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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the all-important we can forecast he is indeed take goddard. looking at over the lake now the temperatures have been borderline borderline for snow we've been in the high 30s philly what her temperature has started to cool back down. most of what's falling all over the lake it will we did see is rain. we start to trend cooler temperatures stay steady where they are right now all day long and eventually as the wind start
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accumulation of them high climb into the upper 30s that's the snow that affects everybody in
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ohio thieves seems to be they key to presidential election. he came back to ohio to think voters for their support todd meany is here with what he had to say. he was born during a campaign that he must win ohio and his led by significant margins helped him win by significant margin. i'm here to say thank you to
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we want this but almost ten points which they say is totally unheard of. more support for law enforcement a stronger defense he referenced at monday's attack ohio state university. that are very stupid politicians.
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cincinnati police are getting so many complaints they sent out a teensy they didn't release the details in the fields. trump called him the closest thing we had to general george patton. thank you very much. akron as a new fire chief his the 19th trees in the second african-american is what she start her and her office yesterday. twenty-eight year veteran of the fire department he's the district two for he saw the fire
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;-) more ghost town than hotspot i think everybody wanted to immediately it takes time for the development to work to a charge. tenants. going before the city committee on thursday with plates to fill to love the crop of vacancies revealing debates are dante's inferno pizzeria in thursday develop early in the on-air spot. plans include glass enclosed
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that's a fun spot. any revitalization have to figure out what's going to work and what's not there headed in the right directions. rascal flatts bar and restaurant is expected to open in the spring margaritaville also set to open next year. you never going to get arrested was on the next try. it's about finding what really sets. as part of the first phase. the gm says that the restaurant has focused on marketing to draw customers year-round in a variety of new businesses plan will halt. weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead. scary moments as a reckless
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facebook how his joy ride ended. good morning everybody. not all whole lot of activity. winds are primarily west to east which means light snow possible this afternoon as temperatures stay steady the road 35 and
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for 41:00 a.m. a short time of friday morning in the city. it's time for our weather report. we're going to start hanging ornaments in there.
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is lovely. it's not often we see a man with a beard. i like the palm all in the hang onto it. maybe we'll hang some lights then they put the following weekend. weather blog looking back at the weather across northern ohio we talk about the signs of whether
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breaks in the overcast further south and temperatures are not going all whole lot. we've had no personal worth it is going to change though. that's another mini front they don't show up until before they actually create the snow and and rainout we are starting to see the effects of that north of chicago that's light snow coming in off the lake michigan temperatures to the north and central michigan and all in the lower 30,000 earth shattering the cold air will shift income out of the north, northwest and with the warm like we are anticipating on-again off-again rain and what
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again will start to shift here notice how we have the interaction with billy some of accumulation likely been nothing big. that's front will start to see more pronounced lake effects primarily out east as they stay steady in the middle and upper 30s could pick up a couple of inches us. that big of a deal since we have not had a lot of stuff it's more of a shock anything else looking ahead sunday into monday warm front starts to lift north this is what has is concerned for sunday evening sunday night for some slushy accumulations a little too early to know the specifics they could pick you might end couple of inches. is another system primarily west to east. anticipate some rain, wet snow tuesday into wednesday.
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in the end of next week. we are highlighting that will probably undercut the high temperatures a couple of days ago. i just went past that eight-day. why am i doing that lets if i can't rest their today tonight tomorrow. it's going to get a lot colder with high temperatures at the end of next week in the 20s there are highs in the middle and upper 20s. we are not going to be to shine that the stuff and fact that it's the cold air and all that it could be a big lake affect at the end of next week. fox 8 news is your officials school closing station. we'll talk about that if you're someone who likes to cut on your christmas tree do it down this
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on the mid-nineties coming up out of strongsville couple of projects for this week and that could affect you to a batch going your travel. that's going to be close from 830 until 1030 is close for the christmas story runs the coast to tremont and then the carter road.
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be closed beginning at seven on saturday morning and last until sunday at some time as you can plan on traveling down there will be regulated to northbound local access only. back to you. the engineer in the deadly new york rain train derailment. he says that redshirt northwest and a legend by failing to provide him with a safe workplace it in a failed to installed automatic breaks for people died an7 when he fell asleep at the controls he suffered from an undiagnosed sleep disorder horrible crash streaming live on facebook. officers watched it and were able to verify the driver using their traffic cameras eventually he lost control and smashed into a garbage truck he's down the
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it's a grand slam of things not to do. traveling at a high rate of speed. the other one is facing several charges. they have temporally suspended the use of the book of lake family issues the community will now usable can make a recommendation to the superintendent. this is here's the third. more than $100 for the once they
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some of them and traffic every eight minutes just ahead.
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we will start to see the middle of the lake become pretty active with lake affect to the windchill us in the middle and high 20s and the overall forecast does not show all whole lot of change the only change will be the ring direction primarily out of the west spirit it will be more northwesterly


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