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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  December 2, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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cleveland zone fox 8 news in the morning. >> you better check with your husband before you do anything. you add it better check with your other half. he think i asked him for permission. no. that's not how that works. my kristi capel let's get do you wear the pants he is not wearing now. that is partially true. let's take the and see what's happening here this is not my idea was jens idea for the coffee quiz today.
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that winds are shifting more of the northwest when you were starting to see some of that lake affect with the changeover to a touch of light snow it will be pretty minimal because he's temperatures are a little too warm they will start to warm cool down later on. has the lake effect is felt lake michigan and lake erie once we start to shift that's horrible start to see these off-again lake and snow showers start to the q my in a few select locations temperatures pretty steady in the middle and high 30s and we won't be above that until later on this weekend. eight-day forecast looks ahead to the big cool down a couple of
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donald trump is been using history and fish. to's determine who will be by his side he's doing with those who should not be in the physician. let's check in with jessica dill him he's now filed an objection to a vote recap in michigan this comes after they requested the recount of the 4.8 million votes cast it's in the presidential election he recount until they can't rule on the objections in a meeting set for this morning they certified is results finding that trump beat clinton by 11,000 votes he also argues a recount can be finished before the electoral college votes are counted and that petition is not properly
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filed her recounts in pennsylvania and wisconsin pit ceric we are not said we were change this. we don't want to instill the misconception that this is going to fifth about what we are saying is that we deserved of confidence in our vote. >> now that you put me in this position even if you don't help me one day i'm going to get it done. billy be. do not worry. it's easier if you help that's okay. >> that was donald trump speaking in cincinnati yesterday he's doing this big thank you to her in the area with different states that really helped him win the presidency. back to you. civic back care at home the search continues for a man accused of killing two people in portage county including a woman who is pregnant. david calhoun junior was recently out of jail and goes by
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they were sitting in the car and henderson road in ravenna township pick tell you both victims anyone who sees him ministry he might be should contact the sheriff's department. a richly county woman will spend the rest of her life behind bars for killing a neighbor following a dispute over her cat a judge sentenced linda buckner for this type of patrick hudson. he was reported missing in intact very. fifty-three -year-old walter was also indicted for hudson's murder that he has been declared incompetent to stand trial. >> a father of five is fighting for his life after a violent robbery at an atm. please taking out money to buy a christmas tree. peggy gallek has our story. >> this is edith richardson talking about the injury her son, we pray parklake, it was
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the single father had gone to an atm on the rain athlete on cleveland's west side. >> he's got a lot to deal with. he's 40 he's young. he's got his hands full 30s got five kids his wife died two years ago was getting money out so he should go christmas tree shop it's thursday afternoon. >> pick up at the gun to his chest did not even on the first in the guys to give me your money. and he said to you really want to do this it's christmas. i and there was no negotiating there is nothing. was just shooting. after being shot in the chest berkeley struggled with the robber and push them down before running. he was then shot one more time in the back. >> the victim committed after he was shot while he could think about was his five children. he will home once he got to the house family members called 911 his mother and his two oldest children spent most of the day
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>> he takes care of the girls 24-7. berkeley's family say the suspect is caught since before he can hurt anyone else. ceric is it worth killing my sons, the father five cans for $600. really. >> what are you thinking. in cleveland, peggy gallek, fox 8 news. >> berkeley's family say they are thankful police were able to arrive and help them quickly. anyone with information about this crime are asked to police were cuyahoga county crime stoppers pitts they make a missouri man was spent 15 years in prison 42 -year-old christopher schroeder pleaded guilty in july 2 charges he met a teenager online in november of 2,015th of hits to ohio to get her and took her to his home. he then destroyed her from colucci's the fake name. shorter faces charges of statutory rape in missouri. >> with employees are asking for help in finding a missing 15
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walking home with her brother he headed home and harris cap walking along east 100 eighth street. investigators issue about 5-foot 4 inches 110 pounds anyone who knows where she is should call with employees. >> services are being planned for a longtime dj. they said that this tweet yesterday saying it's a sad day here. thank you all very much for your kind messages as we today. before joining the summit in 2002 he spent several years and 97.5. the program director tells us he was a true music lover with a great sense of humor. the layout attributes that have 5:00 p.m. he passed away on wednesday at the age of 62. >> several northeast ohio communities will be sloppiness which to upon the christmas lights their holiday lighting is
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blocks it will stay lead through january 3. holiday celebrations will be held in the tranquil park an outside rocky river tonight at 6:00 p.m. coming up, your weather and traffic every eight minutes. also this my former nfl player instead stemming from an altercation after an incident of road wage. the latest on he is next. rosing kellenberger tennessee will open after a wildfires scorch torch the scorched thousands of acres. >> good morning stacy. here's they could effectively snow. they beginning out striking further south these will be see any accumulation between now and
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in a few minutes. hello. hello, this is, uh, bobby, with tech support.
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so i can pretend to remove a virus while actually taking all your personal and financial information. oh, and i'm gonna lock your computer so you have to pay me to access it. sound good? unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families against frauds and scams.
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i'm posting some preliminary thoughts on the cold air coming in next week and how much snow we could people looking to have broad brush and those specific locations it's going to be big. we are all on instagram and you can follow us there for the facets of numbers snowfall before new year's from the first snowfall which is usually sometime in late october through december 31 and only 20 percent actually occurs before before the calendar 80 percent of acres in january february and march and all that unusual to see limited snowfall in november in december. it's only been one winter where we actually finished above normal snowfall after say less than 10 inches in november and december. but that basically means is the smaller amounts we seek for new year's the less is a chance we have a finishing out the season with above normal snowfall the
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historically when we look back and giving us an idea of what we will finish out with. when storm can throw that out the window that still he gives us a good indication. short-term weather here is what we are seen. disjointed lake affect middle and upper 30s storm fox radar showing the initial push of light rain in my snow up ashtabula and connie and that's our forecast to fritz now. minimal today with highs in the upper 30s. i think that's will start to see some of that accumulations has maybe an inch or two south of
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a week warm front us to the north. where we are going to have more widespread snow into. lake effect thursday and friday looking back at some of the events that are similar to this i would be surprised to someone and said with a foot of snow. was see how that works out with a lot of stuff going on on the eight-day and what stands out for this here officials school closing station traffic time with patty harkin. earlier we had about ten minutes ago we had the accident rollover
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they it quick work that was in and out of the 77 northbound that accident has been cleared but on 77 we are seen delays from 4-80. hopefully shortly once you get the accident cleared problem over and painesville
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we'll keep you updated we want to get you caught up what's happening is gunned down in new orleans yesterday. with the kansas city chiefs will smith was killed in a similar incident in new orleans back in april. they said it had more than 700 homicide fisher 701 for the 90 percent her gun related and they have recovered more than
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and 77 killing 1990 was last year that they picked about 700704 people were murdered in chicago. the roads in kellenberger, tennessee will reopen following deadly wildfires. we want to show your new drone video edition shooting. the left behind. roads will reopen today from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and it will give residents of business owners a first look at the damage since evacuations began on monday night. to washington now the first family reunion the holidays for the final time at the white house last night president barack obama with the first lady and daughter sasha flipping the switch on the national christmas tree. he spoke of embracing a message
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and backgrounds. this is the 94th year for the national tree lighting. >> santa got santa claus got a gig uses a jolly red suit his tats and piercing in and is a cool dude's i is the new agency into an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes lebron james has the new awards to put on the mantle by his latest achievement
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to the truck, love you more tonight in the early towards the end of next faces looking at that cold there is a shot of articular it's not just fleeting shot of articular this appointed a good 80-nathan the country with temperatures are float normal. we're not going to be shy in keep these high temperatures quote. in fact, into the 20s during the that eight-day. keep that going in that will for into pit take the lake effect thursday and friday of next week big lake effect what does that mean. i'm going with just cannot long someone's going to end up with the front us know who it's too early to know that london is going to get pulled joseph ten
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we are your officials school closing station. patty harkin has a look at traffic. there along sky fox on for 80. we took to 71 all the founder route eight and it looks great traffic moves better on for 80 approaching 77 that accident on bring it has been cleared in your back up to speed that is great news. highways they had an early morning train and pedestrian accident. none of the street's are plus for your driving this way if you're wondering with the activity that is what's going on out there in pain so near richmond street.
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>> it almost looks like campaign season yesterday that pleading instead of for both donald trump is here to say thank you. jessica dill has much more on that and his latest cap olympics as health good at morning everybody donald trump is making big changes as he prepared to take over the past the first two same thank you ohio is those places that he says help them win. if the huge crowd in cincinnati yesterday to show support. he express the gratitude from the very beginning support he was warned that he must win ohio and his friend here by significant margins it shows how he helped to clinch the election. he says he's a key is senators harry marine general with 44 years of experience under his belt. he says it's all up for uniting the country. >> i've always thought people together to get anything the heart. although this group will he does
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the medical examiner's is supported a 57 -year-old man and 69 -year-old. for found in the end. they died of an oxide puts his address that you could not see
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couple is the perfect day for leafs' everything perfect cans out like everyone else and saw our new and smiled in this morning coming home from my sins these coaches seen all of the authorities on her up for the sack street and not sure what was going on and then just to hear it is shocking. authorities have not officially released the names of the symptoms the man with us is 6-foot business up and st county. ceric akron is a new fire chief on duty. his the 19th chief in the history in just a second african-american to that position. this form into office yesterday to 28 year veteran of the fire department previously a district chief he oversaw those actions zero. it is 6:36 a.m. and it's a friday morning. it's a free-for-all friday. time to get plugged in.
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self-inflicted beginning of december. talk to yourself. they lost to them about the chance to 19th and get back streak. it was nice to get back and see get back into the swing of things how about our lovely decorations here. thank you. what is fair lovely decoratio we want to show photos with contacted by mario he's doing a big fundraiser for the gatlinburg people trying to collect donations in the barbershop if you stop by you can drop off things like saturday they're delivering all they can't watering the fourth type something that you need for us. you can drop off between now and
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the cleveland carjackings so weird things to hear about your concerned about the affordable talk about here are some voicemails that came in. scott sabol for the first one thing that. why and you can be a fox eight santa claus and get your santa claus city to do the better your kids will love this question to somebody please tell tiger woods go ahead and retired it's all
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you people irritate me. you've helped to find somebody that shot somebody by the need your help describe the guy a few white, black, purple, green mexican chinese are month. no you started. that's how we started off on a free-for-all friday. we're ready to roll that's how how we do. hit us up with fab i understand frustration will try to get as much information is can. sometimes we need a little more
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there time is 6:39 a.m. weather and -- a christmas push comes early 2017 coming up fast and it would not be in the same without the dick goddard pet can wonder. they been printed and shipped and are waiting your calendar.
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welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning and a lovely morning. it's been an early accident. this is the nfl traffic is slowing pretty well as you come into downtown coming up to the nfl. he's in the top end of 77 looks good. see if they're merging with 90 taking their way into town for the weekend tomorrow morning
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will be close scott has the eight-day and the coffee quiz. here rico has to cut light snow coming in off the lake. temperatures in the middle and upper 30s a lot of that play in the form of frank for the temperatures stay steady between 35 and 40 all day long today accumulation primarily east of cleveland over the next 24 hours could pick upan eight-day forecast what has this concern is the warm front sunday night into monday we could see some of them the thicker pickers thursday and friday things for
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thank you turned up the newspaper as saying. how are you this morning. evidently she likes state not.
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that's a european. i'm going to say usa.
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it just depends on what you like. it's too soon. it's like a warm. the whole bunch of mcdonald's gift certificates for he will mail it to you later on. you have a safe and happy holiday. it was a line. stuff happens.
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good morning. thank you stacy and rain. shop for qualifier vocal right here and gordon square.
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it is these that the end of the day of christmas is just 23 days away it's not real heavy the temperatures are not real cold but it is cold enough now we're starting to we are starting to see that quick transition now along i 90 with some rain and a touch of some snow here there will be accumulation with a winter chills not much went there today the overall forecast continues to show that shifting out of the midwest on-again off-again showers mixed in with a snow. theno day forecast is coming up what a great day if you have to go into work or you are out driving and of course we have barrels. it is the western shore away what would that be with out it would not be the western shore away. regardless of barrels or not as
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no problems coming into town 77 northbound at grant all the roadways look good as you head into downtown. >> right now, the search continues for a man accused of killing two people in portage county including a pregnant woman police say he shot them while they were sitting in a car on henderso township the sheriff says he knows little both victims. he recently got out of jail and goes by the name do you block. he is armed and dangerous if you see the man call police. >> this up in the early yesterday morning on the rain avenue the 40 -year-old was getting ready to buy a christmas tree first family one a man
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demanding money you try to negotiate telling them as christmas and he had children with the lamantia them in the chest. i did not even talk to her mother's because they give me your money and he said you really want to do this it's christmas why ?- i have kids. there was no negotiating that was just shooting. police are checking surveillance in the area to to hopefully identify the suspect. >> no word how veterans are doing or what led up to the shootings police continue their search for missing and in may last seen running to the metroparks he was locked up on the shoplifting charge allowed to go to the hospital for some sort of medical treatment he is
7:04 am
wearing either up a purple orange jumpsuit walking home from the library with her brother police said she couldn't shutting down is 100 eighth street will he headed home. five of 4110 pounds if you see or know where she may be please
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stated by almost ten points. trump outlined what he called make america great again and more support from law enforcement more opportunities for women appealing and obama carry the pledge taken to build the wall cracking down on illegal immigrants are they good ohio state university. that is a great place and then to demonstrate their current
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stupid politicians refugee programs they said the secret service did thought into that they could not announce anything to lt closures pretty good make a major announcement at the event retired marine corps picked to be secretary of defense during the 2003 invasion of iraq. the time right now is 7:06 a.m.
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wildfires in tennessee is the death toll continues this morning. >> the new toys" you fly like a jedi. >> a few showers developing on the lake also moving into lake and ashtabula county. details in just a few moments. years in a row access the number one care in ohio anytime,
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so, police officers shot during a domestic violencecall the 45 -year-old was shot several times wednesday afternoon swat team shot and killed the gun man after an hours long standoff that ended early yesterday morning the suspect is not yet bee human shields. >> a drone video shows the
7:11 am
14 others during a holiday party for holiday the health worker shot and killed during a shootout with police. investigators say the attackers were inspired by isis. was a star running back at us see former saints defensive and was killed in a road rage incident.
7:12 am
drone even a place of $240 apiece. the upcoming film is two weeks from today. >> twelve minutes rush-hour traffic. be cautious of that 40 westbound looking at
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more online a little priesthood going on. >> good morning, everyone. areas of drizzle in cleveland with light rain mixing in with light snow now and storm fox radar check it out here. the cloud cover will be here all day long 80 percent cloud cover further west west. little misleading because we typically think of snowfall in november and december on average would only get about 20 percent of our seasonal snow before it new year's. what is interesting here is an only one year, one winter we finished with an abnormal snowfall in other words what it basically means it's a smaller amounts of snow you have
7:14 am
historically finishing out of abnormal snowfall and we will see what happens with december being a pretty good indicator 6t half of that in akron. here is the rain and wet snow now moving further east we really don't see any development that will begin to change later today upper 30s all the way out to richland county up and to sandusky. the winds will start to shift today they come out more in that northwest. that should start to shift more of the wet snow will start to climb there is the future radar with a mixture of rain and wet snow pushing further south but the
7:15 am
primarily to that used. and then we see accumulations of their maybe as far south as aurora has a into monday starts to lift north. it does not look
7:16 am
and we chatted out at the details first overall early to nail down specifics it will be called i can guarantee you that someone will would get a foot of snow by the end of next week. >> hopefully pennsylvania. >> thank you so much i appreciated. 7:16 a.m. is your time it is planning how are you doing? >> i've ever seen a the separated at birth photos we found start patty harkin and tim scott combined for the separated at birth i think scott needs a
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love it. i want my comments coming in. regarding crime in the area, just be careful and bases attention to your surroundings always look around walk into your car and 80 him as well. great way when we talk about the carjackings in the area as all your awareness is very key. >> good luck to cuyahoga heights and saint ignatius teams it will be hopefully great games for them as they head down to columbus here are some voicemails. >> appreciate the information about the carjacking as far as i know, you are the only ones who got right on and told about the problems in the city with the carjackings which is worse than is even been shown on the news especially on the east side, and it really appreciate that is a cleveland resident. >> good morning. here's a
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>> this is fellas from avon lake. i would like to know who the man is at the deep gravelly voice that calls in every friday saying it's friday i love his voice. i love an older to do with the deeper voice. as you single? you your grandma friday. ready to mingle a great and regular color we love to others were sent to and that formula friday. some of the fun comment. >> a free for all friday now kenny crumpton on the other hand ?- will he dating so we will
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and his phone number is 216 ?- >> i don't know where he lives kenny, i did not started. >> i apologize i apologize no no no no no. freddy can do his thing. knock yourself out, friday. we are having time here at the gordon square with a very cool event this weekend shop and buy local we explain the whole thing when we come back. >> it is time now for the fox eight stork report cleveland's own welcoming cleveland's own. check out little only from garfield heights just two weeks old so precious. it could have
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shop local by locals supporting local supporting our local are some store owners we are out the land of plenty this is more of the vintage beside what can we find on the vintage furniture and vintage clothes final lighting and all kinds of good things. and over here in the corner great selection of men's and women's all kinds of different dresses the jackets and shoes and the bags. >> what is cool is that you are for people who may come
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in the communities. >> we like to give a little bit of everything. >> live score over let's go over here. then we go over here from vintage to a? >> modern. notebooks from nepal a notebook from nepal that is pretty cool. on the modern side a safe we go from vintage furniture to say it's that is a nice journey. >> s and all the plants that we bring in and take care of and find good homes two. >> shopping local buying local who is coming and and to buy at the land of plenty? >> everyone in the neighborhood where people who come from all over cleveland and it is seven
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>> yes it's been in a row little over three and a half years now. >> very good of a check of our christmas skips this is the place to be like? >> it is. we are talking about winter tied starting this saturday one to 7:00 p.m. very cool where it is shop local by local hanging out with wednesday here at the land of plenty having a good time. lots to show you guys. very cool. i've never been in that for me. i'll take it. i'll take two. thank you. okay. it is 7:25 a.m. from ghost town to booming business ?- max ?- the new plan to bring this area back. and while i have been right away. >> how our over the fence at the
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>> let's take a look outside still pretty dark out there, but things seem to be going on just fine. no precipitation right
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before. >> i have am never sung in front of my husband. >> kind of upgrade a great day upgrade day on this friday. you should be happy it is just say it could be snowing scott says it will be snowing very soon.
7:30 am
like the weather center this paid area era. check it out here. we are seeing clouds no real big improvement over the sky condition storm fox radar showing light snow mixed in with rain off and lake and ashtabula county here is the high-resolution am a chair which
7:31 am
would you be the eight day in a couple of minutes which culminates the call down by this time of next week. traffic time with patty. >> good morning, the overall picture of the rush-hour it looks like we have an issue for cars involved off the sides is seen not too much of those delays this is a look at 40 east and westboundhe heading westbound during a pretty good job the accident is over by lee road not causing too much of a problem. a little sluggish here not backup to route eight we focus on weekend work that could affect two. ninety westbound the exit to every avenue and it will be close between 830 and 101038 with their christmas story run that is a a lot of fun also
7:32 am
beginning to reopen sunday scranton in the northbound direction will be available for a local access only. >> we want to get you caught up on that ms. tutor commanders around 230 yesterday morning. people who live on the street described the couple street to spread the couple as the perfect neighbors. >> last night we put our coverage on and then this morning coming up from my son's preschool just to seeing all of the authorities not sure what
7:33 am
hear i mean it is shocking. neighbors say the man was a successful business owner in stark county authorities have not released his name. >> under investigation this morning after claims hundreds of cancer in poor health. they say more than 130 cap to remove from caroline kids pet shelter on morley wrote some are so sick with respiratory and dental problems they had to be quarantined they are now being treated not being treated at a different >> we took the ones we felt needed it the most and then the second set came back we are triaging them in treating them and you know, getting them they help they need. the founder released a statement which reads anyone who knows me and as essential right now is the unfounded. the city's cats seas
7:34 am
have to decided she should be charged with animal cruelty. >> taking on the goals after a lackluster lost last night to the los angeles clippers. the cavs are up by three midway in the second but the clippers and took over. the clippers and started a 13 ?- two run and they never looked back cavaliers had 12 assists a in a came knocking down they end up l 1113 ?- 94. >> fans at the ohio state michigan football game was so loud it register a 5.8 magnitude on the fan scale. vibrations from football fans received a magnitude of the earth great sellout as during the game-winning touchdown in double overtime between the wolverines as you know ohio state when i came 30 ?- 27. the number two
7:35 am
the college football playoffs. we should now on sunday. >> developers working this morning to attract new businesses to the east bank and dante's inferno pizza it will replace the current that closed in september the loop worry plans to take up the spot left by on air. they say this is the start of a very long-term vision. >> a lot of activity down y city to realize it's a project that will just happen in a year the new construction plans include glass and posed patty as a bar and restaurant is expected to open in the spring jimmy buffets jimmy buffets margaritaville is expected to open next year a lot going on. >> seven weeks away from inauguration day when our country will have a new man in
7:36 am
those who so don't believe he could even it could even be in the white house. this comes just after a day after the green party candidates requested the recount of the nearly 4.8 million votes cast in the election the election puts on the the art collection in a an amazing supper this might might michigan certified finding he beat hillary clinton by nearly 11,000 votes trump says the recount should be stopped because she was of course fourth-place finisher in the city also argues the recount cap be furnished before the electoral college counts is shameful outrageous attempt to
7:37 am
filed for recounts in pennsylvania and wisconsin. >> we have not said we're going to change this. we don't want to instill the misconception well we are saying is that we deserve to have confidence in our vote. >> now that tell you put me in this position even if you don't help me one better going to get it done believe me speaking in cincinnati yesterday letting any of the recount situation stopper me is traveling around the state to help out them clinch the presidency ohio was an important states records ohio the one michigan usually goes blue but while. >> that is why he is thinking am i going to those exact states saying thank you because the
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it is 7:37 a.m. getting plugged in with anything and everything you want. >> 2017 is coming up that would not be the same without the annual pet calendar we are waiting for you to find out where you can get your 2017 pet calendar just look under scene
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city road it was only ?? shows of time that the world left behind seemed to be fading ?? as they looked to the wind for comfort, she whispered to me that she is somewhere out in the night ?? cleveland's own for being here in the studio this morning to run night they will be at the stage of house of blues. 7:42 a.m. is your time. time to get plugged in with todd and the free for all friday. let's get right to them comments that came in about the cavaliers. >> you all better get it
7:43 am
>> i'm not either lebron will be wearing the cubs uniform tonight watch out for that. >> the panthers had an awesome team is here as well. a lot of teams i did really, really well here are some voicemails that came in i love the case to nearly and the generally in the fact that your case just think that everybody out your heart's computers. we don't. we are all people with no computer. you don't give us any information you always say go to >> good morning i am calling from mercer just letting you know i am a true golden state warriors fan and other got off to a balanced diet start by december 25 we will be ready to bring it. >> i just want to say cuyahoga heights high school is playing
7:44 am
we should have more coverage on the game. such as a small school small classes and this is quite a feat for them. >> indeed it is who will have coverage today and highlights with jt as well much more coming up on the free for all friday
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>> ?? ?? ?? everyone. a cleveland-based rock band you know in all caps
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still immensely popular check them out at the house of blues tomorrow starting at 8:00 p.m. we will hear more from them as we start the 8:00 o'clock hour in about ten minutes. storm fox radar showing right now we see some rain more than likely a touch of light snow in the central ashtabula county. we get a break the idea that we will have additional rain and wet snow today of a saucier type of rain sunday night into early monday the temperatures behind that start to climb. system number two is another panhandle low rain on tuesday rain to wet snow late wednesday big-time lake effect
7:49 am
could be a big deal we will just leave it at that and give it more specifics as we get closer foxing is is your official school closing station time for traffic with patty. >> cleveland police are checking on an accident 77 northbound off to the right hand side of fleet and then we have broadway the accident for 80 westbound by lee road not really causing for any troubles shot in the area. this is the east sure 55th the typical rush hour over all we are having a pretty good 177 and harvard looking at the overall drive time, they are good. 60 minutes coming in. seventy-one from strongsville 16 minutes 77 northbound an accident reported on the northbound side it looks
7:50 am
are broadway wayne and stacy, back to you. >> your time right now is 7:49 a.m. let's kick it with kenny on the west side with a really great up and coming neighborhood. >> that is right we are here on west 65th day on to detroit. they have a really great thing coming up called the winter tight. shop local by a local
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> good morning, everyone shop local by a local this christmas we are at the gordon square art district at 65th and to a teacher in a call event one p.m. to 7:00 p.m. all kinds of shops tell everybody about trunk. i purchased some things guys because it is also many are. >> we sell new and used men's clothing and accessories we work with local vendors as well. >> that is awesome because it is a call men's store we always have women's stores but enough cool women stuff. >> yes that is correct his sister for guys. >> so you literarily of what to what ?- shirts t-shirts suits and suit jackets. >> you got it we have jewelry of jewelry and men's accessories
7:54 am
just the items just dressed down items shoes bags it got it all. >> when your client all claims and ranges from route to? >> well, we get tons of man member we have women who come in from college kids to older guys. >> yes, exactly basically. that is also meant so cool. there is a tie there for wayne. so call we are going to walk this way at way at that risk os there we go. come on, billy at the risk of sounding like leg i am. it now we are over here. good morning, guys how are you? >> we have to walk this way like aerosmith so tell us about the place we are band of designers bringing clothing from all over
7:55 am
everybody can walk around and look. >> will we talk about shopping for christmas, tell us what is unique about your stop. >> it will find anywhere else this is probably the only place in cleveland you will find it we get things from all over the world london paris went in paris is a sister area. some really cool things that we find that have unique things. >> so whenever people see things trendi n chance they could find it here. >> yes here or instagram if you see it on instagram way most likely have it here and that's true. from one until 7:00 o'clock you guys will have performances as well? >> yes we are surprises during the day. twenty-five different restaurants and merchants from one until 7:00 p.m. this
7:56 am
fun. thank you, thank you. by local, shop local. we will go back to you guys in the studio. love it. great place. >> happy friday it is here finally. fox eight has your only local news weather and traffic all the way until 10:00 o'clock this morning coming up at the top of the hour ?- donald trump continues to build his cabinet has we are just a few weeks away from inauguration day well before he takes over you i will tell you about his trip to ohio which was not an interrupted by protesters. >> lots of comments coming in so get yours in now. we will get to them as weekend. >> light rain wet snow at least really get progressively heavier or will we have to wait till the end of the week for them blowing snow? we will have out looking a moment. >> and meet joe the guest artist
7:57 am
into capturing courtroom cases turning them into artwork. so much more when we come back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
?? good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio. it is a friday morning the second that day day of december 201622 more
8:00 am
upper 30s to painesville the week wind coming off of lake erie to support a few isolated rain and snow showers any accumulation will probably wait until later tonight is the stand in the middle and high 30s all day long as it will be mainly geauga ashtabula county picking at me we an inch or two over the


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