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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 4, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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. >> i think it is the first indication that this is a bad idea. >> a major roadblock as the entire contract is now at risk of being terminated. now the drivers the project is meant for are speaking out what they think should happen next. >> somebody decides to help the animals and got out of control. >> an animal shelter in iredell county is filled to capacity after a massive hoarding case is uncovered. dozens of cats found in a single home. don't fade away don't fade away.
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the naming of the final "american idol." we're going to weigh in who we thought were the night's brightest stars? good evening and thank you for joining us tonight for "fox 46 news" i'm bill melugin. >> and i'm kayla ayres. at least one school system is already delaying classes tomorrow because of the weather. meteorologist amanda cox has been tracking the system as it moves through this now? >> we are seeing wet conditions across the area. we have the storm system continuing to pass by to the south and east of us. it will affect us throughout the overnight hours. we had a good amount of moisture lift northward. northwestern sections have seen snow already, and it does look like that's going to continue. there could be some accumulation over the mountains. most of us should stay as plain rain. most of our area is well above the freezing mark. we're in the 30s and 40s across the region. 35 for overnight low. 80% chance for rain, around quarter to half inch of rain will be possible for most
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a mix of snow and sleet possible in the mountains, that's where we could see 1-3". another weak cold front that's going to come through late saturday that i'll talk about. >> speaking of the mountains, the winter weather is causing problems. avery county schools will operate on a two-hour delay tomorrow. hour weather team will follow the system throughout the night. tune into "good day, charlotte" tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 9:00 for meteorologist nick kosir's updated forecast. >> more fallout from the latest development in the i-77 toll lane project. governor pat mccrory ordered a full raouf the project's contract. a subsidiary of cintra filed for bankruptcy on a road project in the state of texas. mccrory ordered north carolina's dot secretary to go to the lone star state on monday to find out exactly what went wrong?
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are separate corporate entities. i've got to make sure our taxpayers are protected with regard to this action in texas. i'm going to make sure we do a thorough review of that. >> the group opposing the toll lanes called widen i-77 are wondering if mccrory's move is just for show. they say that's because he supported the project for years now and approved of the contract with cintra. attorney general roy cooper, mccrory's opponent in the governor's race released the following statement -- now the dot's board of transportation chairman fired back calling cooper's response a knee-jerk political statement. the chairman says cooper's office reviewed the contract with cintra from day one and never had a problem with it.
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only ones speaking out about the toll lane troubles, so are local drivers who could get stuck footing the bill. david sentendrey is joining us alongside i-77 in huntersville. david, what are people saying tonight? >> reporter: we've seen people protesting these tolls for years now. as you can see behind me, construction is just underway, but plenty of people are pointing to the bankruptcy filed in texas. they're saying it's a clear sign that here in north carolina, we need to move on from this toll project. traffic is known for moving slow along i-77 north of charlotte. >> just not moving, it was a parking lot. weren't going anyplace. >> reporter: the first time jackie collins is taking 77. vacation. >> the worst, the worst. >> reporter: that bad? >> one to ten, ten being the worst, it was 11. >> reporter: for people who new.
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traffic look like a piece of cake. >> when i work, i can get to work in 16 minutes, in the morning it would take 45, 47 minutes. >> reporter: ncdot plan to fix traffic here is toll lanes but the spanish company it's allowing to fund the project just filed for bankruptcy on a texas toll project. >> i think this is just the best indication we have yet this is a bad idea. >> reporter: mecklenburg county commissioner jim pucket says this bankruptcy is a clear sign to move on. >> general purpose lanes and let the department of transportation build the roads like they should have all along. we met with dr. ed hoosier at uncc, he says it's easy to see the demand for more lanes in the region. >> and really been overwhelmed with the dramatic increase in population over the past couple decades. >> reporter: he says he sees all sides of the debate. ncdot couldn't afford to build
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cintra is ready to drop more than $600 million on toll lanes to get up to speed quickly. >> you know, you just don't raise that kind of money overnight. >> reporter: drivers say the state needs to slow down. >> this is exactly what could happen to north carolina. what we're seeing in texas could be our story. >> reporter: back in january, the charlotte regional transportation planning organization voted to move forward with the tolls after governor pat mccrory asked the group to reaffirm its stance. plenty believe the new information could change things. reporting live in sentendrey, fox 46 wjzy. >> new at 10:00, a 13-year-old behind bars accused of robbing a charlotte convenience store at gunpoint before 4:00 at the 7-eleven on monroe road. two other teenagers were also charged. jackson.
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them down inside a nearby car. charlotte's controversial nondiscrimination ordinance is back in the headlines tonight. state house speaker tim moore says there is enough support to reconvene early and hold a special meeting to consider eliminating the ordinance which would allow transgender people to use the rest room they identify with. three fifths of the chamber asked for a special meeting. just last week governor mccrory says the meeting isn't necessary. charlotte's ordinance takes effect on april 1st. charlotte mayor jennifer roberts is responding to the call for a special session. mayor roberts tweeted this response saying, quote -- . >> new at 10:00, three people in custody charged with
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11:00 on pineville matthews road in the arboretum shopping plaza near the mcdonald's. according to cmpd, officers were called out for a report of suspicious persons when they arrived, they found 19-year-old mcadams and mason attempting to break into a vehicle that was not theirs. a third person ran away but police were able to catch him. >> the next story is a major case of hoarding to tell you about. 90 cats found inside of a house in mooresville. workers at the animal shelter are testing and treating the cats to find them new homes. sam smith has more on what authorities found inside that house. >> reporter: animal control officials say this investigation has been going on for two weeks. and that it all started when an officer noticed a strong smell coming from the house. >> when the supervisor arrived at this residence, she confirmed that there was enough evidence here to believe this was a hoarding situation. >> reporter: 90 cats were
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two were dead, and the rest were surrendered over to the shelter. brad gates says the owner initially told them she just had 20 cats. >> we know from experience that it can be as many as twice or even four times that, us. >> i personally have never seen the woman and haven't seen any animals outside. but certainly the rumors were that she had abundance of animals and kept to herself. >> reporter: neighbors like jeremy spencer feel for the cats and their owner. >> sad to hear that there were so many cats and they were taken away, but i am very happy to hear they're trying to find a new home for them, again, i'm terribly sad for her and the situation. >> reporter: the shelter can't accept any more cats right now because the kennels are filled. some cats have to share, but they're getting the attention they need. >> some of the cats are sick. some of the cats have injuries that need to be treated.
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the owner had good intentions. >> it was somebody trying help the animals and it kind of got out of control. i suppose you would say. >> reporter: with the cats under the care of folks with the shelter, they could be ready for adoption as soon as this weekend. reporting in iredell county, sam smith, fox 46 wjzy. >> charges could be filed as soon as tomorrow. controversy continues to brew in a local town after a majority of police officers decided to resign. the pageland town council voted to name the chesterfield county sheriff as interim police chief while they work on fixing the serious staffing problem. nine police officers just quit. this is after larry brown was reinstated as police chief tuesday. chesterfield county sheriff's office stepping in to help out with patrolling. brown is going to work under jay brooks until the problem gets sorted out. >> larry is going to have a job of recruiting new officers, of building his
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this is going to give him the time to do that. we're going to take over the day-to-day operations. >> from what we learned so far, the sheriff's office are the ones handling the day-to-day operations and pageland will cover the overtime pay for the deputies on patrol. brown is supposed to be back in the office monday following a four-month sled investigation. investigation is ongoing and can't comment what it was about. there's another meeting planned monday morning, the sheriff along with larry brown and town administrators will be on hand to talk about how to best recruit and move the police department forward into the future. a fox 46 update as police in raleigh say officers were threatened the exact same day an officer-involved shooting turned fatal. the threats went to law enforcement by e-mail between noon and 3:00 monday hours after a 24-year-old was shot and killed. police have not said who the threats came from or if they
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we've learned that denkins pulled a gun from waistband while struggling with an officer and autopsy shows he was not shot in his back. he was fleeing from police when they tried to serve a drug warrant. >> north carolinians listen the primary isn't for another two weeks, starting today can you make your vote count. more than 360 early voting state today. if you want to cast a ballot, stop at any early voting location in the county you live in until next saturday. if you miss the regular voter registration deadline, you can register at one of the early voting sites. you are will be asked to show photo i.d. but exceptions are available if you do not have an i.d. check with voting site before you head to the polls. >> it's never too late, the phases you teach are different. >> coming up next, jenna caiazzo takes us inside training her dog frank right before her baby is set to
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>> a south carolina bill may prevent children from riding shotgun until they're teenagers. we'll explain later in the show. >> new information coming out regarding a triple homicide in gaston county. what we found in court documents that might provide a little context as to what was happening between the suspect and one of the victims before
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we'll be right back. . kayla: our weekend anchor
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first baby this summer, she has two fur babies at home. the journey starts as jenna and dog frank learn how it cope with having a baby in the house. . >> reporter: meet frank, my loving, adorable mastiff who has work to do before our first baby comes home from the hospital. time for doggie boot camp. >> how's it going? >> how are you? i'm jenna. nice to meet you. perfect. >> here's my card. >> reporter: i brought in our expert dog trainer jason toy from canine scholars from charlotte. >> you have been doing training up to this point? >> reporter: i'm going to be honest, he can sit, he can lay
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week haven't really tried anything more than that. i'm guessing we have our work cut out for us. >> never too late, the phases are just different. >> reporter: frank is a good dog but i may be looking through rose-colored glasses like other pet owners. >> some people are oblivious thinking their dog is amazing which is why they call me, no one likes to admit those faults. >> reporter: i agree frank is a lot to handle and have his faults, we have three months to get him in shape before the baby gets here. jason says this is a problem a lot of families have. >> if you have good boundaries, the dog and the kid can coexist. >> reporter: one thing jason said is important to keep in mind. >> the reality is the kids come first at the end of the day, soccer practice happens, life gets in the way. want to make sure everything is done for our family. so the dog will probably get neglected for the most part because the children come first at the end of the day.
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up a dog for success as opposed to thinking that everything is going to be perfect with both of them. >> reporter: okay. first task. let's figure out if frank is doing the right thing when we go for walks around the neighborhood. >> good. just walk to the next one house and come back. >> reporter: let's go. at first frank isn't necessarily walking obediently. >> he doesn't yank you off, right? you have control with the leash, but he's obviously not engaged with you, not worried about where you are or what you're doing. >> reporter: something jason fixed quickly with firm, repetitive actions. >> i want the dog to actively listen. pay attention to where you're going. good. take four or five steps forward. this leash, this stop. good. wait. wait. i want you to give a little leash correction, a little pop. good. >> reporter: like a long pop. >> another pop towards you. now pet him right there.
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is good but we have a long way to go before frank is able to hang out with the new baby. stay tuned. next week tackling phase two. and by the way, this is charlie, our other dog, he's relatively perfect so he doesn't need training. kayla: as you heard, we're going to be following jenna and frank's journey to motherhood and brotherhood as we see how frank adapts to a new lifestyle. local health officials are warning people about a possible outbreak of mumps in our area. so far they found six cases in the state alone with another nine people showing mumps-like symptoms. four of those confirmed cases are in mecklenburg county while another four are not confirmed but are being investigated. a developing story tonight as another case of the zika virus has been found in north carolina, in wake county. health officials say the person affected contracted the virus traveling abroad. it's the first case for wake county but the fifth in the tar heel state.
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who she is or where that woman traveled to but did say she is closely monitored. according to the centers for disease control and preventions, there are more than 100 cases of travel related zika virus in the united states, but zero cases of transmission by mosquitoes in the u.s. amanda: we're seeing a little rain in the area but a lot of it has died down quite a bit since we were talking earlier this evening. the good thing is we're not completely done. we expect to see a little bit more rain on the way as you move through the overnight hours. the low pressure system is well to the south and west of us and continues to lift northward. all this precipitation is going to filter into the region. we're going to see the rain around overnight, could see a quarter to half inch of rain for most locations. right now we're seeing lots of clouds, 41 degrees, winds out of the north-northeast at 6 miles per hour and may be fog.
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where temperatures are going to be below the freezing mark, and you can see where that will be all the way in the mountains and the foothills could see snow or wintry mix for a period of time in the overnight hours and could add up a little bit. as the system continues to lift off to the north and east we expect the activity to die down quickly, as we get into the early-morning hours tomorrow, and much of the day for tomorrow should be relatively quiet with clouds breaking apart for a bit of sunshine by the afternoon hours with skies partly sunny later in the day. that's going to help boost our temperatures a bit. but looks like we'll be on the cooler side with highs in the 50s for friday afternoon. we could see a little accumulation, the potential, one to three inches over the higher elevations, just for the simple fact, of that, we have a winter weather advisory in effect through about midday tomorrow or so. for most of us, the sunshine
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54 degrees for a daytime high. saturday, a cold front is coming in from the west. this one is moisture starved so we're not expecting a whole lot from it. i have a slight chance for a little bit of precipitation with that, but it may be a little overdone, and a 20% chance, maybe closer to 10. we're not going to see a whole lot from it as it does come through, and lots of sunshine as high pressure take over sunday and monday and temperatures in the 70s as we move into the middle part of this next week. bill: thank you, still to come, can any of the other gop candidates stop donald trump?
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. kayla: new at 10:00, a billion movie shake-up. the partnership will create the largest chain of movie theaters in the entire world. while there are several amc
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area, there are only three carmike theaters. if you're watching us tonight in charlotte, you're officially in one of the top 20 places to live in the united states. at least according to "u.s. news & world report." the report says charlotte is a blend of old-fashioned southern charm and high energy cosmopolitan bustle. two other cities made the list, charleston at number 19 and raleigh-durham took the third spot. topping the report at number one is the city of denver. the metro line of trade expo is shutting down at the end of june. served the area for more than 50 years featuring antique sales, auctions and shows. the site totals 94 acres near the intersection of statesville and old statesville roads north of uptown. there will be a final show on
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north carolina's economy is in decent shape. focusing on the federal interest rate and the impact of the election on the economy. >> we try to tease out not just what's going to happen, why it's going to happen, but also why is that important? what should you be looking at? bill: he says all bets are off in 2017 if at any point we go into a recession this year. >> my children pretty much rode in the back until they were teenagers. kayla: a proposed bill could change how old you have to be to ride in the front seat in south carolina? yo i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses...
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. kayla: taking a look at our top stories tonight, more fallout from the latest development in the i-77 toll lane project. governor pat mccrory ordered a pull review of the project's contract after a subsidiary of cintra, the private company building the 77 toll lanes filed for bankruptcy on a road project in texas. mccrory ordered dot secretary to go to the lone star state monday to figure out what went wrong. roy cooper released a statement today saying the governor should -- stop stalling and cancel the
1:31 am
the dot's board of transportation called it a knee-jerk statement. they reviewed the cintra contract and didn't have a problem with it. bill: 90 cats found inside of a house in mooresville. workers are testing and treating the cats to find them homes. out of 90 cats, 2 were dead when animal control went inside the house. this started when an officer noticed a strong smell coming from inside the home. charges could be filed as soon as tomorrow. kayla: the primary for north carolina isn't for another two weeks but starting today you can make your vote count. more than 360 early voting sites opened up across the state today. if you want to cast a ballot, you can stop at any early voting location in the county you live in until next saturday. if you miss the regular voter registration deadline, you can register at one of the early voting sites, you will be asked to show a photo i.d., exceptions are available if you don't have one.
1:32 am
south carolina house of representatives could change the age requirements for passengers in the front seat. while some lawmakers say the potential changes will strengthen safety in the state, drivers say the age limit might be a little extreme. ashlee mcgeehan has the story. >> reporter: you might not think twice about letting your teenager ride shotgun. in south carolina, parents might have to pay a little more attention to who sits next to them behind the wheel. >> car injuries are, for south carolina, a major cause of deaths and/or an injury when children are involved in these automobile crashes. >> reporter: south carolina state rep shannon erickson introduced a potential bill that would make the car's safety requirements stricter. the bill was heard this week and calls for a number of increases in child restraint requirements for drivers, including changing when children can move to the front seat.
1:33 am
have air bags that could potentially harm the children, they're not of the right size to take the impact. >> reporter: if the bill passes, children 13 and under have to sit in the back seat unless they meet a certain height and weight. >> my children pretty much rode in the back until they were teenagers, because i just think because of how the seat belts come across and we have air bags and the impact of the air bags, my children sat in the rear. >> reporter: representative erickson says a number of people s ske at the hearing in favor of the safety regulations, including when children can sit in the front seat. >> from here to have children impacted because they were in a seat and felt they were involved in a traffic accident or had family members or friends who had children who were injured and could have been severely hurt if they
1:34 am
restraint. >> reporter: some think the age to ride in the front seat is steep, considering you only have to be 15 in south carolina to apply for beginner's permit. >> 15 is 15, you are probably not doing too much growing between 15 and 13. it's a good driving tool to see like a driver driving and being able to see what it's like in the front seat and getting the firsthand experience. >> reporter: ashlee mcgeehan, fox 46 wjzy. kayla: the proposed bill takes potential issues into consideration like cars that only have two seats. if that is the case, erickson says the driver will not be ticketed for having a young passenger up front. bill: wet roads and dark ominnous clouds in ashlee's story. let's send it over to meteorologist amanda cox. a lot of different colors on the radar. amanda: a lot of rain trying to come in from the south as the low pressure passes by to the south and east of us. as you continue to lift
1:35 am
going to push into the region. we could see heavy rain at times, it will be a quarter to half inch of rain possible for most locations, there has been a little snow over the northwestern sections of the viewing area, that may be the case which could create slippery conditions over the mountains and foothills. we are going to continue to keep an eye on this. temperatures are above the freezing mark. that's why we're going to stay in plain rain. 20s further up to the north and west. temperatures continue to drop off a bit. the good news is most of us stay around 35 if not higher. mostly cloudy skies, and 80% chance for rain, but the mountains, the foothills could see a mix or snow for a period of time throughout the overnight hours where the temperatures are on the colder side. if the system false off to the north and east we expect to see things winding down quickly, especially as we get closer to day break tomorrow, and through the day, we'll see the clouds breaking apart for
1:36 am
out partly sunny which will help to boost our temperatures into the middle 50s. but overall it's going to be a cooler day around the region compared to what we've been dealing on early in the week. one to three inches of snow may be possible for the higher elevation with the system throughout the overnight hours. there is a winter weather advisory for a few counties to the north and west. for the most of us, much of the day on the drier side, and that's going to extend into the start of the weekend. however, we're keeping ou eye on a weak cold front coming in later in the day on saturday. this is moisture starved. it doesn't have a lot to work with. don't expect to see a lot in the way of precipitation can, rule out isolated shower later in the day saturday and saturday night. the front does push out quickly. high pressure takes over once again, we're going to see beautiful weather, sunday, monday. the temperatures climb quickly
1:37 am
back in the 70s. very nice conditions. i'll take a little shower activity if i get 74 degrees. bill: next week looking awesome. thank you. new details in gaston county triple homicide. crystal gambino facing more charges in the murders of three people including her own husband. we found court documents that point to possible domestic abuse. a close friend of crystal gambino spoke with us but didn't want to share her identity. she says her husband was abusive and isolated her from friends and family. >> gio would beat the crap out of her for helping people, and he was mean to here, he was always mean to her. bill: according to court documents, the suspect did, in fact, file a restraining order against her husband in 2009. in it, she wrote that he threatened to kill her and take their child away. shortly after, she dismissed
1:38 am
a social worker with the gaston county women's shelter says it is common for women living with domestic violence. kayla: the rock hill prisoner who escaped is back behind bars tonight. 26-year-old zachary reeves was captured in fulton county georgia this morning, he walked away from the catawba prerelease center on january 25th. he was serving sentence for second degree burglary. reeves was due out in september of next year but faces more charges. bill: one of charlotte's biggest employers is making laughs. duke energy is cutting jobs in the carolinas. a spokesperson says most of the people laid off actually volunteered to leave. they're all getting severance pay. the charlotte business journal reports duke energy carolinas covers most of western and upstate carolina was hit the hardest.
1:39 am
tonight as the fbi is investigating whether computer passwords were shared among hillary clinton's close aides to determine how sensitive intelligence jumped the gap between the classified systems and clinton's unsecured personal server. the source told fox news if it is true, the entire e-mail scandal could start all over. the new information comes on a day when the justice department granted immunity to a former clinton staffer who set up e-mail servers in 2009 in her new york home. >> the 2016 presidential candidates are heading into the homestretch. while donald trump extended delegate lead on super tuesday, rivals are refusing to wave the white flag make 191th gop debate one of the showdowns most heated to the date. joel waldman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: while the number of candidates dwindles, the energy on the stage spiked to
1:40 am
>> asking us to make him the president of the united states of america. this is not a game. >> i know what's happening with the economy. >> reporter: the final four taking to the stage, the stakes never high ther primary season. tonight's debate in detroit coming two days after gop front-runner donald trump dominated opponents picking up 7 of 11 states on super tuesday. >> i was a half a million votes higher than him. i was a million votes higher than marco. one million votes. that's a lot of votes. >> reporter: trump's rising delegate count making it the last chance to derail the train. marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich working hard to send it careening off the tracks trying to convince voters they are alternatives to the new york businessman. >> i don't think the people of america are interested in a bunch of bickering school children, interested in solutions not slogans, easy to say make things better, make things great. you can print it and put it on a baseball cap.
1:41 am
analysts agreeing this race has morphed into donald trump versus the gop establishment. >> the intentional division of the republican party to block donald trump is something remarkable in history. >> reporter: how the candidates do tonight could directly impact the results of next tuesday's michigan primary where 59 gop delegates are on the line. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. bill: if you missed it earlier today, it was absolutely brutal. former gop presidential nominee mitt romney went on a total verbal assault of donald trump this afternoon. romney's urging fellow party members to stop trump's momentum. former massachusetts governor had plenty to say about trump calling him a liar, a conman and going as far to question his mental health. >> and let me put it very plainly, if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.
1:42 am
very, very smart. [laughter] >> i'm afraid that when it comes to foreign policy, he is very, very not smart. bill: romney went onto challenge trump and prove him wrong by releasing tax returns as well as tapes he did of an interview with "new york times." trump said he will not be releasing those tapes. kayla: american airlines flight attendant is behind bars accused of setting an aircraft bathroom on fire. court documents show he portrayed himself as a hero after part of the cabin's rest room caught fire when it was he who sparked the flames. after making up stories how he put it out. he admitted to the crime on the flight. pilots had to make an emergency landing because of the fire. bill: planes were already smokefree but now vapor free as well. the department of transportation announced it's officially
1:43 am
the dot band e-cigs from being in checked baggage for passengers and crew members. they are trying to limit passengers's exposures to chemicals. kayla: donny, paul and marky mark are coming to the queen city. they're bringing wahlbergers to charlotte. the boston based burger chain announced agreements to open 30 new restaurants in 7 states including north and south carolina. as of now there are only 7 locations, beside charlotte, charleston and myrtle beach will get locations, no word when it will arrive or if the a&e show will come to town. i'm excited about trying the burgers, what do you think? anthony: honestly, never heard of it. kayla: you never heard of wahlbergers? anthony: you thought you were going to tell me they were going come here and sing. i like marky mark. [laughter].
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voyage. . anthony: football is a game, but in the nfl, it's also a serious business. panthers general manager does not let personal feelings get in the waive his business decisions. today the panthers released defensive end charles johnson after nine seeons in carolina. injuries played a big role in this.
1:46 am
sack during the regular season. it should save the panthers reported 11 million dollars in salary cap space. he leaves with 63 1/2 career sacks. second only to julius peppers' franchise record of 81. defensive tackle dejuan edwards was also cut today. edwards had one sack and 13 tackles during the regular season. he joined in 2012 after spending the first 7 years in the nfl between baltimore and buffalo. the panthers released nate chandler, he sat out all of 2015 with a right knee injury. >> i believe it's important we have a relationship with the university of north charlotte. we represent north charlotte and the carolinas, everybody knows we're behind each other. anthony: ron rivera spreading
1:47 am
he was there to shoot a skit for a comedy show. he did meade with the 49ers staff. rivera praised the university for having a first rate facility. speaking of the 49ers, the charlotte man's basketball team win 88-75. braxton led the way with 35 points. >> little cookies from carrera and serves it up with a slam! >> michael carrera tried to lead south carolina to a win on senior night. georgia up three, j.j. frazier hits the pullup from way beyond the arc. georgia wins it, 74-72. the charlotte hornets making a move in the eastern conference after big win in philadelphia. they won eight of the last ten games. in sixth place in the playoff race. they can improve seed by taking care of business at home. their next seven games are all
1:48 am
>> coming up, coach, can i talk about we have a lot of games against opponents under .500. we definitely have to take advantage of that. we had a tough schedule up until this point. like you said, wing the games you need to win or are supposed to win, that's a huge, huge part of -- it's going to be every last game coming down to the seeding. anthony: the hornets back on the court tomorrow night at home against the indiana pacers. >> stopped smiling about it, we've worked hard in the off-season trying to keep momentum going from last year to this year, especially with the chase format. it was a very special win for our guys. anthony: 18-year-old john hunter nemechek has two wins on the nascar camping world truck series after taking the checkered flag this past weekend in atlanta. you can see the complete interview in the weekly half
1:49 am
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it airs . kayla: welcome back, the final season of "american idol," and like many of you were tonight, we were glued to the tv. take a look at what we saw as
1:52 am
. kayla: laporsha, trent and tristan, amanda vie for the top three performances of the night. amanda: amazing, laporsha was good all around. i love the high note of nate and tristan was soulful. kayla: trent gets into the falsetto range, makes him memorable. she chose a kelly clarkson song since you've been gone.
1:53 am
because of kelly's performance last week. kayla: another is mackenzie, i want to dance with somebody. a guy performing it. amanda: i don't think it was very memorable. kayla: i don't know, judges ended up sending olivia and jeana packing, keeping avalon for the next round, we are down to 8 performers for next thursday. amanda: come over to our facebook page. kayla: we'd love to hear what you think about all of the performances tonight. head on over to our facebook page, fox 46 charlotte or find me kayla ayres fox 46. send me a tweet. we would love to hear your (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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. bill: the cast of new girl celebrated the show wednesday night. it is in its fifth seasoning, it stars zooey deschanel, the 100th episode will airings in tuesday on fox 46. and two of music's biggest acts are about to become carolina royalty. former "american idol" star kellie pickler along with the avit brothers have been announced as the latest inductees into the north carolina hall of fame. pichler continually comes to the area to perform and give back to the community. along withes avits they headline a class of eight
1:57 am
october 20th in annapolis. "good day, charlotte" wakes you up every morning. >> jesse chris is going to be in town to perform at the national kidney foundation gala. >> when is a prom dress more than just a dress. a way can you get involved and send girls to prom all for a good cause. >> "good day, charlotte" tomorrow morning 4:30 to 9:00. amanda: all right, here's a quick final look at your weather. we're seeing a little rain around that's going to continue through the overnight hours. quarter to half inch of rain for most locations. further to the north and west, we could see a little bit in the waive snowfall. maybe one to three inches over the highest elevations. so most of our area is going to remain in the range, temperatures above the freezing mark for much of the overnight. by day break tomorrow, most of that will be long gone and we'll see the clouds breaking
1:58 am
into the afternoon and evening hours. another cold front that's coming through saturday during the late-afternoon, evening hours into saturday night, isolated shower or two. i think that 20% may be overdone but something we're going to continue to watch. we expect to see lots of sunshine for sunday. monday, tuesday, not too bad, and look at the temperatures, they are going to get kicked up a notch. back into the 70s, there is also another storm system coming in by thursday. but i'll take that, if i get 74 degrees, it is going to be gorgeous. bill: perfect looking temperatures, excited for the start of spring. lot of weekend forecast, anthony you are working on something. tell the viewers. anthony: the new nascar show, views before every big race, this weekend, 2:30 on fox. if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the
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