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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  December 2, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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upper 30s to painesville the week wind coming off of lake erie to support a few isolated rain and snow showers any accumulation will probably wait until later tonight is the stand in the middle and high 30s all day long as it will be mainly geauga ashtabula county picking at me we an inch or two over the
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down we will hold the and the next couple of minutes. >> a nice looking rush hour we do have a problem if you're adding 77 southbound by broadway for 90 it appears to have an accident there is cause for a little bit of a delay as you had through the area are getting a little crowded and sluggers watch for the 77 south promise promises 90 at 22,190th and 77 merge tog the ramp is just one lane it tends to be a little sluggish weekend work you should be aware of they will be working out to 72 that ramp they will be working out the ramp will be open, but the left lane will be close watch for this closure with the inner belt southbound exit it will close tomorrow morning 830 to 1034 the christmas story run through tremont and down in the flats
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bridge closed beginning at seven it will reopen at some.sunday wayne, stacy, stephanie, back to you. >> and it almost look like campaign season began yesterday instead of pleading for votes he was here in ohio to say thank you. >> jessica as much more on the thank think you two are the latest juices on his cabinet. >> good morning, everyone donald trump is going to the transition making big changes as he house, but first he is saying thank you ohio is one of the best places he says helped him win a huge crowd in cincinnati yesterday to show the president elect support the expressed gratitude from the very beginning he told reporters he was want a must when ohio and his way nearby a significant margin certainly helped him claim the election he also made a big announcement regarding his
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appointing james mattis the secretary of defense he was a retired much it marine general 44 years of service he is the latest appointee to a cabinet trying criticism and praise but he says that is all about uniting the country. >> i've always brought people together i know you find that hard to believe, all those this group probably doesn't finite hard to believe, but we are going to bring our country to gather. all of our country. we are going to find common ground, and we will get properly. we will get it done properly. >> trump is scheduled to meet with several candidates being considered for his cabinet including north dakota senator heidi i cap and former format you an ambassador and that romney is still considered the front runner going back to yesterday there were some protesters that appeared with the anti- trump signs they were
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is like campaign season they still have the protesters. >> what what a trump rally be without some protesters in other news this morning, the search continues for a man killing two people in portage county including a pregnant women. police say the 25 -year-old shot the 33 -year-old sanders and 32 -year-old sarah marsh while they were sitting in a car on henderson road and ravenna township. chances victims. we have learned calhoun recently got out of jail enters by the name d block. he
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the loose right now. >> the search is on for a missing prison inmate the 30 -year-old was last seen in the area of fairview hospital money to the metroparks yesterday we are told he was on a medical leave of absence bald 250 skate 3215 pounds wearing either a purple orange jumpsuit. >> a missouri man will spend 15 years in prison for picking up a teen and holding her captive for a month he pleaded guilty to the charges in july he the teen online in november 2015 jump to all riled up for objects are to his home destroyed her phone and told her to use a fake name is still faces charges of statutory rape in missouri. >> keeping tabs on developing stories all morning long we keep outlook at what is justin. >> ricky smith getting a high personal apology from our garden after an alleged racist encounter with one of its
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and play called 911 said customers are getting brought it with a female manager according to reduce but he said he just requested in the waitress because the waitress said she does not like waiting on black people because they don't tip all instead of honoring his request his group was asked to leave the also much in the waitress was barking said the vp of operations was very apologetic given a $5,000 donation to his general it which is random acts of kindness and $1,000 gift card he says he will use the gift card to free the less fortunate he also asked if the surgery server as well as the manager who were suspended the allowed to return back to work. >> several northeast ohio communities will be flipping the switch to turn on their gorgeous christmas light display including the ge lighting happening tonight at 530. look at all of that great video from
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feature more than half a million led light stretching several blocks along noble road. it will be starting again and stay open until january 30 am time to check that out if you don't go tonight there will also be euclid's tribal park and then the one in rocky river to start at 6:00 o'clock. it is very exciting as they are flipping the switch on all these great displays. if you are not in the holiday spirit yet you will be. you can come to my house we have it all worked up seven minutes after 8:00 o'clock. still ahead ?- gatlinburg we opens. >> see the devastation from the raging fires. >> and it is friday. what would
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think about in northern ohio? it sticks with us for a while we will talk about the changes in the next few weeks. >> kenny. >> good morning we are here at the daily press. they have amazing juice we are talking about the experience by a local shop local the whole experience when we come back daily press kicking it with kenny when we
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okay, good morning, everyone this is the time of year when things get interesting especially the next ten days we take a look at the snowfall will only get about 20 percent before new year's day i know it is more but it's usually 20 percent historically a mentioned earlier today in the years we've had under 10 inches of snow before new year's day that is 10 inches in november and december can bind we relate make it out january february march in other words 10 inches of snow or less
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season is much, much smaller. it's only happened one time the next three or four weeks to be the determining factor of how it finishes that. we look at temperatures middle and upper 40s such a light rain with a snow shower up further east nothing substantial temperatures what you see right now through ashland out east and west is where the temperatures will stay all day long today if we see a break of sunshine it may be further south with the cloud cover showers will we see some when we see some light accumulation between 35 and 40 upper 40s to them by tomorrow we start to see the pattern break a little bit in a good way meaning the winds start to shift the flight accumulations out east notices are to see an inch or two high elevation with a trace here in the city of cleveland bringing
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accumulation late sunday into early monday morning. the snow will dictate where how much snow we will see or brain we keep you updated on that. arctic air starts to work in the western us and search seat and eastward a temperature monday and tuesday then we start to drop times and right now this is been really consistent over the last four or five days out, and i don't mean that in a good way if you don't like snow, there could be spots with a foot of snow on the ground. we will take outlook at specific sign specifics on this as we get a little closer 24 highs fox eight news is your official's closing station we send it back to you. >> making headlines this morning ?- the roads in gatlinburg,
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hours following deadly wildfire a new video shows the damage left behind 24 hours of straight rain help without the devastating fires which burned more than 700 people the roads will open today from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. giving residents and business owners their first look at the damage since evacuations began monday it meant. >> a louisiana man in police custody in connection to a former nfl football player the 28 -year-old shot and killed during an alleged of new orleans yesterday witnesses say the two men were arguing before the shooting that was a star running back for you as the apostle played in the nfl with the new york jets in the kansas city chiefs. >> register and women for the draft the first president since jimmy carter to support a universal draft the white house made it clear obama supports a all volunteer force america has not had a job since 1973, and
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one earlier this year of been on combat roles for women was lifted opening up about our $200,000 excuse me jobs. it is 13 minutes after the hour and you know what that means it is friday free for all. >> a lot of great football teams. good luck we will highlight tonight with jc and cj >> i hope the celebrities in nashville will get to gather i know the cavaliers lost two in a row but too early to worry i know they will call that way. we have some voicemails. >> i would like to make a comment on supporting your small
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are selling their merchandise a corporate prices and just because you put them to get the end of your store does not mean you need to send it 25 percent higher than the item is actually worth. >> i'm wondering who is paying for this recount if they want that they should pay for it not the taxpayers. >> good morning i was just calling to say you could get more bang for your buck i shop after christmas when everything is on sale hello and
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and instagram we are at fox eight news cleveland. the voicemail lines are open. that is a jock. that's what he does tickets paid to do that. keeping that ene my goodness. thank you. >> sixteen minutes after 8:00 o'clock still ahead on fox eight news in the morning ?- the changes starbucks plus ?- >> when i'm in the courtroom i think one of the things i think about is my pain is the camera and capturing these images for the viewer with my pain. >> he is the man who brings
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recently renovated public square. all decked out for the holidays and if you tune in tonight at five and six you can see beautiful lights. it's gorgeous. so pretty. they showed it during the game last night people ice-skating. completely transformed. i don't think i would like to watch it. don't bother. not a good game. i can tell you how it ends. st else. they're playing tonight. against the bulls. will see what happens. focus on that. all right. ohio seems to always be the key a little music right now for us. to recent presidential elections. donald trump knew that and came back to ohio last night to thank voters for their support. want to check in with jessica dill in the newsroom now with a recap. good morning. always get a musical intro you guys.
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that he must win ohio. and his win here by a significant margin surely helped him clinch the election. i'm here today for one main reason to say thank you to ohio thank you. we won this state by almost ten points which they say is almost totally unheard of. trump outlined what he called his action plan to make america great again. better trade deals. keeping jobs here, more support for law enforcement, more opportunities for women, a stronger defense. repealing and replacing obama care. he pledged again to build that wall and crack down on illegal immigrants. and he referenced monday's attack at ohio state university.
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a violent atrocity at the great ohio state university that further demonstrates the security threats that are created and these are just threats that are stupidly created by our stupid politicians refugee programs. the tour caused some unexpected traffic delays for cincinnati commuters. i75 was shut down during rush hour to bring in the president elect. here's one photo, several roads gridlocked. complaints, they said that the secret service didn't release the travel details in advance so they couldn't announce anything to let drivers know about the road closures. trump made a major announcement at the event. retired marine corps general james mattis is his pick to be secretary of defense. mattis led a division to baghdad during the 2003 invasion of iraq. trump called mattis the closest thing we have to general george patton. guys back to you. interesting. thank you.
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happening as far as the weekend forecast is concerned? a.j. colby is the man in the spotlight. good morning. good morning guys there are going to be some spots that pick up a little accumulation from a wintry mix eventually slushy coating of snow later this evening and tomorrow. storm fox seeing some rain moves inland. some of that could be mixing in with wintry precipitation around ashtabula those folks in meanwhile look at the cloud cover this is from burke lakefront airport that vantage point not showing much in the way of sunshine. 30 degrees in cleveland windchill of 30 feels like 29 in akron and basically everyone in the 30s with very brisk winds definitely a nice warm coat on the way out the door a good idea. maps in motion showing the trough of low pressure whisking away the precipitation. high-pressure building in for sunday definitely the better of
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hopefully get a little sunshine in there. overcast and a brisk with a local shower went to remix 39. and those brisk west northwest winds persist into tonight. with a few showers around changing over to snow especially with temperatures dropping to 29 39 tomorrow. mostly cloudy. and there will be lake effect out east local accumulation is not out of the question. we got a break basically force tomorrow but the next shot of precipitation snow sunday night into monday we'll get into some son tuesday where into rain near 50. then we're headed for the basement. look at those temperatures tumble by thursday and friday we could be dealing with some rather significant lake effect snow fox8 your official school closing station. we shall send it back your way. thank you very much. fresh off being named sports illustrated sportsperson of the year lebron james is proving
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a world series bet. you may remember when the indians were playing the cubs for the title james and chicago native dwyane wade made a bet. of course sadly the indians lost in seven games, as the cubs rallied from a 3 one deficit to win their first championship since 1908. so tonight before their game in chicago james is paying the price. instead of his usual fashionable choices the king will wear a socks. don't know if they will be saddled fox. i think there will be some special surprise. it's going to be good dot you think? i'm sure. habit for you this weekend if you miss it. 8:34 is the time right now. still to come more music from bo coup. plus first it was sabra now another hummus line is being recalled and it was sold here in
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we have all of the details for you coming up in our newscast in moments. and with cameras barred it's up to him to give us a glimpse into some of the biggest trials taking place here in cleveland. we'll meet the talented man behind these courtroom sketches coming up. i there kenny. good morning. we're talking about wintertime happening not only will you be able to shop until you drop but awesome performances. like the one you're seeing another cleveland public
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[music playing]
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rock band they have several hit singles radio airplay are all over the world and mtv last year. you can catch them tomorrow night at the house of blues. a native cleveland are also a
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want to thank them for coming and. big fans of the show we like them a lot thank you so much. okay. shop local by local in your local talking about wintertime putting a gordon square arts center 6015 destroyed all over the place. one quilt thing about it not only be able to shop but great live performances brings us to the cleveland theater. good morning. from cleveland public theater excited to be part of the arts district time. acts going the neighborhood people moving in around shopping. stores and restaurants and everything am really excited working with being performing. now we have used a multiple performances what can people expect to see when they come down? lots of different stuff like performing vaudeville acts in the gordon square cave-in poetry and also incredible musicians.
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cool event in front of their stage may be a bonfire not quite sure yet. a really lively and celebrating the arts here in cleveland and gordon square arts district. let's take a listen. [music playing]
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we're talking about wintertime happening right here at the gordon square arts district and cleveland public theater. thank everybody for coming out everybody for coming out. it will happen this saturday from one until 7:00 p.m. it will be a lot of fun. we'll go back to you guys in the studio. what a place. i love it. i want to be there right now. we are missing out. we need to be there. you wouldn't know his name after 30 years he's been a key part of the most infamous trials in cleveland history.
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ghanbari followed this mystery man. and his signature briefcase to find out this awesome story. [music playing] this building is the united states courthouse of the northern district of ohio in cleveland. chief deputy with the united states a federal court order that there are no recording devices or cameras allowed in the courtrooms. to record the proceedings. and we enforce that as the united states marshals service. all rise. court is now in session. honorable judge presiding. you may be seated.
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graphic artist at fox eight. when i'm in the courtroom i try to draw the exactly what i see in real life. and make the image look as lifelike as possible. and true to that person's image. people at home recognize that particular person. free to communicate that to the jury in your closing arguments. just of this it would be an improper argument of the lot if the state were allowed to suggest to this jury it is unlawful. the heart of his appeal has always been he was denied a fair trial because he was not allowed to introduce his ethics reports. the defense to over 30 corruption charges. 68 -year-old to us district judge he was sorry for what he did and stressed that this is the most embarrassing thing that
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it's a federal court and it was corruption trial and this is one of the attorneys a closer shot and we have a wider shot of jimmy you might remember. he was found guilty and he is spending 28 years in a federal prison. you added the shading so that light in there. you know when i'm courtroom i think one of the things i think about is that my pen is the camera. i'm capturing these images for the viewer with my pen. i'm pretty fortunate. i love my job. it's pretty rewarding when people appreciate the artwork that i do. i feel good about what i've done. tremendous artist. really talented. he really talented artist.
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such a nice man. absolutely. joe wood is currently a graphic artist at fox 8 news. he also draws children's books and does website design. as for his briefcase, joe says he's had that since day one of courtroom sketching. and antique. i'm kidding. he does a great job. with our promos and we have a good time. very creative. 8:46 the time right now. coming up a partridge, turtledoves, french hens. if you want to fulfill the gifts detailed in the 12 days of christmas song get ready to pay up. coming up we'll tell you how much filling that list will cost. how many golden rings? and we're getting another look at your weekend forecast with aj coming up. but first todd. hi. good morning stephanie. applause for joe what in the graphics department for that piece a great job. where talking before all friday plug-in your thoughts and comments are coming up.
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8:49 now on a friday morning. here's a look at storm flocks doppler radar and rain showers with a little wintry mix in ashtabula county. whether or not impacting travel today. here is a wider view of how things are going. cloud cover pretty much inundating the state right now. a few more breaks than yesterday. these temperaturesa be chilly today. 38 degrees in cleveland 37 and akron canton downstate huntington southpointe checks in at 32. strand of lake effect that continues on into saturday. on and off there could be a little slushy accumulation on the east side maybe an inch most of us will not seem anything adding up on the ground. 39 we'll do it for a hike today a good deal of overcast brisket day. and cold night tonight 29.
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into tomorrow. a 39-degree high. and this little trough will finally depart. hi pressure will build in. a week after of high pressure should be enough at least to give us some son and hopefully on into monday will have some warmer temperatures to talk about. near 50 on tuesday. and that will be the warmest temperature that we have for quite some time downstairs into the basement with a cold blast coming and thursday and friday. highs only in the 20's. back to you. all right. thank you very much aj. in the news this morning. another recall of hummus to talk about. two varieties of trader joe's hummus distributed in eight states including here in ohio have been recalled because of possible listeria contamination.
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hummus and the white bean and basil hummus with best use by dates of december 15th. listeria is a food borne illness, that could be life threatening for young kids and the elderly. last month sabra hummus had to recall millions of products for the same reason. starbuck's ceo is stepping down to focus on higher end coffee shops. howard shultz's departure is aimed at refreshing the starbuck's brand. current coo and president kevin johnson will now become the new ceo. starbucks has been facing increasing competition from specialty roasters and other coffee spots like dunkin' donuts which has been introducing more high end drinks. when shultz first took over starbucks only had four stores. it now has more than 25 thousand. now to some holiday inflation that you want to hear about today. the iconic christmas song the twelve days of christmas now costs more than 34 thousand
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in case you want to know. that's of course if you were to pay all the participants and buy all the items described in the song. according to pnc bank the sum is $233 more than last year. why? rising wages mean the drummers drumming and the pipers piping get bigger salaries. the biggest increase however was for the turtle doves their price increased more than 11 percent from last year. everything else cost less or about the same. we could find a drummer right here in our studio probably for a little less. all right. no ladies dancing. it's tough to fit everybody in the house. all at once. people leaping. drummers and papers. give me the ring. that right there. i would like a pear tree. that's all you need. good morning talking about
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cavs are looking terrible. what's going on? getting blown out. don't hit the panic button it's only two games. lebron supposed to wear the cubs outfit tonight as part of the bat he made on the world series. i'm sure they'll be showing him on the world series. the most stylish cubs uniform knowing lebron. another person said you can't be too hard on the cavs. another season would be nice, but we need to embrace 2016. there still going to the fina he will deliver it again. do not worry about that. let's see. ghost named ignatius when that state title. cleveland wildcats forever. it will be greatly have jt and pj covering that highlights for the games you have cuyahoga heights as well. it will be a good one. appreciate the comments have a lovely weekend. it will be really need. nice to bring to rings home. two of the form would be great.
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cleveland. it is. still to come on fox8 news this morning the health cause that brought prince harry and popstar rihanna together. all that coming up but first want to thank beau coup for being with us this morning. you can see them right here right now. [music playing]
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[music playing] the nominations for the 22nd annual critics choice awards are in and la la land is leading the way. the musical romance received 12 nominations including best picture, best director, best actor for ryan gosling and best actress for emma stone. the sci-fi drama arrival and indy film moonlight each received ten nominations. prince harry and rihanna stepped up their game to raise awareness on world aids day. that they did. the pop star and the royal took
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the pair rolled up their sleeves at an hiv drop in center in bridgetown, barbados. world aids day raises awareness and promotes ways to find cures. the prince and the superstar later took the stage to celebrate 50 years of the independence of barbados. the two are said to be good friends. she was teasing him he was a little whiny about it was going to hurt. it's a boy for mila kunis and ashton kutcher. the actress gave birth on wednesday. the couple, who tied the knot in july of last year, also has a two year old daughter, wyatt. congrats to them. they got a girl and a boy. very nice. that's the news at 8:00 but there's more news straight ahead on fox8 news in the morning. with these two's. that's why we weren't wearing red for world aids day yesterday. doing it again today because it's christmas. because it's christmas. i love seeing her and him together.
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when they met. going through the things in now back together. that kind of went this way and came back. he is her lobster. thank you guys. good morning to you 9:00 friday december 2. happy friday to you thank you for being with us today. with were following a number of stories this morning including this one out of ravenna police are still searching for a man accused of killing two people in portage county including a pregnant woman. and more details to pass along. a look at what is left of gatlinburg tennessee and about in our families will have a chance to go back into that city as the roads are finally reopening. so many deaths and such devastation down there in area that never sees anything like this. with the drone video we will share with you is hard to look at. we're talking about smartphones are the actually ruining your relationships?


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