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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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out to seller carjackings in clifton heights in university heights and orange village in land carjacked at gunpoint in the driveway he may have been followed home from the gas station. it is traveling what is happening to our world? >> there was a man and >> showed you a ratio carjackings in cleveland, daytime and nighttime. >> summa vehicles taken the recent carjackings have been found, either just left somewhere, or spotted by the police but the bad guys inside the police have arrested a handful of people in the cases, the bombing suspect. feature police say that may
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the officer saint roch asked about possible suspects. from now on, she says she will be on guard. this time someone test my car of going to keep on driving. unlikely to stop. the i-team learned of pepper pike police investigating an attack on a female after a burglar entered a home they wonder if that crime could also be connected to the robberies o the side she says that she going to keep on going is at the right thing to do. >> police say in a case like that if they capture car to drive to a playstation or a crowded area otherwise take the advice of the other carjacking victim said that, just swallow your pride and give it up.
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like it. marissa mayer says the first look at the forecast. >> they different. only have a completely differen air mass about 20 degrees colde than yesterday. a few raindrops are mixing with snowflakes to run get away from the lake along 90 and south, an you run into some snowflakes. there is clouds encompassing the great lakes also a wintry
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>> almost 20 degrees colder in ashtabula. that puts us right here. the winds were very gusty early, at this point.there basically breezy around ten-20 mph. the wind chill, looks like 30th street hopkins will stop the big change for us to a coming to. tonight continue with the slushy curation possible in the higher elevations to the east than
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are some big changes coming at the end of forecast, talk about that in a few minutes. fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app. also sign up for text alerts at fox >> . to be found at inside of a summit county home they think that carbon monoxide is to blame, kevin freeman has more from green what can you tell us? these christmas lights are not indicative of the tragedy here earlier today in grade. and summit county. the 57-year-old and a 69-year-old woman were found
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apparently of carbon monoxide poisoning they say that a realtor called the fire department after finding the couple, around 10:25 a.m. today the exa office said they were found inside the indoor pool area. they are not officially release the names but they say that he was a successful businessman stark county. people describe them as perfect neighbors, she loved gardening a they stop by last night to say hello, they went for walks all the time. the sheriff department is investigating the plan to release more details tomorrow, apparently to people found dead inside of this home earlier today from carbon monoxide
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pleasure working to find a prison in a escape from fairvie hospital he was last seen running from through the metropark rocky river reservation is about 5-foot 11 with a bald head, they say he was a prison jumpsuit to say him that he got out of jail is wanted for murdering two people in portage county including a pregnant wallin a that david darnell calhoun junior is dangerous they say that they think the tee shot lashawn sanders and sara marsh inside o the car in ravenna township sheriff says it is not a random shooting suspect the
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information you should contact the sheriff's department. >> pre- people recover after a suspect opened fire inside of i akron barbershop at 11:00 a.m.. >> unless exchange per minute rest of the victims to a local hospital conditions are unknown are still searching for the suspect. >> if other five fighting for his life after a robbery at an atm salad hoping for justice spoken to peggy gallek joined us with more for the newsroom. he was robbed and shot at the hands of a robber. >> talk about the injuries that her son, after being shot early thursday morning he had gone to
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is a lot to deal with he is done with five kids. >> was withdrawing money to go christmas tree shopping thursday, he put the gun to his chest cannot talk at first there is no negotiation just the shooting. >> after being shot, he struggled and before running. then shot one more time in the back. >> ladue said that after he was shot only could think about was his five children, once he got to his home, family called 911. >> his two oldest children spen the day with him in the hospital. he takes care of the girls played for seven. >> that of the suspect's cut
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is it worth killing my son, the father of five, for $600? >> they say that they're thankful that lease were able t help him, detectives continue t investigate if you have information call the cuyahoga crimestoppers. informer wretchedly suffer sentence two years probation for with a cop program they guilty to grand theft charges in october they say he took money over six years from the charity for personal use, besides probation he was ordered to complete 500 hours of duty service and pay $15,000 restitution. that he killed a man stocks visa charges after losing his job this and two counts of cruelty under goddard's law the
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byers posted the story on socia media he said that the man admitted to shooting his two dogs offering to buy him to dogs. i asked them where they were, and he looked at me like i was confused and he pointed to the brush pile >> and there was the legs sticking out. it was a supervisor with american electric power, he was fired, the company said they expect the highest level of conduct on and off the job he i scheduled for arraignment next week. >> they changes coming to the east bank of the flats. after several recent restaurant closures looking tha a local brewery in a restaurant could move in. you have a look at who is comin and going into the section of
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already turnover after several restaurants enclosed and others plan to fill the vacancies. the flat's east bank looking for ghost town than hotspot , the section empty after the closure of the restaurants. everybody wanted to them immediately but sometimes it takes tme work. >> attracting new tenants. cally before the committee thursday with plans to fill two of the vacancies to reveal designs for a pizzeria of the former crop sticks. >> including glass enclosed patios.
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the need to figure out what works and i think they're in the right direction. rascal flatts bar and restaurant to open in the sprin of jimmy buffett's margaritaville to open next year, when i get it right all the time is about riding the right fit into learn from what people are looking for. gm says they have focused on marketing to bring in customers year-round hope that the of the plant diseases will help. just to get the city to realize that the project won't happen in just one year. they still need to approve the plans for those potential tenants in the complex and not yet signed leases. this is nothing to worry just some give-and-take of a new development.
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some do not make it in you expect others to fill the gap. >> still ahead, a road rage incident, and every moment is
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their wedding photos. they have been married for 70 years. high school sweethearts do not have a photographer at the 1946 wedding. >> they celebrated with picture they never got after seven decades, they got married after he served in world war ii with four children, a grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren pictures. it was worth the wait. tonight it will be chilly. >> the wind chills in the 20s, looking at avon lake, you can see the white caps lake erie, cloud cover has been pretty dry to the last,
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a high of 43, are used to childre were like 65, that's why normal fill so-called. a look at what's happening, so the moisture from the kerry headed towards downtown cleveland and also along 271 and east. to southern northern and central portions o geauga county and also ashtabula and trumbull county you run int some mixing and snowflakes. the same story tomorrow and saturday in the typical snowbel areas lake effect snowfall and a little bit of everything becaus
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41 the grace metro wide including the lakefront that feels like 31 degrees, 30s and 40s had taken over the great lakes region, to the south 42 degrees charlestown and much warmer weather sounds like raleigh. >> tonight wintry mix and continues tomorrow and also tomorrow night it will taper of saturday morning saturday will
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tonight mid- 30s tomorrow around the four days like today and then sunday another slushy accumulation. and tuesday rainfall about 50 degrees and then rain, snow wednesday 20s overnight lows in the teens and then thursday and friday, it could be a decent
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another honor for lebron james, situation is outstanding in terms of what he has been able to do is the sport's illustrated sportsperson of the the year.
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for my foundation. and the kids that i represent as a role model inspiration i'm happy for them and, it is an honor. as far as lebron james is concerned, the team, came very close to the world series to lose to the cubs, with dwayne wade in the loss that bed so he has to pay, >> had to wear uniform.
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baseball making a major change to determine the home field for the world series to her sometim the winner of the team that one championship would be the team to have home-field advantage, but this year is not the case the indians had vanished becaus the american league won the all-star game earlier this summer, so the indians got the advantage. should say that they did some o that damage in the city of chicago on the opposing teams failed. so the team with the best record, the cubs, a year ago would have had the home-field advantage, they that sow the
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the finals beginning tonight, 7:30 p.m. will be the first game, division ii championship, featuring massillon-perry versus hudson. they earned the trip to take on cincinnati lasalle, the defending champion who beat perry a year ago, so they have situation, key much better to be a very good team and that is cincinnati lasalle. he did all right, it is his turban, tiger woods played in the hero challenge the bahamas. coming back after 15 months awa due to back issues he played half decent he was one over par
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only 18 players in the tournament, and he is now at the 17th place he is nine shots behind the leader jb holmes so he has a lot of ground to make up, so sure that he's just happy that he got out there and was competitive to a degree and will be long before he takes the ranking and think that his rank and is almost 900 tries to trigger down to something more manageable. he is the leader of the catholic church that is see the
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melissa myers is here to tell u about that are going to notice what's coming next week. looking outside chester look earlier today this is one of th areas that had some drizzle >> we do reach the high temperature around midnight , 43 that fell to the mid- 30s and then near 40 degrees since. the winds have been very active. show you along the i-90 route 2 split a few raindrops. >> is you go into lake county and into geauga county
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sent any photos to fox >> to be used later. on 90 and 2, into ashtabula along the lake sure run into liquid precipitation. this low-pressure area has lot' of lake enhancement. extreme northern michigan, as a decent amount of snow. looking at the winds from the last between ten and 20 makes i feel colder than the actual thermometer.
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go south of the mason-dixon, with 50 degrees an a. >> continued to say the same thing. will be a wintry mix tonight. those of the same areas with some mixing and could have a slushy accumulation. >> then it tapers off mi skies. on sunday the chance of a wintr mix in the afternoon/evening. could have a quick coating tomorrow in the higher elevations. tonight let's mid- 30s. tomorrow, some bright spots
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southwest, to the east, the rai in showers remain. lake effects saturday. on monday start to warm up on tuesday rainfall. with gusty winds start and then it looks like it will be called with mid to upper 20s for the highs and a chance of lake effect snow event that would be late next week and thereafter. fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app. also sign up for text alerts fox >> .
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her life in prison for raping for children. she attacked victims at the urging of her boyfriend is a registered sex offender, she used to work at abc kidz child care plug guilty to charges including rape, kidnapping also has register as a tier three se offender her boyfriend, james osborne is serving a life sentence. bond set at city $5,000 for men accused of attacking and indents fan after game six worl series. the case about zero to the gran jury marshals arrested him on monday. that was in town walking back t his hotel suffered a fractured jaw concussion and other injuries. donald trump and mike pence on the way to ohio as part of their thank you to her. is a held a rally near
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they announced that they would relocate some manufacturing to mexico eliminating 1100 jobs, during election donald trump bound to say those jobs and today announcing a agreement to keep the jobs here thanks to a tax break for carrier of $7 million. >> want to say to the united technology folks that the goodwill you have engendered by doing this all over the world and in this co fast you will make it up becaus so many people will be buying carrier air conditioners. tonight's rally beginning at 7:00 p.m. the tomorrow back to work as they continue to choose members of the new administration. firefighters continue to try to get a handle on the wildfire in tennessee,
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least a hundred of those properties are in gatlinburg mandatory evacuation in fact fo 14,000 people in the area. they want to allow residents to return to their homes, by this weekend. penny's tennessee getting help from the dollywood foundation, dolly parton is pledging financial assistance t those affected by the wildfires, to recover, make su dollywood foundation provides $1,000 per month to the familie that have lost their homes in the fires until they get back u on their feet. asking the company to contribute if you have two pontoon contribute to ken on th website. employ about two guns to the high school and for the first
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weapon away they say the weapon blonde to the family and they were worried about their son. to try to figure out if it was intentional or accidental. 3& nobody was hurt. uk police looking for a suspect after a road rage incident, happen in manchester began with a fender bender then turns physical. keywords into a wrestling match into the other hard to then smashes the other drivers when shield with a shovel. appears to reach him before driving off they said they located the flatbed truck and hope the video you watch will
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otto could be driving tracking in the future. >> truck named otto with a due shaka, is a normal global suppl the campoli a lot of cargo that it has lot's of sensors the text to allow to dry without anybody behind the wheel. because of all the sensors, and can perceive distance and speed much better than a normal human. is logged thousands of miles on the nation's highways here to california. there in constant contact with the soccer team in california recording every decision truck
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better, they can learn about different conditions and the ohio turnpike is a great testin ground. want to test in different scenarios. and eventually in other conditions like rainfall, snowfall and things like that. probably will not replace a driver that it would be something to help, to make the decisions five seconds faster than the average driver. >> takes about four has seconds for a semi- to stop and 55 mph on dry roads with good breaks. turnpike commission says that otto could make the roadway safer. to drive with the engineer or a commercial truck driver. in the self driving mode i thin we will see more testing and
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the show that it is safe that we will be regular for regular operations. >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 new crew. the added safety and kid also lower insurance costs. >> they evaluate the test could allow them on the road as early
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a couple of animals that can make an addition to your family beginning with this energetic one per from rottweiler rescue. he had pneumonia, and heartworm it is all being treated you can see how happy he is, he is
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lovable. is friendly and active. is just a great all around dog. from forever friends. we have this six month old male tabby. is very social, good with other cats and dogs, and likes to cuddle. flight 17 coming up fast and will not be the same without the dick goddard pet calendars that are waiting for you to find out where you can get the dick goddard pet calendar go to fox >> . the head of the catholic
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but could a prophecy impact his future customer some believ that he could be the last pope. upon his election, catholics rejoice in common scholars watching the events unfolding. glasses were signed that he is the last pope they say was prophesies in the 12th century. it was a strange experience to see it take place. >> from seattle washington, is an author with an interest in zayn malik he. >> in my experience of studying prophecy, the most accurate track records and history.
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start of armageddon with clues at the vatican like these picture frames held in the fourth century in pope francis fill in the last spot from a listing of the judgment day of all of the popes and according to that list we are in the time of the last pope. there are things in his life. >> the pastor in zayn malik is his study the churches namesake, stories of miracles many of the during the lifetime and after his death. >> hearing the mentally ill, deaf and most notably, saving his ill son in scotland to tell him that you shall not die at
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and he did for another decade. >> becomes the first formally canonized irish saint. >> banal mention of the prophecy that hidden in the archives for hundreds of years they serviced again ??in the 1590s, and he believe it was force but does not explain why it seems to become more accurate with time, all of the post described in short latinph >> you have benedict the 15th. elected pope during world war i and the spanish flu epidemic. pope paul the six. >> the coat of arms.
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it needs have been which is how long the sea glass and. and then we have. >> and translates to hear from. father's name, from italy are more likely tied to his own nature you have the final pope made himself, his christian nam is peter in. >> says was also predicted by nostradamus. >> has significant that you hav one accurate profit corroborate by another treatment that is it
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balance that could be politically, economically. >> the church does not necessarily agree this is the prophecies are considered private revelation which people can choose to embrace or reject a. should continue to be faithful and live a good christian life. >> suzanne stratford, fox 8 news. for information, on the prophecies go to fox more pictures outside to accommodate more potential
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the season that surprises. >> santa delivered one of the biggest gifts of the year. out at southpark mall helped a military mom pull off the surprise of a lifetime for her son. >> letting up at the southpark photo booth for a few questions from santa, two boys take it in with their best behavior. was earlier, that the 12-year-old decided to be a goo sport inclined to share his wis on santa's lap and i see his mom who was stationed overseas sinc april so his wish might be as
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that is a hard to remember and shared on facebook thousand of times and you can see why. >> fox 8 charis caught up with him as she surprised him again coming home from school. >> the event was orchestrated her sister law works at the mall. sheen's the trip for thanksgiving so they made a plan. >> she wants to a surprise and love those homecoming surprises. >> for camera shy mom the attention was well worth it. >> he was stunned said to not know what to do that they were taking pictures or if i should hug you so i jumped up and hug
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they found out, he cut class in college and can stop watchin the video. even santa can't imagine anything better. >> it was >> for surprises, you can be this one. she's been stationed in bahrain since january as a navy reservist and not sure when she can get back this trip has been a wish come true for the entire
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more carjackings in suburbs some are wanted in on the dangers, ed gallek has more. dispatcher told the police to be on the lookout for a mercede carjacking beachwood. >> plea that recording the


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