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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  November 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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enforcement was very busy, the id was a first report of raids in several local gas stations peggy gallek is more o what we know. fbi says very little except that this is part of an ongoing investigation. the manager the gas station say he doesn't believe that they ha done anything wrong. >> 7:00 a.m. wednesday, fbi and state agents raided several gas stations and a strongsville hom as part of an investigation cameras were there wednesday th agents were reading
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agent check in the tanks. another raid at bel air in jasper the keswick gas station also at the sunoco gas station is 55 in payne avenue manager said he would like some answers light snow who is in charge and what they're looking for and with her taking away any equipment from the stores, especially the cash registers cannot operate without them, is going to affect us greatly and is not cheap to replace them. >> sources say that one person was arrested, but the cases sealed so we do not know the person's identity or the charge. were details emerging about the attack at ohio state bursty and the possible ties to terrorism. they say that
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inspired by isis and al qaeda, they say that he purchased a knife and the club is walmart but unsure if it was the one used in the attack, also confirming he was a first year business student. this is unclear why the acted monday. no determination of why at ohio state, the ability and tha straig so that is information that were trying to decipher from electronic signatures left behind of why he went there >> there asking for anyone with information about his whereabouts between the time he made the mac purchase in the time of the attack to come forward. >> a new bill the works that could give chardon shooter t.j.lane a chance to get out of prison early. would make him eligible for
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committed the crime before 18 h is serving life without parole for shooting and killing three classmates at chardon high school in 2012, the bill is up for a vote in a similar bill ha passed in the house. >> cuyahoga county probate judg approved a settlement and the tamir rice case, in april agreed to the cell in a wrongful death lawsuit, clue that will pay half of the $6 million this year and the othe shot and killed by police while carrying and airsoft pistol outside of the cudell rec cente two years ago. portage county sheriff's deputies and rivera place looking for the suspect in the shooting today the say jamell calhoun shot two people in ravenna township killing one th other victim injured, the high school there placed a locked-ou but was lifted
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anyone sees them they're asked to call the police. to all of court employees have been suspended after an alleged case of racism in one o the locations local comedian in his party claimed that the lagers what is appropriate or not a 911 call tells a differen story as jeff and jordan details. parma police call to the olive garden, around nine, the 911 call made by any employee after she claims a party of five, were all asked to leave their premises. they want to purchase alcohol for a minor. began to get racial and the asked for a different server
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ricky smith and his party till a different story after being seated, he told tmz there were making small talk with the waitress when she mentioned that she does not lik to wait on black because they d not tip well, that waitress was a black woman, he says he went to the manager requesting any waitress, but instead, the manager allegedly told him to keep the same waitress or leave. >> smith chronicles the inciden parma police said the group was nondisruptive once they arrived. >> when our officers arrived, customers, they were allegedly causing a disturbance, they wer cooperative and left on their own accord. no charges were filed in police say the investigation is handled by restaurant, olive
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says they take allegations of any kind seriously and discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated, they say that- jennifer jordan, fox 8 news. west side, dogs, turkeys and pi& taken from a local home and now at the apl, a tip call prompt and the investigation is suzann stratford reports. it is an unbelievable same, rescue effort here at the apl. see these volunteers and staff going through the boxes those
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rabbits a number of animals rescued today from a home on the west side at the ep said he had not seen anything like it, a tip call came in earlier, to the epo hotline. police in a field investigators responded to the house at 39th and bailey finding the animals in the backyard. some estimates of about 100, many showing signs of neglect and poor conditions. mostly chickens would also turkeys, potbellied pig, a couple of dogs and cats the latest count is 155, at the apl they are assessing the situatio and it is coming at a challenging time because they have just rescued more than 30
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>> this is a first. we have had large seizures before, we had a large seizure of guards in the past we have dealt with large groups of chickens usually cockfighting. this the first time we've had a example of urban farming gone wrong. account is 155 animals rescued from the home, the apl equipped to handle farm animals with their reaching out to sanctuaries and others to help. the honor is going to face charges of some kind of city an coding violations, right now it is under investigation, suzanne
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rainfall today is going to bring with them colder temperatures. >> there is winter in the forecast. >> and today, tomorrow is the beginning of winter. looking at the rain shower activity. it will introduce the cooler ai moving in from the north and west, at one point., this was having out to the west back to crawford county and richland
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will be a chance at mexican tomorrow especially in the snowbelt right now 51 degrees in toledo 44, the wind is beginnin to increase gusting up to 25 mph. rainfall will be gone around 10:00 p.m. and then tomorrow, partly sunny a good chance of a few raindrops with highs in the low 40s. >> tomorrow morning in the 30s 30s, a few showers especially to the east otherwise cloudy with highs in the low 40s. and looking at the first weeken of december in the forecast coming up. the ban on buses and public square is causing problems for rta riders in city council , some
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decision to close a portion of superior avenue. amir staff says the issue is satan because of too many buses coming through the area with high for traffic, the council says that does not add up since it was designed to attract larg crowds, both bus riders in the council says the problem needs to be fixed. this is causing a million turns around the square. putting people in more danger that it would be if you ran buses through superior. by not going straight and having to make the extra time, the extra route it makes me a comment that two minutes, of me missing the bus. ryder said they it is causing to miss connecting buses and increasing commute times. >> tim ryan.the new minority leader, nancy pelosi
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held , with her beating tim ryan 134-63 he told supporters he is disappointed by the parties in good shape. >> become out of this leadershi election united's democrats and we will attack on the challenge we need moving forward i am disappointed because i like to win , but i think it was a great discussion for us and i think honestly, i think that the parties better off. matt szollosi have the position since 2,002. volunteered to join the service and fight overseas and then told to give the money
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sherla police officer will not face charges in the shooting ma that sparked several months protest, they say that he acted lawfully as they told keith lamont scott to drop the gun his family said that he was not armed, his family still deciding if they will file a lawsuit. the pilot of the plane that crashed in colombia killing seven people told air traffic control the plane was on the field, asking for permission to lead because of the total lack of fuel. they gave the power instruction until the rear the silent as th plane crashed into the andes, recording obtained by a british radio station who will not say how they got it.
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to forgive the dance of thousands of national guardsmen were ordered to pay back their investment bonuses, their inten is for serving in iraq and afghanistan over a decade ago but this year they were to repa the money, provision in the defense budget will require the pentagon to lay the repayment unless improves there's arrows showing that the member was not eligible to receive the money. wildfires vijay singh blamed they're getting a closer look a the devastation along with four killed and 45 injured, or 50 buildings in the area have been damaged or destroyed the city mayor says that they will recover and offers a solution. the messages that were going to be okay if you really want t do something to help gatlinburg, were going to be back at her feet in a short time, come visi
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some fires continue to burn in part of gatlinburg is still off-limits that could be helped by up to 2 inches of rainfall today and tomorrow. >> cleanup continues across parts of the southern us after an outbreak of severe weather, they surveyed the damage, and alabama they say at least two tornadoes touched down in the weather service says possible for additional twisters, and neighboring mississippi they sa their lucky to be alive. at least five have died as a result of the storm, at least a
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we start off with lot's of clouds and, we had the low '60s, you'll see their rainfall in avon lake area. that view from the folger home camera. he had some decent amounts of a second shot of cool air from the northwest. the high is way above normal high of 71 from 1934. the early sunset will start december 2 until december 13 an then by new year's eve it will
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severe weather on the southeast coastline under some severe thunderstorm concerns an watching some cooler air overnight tonight and a chance rainfall tomorrow to the east. to the lasted falling into the 40s the wind gusting up to 30 mph. the cool air will continue to move tomorrow a drop of about 2. front goes through with mostly cloudy tonight and will be cooler and a chance of rain/sno
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>> tonight of authorities mostl cloudy tomorrow partly sunny with more clouds, talking of december in the low 40s this day more seasonable , a friday chance of mix on saturday some lake effect, the best chance would be on sunday rain/snow mi in the afternoon and evening and we are showing with great switc into snowfall thursday next week week. netflix makes it easier to take your shows on the go. >> they said they will offer an off-line download option. god to the days of wi-fi,
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number of the shows are ready for downloading the best part, that the feature is available a no additional cost. sometimes the stress of finals
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brushes on account of the christmas decorations. >> is a hotel takes the gingerbread house to the next level, this under the sea theme creation is on display in phoenix it takes up more than 900 square feet using 500 pound of gingerbread and 3,000 pounds
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lot of people who are happy about the holidays, it can be stressful for college students trying to cram for finals. ecology california is using dogs to help the students to cope santa barbara community college libraries packed the students tried to balance work and play with the therapy dogs are part of a nonprofit group that goes around colleges to help students with the stress they say that the to with campus life. , these dogs here, the sops is to forget about what is going on around us. >> they say the dogs how to dea with the stress of finals but also with being away from their
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