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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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the search is on for the suspect who shot two people killing one of them. we do have have a picture of him so you can see what he looks like this is the man that they are looking for. he shot two people on henderson road around 2:30 p.m. wednesday afternoon a woman was shot and taken to the hospital they knew this heard the shots they tried to help the victims until the ambulance it right. she put him in the recovery position. i thought the later that she had already him office back into the
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in other news right now barberton police are looking for the driver who hit and army national guard spent in cap going. twenty-seven -year-old, scott hollifield, is recovering in the hospital with severe brain injuries regard to cover car have approve
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settle the wrongful death bronx it. simmons could face 15 months in prison if he does not agree to probation. an elderly woman is the string of car to exited the crime spree all the way to the cities quite a suburbs.
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straight shoe other carjackings and beachwood one at somerset outside the menorah park nursing home. i feltth i've got out of my car is no space started walking towards me. she got pushed to the ground the next thing you know that back i took off in her vehicle. i've never had anything like this happened to me. i'm almost 80 years old.
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to end. the i team obtained this memo
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tonight's rally will be outside the school at six muslim. we'll take on cincinnati in division ii rematch. >> how the community is reacting. election officials will begin recounting ballots that they think they will find an who is paying for it straight ahead. >> storm fox radar showing some light rain over the lake the
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good morning. welcome back. those forecast discussion still highlights and pick will done at the end of next week. we have a chance to get the technical science help the wealthy. see behind-the-scenes. it's drop the temperatures back into the high 30s we haven't had any reports of anything accumulated once again will have
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temperature of 38. airport. so strong that will be stronger than the push were seeing right now. almost a 35-degree temperature drop take a look at that shade of gray of the cooldown extends into the rocky mount west. it will stay pressed today with matches between 37 and 42 temperatures well into the
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be a shiite in asheville county without that west wing. late tomorrow into tomorrow night we start to see this melt off temperatures saturday and sunday temperatures made it out
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those are we can. to the one coming in ten of next week which will be the bigger when his power a shirt and more arctic air. traffic time with patty. we are along sky fox very dark out there but traffic is slowing lot road conditions are fine. we don't have to deal inclement weather except it is a chilly start. that feel like yesterday. you know the drill happen cards. we look good out here. no charges will be filed. so charlotte police officer who
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they released evidence that he was armed at the time of the shooting his family has claimed his dna was the megan at the scene. election officials will begin recounting the general election the spring the cream county candidate request the audit. the three-point 5,000,003 for the recount. they projected of us it to have
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the recount will be done by machine. this transition to ?-ellipsis the president-elect is reenergizing the pace a full schedule has not been released thousand people gathering in manhattan for the free but raining celebration. somehow from saturday night live stay for that the 2,000
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weather and traffic every eight minutes. there is are looking for men who shot two people killing one the latest on the fish for him this next. the very latest on the efforts
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welcome back. it is 627. it is 38 degrees outside. yesterday it was like 61 degrees.
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not right now. it's brisk and the spirit help you to stay warm and temperatures are falling into the 30s we've had some light rain but nothing significant although we are highlighting some breaks in the overcast were looking at more 80-90 percent cud we have some rain and some light snow on radar temperatures behind the front join us the mid- 30s the temperature change is not only been here in cleveland but across most of the
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what bearing down all over georgia would indicate of a 30-degree temperature drop were the last 24 hours accumulation out east those spotty showers with rain and
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late tomorrow and into early on saturday whole lot of that melts off over the we can as daytime highs will stay in the lower 40s saturday and sunday through next week don't temperatures will be trending above normal and sharply that the last several years we've had very mild summers temperatures are running above normal and that's about to change. the colder air comes in the en wednesday night the end of next week.
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20 percent of the seasonal snow. it's not all that unusual has a get a whole lot of snow. so windy out there today. blowing the lead seven had thought i got on those you rob this work. not true. launch drove the server truth. it is 6:31 a.m. we are actually seen some of
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slime. no problem. where is our top story want to check in again with jessica dill down at the sheriff's office with what we know so far. >> * very scary moment in
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two people killing one of them no one was shot was she
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herb is as it is not appear that any of the animals were used for pain but some were clearly neglected and then on buses in
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problems for rta writers in cleveland city council they say they are kept in the dark about the decision they say it's a safety issue with us as an area at-traffic the holiday season is going to be a whole lot warmer than 100 students. the anyhow dawson foundation founded by my brother judge million dawson in the past .-dot new winter coats to students of
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very good time because the weather is expected to turn next much colder next week moment to collect these donations pretty well in black and individual call for each individual kid. they give us a list of the kids of their gender and their sizes and we go in by the specific on
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happy to be back they woman said we do most the shopping. i think it's more of a shared thing. we think were doing said that
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it's a 600-700 people wayne is a yard manager. he's a yard manager. when you do which you got it. what shopping.
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of the story. we're out of toothpaste and toilet paper. the very list oriented. there's only 24 days until christmas. i was busy. we want to hear from you on this. facebook twitter and instagram. we will have your comments coming up throughout the morning. an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes. plus we're going to meet some mustangs. whitney elementary is this weeks cool school.
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to fox 8 news. my name is patty harkin. there are couple things going on. we are getting reports of the flick flipped vehicle that we have to gas like over north ridgefield will have a look at quiz. >> good morning everybody. here's the eight-day forecast cloud cover we do have some rain mixed in with some light snow flurries and will be cold enough for a couple of slushy accumulations inches. we have three friends one late today and tomorrow from another one on sunday it's a warm front
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next week and then the big cool down at the end of next week will see more than likely sica's lake affect thursday and friday parties over. we vardy past our time anyway. here with us this morning i cap in and samantha. they aren't reading superstars. it says right on their shirt. yo become a superstar. we could to assure that the beginning of the year how many books have you read.
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the teachers and staff that everybody is really nice. so you're going to be leaving. which goal we purchase the new middle school. cement could stop the three ready for the coffee quiz. okay. we're going to try our color again will see if our back. it's been allows and she does it had a snow date you didn't any large tree it's been a while since we've seen a lot of snow and they want snow days that were heading into the holidays you like to go to school. here's the question you need
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from one snowstorm in northern ohio. one snowstorm that could occur over couple of days is not just a one day to what's the record in northern ohio what do you think that is a 29 inches which is like this is a 49 inches was like for for two visits 69 inches below 6 feet or is that 109 inches of snow which would barely fit through a gone with these two how could you not go with these two inches jump right out this i can tell in your azure steaming right now chew. where do you going with wayne i
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there were very confident that there is a guest in five days how does it feel when and personnel little sad. he likes to stompers. here is to show as how smart he is. can you imagine getting 69 inches of snow. 109 inches i wonder property hour on the mounds. those los angeles out. let's see. this is for you. put this in your trophy case.
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great shirt. we love it. they are awesome. thank you and happy house state around meant to do a selfie when research a break. that's something we'd something we to kenny crumpton is kicking at this run with our buddy jungle terry. they good they just making sure you're okay over there. when we come back at nativity time with jungle terry he brought and their big guns we will explain that when we come back. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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it is borderline calling out for some snow the temperature is at freezing. local there is beginning to settle and it's like the wedding cake with different layers for closer they get to the surface obviously the chances of seeing snow start to go up the outlook today does show them the on-again off-again showers mixing with snow locally daytime highs usually stay about 47 and 42 we will talk more
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patty harkin with the lookout traffic at 7:01 a.m. >> that i am. live tv a little tired from client to flying to accidents this time around the other accident about the construction as you exit off of 480 and brook park it is closed between case and raise. they are dealing with a
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>> police are investigating a shooting in the west that it happened just around 2:00 a.m. next line witnesses say they saw a man no word on his condition at this hour. one man dead another or, at the hospital and ravenna. who they are looking for they are still trying to search for the suspect from the deadly shooting that happened wednesday
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stay in front of my progress while they search response to a from of inventiveness that he was walking his dog when he heard a lot of shooting. >> they and breathing and holding him up. and different types of situations we will keep you up
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immediately. >> barberton police looking for a driver who hit an army national guardsmen with a friend on north van buren street near lincoln avenue friday night when he was hit with the maroon and dark car police officers prosecutors say he took money over a secure timeframe and used it for himself. he could face 18
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columbus tomorrow morning. they beat the panthers 42 ?- zero for the second straight title. might touch for 40 a later time a far cry from a temperature of mild weather we have for the
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up along i 90 cleveland clinic is now ranked number one in her care for 22 years in a row
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breaking overnight the second inmate is back at him in in custody after a seven hour
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touched down parts of and tennessee strong winds knocked down trees and power lines to assist its worst drought in nearly a decade no word on whether that will come with a news conference which he
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president elect. he elders first news conference since 2008 he also plans to make a stop in indiana the company had planned to close to indiana plants and that would save the company $65,000 in labor funds a presidential recount jill stein raised more than 3.5 billion dollars she believes the voting system may have been cap
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pennsylvania. it includes giant statues of the obama's dog the luminaires and garth luminaires and garth brooks patricia yearwood will perform the annual lighting begin in 23 kicked off in south caps off in south africa yesterday from new
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kind of a rainy i see max certainly no issues there. plenty on the ground at east 51st not good news for travelers on the west side this morning. we also have the accident as well westbound let's look at the drive time coming in from the
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is not a good look out for their we will send it outside this is a chilly one i hope you are wearing a hat. increase temperatures in the
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in the upper 30s or 40s start out as rain with the temperatures are colder. then we start to see the west to east
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40s saturday and sunday temperatures next week start to drop year with a quick little boost in the temperature temperature for the first ten days will be well below average the details on the colder next week we will know more we will be fairly consistent with the cold air south of us we will go to the middle 30s this probably translates to my
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like a week down the road. have i told you i hate winter 760 measure 16 is your time right now this is why i started skin needed something to look forward to so i went to skeet so when it's snowing and quality items something to look forward to. they found that when can do women do most of the shopping in the household groceries and holiday shopping this woman
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shopping in your household? do we think we do some stuff? it's mostly women when it comes to groceries, but
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is overrated facebook twitter instagram who does the household ?- this is mark shafran you in
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cleveland's own welcoming cleveland' >> you can have your little one featured on our website at
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everyone. we are doing our nativity scene. come on over. you have to come on over wayne stop playing nintendo select i heard jumbo jerry say get the blackouts i left mine on the
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back to who do we have here? >> i have a sheep called baby doll a big fluffy willie for. it is a brown sheep so this is one of uses in the nativity scene and the other is a mini highlander cow hill cap and probably about the size still a mini cow. yes but these are just a few that they bring we have many more
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travel all over. we are in cleveland in youngstown down to west virginia all over. >> a traveling nativity. >> yes. shower. >> you don't want to smile like a bar and animal. >> all right when we come back lots more with winds many
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>> time flies when you're having fun >> i am wayne dawson i think. i thought it was aj. i was going to get on the back. do you know
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that on my phone. i think that's how we will flip the percentages and high 30s i could keep talking.
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me $24.07 patty tv. a couple of problems going on the big one is the west side 90 eastbound a rollover accident the other is over by north bridgeville where they are dealing with a gas leak i spoke with police to say some workers are being allowed in their keep that in mind our columbia road now on west and 17 through the accident is blocking the two left glance with the peak lanes with the peak is the accident drive times are hollanders now if you horrendous now if you are coming
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long. a tough one here and you are backing up through westlake stacy and wayne, back to you. the portage county sheriff's office is searching for a man they consider armed and dangerous. but this is the top story we want to check in and i can live from morning. the sheriff's office telling us as they don't have any updates yet but i expected to release more information they are still searching for the suspect is dead this who did this horrible shooting yesterday we do have a photo of the man they are looking for. they say he shot two people at a home on
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township around 2:30 p.m. wednesday. one man killed a woman shot taken to the hospital susan surgery last night they were placed on lockdown for short while police believe the suspect was out of the area police say they heard the shot straight to help the victim until the ambulance arrived. >> she held him the whole 20 minute she rolled onto the side and put them in the recovery position here and throughout throughout the day. >> an update on our top story.
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rta rivals council members say they have been stuck dark they say the issue was safety some say it is causing them with increased commute times. >> a million times around the square that places people in mo be. >> by it is not going straight and making me ask to return extra route, it makes me a little dustup one minute that two minutes of missing that bus they say further discussions will continue in the future. >> cleveland animal protectively doing with more than 155 animals taken from homes in the
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this is all from house armed bailey avenue they are caring for them the 240 cap from another home last week. >> as is overwhelming businesses to deal with we can now sleep knowing these animals are safe and we will get them into appropriate homes. >> the owner could be charged or find. >> a local brought made her television debut on empire state the nine -year-old was cast to parent play a young cooking as the show digs deeper into the characters past they center to a casting agency in chicago for something completely different
7:36 am
resemblance she said she was in charge when she got the call. >> republic i was going to have a heart attack. >> why? >> because there was so happy it was my first time being on a real show have felt like i was the main character a public i public i was the star. she spent over 14 hours on set, and she even shared a make a room with state eggs. additional episodes in season four. >> holiday season will be a whole lot warmer for about 100 students things to our very own wayne dawson and his brother. >> our concern is that you are the best leaders and students and you don't have to worry about being warm. this is great stuff they passed out new winter
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money made from the bowling fundraiser that wayne and his brother just out with generous donations that is the hard part trying to find all these places but it is fun. >> the time right now is 7:37 a.m. twenty-four days to christmas i restarted your shopping here? cap up next we're getting plugged in with todd, and we want to know who does most of your christmas shopping. a new elite, in a conversation with friends on facebook are about to get a
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?? ?? great lakes mall they really really do a great job. i still have a lot to do. my grandkids
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have not seen that you don't push it all on laverne? >> no she does for other side of the her side of the family. >> our that makes sense. and the men disagree but apparently we don't know better as she has taken the lead every year they only have to shop for my wife but a call little
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possible to pay for it. >> primarily finally diane says i made a deal i will do the shopping that is teamwork. we appreciate that so far we want to hear from you guys so far here is how you get a hold of us. time right now is 743 coming up now the new way to unplug that may and how much a special but will cost you. plus a sweet dream come true how food scientists are making chocolate out healthier. >> let's take a long look
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commute and vote. when we come
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?? ?? eastlake north high school from eastlake north high school northern lights would like to invite you to come out there
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are also performing wednesday at the great lakes mall along with another the very also. come on down today i am seeing it worked really hard and you can hang out with ranger closer if got reindeer posture we have the one with their big antlers trying the big antlers trying to show off what they actually use them anyway this is a young guy six
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these up and they are an aphrodisiac. about this he is a little solid. >> , it's today way big enough to where they are small people i guess. where they are beasts of
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the time off. so they are really into lake erie in pretty much do they have tales? yes. i am more worried about this. yes. is here it is it is affected. the caribou family asked. how can they find? there is a lot of cool stuff going on with these animals you remember
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reindeer. >> it worked for me. you know what, it is just the people from the snow. they use that to fight with two. we are good. we have a unicorn reindeer that say. let's see what are we
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>> good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio it is the first day of december while to get used to that we can do seem to kind of seemed to be all over the place do what you


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