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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 16, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> that evening and thank you for joining us for this big night of politics right here on "fox 46 news". i'm bill. >> and i am kayla. first on fox tonight,. >> this is the right way board for our country. after tonight, it is clear while
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this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> kayla: and that there were three. florida senator, marco rubio officially suspending his presidential campaign after republican front runner, donald trump beat him in the home state taking 99 delegates. >> bill: and ohio governor john k sick did what rubio could not by bringing when a when home and his home state. he believes the effect of his positive campaign are taking effect. k sick wins all 66 delegates delegates in ohio, it's a winner take all state. he gets his very first first place finish in his quest for the white house. >> because of all of you and our supporters across the country, our campaign has earned more votes than any other candidate,
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>> bill: on the democratic side, hillary clinton taken him a win in florida and ohio. that is not her only victory of the night. >> bill: she is also predicted to win right here in the state of north carolina. take a look at the percentages right there. a sizable advantage over sanders, 55% to 40 percent, extending hurriedly. she has dominated her southern states. she has already she has already won georgia, south carolina, alabama, and florida. >> kayla: on the republican side, donald trump, the projected winner in north carolina with about 60% of the precinct reporting. we're down now to ted cruz with 36% and john k sick with 13 percent. marco. marco rubio got a% in north carolina. >> bill: today is essentially super tuesday, two-point zero
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delegates up for grabs. today is particularly important for the republicans, it might be the candidates very last chance to try to stop trump's momentum's momentum and force of broker convention later this summer. >> kayla: we have team coverage on both sides of the aisle. sam smith is in the south and in the democratic watch party. first let's head uptown to charlotte, that is where we are standing by with reaction from republican voters. >> hi kayla. republican voters i talk into it is mostly about ted cruz or donald trump. ted cruz is a true conservative while trump would shake things up in the white house. one woman i spoke with said she is sick of the same old politics going on in washington. trump would be a good change. some people, their voting today and not all confident in their vote. one person was jokingly asking if it was too late to switch party affiliation. some people say there is been a lot of bickering between the candidates
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real issues. >> they need assistance getting around these days, still she is making it out to vote in the presidential primary election. >> what have you ever stood up to the lobbyist in washington? >> even though it's been hard to watch it debates, especially on the republican side. >> people are yelling at each other. that is not helpful. >> there has been back and forth between republican candidates, some say they have never seen it this bad. >> in this case it definitely seems to be more extreme. >> donald trump has been at the center of what some call bullying. some voters say there is always multiple sides to every story. >> there are pros and cons like all candidates. >> public and voter said it was tough narrowing down the field of candidates, initially he was support to trump but he changed his mind.
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towards the ted cruz. >> there is no question it is a contentious campaign trail. for north carolina and it has been over-the-top, still she is not letting it keeper from the pole. >> i took about as we graduated from college that we would not only voter but vote intelligently as much as we could, educate ourselves and keep up with it. >> a lot to people coming out to vote today, i spoke with someone at the county board of elections, normally they say 25% voter turnout in primaries like this, they're hoping tonight for about 30% when it is said and done. from the democratic done. from the democratic side of things will take it over to sam smith. >> i talked to several people about tonight's vote. vote. for many, it is about seeing their party when win in november. people do have their favorite. >> if i turn out people are trying to express their voice. >> the line was out the door as
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during this primary. each voter with their own view on what makes the best candidate. >> i wanted him or her to make sure they look into areas of poverty, especially situations in flint. i want those top priorities. education especially. >> it's too much good for what he's talking about for him not to succeed. >> of the democratic party hosted a watch party at oak room and charlotte south end. chairman matt newton says the turnout for the primary has been good. he said that is very good for the party. >> voter turn turnout is good for everyone. we seen a spike in that over the past year and a half. the party has been making sure the democrats know all about the primary. they have have been giving voters a ride to the polls.
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an uptick in voter turnout because of negativity we have seen come out of the republican camp. >> the party has not endorsed anyone to win the democratic nod. he says they cannot go wrong with the choices. the democratic party will be in a strong position in november. >> whoever is eventually elected as the nominee, we will be behind 1000000%. having said that, we also understand the strength of the republican candidate. we will not take that strength for granted. >> he said after tonight the party will focus on training their volunteers to make a support the democratic side in >> kayla: thank you sam. we will be checking back with sam and david a little later in the show. for the first time in state election history, north carolina voters had to show a photo id id in order to cast a ballot.
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500 people people showed up without a form of identification. this is okay as long as you had a reason why you do not have an idea, for example example you lost it or it is expired. the county board of election directors said those people could still vote but they had to use a paper ballot. >> they are not going to turn you away if you don't have your federal id. the next time you will have to do a provisional ballots. then you will do a paper ballot, we'll verify back here or you can bring your photo id to your office up until noon on monday before we can canvas which will be one week from today. >> just around the corner we will have the primary engine which was postponed due to disagreements over the congressional district map. officials say say extra election will cost half a million dollars in the county alone to. >> bill: north carolina voters voted in favor of the connect and see bond package. that means
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to pay for projects including many right here in the charlotte area. 90,000,000 dollars will go to unc charlotte while 750,000 would go towards mount state park. here's a breakdown of how that went tonight. take a look, 66% voting in favor, 34% against. just over 800,000 people voting. supporters say this is going to go towards higher education. that is why people are in favor of it. $980 million would go to the system, another 70,000,000 to the readiness center to the national guard. on the. on the opposite side of the fence, those against it say it does not do enough to address the states infrastructure issues and that borrowing 2,000,000,000 dollars is not free. there will come with a hefty interest rate to be paid off by future generations. >> kayla: and the north carolina democratic governor primary, roy cooper with 53% of precincts
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with 70% of the vote over can spalding who had just 30% of the vote. it appears right now that attorney general roy cooper will be facing off against incumbent republican governor pat mcquarrie who took 82%. you can find out more election results on our website, just head over to fax 46 tool on the north carolina primary story. >> bill: all night 10:00 p.m., an officer's been called a hero after he rescued an elderly this happened happened early monday morning on the 500 block, the authorities called 911 about the fire in her house, officer keiser was one of the first people to arrive on scene. he noticed the home was filled with smoke, he went in through
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sandra lying on the floor unresponsive. he then pulled her out of the house and into her yard and he with two other officers gave her medical attention until paramedics got unseen. she was taken taken to the hospital and is critically critical care unit. >> kayla: the fbi is on the hunt for an allegedly serial bank robber. take a look at the picture of them and they're looking for. he is described as a white male, 6-foot, 6-foot two or 6-foot 3 inches with the mole on his right chick. his wanted for questioning and bank robberies in north carolina and tennessee at the last two months. he has used several vehicles to get away all was still on plates. the most recent car he used was a black or dark blue 2015 toyota camry. if you have information on the identity of this man pittard here, you are asked to contact the charlotte fbi. >> bill: they have arrested a man in connection with two local
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on january 16, rodriguez walker was into the business, took out a gun and demanded money. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, that on march 7 he went back to the exact same store, threatened an employee with a knife, and demanded more money from the cash register. please say he ran away into not get anything that time. no one was injured during either of the robberies. as a result result he is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. a sad sad story to tell you about tonight out of stanley county. a motorcyclist's is dead following a collision with two different cars. it happened around 8:30 a.m. a.m. on highway two oh five near peachtree road. the 2012 sunday was traveling northbound and turned left in front of the motorcycle. the motorcycle driver, richard -- was thrown from the bike and hit a third third car traveling
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the driver of the hunt day is charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. >> kayla: the nypd is investigating after two airplanes almost hit a drone flying through the area. this happened on march 12. try charlotte air traffic control said the planes were on final approach to runway 23 when they almost came into contact with the unmanned aircraft. it is a federal crime and faa violation to fly a drone into a regulated airspace. >> bill: police say they have made an arrest following reports of a suspicious person trying to alert kids to his car. they arrested the man after a 12-year-old girl said she was riding her bike in the 3300 block hundred block of global street just south of gastonia when she was approached. he allegedly offered some money and then try to grab her by her arm. we first told you about the suspicious vehicle he was driving in late last week. townson is right now in jail on a 500,000 dollar bond, dollar
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count of secondary kidnapping and various drug offenses. >> kayla: a suspected killer on the list tonight after a couple was found dead in their home. that couple had been identified as mark wilson and deidra, the sheriff's office said they are treating this as a double homicide. this happened in claremont, the sheriff's office responded to the scene on monday at 7:00 p.m. after a after a family member discovered the victims inside. investiators say the killer or killers of force their way in, the family members now want answers. >> mark was the type of person who would never hurt anybody. any family member can tell you that. >> kayla: the couple leaves behind a 10-year-old girl who thankfully was not home at the time. throughout the day the sheriff's office collected evidence from inside and outside the home and went through the three cars parked next to the home. this this is still an ongoing investigation.
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to contact the sheriff's office. >> bill: former charlotte mayor patrick and i will be back inside a courtroom tomorrow. this time it will be for state charges related to him illegally casting a ballot. ballot. canon unlawfully filed an absentee ballot in october for the november election. since he is a convicted felon, he has officially lost his right to vote. he is serving a 44 month sentence for bribery and corruption inside a federal prison in the state of west virginia, a grand jury virginia, a grand jury indicted him on border fraud charges this week. >> prosecution is taken seriously. they could have decide not to pursue it but the fact that they're going forward with it indicates they are taking it seriously. >> kayla: his vote did not end up counting. that is is because he was not even eligible to cast his ballot. >> kayla: coming up, contamination and the drinking water has some local residents concerned. by city by city
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brian, what's it looking like. 80 degrees today. temperatures will cool off a the way as well.
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>> welcome back everyone, i want you to check out this video. it is from last night. we had. we had severe thunderstorms go through the area. what you are looking at is taylor, an area northeast of it kind of looks like snow. that is hail you are looking at. big-time looking at. big-time hell, accompanied by miles per hour. to show you how big that hail was, this is a golf ball, one and a half inches big, some of that hail up to two inches. extremely. extremely large. the good news is we will not be
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warm and sunny, we will be seen a gradual cool down over the next few days going into the weekend and will see opportunities for rain over the weekend as well. take a look at your satellite and radar. let's track what is happening. obviously not a lot here. sunny all day long. likely to stay that way through the nights, clear. a warm front will push through, sometimes that push through, sometimes i will help trigger some storms but the air as well relatively dry. a cold front is moving behind but not very strong. it will give us a little chance for rain tomorrow. this is tonight around midnight. we'll see the warm front push through hoping to keep temperatures elevated in the overnight hours. the cold front push their tomorrow late morning and afternoon hours. i get about a% chance of rain. 20% chance and lower elevations as well. doing it to earth 3:00 a.m. time frame will be right here, it could be a thunderstorm as well.
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the air moves out in the air behind it is dry. thursday looks good for st. patrick's day. it should be should be about 76 degrees with winds blowing out of the west around five - 10 miles per hour. if you go out for the day enjoy. tonight, expected to drop to about 57 degrees. winds are not a major player for us. i do want you to check out the stay pretty warm, they'll be dropping over the next few days. overnight wednesday into thursday. into the 70s and the fridays going into the 60s. we'll see cold temperatures over started the next few mornings. another ten minutes. >> kayla: thank you brian. water. that is the alarming thousands of residents in the
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the city said this is not an emergency residents do not need to boil water. a slightly elevated level of assets, potentially potentially cancer-causing agents were found from drinking water samples taken from february 29. >> you say there is a risk of cancer, how can it not be an emergency if it's a risk of cancer? >> the. >> the water is safe to drink. there is no reason to boil the water or do anything like that. however, our regulation requires us to put out certain advisories. >> kayla: the city of concorde says some research shows the risk of cancer in cases where someone has been exposed to high concentrations of these assets for extended periods of time
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certain groups including pregnant women, people with babies, elderly babies, elderly people, and those with compromised immune system to talk with their dr. before tricking the water. >> bill: construction will start up again on charlotte's most can jested road. construction independent boulevard will be starting back up again. leaders will meet next week to decide a date. in january a contractor walked off the job of our financial dispute. in the meantime an interim contractor has been keeping an eye on the road making sure everything is okay. construction has been underway for nearly three years now. we'll be right back, here's a a
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attorney general races. >> kayla: welcome back. one man has taken strides to help others on his birthday. paul jenkins, pastor of the gathering church is turning 50
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>> kayla: to prepare he is trying to run 50 miles and raising money along the way. >> about a year and half ago i saw i said i was going to turn 50s will be cool to do run 50 miles. after running nearly two marathons in a single day isn't enough he wants to raise money for a cause while doing so. the pastor thought about a mission trip to india where he and his wife met a 10-year-old girl who shed light on sex trafficking. >> she was selling jewelry and realize that she was selling for someone else, the people she was helping said she quit in keep the money. >> she decided to he decided to donate to different groups to help women from prostitution. >> a situation where a lot of
1:27 am
of town, traffic or see that is good business. >> helping women after they have been rescued with just medical and giving them education, getting them on their feet. >> jenkins will be running 50 miles this saturday near the ymca, he hopes to raise 50,000 dollars. enough to possibly save 50 women. >> just through the process of getting someone out of getting immediate shelter and playing for a plane ticket. it is very common for us to send a thousand dollars per client. >> the ministries executive director said human sex trafficking is a problem that is often overlooked. >> that could be you, that could be your daughter or loved one. >> when people hear that they say that happens on the other side of the globe, it's
1:28 am
in albemarle, wjzy. >> kayla: for information on how you can be part of that gift and donate to the cause, visit the story on our website, fox 46 jenkins is welcoming anyone who wants to run alongside him to do so on saturday at the ymca. we'll be right back, let's take
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county. >> welcome back, in case you're joining us tonight here's where we stand what comes to the north carolina democratic presidential primary. hillary clinton is the projected winner in the tar heel state by a margin of 55% to 41 percent. she extends her lead over the vermont senator. her lead over the vermont senator. keep in mind she also won the state of florida and ohio tonight. with the win in ohio tonight she continues her dominance of the south. she she has already won south carolina, georgia and alabama. a big night for hillary clinton. >> kayla: taken a look on the republican side. donald trump is the projected winner in north carolina with 75% of precincts reporting. trump has 40% of the
1:32 am
kasich, 13 percent. marco rubio with a% of the vote. marco rubio did suspend his presidential campaign tonight. >> bill: speaking to gop, donald trump rallies are becoming more violent. you may may have seen pictures from friday, it was called off due to protesters. >> kayla: as it trumps distractors or a little bit of both? we are on chicago southside for more. >> i am watching the trump rally in chicago spend into chaos. then i see see this guy. wait a minute, i know this guy. jedediah brown, a a chicago anti- violence activist in the middle of violence. jedediah, what were you doing? that is not going down in chicago.
1:33 am
and be heard. i utilize my freedom of speech. even people you disagree with have a right to be heard. if you pay attention they cowered out, we did not stop it, they postponed it before we set a route word. >> here's the deal. >> the younger he had a right to transferable cancel that. >> he has said that he would like to smack individuals, pay legal fees, clearly the violence he wants to create. >> that might be so but didn't you create the equal and opposite action mark. >> not at all. again, here's the scoop. i went to that rally tried to figure out, could america withstand a hateful campaign. donald trump in able to run a
1:34 am
everyone. i wanted to see, is this real or just what the media portrays? before i got in the building i was a met with racism, ignorance, bigotry and a lot of hate. standing in line. when line. when i got inside it was no different. >> i'm not -- i'm looking forward to conversation. what what were you doing on the stage? >> i acted less crazy than that in a bar and got beat down. >> i was not angry. i was passionate. that's what america is all about. i was able to go onstage and put out a message of hope and peace. i was in a hostile environment. don't misunderstand a hostile environment. don't misunderstand. >> let's go to the tape for a second. >> you can't judge a book by its cover. i'm clearly saying america is already great without hate. i was in a hostile
1:35 am
>> is there a way trump could welcome people, black people, people of color and create sort of an america for us? >> again, i was there there because i wanted to see. first of all i don't think it's about republican or democrat, it's about american values. i was there to see if donald trump would say anything that would speak to me. that would make me not want to shut him down in chicago. if he could have stood up as a leader the very next day and talked about us needing to have this conversation, about us not wanting to be righted or contentious environment and the rally. what did he do? he chose to call people names, thugs and label us and give instruction about what to do with upholders
1:36 am
been infringed upon. i challenge donald trump that if you really want to be the president that unites now, i'm on stage shutting down your rally. do you want us to be uniting? i will have a conversation with you because i need to know by you, the ignorant individual i'm seeing that i'm the thug you're trying to make me out to be. this is america by the end of the day and i want us to be able to drive together. >> ball is in your court donald. >> kayla: governor chris christie is facing backlash from police unions in new jersey. while he was standing by donald trump and concorde yesterday morning, kristi missed a state trooper's funeral. he did express his condolences on twitter. this is the third police funeral that kristi has missed during the 2016 presidential race. a few 2016 presidential race. a few weeks ago christie endorsed trump for president. >> bill: people hitting the polls today and it could not have been more gorgeous weather. here is chief meteorologist brian.
1:37 am
building. nonetheless, we did and it will be another day like that tomorrow. there is a chance for moisture to move in in the afternoon. 20% chance. it should be short-lived if we get anything at all. thursday looks great for st. patrick's day. then a little chance chance on friday for rain and more chances on saturday and sunday. three cold fronts will be pushing across the area this week. i want to point out to you on friday we'll see winds pick up. dry air in the midsection of the country seen critical fire danger as we have low humidity and big wins. that could be some of the stuff we are dealing with on friday, possibly saturday. here is a look at the future cass. there is the cold front right
1:38 am
of the area, with that comes a small chance we could see rain in the region. that chant seems to be small at this point. on thursday night at 11:00 p.m. the cold front will be through. the air dries out behind it. another system right behind it and those two systems will help kick up the wind, that's where we could see fire issues. if you're camping in the region or lighting a girl fire, just be aware of that. everything could be a bit more flammable than it generally is. with the wind, we'll see significant issue cuts, pollen is very high. it's been high over the last few days. it will continue to run at the high to very high level across the area. if you have big-time issues you may want to stay indoors. low temperatures tonight is low
1:39 am
tomorrow 60s-80s. then as we look at that extended forecast temperatures getting into the weekend friday 68 degrees. fifty-eight on saturday, overnight, overnight temperatures saturday will go in to the 30s. the next few mornings the temperatures will be near freezing. >> kayla: not looking forward to the temperatures near freezing. even though hillary clinton one big in north carolina, florida and ohio, bernie sanders is not backing down when it comes to talking to supporters in phoenix. >> what this campaign is about is asking the american people to think outside of the box. outside of the status quo. our children are being poisoned by lead in the water, but by
1:40 am
infrastructure in roads, and bridges, in rail, and air, and air transport. that is where we have to go [applause]. >> kayla: let's take a look at the results from the north carolina u.s. senate democratic primary. deborah ross is leading with 63%, quite a ways ahead, with 16% kevin griffin and ernest reeves not far behind. in the republican u.s. senate primary, richard burr and the lead with 62 percent, greg brandman greg brandman following him with 25%. paul rice and larry in a distant third and fourth place. >> bill: north carolina democrats use their right to vote to take hillary clinton as their choice the democratic candidate for president. some local democrats were watching the results come in, that's her sam smith is joining us live
1:41 am
like. >> hi bill. judging by some of the lines at polling places today, there is no doubt people wanted to weigh in on this primary. take a look at a look at the video. the line was out the door at -- i talked with the chairman of the democratic party. he said there was a good turnout today and that is great for the party. today the party spent the day make it a registered democrat new about the primary and where to vote. in some cases in some cases they drove people to the polls. the local democratic party has not endorsed anyone. >> they will support whoever goes on to win it and it will take a strong person to win it and put a democrat in the white house. they will rally volunteers to accomplish that goal because they want their party to succeed >> bill: while sam was with the
1:42 am
side. here's their reaction to today's turnout and how things ended up coming together this evening. hi david. >> hi bill. as we mentioned earlier, north carolina republicans have spoken a donald trump is their guy moving forward. they believe he will shake things up across the white house if elected. there is a lot of uncertainty in the republican party. i spoke to one man in the polls, an older gentleman, i do and ask his age but he didn't ask his age but he had been around the block a few times, he said in all his years he has never seen such things like this, such such polarizing views across the republican party. he seemed disheartened about it in and then he said you know what, i'm going to put on a smile because i'm really in the best country of the world regardless. that's one viewpoint. there's plenty of views across the board. that is why were going to have right now, north carolina republicans have spoken, donald trump is there guy moving forward. >> bill: you have to love that
1:43 am
voter turnout in this primary which will put them above the normal average of about 25%. >> kayla: someone very close to gop front runner donald trump joined the good day show. even trump talked about her father's campaign and some controversial moments that have been seen recently at his rallies. let's take a listen. >> you monica, you are in a unique position as his daughter to see a side of him that so many of us do not get to see. a lot of the quotes he have said in regard to women, he has been accused recently of inciting violence at some rallies, that is what we see on the press. we know a lot about all of that. do you think that is an accurate man you know, the father you know, the grandfather? who is necessarily see in the media? >> my father is amazing. his a warm, loving, he has a
1:44 am
which i think is clear. he has a great passion a strong conviction of what he believes in. in politics that is one of them things that we are not used too, people a strong conviction. we are we are not used to people saying what they mean. he does exactly that, whether you agree or disagree. >> the trump has been seen on the campaign trail. she is staying in new york because she is due to give birth to her third child any day. >> bill: now to a follow-up. deputies said they say were trying to bury a body are facing more charges in stanley county. there is evidence that shows tony hearn and lindsay killed robert hearn junior before trying to bury his body last week. the police are now charging the two of them with first-degree
1:45 am
murder charges and alexander county, robert hearn is tony's uncle but so far a motive behind his murder is not yet been released. >> kayla: please have identified shot and killed in concorde last night. the shooting happened in the griffin area, officers say columbus simmons who are found with a gunshot wound later died at the hospital. two of the people were shot but they are expected to be okay. anyone with information can call the police department or crimestoppers. >> bill: college students are going to want to listen up. applications are now now open for scholarship program named in the hour of reverend pinckney. the reverend pinckney scholars program will award up to eight
1:46 am
officials say the scholarships will be awarded to students who embody pinckney's character, as well as his leadership. time to pivot and leadership. time to pivot and send it to josh with a check of our sports. >> it is win or go home for in the battle of burgers... ...jack made a declaration of delicious with the doublejack combo. he formed a perfect union between 100% beef, cheese, andmouth. he took a stand for hot and salty fries. and the freedom to choose from hundreds of freestyledrinks all for $4.99. and america ate it up. true story. get the new double jackcombo for just $4.99
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>> it is that time of the year college basketball. win or go home. national invitation tournament kicking off tonight.
1:48 am
tournament but it gives teams a chance to compete for a postseason championship. it it allows the seniors to have one final ride. davidson opened up fourth-seeded florida state pre-this came down to tallahassee first half, while the break, jack gibbs gets it going just four points it going just four points last game, he had 17 tonight. onto the second half he not set down making it a four-point game. then next possession while cats pushing the ball, brian sullivan to jordan, he there's that one down. davidson, down by just to now but the seminoles kick it into gear and pull away. that's the nail in the coffin, florida state takes it 84 - 74, davidson finishes their season with a record 20-13. top-seeded south carolina hosting the high point at the nit, for staff in this a bit by 10. michael carrera making sure his team gets through to the
1:49 am
twelve points and 11 boards in the game. anthony lindauer connects and high point closed the half on a 23-12 run. south carolina says enough of that, even when they miss and the pushback, they had 30 points to believe the team in south carolina wins it 88-66. they advanced to the next round. playing in the ncaa tournament, here's what you need to know. florida gold coast be 96 - 65. 65. that means they will face north carolina on thursday, the next round of the ncaa tournament. to the nfl, the carolina panthers announcing the signing of free-agent defensive tackle, paul soley i, he signed a two-year deal and spent the last two years with the atlanta falcons played 14 games while recording 22 tackles.
1:50 am
rotation next season. college football, charlotte held their ends with prodi this morning. they worked out in front of nfl scouts, representatives from a number of teams including the carolina p pthers were in attendance. onto nascar, each we can we get you ready for the nascar race with a 30 minute prerace show called around the track. this week we're joined the show to talk about a number of things, here's just a piece of that interview where we talk about both about being a part of brad keselowski's race team. >> at first i wasn't sure and a little hesitant and i reached out to brad about what to expect. i got the nerve to do that i couldn't believe how helpful he was. it's a huge asset to have a guy
1:51 am
and supporting us along the way. we can always always count on him no matter the situation. >> to follow up with that, i came here couple of years ago, brad help me a lot, a lot of the racetracks i've zero experience that. this is now my second full-time year with brad and he's help me a lot to get to this point. i appreciate the opportunity he and cooper standard and the rest of the racing team has given to and to compete for a championship this year. >> without full interview, it airs this sunday at 230 p.m.,
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1:54 am
features and >> kayla: welcome back. as we think about preparing for the day tomorrow should be nice and sunny for you. >> for many of you you might not need your jacket. i would wear layers. it will be pretty warm during the afternoon hours getting well into the 70s. from five-8:00 p.m. temperatures will be running in the upper 50s and sixties. a drop or two of rain tomorrow, we, we could get a thunderstorm depending where you are. it's fairly unlikely at this point, 20% chance. st. patrick's day looks outstanding, suddenly and 76. rain chance over the
1:55 am
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sunday. >> kayla: we have some very happy news to share with you tonight. our sports director, anthony florez and his wife christine have a new bundle of joy. christopher matthew florez was born today, look at him right there. he is seven pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches long. this is
1:58 am
want to say big congratulations to the floors family. >> they been talking about it for quite some time now. finally the day is here.
1:59 am
>> kayla: yes, not >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for the shark rocket deluxepro from shark/ninja. >> [ british accent ] this is me new dyson v6 cordless vacuum. >> and this is shark's next-generation rocket ultralight upright -- the shark rocket deluxepro. >> ooh! next-generation. fancy that. i suppose you're gonna tell me shark made the rocket even better. >> boy, did they! this rocket has improved hard-floor cleaning, a removable dust cup for easy emptying, and with two times the dirt capacity, plus l.e.d. headlights on the floor and on the hand vac so you can see anywhere dirt hides. >> is that all? >> no. it deep-cleans carpets better than that dyson v6 cordless. it never runs out of power, and it costs a lot less than that dyson. okay, so, want to tell m
2:00 am
i'm finished. >> [ sighs ] me too. >> announcer: for years, you've struggled with vacuums that were just too heavy and far too clumsy to clean your entire home. >> it was so big, and it was hard to get around corners. >> when you try and lug that thing up the stairs, it's heavy. >> it's difficult and big. it's bulky, and it's heavy. [ chuckles ] >> announcer: but two years ago, shark created the world's first no-loss-of-suction, ultralight upright, with incredible deep-carpet cleaning power that rivaled many full-size uprights. now get ready to be blown away, because shark has done it again. introducing the shark rocket deluxepro, the absolute best-cleaning, no-loss-of-suction, corded upright that never loses power, and only weighs about 9 pounds. with an incredibly ergonomic design, the shark rocket deluxepro delivers an ultralight vacuum that goes anywhere, is easy to maneuver, and gives you incredible


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