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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 17, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> i have been working here for five years and have never come across such a thing shots rang out in broad daylight sending one man to the hospital in serious injuries. tonight we'll have reaction from those nearby and the latest from police on their investigation. >> there are looking at somebody is going to do the right thing for us for 50 years. spill than the local district might have a recount on its hands in the near future. you are going to find out how close the race was for house district 92 and why it's being seen as a referendum and controversial i-77 toll project.
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was back in this queen city standing before a judge on voter fraud charges. we will let you know what kind of punishment was handed down piketty man thank you for joining us for "fox 46 news." i bill melugin. one man is hospitalized after he was shot several times in uptown charlotte part b and it all happened during broad daylight. when you are taking a look at the suspect 20-year-old du jour smith. police released aside and they pretty were looking in a mugshot from one of his previous arrest in january. our sam smith has more on fox. >> shots were fired in the middle of the day and it plays like uptown is going to get the attention of people in the area. >> i've been working here for five years. police were called here around 3:30 wednesday afternoon and when they got on scene they found a man lying in the parking
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the victim but no sugar. policing the suspected shooter ran from the area. a short time later a man they considered a possible suspect was caught. >> officers were about to grab one person who they believe may be involved that person question and ripple to uncover a weapon. >> a the crime scene roped off at a busy area of twc on one side. police talked with witnesses to help them get a clearer picture of what happened. >> his status as one downgraded from life-threatening. as far as this case goes police say the public has nothing to worry about again stressing this wasn't a random run-in. gross people living and working nearby he says it helps them takes the edge off. >> after knowing the situation
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soon for suspect george smith was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and inflict serious injury among several other charges. keep on "fox 46 news" bringing the latest on the investigation and "good day charlotte" tomorrow morning as soon as the information comes in our newsroom. tenet was the cdc released new guidelines for prescribing opioids like chronic pain morphine and other similar drugs drugs. currently the u.s. is experiencing a serious epidemic. under the 12 recommendations in the guideline the cdc says the non-opioid therapy should be used first. they are urging doctors to prescribe the lowest possible effective dose of opioid media. they said providers arise exercise caution with respect to these drugs. these guidelines exclude cancer patients or any patients who are maintaining a friend of mine issue. some good news for charlotte-mecklenburg schools
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accreditation. a national accrediting organization spent the last four days visiting nearly 50 schools. that's where they interviewed a thousand people to work within the district that includes teachers and ministers and board members. they determined cms might have met or exceeded all standards required for accreditation. it they will have a full report on their accreditation within 30 days. police have charged a linking county man was shooting one man and threatening several others. deputies responded to a call in the 600 block of bish's way where shots were fired and one victim was taken to the house and with non-life-threatening injuries. upon investigating detectives charged that the 3-year-old gary vaughn ball with assault with a deadly weapon. detectives investigated the second -- bish's way where they found ball who is suspected of threatening three residents. he is being held under
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there's no bond set for a couple caught by deputies after they allegedly tried to bury a her body in alexander county last week. tony hearne and linsdy lentz facing charges of the death of robert hearne. they have evidence they killed the man before taking his body to alexander county where they were caught trying to bury it. officials say robert hearne is tony's uncle and the motive is not yet released. there's no denying last night was literally a super tuesday for hillary clinton and donald trump. a record number of voters hit the polls across the country. earlier tonight i spoke with "fox news" greta van susteren about where marco rubio supposed to go now that he has officially suspended his campaign. not likely to go to downtown. here's the other thing he doesn't have a lot of supporters. he only won minnesota so it's not as though he is -- there's a
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rubio but to the extent 11 impacted will be the state of pennsylvania. at the end of april they had their primary and governor john kasich is hoping to end. john kasich was born and grew up there lives next door to ohio and it's not that delegate count to give him the magic number of 1237 delegates but that's a big chunk of delegates and if casey can win it will be difficult for donald trump to win so i think that's where you see the chance that somebody else might win a winner-take-all a substantial mandir's -- numbers making it more difficult for downtown to get his numbers. donald trump is on his way to getting his delegates pretty needs 1237 but a lot can happen between now and then. bill: rather talk about hillary clinton to me than the democratic side in how she believes clinton will definitely secure the nomination. interestingly she thinks bernie sanders is going to stay in the
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convention later on this summer. while rubio dropped out of the race the victory train rolled on full speed ahead for donald trump and donald trump and donald trump and hillary clinton who once for each of their parties right here in north carolina. clinton won the democratic contest in florida and ohio and on the republican side trump the doubts texas senator ted is big-time wins in florida and illinois. as the final numbers continue to roll in election officials say they saw the highest primary numbers in north carolina history. officially setting a new record to listen to this, 2.3 million people voted yesterday which is about 35% of all registered voters. officials say the strongly contested democratic and republican presidential races is what is bringing people up to the polls. governor pat mccrory was in charlotte to thank north carolina voters for approving a 2 billion-dollar bond package called the connect and see bond.
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will be borrowing $2 billion the connective writing projects. many of them will be right here in the charlotte area. includes money for improvements at unc charlotte and crowder's mountain state park. the bond would not require tax hike in the next episode make sure the money gets here officially. >> we build buildings that are long-term sustainable energy-efficient cost-efficient and adapt to the learning environment not only have today but for the next two to 100 years. >> also part of bond package is $70 million going towards a national guard for the structure improvements and another $94 million to build a new agriculture and consumer sciences lab. there was a little bit of elections. a local politician is now calling for a recount. race for house district 92 wrapped up last night with a razor thin margin of just 28
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candidates. as our caroline thompson reports as well as the voters way of sending a clear message about the highly controversial i-77 toll lane project. >> people who are hacked about this took out their frustration at the polls on election day. they made it clear they are not happy about by 77 tolling project. >> for district 92 that was the issue because represented jeter one where he didn't have that as an issue in loss where it was an issue. >> in unofficial returns the incumbent representing the house district 92 charles jeter who won the primary by a mere 28 votes. jeter admits he was late to the fight to get -- to provide an opening to his challenger. >> is a little bit frustrating because i had an opponent who after he filed for office decided who -- which is easy to
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position. spinach upon a time davis agrees the opposition to the i-77 project accounts for much of his supporters said the results were so close he is called a recount. representative jeter said he respects that. >> if i were in his position i would ask for recount and i expect a recount. that's the american voting system and at the end of the day you want to make sure the person with the most votes wins. >> there are thousands of provisional and absentee ballots that still need to be counted before the official results come in tuesday. according to mecklenburg county board of elections once that happens davis will have 48 hours to officially request a recount if the results come within 1%, the 28 votes would fall within that eight votes have followed an average of three to mecklenburg county caroline fountain fox 46 wjzy. bill: in case you were wondering
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ballots in 4000 outstanding absentee ballots that have to be counted to mecklenburg county. keep in mind not all of them are going to count if they are not marked with yesterday's data and verify that the elections office. tonight i met this man is facing serious accusations. her paper show he threatened to kill u.s. senator. earlier this month 62-year-old rowland dodge, jr. called u.s. senator richard blumenthal's office and asked to speak to him. and in turn end up up the phone and said the senator wasn't there. an affidavit said dodge left a message saying it the senator raised his taxes he would kill him. dodge is now charged with threatening to assault kidnapper murderer a united states official. all new at 10:00 police are asking for your help tonight in locating to shoplifting suspect accused of stealing a power wheels toy valued at nearly 180 bucks. it's happening gastonia sunday at the walmart on franklin boulevard. take a look at these pictures.
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left the store and applied bmw so please anybody who might have information out there called police immediately. this was like a scene out of the movie. check out this footage of a smash and grab caught on tape. he started a local business and 37 or block of north triumph -- ayhipmack. the owners of a1 concept say they got a phonecall that their business is being broken into around 4:00 this morning. when they got there police were already on the scene. security cameras show a van ramming through the front door. the thieves were able to get rather thousands of dollars worth of cell phone shoes clothing and technology. the owners of the business say the front windows and doors will cost the mets in addition to the days they have to stay closed
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of us in the community. bill: the owners have insurance but they say this setback is heartening. they want to keep their their business in the charlotte kaminsky. a local police police officers being called a hero. this is after he rescued an unconscious elderly woman from inside of her burning house. we got to my mom one called as the woman is putting for health and emergency crews rushing out. gaston county police officer john kaiser went to bring home 3071-year-old cassandra brandon stuck inside. officer officer kaiser was the first one on the scene. he started kicking through the backdoor and found the woman unresponsive. >> when i first got her she was lying on her back. she was struggling to breathe
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although heavy smoke and debris was tough to get through but managed to get her outside to deny she is in spartanburg regional hospital recovering in critical condition. gaston county police department for two years and two other officers showed up minutes after kaiser and help the woman until an ambulance arrived. former mayor patrick cannon makes an appearance here in the queen city. we let you know what happened in court today, still to come and the wait is over as president barack obama officially nominate his pick for the vacant supreme court seat. we will tell you all about judge merrick garland later on in the show. >> it's pretty warm. we are sitting at 68 degrees but that's going to change as we head into the weekend. much cooler temperatures on the way.
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bill: good evening. welcome back. i have been doing this for 10 years and this is the first time i have not worked on -- i can wear green tie tomorrow. b so you won't be getting pinch, right? >> nevermind i'm not wearing a green tie. we'll keep that going. we have a great day for st. patrick's day tomorrow. it is going to be sunny and it's going to be 76 with winds blowing at five to 10 miles an
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there's it looks good so those of you who like to partake in the festivities on st. patrick's day this is your day and as we look at your headlines just mentioned that so we will move onto the next one, gusty friday. it will affect the entire area so if you do have allergies you might want to consult writings of good day to stay indoors or maybe go see a movie or something. of course as we head into the weekend it's been so warm here we will get back to reality and we will see overnight near freezing. i'm sorry to say that. this is all coming after a day where we hit a record high temperature. we landed at 86, breed degrees above or national average. we'll continue the trend over the weekend. as we look at your futurecast it appears -- here's the good news. tomorrow and thursday sunny for the entire day and late in the
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cold front pushed across the not a very strong cold front. he will push through doing this we start to see temperatures are rolling in behind it will pick up the wins and we will see gus probably up to 25 or 30 in charlotte and again those temperatures begin to dip. i'm not going to say the high temperatures yet but i want to clue you in on the low temperatures in the next seven days. we will see it dipped down we will be in the 30s in three days to get started. grab a jacket and get it ready for next week but miles, 50 degrees winds out of the west. a quick peek for the next three days and you'll see the trend 72 friday and saturday we will lose a full 15 degrees. you see rain showers we will talk more about that coming up in 10 minutes. bill: i was hoping we were done with the 30s. charlotte's former mayor patrick
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today. he is serving time in federal prison for accepting bribes in office but today he was in court for voter fraud. david sentendrey has more. >> patrick cannon is currently serving time in a west virginia federal prison, was back in the city he once led on wednesday while the charges of voter fraud don't necessarily hold a lot of weight is for sentencing goes is one more chapter in the life of the man he once called charlotte home but now sits behind bars. guilty, they have the outcome performer mayor patrick cannon. canada serving 44 months for taking bribes while in office but before he went away to prison he tried to float in october 2014, a big no-no and a misdemeanor for a convicted felon. >> it was in a burden on his part. >> and his attorney says his
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that is a felon he couldn't vote calling it an honest mistake. >> eola from an obviously violated the law. assistant district attorney reed hundt says it's no excuse. tonight i don't have any idea what was in his mind or what his intent was. intent is not an almond and a crime crime. doesn't matter whether it's an accident or on purpose just the act of voting when you're not eligible as a crime. >> it's a crime of the punishment summertime slap a morass. cannon was sentenced to just one day in prison but it will be served in time with his current sentence which means no additional time behind bars for the man who once held charlotte's highest office. >> canon's attorney says no matter how much time is client serves he will never be the same person. >> no matter what your sentences you will go through proceeding today. the consequences never go away fully. cannon's attorney was asked about the possibility of being
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summer he says he does not have an exact date but hopes it can be done as soon as possible. reporting up down david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. bill: is for the sentence the assistant d.a. says the former mayor was fully cooperative and that's what led to the one-day sentence. still to come tonight designated drivers might be in high demand this weekend. we will tell you why you might want to your body is a finely tuned instrument.
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bill: you are want to think twice before you drink and drive pretty st. patrick's day celebrations. state officials as well as the mtv picked up the booze early as the campaign. what this campaign is a zero tolerance for drunk drivers. they have a message for those planning on hitting the town tomorrow night.
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make the smart decisions and not get behind the wheel after they have had anything to drink to doe they should go without saying that they should get a designated driver colin uber or to make sure you get home home safely at future you been drinking but if you have kids enrolled in -- you can make your voice count when it comes to to the cms 2017/2018 school calendar. school leaders designed to calendars with various options for teacher workdays and will leave days and holidays throughout the year. cms is asking parents staff and community members were input. the poll conducted a superintendent ann clerk is going to take a look at it in the board of education will look at the calendar may propose plan for a -- in mooresville is not without controversy. a local catholic churches protesting the move. a developer wants to build a store off of exit 35 on my 77. father bedskirt and pastor of
1:26 am
where letter to the mayor and commissioners. he said the project would devastate middle class near the site. commissioners are planning to hold public a public hearing and then vote on a rezoning proposal to build a shopping center. when we come back president obama announces his bid to replace the late justice vincent scalia on the supreme court preview supreme supreme court preview will find out why senate republicans say they are going to block it until after the election. >> we have rain chances coming this weekend. it's going to start on saturday. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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will this happening late this afternoon at the transit center and time warner cable arena. tonight to scheuer smith was taken into custody to police tell us they do not believe it was a random act of violence. they think the shooting followed an argument between two people. it was a rare charlotte citing a former mayor patrick cannon in the queen city this morning. cannon was in mecklenburg for a court appearance on voter fraud charges. he arrived late last night from federal prison in west virginia to guess where he's serving 44 months for accepting bribes while in office. he entered a guilty plea in regards to voter fraud and was sentenced to one day in prison
1:30 am
time of his current sentence. that means no additional time behind bars for the man who once held charlotte's highest office. the i-77 toll lane controversy prior french and the voting results when incumbent running for re-election represented charles jeter squeaked by with a 28 both arch and for his home district 92. that plans for western mecklenburg county. today's opponent tom davis culper recap and if you take a look at the election map it's clear people affected by the tolling particular sending a direct message to the mac look and -- mecklenburg board if -- davis will have 48 hours to officially call for recount if the results come within 1%. senate republicans are now on the clock whether or not they are also on the spot is yet to be determined for president obama's nominating a widely respected martyr to fill the vacancy on the supreme court.
1:31 am
to force gop senators to back down from their promise to reject a nominee that the president's final year. "fox news" chief legal person wanted shannon braden takes a look at judge merrick garland. tonight judge garland has brought the diligence, passion and unwavering regard for the rule of law. first in his class with an impressive resume including private practice years as a federal prosecutor in two decades of on the federal bench judge merrick garland is on the supreme court shortlist. he outlined his own view on what role they the judge to play. he or she must part aside his personal preferences and follow the law not make it. what is the kind of statement that would appear to to make conservative legal scholars happy including alexa starring operator gonzalez others remain highly skeptical. >> there's no way this president
1:32 am
confident of. critics argue that includes the 2nd amendment. the garland's record on the issue puts him them in stark contrast to justice antonin scalia's individual gun ownership. they are concerned concerned about his broad difference agencies like the epa and irs. that to me is on the shortlist to replace justice stevens kolb his consensus building skills might make him the best progressive hope for staving off the courts evermore conservative tilt. he's been tough on the detention of foreign citizens in the name of fighting terror and on the cia refused to release information using unmanned drones on targeted killings. voters say there's no question he is qualified. >> do you think garland noses way around the courtroom if he on the supreme court of the middle of a blockbuster term like we are having now click the
1:33 am
squares as it's got it doesn't stop her is both -- while a conservative group says it's preparing a 2 million-dollar ad type opposing his nomination. as the supreme court shannon bream "fox news." bill: speaking of the supreme court is republican presidential candidate and ohio governor john kasich gave his thoughts on the recent nomination by obama while he is out on the campaign trail though this time he is in the state of pennsylvania. >> it's not going to happen. now we have more fighting. bill: despite the nomination republicans in the senate say they will not proceed with hearings on filling the vacancy left by the death of antonin scalia. >> oreida everybody hope you had a great day. i stepped out today about mid-day and it was almost too
1:34 am
the weather is beginning to cool again over the next couple of days. right now still very mild outside. we have 70s around monroe and chesterfield and wadesboro sitting at 73 degrees. if you want the cooler weather go to -- it's 47 degrees now. we have several things moving over the area including a girlfriends and we have rain moving in as well on saturday. here's what it looks like getting into tomorrow. it's going to be an absolutely outstanding st. patrick's day and this cold front doesn't arrive until late in the day on thursday and pushes through in the early morning hours of friday. right on its tail is another system and between the two of the winds kick up especially about mid-day from noon on to 5:00 p.m.. again we don't see me much at this point then we get into saturday and as we head towards
1:35 am
see chances building from the south coming out of columbia and as we move into 3:00 to 10:00 p.m. we will start to see it till end and right now for 40% chance of rain. the good news is i'm not expecting a ton of rain to hit the area. i want to point out the winds if you were a kite flyer friday is a good day. this is friday in the afternoon hours. charlotte 60 miles per hour steady winds gusts of 25 to 30 in mountains 20 plus gusting up to 40 miles an hour. they could be issues if you are thinking about getting on the roads and driving across the area. temperatures cool tonight 40 to 50 the grass area and then tomorrow we will see mostly 60s and 70s. we will hang onto the 80s a gastonia but that should be it for the area to check out this
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friday 72 saturday 57 and 51 degrees with a daytime high on sunday starting at 39 and even colder on monday morning in of those days. we see sunshine and warmer temperatures getting intimately. you. no 10:00 more than 3.2 million passengers came from charlotte douglas international airport just a month of january. that's a 4% decrease from the same time last year. officials blamed at the line on winter storm jonas as the conditions force carriers to cancel their flights. all it takes is a pic step outside and it feels like spring is already officially here. another sure sign elementary school teams going head-to-head on questions of everything from bikes to swimming to fire safety. through the 38th annual charlotte-mecklenburg buyer in safety poll held today at friendship missionary baptist
1:37 am
and the five students to participate. teams get a manual in january third after weeks of study sessions the 25 teams battle it out. >> they learn about our jobs and learn what safety is. they learn to take care of themselves. at this stage it's great to be worth safety and for them to come in and compete against one another as for the excitement comes in. whether they win or lose they are all excited because they learn something. bill: barring academic joseph eger academy to come second place and coming in third community charter school. the winning teams get a cash prize for their schools. all three of those teams will dance to the state fire poll held in april. the u.s. college student is facing more than a decade of hard labor after being sentenced, tried incentives to north korea. 21-year-old -- is being sentenced to 15 years of hard
1:38 am
banner from north korea. the white house is responding as president obama is imposing new sanctions on north korea. the white house asking for that sentence to be dismissed. in addition to the monitoring of the student court appearance in north korea officials in d.c. have their hands full at home dealing with the shutdown of the metro system. the entire system shut down for emergency inspections and 600 jumper cables. inspections were ordered following a fire on monday. the fire was caused by the same kind of electrical component that caused the deadly malfunction last year. taking a look at tonight's business free offers a chipotle don't appear to be doing a lot for the chain. sales continued to tumble. two police as sales were down 26% in february following the decline of 26% in january. the companies trying to bounce
1:39 am
the restaurant is stepping up its marketing promotions like offering free burritos to try to get those customers back to their stores. instagram feeds are about to look different. you will see certain post no matter who you follow her when they posted. this is simmered to how facebook shows content under newsfeed. instagram says he won't be missing any pictures. they're just going to be ordered differently. the one started as a religious celebration and is turned into a holiday filled with parade special meals and other celebrations. lauren simonetti breaks down the business of st. patrick's day. >> shoppers are getting this for st. patrick's day buying food clothing and drinks. the holidays expected to generate over $4 billion in
1:40 am
reach outsiders and says that's about $35 per person. 31% of those surveyed plan to make a special meal. >> it's an irish-american dish actually. we sell approximately 2000 pounds on st. patrick's day. with the harsh winter weather behind most of those people are looking for a reason to get out and celebrate. why neighbors and people had to party at a bar or restaurant or sporting event. we can instagram aventura on facebook and that's the trend. >> you don't have to be from the emerald isle to celebrate. >> leave it to us in america to know how to create a rubric that allows for one to celebrate. impact 82% of people will wear green to show their pride and
1:41 am
guinness says roughly 13 million pints of his famous doubters -- stout. was some party animals preferred their pale elf with a tinge of rain. say it's fine the way this. >> as long as you enjoy guinness beer that's as irish as you are going to get. and did you know that pouring a glass or a pint of guinness is a skill. you can become certified in the age-old tradition for a nominal fee at the storehouse in dublin. in new york lauren simonetti. queen city is going to be celebrating st. patrick's day this weekend. you can catch myself in the whole bunch of us in the box 46 crew. rubinas saint patty's day parade saturday morning in uptown. we offer you guys to come on now. if that time of the year first students in the carolinas time
1:42 am
harder. it's a time of celebration after accomplishing a difficult feat getting a perfect score on his a.c.t. test. sam mansfield to the test as a sophomore and got a score of 34. after your preparation to take the test as a junior and got a perfect score of 36. >> the 36 was more of a i was able to complete it. do us a feeling of completion and reaching a goal i set for myself and it was very rewarding. it alerted me that i was up to par to get into college. >> unfortunately this into the grad wants to focus on -- in hopes of attending yell or m.i.t.. you don't see that everyday. afford a woman is fighting to
1:43 am
home. marry thorne has several pets ving in her lakeland the five dogs in the pet alligator. rambo is measuring 6 feet long and 125 pounds and according to florida wildlife commission's rules a pet alligator has to be under 4 feet or have at least 2.5 acres of land. thorne said she's looking into getting rambo certified as a therapy animals or she can keep them at home. logan i'm thinking of a therapy animal you might do better is the university of florida mascot. what do you think blacks. >> i really don't know. >> the splash he makes will be a little bit like the splash the hornets were making at time warner cable arena.
1:44 am
1:45 am
seven-game homestand welcome back to sports. the charlotte hornets practiced a seven-game homestand the longest in franchise history. more important because the win wind was at the hornets up to make some serious moves in the eastern conference playoff race. kemba walker averaging more than 30 points per per game and alas for hosting the orlando magic to the hornets won against a division rival. this season it looks like it might go the way the magic.
1:46 am
jeremy lin trying to dig out jefferson. jeremy lin is not done though because here he is going to go crosscourt to a wide-open marvin williams. the hornets on a 21-6 run to close the first half and in the final seconds of the first half he throws a hail mary to streaking kemba gets saved easy lay in before the buzzer pit the warrants with the bid to win 107-99. nick batum -- led the team with 26 of peace. the hornets in the sixth spot in the playoff race very tough test on the road tomorrow against number three miami.
1:47 am
call it the calm before the storm, the night before the madness. over the next two days 64 teams will fight scratch and claw to be the last man standing when the clock hits zero in houston on april 4. to the teams that have a shot to the title right here from our area duke and carolina. the heels held an open practice in raleigh at tmz rina before tomorrow's game and they were dropping -- all over the house. seems everybody was getting a little bit of action trying to show off. this wasn't the only thing they got her main focus. you know what they say you have to get hot at the right time. the heels are doing just that. winning five straight including the acc championship against virginia last week. unc going to take on the game-winner and number 16
1:48 am
16 seed never be the one the heels of 22-point favorite but roy williams close to losing 16 while coaching at kansas. he never looks past those. >> the expectation and i think we came as close as anybody a long time ago. i think it was 2002 when i was coaching kansas and we played lacrosse. i don't ever concern myself with where the other team is seeded or where we are seated. we have gone is the one seed and a three seed and a couple of number two. >> how about that darker shade of blue? the devils will begin their title defense run into province where i would and they true david versus goliath matchup. duke faces wilmington with four tournament appearances in their program's history. duke picked up five national titles. duke led by grayson allen to
1:49 am
contest. >> our team is healthier than it has been over the last two weeks and we are in spring break right now so that is help those as far as travel, practice getting rest so we are excited to play. >> take a closer look at the matchups are duking carolina. noted guaranteed win. on this day in 2012 i had to pop up on my facebook feed and i got a nice smile on that. duke was number two beaten by number 15 leon. unc has upset on their mind in history on their side. florida will coast won their conference as a number four seed and they know a thing or two popping into god. those are just two of a ton of basketball games.
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we have more news welcome back. as you can imagine the stakes are high for the final six contestants on "american idol" and some of the transformations from ordinary persons to superstar.
1:53 am
how it comes together. for some this is an all-new experience. b they been doing this for 15 years. if they tell me to put makeup on or wear heels and address i doubt that i would do it. >> i can't wait to get into my hotel room and wipe the makeup off. i know it looks great but i'm still getting used to the makeup situation. >> they know what they are doing and i was really nervous about my hair. they touched my hair but gradually i slowly but surely trusted them. >> the team behind the glamour knows it's a gradual process.
1:54 am
comfortable. >> each of the contestants -- it's a fun process. initially when we start out with like them to look like themselves like they normally do but a little nicer version and then we like to transition them slowly into superstars. >> when it comes to their voting fans the look can be impactful. >> i get feedback from next contestants as well. i love that dress this week, where did you get it? there's a lot about the fashion
1:55 am
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in bill: breaking news coming into our "fox 46 news" ram. you are taken alive look at a scene in charlotte where police custody. here's what we know it's happened so far. where told officers reported shots were fired at their police car. we are told as happened at the intersection of mildon wrote in behringer drive after 9:00 this evening to doubt these witnesses witnesses -- please tune into
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