches, and police even close a portion of east ninth street briefly after reports that a construction cable broke the windows at the
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2000 people were without power tuesday morning. >> winds gusting between midnight and two-day event between 30 and 40 mph, as many today are cleanup, thankful tha what remains. >> for whatever reason this happened, i know that he has a master plan, it really does care for all of us, so he's going to take care of things. there were no injuries reported, many hope for a calme night tonight. they hope to have the repairs
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melissa myers is tracking the radar from the dick goddard weather center, it was such a wild night? >> woke up because of the slain trace. are looking at some of the hourly observations between midnight and 2:00 a.m. most of us had wind gusts between 35 a at burke lakefront near 2:00 a.m. j, even warmer than yesterday, with '60s, 61 new
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most of us between 55 and 60, mark schauer's are moving in from the deep south beginning predawn wednesday is not steady showers to the south earg and then began to taper off evening hours tomorrow, with less than one tenth of an inch to the last and over one tenth of an inch to th north and between one quarter and one hal inch tonight predawn showers arrive still quite mild tomorro
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foxfire and jesse smoky mountains coheres theresa mccall. while fires have burned about 250 buildings, forcing thousands to be evacuated, many of the evacuations in gatlinburg tennessee, the city's fire chie says that the worst appears to be over. the emergency management agency issued a mandatory evacuation for gatlinburg this morning the agency called the fires dangerous warning people about heavy smoke breathing difficult, about 1300 people are in shelters the wildfires of burnt in parts of the southeast for weeks, fueled by strong winds and the worst drought in nearly a decade, the tennessee national guard has been called in to assist, and nobody has been killed by the fires and only about a dozen have been hurt. the dollywood amusement park in gatlinburg was not damaged i
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parton, just appeared in a psa with smokey the bear asking people to prevents forest fires. the odds of people making minimum wage approximation rall today to get a raise , the demonstration at hopkins airpor just one of many held all over the nation today, for lawmakers to approve a nationwide minimum wage of $15 per hour, local efforts in cleveland have been defeated, while critics say $15 is too much for that type of work, demonstrators say it is crucial for those who try to support a family. >> we live in one of the wildes countries in the world, actually
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we ought to be ashamed of our country to either be fighting a this get to $50 we should already be there and showing other countries that needs to happen. employment policy institute group says the bill wage will result in lost jobs, reduced hours and closures, metrohealth has some big plans to expand th board looking for funding to c facility to be ready by 2022, the current hospital will be demolished after that, so why start from scratch? the ceo says it has spent $80 million repairing the old building since 2,005 in patients deserve better. >> thanks to goddard's law ther are now stiffer penalties for
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the clock and 16, and temperatures drop off authorities in minneapolis when 37 and we still have the is 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. yesterday we had 55. >> looking at showers redeveloping. the first round of rainfall las night. this chance in the morning to
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, watches/warnings in portions of mississippi as well as louisiana and the dakotas and hunter winter storm warning. it will be a more consistent and widespread to the south, an then scattered showers in the f tomorrow night and then thursday could be a brief raindrop or two on thursday, some rainfall, but
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it will be cooler with highs in the 40s. overnight low tonight will be about 50 degrees, cloudy with predawn showers, in the morning and then more scattered in the afternoon with upper 50s. and then on thursday, the chanc of a few raindrops in the 40s with a rain/snow mix friday and a few lake effect snow shower saturday and sunday, partly cloudy near 40 degrees. those with a some good days were ice-skating in public square. shot really cold, it is far out
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people are giving back this holiday season. >> in arizona getting help from the customers, when t something at the poor little rich girl boutique in phoenix arizona they get a blessing bags they are supposed to keep them in a car and given to people in need, is a simple way to help to get back. >> important to be able to reac out to those people that might not necessarily have anybody to reach out.
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cases where the demographic doe not get such as shelters and soup kitchens, christmas will not be the same without santa claus drama are people and also for a special dog, and mo mandel who loves he santa toy, this year she met th lap the photo was shared on twitter by the owner when first saw santa claus she was excited in calm down when it was time to pose for the phone on. some people can enjoy the holidays when they dine out.
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in his team build this life-size gingerbread house inside of a result using 5,000 pounds of gingerbread. video has a working fireplace that can be reserved for parties up to six. >> computer technology has allowed law enforcement to keep track of lawbreakers, some, could also help track down and live users in consequences that they would face. mike pence, props and they would be a busy day. mike pence.
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are it is unseasonably warm for november, how much longer will it last? tomorrow is still mild and then we feel the changes with the
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today, city degrees. there are some clouds, at least it is not raining or snowing, toledo with 56 degrees, rain came through. that caps on people awake last night it was so windy between that in about 3:00 a.m. are the strong winds were just within around. at this point.we have some clouds and currently partly sunny. sunset and about half an hour at 4:59 p.m. on december 17 to go back to 5:00 p.m. and then the sunsets become later. scattered rain showers through
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edge to the north and farther south, one quarter and one half inch before the rainfall is don and then the temperatures tumbl thereafter. predawn showers arrive, with or widespread showers in the morning, tomorrow it will be upper 50s and then back to reality with 40s. local animal abuse cases increasing a county counsel is working to curb the trend. >> is proposing an animal abuse registry as maia belay here to explain. right now there's no way to track animal abusers in cuyahog county but that could soon change they can goddard's law even more impactful.
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four-legged friends. >> people have done horrendous things have gotten away with just small fines. goddard's law made it a felony to harm companion animals, but now a cuyahoga county councilwoman proposes to take enforcement a step further. >> person was to purchase or try to procure any other dog or cat they will be on a registry treatment registry for animal abusers in cuyahoga county posing an ordinance that would create track convicted animal abusers. >> sharon harvey, apl ceo, says it is difficult to track abuse cases. right now we don't have that ability unless we have handled that case, kimbo has been here for about three weeks and was rescued as part of a investigation.
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1300 local cases, this registry would make it harder for abuser to adopt pets like kimbo. make sure that we do everything we can to make sure that they go to a good loving home >> violators of the registry could face fines of up to $500 per another check on abusers, says will protect the animals >> they are peoples family members, and i am passionate about implement the intent behind goddard's law it is only as goo as the implementation. if passed, it could be running next month or early nex year, everyone i talked to was big fan of the idea. >> i think it is a wonderful thing. >> by people who need to know, would have access. they can look up your name to see if you are a convicted
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and when not lapse after five years. you would remain on that list. donald trump is wasted no time in his transition, today h picks more members of his team as thomas joins us. decision for transportation secretary has been made serving in that job to serve as labor secretary under george w. bush sunny simon transition team announcing his intent to nominate former orthopedic surgeon for secretar of health and human services he has been a big critic of obamacare would be the face of the republican effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act, and healthcare is an issue
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in his presidency. >> the president-elect is putting together a solid team t work with the senate and house, dr. price will be at the forefront in something that mr. trump says he wants to do early in his administration potentially on day one again that was a campaign promise tha he made in something he's going to uphold. donald trump considering who to pick for secretary of state, is expected to dine with the wrong guy, an indication that h is still being considered, he will also be kicking off and thank you tour in ohio, to his website to appear with the vice president-elect mike pence in cincinnati thursday night. >> and so in other meeting in gratings. donald trump tweeted this statement- nobody should be allowed to burn the american
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consequences perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail, his tweet as a direct conflict with free-speech rights america guaranteed by the first amendment, spring court ruled i 1989 that flag burning is protected by the first amendment, wisconsin congressma sean duffy said that the debate was wrong and said that we want to protect those people who wan to protest. democrats in the house of representatives will choose their next later, nancy pelosi of california is in a fight to keep her position a few weeks ago democrats push back the leadership vote to decide which would be best suited to fight the top administration, youngstown area representative tim ryan is running against nancy pelosi staff he says were democrats do something instead of just talking to them that certain things only 54, pensions, make sure people don' privatize medicare program don' get thrown off their health
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levers of power there is not going to anything we can do it other than complaint i think we need to make a strategic decision to go in another direction, very respectful to nancy pelosi but all of her competence but i think it's tim to go in a new direction. tour is what will be done by secret ballot, a former south carolina police officer said he felt total fear that a driver h had been chasing wrestled away his taser, michael slater testified in his defense is accused in the mother of walter scott in april 2015, michael slager he pulled them over for broken tail light, then ran, aid he found his stun gun and the rest of the four scott brok away that's when michael slager says he did what he was trained to do shooting scott to end the threat. >> a judge says that he wants the man accused in the shooting and killing of nine and a south carolina church to talk to him directly in court not through
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the judge granted the motion of july moved to represent himself in his trial, the police say that dome roof opened fire inside of a charleston church back in june 2015, so for about ten potential jurors have been chosen what 70 are picked that will be whittled down to 12 and six alternates. two high-ranking american officials are going to kill her for the fidel castro cuba, earnest says a high-ranking presidential visor and the top diplomat to kill that will represent united states says is not part of a formal delegation meanwhile, castro's ashes will be at the ministry of defense till tomorrow before they're sent to santiago de cuba for his funeral and burial. brazil observed in three days of mourning after a soccer team is among those killed in a plan
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brazil's president declaring three days of official mourning for victims of the airplane crash killing 75 including most of a brazilian soccer team, brazilian air force planes have been made available for relatives of the victims to travel to columbia and for the transfer of the bodies to brazil, the plane crashed in columbia this morning, killing 75, doctors working to stabiliz six survivors they say that all of them suffered severe trauma, along with the soccer ea plane was also carried journalist to cover the upcoming championship match, at this point.there's still no word on what caused the plane crash. the soccer team that was scheduled to play the brazilian soccer team in a south american championships as it is offering the title to the brazilian team recognition of their great loss and attributed to these players
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browns camp bye-week and also a big decision to make. robert griffin iii could soon be back on the field, should he play this season?
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will fall back to normal temperatures. so you could go ice skating if you want to in a day or two. looking outside from the chesterland camera. looking at the beautiful trees and skyline. we had clouds, sunshine and
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then on december 17 it will be 5:00 p.m. and then after that i will be longer days. little breezy today but not lik last night with very strong winds. rainfall with winds up to 45 mph. at burke lakefront it was a gus of 53 at about 2:00 a.m. another round of rainfall in ou direction beginning predawn tomorrow and on and off throughout the day. snowfall i
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yesterday, severe thunderstorm with watch boxes in louisiana mississippi and the dakotas and even arizona under some freeze warnings, because the front, you'll see a steady stream of rainfall to the south morrow and it will be mainly cloudy. still be mild, after that the about one tenth of an inch to the north and then shows about one tenth of an inch to the south so tomorrow it will be extremely rainy just on and off
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50 degrees the tomorrow, with upper 50s, and then back to the 40s on thursday, december 1. then a raid snow mix potential friday back to th low 40s, late friday that then on saturday and sunday, will still be aou effect snow showers saturday an middle part of next week, nothing significant some computer models are hinting tha next week and the following wee will be better chances for stovall. t e browns head into the
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since the first week although they browns quarterback's are healthy including rg3 , robert griffin iii as p.j. joins us today robert griffin iii was clear for contact and could start the week from sunday versus cincinnati bengals he was back on the practice field as they head into the byfield, rg3, can return after breaking a bone in his left shoulder purse the eagles in the first game of the season, still to early for coach hue jackson to make a decision next week as who will be starting as quarterback now is the time to determine if rg3 can be the future quarterback. was looking for will be on the team as we move forward, every game, were still evaluating the team, at this
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evaluate him to see if he can b quarterback. >> the browns have the rest of the week off with they will begin preparations next week fo the bengals as they try to get that first dummy with the seaso and perhaps were hue jackson, n better time to go that with his former team the cincinnati bengals at home. if we could get just want it >> absolutely, just one victory or i think it gives them a sense of we can believe in what we have and try to build upon this one victory moving into the off-season. holiday shopping season is upon us and some parents are unsure of what to get the
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this is what parents or grandparents d-2 listen up i-pa black friday, cyber monday the self plots of holiday shopping time left. >> if you have a child for, the toy insider was to mak sure that your shopping trip is easier that have come up with the toy guide with the 20 hottest for the season. they have that even broken down to specific entry. some o the hottest toys of the season, a great way for your infants an toddlers to get moving and to also learn is the fisher-price learning center. to
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opportunities for motor skills and language recognition, it sells for about $50. preschoolers can protect the kingdom with the lion guard playset, the popular disney junior show comes to life featuring a rock climbing area, bungee launcher and a working zip line including also playset costing $50. >> costing $40. gradeschool kids can't not responsible at the 13th skills with these hatchimals. you can care for them and that
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help costing about $60 each, they're so popular that some retailers are selling them for even more so shop around for the best deal. >> for ages 9 inches and up the nintendo mario kart eight quad copter the can use the antigravity mode, features a gyro system for flexibility and protective cage for the rotors and has advanced and beginner mode. it sells for it is in the dollars. for a complete list of the hot holiday toys go to fox >> .
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one day after a attack on osu campus learning details about possible ties to terrorism. >> for one of the victims for the first time, matt wright is in columbus with the latest fro osu wexner medical center. began hearing of these ties to terrorism that yesterday what d we know today? i can tell you that is something that they're looking into. three of the 11 victims remained hospitalized in fair condition. students today returned to campus for classes, isis is taking responsibility for the attack, law enforcement says they believe that the student was inspired by isis.
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crashed a car into a crowd monday they began stabbing victims with a butcher knife, university police officer shot him within one minute of the attack without looking into a facebook posting, showed him before to say that he was tired of seeing muslims killed and tortured that he cannot take it anymore. victims are also seeking answer about about it today professor william clark who was hit by th car, it happened so fast, i turned to go back into the building an there was this car and i get flipped in the air, it all happened so fast. it was literally, it seemed to me, that it was within 15-30 seconds that i then heard the shots into was over. the university provided a


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