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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> glad you're with us at 10:00 p.m. neighbors are stunned tonight. though it is her breathing after a couple is found dead inside the summit county home. can keep a deck of carmen monoxide poisoning as they try to pinpoint the exact source of a toxic gas. kevin freeman is here with the details on the actions of this tragedy. >> the summit county medical examiner's office says the man and woman were found dead inside the indoor pole area. authorities say their deaths appeared to be accidental. possibly caused by a guest that you can't see, smell, or taste. they say they are stunned by the news.
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paramedics were called to this home after someone found a man and woman dead inside. >> last night we put our garbage cans out like everyone else and saw our neighbors and smiled and then this morning coming home, from my sons preschool just seeing all of the authorities are little cul-de-sac street and not sure what was going on and just to hear it shocking. the summit county medical examiner says and a 69 -year-old woman were found dead inside the attached indoor ball area investigators say it appears they died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. our first concern is are we at risk. the officers had just make sure that you get a carbon monoxide detector every floor should have one. i didn't know that. according to the cdc, it is
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authorities did not reveal whether any co detectors were found inside this home. >> she loves her gardening and you know it's nice people. they went for walks all the time. neighbors say the man who lived here was a successful businessman and stark county. he moved in this neighborhood two years ago and. it you cannot detect it on your own. i similar to the flu. neighbors say. certainly some good advice there. kevin, thank you so much.
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walking along east 108. investigators say she is about e with information should call cleveland police. an oak l katz and wary and concord township now under investigation. you mean officers fox 8 melissa marice has more. >> according to the lake you mean society over 130 cats were, in fact,, they were so sick that the are now being treated at a different facility. our humane agent received. the potentially they get the facility were sick. according to lead nessler with the lake humane society, humane officers were called to investigate the carolines kid, pet shelter on marley wrote in concorde township. many of the cats had an upper
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dental issues, which is very painful to the cap. humane officers discovered 262 cats living in open cages. they had taken 133 into custody so far. >> we took the ones that we felt needed them most, brought those back. ginny brown, the founder of carolines kids and he released a statement that re in the meantime the seas cats will remain in the humane societies custody until the prosecutors decide if ron will face animal cruelty charges. >> they've been there from a long time. it's hard to really determine. as for the remaining cats, that late, and society says it all
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investigation. to give the humane society says they have doubled the amount of canned in their care. they are asking the public for supplies and monetary donations. >> paluska 30 -year-old david dunn was lesson in the area of therapy hospital running through the end the metroparks. they say don must bring a prison jumpsuit at the time. in unbc synjen contact fairview three people recovering after a suspect opened fire inside an accurate barbershop. police are searching for the suspect. a father of five fighting for his life after a bob riley marbury. he was taking out money and ordered to go buy a christmas tree for his family.
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justice. >> this is edith richardson talking about the injury her son the single father had gone to an atm on lorraine avenue aunt. >> has a lot to do. he's 40, he's young, he's got his hands full. he's got five kids. berkeley, his wife died five years ago was getting money on so you can go and trust the shopping thursday afternoon. the guy ut he didn't even talk to him up for sagacity, your money and he said do you really want to do this, it's christmas, i have kids. and he shot him. there was no negotiating there was no shooting. he was then shot one more time in the back. the victim told me after he got shots, all he could think about
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his two older children spend the day with them at the hospital. he takes care of the girls 24/7. berkeley and his family say the suspect is cuts in before he can hurt anyone else. really, what do you think. in cleveland, peggy two news. berkeley and his family say they are so thankful police arrived and we're able to help them anyway. anyone with information is asked to call police or call. new at 10:00 p.m. the i-team has learned that a 15 -year-old girl accused of killing her father will not be tried as an adult for it she is accused of shooting her father inside their warren home back in july. meadows and her mother are
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a life in prison if convicted in the juvenile system. she can only be held until she is 21. her attorney said he is pleased with that decision. sentencing today for two people accused of setting fire to an historic schoolhouse in green 18 -year-old brendan mccroskey 19 -year-old matthew swan both receiving suspended jail sentences, but they were placed on community control order to pay restitution as well. two juveniles have already crime. it had the look and feel at a campaign rally. donald trumps visit to ohio is part of the president elects thank you tour. while he think the huge crowd for their support he also gave an idea of what a trump white house will look like. the president-elect is very grateful for the state of ohio. he express that gratitude from the beginning.
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warned he must win ohio and his win here by a significant margin surely helped him clinch the election. i'm here today for one main reason. to say thank you to ohio. thank you. we won the state by almost ten points, which they say is totally unheard of. >> trump outlined what he called his action plan great again. bitter trade deals keeping jobs here more support for law enforcement. more opportunities for women a stronger defense. you're state has just experienced a violent atrocity at the great ohio state university and that is a great place.
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security threats created and these are just threads that are stupidly created by our very very stupid politicians. >> trump also made a major announcement retired marine corps general james mattis is picked to be secretary of the state. he is known as a hardcharging guy who trump called the closest thing may have two general >> thank you. >> coming up here as we look at the weekend, andre will let you know before going to see more rain and more cold as well. >> more violent crimes in cleveland. the i-team has more information about their rational carjackings. big rigs on the roadway with no one behind the wheel. by the turnpike was chosen to test self driving semi spread. >> they got the start treatment at the white house, but would they accept the same honor from
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into all about time that were literally shocked at how cold it was or at least how cold it felt today when, in fact,, it's just that the atmosphere is back to normal. the moral of the story, when the fall is nice and toasty and warm, take it and enjoy it, but don't get used to it because it's not normal, this is. more inland progress, but now it appears to be just essentially write up and down i 90. a bit more coverage toward uri, erie, pennsylvania. right now temperatures will. and right now the wind flow is out of the west southwest
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notice what happens as we work our way into friday and especially friday night. more of a northwest wind, so some of that snow in erie might get driven southward and a little more into extreme northeastern ohio for tomorrow. look at that temperature pattern. very stable and that is pretty much what we looking at for the next several days. little lake effect extremities, other were just near-normal cold. we will have a look at your eight day coming up. take it if you can describe gold is normal. fox 8 is your official school closing station. get your alert if your school is closed or delayed. you can sign-up for text alerts as well. click on closings. that's right at the top of the page. >> still to come, stand there who keeps a secret. >> see how the big guy get involved to help a local
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>> cleanup underway across the south now after severe storms rolled through the area overnight. alabama, for example unexpected tornado killed three people hurt at least two dozen others. the storm tore a mile-long path of destruction in jackson county knocking down power lines, damaging a mobile home park to more deaths were reported in tennessee as well. >> we are here that we're hurt and in the lives that were lost. when you see families and we're going to see the destruction that's taken place. >> forecasters is well confirming at least five turn meetings hitting, alabama. three in tennessee. for in mississippi. >> three people dead after a truck crashes into and i will walmart. the driver slammed through the storefront and came to a stop inside the store earlier this morning.
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this was an intentional act. walmart issued a statement saying it is heartbroken by what appears to be a tragic accident. the engineer in the deadly new jersey trained romans has sued the railroad. he says metro-north was negligence by failing to provide him with a safe workplace. he claims the railroad also failed to install automatic brakes four people died, 70 more were hurt when rockefeller fell asleep at the controls. investigators from an undiagnosed sleep disorder. he gives second man to walk on the move recovering tonight after being evacuated from the south pole 86 -year-old luz aldrin was visiting antarctica as it to wrist when he felt ill. yet flown to new zealand with fluid in his lungs and is said to be responding well to antibiotics to me. he has been traveling the globe pushing hard for human exploration of mars and
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first family ringing and the christmas season for the final time at the white house tonight. president obama along with the first lady and daughters sasha at flipping the switch on the national christmas tree. president spoke of embracing a message of love and acceptance regardless of faith, race, or background. this is the 94th year for that national tree lighting. >> still to come, new faces. >> development continues a popular restaurants that cou the giving tree gone again. these target a special charity
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businesses lining up to fill the spaces. >> that fast each bank looking more ghost town than hotspots, this river front section of the complex empty after the september closure up the restaurant shut down last month. >> i think everybody wanted it to boom immediately and
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developers getting to work to protect new tenants. going before a city committee thursday with plans to fill two of the crop vacancies revealing designs for the dantes inferno has pizzeria at the former crop six and thirsty dog brewery in the on your spot. plans include glass enclosed patios. >> i would like to see at thursday, but go in there. >> any revitalization you have to figure out what's going work and what's not. i think they're headed in the right direction. more places are entering and a construction. a rascal flatts bar and
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the spring, jimmy buffett margaritaville also said to open next year. never going to get it right 100 percent on the first try. it's about finding the right fit and learning from what really fits, what people are looking for down here. model is part of the project first phase, the jim says they are focused on marketing to draw customers year-round hoping the variety of new businesses planned will help. there's a lot of activity down here it's a matter of getting the city to realize that his flats are back. >> flats transforming again for the good. testing the future on the ohio turnpike bridge the self driving semi trucks hit the road. find out when they can become a permanent fixture in our state. come and appear at 10:00 p.m. questioning the classics like to, celebrated books and all
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more reports of terrifying carjackings in cleveland and some of this normally quiet suburbs. tonight an update on the investigation. the hottest toys of the holidays using the getting your hands on
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see how the number of growing have figured out plan b because they can't get one. >> plus if you're eerily awaiting the return of sunshine, keep waiting. andre looks for the bright side of an extend the forecast. >> glad you're with us tonight. the i-team uncovering more carjackings and local suburbs right is drivers take precautions more on the seah >> and the males that are supposed to be driving, he he's wanted for armed robbery. he's wanted for armed robbery and also buy the shares for homicide. the cleveland dispatcher tells police be on the lookout for a mercedes carjacked in beachwood suspects may be really bad guys we played that recording for the
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take caution of urging either of the mails or the vehicles. the give the armed robbery and homicide, this is very chilling. tuesday this woman wanted to drivers carjacked and beach with their cars tapped from behind by other cars, the victims got out? jumped in and tooo woman even pushed to the ground. in the meantime the i-team has learned to similar carjackings in recent days in cleveland heights, another in university heights and an orange village, mn carjacked at gunpoint in his own driveway may have been followed from a gas station. it's troubling to say the least that way, what's happened to our world. what has happened to our world. >> the next thing i know there is a guy with edited on and a gun pointed in the car and said get the [bleep] out the car. russia carjackings in cleveland two. daytime and nighttime. some of the vehicles taken in the recent carjackings have been
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somewhere, sitting there, or spotted by police with bad guys inside. police have arrested a handful of people in these cases, but not many suspects. >> beachwood police say that may have been a cleveland officer safety broadcast about possible suspects, no hard evidence wanted felons are driving this woman's car but from now on, she will stay on guard. the next time somebody taps my car and going to keep on driving. i'm not even going to stop. >> the search continues tonight for the man who murdered to people yesterday. david darnell calhoun junior is considered armed and extremely dangerous. police say he shot and killed 33 -year-old lashawn sanders and 32 -year-old sarah marsh as they sat inside a car marsh was pregnant. police say the suspects knew both of the victims.
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indians fan after game six of the world series u.s. marshals arrested the 24 -year-old monday. the victim was in town from florida, and walking back to the his hotel that attack happened. a former richfield police officer sentenced to two years probation for stealing money from the shop of the top program. michael simmons pleaded guilty to grand theft charges back in october. simmons will perform community service and pay $15,000 in restitution. >> it was only a few weeks ago that the world champion cavaliers were honored by president obama. however,, if they manage to repeat at least one player won't make a return trip to the white house. he tells complex magazine that she would he would not go to donald trumps white house even if the cavaliers win another title. he plays support of hillary clinton ahead of the election. lebron jim was asked a similar question by the akron beacon journal and said he was unsure if he would go to terms white
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ground for auto. remember talking about some guy here. it's a tractor-trailer that can drive itself and is being tested on the turnpike and other ohio roads to see if this sophisticated computer controls can work well. as was about life which found out, otto could be driving trekking into the future. it track named otto with a map named matt riding shotgun. it's a normal bobo said that can pull a lot of cargo. not just met, but later, radar and other tech that could. >> because of other sensors we have, it actually can perceive distances and seat much better than a normal human can sell it always maintains safe with her between the truck and the traffic ahead of it. so far so good. also has logged thousands and thousands and thousands of miles and hours on the nations
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hauling various loads like a beer trailer from colorado and a transportation department tinker down route 33 from indiana to columbus. the team is in constant contact with that suffer team in california according every decision the truck makes more on the road, the more testing the better so the software can learn about different driving conditions and the ohio turnpike is a great testing ground. >> we are looking to test in different traffic scenarios and then conditions as well like rain and snow and fog and things like that. >> what replaced truck drivers one day? cahee probably not. in fact, it will be something that will help them. this will make the decision five seconds faster than the average driver could. it takes about four and a half seconds for a loaded semi with good breaks and dry roads to stop at 55 miles an hour. 11 million trucks is the turnpike yearly. the turnpike conditions as other could make the roads even safer.
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driving with the safety engineer with a commercial truck driver in the seat in the self driving mode. i think we will get as we see more and more of the testing, the meile show up, the reports we get from the companies doing the testing showing it's been done safely, then we will be ready for regular operations. take my have a self driving truck? the computer can save fuel and with the added safety features they could help lower insurance costs are the turnpike condition is evaluated with the test into the while the roads as early as next year. machines are taking over. i've noticed many machines in this weather area. >> we don't not use any of them. >> all which is why he is employed. he is one of the reason and there, interpret what the machine spits outspread bdm or so glad you are. where they're saying? to give they are saying that finally the atmosphere has caught up to the calendar. it feels like december. go figure.
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of brain up on this webcam in geauga county for a little while. but just past 8:00 p.m., it looks like the ceilings came up broke up a little bit and the rain and snow showers have ended. but the overall pattern is still there. you can see that the cloud cover is extensive, it goes way back into the dakotas so we're not going to get rid op this anytime soon as we zoom in, you can see a typical lake this isn't a strong like a fact pattern, but there's enough of the difference between the air temperature and the lake so some of the typical areas like the peer in the upper peninsula western michigan, extreme northeast ohio to buffalo and then again into upstate new york. these are the typical areas that the lake effect. it's going to continue for a little while. right now most of it has pushed north of interstate 90. most of it is rain showers, snow
10:38 pm
pennsylvania. for tonight, cloudy. snow showers east will mix in with rain near the shoreline. but it's not going to be much of anything. maybe some local grassy surface accumulations and that will primarily be closer to the pennsylvania border. tomorrow variably cloudy skies. the snow showers will continue. in fact, they probably start getting driven a little more into northeast ohio, but not by much. most of the action or activity northeast. look at the snowfall, not much, in fact, nothing in cleveland. chardon, may be a grassy sloppy half-inch. not until you get to erie, intel you pick up a couple of inches of snow that will be towards typical northwest north central, new york. this is the little system which will come through a little better chance of some light snow statewide, but what i want you
10:39 pm
this, this is monday. arctic air is really going to take old much of the country and start to work in. until then, just typical lake effect conditions will clear up for part of monday. notice tuesday, rain showers ahead of that front 50 perhaps and then the bottom drops out. here we go. thirty-nine wednesday, ranging thursday and friday, lake effect snow and ice in the 20s it will be the first real cold blast of winter. >> it looks a little ominous looking at that forecast. >> this is the season. >> it is that time of year. >> 2017 is coming up very quickly and the year just wouldn't be the same without the annual dick goddard pet calendar. the calendars have been printed and shipped and they're waiting for you.
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dick goddard pet calendar go to and look under santa helps a military mom pull off a very special surprise for the week before christmas a local boy gets the gift he will never forget. plus high school students produce their own version of a drug that normally sells for $750 peri pharmaceutical exec is
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welcome back, the season of surprises and in some cases miracles. santa already delivered one of the best gift this year. >> leah magglio shows you have the big guy and southpark mall surprise of a lifetime for her son. families lined up for santa under south parks photo photo booth for a few questions from santa. little boys taking it in on their best behavior. but it was earlier, a little bit older and taller 12 -year-old boy dylan workman decided to be a good sport for his and jessica and climbed up to share his wish on santas lap, he hadn't seen
10:44 pm
april, c can bet what his wish just might be as he poses for the christmas card cameras. now that's where dylan and his mom navy petty officer do remember for a long time. it's been shared on facebook thousands of times already and you can see why. our fox 8 cameras caught up with dylan and she surprised him, once g school and another big hug. the entire event was santa surprise with his sailor mom was orchestrated by julie sister-in-law jessica workman who works at the mall. julie missed the trip for thanksgiving, so the two made a plan. she mentioned she wanted to do a surprise and i love those oncoming surprises like everyone else. as i guess let's do it. for a camera shy mom, the attention online since was well worth it. >> he was stunned, he told me i
10:45 pm
to do. i didn't know they were taking pictures or i could just jump up and hug you. >> i didn't know what to do might should the picture be over and then give her a hug, but i just jumped up and gave her a hug first. it's the best present i could ask for. when one of the camera staff found out about the surprise he cut class in college and can't stop watching the video. he just jumped up and hunter even santa can't imagine anything better for president. for surprises you can't beat this one, plenty of hug still to come. leah magglio, fox 8 news. >> absolutely awesome. thanks mom for serving. >> always good to see those stories merry christmas to them for sure. still to come in and tightrope message. >> it's the person accused of this graffiti and the position
10:46 pm
a special effort to get back it's complicated. tonight behind this charity giving tree want to know to keep
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without it has been named a suspect and had duncan lloyd has been identified is one of the people to caught on surveillance camera vandalizing the walls of
10:49 pm
graffiti. as you can imagine the mayor of philadelphia is less than, please. >> stupid, juvenile and it's dumb. why would you do something like that. i guess having a glass of wine will do that to you. it's not the type of activity we expect from my citizens. the chairman of the republican party is calling for lloyd to be fired. people in one indiana town upset after i but not once, but twice. mica schroeder keeps a giving tree in her front yard instead of ornaments. neighbors have been filling it with hats and gloves, the items are free to take for anybody who needs them, but somebody stole the entire tree earlier this week. mica replaced it only to have it stolen again last night. in the spirit of the season the family is trying it again. >> this is my third one and putting up now.
10:50 pm
don't have a code. it is stealing from the people in your community that actually need things. >> or great idea of the family not take any chances and has installed cameras around the home tickets of people if they try to steal anything again. the virginia school district considering whether to classic books are inappropriate for student after a parent filed a formal complaint. apparently i'll do complaint based on the racial slurs used in the adventures of huckleberry finn and to kill a the district is temporarily suspended the use of the books while officials examine the issue. the parent voice concerns over the books during the school board meeting earlier this month. >> what are we teaching our children? we are teaching them that these words are acceptable. >> i don't want to see it happen. if we start with one racial word in a book when you have to go on and on and on. pretty soon you'll be burning books left and right. the committee no review of the books and make a rate
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>> high school student in australia pivot doesn't take under the dollars. the class in sydney made their own generic form of the antiparasitic drug diaphragm for just two dollars. that's the same god that famously saw its price jacked up to $750 per pill by the pharmaceutical executive martins kiraly her teachers as they wanted to show how ridiculous the price hike is. cirelli downplayed it reading that almost any drug could be made price. >> still to come. working on a backup plan. >> this hot toy may be impossible to come by this holiday season. how some moms and dads plan to break it to the kids. >> a big matchup with the clippers at the q. highlights after this break and the.
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>> one of the hottest stories of the christmas season so hard to find that some parents are hoping zantac and deliver the bad news. they gave there is massive demand for this interactive plush animal that hatches from an egg. it retails for about $60, but it's so sca are actually paying over $100 for the ones up for grabs on ebay. now on social media other parents are sharing their backup plans they've crafted letter signed by santa himself explaining that he is patiently awaiting the eggs arrival in january at which time an elf will then deliver the toy. >> rough night at the q for the
10:55 pm
to town. los angeles posts a lopsided 110-94 win. things started out well for the wine and gold. jr smith from three-point land gets it to go there. lebron james had a play, he steals here and get ready for the windmill slam the cavaliers up 39-36 for the clippers they were just more aggressive keandre jordin getting it down and emphatically. they follow down the range from three-point land. update at the half then griffin makes a statement here and the third quarter. the clippers win easily. cavaliers will be on the road in chicago on friday nights. this morning sports illustrated announced that lebron james was the winner of the sports person of the year award for 2016. it was the second time james has been so honored. i'm happy for my family, my
10:56 pm
and for my foundation, the kids that i represent and they get that use me as a role model and inspiration. i'm happy for them. for me, >> it was a heartbreaker in division ii title game for the masculine. panthers. since in hadley, lasalle wins by a 14-7 count at the worship in division ii. he in the title game for second year in a row and the panthers this pic six by dominic. things were looking good but lasalle did not answer in till late in third quarter. trahson smith for six, it's a 7-7 game very deep in the fourth quarter its myth again. great effort here. finds the pylon he scores, makes it 14-7. the panthers could not answer. costly fumble your and in the
10:57 pm
f-14-7 count. the equipment was getting loaded onto the buses and the for some headed to columbus and the signs of support were there. the cuyahoga heights redskins left for columbus and at 10:00 a.m. friday date with marion local and the division six championship game. their opponent has a great title tradition, but coach al martin is not daunted a bit. we found a way to get by those teams, so happens on friday will be done on the field. the preparation is one thing that friday morning if the kids club and play as hard as they can as well as they can, they will give themselves a chance to win. >> friday night ignatius bobcats going for this close 12 state title. they face in the championship game. the indians came within a brink of the world series title thanks in part to home-field advantage and when the american meat when
10:58 pm
that concept is gone. baseball rewards the team with the best record with him field. cubs would've had one field. >> thank you very much. appreciate your time at 10:00 p.m. the morning crew roseann at 5:0.
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