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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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i'm bill melugin. kayla: i'm kayla ayres but first on fox we have team coverage of the presidential campaign stops in our area ahead of tuesday's primary. caitlin lockerbie the tmz music pavilion where bernie sanders rallied to started. caitlyn takes us inside the trump rally where thousands turned out to see the front-runner. >> after a two-hour weather delayed trump made some big promises to gop supporters and protesters in the crowd. well before daylight and for some a trip out of state. >> i'm from tennessee so this was probably a three-hour drive to. >> supporters weighed in on their concerns. >> the country owe so much money. we can barely pay the interest pda and. >> with spiraled into a debt that obama has drained our country.
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man monday new jersey governor chris christie took the stage later than expected. >> we are not going to make you wait a second longer. let me introduce to you the next trump. donald trump. sad they didn't damper any encouragement from the crowd. a day ahead of north carolina's primary the gop front-runner had plenty of promises promises. >> we are going to win with ducation. we are going to win at every level of health care. we are good he went at the border. a lot of applause for the platforms for not every person here like the message. several protesters were escorted out. trump seemed backlash over violence erupted as some of his events. opponents arguing he is inside it with his own rhetoric that the donald says it isn't heard at his rallies and he says what he is really about is peace. >> it's a movement as a lovefest.
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away in a stop the protesters. >> the disrupted, the protesters. what he is asking for support at the polls. north carolina is one of five states heading to the polls with the primary tomorrow. hickory kayla -- caitlin lockerbie box 46 w. j. -- wjzy. bill: vermont senator bernie sanders is making a stop near charlotte. his visit comes hours before his chief political rival former secretary of state hillary clinton. she is set to take the stage at a rally across town. robin kanady is joining us look at the cmc music pavilion. what's going on there? >> bill that rally just wrapped up. we are talking 15 minutes ago is when bernie sanders finished
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pouring out of here of pnc music rebellion. according to the latest poll sanders is doing well in the midwest and not as well here in the south so he really had to make this visit to charlotte count. check out this video that we have of the crowd here today. sanders has been campaigning in north carolina. he came to rally on friday but he has spent time in ohio and missouri. those other states as well as illinois and florida also have their primaries tomorrow so these candidates really have to split their time between states. sanders has hit hillary clinton hard on free trade agreements. he says american trade policy is hurt the country and sent millions of u.s. jobs overseas. it's an issue deal to play well and help -- he also said we are living in a rigid economy and democracy is not about
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>> in the midst of that we have republican governors figuring out all kinds of ways to make it harder for. poor people or people of color are young people or old people to vote. that is a disgrace. >> now i've sanders wants to beat hillary clinton tomorrow in north carolina he will really have to appeal to african-american voters. she traditionally does well with that electorate especially here in the south. live in charlotte robin kanady fox 46 wjzy. bill: robin thank you for that report. after charlotte is back to the midwest for sanders. his next stop will be the city of st. louis. tomorrow north carolina voters will not only be making their choices for the presidential race that nominations for governor and several other local contest to the polls will open from 6:30 in the morning until 7:30 at night to at night that he be outraged about you will
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tomorrow but if you don't have an acceptable auto i.d. there's no need to worry because anybody who shows up without an i.d. will cast a provisional ballot. more than 56,000 people cast their ballot during early voting in mecklenburg county would set a record. kayla: north carolina voters will be deciding on the connect and see bond package. if approved the state will borrow $2 billion to fund a variety of projects including many here in charlotte. $90 million will go to unc charlotte and 750,000 is destined for crowder's mountain state park to the governor says the bond will not require a tax increase. bill: yesterday we saw on an offering in the charlotte area but today it was gorgeous out there. to get a check let's send it to chief meteorologist brian basham. i have noticed the tree starting to bloom out there. >> we are going to see ore rain moving in tonight at least a
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severe. it's been pretty quiet across charlotte in much of the piedmont this afternoon but this area in yellow is where we are seeing a slight risk for severe weather so this no chance to marginal chance to good chance as we head into the next couple of hours. here's what's going on locally. charlotte is quiet but we are starting to see some showers intensify in the north if you are in the mountains mountains from benin to jefferson of there. we have seen good storms. we haven't seen a whole lot of of -- but these storms have potential to cause hail potentially large hail. what i'm more concerned about whether it's been -- around greenbelt and now it's out of our view here but wjzy but a storm system did have severity to it and it was pushing our direction. i will track that for you coming up a little bit later on in the
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how long these storms plan to stick around as well. kayla: thank you brian. breaking news coming in late this afternon. the former mayor of charlotte patrick cannon is set to appear in court on wednesday in mecklenburg county events when the district attorney said cannon will be arraigned on voter fraud charges. the former mayor is currently serving a 44 month term in a federal prison in west virginia for corruption. he's accused of attempting to vote after his felony conviction which is illegal. bill: a 19-year-old accused of trying to join isis was arraigned on murder charges. justin sol then shot and killed his neighbor 74-year-old john clark in december of 2014. the state is pushing to make the crime a capital offense. that means it would be punishable by the death penalty. the fbi said sullivan planned to shoot up a concert or bar and was previously indicted for helping isis. he does remain in federal
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until his next court date. kayla: a south carolina trooper caught on camera shooting an unarmed man is ill and third egg guilty plea. he faces up to 20 years in prison for the 2014 shooting captured on dash cam in colombia. lavar jones is walking into a store when the trooper got out of his car and demanded jones diapers license. jones turned back to reach into his car and cooper fired four shots per jones was shot and edited by. the data page that has some of its police officers -- jay brooks tells fox 467 of those officers have returned to work. brooks had been serving as interim police chief sends the officer resigned in protest of the reinstatement chief larry brown. brown returned to work a week ago following a four-month sled investigation to the allegations behind the probe have not been made public or you. kayla: city leaders and matthew are once again coming together to discuss creating their own school district separate them
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as we reported a few weeks back officials began looking into the possibility of working with the general assembly to make the district a reality. this after leaders learned more about cms student assignment plan. the mayor tells fox 46 the district concept would allow families to keep their kids in schools close to home. be sure to tune in to fox 46 where we will update you on tonight's meeting. bill: and a critique it's in school and out of trouble. we will have details on the program the mayor of charlotte is looking to start up. kayla: plus the numbers are in the more people are working in
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looking for a j there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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bill: welcome back. charlotte mayor jennifer roberts is pushing to create a set of programs that will keep it that a cello to the mayor spoke at a summit at friendhip missionary baptist church this morning. the summit focused on improving a school programs are middle of high school students. robert says these programs will help keep kids on the right path and improve public safety. the mayor said she is working with community leaders to help terrance information about various out of school programs across the area. kayla: if you are need of work was in a pretty new walmart is looking to hire 95 and placed at a walmart neighborhood market is slated to open this summer in mooresville. temporary hiring center is open on west plaza drive. those interested are asked to
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hiring center for plant on line. the manager is looking to hire full and part-time employees. a digital market company plans to bring hundreds of jobs to up down charlotte locating to uptown from ballantine this spring. the company will bring 200 employees to the city anticipates adding 100 employees in the future. town square provides on line marketing solutions for clients around the nation. kayla: another beautiful day it seems like spring is here. bill was talking earlier about the trees that were blooming and i know this spring because my allergies starting acting up today. >> we have a lot of itchy and`watery eyes across the area and that will be the case probably of the next week as the poem will be in full force. more opportunities for rain tonight in several days of rain this week although the next couple after today should a pretty good. let's talk about what's going to be happening tonight first. this is what i want to show you this around greenbelt.
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have a bit of rotation it while ago and there could be a hook in that area right there. we are seeing rotation. that's moving into the center of the radar, sometimes it's hard to pick that up but we will track the storm. the severe thunderstorm warning warning -- warning. if you are heading that direction want to make you aware of that. for us we have had cloud buildup out there. so far it's been dry. here's a look at uptown and another look from you in cc we have had a little bit of sunshine out there. that helped create the instability in the atmosphere. that's when we see a better opportunity for thunderstorms to build. but so far so good. in the piedmont lower elevations we have the warm air mass in place. it's moist outside. we have a cold front pushing across the area tonight and again that could help to initiate storms across the area starting within the next couple of hours to charlotte and
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timeframe across the region. so far so good to give a few showers and thunderstorms in the mountains and none of that has come down to the foothills are further into lower elevations. i want to track over the next couple of days but i do want to point out at you to cast not doing a good job of picking up moisture tonight but our best opportunity to see strong whether between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. in charlotte. we will see lots of tonight to the cold front will get through and in place tomorrow some dry air. tuesday looks very nice in the 80s. it will be toasty out there but it will be sunny and relatively quiet. as we get into wednesday we will see the warm front pushed through keeping temperatures elevated in the 80s and wednesday the cold front pushing through. about midday cooleleair rolling a behind it leaving whether -- nice weather is beginning to st. patrick's day on thursday.
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to 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms isolated across the area. temperature pretty mild with winds lowing five to 11 but gusting to 20 and 21 miles an hour. again we will show you what to expect and which are wise. we will see the seven-day forecast much cooler temperatures in the air. kayla: thank you brain. the jobless rate remains the same in north carolina to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics saying their rate to stay stayed the same since january. north carolina's unemployment is higher than the national unemployment rate which stands at 4.9%. the status at more than 23,000 jobs since december and in south carolina it's the same story. state officials say the jobless rate there remains at 5.5%. the number of people working increase by nearly 11,000. they say the governed -- the state government added 1500 jobs in 1100 were added and construction. officials say there was the drop
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services transportation and leisure and hospital jobs. bill: the charlotte city council is expected to approve the sale of the fun mall site. leaders have been discussing what to do for quite some time now to the charlotte number board of education is submitted an offer to buy the land. the plan for the old mall includes building residential buildings and a new school. the city spent $13 million to buy the site. expected to happen at the city council meeting is the approval of $1.75 million renovations. the science museum opened back in 1981 and needs updates to keep up with current technologies and innovations. the museum plans to upgrade its 3-d movie create science lesson that exhibits. it hopes to start with renovations later this year. kayla: and exonerated and is found dead inside his car. have those who have those in adero hunts are remembering his legacy. more than 100 cars are involved in a massive pileup on the busy
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kayla: those who knew darryl hunt said they were shocked that were shocked that it is at his deputy was found dead inside a car in winston-salem over the weekend. hans was an activist to serve nearly 20 years in prison before he was exonerated. "fox news" amber roberts has the story. >> many never thought that day back in 2004 would ever come for adero hunts. but it did come. hunt walked out of his prison cell a free man after spending 20 years behind bars for crime he did not commit to fast-forward to now, more than a decade later. many are trying to come to terms with hunts sudden-death. winston-salem police finding the 51-year-old spotty on university parkway this weekend.
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like phoebe hoping for answers. >> he was politically a powerful advocate the but personally lovely human being. >> she knew hunt well. while working as a reporter at the winston-salem journal she was there the day he was released from prison. hans regularly spoke to her classes at wake forest university where she teaches a seminar on wrongful conviction. >> whenever he meets he has a huge impact on cell i think was an experience for the students that might have been life-changing. >> life after prison for hunt was hoping -- helping his fellow man. he was active with groups supporting legislative changes related to criminal justice reform and he started a foundation to work with transitioning people out of the prison life to regular life. he was active with his mosque.
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last time onto a scene before his body was found was nine days earlier. for those who hunt impacted the news of his death is truly a tragedy. >> this community and the state to 20 years away from this man and can only give so much back. see i get his original trial hans was convicted of murder in the death of winston-salem newspaper editor or that conviction was overturned and he was tried again in catawba county. hans was exonerated in 2000 or after dna evidence led police to another man to confess to the murder. bill: soapbox 4046 follow up the north carolina highway patrol says more than 130 vehicles were up -- involved in wrecks. the crashes started sunday afternoon over six-mile stretch between be they and in grant. ambulances from four different counties took 20 people to hospitals but thankfully no one was seriously injured to the
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night picture per se some of the wrecks were caused by wet roads and because people slowed down to pick pictures of the scene. >> drivers in south carolina might be breathing a bit easier this week, after this week rather. strebor amnesty week in the palmetto state. the dmv is assisting drivers have a suspended license. the drivers can apply to have their suspension time reduced or clear. the dmv says offices across the state tend to be more crowded during amnesty week. bill: on to another fox 46 update released 29 people are recovering tonight after an amtrak train derailed. the train derailed in southwest kansas radio was traveling from los angeles to chicago and was knocked knocked off the tracks shortly after midnight raid 120 passengers and 14 crewmembers were on board. amtrak said the train was made up of two locomotives and nine cars cars five for which ended up on the other side of the track. >> i notice a lot of people
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folks. it was a dark field so everyone was on both sides of the train looking for other people and family members. bill: all those on board or off the train and have been accounted for. those who were not hurt were taken to nearby building while amtrak made it turned -- them on the way. happening now people are waiting to hear democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton speak right here in charlotte. we will have all the details for you coming up in a live report. kayla: plus sarah palin is taking a break from the campaign trail. we will explain why after the% break to k ryan. >> we have the first of a cold front moving in tonight.
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and see more rain and the m hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm
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[ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. bill: welcome back. the race for the white house's son and tonight the campaign
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earlier we saw donald trump and bernie sanders rallying in the area. now it's hillary clinton was a crowd waiting for an uptown. david sentendrey standing by live outside of a rally at the grady cole center to give us a look at what's going on out there. hi david. >> we are in for a late win tonight. hillary clinton is not expected to speak until around 9:15 here at the grady cole center which runs the alongside central piedmont uptime occasion. as you can see behind me there a few dozen people waiting to get inside. the doors opened 15 mins ago and a few other people have made their way inside. this venue holds around 3000 people so smaller than the 6000 people we sought the bernie sandy's were -- bernie sanders rally today. something to keep in mind that these rallies obviously a lot of support for hillary clinton but a lot of people i'm speaking with her here to see -- seek information and are still undecided about who they are
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>> i'm trying to keep an open mind throughout the whole process and that's why i'm here today is to listen to what she has to say. >> i'm counting on sanders but i want to hear what hillary clinton has to say so it might make me change my vote tomorrow. >> the doors are open right now but the doors will close at 8:30. you have to get here by 8:30 and hillary clinton is supposed to speak a little bit after nine. reporting live david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. bill: earlier today the north carolina republican national committee released a statement clinton's visit san quote clinton is failing to rally north carolina democrats whose turnout remains down since her last run into this may 8. republican enthusiasm continues to skyrocket with 255%. kayla: on the republican side aisle many gathered to hear gop front-runner donald trump in hickory. trump is making last-minute
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the eve of the second biggest primary day of the 2016 presidential election. the latest polls show trump running neck-and-neck with senator ted cruz. >> upside the rally crowds were very vocal rates on people driving several hours just to have the chance to hear trump speak it will many of them came to share their views and their concerns in a peaceful way is caroline fountain found that others were met by strong security presence. >> hours ago these university walkways were packed with trump supporters who couldn't get into the venue because it was full. i spoke with one gentleman who traveled from more than an hour when he said he was going to stick around even though we couldn't get in raid. >> i don't go to concerts. a matter of fact you could not have gotten me to stand in a walmart line but this is worthwhile. >> several protest groups were also there.
6:30 pm
promoting violence. if i are sitting president barack obama did a fifth of the things this man did he wouldn't be here. >> one trump supporter we spoke with said he took a lot of heat from protesters because of his heritage. >> they target me because i'm hispanic and my parents are full mexican but they came into this country legally. they think their parents must be illegal immigrants because they were getting all hateful on me. >> another group protesting led by the bishop of north carolina evangelical lutheran church in america. >> we were worried because the previous campaign stops in this particular campaign about violence. i did see a group of clergy moving in between, some folks giving obscene gestures and words towards each other. >> while a handful of pro-testers were arrested the rally ended on a peaceful note
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university's grace chapel. the sheriff's office tells me six people in total were arrested at the trump rally prior to all of them received minor citations and were released after the rally ended purported -- caroline fountain fox 46 wjzy. bill: we were told the protesters that got arrested were only given citations for disorderly contact resisting an officer and -- thankfully no one was injured today. sarah palin want rally in florida because the former alaska governor's husband todd palin was seriously injured in a snowmobile accident. the 2008 republican vice president for candidate is heading back to alaska to be with todd. todd is reportedly in serious condition in icu. there is no word when palin might return back to the campaign trail. vermont senator bernie sanders has him making his rounds through charlotte to the democratic presidential candidates look to supporters
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policy has hurt the country and sent lanes of u.s. jobs overseas. it's an issue that he hopes will play well in north carolina after the loss of textile and manufacturing jobs here. he also took a shot at trump saying democracy is not about billionaires buying elections. >> in the midst of that you have republican governors figuring out all kinds of ways to make it harder for poor people or people of color or young people or old people to vote to that is a disgrace. kayla: if sanders wants to defeat clinton in north carolina tomorrow he will need to appeal to african-american voters. bill: turning away from politics we are tracking the chances of storms developing in our area tonight. for more let's send it back to brian. brian anything starting to pop up in the charlotte area? >> we have stuff moving our way but we are doing well in charlotte now and charlotte may
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we are going to rule that out yet. up the mountains we did see pretty good thunderstorms rolling in with rain and lightning starting to lose strength. it started to move off the mountains into the foothills and we are still seeing moderate to heavy showers in a few spots as well. that fulfill them behind it as well. what i continue to be fairly concerned about is what's happening to the south. look what's going on in spartanburg now, a pretty good spirit thunderstorm with rain and wind and some pretty significant hail attached to the storm system. this is moving almost directly to the east slightly to the north. if you are in york still a ways away but i want to run notice this looks like it will hold together at least to the edges of your county and possibly to the hill so we will track this over the next event. again i expected to be moving into your county 40 to 50
6:34 pm
the chances of rain tonight 50%, tuesday and wednesday a couple of days off and then we start to see rain chances rolling back from thursday into the weekend, 20% thursday and friday raid saturday and sunday look like strong chances right now for 50 and 40% chance of rain respectively. of course we will see issues with the pollen as well. everything is starting to germinate and blossom. we have allergies jennifer maple strong and high on all fronts over the next several days. very comfortable. if you're trying to plan events for st. patrick's day pretty good overall 75 but a slight chance 20% chance we see showers. tonight fairly mild out their 40s and the mountains 50's and lower elevations and tomorrow everybody is warming into the 80s if you are from lincolnton on down. 60s and 70s to the north
6:35 pm
some cooler temperatures on the back half of the seven-day forecast. 80s tuesday and wednesday, mid-70s on thursday to the cold front knox attend the 60s on friday and 63, 1657 3p by the way next monday morning kayla in the 30s again. kayla: i see that. that is quite the temperature swing. fresh changes are underway at the fresh market. we are going to explain coming up. bill: springing forward this past weekend might have you
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we will find out what experts american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future.
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kayla: in tonight's business headlines to private equity firm is scooping up the north carolina-based grocery store -- store for more than billion dollars. fresh market announced its agreement to be acquired by apollo. apollo said it will be paying $20 and 50 cents for each share of the grocery store chain. the greensboro-based grocery
6:38 pm
across the country to shares of the fresh market soared to 24% before the stock market open today. criminal investigation is underway in a kellogg factory after a video surfaced on line reportedly showing a man on one of its factory assembly lines in memphis. the video dates back to 2014 but the company says it just learned of the video on friday and immediately alert the authorities bury the fda is conducting the investigation. kellogg says products it would have been affected would have passed x. version dates. bill: word that there may be a new way to snapchat. the company let let's users use pictures that disappear in a second. recruiting hardware experts to possibly work on wearable technology. there's no word yet on what the consumer hardware may be. if there are classes that may mean snaps from a different
6:39 pm
network averages at least 100 million users every day. for many was the first day back to work after daylight savings time and if you cut yourself yawning you are not the only one. research found americans get about 40 minutes less sleep on the monday after daylight savings time. doctors say a little extra caffeine can help that you may want to try to go to bed earlier tonight. don't worry because as the week goes on you will likely feel better. other studies have shown an increase in car accidents on the monday after the switch to daylight savings time but it's unclear whether the change comes from driver fatigue or the changes in the way the sun appears. three major american corporations are preparing to do business in cuba. at&t, starwood hotels and resorts worldwide in marriott international are expected to announce reasons for the cuban government. they will be a in on the high-profile deal.
6:40 pm
the island this month and ceo of myriad is expected to travel with them. the tampa bay rays will have an unofficial roster or their trip to cuba. the manager kevin cash said it finalized but they love the list of dice were going. it will be in the country for games on monday and tuesday. there was race will take on the cuban. time to send it over to josh for a check on sports. >> is both in the air. i'm so excited for the start of baseball season.
6:41 pm
6:43 pm
name bill: welcome back. the charlotte hornets have the longest winning streak in the league at seven games outside of guards steph curry there's no other card hotter than kemba walker. walker name compass for the week for the second time this season. kemba averaged 27 points seven assists and five -- per game. he and the hornets back in action at home against dallas. the second to last game of their seven-game home stand. >> my fans do a great job. we do feed off of their energy and we feel comfortable here. we will take it one game at a time. >> they are definitely going to be ready.
6:44 pm
seven highlights and reactions coming up later in sports. the brackets have been out for 24 hours and you've had a chance to look at the matchups pick your upsets in selector final four or if yu are like me you haven't begun to fill out the brackets yet. there's still plenty of time to fill it out rip it up and fill it back out at least five more times were the games start at north carolina is a safe bet to make the final four earning a one seed in the west region and will face the winner of florida gulf coast. that game will be the game played tomorrow night. the tar heels coach roy williams invites his chances to the tournament. >> coach smith a long time ago said when she get into the tournament and talking about each term in the individually. we have played well in the last five or the six years. haven't been able to finish it all so i'm hoping he can give us more confidence. we are a well-rounded basketball team.
6:45 pm
well on the backboard so it's the basketball team that we as coaches appreciate and pushed and pushed and that's what we'll try to do this weekend. >> big news for bryce johnson from north carolina named first-team all-american today averaging 16 points and 10 boards this season. fourth-seeded did again their preparations for the match up with 13 seed unc wilmington thursday. the blue devils have only face the seahawks once in program history. although it back in 1982 to coueignoux matchup in the game is at 12:15 on -- in providence rhode island. the blue devils are 2-1 in the four seat in the big dance.
6:46 pm
harvick edges out carl edwards by 100th of a second. the closest finish ever at phoenix raceway. harvick has not won five of the last six races in arizona and a total overall. >> i would have done the same thing. after the race that's what we said to each other. that's really what nascar racing is all about. come to the checkered flag and he wants to win for his team and i want to win for my team. >> i thought i had a mini-toward me really hard and he got a i try to adore him and slow him down but it didn't work. >> the sprint cup series moves to california this weekend for the sprint cup auto club 400. the race is sunday at 3:30. some golf news rory mcilroy is returning to charlotte to defend his his title bid of 2015 when of the wells fargo championship that boil hollow is committed to
6:47 pm
lester mcelroy became the tournament's first multiple champion and broke 11 tournament records and tied to others. an impressive seven shot victory victory. the wells fargo championship is may 2 through may 8. >> still to come tonight he was falsely accused of the charlotte airport but now he's being reco laraviere: when my oldest brother michael was born, my mother was told that she had to leave because she could not bring a black child into that neighborhood. so she left and she tried to make a way for herself and her child on the southside. we lived in extreme poverty. i remember being sent downstairs to put snow in the bucket and then taking that water and pouring it into the back of a toilet so that we could flush it because we didn't have running water that month. i remember that existence. i didn't go to college straight from high school 'cause i didn't think i would succeed.
6:48 pm
second semester, straight a's. when i looked at this report card and i thought, "what gave me such a low assessment of myself that i thought i wouldn't succeed here?" then i decided then and there that i was going to be a teacher so that any kid who came through my classroom would not walk away from my classroom not understanding his or her potential the way i did. i saw that photograph of bernie sanders chained to a black woman protesting segregation in the 1960s. that photograph tells me more about his willingness to fight for the rights of all people than anything any politician has ever said. being able to have a college education transformed my view of what i could be in this world. it shouldn't just be a small group of people who get access to that kind of experience. every american, regardless of their income, should have access to a college education. these things are possible. the impossible is possible.
6:49 pm
he sees an america that's beyond the current limitations that we have. he sees an america that i see with his hope, where things you thought could never be done can be done. that is why i support bernie sanders.
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kayla: atm technology is being tested in charlotte ensign atms across the country will your debit card. system today allowing their customers to use their phones to withdraw cash from the atm without using your debit card. paying with your phone was developed to make transactions like -- the atm quicker and easier. >> walk up to the atm swipe it over the reader and off you go. the technology is available at 20 atms across the country and eventually he will be in 1500 by may 210 into "fox 46 news" at 10:00 for the full story. spill recognized for servers in the u.s. marine corps during the vietnam war. heart recipient pretty was attacked last year by group of men at the charlotte airport who fourthly accused of not wearing fake service medals. today he was honored for risking
6:51 pm
>> we didn't receive this when we came home 47 years ago. and this today is probably the highlight of my military life he had. bill: certain he is received at the trend license plate along with a certificate of recognition. a familiar face is returning to the "idol" stage at who the winner taylor hicks is coming back for the "idol" finale. hicks kicked off his tour in florida and one america's hearts in 20006 as the fifth season "idol" winner. a decade later he's been invited to return for the final farewell. be sure to catch the vla event april 5, 6th and 7th right here on "fox 46 news" here's a look at was what's coming up on fox tonight starting at 8:00 8:00 read an all-new episode of gotham. lucifer will follow that
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are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. kayla: way this week contest for you family and friends. world famous harlem globetrotters are coming back to charlotte. all you have to do is log onto our facebook page and enter to win an awesome fan package that
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the contest also ends that day so bloody waiting for? log on the facebook page fox 46 charlotte now to win. let's send it to brian for a final check of the weather. hey ryan. >> hey kayla. severe thunderstorm is in spartanburg and having to the east. it's going to be pushing intercounty in a half-hour to to 45 minutes from now. a little while until it gets to rock hill. it's been holding together fairly well. i will continue to track this is the severe weather moves into our neck of the woods for there will be tracking it go to brian basham on fox 46 pair there will report this handles and he will be able to track the area. in the meantime let's talk one more time about what we are going to see over the next week. it will clear out tomorrow but will also be warm in the 80s. we have sunshine tuesday and wednesday.
6:56 pm
of you like to god. take your umbrella with you. a 20% chance of rain. a hundred percent chance of getting pinched if you're not wearing green. both continued to drop with a cold front jumping jumping in this weekend bunch cooler weather heading into the weekend through 60s saturday and sunday but votes hope that those days have a solid chance of rain. overnight low 40s and next monday 56 for the high and we will start the dana 30s. bill: we will all be out for the parade how's that looking? >> keep in mind that several days out and as far as the timing we are not rocksolid on again so it could be fined for the day. make sure you track throughout the week and we will keep you updated as we move closer to it. kayla: not looking forward to a low of 38 to 10 that change as well?
6:57 pm
kayla: thanks brian and're the best. we try. goin' out for wings is such a pain in the butt. you don't have to tell me. get crispy wings delivered. and try our exclusive jim beam devil's cut spicy bourbon bbq.
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i'm in. okay, well, alex has a cello lesson at 11:00, and junior congress at noon? doesn't she also have no boys at forever? don't you have an eating disorder you need to attend to? yeah, anyway, uh, we could see the 4:00 or the 6:20. oh, actually, that's no good. i'm meeting my friend denise for a drink. denise? do i know denise? yeah, you know, my old girlfriend. haley: oh, my god. gross. i can't even picture you with a woman. thank you. you had a girlfriend before mom? try two. trust me. i had plenty of fun in my time. and then i met your mom.
7:00 pm
so, uh, i guess she travels around selling makeup for a cosmetics company. she's in town for a week. you mean she's like a door-to-door salesman? if you were doing it, they'd call it a dork-to-dork salesman. my boy strikes like a rattlesnake! oh, yeah? well -- well, you... wow. all right, well, we can see the movie tomorrow. come on. it's time for your lesson. you mean her second lesson, because she just got schooled. what's wrong with me today? shake it off, champ. it's not your day. [ smooches ] manny: hey. ay. good morning, papi. is it? aw, you're still sad because of that audition. that part was mine. i was born to play tevye. instead they give it to rod jackson? what does he know from suffering? how we doing? a little better, but we're gonna go and throw ice cream at the problem. well, if that doesn't work, this should do the trick. "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger."


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