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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  March 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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tense moments for donald trump on the road to the white house, this is early voting into north carolina and the countdown to the primaries begins. plus, stepping up to stop the violence, how one community is taking to the streets after a rash of deadly gun violence. and. >> going to places i usually don't go. emily: i'm emily collins. thank you for joining us. first on fox tonight it's official the trump train is headed back to our area. public and presidential candidate donald trump is scheduled to hold a rally in hickory monday morning at lenoir-rhyne university. doors open at 7:00 a.m. and the rally starts at 10:00 a.m.. tense moments at a donald trump rally in kansas city tonight, refusing to tone it down. trump squared off with protesters who brutally
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he told the police to get them out and a one point trump even said quote to hell with the protester. >> you know is really amazing. when you think about it you see disruptors, mad people, so bad for our country, so bad for our country. people have no idea what's going on, so so bad. emily: another tense moment for ohio. something at the gop presidential candidate but other reports say the protester tried to rush the stage. secret service agents surrounded the candidate while others carried out an man believed to be responsible for the came less than 24 hours after a chicago rally was canceled because of the potential for republican presidential candidate ted cruz will be in our area tomorrow afternoon.
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supporters at the charlotte motor speedway in concord. former presidential candidate carly fiorina is among the special guests attending the event. that event kicks off at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. also announcing a visit today senator bernie sanders is scheduled to make a stop in charlotte monday to the demo college affordability and immigration reform. sanders will speak at the pnc music pavilion. the doors open at 1:30 p.m. in the event is set to start at 4:30 p.m.. the event is free and open to the public. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is scheduled to make a stop in the queen city next week as well. former secretary of state will speak to supporters inside the dash center at 7:30 on sunday. according to polls clinton holds a slight lead over bernie sanders in the north carolina
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mecklenburg county cast early primary ballots before the polls close this afternoon. the port of elections said it was the largest turnout in the county for early primary voting. folks across the state were choosing their party nominations for governor, senator and president among others ahead of tuesday's primary. fox 46 kevin machek has the details. >> earlier today the line was out the stores as people waited as long as an hour to cast their early votes. >> we wanted to get out ahead of the crowds and it turns out they crowds were ahead of us today. >> hundreds came to the south county library to cast their early primary votes. volunteers say they were surprised by the turnout. happy to see so many americans not to vote for the commander-in-chief and other elected officials during what some say is an unusual election. every election is very important
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little more interesting. >> i'm looking forward to a more balanced president. may she be a woman, we don't know but i'm really all for taking care of the people, the middle class mostly. >> voting would not have been possible without volunteers at each precinct. >> we take a good couple of hours to set the program up. the machines have to be set up and all of the paperwork. >> at this precinct volunteers stayed well beyond closing time to accommodate an additional 100 voters. >> that means a lot, the volunteers the people in support of. if he could make that early voting and vote in the primaries on tuesday. charlotte kevin machak fox 46 wjzy.
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carolina since 1976. green took over uptown today. today was the 16th annual st. patrick's day bar crawl. the events typically draws thousands of people to uptown each year and this year was no different. sam smith is joining us now to explain. >> is pub crawl was fun for everyone involved from the organizers to the bar owners to the people out having a good time. >> a lot of fun. uptown was filled with green shirts. >> it's a great event. it's time to socialize and have fun and it's just fun. >> more than 20,000 people going from bar to bar. >> it's fun to have them all come together for something. >> organizers say the event gets bigger every year. >> i have heard about it before.
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showed charlotte and their names are on the shirts. if there's anything we could do differently -- we never had this in mind. businesses love being part of a crawl every year. this is the eighth year for rock autumn restaurant and brewery. >> it's pretty fun so we are looking forward to the bar crawl crawl. >> that fun keeps people coming back every year. >> i just like the aspect of so many people here. in charlotte sometimes you never feel like there are thousands of people around you but right now you do. >> this pub crawl wasn't just about having a good time. it was also about helping others. donations were matched by organizers to help cystic fibrosis and juvenile diabetes charities. reporting uptown charlotte sam smith box 46 wjzy. emily: were than 30 bars were
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we do have some rain moving into the area. meteorologist amanda cox is standing by in the weather center with a first check of our forecast. >> we are keeping an eye in the storm system to the west of us. the good news is we will only see a couple of showers throughout the overnight as we head into the second at the weekend that source thing start to kick in the storms getting closer to our area. a lot of moisture and a lot of it being pulled from the gulf. this system is a slow mover but will continue to lift to the north in these keeping closer troy areas we work into sunday monday time period. 70 degrees on the mild side of winter south to southeast around 10 miles an hour. head into the 50s and 60s for overnight lows but we are not going going to drop bar for the simple fact mostly cloudy skies overhead, only 20% chance- for an isolated shower tonight. as we get into your sunday monday time. not the storm system will be coming in. we could see around the half an
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for muslim locations in a weak cold front will be coming in midweek. behind that a much bigger storm of becoming an toward the end of the week and into this next week week. full details on all of these systems in a few minutes. >> one of more than 100 people marched through rock hill neighborhood to show they cared today following last week's violence that left one dead and several injured. residents chanted and sang as they walked through the street near emory park this morning. last week a they present 18-year-old jerry as harding dead inside of a car and on the same day on the other side of town three people were shot in one home into more homes were shot at. they say it was not approach a pro test of an effort to show others they want to stop the violence. >> we have had senseless killings in the last month or so so. young men losing their lives so
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to make a difference. we want to show that we do care and do our part to make it a better place to live. emily: organizers say they hope the march will encourage people to get out of their homes and get to know their neighbors. do you recognize this man? pierce county deputies said the head up to banks it in harrisburg. he robbed the wells fargo on highway 49 just before 11:00 this morning. he was able to get away with some cash. deputies say the man is in his late 20s or early 30s about 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall but if you know who this man is you're asked to call the sheriff's office or crime stoppers. the belmont man is accused of committing sex offenses against multiple children. 61-year-old kevin reid was arrested friday. reid is charged with first-degree sex offense and taking indecent liberties with a child.
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gazette read he committed the crimes between 2003 and 2015. he's being held in the gaps in county jail. now to the fox 46 updated a lawyer for the man shouting killed by a north carolina police officer says the 24-year-old was shot in the back. independent for and pathologist conducted another autopsy on the keel begins. the naacp and dinkins said the lawyers discuss their findings at a press conference in raleigh this afternoon. a preliminary autopsy report released this month found dinkins was shot four times by a raleigh police officer d.c. 20. winthrop students may be seeing an increase in student bees in the fall semester according to rock hill "herald." a presentation of the university's budget was given to the board of trustees friday. includes a proposal for a 1% increase in students education
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the increase would be different for in-state and out-of-state students. the board is expected to consider the fees that their board meeting in june. food lion is making a big investment in our area. this store has announced $250 million, $215 million for remodeling stores nationwide including several stores in mecklenburg and gaston counties pay to store his art he remodeled several in wilmington greenville and raleigh in 2015. the remodeled his aim to make files easier to navigate and more local and heavier products and update equipment. the chain announced $1.5 million for community service second harvest food bank of naturally know which serve 16 local counties. charlotte didn't make the cut for the smart city challenge grant earlier this year. council applied for the 40 million-dollar federal grant. the grant challenges cities to figure out how to blend new
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existing infrastructure in hopes of improving traffic. it was a winner-take-all grants meaning only when city in the entire country would be given the money. there were seven finalists including cities like san francisco portland and denver. >> i try this one on and i just knew it. emily: it's a high school stable but it can cost a pretty penny. how one organization is making hundreds of girls prom dreams come true.
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br emily: welcome back. we are seeing a bit of precipitation to the west of our area but still relatively quiet this hour. things will be changing as we move through the overnight and into the second half the weekend due to the storm system was to the area. look at all the moisture being funneled northward out in the gulf and will bring us a good amount of precipitation as we move through sunday monday time. mcado will talk about the details in a few minutes. temperatures in the 60s and 70s still on the mild side. 58 degrees for an overnight low mostly cloudy skies and isolated shower possible overnight. don't expect to see a whole lot. a 20% chance that patchy fog will be around for the simple fact that they have a lot of moisture across the region.
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set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed. we do resume daylight saving time at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. here's a look at future satellite and radar. you can see most activities will hold off until we get into the day tomorrow. search the command has to get into the morning hours but as we progress through the day the activity is going to pick up an intensified and could see a few thunderstorms mixed in. it did become heavy later in the day on sunday, sunday night or monday will be an active day as well. not a washed up by any means. it's going to be somewhat scattered here and there and we could see some breaks of sunshine. we will continue to watch that could fuel thunderstorms popping up especially later in the day. 72 were daytime high and as we keep an eye on the system. it's pulling moisture and that we are not expecting a ton.
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of north of our area. we could see around the half an inch to an inch of rain possible for most locations. like i said there could be some thunderstorms mixed in. this of your system will remain west of our area but monday we have both marginal risk first hunger storms and that will be throughout the course that day on monday and we could actually see temperatures coming up once again, being a little bit more unstable around the region. the storm system with soft the north anise. we have another cold front coming through. the storm system will push through late wednesday and into thursday. not a whole lot of moisture with this one so will come through pretty quickly maybe a notice from many locations. only a 10% chance late wednesday and a 30% chance on st. patrick's day. st. patrick's day isn't going to be looking too bad. it may may have cloud cover overhead them for much of the
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it does look like we could see activity early on. much bigger storm system comes in for the start of next weekend. emily: spring is definitely here. a local organization is helping war than 100 girls get dolled up for their school's prom. it's an event that's been going on for years that helps girls who may not be able to afford the financial burden of the event attend that high school stable. ashlee mcgeehan has more from this years event is girls go shopping for their perfect look. >> it's a memory that lasts a lifetime but it can carry a hefty price tag. luckily for more than 100 girls in wilmington on saturday they have their pick of prom dresses all for free. it's glitz glamour and a whole lot of smiles. juniors and seniors in high school prep for a night to remember. >> everybody running towards the dresses like a stampede. >> the project brought in more than 600 donated dresses for the girls.
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ccessorize their prom hit raid the aviva institute in empire beauty school gave the girls there were a treatment with hair and makeup. >> we didn't expect it to be this big. >> the event aims to empower young women and girls who may not have had an opportunity to go to the prom, a fairytale moment. >> we want to help those who are less fortunate. the economy is better than what it was years ago but there are still families who struggle and pay $500 for just the dress and another 100 for the shoes. this is like an 800-dollar trip here. >> i feel like a goddess. i feel like i can walk in there and everyone will look at me and it will be like those moments in on tv shows where the spotlight is on you. she was the first one to find her prom dress and says she is more excited than ever for the big night. >> i just want to keep the stress on forever.
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this is my first time at prom. i'm really excited to get this experience in the stress is perfect. >> it's going to make the experience of great day at. >> picking the dress was easy. it was exactly what she wanted. >> i turned around and looked at it and i said this is it. this is the dress. >> it's like the show yesterday the dress when i put on the wedding dresses. this is the one. organizers say the best part of the event as saying the girl's reactions. all it takes for a cinderella moment is the right pair of shoes. >> this year's program had a special message for the girls. organizers say it was all about breaking stereotypes and reminding the girls that they shouldn't judge someone by the way they look or what they hear about them. ashlee mcgeehan fox 46 wjzy.
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for the benefit all of the dresses that don't get picked are saved for years to come. check this out grammy award winner cee lo green is in charlotte tonight. he is performing with at the south end now. it's part of his love train tour paper for the show felicia lowrance caught up with him on his tour bus. you talk to her about being in charlotte to perform. >> i feel it's normal to come back and reconnect up close and prep -- up close and personal in reaching out to people. emily: for the full interview tune into "good day charlotte" tomorrow morning. still to come charlie leduff heads to florida to find out
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emily: the race for the white house reaches critical mass on tuesday when the voters of ohio and florida go to the polls and the first winner-take-all primaries. the political mass shows you can't win the presidency without winning the state and in the case of florida you can't win there without winning the all important i-4 corridor which cuts the state in half from tampa to daytona. charlie leduff takes a trip through swing country. >> the morning after they daytona 500 people have gone, the turkey buzzard set, and danny mbeki clean the toilets.
10:25 pm
what do they pay wax minimum wage. >> minimum-wage? economic refugees circling towardrdhe drain feeling there is no one to vote for. if the anniversary of the killing of trayvon martin. teenagers in his favor to do with the adults will not, talk about it. so, you are about trayvon martin's age, right? do you feel threatened? >> possibly that's why don't
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>> you are afraid? >> it's mainly about color. you don't get -- see white people getting beat up or shot or harass. but i don't see a difference. the i-4 corridor one of of the fastest-growing most diverse swaps in america. here it's all about jobs. >> this country is not a country anymore any more. it's a business and everybody is on the chopping block. >> i think a lot of those are operating out of fear in this election cycle trended figure out who's not going to make worse decisions for us, right? disney created the town of celebration from scratch and a real estate collapse this realtor pages the american dream to foreigners. right now at 3.5 to 4% it's fee money so why wouldn't you if you go by home right now why
10:27 pm
>> free money is a realtor's friend. go to be american and spend it. >> absolutely. the other side of the freeway is home to the puerto rican -- they are different kind of latino. they are american citizens. he says there is no work in puerto rico and the work here. he shares his hotel room with another man for a thousand nothing left over to help his family. he says they pressure's great to perform to the last election he voted obama. this time he says maybe trump because he's a businessman. >> what is the closest you have been to an alligator? politicians come you can't trust them.
10:28 pm
anything for a story i suppose. this place blew my mind. 50,000 senior citizens living behind the gates. they vote conservative here but every night it's like woodstock. just a couple miles down the road they are drinking beer. if you come here asking for votes. >> the rich man cares about the rich man at the poor man cares about the poor man. they don't care about people. central florida put strawberries on your breakfast table and you know what that means. >> it would be nice if americans would come out and do the job and be them but if i can't get americans here to do this job i
10:29 pm
company that won't do this job. i'm not for sending all the ones back that have been in this country for 40 years just because they are here illegally. yeah baby wrote the law, eight we all? >> on the outskirts of tampa right at mlk boulevard you are greeted by the world's largest confederate flag. you are reminded this is still the deep south where some things die hard. >> we feel the white southern man is on the run and florida. but we have a chance to speak out in the election that's coming up at the put the flag up to make sure that they understand we are here and we want to be heard to. >> what did i just see?
10:30 pm
go central so goes the state so goes the nation. >> do you know what i see? beto care to bits what we say. and it's not so far apart. we have issues but we can fix fix it. >> the nation's biggest state will vote march 15. >> pick a winner of florida, we emily: speaking of the presidential elections the road to the white house is both bobby and violent tonight. we will explain coming up. plus devastating floodwaters forcing dozens to leave their homes. details on the north carolina organization stepping in to lend a hand. >> we are tracking the storm
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emily: this just in tonight florida senator marco rubio has won the republican presidential caucuses in washington d.c., the third victory for rubio. he is taken from minnesota in puerto rico. meanwhile for front-runner donald trump the road to the white house is both bumpy and violent. "fox news" at henry brings us the story from cleveland.
10:34 pm
house starting to look like professional wrestling match that of presidential battle. friday night's matchup between trump supporters and opponents was called off because of the forecaster mark rylance. saturday morning it nearly came true as protesters tried to rush donald trump's podium in ohio. hours later jump was unapologetic to get him out of here. get him out, get him out. i think there are bernie supporters. i think there are bernie supporters senator ted cruz is laying the blame for the outbreak of violence at the feet of trunk. >> unlike donald trump and honest people in the audience to punch them in the face. florida senator marco rubio is trailing in the polls was asked about supporting the eventual republican nominee for president even if it's down. >> the of february been asking
10:35 pm
moment continue to support the republican nominee but it's getting harder every day. >> been while democratic front-runner hillary clinton started started one for campaign rallies by taking aim directly at trump. >> the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong but dangerous. if you play with matches you can start a fire you can't control. that is not leadership. that is political arson. >> the next big contest for both parties are on tuesday putting the battleground in ohio where clinton is trying to fight off the tough challenge of bernie sanders said he's looking build on momentum in the midwest after the big victory in michigan. meanwhile the republican side trump is tried to fight off to native sons ohio's john kasich as well as marco rubio in florida.
10:36 pm
>> meanwhile in north carolina organization is stepping up to help those affected by rising floodwaters in louisiana. samaritans first of relief crews arrived. many homes in the area are facing severe flood damage with river levels rising to a height not seen in decades. volunteers will help clean mud out of homes, tara damaged drywall and help homeowners solve which -- salvage their belongings. dozens of people have been exactly that of their homes. we can actually expect some rain days. amanda cox is standing by in the >> we are keeping an eye on the all of those problems in louisiana. the system has been bringing a lot of moisture to the deep south however it's going to continue to push off to the it will actually be crossing over the great lakes keeping us just to the east of it until eventually cold front comes to the reason.
10:37 pm
opportunity from precipitation from the storm system later in the day on sunday into monday. we'll talk about that in a minute. 70 degrees the wind south southeast around 10 miles per hour pay the wins will subside with much in the atmosphere. we could see patchy fog in a few locations overnight. mostly cloudy and isolated shower to. only a 20% chance overnight so we will stay dry once again however as we get into the second half of the weekend that's where things start to change. therefore he had to bed tonight make sure you move your clock ahead one hour. daylight savings time resumes that 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. sure to be coming in. it's on the spider your site. his first pickup is beginning to the afternoon and evening hours on sunday. that will continue sunday night. monday it will become more scattered and we may see breaks of sun shine from time to time which could keep us more unstable.
10:38 pm
late sunday, more likely on monday that something we will continue to watch out the course of the day. we are headed into the 70s but notice we will get a 60% chance of precipitation throughout the day. with the storm system even though it's had a lot of moisture with it most of that is going to move to the north and west of our area. we are looking at half an inch to an inch of rain from the storm system as it brings the cold front to the area. the severe threat not as likely for our area. tomorrow we don't have that whole possibility of severe weather. that will stay further to the west but as we get into monday looks like we have a marginal risk over parts of our area because we have a better opportunity for couple of thunderstorms. with that heavier downpours and maybe gusty winds with any thunderstorm becomes their money. another storm system this frontal boundary is weak.
10:39 pm
short time. where we could see some precipitation. we don't expect to see a whole lot, only a 10 to 20% chance for precipitation and that would come late wednesday and only early thursday morning. much of the day for st. patrick's day is going to turn out decent and another bigger storm system coming in for this next weekend. emily: as amanda mentioned love it or hate it it affects all of us. some states want to put an end to daylight savings time. "fox news" bryan llenas has more on the story from new york. >> as most americans brace themselves for losing in our sleep this weekend some corners of the country are considering bold new move to eliminate daylight savings time. all in all 13 states are considering resolutions wanting
10:40 pm
but there's no consensus as to how. the bills this permits standard time the other half wants to create permanent daylight savings time. california's a bill to would ask voters to abolish the practice of changing the clocks twice a year. it was approved by voters as they could join hawaii and most of verizon in choosing not to observe daylight savings time. massachusetts and rhode island they want to go further seceding from a eastern timezone and shift to the timezone. >> april actual state of daylight savings we will be equal with new york and former severe we will be one hour ahead. daylight savings time began in the united states during world war i primarily to conserve energy by reducing the need to use artificial lighting. apartment transportation says it reduces traffic accidents but some experts and studies say contrary to popular belief that
10:41 pm
' bad for our health. >> the idea of moving off of new york time seems like one of the worst ideas we have come up with a long time. >> there are more heart attacks and more strokes more workplace accidents because millions of people get jet lag at the same time. the journal of sleep medicine says it takes up to three weeks for people to adjust to the time change. more than 81,000 people have sent petitions to congress via the web site and daylight savings time to end the time switch. bryan llenas "fox news." >> cbs has lost nearly $2 billion in sales after choosing to stop selling tobacco products. the report comes after the
10:42 pm
campaign thursday. the initiative is called be the first and aims to create a tobacco free generation by reducing the number of new youth smokers and doubling the number of college campuses that ban tobacco usage. cvs said the campaign would last for five years and it helps it would cut the smoking rate by 3% 3%. josh how about those hornets? >> red-hot as they accomplish
10:44 pm
rockets but welcome back. or not taking the charlotte orenstein seriously artist teamsters lycee music. they been on a tear this last they have now won seven in a row row, 13 of their last 15. they are just beating up on the bottom feeders of glee. these are good teams. the hornets are doing it with good defense and some team ball on offense. charlotte hosting the rockets a time warner. shot clock winding down williams beats the buzzer now 19 straight games with a triple for him and how about nick batum in finding williams for the flesh are back-to-back games with 20 plus with williams .7 i. kemba walker and nick tim burke interpretation. kemba has been so big for this
10:45 pm
and sings it to take go for 60 or more for the third straight game. by halftime they going to win by a final 125-109. here's jeremy lin on why this team it's been so successful. >> this reminds that my high school team in a lot of ways. in high school there isn't the money or the fame or any of that stuff. this team right here is very unselfish. you can't really fake celebrations. to some degree you can bet when you see something authentically recognize it to these guys are legitimately rooting for each other. tonight the hornets are back in action monday night at home against dallas. davidson rallied from 12 down to the second half to knock off saint bonaventure friday night.
10:46 pm
at date with second-seeded cu. vcu swept the season series and it was a rough afternoon for davidson leading scorer jack gibbs. points on the day for him. the wildcats trailed for much of this game. jordan watkins tried to close the gap knocks this one down. starting to show some life a few minutes later brian sullivan the senior knock that one down. davidson down 13 at the break. b.c. puts this game to bed in the second half he he throws that one down and lebron comes in with davidson. a false 76 had the corporate acc campeche game in progress right now. unc on top of virginia 53-46. the tar heels have three players in double figures bryce johnson marcus paige and joel berry double-figure site now.
10:47 pm
hotter than kyle bush on the nascar circuit. defending sprint cup champion has won three consecutive top-five finishes on the sprint cup series in two straight wins in the xfinity series with a chance to make it three in phoenix. let's go to lap 108 push -- bush feeling tired. he pushes past ty dylan and from there he cruised on. bush led 175 of 200 laps goes on to take the checkered flag and he is sure winner. an exalted faster r ighter 200 is third straight victory this season. >> they made me run hard all day long. there's nothing left in this car. it's all used up. they will have to rebuild it so xfinity it's fun to come here and participate. i learn a lot and i do that for
10:48 pm
>> a big weekend for congress on the pole for tomorrow's good sam 500 research at 3:30. before that starts tune into "around the track" our half-hour prerace show from 2:30 to 3:00
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emily: stars in the upcoming light musical that passion are speaking with fox added the premiere next week we do to our tv special features jean carlos as the jesus christ and "american idol" winner chris.. as judas. a passion tells the story of christ's last hours with contemporary music sung by the cast. the passion airs live on 71st 23 here on fox 46. just recently "people" magazine did an article on the hottest doctor in the u.s.. while her sister station in new york tracked the hospital he works at pity is a 26 euros but moved here from russia when he he goes by the name dr. mike and has more than 1 million followers on instagram. he is "people" magazine's sexiest doctor alive. his instagram account has women all over the world wanting a
10:52 pm
>> the man, he has a style all of his own. on social media the strikingly handsome 26-year-old is known simply as dr. mike but his real name is mikhail barshefsky. he moved here from russia when he was six. >> i didn't speak any english. the three were so they did know who yes, no and maybe pick when i went to first grade when the teacher asked me question i said yes. she asked another question i said no and she asked another his father inspired him to pursue medicine. he was a doctor too. was difficult for us. we were immigrants. life whole family lived in a one-bedroom apartment. today dr. mike lives on staten island for he's a second-year resident at overlook in summit new jersey. he delivers babies too. see the mac i work in the ower doing surgeries.
10:53 pm
dr. might begin by commending his journey on instagram account. he got a call from "people" magazine. >> they reached out to me because my social media page and they said we would like to have used the sexiest doctor alive but i thought it was a joke because i never consider myself a guy. >> the rest of the world did. in a few weeks his account went viral to 1,000,000.5 hours. now he's a bona fide celebrity on the red carpet traveling the world and hanging out with hollywood stars. >> i'm sure you get a lot of requests and messages from ladies and from men as well. >> what is ironic is i am a family physician and i preach preventative care. my most of my patients are coming into not get sick route the requests i get are people telling me they will throw themselves down the stairs or get hit by car.
10:54 pm
could go to anyone's head. dr. mike looks at it as a means to an end promoting his foundation. >> i want to listen to their story and see what their goals are and give out scholarships based on that. this day for charity idea we had was how we got there the dating app auctioned off a date with doctor and raised close to $100,000 for the lucky girl like. >> we do have a winner. her name is ashley peerages from florida or she's a pharmacist. that's all i know so far because it was just announced that i'm really excited. >> he said when he first came here you only knew three words in english yes, no one may be. that's good because that's all you'll need to know for these questions. would you ever consider dating one of your patients? >> no. >> what about another doctor? >> may be. >> have you ever gone on a date with somebody on instagram?
10:55 pm
>> so what is he looking for that special someone? >> the person i'm looking for is intelligent. being a physician he wants someone who can relate to and speak on subjects outside of just fashion and modeling in that kind of thing but also i want a person is understanding and willing to grow. that's where look forward to meeting someone that i can have a child with, have a good life with and make a difference in the world whether there are jobs or whatever it may be.
10:56 pm
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with the wife emily: here's a final check on your weather. rain coming into the region later in the day and sunday. that will be the most active time, sunday night into monday pre-70s across-the-board and we start to warm up with a cold front will come through late wednesday to thursday and that will not amateurs that he then we will slide into the 60s by the end the week. i do want to remind you set your clocks forward one hour before you head to bed. you don't want to be late breaking tomorrow. emily: . emily: i can't believe it's already spring forward time. thank you amanda and thank you
11:00 pm
have a great night. i've been good all week. i think i deserve a little treat.


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