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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  December 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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more carjackings in suburbs some are wanted in on the dangers, ed gallek has more. dispatcher told the police to be on the lookout for a mercede carjacking beachwood. >> plea that recording the
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on tuesday, she was one of two carjacking beachwood. they were struck from behind th victims got out the carjackers took off. >> meantime learning of two carjackings and recent days in the heights and orange village m.ed. carjacked in his own driveway. >> it is troubling to say the least, world? fixate a new there was this guy riding a gun and said to ge out of the car. >> assured your recent days carjackings at gunpoint include the daytime and nighttime. >> summa vehicles have been recovered,
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handful of people, but not many suspects. beachwood police say that may have been the officer said to broadcast about possible suspects no hard evidence, that they were driving her car but for now on will stay on guard. the next time someone taps my car and going to keep on driving. >> not going to stop. two people are found at inside of a summit county home they think that carbon monoxide is to blame, kevin freeman following this developing story. they say that a 57-year-old man and a 69-year-old woman wer found dead this morning apparently of carbon monoxide poisoning.
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they found the residence around 10:0:05 a.m. the say the victims were found inside of the indoor pool area. they are not official release the identities that the man was a successful businessman in stark county described them as the perfect neighbors. >> last night we put out the garbage cans and resolve the neighbors and then this morning, coming home from the preschool to see all of the authorities here and not sure what was goin on, into here, it is shocking. the plan to release more information tomorrow, kevin freeman fox 8 news. winter is back, and talk about the dangers of carbon
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a good time to make sure that everything is okay. you want to make sure you have your heavy winter coat nex week with snowfall coming. >> the end of the 8 -day forecast will be a shocker when you see the forecasted high temperatures. cuyahoga county, lake county, lake county ashtabula county run into some showers especially near the lake shore, and little bit of vaccine, if you get into geauga county, snowfall. it is light to moderate. >> into jefferson appears to
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ramen snow showers in northern michigan plots of lake effect snow phone the strong winds, between ten and 20, like the upper 20s tonight continued with precipitation just east of the typical snowbelt locales continuing int tomorrow for shutting off midda saturday. >> tonight, some areas typical snowfall could have half inch to 1 inch of slushy snow fall by tomorrow morning.
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more rainfall to the east with high around 40, the weekend forecast and that big cool down coming up in the 8 -day . >> there are the official schoo closing station. you can sign up for text alerts at fox >> . a father of five fighting for his life after a robbery at an atm. he went to the atm on the west side this morning to get some money to buy a christmas tree with the family but right before he got the cash he was held up at gunpoint, he tried to negotiate to say it was christmas and he had children b the suspect shot him in the chest. >> the guy put the gun to his
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he said you want to do this it is christmas, and i have kids and he shot them there was nothing just shooting. >> if you know anything, call the carver county crimestoppers. the suspect opened fire inside of in akron barbershop about 11:00 a.m.. >> cornel west exchange of all the victims to a nearby hospital, their conditions are not known or searching for the suspects. find a suspect to escape from fairview hospital glassy run into the woods in the rocky river reservation is about 5-foot 11, baldhead and they sa he has on a prison jumpsuit see
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one laurie hoerrie two people david calhoun junior is armed and dangerous also goes to believe that he shot there i revealed lashawn sanders and sara marsh while they were in a car on henderson in ravenna township sheriff says it was no a random shooting suspect the above victims if you have information his whereabouts contact the portage county sheriff's dept. >> a former ridgefield officer sentenced to years probation fo stealing money from the shop with a cop program michael simmons the guilty to grab thef in october they say he took money over six years of the charity resolve personal use on top of ovation he was ordered t complete 500 hours of kielty service and pay $50,000
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they change as coach of the eas bank of the flats, a popular local brewery and restaurant to be moving in as matt wright has more. >> is much quieter than during the summer especially after the closure of the crop complex. plans for a dante's inferno pizzeria at the former sides of restaurants including addition of indoor outdoor glass enclosed patios. the three close in september construction underway until the restaurants, rascal flatts boar restaurant to open in the sprin and eight margaritaville to ope next year. or tenants say they focused on
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developers seeking the right mix of tenants. >> you never get it right all the time is about finding the right fit to learn from what fits in with people want to hear. >> this plans for potential new tenants, so need approval, and no leases have yet been signed, matt wright fox 8 news. shot and killed the neighbors dogs, now how much it will impact the res
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dessie place follow-up on doesn't delete about people still missing after wildfire. >> seven people died earlier this week and the injured has increased to 75 the discretion around gatlinburg, a woman's body was found last night the sense had happened so fast last i heard was over the phone. things went from strong winds to less on call she made the fact that she was really scared the house was on fire at that point.. search teams are still going
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missing. dolly parton announcing that th foundation will donate to see families who lost their homes i the fire, carter accused of killing a belmont county man's dog. is facing two counts of cruelty under goddard's law pete byers post the story on social media said that the man committed to shoot in his two dogs offering to buy him to new ones. it was a supervisor with american electric power company fired him said they expect the highest level of conduct both o the job and out of work.
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donald trump in my pants are now in ohio continue their than you tour began a rally in cincinnati. this video today when trump in mike pence held a trump early this year the company announcing it would relocate manufactured to mexico and 118-1100, today they announced an agreement to keep some of those jobs thanks to a $7 millio next seven years. one of things required to do is lower the business tax from 35 percent, and hopefully down to 15 percent that would take u from the highest tax nation in the world it is travel for business, to one of the lower , not the lows but one of the lowest. tomorrow back to work as they continue to choose the
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often you see a bird in court this is his mug shot. in his pet parrot, first name is bird. essay he violated the pearl sai he was going to go to jail and reword so he brought it with them to the courthouse. >> he went inside and the bird follow demand-side. >> this is says pat he had had it since it had hatched it is four years old and i he was concerned that he went and that this was special to him. >> is still behind bars, they're going to care for the bird unti the post is $10,000 bond. chuck haas your dream had come true they found a way to make healthier chocolate. using only natural ingredients they found a way to structure charter directly by hauling out the crystals each
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that 40 percent less sugar can be used expecting to have the reduced sugar chocolate next year. is going to get a lot colder at the end of the forecast looking to the east, the claudi some areas that could wake up t a slushy connie. high temperature mad men i-40 three. >> looking east. if you are on the tri-way , or i-90 route 2 split or 271 run into some snow showers. >> inland areas, will be all snow,
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that tomorrow could have a slushy connie up to 1 inch. >> looking at some rain and sno showers taken over the great lakes region and some snowflakes at times. has been just slightly above freezing. with the wind it's going to feel colder temperature feels like upper 20s to the authorities. currently d.c. is almost 50 degrees. to the east the focal point.
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so wet snowflakes will continue tomorrow night then taper off early saturday morning. >> for most of us mostly cloudy the next couple days to these two could get a quick accumulation. tomorrow morning could have a coating of two half an inch. it will continue tomorrow and tomorrow night areas that could have a quick 1 inch before it tapers off by midday saturday. >> tonight low to mid 30s the tomorrow brighter skies, rain and snow showers will prevail with highs right around 40s.
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tuesday gets warm enough with rainfall, rainfall moving over two snowfall and then highs in the mid 20s with overnight lows in the teams. adeste amount of lake effect snow fall baby into next
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congratulations to the lowest fox 8 coolschool, clagett and medina feature that school next week fox 8 news in the morning fruit be sure to vote for the next coolschool. they were trying to make his way into a maryland dollar stor to pick out a christmas tree. >> is looking at some wrapping paper and store decorations after making a mess in one of the aisles they called animal control holidays at a wildlife rehab center. race in a public him tough, 's stock had an accident but i like your average dog he cleans up the mess by himself, he left them alone and when he had an accident on the bathroom floor he tried to clean up the
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it's almost time to get your annual dick goddard pet calenda that had been ready and waiting for you. >> whatever you can get your dick goddard stocking stuffer go
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you know, i've been thinking about time travel again. why, did you hit a roadblock with invisibility? put it on the back burner. anyway, it occurs to me, if i ever did perfect a time machine, i would just go into the past and give it to myself, thus eliminating the need for me to invent it in the first place. interesting. y takes the pressure off. sounds like a breakthrough. should i call science magazine and tell them to hold the cover? it's time travel, leonard, i will have already done that. then i guess congratulations are in order. no, congratulations will have been in order. you know, i am not going to enjoy this party. i know, i'm familiar with you. the last department party, professor finkleday cornered me and talked about spelunking for 45 minutes.


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