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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  March 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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in a part of a town takes a life of a young man in what police say was not a random act of violence. we will have the very latest on this investigation. good evening i am jenna caiazzo. thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox enjoy the weather while you can because if you haven't been outside lately it's freezing. nick are making a special appearance to give us our weekend lowdown whether as we head into our week. speakout hey it did get cold, that's for sure. coming in earlier i had my air-conditioning on but as i came home for dinner i had to get me going as the cold air is here. we will watch out for rain showers overnight in the mountain snow showers back in the vocabulary as we look deeper into the weekend and as we get into next week during the 6:00 show there's a huge temperature spread, some 20 degrees from statesville to
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we are in a different landscape now so the temperature gap has closed so the cooler air is here and we do have showers around still. it's all very light but they are still pushing through from southwest and north and the stand up moderate batch of brain towards union county. overall the rain threat pretty light chance in the forecast tomorrow. we are not tracking any way and that way of -- anything in the way of severe weather. charlotte claudia and gusty. the humidity is relatively low and again we will see the chance for showers overnight and into tomorrow. we'll talk much more about that in a couple moments. in the meantime back to jenna. jenna: cmpd is investing a -- investigating a homicide. we are told that happen outside of the store on the corner of west boulevard and donald ross wrote around 2:00 this
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killed in what police say was not a random killing. sam smith has more on the investigation. >> while the police tape might be down at the shooting scene that doesn't mean police are done with the investigation. >> people could only watch as the jt quick mart parking not. in his opinion that should never have happened. >> just a young man lying over there. >> police say jacori davis was shot and killed saturday afternoon and his death is no random act of violence. because this happened in the middle of the day near a busy intersection in best to get her say the witness must be out there. >> hopefully somebody saw something. friends and family members were emotional at the scene. that emotion carried over to bystanders.
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over here. i don't know what it's like to lose a family member but it's sad. >> this was an act of violence that impacted the community and we hope it doesn't happen again. >> too many young people out here dying. >> this investigation is ongoing. if you know anything about the shooting you are asked to contact crime stoppers. reporting in charlotte sam smith fox 46 wjzy. jenna: is a 5000-dollar word in this case. no arrests have been made at this point. another saturday shooting his left one person dead. please ensure that investigating homicide that happened this morning on central avenue. cmpd says 4900 central avenue they found a man suffering from a gunshot one. he was pronounced dead thai to the victim's identity will be released once the family is notified.
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like this are becoming a dangerous trend. >> one of the main things for me at phillip is the city needs to come and do something about the east them all area, things like this that they have been ignoring for e. charlotte where they could pick things up and i believe that would cut crime down. jenna: a piece on a thing or you have any information about what happen you're asked to call cmpd. south carolina police officer is dead shot and killed by a known gang member, then turned the gun on himself. "fox news" cody al gore has the details. >> this is a tragic event. >> one that hasn't happened in the city of greenville for 20 years officer jacobs gunned down while serving his community of four and a half year veteran of the force. >> he was working specifically in the vice narcotics unit and
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identify and engage gang members in the committee. >> just before 12:30 police chief ken miller said officer jacobs and his partner spotted d'ante maki. >> we know him as a confirmed and self-described gang member. she'd miller says his officers were following up on leads that maki was trying to get it done. they spotted him along rebecca street in knowing his criminal background and his gang affiliation they stop. >> they got up to talk with him, asked him a few questions and ran. >> chief miller said officer jacobs took off after maki. >> when officer jacobs ran to the back corner of the house the subject mr. fired multiple times times. >> it appears opposite jacobs never saw it coming. >> none of our officers discharge their weapon and i
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found with his weapon in his holster and his holster spent. >> the cheap one that there was no reason at first for officer jacobs to have his gun drawn. >> in this case it was flight and certainly nothing that would have precipitated deadly force engagement from anyone. >> however chief miller says ended up taking his own life. >> there's no evidence to suggest otherwise. mr. mackey made a phonecall indicating he was going to take his life and did. jenna: that was cody all corn reporting. funeral services are in motion for officer jacobs and we will pass those along when they're available. one person is dead and another in the hospital after getting hit by a car this morning. it happened around 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of mortars road and oak road east of shelby. this video provided to us by lynwood photography according to investigators of woman died at
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authorities say the two were in the middle of the road when two cars traveling south on oak road struck them. the car they have been writing and have been parked in the streets to running. not clear why the pair was in the road. no word on the man's condition at this point. the fbi is taking over one local college. the fbi is hoping rapid response training on the campus of johnson c. smith university. officials are sending out the alert now so people will be alarmed -- will be alarmed and exercises begin. we'll focus on active shooter situations and also use a large portion of the campus to help officers get the experience needed in case the situation breaks out in our area. campus police officers from jcs view, unc charlotte davidson college in queens university will all take part. the controversial charlotte restroom ordinance could have a legislature meeting earlier than
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moore said today he hopes to call special session for this week to discuss the ordeal. it orders transgendered people to use the restroom or locker that they identify with. moore bill psyche has -- but pat mccrory said he doesn't feel special session is needed. dozens are marching through charlotte tonight hoping to put a stop to the deportation of two undocumented students. hear from supporters at the rally, next. >> just thinking about the money that we are raising knowing that we are running for something. jenna: a man makes a pretty long pilgrimage on foot. we will let you know all the details, next. a king-sized opportunity for those in the job market in the queen city. a major name in on line brokers
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charlotte reid find out who, in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. we first told you about this a couple weeks ago. leanne arthur says the student stole her cell phone while she was patrolling the halls and then leaked her photos that were meant for her husband. she says she felt forced to resign while the student is
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arthur is now suing the school district and the superintendent who claims she made the photos available to her students because she left her phone unlocked. one of the world's most popular forms of payment is bringing new jobs to charlotte. paypal has announced its it's opening a brand-new operation center in the queen city. with that comes 400 new positions that need to be filled. the new facility will be located in the university area. paypal is one of the most popular forms of on line payments. they will start hiring to fill positions this fall. in march to the streets of charlotte aims to try to put a stop to deportation of local immigrant students. dozens rallied in support of these boys who organizers they were picked up by i.c.e. while walking to school and work. ashlee mcgeehan talk to some people that believe the measures isis is taking our just page she joins us live in the studio. hey ashley.
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hopeful their voices can help raise awareness for the growing issue is too young seeing the students have been detained by immigration officials threatening to send them back to their native countries. people at this rally say those countries are dangerous and are afraid of what might happen to them if they can't remain in the states with their families. >> families friends classmates and teachers rallied to support to local students who they believe immigration enforcement agencies are targeting. >> one of the strategies i think the vast majority of the community is there's street arrests and many of them are happening on the way to the bus stop. that's a strategy that we don't think is good for the community. >> i.c.e. officials say the organization's -- people at the
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and pedro did nothing wrong. >> i think they are an easy target. they are going to school in the moring and they are easy to rest. >> coalition officials say the students and their families are fleeing their native countries because of violence. local teachers who spoke at the rally tell us other students who also came to america withou the proper documents are now missing from the classroom, afraid to return to school. see that every child should have the same opportunity for an education and we miss you so very deeply. we want you back in our hallways as soon as possible. >> summer basically hiding at home or going to family and friends places because they are afraid for their safety. >> classmates took a stand saying the classmates are good
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back to a hostile country. >> they deserve to go to school and he doesn't deserve to be in a detention center with 60 other men. jenna: i talk to people at the rally who say many times students were deported get off the plane and are immediately picked up by drug cartel. they say they are fearing they will never see their family members again. jenna: ashley thanks. both boys are being held at the stuart detention center. ever wanted to work in nascar? they may not be hired yet these high school students got some drills during today's open house at the nascar technical institute raid as part of students that workweek more than 1000 high-schoolers got to tour the state-of-the-art facility and even get their hands in the process. he was in hopes of sparking a new interest in a fast-paced sport. >> we are trying to fill a need
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is to give families an idea that the old shade tree site is gone in many cases. people work with their hands in their minds were not afraid to solve problems and not afraid of technology. i think young people have -- jenna: the students hope to help north carolina raise its graduation rate by giving kids a chance to learn outside the classroom. i hope you have your sweater and you didn't put your winter coats away because you may need it. tonight and possibly tomorrow as the temperatures have clearly dropped outside nick kosir is joining us on a saturday night. >> hey jenna. here's doppler radar and we are tracking southwest to northeast across the viewing area. nothing heavy out there but there are some light rain showing up so especially west of town traveling along 85 from gaffney through gastonia and breaking into the south and western portions of mecklenburg county so towards pineville and
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and also this batch of moderate rain south and east of rock hill towards monroe. in two parts of south carolina some heavier stuff towards columbia. that's going to miss us to the south as it pushes east but kershaw and chester singh heavy rain and south of pageland activity showing up and also scattered stuff into lincoln 10 and towards statesville. nothing major but if you run into rain to be surprised by today's high was 70 never just 64. we saw sunshine especially around noontime frame. if you are at the st. patrick's day parade you knew that. it got warm out there pretty quickly. records 86 and 21 on this day so we are close to either one of those. 48 in charlotte so it's chilly out there. 42 cells. 41 states for 45 morganton holding onto the 50s and south
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i think we did 10 more degrees to 38 mostly cloudy skies passing showers and we will keep a chance for showers in the forecast through the night because of the area of low pressure keeping us -- the atmosphere and subtle. as we head into the future another wave of energy comes in tomorrow evening. with that we could see snow showing up in the mountains early monday morning. no major rainfall or snowfall accumulations here though. the rest of the weekend and into next week and tons of schansman schansman -- sunshine break out tuesday, wednesday and thursday. not before we see this freeze watch monday 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. we could see if roster are free so hopefully you held off on planting any of your garden through tomorrow chilly 53, first day of spring. it will switch over 12:30 this morning, tomorrow morning. 56 monday, 62 tuesday and the 70s wednesday and thursda
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friday. jenna take it away.jenna. jenna: things. another day another trump rally another incident. find out what sparked this massive roadblock outside of one of the gop candidates rallies. and soon he will be moving out of the white house but first
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>> for people who are believed to be involved in the paris attacks have been detained including mastermind so a lot opt out the lawn. the group was captured in brussels. francois hollande says the country will try to extradite abdullah's admin. family members who helped him get away. officials say he and another suspect had minor injuries in their braid that led to their capture. president obama has been in close contact with french and
10:22 pm
keep the country safe. more than 60 passengers were killed when a russian plane crashed. take a look at this video someone capture. russia's emergency ministry said a passenger airliner from dubai crashed while trying to land at an airport south of moscow. fly dubai is looking to the cause of the crash. it's believed to be caused by strong winds reaching hurricane levels but it has not been confirmed. the news agency said the winds could be from anywhere from 30 to 50 miles an hour at the time of the crash. if eye tracking web site said the plane missed its first approach and try to land again before losing contact. new tonight a rocket fired by isis forces has killed a u.s. marine and injured three others. military officials confirm the news this morning. they say it happened when a rocket was fired directly. marines have yet to identify the man that was killed. the latest casualty comes days
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kerry declare the atrocities committed by isis against religious minorities in the middle east are genocide. the air force might have a drug problem on its hands. officials are investigating 14 airmen from a nuclear weapons base for allegedly using cocaine while off duty on the base. the accused are part of the guard unit at warren air force base near cheyenne wyoming. the base is home to more than 100 minuteman iii nuclear missiles stored in underground silos. the air force has conducted other drug probe set the base and discover cheating on military proficiency test at another. president obama used his weekly address to keep the pressure up on senate republicans over his supreme court pick. the senate majority leader says he won't even schedule a vote on the appointment of supreme court nominee merrick garland. garland match with a handful of
10:24 pm
recess. "fox news" correspondent garrett tenney has more. >> lighthouses and taking no for an answer and dolly the administration has been laying out the strategy for getting merit garland's confirmation. republican leadership said in a nomination for president obama is essentially dead on arrival and the next president should fill the opening on the supreme court. democrats argue republicans are advocating their constitutional duties by refusing to even give garland a hearing. in various ways both sides are using pcs go to strategy and accusing the other one of playing politics, this time with a supreme court vacancy. we saw that today in a weekly addresses from the white house and the republican party. >> this is precisely the time we should treat the appointment of a supreme court justice with the
10:25 pm
be above politics not an extension of politics. >> the question now is what choice the present and the democratic leader -- leaders will make. will they join us in doing our jobs on behalf of the american people or will they instead seek to further divide our nation by turning the supreme court process into a partisan back-and-forth? >> you get used to hearing these arguments because this is what to do her to the election. after that a handful of republicans hinted they could change their opinions particularly if hillary clinton or bernie sanders when the election. >> we have to look at this election and a lame-duck session. i would rather have a less liberal nominee like merrick garland than a nominee that hillary clinton if she were present would move forward. >> off a small number republicans say they're willing to meet with garland after this next two-week break but they point out quickly that i will be
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washington era tammy "fox news." jenna: with president obama preparing to leave the white house is asking for an increase in payments for former presidents. in his 2016/2017 budget president obama closes -- discloses an 18%. increase. he successfully requested an increase at last years budget. the former president act provides a pension office staff secret service protection funds for travel to former presidents and their wives. they currently get more than 25,000 dollars a year in pension. "fox news" is now speaking out on behalf of their anchor megyn kelly slamming donald trump for his repeated attacks against her her. the network released a statement saying quote extreme sick obsession with kelly is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land. "fox news" went on to say they will continue to spark kelly.
10:27 pm
the popular anchor calling her lazy and the most overrated person on television this campaign is not responded to the network's comments. speaking of trump is rally in arizona saw an unexpected roadblock. check this out, protesters blocked off streets leading -- some standing on the hill chanting slogans and displaying signs reading dump trunk. one pointed to check showed up to remove vehicles from the scene but crowd still remained. so far no one has been hurt in no arrests have been made. polk manias running bother to the jury sides with hulk hogan and his sex video trial. a judge awarded him $150 million or jury decided digital news site gawker released a sex tape featuring him. the 62-year-old hogan whose real name is terry boliek sued gawker for $100 million for posting a video of him having sex with the
10:28 pm
todd allen colon i'm better known as radio personality bubba the love sponge. to think into the release of the video was a release of this privacy. gawker's editor said the video and the company post were newsworthy commentary. gawker has indicated he will appeal. happening right now find a proper station -- the preparations underway for president cuba. the first family will touch down in havana tomorrow 15 months after efforts were started to normalize relations with cuba. since then currency trade and tourism have surged in embassies have reopened. obama will be the first president to travel to cuba since calvin coolidge back in 1928. the trip isn't all business. while in cuba mr. obama will attend a baseball game between the tampa bay rays in the cuban national team.
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he's a pastor in our area. we will let you know the deal, next. hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means! easter is hopping along. so, if you're looking to stretch your dollar this easter holiday, just look at these savings at your local walmart. charlotte, in head-to-head shopping, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $15.47... that's 11% on this week's easter basket. why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's every day low prices
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start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today.
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jenna: welcome back. one pastor from albemarle celebrated his 50th birthday today in an unusual but selfless way is a story we first told you about tuesday as he was training and today he ran the equivalent
10:32 pm
single day. fox 46 kevin machak caught up with him and shares of this accomplishment will change the lives of women across the country and the world. [applause] >> family friends and members of his congregation share pastor paul jenkins who turned 50 years old and decided the best way to celebrate would be to run. the run isn't just for exercise. he's doing it to fulfill this birthday wish to save 50 women from human trafficking. while on a mission trip to india with his wife jenkins sob girls as young as 10 years old being forced into sex slavery. >> you broke your heart to see they had no choice. then we came back from that trip create the two found several charities that save women from trafficking so whether -- rather than ask for guess from this
10:33 pm
the gift of freedom. many people from his community joined jenkins on this journey. some as early as 5:00 a.m.. >> it's cool to watch them training and keeping up with his 50 for50 run. >> one person can do this pretty takes a team of people. >> jenkins goal was to raise $50,000, something that kept him going with each mile. >> thinking about the money we were racing knowing that we were running for something bigger than this race. >> while he is only race race have a beso make in great strides towards this goal. in albemarle kevin machak box 46 wjzy. jenna: happy birthday to him that if you want to help him achieve his goal is taking donations for the next 30 days. we will have more information on our web site and how you can
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the streets of uptown were lined with green this morning for the annual st. patrick's day parade and "fox 46 news" there in full force. bears neck. i was looking for him earlier. many people you see on fox walk the streets greeting many of you in handing out some freebies. there is robin kanady. parade had ireland's ambassador to the state the grand marshal. for some the tradition is more than just a day for the irish. >> it's a fabulous parade rate it's as good as it hits. i appreciate all the people in the city that turn out and do their best to be irish for a day. jenna: neck i gave you a shout-out a second ago. you appeared for second and i'm watching the video to see where you are. >> was i wearing my jester hat? >> you have something around your hat and -- neck and i
10:35 pm
or a lady. >> it was a locket and it has a picture of you in it. you represented st. patrick's day very nicely. we also have green here on the radar so that's not so much having to do with st. patrick's day as it is a little bit of rain out there and it's moving into mecklenburg county. this is not heavy at all. there may be pockets of moderate rain showers but it's slowly creeping north anise. belmont could topple a pineville and matthew into uptown charlotte some of that starting to move in. further out of the metro area westport gastonia lincolnton cherryville clover, a decent amount of rain out there. 70 was the high today. the average is 64. we have fallen a lot so from 70 to 48 and i don't think we will
10:36 pm
is beginning to to. lowe's dropping down to 38 and we anticipate a high tomorrow in the low 50's so we have a cold front sweeping through dragging in some really cool air and we could even see some snow in the high terrain as we get into sunday night and monday morning. energy keeping chances for the rain in forecast for tomorrow in the piedmont. there are sesno briefly appearing. we clear out nicely for the rest of monday, tuesday wednesday and thursday and as a result clear skies overnight maximum cooling so we could see a freeze as we get into monday morning without watch in place. tomorrow first day of spring and it's not going to feel like it at all. the last two weeks have been unofficially for the first day of the new season 356 monday rebounding into the low 60s and eventually the 70s wednesday thursday and friday
10:37 pm
that's your seven-day forecast. jenna: the dfw auto show happening in dallas and steve is there live but they look at some of the brand-new models joining us this morning and apparently they tell me you have your eyes on one in particular. >> there something for everybody here at the auto show from the $1.5 million, out of my price range, $15,000 mark car but the thing i love about coming to these things is seeing never before seen partnerships and there's a brand-new one between ford. take a look at the video. this is the new ford amex v.. this is the first volume production accessible suv. this is a game-changer because generally in this category up until now it's all been about the minivan only. now your vehicle can match her personality.
10:38 pm
shifter for increased space. in fact the front front seats in this vehicle can be taken in and outs of who is wheelchair-bound jimmy to be the passenger of the driver. great accessibility. the vehicle cost 30,000 to get it outfitted like this. another grand for a total cost. 60,000, on sale and available now. i want to show you this on my wish list. this is the brand-new j.a.g. wire. this is their intrigue -- j.a.g. wire. this one is 56,000. they started $40,000. you will see the technology is outstanding, eight-inch touch screen display all sorts of amenities. heated and vented front seats heads up display l.e.d. lighting. the size of the vehicle is probably on par just between a bmw x3 and x. five so a really
10:39 pm
i want to show you the front of it is the styling of this car is absolutely beautiful. again these just now starting to come out. this is the 2017 model which should be in full production and available by may. call our content. let me know which vehicles you want to see. my facebook fan page or my instagram page. i will do my best to hunt down what you would like to see in post pictures. live in dallas, back to you in charlotte. jenna: steve i'm curious you reference them earlier. we had a mini-fan for years. a love-hate relationship as many people will attest and that's awesome to see they have wheelchair accessible suv's. if they bother having many bands at an auto show like this? have you seen any many bands there are? >> if you want to many bands you
10:40 pm
bans some minivans have a new feature to them. for example amazon prime has their new one-hour delivery so we see a lot of vehicles incorporated for that. not necessarily minivans for family or home use but more for business use. with gas prices where they are the suv market is really hot. we are seeing a lot of companies move away from the minivan and into an suv with a third row seating option. that seems to resonate with consumers. jenna: i guess so. let me tell you the jaguar will do you a lot more good than your odyssey. steve thanks. >> it's nice, right? jenna: is very nice. thanks for talking with us. enjoy your time there. >> you all take care. about to get a lot more police.
10:41 pm
the pope launched a new account this morning andy already has more than 600,000 followers. the vatican says the decision to open the account came weeks after the pope met with instagram ceo. the pope already is a strong presence on social media. he joined twitter two years ago and has almost 9 million followers. so far he still hasn't joined facebook. he is really awesome on social media. i would almost say he is better than me on social media, josh. >> i don't follow the pope on twitter. jenna: i'm going to start following him. he is really with it. >> i can get my twitter came up if i follow him and he follows me back. i don't tweet anything interesting. we have a wild finish in the
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>> it's been a very inconsistently for the charlotte hornets after a month of being red-hot payday came out flat and lost to dallas on monday rebounded against orlando for a win on wednesday. fell behind by as many as 15 on the road in miami before rallying for it when so the question is what team will be see tonight at home against the denver nuggets? the same team that showed up against dallas and miami once
10:44 pm
it came out flat, down by 17 at the half. they tried to rally in the second half. that's nick a tomb putting that one in and jeremy lin spotting the corner and sinks that one. big al came up egg as well 10 points -- came up big as well. kemba walker 15 on the night for him he averages over 20 games so not his usual output and the nuggets held on to put the hornets to bed late. final score this 1101-93. charlotte losing again. they're they are back in action monday against the spurs. to the ncaa tournament waco. hard to top the games from friday when 15 of 14 in the 13 seed won on the same day for the first time in the ncaa tournament history.
10:45 pm
yale coming off a big upset when over fifth-seeded baylor in the opening round. the blue devils came out hot in the first half. brandon and graham knox that one down and how about a little canard and grayson allen from the corner. grayson has some hops. check out the one hand transition and duke up to 23 at the break rate this game was over, right? other plants in the second half brandon sharad gets three points the lead down to single digits but the freshman phenom reading graham puts the nail in the coffin 25 in the game and onto sweet 16 again for dude. they went 71-64. >> we had a heck of a team. you can't simulate that kind of game pressure and for our kids to respond we are very proud of winning are 25th game and
10:46 pm
it's a heck of a thing. >> the blue devils get the winner of the oregon st. jo's game and will take them on in the round of 16. unc played against providence and probably the score 34-30 just after the half. the winner of this one would dance to the sweet 16. college football charlotte kicking off their spring practice this morning. the 49'ers coming off their first season at the fps level as a member of conference usa pre-charlotte return 17 starters from last years team. they had a rough season to say the least going 0-8 in conference play but the guys understood last year he was going to be learning curve than they are now ready to take the next step. >> everybody's on the same page as far as what we are trying to do. we are trying to win the conference. we all have the same goal in
10:47 pm
are in different areas that right now everybody is that the same goal. >> the season will wrap up april 23 for charlotte with their annual green white spring game. the three-week west coast swing for nascar series is wrapping up this weekend with the atta club 400 in southern california. austin dylan will be on the pole for sunday's race after posting the fastest time during the qualifying last night. it's his first pole since the daytona 5002 years ago. he's certainly going to be one of the drivers to watch this weekend as is brad keselowski. the defending race winner and kevin harvick who dominated the west coast last year is coming up with a big win in phoenix. >> is one of our best races every year so i think every driver in the garage is looking forward to racing this particular package in california
10:48 pm
about it. you can race from the top and race in the bottom and it's going to be pretty exciting. i know of the driver seemed to be really excited about it. i know i'm excited about it and looking forward to what happens because the cars are going to be out of control. >> the auto club 400 goes green tomorrow at 3:30 in the race can the race can be seen right here on fox 46 wjzy. >> a big one for kyle bush because he knows -- he blows a tire. here comes more is on the inside to kyle bush who is one the last two experian raises blowing a tire on the final lap allowing daniels for us to come in to take the lead but then swore his runs out of gas and here comes bill and bouncing off the wall as bush tries to pin him against it. austin dylan says not today i
10:49 pm
xfinity raising california busch ended up finishing in second place and swore as though all
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
it did three frost and jenna: the emotionally charged production passion is just 24 hours away from hitting the airwaves and there is a lot of buzz surrounding the man behind it. "good day charlotte" felicia warren spoke one-on-one with
10:52 pm
means to him and the community that takes place in. >> the last hours of jesus christ is the 2000-year-old story they will be told like never before and fox 46 wjzy. it's called the passion and what they are live sunday at 8:00 p.m.. joining us now tyler perry who will be fuzzed -- hosting the production. hello. thanks for being with us. tyler you have an expensive list of projects you have worked on. how does this one stand out to you? >> i've never done anything like this. this is the story of christ told in modern day times. there are genes and 10 issues in new orleans will be our jerusalem. it's thousands of people ate 25 illuminated cross making its way through the city. there's nothing that like this is then on the television and american i'm excited to be the first one.
10:53 pm
viewer walks away with?- as you know this is an important story and means a lot to a lot of people. >> i read some things that shocked me in how many people don't live the -- believe in god and how many millennials don't know what the story is about. excitement for me as so many people do in life we go through a lot of things and i think it's important we teach our children to be able to turn to god because what i do know is if we don't teach them anything they will turn to something. this is such a family show that everybody can watch. it's going to be so touching and so moving and the story is so important and i'm so glad to be part of it. jenna: i also want to talk about the artistic side of everything. i know it's a musical and like you said a very different production. can you speak on for us? >> it's not like greece or the go who is her other life musicals. it's the story being told in new orleans but with top 40 songs
10:54 pm
daughtry and yolanda adams and all these great singers helping us tell the story. i'll tell you the only way to describe it is to witness it. you can't explain it in so many words. jenna: i know you have been shy about talking about religion or productions as well as your life and it seems as though you will be connected to this project and different way. >> very much so because for me i come from a generation where your parents would wake you up and make you go to church. that doesn't happen in anymore so i hope this gently gives people the reminder that there is faith, love and compassion for all. that's what my priority is. jenna: mr. tyler. such an honor, thank you so much and we are looking forward to the project. >> i will be in charlotte so i'm excited about it. >> make sure you call us.
10:55 pm
tyler perry will be joined right carlos curbelo playing jesus christ and north carolina son chris daughtry who will beep playing judas. the passion airs live on wjzy. if you are planning on a late dinner, we will get to that story story in a second. we have president obama here by coming up we will talk to you
10:56 pm
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crazy jenna: if you haven't had dinner yet braced herself because this might come off the menu. you're watching the moulton copper being poured over a big mac. the claim is this video shows mcdonald's food is indestructible but the myth busting site snopes says not so fast. it demonstrates what is called called -- it's complicated but the moisture inside the burger boils on the copper hits and that creates a theme layer that insulates and protects the food. >> i really don't care. those burgers are delicious and i will eat them every time i have a chance. jenna: you still have a little time to why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun.
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