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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 18, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> that's a long time. they're missing a lot of information. bill: at gaston county mothers behind bars after police say she decided to keep her own children out of school for more than three years read details on the investigation and reaction from her neighbors. plus, we have all seen those condos popping up all over uptown charlotte but it turns out some or having a pretty hard time filling up. we talked a real estate expert in the developer who decided to pull out as demand was too low.
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highlights from tonight's live episode of "american idol" featuring a special appearance from two of the biggest stars on the fox show empire. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight for "fox 46 news." i am bill melugin peer to gaston county mom is arrested and charged. this is after police say she decided to keep her on children out of school for more than three years preached first on fox site are all day long. he's joining us live from belmontes with the latest on this case. >> that's right bill. three teenagers kept out of school for more than three years. this high school behind me was within walking distance of their home a few minutes away. their mother is behind bars for not all lined up to come here and continue their education in any other way. this story isn't about who's getting off the bus. it's about who's not getting on
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gaston county police say this woman or a 6-year-old jennifer elam kept her three children now ranging from 13 to 16 years old years. she is currently in jail for three misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquency this is their home and it's just minutes away or my public school they could have attended. we knocked on the front door today and elam's or a friend asked us to leave immediately. spinach is regular everyday next-door family. >> neighbor jacqueline smith said elam and her kids within a few months ago and she never saw evidence to suggest it was happening next year. as elam sits in jail at the two officials to get these three children back in the school and
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move forward after they have been left behind. >> there are going to be so far behind all the other kids their age is. >> now school district tells me was in keeping track this family because in 2012 the mother filled out all the proper paperwork to pull the kids out of school and have them homeschooled but police say that never happened reporting live in belmont david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. bill: three years is a lot of time to have to make up. thank you for that live report. elam is being held on 30,000-dollar bond tonight. all new at 10:00 local law enforcement agencies are starting to crack down on illegal gambling initiatives. operation a pot of gold to place today. 40 locations and gaston county were checked and 100 different machines were seized. 20 people were charged for violating north carolina statute. all the seized money will eventually be given to the gaston county school system.
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people about scammers trying to pose as public utility workers. authorities believe this is just a scheme for them to get inside people's homes and try to commit larceny. the department has one active case that fits the scenario. for the most part the city of leonore utility workers should have no reason whatsoever to ever be in your home for any kind of testing. 13 and 14-year-old arrested and charged after they are accused of shooting a cmpd police officers. it happened on milton road in charlotte. police chief kerr putney said while they don't believe it's gang-related it's obviously concerning to the department because of just how young the suspects are. officers not in uniform are responding to a shots fired call because they were nearby and in witnesses suspects firing again. after the suspect saw police he
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the officers. >> we are doing all that we can to address it but it's frustrating that things would get to that level. cmpd said officers chased the teams and ended up arresting them. a 14-year-old is charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, shooting within city limits in possession of a firearm by a minor as well as resisting arrest. the other team the 13-year-old is charged with resisting arrest% and possession of marijuana. it's still an ongoing investigation. as a way to try to fight this crime the police chief is now asking the city for more officers. he made the request of the government center. he said more technology for dispatchers is needed as is another police station. the chief says charlotte has experienced an increase in crime crime. in 2015 the crime rate went up almost 10% compared to 2014. he says more officers need
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having to do privacy investigations so we have to catch up. the important thing for me is whatever the allocation is we have the adequate support. bill: chief putney says they're hoping to have funding for a police station by july and then they would have to figure out exactly which area would benefit the most by a bigger police presence. earlier tonight crews were on the scene of a house fire in belmont. take a look at this photo. this happened just before 6:00 6:00 on clay street. officials say everybody who was inside the house thankfully got out okay but unfortunately the owners to the still missing tonight. the cause of the fire still under investigation. fire officials tell us that home appears to be a total loss. now until "fox 46 news"." as five sheriff's deputies are serious discipline. this is following a protester at last week donald trump rally in fayetteville. after investigation sheriff's
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deputy saw the assault happened and didn't do anything about it. three the deputies were demoted as a result and were suspended without pay for five days. the other two deputies were suspended without pay for three days. all five of the deputies are facing one-year probation. meanwhile john mcgraw pictured right here the 78-year-old who threw the punch was charged with assault and battery. an investigation is now underway by the sbi after deputy was killed in the shooting. happened late wednesday on both landing road and anson county. the sheriffs offices deputies kyle beaman justin martin fired the shots that killed dennis penny, want to clear it up it was a deputy involved shooting. dennis penny was the man killed. the starter when they would dispatch a check on the welfare of penny's girlfriend. the three of them got into an altercation at some point exchange gunfire which ultimately killed penny.
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been assaulting his girlfriend. two guns had been recovered and are being examined tonight. an update for you as a man has been charged with a deadly shooting that happened yesterday afternoon. 19-year-old du jour smith was booked this morning on a long list of charges including aggravated assault with intent to kill a police responded to a call after 3:30 yesterday. when they arrived on scene one man was lying in the street for several gunshot wounds. this was sparked by some type of a disagreement. police believe it was not a random act and police telling us the investigation is not over and is still ongoing as we speak to a restaurant owner still dealing with the loss after his business caught on fire this morning. happened around 3:30 a.m.. firefighters finding flames coming out of the rough. it took crews 18 minutes to get the blaze under control. to ease lounge -- used only to traffic were shut down temporarily.
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injuries but officials say there are $50,000 of the damage. no word on what the cause was but business owners asking police to review surveillance video. that investigation is still ongoing. brought to school district says it's considering a brand-new policy. the policy would allow students to leave class for religious reasons. superintendent kelli pew introduced a policy which would allow students to leave the school campus with an excused absence or religious instruction during an elective class period one daiichi week. kids would be able to leave for prayer or bible study no matter what their religion is. parents would have to sign off on the deal and students could cut -- could not cut core classes such as math and science. popper department store in our area is closing up shop. kohl's announcing plans to close a number of us doors across the country including the one on south hola barden pineville.
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strategy by the company to try to improve sales. between 80 and 100 people would be laid off from when the store closes on june 19. there are currently four other kohl's stores in the charlotte area. the a band with a major presence in the queen city is keeping its pay at the same level. wells fargo ceo john stumps -- $19.3 million. stumps receives $2.8 million in salary, 4 million-dollar bonus and 12.5 million in stock the same amount he got back in 2014. wells fargo had a banner year in 122015 a record amount of $23 billion in profit. the bank holds most of its employees here in charlotte. plans for a 30 story residential condo tower and uptown charlotte are officially on hold. this would have been the first
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developers say they have learned there is in the market for their plans. sam smith has more on what this means for the condo market in charlotte. >> big plans for big project of stock. the developers wanted to add to charlotte skyline with high-end condos but ended up changing their minds. on their web site they state it quote the project was extremely well received yet in and the market was not there. >> that would be a wise business decision at the market is not responding. mary is the president of the charlotte regional realtors association. she believes there is a market for high-end condos and uptown. the issue might have been specific to the projects plans. >> lets face it you have parents that kids who are gone to college and they may want to
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they don't want to go too far, work downtown may be. obviously there's a marketplace for them as well. >> the developers say considering alternative uses for the property and those alternative uses will fulfill them that needs of uptown and benefit the city of charlotte. what will happen with one per bard is yet to be determined. in the past of the residential towers that were supposed to be condos became rentals. i caught up with experts on the rental market at the apartment association trade show. they say business is going very well for renters with more and more people moving to the queen city. >> there are 10 to 12,000 units under construction and another 10 to 12 proposed in the charlotte area. >> she is confident something will go into the space off brevard street as the city needs it.
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with the residential projects. >> in charlotte sam smith fox 46 wjzy. too according to the charlotte business journal developers plan to break ground on the project at some point this year. >> some of the neighbors have been fighting items the neighborhood. bill: neighborhood watch groups are raising serious concerns about the amount of students they say have been skipping class and causing problems in their neighborhoods. we will find out what they say about it. plus it up to you what you might not know about our irish roots in the queen city as we celebrate the st. patrick's day and brian what a gorgeous day it's been. >> it's been nice over the last several days that we have changes on the way and that will include opportunities for rain this weekend.
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after the break. bill: welcome back. bill it's "idol" night. >> so i have heard that you are back there listening to them. bill is singing. for every song. >> that is not for air. we have a big night here. i don't know if you're watching, la'porsh renee was crying. i didn't get a chance to see the
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>> i'm getting caught up. we are down to five contestants. tristan mcintosh. i will tell you what she is 15 and she doesn't quite connect. see that she has a good future. anybody on the show. >> it's weird because you're watching her and they will pop-up her age and you don't realize she's 15. >> when i was 15 i was sitting home playing computer games. it was completely live and there were special guests. >> i wanted to point out your favorite moment. >> i haven't seen every episode of the season but one guy saw mckenzie a young looking guy. he said the league -- sang billie jean by michael jackson. anytime you say michael jackson you are taking a big-time risk and i think he knocked it out of
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bill: pretty impressive. slow down and gave it a different vibe. j-lo went for it and i think he would have loved that. >> bill uber dancing. that sub good it was. bill: anybody that knows me knows i don't dance. >> another big night. if you're watching american idol viewer watching empire. to the biggest arch of empire. check this out jussie smollett and i have to look and for some reason i can't say his last name but just watch.
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>> twitter was blowing up in these guys were on. >> i saw it and it makes you want to say, have you ever seen people that are so good it makes you want to do it? >> unfortunately we have to go into reality and it sounds like nails on a chalk word. i'm bummed to see the last season "american idol" was having an awesome run. clay aiken kelly clarkson the original crew were awesome and the show has come a long way. >> and a lindbergh was on and he was one of those, his ear was big and it was awesome. >> you have to continue checking it out. they are down to five we'll talk more about it next week in the meantime talking about a little
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>> i ditched it. this shot came in from concord a beautiful picture. by the way a couple of these pictures here came in from folks using fresco and that came in from concord. they are making money bills sending these pictures then. we have a nap or you can send pictures. and that we will ask for pictures wanted something special, video or pictures, 20 bucks for a picture and video, 50 bucks. this was sent in from johnny w and again just a beautiful skyline from the belmont's neighborhood near charlotte. all right guys i hope you enjoyed that by the way. things are changing here. we are going to see changes and tomorrow he will pick up cloud cover. mostly nice tomorrow but we have chances for rain saturday and
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chance on both of those days it was with your headlines we will die up another beauty for you tomorrow. those temperatures are going to slip as well. right now we are still okay, 50's and amounts and 60s for much of the lower elevations. estonia you are 65 and 66 in lincolnton. he feels very comfortable out there. let's talk about st. patrick's day because we have a big parade in uptown. it starts at 11:00. it's going to be 60 for the daytime vibe with a chance for showers out of the east at two to seven half an hour. we want to track this for you over the next couple of days. tomorrow high pressure in the area. high pressure generally thinking dry conditions and i will be the case friday but that will continue to shift off the coast
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the clouds will come in, 9:30 potential showers willing to charlotte sophie are going to the parade where clothing and preprepared to see snowfall. the parade is going rain or shine. we will be there from "fox 46 news" hope you can make it out there. tonight we are sitting at 40 degrees. it's cool but it won't be as chilly as it was yesterday morning and temperatures over the next couple of days they times are cooling down. 70 friday, 60 on saturday and 55 on sunday. by the way bill sunday has a chance for rain as well and we will delve into that more and 10 minutes from now. >> as the saying goes today i'm irish. kiss me, i'm irish.
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seaworld is make a big changes in hopes of bringing people back to their struggling -- the killer whales will remain the things that those fancy shows with the tricks are history crazy world is no longer going to be breeding orcas that they have in captivity. kristin delgado reports from orlando. >> keeping an animal that says in captivity. mixed reaction about a monumental decision announced by seaworld. >> it said the next-generation mobile to see the orcas. the company announcing three major moves no more breeding of orcas inactivity. the phasing out of the shows and a new partnership with a former enemy the humane society of the united united states. seaworld says it's time to get back to the bases -- basics in and for them it's caring for animals. >> 20 twenty-year adversaries coming together to focus on animals well-being.
1:26 am
$50 million with an effort to be the leading rescue organization in the world. check all this in direct response to public treasure. 29 orcas live in captivity in seaworld parks one of which is pregnant. the nuclear well will live in activity. the company says families will continue to be entertained focusing on education and fun. >> rides attractions shows, tv shows. it's about direction and 20 million guests, 20,000 employees and an army of people making the world better. bill: vessel is fox's christian duck out of reporting. so they, growing concern among west lake is -- westlake neighborhood students. students roaming the streets. we come back you'll find out what cms is going to do to try to get these kids back in the classroom plus ministers of the
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we were there and when we ret bill: taking a look at our top stories mother in belmont is in jail charged with keeping your kids out of school for more than three years. authorities say 36 euros jennifer elam filled out the correct paperwork to take her three out of school but she was supposed to be homeschooling them in the meantime.
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their ages range from 13 to 16. the school they would be attending is within walking distance of the house. meanwhile subbot is charged with misdemeanor charges contributed links to the juvenile pay law enforcement agencies are tracking down on illegal gambling machines put operation pot of gold to place a 40 locations in gaston county were checked in over 100 machines were seized. 20 people were charged for violating north carolina general statute. officials say all the seized money will will eventually be given back to the gaston county school system. neighborhood watch groups are calling on cms to try to put a stop to west mecklenburg high school since cutting class and roaming around the neighborhood. ashlee mcgeehan was an emergency meeting called by neighbors to talk about this and she's joining us live in the studio with what these homeowners are hoping to accomplish. >> homeowners near wes highschooler thing enough is enough. they called an emergency meeting
1:31 am
of students out of class and in their neighborhoods causing problems. neighborhood watch groups in more spark in neighborhoods called an emergency meeting with cms and cmpd on thursday. homeowners say they are worried about the high number of students do they see throughout the neighborhood when they're supposed to be in school. >> students roaming around the neighborhood and the community all day long. some of them get off the bus and they never go to school. >> people who live there say it's been an ongoing problem sometimes resulting in bigger issues for the homeowners like having their home broken into. >> cutting through the backyards and some of the neighbors up and finding items in the neighborhood in their yards. they probably were stolen and discarded. smith school officials admit the school as lot of students to keep up with on a daily basis but say some students in the area are going to the university
1:32 am
up on credits. >> it will continue to be a challenge if 2100 students stay stay -- more staff. anybody could use more staff. >> people who live in the neighborhood say they want to see something changed and what cms to do more. the students who are leaving school when they are supposed to be. >> we feel like there is no one in charge. they are not accountable. no one is held accountable for. >> some member to neighborhood say they felt like they left the meeting a little more confused but are hopeful this will help cms. cmpd said up until now breaking
1:33 am
are down for this year. bill: as a thank you. cmpd officials recommend homeowners call police immediately if they see somebody out there acting suspicious. >> all right folks i hope you have had one outstanding st. patrick's day. it certainly was temperaturewise yesterday 86 almost too warm. we had 77 today we continue to drop to seven -- 63. as we look towards the weekend though we are going to see our jet stream sink and when this happens this time of year generally that allows cooler canadian air into our atmosphere and that will affect us. temperaturewise we have several days where the overnight temps will chop into the 30s and low 40s across the area. major changes coming our way. we want to talk about what's happening with their futurecast one more time.
1:34 am
moving in on saturday. "dean for it blasting off and on until 3:30 in the should pick up a little bit stronger chance on a wider scale. you can see where it's coming in out of the south. this model not ringing it in as early on saturday morning but i think the first one is more accurate here. as i said it does look like it will be widespread as we get into saturday night and early sunday morning and hopefully we will have the us moved out by the time most of you guys are running around and making use of that day sunday. i want to mention we have a chance late sunday to see mountain snow. we see the temperatures take a hit and low moisture with a little mountain snow sunday night into monday morning. things will recoup and get back to normal as we get into next week.
1:35 am
in the lower elevations and tomorrow temps cooling off across the area. we have charlotte landing at 70, 60s for most of the rest of the area and 50's in the upper regions. check out this extended forecast. saturday, sunday 50% chance of rain both days and need today and my expecting a ton of rain at the cooler temperatures down to 41 on sunday morning and called her monday morning at 34. we will be there tuesday morning both afternoons monday and tuesday okay temperature was that we will warm up into the 70s wednesday and thursday. bill: will we get a little wet on saturday during the parade? >> i don't think we will see a lot of rain that we could be wet. bill: with racial tensions on the rise across the country gaston county leaders are trying to get ahead of the issue. police in leaders of the minority community came together
1:36 am
they signed a covenant pledging to diversify police departments that have more engagement opportunities between law enforcement and the community. both sides say this is not a reaction to a specific incident, not to say that there are problems there. >> the violence has got to stop. all african-american males are not criminals. there are great african-american --. >> evil think they weren't treated fairly but they have a commitment from law enforcement to always look into any accusations. bill: a group called cheesy three which stands for gaston clergy citizens coalition helped put this emotion to the leaders there said they hope to see neighboring counties follow their lead and also adopt the contract between the community and law enforcement. all around schalit and the entire country people put on their best grain output to honor
1:37 am
settlers were irish and every single year we hold the parade to honor them. fox 46 kevin machak takes a look at how the holiday is involved and tells us a few things you might not have known before. >> indulging in gifts and traditional irish music. wealthy queen city has irish roots there were presbyterians from ireland that settled to seek religious freedom, not the catholics. >> if we were celebrating a roman catholic st. -- they would be rolling over in their graves. scottish irish influences can be seen around charlotte from from the church's two statues of early settlers like local historian. it wasn't until the late 1800's the catholic irish as we know it today came to america because of a potato famine in their native country. >> they worked hard digging ditches and building roads. irish-americans began to celebrate their heritage from
1:38 am
until a few decades ago those in ireland made an official holiday there. >> they have a parade and probably of green beer. with your presbyterian or catholic -- catholic is no longer relevant says wave spread the holiday is less about heritage and more about irish pride. >> when we celebrate st. patrick's day we are not celebrating, the irish people. one of the busiest places all >> they there are a good lively crowd. >> these bandmates come to charlotte to help the queen city celebrate the authentic irish music.
1:39 am
some experiencing the first st. patrick's day in the states. and that's on kevin machak fox 46 wjzy. >> of a celebrating doesn't end tonight. the st. patrick's day parade will kick off saturday at 11:00 a.m. monday corner of trying on and -- street. our entire team will be out there. , meet our fans. in dublin ireland thousands took to the streets into the st. patrick's day parade read many wearing traditional green. believer or not this is the biggest biggest st. patty steisel operation the world. that right the lungs to new york city. the charlotte fire department's latest recruitment plans got hands-on training this morning. the department burned down a home in a floodplain in the sure workforce neighborhood. the city bought the homes because of problems with flooding in the area in the past. the owners took the buyout to
1:40 am
being a win for everybody. new houses for the owners and the learning experience for the city's firefighters. >> they are burning my house down. i've been here 28 years and raised three boys in the house. a lot of memories in the house. it's tough that we went through the grieving. mackerley are okay now. that has to be a strange feeling. stormwater services have purchased more than three to 25 lead probe property since the 1990s saving an estimated range of million dollars. the only living sea turtle living inland north carolina is now in concord. his name is neptune and he was found injured and stranded on the atlantic beach in florida. he had a cracked shell lesions and partial paralysis on his slippers but along with the sea life aquarium rescue teams were
1:41 am
see neptune and charlotte. with all the talk of self driving cars more safety features are being developed by one will be standard sooner than later. the highway traffic safety administration has announced that automatic of urgency breaking will be standard in cars by the year 2022. the detroit news is reporting for christ laid -- chrysler gm and to the toyota are some carmakers that have agreed to the timeline. chipotle is trying to when you back through your stomach. mexican grill plans giveaway 9 million burritos in hopes of boosting sales. executives told investors it has recovered one third of the sales it's lost since the food safety lapses including norovirus outbreak. staff plans to bring back one of the offers. chipotle said it could roughly
1:42 am
by your same. the finishing touches on a stadium that will host a very historic game. 60 tons of clay equipment and other materials at the aging latin americans stadium. the field is getting a heavy upgrade to it outside the stadium dump trucks scooped up her peers while dozens of workers put the finishing touches on the facade of the ballpark. >> much bigger with the present united states coming over and the event has a different feel to it. if you look at where we were in 99 the field was -- so we have made progress. bill: the tampa bay rays will be the team playing the cuban team with president obama in attendance. the last american team to play in cuba was the baltimore
1:43 am
if you haven't checked out the march madness games for the next desk last hour ago my bracket busted hours ago. if you are a fan of baseball you love watching baseball but they spot will have to wait until
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bill: welcome back to sports. williams said yesterday they never looked past the 16 seed in this particular 16 seed matched up rather well with carolinas big man tonight. with the win legendary coach dean smith and all-time tournament wins. first unc up three bryce johnson gets his own rebound. the arm and the screen. johnson 11 points and later in the first reverse layup action for florida gold coast. look at that. that's what i'm talking about. the eagles down one at the break break. at the end of the second half they pick things up a bryce johnson got the plot and that is getting rebounds. he is getting hooked again. bryce johnson had a career-high eight plus along with 18.7
1:46 am
tar heels win advancing to the second round. 66 total tournament wins and will face the winner of robin thicke usc. >> the second half we were good. it was 25-7 run. was important to say the least. late in the game we started meandering around. every time they drove it in their bryce blocked so many shots. that was huge for us but for us we feel very good to still be here. blue devils looking into their dancing shoes in providence rhode island. first duked down to two grayson allen. the rebound takes a coast-to-coast through the layout plus the followed duke up one after the free throw but whole bunch is the second because later in the first seed it was up. chris fleming knocks one from the parking lot and denzel
1:47 am
he knocked down a triple. unc double three at the break prayed second half allen coast-to-coast yet again. a little bit later marshall plum who has been so strong with the doubles finishes the put back, allen and plum go from 23 in the dukies when 93-85. >> i thought they played harder and more together in the first half prayed i thought we were a little bit nervous. we just were not who we have been boasted the year. in the second half we started playing like the free incompetent team we have been all year and that's what you need to do. you can't be thinking about what if, what if. two faces the winner of this game. yale and butler for said justin
1:48 am
later in the first but kia mason dialing it up from downtown hits the three. he had 17 the first half finished at 31. things got all testy. an argument, when you fight your team you lose the ballgame. yale shocking the bear 79-75 the first-ever tournament wins to its duke in yale on saturday. they were the only 12 seed. little rock blew out their bracket. i had perdue going to the sweet 16. double-overtime. you've got to hate that. buffalo, they were down by miami-dade cc virginia winning big over hampton 81-45. and then facing the tar heels
1:49 am
36-35 unc over providence. the charlotte hornets proving they are battle tested and ready for the playoffs after trailing by as much as 15 early in the game. abuzz fall back to beat the heat 109 have been 106. the win snapped a 12 game losing streak in miami. the hornets that by kemba walker and allen jefferson both at 21-pound point. they control their own destiny with the playoffs rapidly approaching. >> he keeps his hungry. our goal is to get home-court advantage. we have to stay home and stay on top of things. >> that the winner's mentality.
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spill a perfect song for today. melissa mccarthy is not going to be revisiting stars hollow and rose the gallant dog may cost her a huge semi. michelle belinda has the a story some more in the hollywood nation. >> you are tarzan. >> got them goes for three and
1:53 am
the hollywood nation. gilmore girls may be returning to the small screen but it looks like the original costar melissa mccarthy won't be returning to the casperry this by star told the news that she was too busy for the reboot but she is quote shyam above this back in the headlines but this time it's good news. the actor performance artist got engaged to longtime girlfriend may have gotten earlier this month to they have been dating since 2012. >> fox is giving gotten the green light. the studio announced wednesday its super hero origin series has been renewed for third season. rose mcgowan is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought on by her dog. an elderly woman claims she suffered extreme brain-damaged after the animal caused her to fall and hit her head.
1:54 am
responsibility. and the new trailer for the upcoming action adventure the legend of tarzan. alexander's guards guard stars in the sequel years after the jungle he heroes return to society.
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as we think about tomorrow it will be slightly warmer than it was this morning but not a ton warmer so grab a jacket heading out. 54-degree temperatures at 9:00 in mid-60s by noon and 70 degrees for the daytime high tomorrow and clouds as well. and we have rain chances. we have been coming in on saturday and could be as early as 9:00 or 10:00 on saturday. on account of rain expected in the area. we will see another 50% chance of early showers on sunday and temperatures will cool to the mid-50's for sunday and monday and mid-30s near freezing monday and tuesday morning before we warm up next wednesday and thursday. l it's a good thing you didn't get your bracket in anti-because mine is getting obsolete
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three key games(female narrator) the following is a paid presentation for the bye bye foundation beautiful you collection from it cosmetics by jamie kern lima. brought to you by guthy renker. imagine having skin that looks this beautiful,
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imagine a product that covers everything but looks and feels like you're wearing nothing. imagine one product that is clinically shown to make your skin younger-looking in just ten days and can make you look up to five years younger instantly. this life changing product is bye bye foundation, the first ever full coverage moisturizer from it cosmetics. it's proven skincare and full coverage, plus broad spectrum spf 50+ sunscreen all in one simple step. so say, "bye-bye, foundation," and, "hello, beautiful, flawless looking skin." it's your skin, but better. it gives you everything. it gives you the skincare, it gives you the coverage, it gives you your most beautiful face. it's makeup, it's skincare, it's everything all in one, and it's the best thing i've ever used. i just look flawless instead of like i have a lot of makeup on. it feels silky, light, like nothing's there.
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it makes my skin look absolutely flawless, it covers up everything, and it evens out my skin tone. there's nothing out there that i have found that has given me what it cosmetics has. and that is for people not to tell me, "i love your makeup," but, "i love your skin." with one step, one product, i get everything i need, and in seconds i can have flawless, beautiful looking skin and that's something i've never been able to do. (female narrator) it cosmetics' innovations made news on the today show in the new york times and the wall street journal, and it's been featured in allure, instyle, brides, marie claire, people, woman's day, family circle, and cosmopolitan. the bye bye foundation beautiful you collection was developed by jamie kern lima. as a tv news anchor, jamie struggled for years with her own skin issues, unable to find makeup that gave her the coverage and the natural look she wanted. so jamie dedicated her life to creating real solutions. she worked with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, and she founded it cosmetics,


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