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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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tomorrow. >> ted cruz makes another stop in north carolina. just days away from the states important primary. we will take it to the charlotte motor speedway with highlights and from voters. >> the u.s. have their name called and will be heading to the what they are set to square off with first. >> good evening, thank you for joining us tonight, i am built delusion,. >> jenna: the violent outburst are not putting a stop in our area. ashley spoke with a local security expert today. she is joining us live in the studio now with tips on what people can do with might be leery about heading out tomorrow. >> trump is back in north carolina ahead of tuesday's
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stops that have been raising concerns protesters have been taking stance against trump. experts say if it's just vocal is their right. some concerns surrounding the campaign say they plan to have tight security. >> the university announce presidential hopeful, donald trump take the stage during a town hall event on monday. more than 1000 people are expected to attend. former fbi agent says with a large crowd comes the potential for security concerns. >> there are security concerns. you can do some great practice steps to ensure safety of certain people. there are always those people who might to be willing to go to jail. >> the trump campaign trail has been flooded with chaos during recent rallies. and trump trump chicago trump canceled the events because of the potential for violence.
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in ohio area to protest or try to rush the stage while trump was trying to talk with supporters. >> he is drawing significant numbers. his numbers are very large. they are hitting an audience that are in the tens of thousands is a post candidates who might have hundreds of people there. it is the perfect place, the places place is right for those type of protest because you are going to be exposed. >> they released this statement ahead of the visit. same quote the university is working closely with the police enforcement agencies from the area, as long as well as the secret service to address the issues of safety at the event. we appreciate their service and have confidence in their abilities. williams says the people are concerned and still want to attend the event, they should pay a little more attention to what is happening around them. >> it is important because there will be a very large crowd. it's important to to be a where of
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appear as though they are getting ready to do something that could be dangerous. for the most part, they have opinions. that is presently fine. >> the university says it is hosting trump as part of its commitment to the american political process. they welcome all major presidential candidates to speak at the school. doors open for the town hall tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. >> kayla: thank you ashley. trump is also slated to attend events in florida and ohio tomorrow. >> bill: on the other side of the political aisle both bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be rallying in the charlotte area tomorrow. sanders plans to host a rally at the music to billing tomorrow it is called the future to believe in rally, it is set for 1:30 p.m. it will be sanders of first
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will be speaking with supporters at 7:30 p.m. on monday. according to the latest polls, clinton holds a slight lead over sanders here in the north carolina primary race. senator ted cruz made a return to north carolina, today he was at the charlotte motor speedway. emily was there and has more on how voters say his message is starting to resonate. >> people are clearly ready for a change. we we hear that at every presidential campaign rally we attend. more are starting to believe ted cruz is the one who can bring about that change. >> making a last-ditch effort to drum up ahead of the tuesday primary election, ted cruz took the stage in front of it an enthusiastic crowd in concorde on sunday. >> i want to tell you all across north carolina and across this country what we are seeing is republicans coming together and uniting behind our campaign.
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republicans. >> i'm just trying to hear his message. i have a hundred% confident that he is the candidate for the future. >> while some remain undecided, many others are voting for cruise without a doubt. >> this nation has been -- we don't need to be hillbilly again. >> which is the message stressed by ted cruz and all of those who took the stage. >> please hear me, if we continue down this road, this year will be 1968 and it will tear our republic apart. it will be neighbor against neighbor, we must reach out to each other in love and in
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>> ted cruz also push for -- you all have a platform, you have a megaphone. to speak to this nation. i want to ask everyone here to vote for me on tuesday. ten times. >> by ten times, ted cruz was asking each person to encourage nine other people to vote for him because by doing so, he would receive 40,000 votes giving him enough to win the election on tuesday here in north carolina. in the studio, emily, box 46, wjzy. >> ted cruz his wife will continue to campaign for the senator across the state tomorrow she plans to hold a breakfast meet and greet. >> kayla: box 46 will will be providing complete coverage of the presidential candidates as they work to shore up the
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website on more information. >> bill: we have had gorgeous springlike weather, today we saw wet weather across the area. let's take a look at brian. you are looking tanner tonight? did you hit the pool the last few days? >> no. i told you told you i don't take my shirt off in public. that is just a little man makeup right there. let's take a look at what is happening on the doppler. we are seeing rain across the it has not sparked any thunderstorms in the area. some of this rain is heavy as it moves across the region. let's look at a few spots. keep in mind all of this rain is pushing to the north and east. a lot of this is moving your
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look at other spots we will notice there are several areas getting hit very heavily right now. this is a monro, right above in unionville there is a potential, we see the purple, the dark purple, that is sometimes an indication we are if you live in this area, just north of munro, you could be getting some heavy rain as well. east of us. we had the potential to get heavy weather still tonight. as we go further to the south that is moisture moving into chester, and it is pushing up to the north and to the east. this branch is going to miss
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track north and east. i will track this for you and show you our rain potential for the remainder of tonight and tomorrow in another ten minutes from right now. >> a thank you. developing tonight, investigators say an officer has died after being shot near a police station in maryland. 28-year-old was shot in an unprovoked attack outside the police headquarters earlier today. the four year veteran was fatally shot and another person who is not a police officer was wounded, authorities, authorities say two suspects are in custody. a man is facing an attempted first-degree murder charge for allegedly shooting a 24-year-old woman. hungry woman. hickory police arrested a 24-year-old just before 2:00 a.m. they say he pulled a gun after after getting in a fight with another man. investigators say he fired a shot that struck the woman, she was taken to the hospital where she is listed in critical condition. the man is being held without bond is. >> bill: a couple wanted to bury a body in alexander county is expected to make a court appearance tomorrow. tony tony and lindsay were both arrested
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suspicious vehicle car call. a passerby called and debit he junior buried under some tires an leaves. he happens to be the suspect of tony's uncle. no motive as to why he was killed. both people are facing murder charges. happens in court. found dead inside a car. police say say they received a car early this morning and found the car, there is no word yet on how he died. at at his oginal first-degree murder, barely the conviction was overturned after 19 years in prison, hunt was exonerated in 2004 after dna evidence led police to another
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>> bill: a woman is chased two women with knives. she is is facing a assault charges as he ran with two wives towards a woman pushed her down a flight of stairs. he also hits a man the face, and face, and chased him with a knife while trying to cut him. >> kayla: the charlotte city the sale of the former eastland mall site. leaders have been been discussing what to do with the site for some time. the board of education has submitted an offer to purchase land includes building residential and commercial buildings and a new school. they already spent 30 million to buy that site. to approve renovations for discovery place the science museum opened in 1981 and needs to keep up with the current technology and innovation. the museum plans to update the
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science labs, and add new exhibits. discovery place hopes to avail the renovation later this year. the new unc president will be in charlotte this week. margaret spellings is making her rounds on the first 100 days on the job. she will. she will be here on monday and tuesday to focus on the bond proposal that will be sitting on the primary ballot. it is is a 2 billion-dollar package. some would allow statewide investments in higher education without tax increases. groups opposed to it argue none of the states most pressing infrastructure needs are included. if approved half of the bond revenues will fund improvement and expansion projects across all unc campuses. she also plans to talk to the media about student access affordability and achievement. >> bill: still to come, there's been a change in what you pay at the pump.
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>> bill: cel >> kayla: the numbers are in an early voter turnout is up. the gaston county voters increased 29% from four years ago. according to the gazette more than 12,000 people cast their ballots early. election officials have officials have been pushing for higher voter turnout's.
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march to give voters more of a say in the presidential election. now now to a travel alert, ted -- will be close 10:00 p.m. monday until 6:00 a.m. tuesday and on tuesday through thursday, harris boulevard will be closed at north from 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. several detours for drivers, the 11 stations for the $1.16 billion blue line extension, rail service are scheduled to open next august. >> bill: you may have noticed gas prices are slowly starting to creep back up. according to to aaa, so are the national prices. drivers telling us they are noticing the difference. now they are starting to worry exactly how those prices will be going. here's more. >> drivers in the carolinas tell
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gas prices for a while now. things are shifting in a different direction. >> it is actually a lot because back and forth to a maryland on a biweekly basis to. >> to place a gas prices started to go up in late february and will continue to climb through august. as you can see here the national average continues to increase. >> we always know that money is the underlying reason for a lot of the things of this nation. >> according to aaa, right now the national average is a dollar 93 cents. and south carolina at $1.69. we could take the extra money and go shopping with it. just last week aaa says the national average on six cents, year. >> i think you have to be careful when you leave the house, when you do your errands.
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so you don't overlap the trips. >> stephen believes gas prices will become an important topic in the presidential campaign, seen how how prices are expected to steadily increase. >> i believe it will be one of the hottest topics and it will matter to me as far as who i choose. >> he says he hopes persist at a reasonable amount because that extra money goes a long way to providing for your family. >> it actually takes away may be a meal out to eat. instead of going out to eat once a week, we may may just sit at home and cook. >> bill: in case you are wondering, aaa say prices are going up because refineries are starting to adjust their maintenance schedule. they're cutting back on production. good news, crude oil prices should remain lower than last year in the coming months. >> kayla: rainy and to what was a beautiful weekend. brian you are saying the sunshine will return in the work week, right? >> if you're thinking oh no we
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shower tonight and tomorrow. potential turning into storms, potentially severe storms over the next couple of days. we'll talk we'll talk about that in a minute. plenty of sunshine will be back in. on tuesday, then we have oh week a cold front midweek. colder temperatures coming back later in the week. we will address that later in the newscast. let's talk about a severe thunderstorm warning that is in raleigh. i just want to point out that our atmosphere is fairly unstable, it it is not unreasonable to think that we could see a severe thunderstorm warning tonight. mainly for us we're talking about fairly heavy rain. there's lightning, that is now east of -- and will continue towards raleigh. it continues to sit right around
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heavy rain. the. the purple there could be an indication of hail. very heavy rain, if you live in that area you may want to think about staying indoors over the next 20 minutes as the weather system continues to push out of the area. more strong storms rolling behind it so you may get a break and then more moving in. this is south of waxhaw, if you live in that area you are going to be hit with heavy rain over the next little bit. let's talk about tomorrow. this is our weather outlook, and yellow that his house. we are under slight risk of severe weather to hit. we're talking about marginal risk but the risk is there. if we see it it does look like it will affect us during the evening hours. this particular model is not very aggressive with them weather system. on monday you will wake up and see sunshine, it may be patchy fog at this point. things are pretty quiet during
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as we get toward 643, we could see showers and thunderstorms across the area. right now were looking at the opportunity to be to the north. charlotte within that area from seven - nine p.m., we we could see thunderstorms roll through the area. opportunities for showers lasting until midnight and will clear out for tuesday. we'll talk temperatures in another ten minutes from now. >> bill: dozens of people attended the celtic festival just a few days before st. patrick's day. the celtic festival was held up in huntersville. they enjoyed live music, dance demonstration. >> people don't have an appreciation anymore of what it is like to live without technology. by showing them different things that people did, how they managed their daily lives, what they are able
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technology, it's fun for us. >> some of the vendors included the old brewery, and and a sweet treats, the 215-year-old plantation is a living history farm with many students visiting throughout the school year. >> kayla: the dining dying of the chicago river is underway. st. patrick's day is on thursday this year but the city city of chicago will be celebrating all week long. the secret recipe used for the dye has never been revealed but it is of course eco- friendly. >> bill: a new report has been least on the flight unit find out what it is revealing about
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>> kayla: it is alaska's great there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means! easter is hopping along. so, if you're looking to stretch your dollar this easter holiday, just look at these savings at your local walmart. charlotte, in head-to-head shopping, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $19.25 - that's 14% on this week's easter basket. why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's
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start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today. and see what you could save. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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>> bill: welcome back. tragedy and outrage strikes alaska's great race. the famous iditarod. i26 year old man is accused of crushing his snowmobile into two of them ushers. arnold allegedly them ushers. arnold allegedly admitted to a new station that he was black out drunk on a snowmobile, crashing into two different dog teams going 80 miles per hours. the incident resulted in the death of a four-time iditarod champion and two other dogs were seriously injured. >> i appreciate the sympathy i am getting, it's a horrible couple of seconds that will last for long time. >> bill: although he lost his dogs the man is pushing ahead and will continue competing in the race. as for the man he turned himself in and is facing several charges including >> kayla: new tonight at 10, a new report about the doomed german wing flight one year ago is calling on doctors to warn authorities of a pilot's mental
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copilot was using antidepressants when he crashed a plane caring 150 people into the alps. >> the 27-year-old andreas was likely battling depression when he locked himself in the cockpit of german wing flight 9525 and deliberately flew the plane into the french alps, killing all 125 people on board. a new report by france air accident investigation agency revealed he was not only on antidepressants but a dr. recommended two weeks before the crash that he be checked into a psychiatric hospital. in fact they consulted dozens of doctors of the before the crash and showed symptoms of it psychotic episode as early as
10:27 pm
yet his the doctors do not war german wing's airlines. in today's report they urge the world organization in european commission to draft new rules requiring a doctors warn authorities when a pilot's mental health to hurt public safety. >> i think clear regulations are necessary when doctors could be required to break secret medical records to help public security especially when pilots are carrying passengers. >> the report recommends regular checkups of issues. investigators recommend european countries encourage pilots to come forward about their mental health illnesses, allowing pilots to fly while taking antidepressants. in the in the u.s. or australia, and canada pilots can fly while taking antidepressants under medical
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making it easier to get into a locked cockpit. they said in a statement that the company will cooperate with authorities in support possible implementation of concrete measures. >> bill: developing tonight, the united states is condemning the attack in the turkish capital that killed 34 people and wounded 125 others. officials say kurdish militants carried out the attacks. a car bomb is what caused the blast. international leaders are banding together, bowing to bring terrorism to its knees. >> kayla: al qaeda is taken responsibility for attacks on three hotels in the ivory coast that killed 12 people. a diplomatic source tells fox news the terrorist was likely targeted a u.s. delegation led by the assistance commerce secretary visited the country. no indications that americans were hurt or killed in the attack. security forces killed
10:29 pm
still sweeping the area for more >> bill: coming up, the race to the white house is heating up ahead of the tuesday primary. we'll take you to the campaign trail. >> kayla: we have an idea for you, if you are looking to get away, what away, what new cruises are headed to cuba. that's after the break. >> we we are tracking showers
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tonight. [ indistinct conversations ] always set a place at the dinner table for good manners. stay seated, napkin on your lap and elbows at your sides. and remember, mealtime is for nourishment, nothing more. let the music play, he won't get away just keep the groove, and then he'll come back to you again let it play
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>> bill: welcome back. there
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to go before tuesday's winner take all primaries. the presidential candidates are doing what they can to secure the boat they need to get to their respective convention. here's more. >> person, don't hurt the person >> the only thing louder than a donald trump rally is the ticking of the clock as we approach it super tuesday, part two. one of the states, ohio a winner take all primary. a state in which the sitting governor is a candidate, john kasich. >> i will not take the low road of the highest office in the land. we are growing, we are states. we'll be very competitive. don't be surprised amount of go with the strongest convention. >> donald trump is continuing to scorched earth saying john >> the governor here do not win
10:33 pm
allowed, he didn't qualify. is this a big story, doesn't seem to be a big story, don't understand it. pennsylvania. he did not have the signatures. does anybody know that? he did not qualify pennsylvania. pennsylvania, he should be running on tuesday. >> marco rubio is trailing in the race for delegates but he's a native son in the sunshine state. another winner take all primary. >> if we continue on this road we are going to park fracture at the seams. where seen images on television we haven't seen in this country since the 1960s. >> at both democratic candidates are making their case during a town hall meeting in columbus ohio. >> donald trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters. he is saying that if you go up and beat someone up, that is okay, i will pay the legal fees. >> donald trump is responsible for what happened at his event.
10:34 pm
months now been not just violence. >> primaries are also being held north carolina. states very important to the man closest to the delegate math to donald trump, ted cruz. >> the trump train is going to be heading to hickory tomorrow morning. the republican front runner scheduled the a rally, doors will open at 7:00 a.m. and the event will start at 10:00 a.m. be sure to tune into "good day charlotte" we will have live updates. >> kayla: the democratic presidential candidates sanders and clinton will be rallying through the charlotte area tomorrow. sanders plan to host a rally at the pnc music, call the future to believe in rally and its plan for 1:30 p.m. it is his first show at the
10:35 pm
monday. just one day before visit to charlotte african-american leaders are standing behind clinton. i reach events held at churches across the state including two this during the visits leaders discuss why clinton is the best president to break down barriers facing the black community in north carolina. >> african americans across the country have embraced clinton because she is someone who has consistently worked hard for decades on behalf of issues important african-americans. >> according to the latest polls, clinton holds a slightly over sanders in the north carolina primary race. >> republican presidential candidate ted cruz made another stop in the state, the senator spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at the charlotte motor speedway in concorde today. he pushed for unity and asked people to use their voice and to support them on tuesday. ted cruz has a record of doing exactly what he says he's going
10:36 pm
>> he has a record of doing what he says he's going to do. of fighting and not compromising. >> the nation has been bushwhacked to twice. we don't need to get hillbilly together. we certainly don't need -- >> ted cruz his wife will go across the state tomorrow and will host a meet and greet. we still have a line of storms moving across parts of the moving area, tracking those tonight is brian. out of the area. we'll see them out of the area, may, maybe a few lingering showers after that. a good line around the center third of the region. if you look at what is happening right now we have lancaster stretching out and not a lot
10:37 pm
it might scoop the south of you. you see green, yellow, orange and red. that's intensity. you know it's coming down heavily in waxhaw right now and by richburg. it stretches to monroe and it will move through your direction through the next half hour to 40 minutes. it it picks up just to the east of unionville. again continues to just the south of albemarle, it is not turned severe. i will continue to track it for you. i will let you know if facebook or twitter if anything pops we'll jump on air here as well. if it's during the newscast. let's talk about what else is happening. it's warm outside, outside, temperatures in the 70s, charlotte at 66, here's what's going on behind it. it's moving up from the south and west. you see a line continue to push again and will continue to go
10:38 pm
few hours. tomorrow it will be pushing across as well. good storms out in memphis and the mid- sections of the country. it will be intensified leading up to us but it has potential to turn severe. that chant seems fairly small but it is there. make sure you're watching tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. our best opportunity is late afternoon through the nighttime hours. the best chance for severe warning weather will happen through that timeframe. fortys and 50s across the area tomorrow temperatures in the 70s. another very warm day here in the midsouth. plenty of cloud cover but should not affect temperatures too much. let's look at the seven day forecast, 80 degrees on tuesday, 82 on, 82 on wednesday, both filled with lots of sunshine. a cold front hits us on
10:39 pm
for showers and will be in the mid- 70s. range answers on friday, saturday, sunday, will not we will not stand the 70s and in the 50s. >> bill: if you're looking for a where no american has set sail before, at least not within the last 50 years. americans can now legally cruise to cuba. in january 2015 president obama president obama lesson the restrictions on travel to the caribbean's largest island. tourists can enjoy all that cuba has to offer, if traveling by sea a division of carnival cruise lines will begin service to the island this may. currently two smaller cruise line service the island. with the addition of carnival cruises the number of tourists will skyrocket. >> i know it's important to the keeping community.
10:40 pm
and they need the dollars. >> bill: carnivals cruise line will invite travelers to participate in the cultural exchange program that promotes interaction with the community. >> kayla: chipotle is making cuts, the restaurant chain announced its dramatically cut executive salaries. the company ceos made roughly 14,000,000 dollars last year. about half of what they are the year before. neither received bonuses. the cuts come after no virus outbreak sickened dozens of people in several states and sent the company stock plummeting. this is 15-year-old michael, he has down syndrome's. his coaches wanted to give him more playing time because he had never scored a basket. before the end of the game he got his chance, check it out, players on both team passing the ball until he scored. it he scored. it took a couple of chances but when he finally made it the crowd went wild. michael's dad said he is proud of his son and appreciated the
10:41 pm
allow that magic shot. >> i'm proud of him and real thankful for the attitude of the players and the coaches and to do that. >> you have to love it. the team held there is ceremony after the game and michael's we'll will send it over to josh with sports. >> we have a great photo finish for the second time this season,
10:43 pm
>> wow look at that slam. that's going to be, i can't call that one, did you see them i think harvey got it by a fraction of an inch. literally trading shops all the way to the finish line. the closest finish ever at phoenix interntional raceway. hardwick was expected to win easily, but as you saw edwards giving him a run for his money. we'll get back to that finish in just a minute. first let's get through the rest of this. last week's winner brad blows a tire with 87 laps to go. he finished 20 ninth. six laps to go, kasey kane casey can get flu singles into the wall, the caution flag comes out. rough
10:44 pm
race would go to overtime after the caution harvest jump to the lead in here we go. you you sought at the top, these two going toward the finish line, close a but it, kevin harvey by 100th of a second coming away with the win. the closest finish ever with phoenix. hard because has now lost five of the lost six in arizona. >> i knew i could beat him out there. i tried to protect the bottom in three and four and i just missed the bottom with all the rubber built up on the tires. all in all i knew i would be on defense. i knew i needed to get a good run off the corner and i would have to get in his store, it worked out just barely. >> i thought i would just move him out of the way and get by. i just did not move him far enough. then he got out the door and is trying to time at night thought he was going to beat me so i try to sideswipe them before i got
10:45 pm
front of his front tire. anyway, a fun race i wish i could have won that thing. >> the sprint cup syria goes to california next week for the auto club 400 prayed to the ncaa, tournaments have been released and everyone expected north carolina is a once he. the other three programs are 1c, kansas, virginia and oregon over michigan state. the tar heels are on the east region and will play raleigh at 7:20 p.m. on thursday. they will face the winner and dickinson will face off tuesday night. this is the most of any program in the nation, if you have the wins thursday they get the winner of 89 matchup between california and providence. how about do, they aren't the number four seed in the west region. they will face 13 seed wilmington, province island on thursday, that games at
10:46 pm
play seahawks once in history, they beat them in 1982. duke won that matchup, the blue devils are two and one all-time in the big dance. the nit david said they get a seed, they get their fifth seed and will face off against florida on tuesday night at seven. south carolina were hoping to be in the ncaa tournament, they are are one of the first were out though. they get a number one seed in the nic tournament. they will play on tuesday at 7:00 p.m. this week's acc#player of the week comes from the conference tournament champion, north carolina carolina tar heels joe barry with three begins during the championship runs. 20 points and 40 steals and a win over pitts on thursday, followed up by 12 points of forces on friday against notre dame, 19 points
10:47 pm
a title game against virginia. >> the hornets about the excitement back to buzz city, row. 13 of their last 15, charlotte is in the fifth spot behind miami for fourth. >> i'm excited. we're playing well and plan our best right now. we still have room for improvement, we have to keep it real. >> i think everybody from top to bottom is focusing on the task at hand. everybody puts everything into
10:49 pm
selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line
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saving you hundreds of dollars. >> kayla: disney movie,'s utopia theaters. it's number one in the box office following a record-breaking debut last out last weekend. the animated movie is about a metropolis inhabited by animals. the new field attend cloverfield lane came in second with $25 million and "deadpool" is still very much alive with a third-place showing in a take of almost 11,000,000 dollars. >> an award winning recording artist in the game more than 20 years, see low green tells fox
10:51 pm
we caught up with the singer and here is more how he overcomes controversy. >> we are sitting here with a grammy-winning artist see low green. thank you for being here you are ground. >> just a few hours on the road. >> tell us what you're in town for, we know you are on the love to her. what are you trying to do, what do, what are you hoping to accomplish with that? >> we haven't been to these markets in 16 years.
10:52 pm
the things up close and personal and to go back to people we started with. >> my favorite song is i'm a fool for you, do you have a favorite song that sticks out you have a large range of music? >> i've had the opportunity to try to make some type of assessment out of all that. i don't know who is going to come out, so i've been trying to do as much as i possibly can and about 75 minutes. i did realize i had a wide assortment of music so got difficult, i think people are going to immediately remember. >> i imagine that being really important. twenty years in the music business is no easy feat. we know it hasn't been without controversy. how do you pull yourself out of some of those close and stay focused moving forward? >> i don't know human being walking the earth that doesn't
10:53 pm
to have those experiences and diversity and challenges. the builds character and i happen to be a very resilient individual. i've grown quite a bit. unfortunately it does build character. i'm a better person for it. >> pizza or hot wings? >> all i don't know. i i love hot wings that i love pizza. >> here's another important question. are we talking duke or north
10:54 pm
>> north carolina. >> sounds good. i have to ask you, because everything that is been going on right now with the presidential race, have you been following anyone, who following anyone, who are you voting for? >> i can appreciate a lot of the historical accountability i can also respect and appreciate the economical messages of donald trump. he actually gets to the core of the human nature, he is real and someone you can trust. he doesn't have to be politically correct about
10:55 pm
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>> were sitting here there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor,
10:57 pm
a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. >> welcome back. we continue to track a line of storms moving along the southern edge of our viewing area. a batch is just about to move into chester. you may want to stay indoors and there's likely to be significant went as well. that will track just north of lancaster to munro again and up to the north. all of these stocks have been heavy rain, bit of wind and
10:58 pm
they have not turned severe. at this point is fairly unlikely it will turn severe, it's not out of the question. storm still rolling across the southern edge, the northern edge is not as bad. we are mainly looking at rain. tomorrow we have a chance just chance just a 30% chance of rain to move in. it does have a chance to turn severe as well.
10:59 pm
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