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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 3, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ i'll be there ♪ neverland, michael jackson's fantasy world, a theme park playground celebrating a lost childhood. >> this is not the real world. >> an insider's tour. never before told stories. >> i'm going into the secret closet. >> it was where his children first called home. now there are new custody questions. >> debbie has not reached a final decision concerning the pending custody proceedings. >> also, michael's comeback tour. the king of pop back on top. >> he was electric. he was happy. >> new moves, new music. and a star-studded memorial
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service. remembering michael jackson as we pay tribute. "farewell from neverland" early this friday morning, july 3rd, 2009. captioning funded by cbs welcome to this special edition of "the early show." i'm maggie rodriguez here in new york. harry and julie are off this morning. dave is at michael jackson's neverland ranch in california. dave, good morning. >> good morning to you, maggie. neverland this morning, a very quiet scene. 2,700 acres of property bought back by michael jackson in the '80s for $17 million. this is the site of some of his greatest celebrations and, of course, some of the tragic events that determined the course in his later years. later today, the jackson family will announce the public details of his memorial that memorial
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service set to take place next tuesday, and the site of that event will be at the staples center in los angeles, the home of the lakers. meanwhile, this morning the battle over the custody of michael jackson's kids may begin to turn messy. debbie rowe, the mother of the singer's two oldest children says she's still deciding whether she wants to raise the kids herself and mount a legal battle. later in the broadcast, we're going to take you inside neverland and through this ranch and give you an amazing tour of this famous and somewhat infamous house. first, more on that public memorial planned for michael jackson. cbs news correspondent ben tracy is at the staples center this morning in l.a. good morning to you, ben. >> reporter: good morning, dave. as you say, the staples center here in downtown los angeles is where the memorial will take place on tuesday. this was also the place that michael jackson was using to rehearse for those upcoming concerts he has this summer in london and we're finally getting a glimpse of what those shows may have looked like.
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♪♪ >> reporter: this is michael jackson preparing to launch what could have been one of the great comebacks in music history. ♪ some people think in life they don't want to be ♪ >> it was extraordinary, and it was artistic and it was full of potential. and we saw him triumph in this very space. >> reporter: this footage, taken just days before his death, shows what appears to be a bit in sure footage. >> what i saw is a guy who had turned the corner his own belief and self-esteem, that he could do this. he could get it back and grab that ring again. >> reporter: michael jackson was preparing for a soldout 50-concert london tour. now his family is expected to finalize plans for a star-studded memorial service. >> it's likely that whatever happens will be big, will be
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monumental, and will be the send-off that they think is fitting for the king of pop. ♪ all i want to say is that they don't really care about us ♪ >> reporter: we are expecting to learn more about that memorial service later this morning. the arena seats 20,000 people but we're told only 11,000 free tickets will be made available to the public. i think we can be rest assured there will be a whole lot more than 11,000 people down here wanting to catch a glimpse of this event. dave? >> no doubt another media spectacle. cbs' ben tracy in los angeles, thank you so much. meantime there could be a new battle, as we were just mentioning mentioning, over the custody of michael jackson's three children. joining me now is cbs legal analyst lisa bloom. let's go through this. debbie rowe does she have a chance if she wants to battle even though she hasn't been involved in their lives and she signed away her parental rights? and even the question of her biological attachment to these
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kids is the question here? >> clearly, as the biological mother, she's first in line under california law. she gets the preference. she gets the children unless katherine jackson or someone else can show she's an unfit mother. that's a very difficult legal standard to meet. >> we have another question. what happens if joe jackson, katherine jackson, elderly, guardianship issues there. do they have a chance? >> and joe jackson has been accused of being a child abuser by michael jackson on videotape and by others over the years. debbie rowe wants a restraining order to keep joe jackson potentially away from those children. these are the kinds of things the court would take into account in a custody battle. everything would come into evidence. you can expect private investigators to be hired. all the life history of both sides to be looked into. this could be quite a battle. >> let's take a look at the major issues. >> absolutely. jackson's will makes it clear he wanted either his mother or diana ross to be the guardian to his children. now there's a powerful challenger to his wishes. ♪♪
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>> and now the $500 million question, where do jackson's kids go? six years ago, jackson's ex-wife debbie rowe relinquished custody of their eldest children prince michael and paris. but yesterday rowe reportedly told a local television station, "i want my children." however, her attorney says she hasn't decided whether to fight for custody. >> debbie has not reached a final decision concerning the pending custody proceedings. >> the kids didn't even know she was the birth mother. the kids thought she was a good friend of michael's or an aunt or something. >> those close to jackson question what kind of mother she'd be saying rowe was never a parent to her two children. >> she had very minimal visitation rights which i think irked her a little bit. but nonetheless, she saw the kids just on very rare occasions. >> jackson purposely omitted rowe from his will but rowe may have more say in the children's future than anyone ever imagined.
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>> the new custody hearing is scheduled for july 13th. so stay tuned. >> quick question. do they take the kids' wishes into account here? >> absolutely. especially the older children 12 and 11. they get to express where they want to go but that won't be conclusive on the court. >> thissed can be a prolonged battle if one begins. >> absolutely. >> lisa bloom, thank you for joining us. in the meantime stuart backerman is michael jackson's former publicist. he's joining us from our l.a. studios this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> stuart you have been around. you were here 2002 2004. you were a publicist during some of the toughest times for michael jackson. let's talk about his life post-divorce. you were around for that. was debbie rowe still part of his life or part of any of these children's lives at that point? >> not really. debbie, as i've mentioned before had infrequent visitation rights. and so she saw the kids really not very often. >> now, you said the kids don't
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know she is their biological mother. so who do they think that is? or what do they know? >> i'm not sure exactly who they think the mother is. that was never discussed. but i do know that they didn't think debbie rowe was their mother. they were told that debbie was either a friend or a relative. >> now, do you imagine we're about to see an epic custody battle? or how do you think this is going to play itself out? >> i don't think so to tell you the truth. i mean it's speculative because i'm not exactly sure what debbie is thinking now. but you have to understand that debbie came to michael's support on two critical occasions, one after the martin bashir interview where she came to mitigate the concerns about
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michael being around children where she said that michael wouldn't help any child. that was tremendously helpful to michael at that time. and then secondly during the trial. a lot of people would say that it was debbie rowe's testimony and the way she testified that saved michael at that trial. so i don't really think that debbie rowe wants to stir the pot with this custody issue. i think it was michael's wishes that his mother be the custodial parent look after the children. and because she cared for michael very very much and as i said came to his support on a number of occasions, i would really be surprised if she stirred the pot here and createded a real furor because that furor would ultimately have an impact on the children. i don't think she wants to see that happen. >> stuart backerman, thanks for your insight this morning. we appreciate it. much more from neverland coming up in just a couple of minutes. right now, maggie we'll send it back to new york. in other news this morning, with convicted ponzi schemer
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bernard madoff behind bars for rest of his life the focus is shifting now to his wife ruth. cbs news correspondent bianca solorzano is here in new york to bring us up to date. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. bernard madoff at least knows he'll have a roof over his head. his wife ruth though doesn't have that assurance anymore. and then there were none. yesterday federal marshals seized bernard madoff's final property. this $7 million manhattan penthouse, leaving his wife effectively homeless. >> ruth are madoff who was in the apartment when we arrived, has vacated the residence. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news ruth madoff was reluctant to leave and pleaded unsuccessfully to keep her fur coat. >> she has surrendered all personal property to the united states marshal service. >> reporter: the apartment seizure was part of a deal ruth madoff made last week, give up all of her assets in exchange for $2.5 million. and now her future is very uncertain. the apartment is gone and so are the seized homes in palm
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beach, florida, and the south of france and long island. so where will ruth live now? >> i would really doubt she's staying with the sons. they haven't spoken with her since the arrest. >> reporter: author andrew kirtzman is writing a book on the madoffs called "betrayal." >> i've spoken to a lot of ruth madoff's friends who are very conflicted about her. they loved her and knew her for decades, but she's bankrupt now. >> reporter: that $2.5 million that could easily buy her a new place, that is still vulnerable to civil lawsuits and other type of lawsuits. there's really no telling at the end of the day how much ruth will wind up with or where she will wind up. maggie? >> bianca solorzano, thank you, bianca. time to get a check of the weather. filling in for davey y y y is steve mclaughlin of our station in san diego. >> a couple of travel trouble
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spots. i think some isolated showers should not delay air travel up here in the northeast, but a big time low pressure center busted off from the monsoonal flow. airport delays possible. kansas city and st. louis, thunderstorms erupting later on this afternoon through the dakotas. down through the missouri valley and su >> that's your latest weather. now back over to dave at neverland ranch. >> thank you. still to come a backstage
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pass to michael jackson's former private retreat. we'll take you through the main house there and show you a lot of neverland. plus this place holds special memories for many of its visitors. we'll take you back to some of the happiest times here at the ranch.
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♪♪ well this is neverland. michael jackson's neverland ramplling ranch. it's an iconic property that the pop star built, if you will as his private retreat. we're going to walk through the doors that he would come through every time he came here. we're going to go inside where
7:17 am
thea andrews is standing by. thea had the rare opportunity to go on a tour through this house all the way through this property. good morning thea. >> good morning. how are you? >> and what did you see, and what were your observations? >> clearly, neverland is no longer the fantasyland that jackson created. the carnival rides are gone. the exotic animals are gone from the zoo. as i tour the property with j. randy taraborrelli who's a jackson biographer and a friend of the family it was clear that you could sense the secret world that michael jackson once inhabited here. >> so this is neverland. this is not the real world. this is a fantastic, wonderful place. this is michael jackson's master bedroom. i mean imagine that. >> i couldn't help noticing in the bathroom there's some very
7:18 am
ornate faucets. are those real gold? >> that's real gold in there, you bet. michael jackson had pretty exquisite and expensive taste. nothing in this house is phony. >> i'm going in the secret closet. don't lock the door on me. oh wow. unfortunately, no glittering jackets, no gloves. the heart of any home. >> yeah the kitchen. michael loves this kitchen. the first time michael actually ever saw this kitchen was when paul mccartney leased this house while he was making the video "say say, say." >> tell me about this room. >> this is the living room. this is the fireplace that michael loved so much. lisa marie presley, when she was married to michael, she wasn't crazy about this room. one day when michael was gone she had the furniture switched and turned this into the dining room. michael wasn't happy about that at all, and he had it switched back again. >> who would come to dinner at a
7:19 am
jackson family dinner party? >> elizabeth taylor liza minelli, all the people we know so well. >> all sitting up here? >> all sitting up here and dining with michael jackson. this is where michael did a lot of his entertaining. he had a lot of family barbecues her. a lot of jackson family days. when elizabeth taylor had her wedding, the reception was held right here. this was completely covered with flowers. >> why was this tree special to michael? >> this was a special tree to michael. believe it or not, michael jackson would climb up to that very level that looks like a set of fingers, like a hand and he called that the bird's nest. and he wrote "dangerous" up there. and the view from all of this no wonder he was so inspired. >> the nature inspired him? >> there's no doubt about it. i think he would be really honored to know that we have been able to feel the sense of peace here that he so cherished. >> neverland is so tranquil.
7:20 am
it's beautiful here. the location is very remote. now, at the time, dave, michael michael's people wanted him to buy the actual house in beverly hills that was used for the tv show "the beverly hillbillies." but michael had already seen this place and fell in love with it. >> everything looks as it was. the outside is pristine at this point, but that's a little misleading. >> i wouldn't say as it was. if you look in the backyard, there's a lot of beautiful new sod. it's very fresh. you can see the lines where they've laid it down. they've obviously come in from what we can tell shortly after michael's death and replanted the flowers, replanted the grass. beyond that there's sort of a dirt patch, which you can't see right now in the pitch of night. they've obviously made a lot of effort in the past couple of days to refresh this place, anticipating that people like us would be here to explore neverland. >> thea andrews, thank you so much. stick around everyone.
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still to come michael jackson's song and video "gone too soon" was written in memory of ryan white. we'll speak with ryan's mother about her memories of michael in neverland. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ like a perfect flower that is just beyond your reach ♪ >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mccormick grill mates. master the flame. master the flavor. how 'bout a laundry day you can look forward to? trading up to appliances that work hard... and taking advantage of lowered prices that are loaded with freebies-- like free delivery and free haul away that are hassle-free. maybe all that will make those big purchases - feel less big. - ♪ oh yeah! ♪ more saving. more doing.
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♪♪ welcome back to "the early show." dave is spending the morning out there at neverland ranch, the former home of michael jackson. dave watching it on tv it seems to me like sort of a cross between disneyland and graceland. what is it like to actually be there? >> well it's strange, to be honest with you, so close to michael's death. it's eerie.
7:25 am
it's a . better weather this weekend. 82, sun and clouds this morning. we may have a totally clear sunset this evening. a greatly diminished chance of an evening thunderstorm. over to sharon gibala in traffic control. i can give the all-clear as far as traffic. not a problem to report at this hour, there's a live look at the beltway. it's empty at 70. same situation at liberty. there's 95 at whitemarsh.
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this traffic brought by mdmountain in the news, little girl on life support after she was shot with a stray bullet in southwest baltimore. mary bubala that has story. >> reporter: good in the morning. the little girl is on life support this morning struggling to survive after being shot. she was shot in the the head yesterday after two groups of young people were fighting. a suspect came back with a hundred and fired at another person involved in the earlier fight and that bullet struck the little girl as she walk down the street with her cousins. the crime was captured on tape. thank you. we're learning more about the events leading up to a double murder. elbert gardener went to a
7:27 am
jealous rage when he heard his ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend. he shot both and tried to suffocate her 12-year-old son. the play ground at stadium place at waferly is back up. the arsonists have not been caught. the orioles on the west coast this morning, last night's opener with the angels did not go well for them. the birds lose 5-2. the game will be broadcast here on masn saturday night. stay with wjz 13, up next, happier days, a look at neverland ranch during the payday. the crown of the statue of
7:28 am
liberty is re-opened to visiters.
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7:30 am
welcome back to "the early show," everyone. we are outside and inside neverland. the michael jackson ranch. in a moment we're going to look at the glory days of this magnificent estate. as we walk down these stairs right now, we are in the living room. it's in this room that there were so many magical moments. we'll talk more about that in just a little while. in the meantime maggie we'll send it back to you. >> it is amazing to finally get in there and see this place that we had only wondered about until now. dave, thank you so much. also this holiday weekend we
7:31 am
want to get you ready for your weekend. in "healthwatch" today we'll talk about how to enjoy good food at a barbecue that will still allow you to look good in your swimsuit. that calorie friendly choices that won't hurt your diet this weekend. dave? >> all right, maggie. back inside we are in the neverland ranch. it's a beautiful structure. over 17,000 square feet. you can take a look at some of the brass appointments and the solid wood. it's a rich looking, beautiful structure. again, it was in this room if we walk over in this direction, that you can actually see where the christmas tree used to be set up. this is where they had the big parties. this is the living room. and outside there's a gorgeous porch where the living quarters extend. and there were so many happy times here. but we're joined once again right now with "entertainment tonight's" thea andrews with a special look back at some of those beautiful events those happy occasions which filled neverland. >> you can almost imagine,
7:32 am
right, what fabulous parties he must have had here. it's been pretty much bare like this since michael moved out about four years ago. his things were gradually taken out of this house, taken to auction or put in storage. but looking around the place, one can imagine what a thrill it must have been for the guests who came here. ♪♪ >> the gates still say neverland once upon a time. once upon a time it was more than jackson's home it was an oasis filled with amusement park rides, wild animals, and laughter. not only for the king of pop but everyone who visited. >> everything is free. the food you get whatever you want. i think it's just great. >> neverland was a michael made paradise with a dozen rides, a private zoo complete with elephants and camels spread over 2,800 acres. here michael could forget his troubles, and so could everyone else. >> there was nothing like this
7:33 am
maybe in the entire world. i think that most people who had the opportunity to come here left thinking, wow, what an experience that was. >> neverland was a must see location for other pop stars and cultural icons. nick and aaron carter along with mike tyson, made the trip to los olivos for a charity event in 2003. >> it was kind of dual purpose, one, to experience neverland, and two is to meet with michael jackson, who they looked up tremendously. >> look at this. >> there were also smaller scale celebrations held at neverland like this family christmas from a decade ago. for michael, the most important guests were the disadvantaged. >> busloads of children who were poor, who came from broken homes used to line up in front of neverland. and the kids would just pour out. >> in fact one of the children who enjoyed neverland the most was ryan white. early in the aids crisis ryan was infected with hiv because of a tainted blood treatment.
7:34 am
the young hemophiliac was expelled from school but was always welcome at neverland. ryan white became something of a media celebrity himself. he passed away in 1990 but he spoke out for aids patients everywhere, which led congress to pass the ryan white care act. shortly after his death in 1990. dave who knows if that would have happened if michael had not brought him into the spotlight. >> thea andrews, thank you so much. we'll see you later in the show and more on "entertainment tonight." maggie, back to you. much more from neverland in just a while. as thea just said ryan white and his family spent happy times at jackson's neverland ranch. joining me now is ryan's mom jeanne white-ginder. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> and for bringing this lovely album. we were looking through this. it is pages and pages and pages of memories with michael jackson, including the first time you ever visited neverland. let me show everybody that.
7:35 am
tell me about this. i know in neverland they don't usually allow cameras. >> yes, there's no cameras allowed. i told michael. i said michael, i just have to have a picture of you and ryan. so he motioned for the cook. he sent the cook out to get a polaroid camera. so we could take some pictures at the ranch. an then he gave us the polaroid camera afterwards. precious memories. >> so many memories that you captured here. what was ryan's favorite thing to do at neverland? >> oh gosh. i think the movies -- he liked the movie theater. he just liked being able to do anything you want order anything you want. it was just a very fun time for ryan. i mean there was just a lot of things. he liked bubbled. bubbles was there. and he liked bubbles. it was just a fun time. >> and what was michael like with him? what was that relationship like? >> you know i think people at first became friends with ryan because they kind of felt sorry for him, and michael was always
7:36 am
so amazed. i think maybe that was the truth with michael. once you met ryan you didn't feel sorry for him. michael said you know ryan never talked about his illness. and he said you know he never wanted anybody to feel sorry for him. so i think they really had this good communication of, you know, respect for each other. >> you never had any hesitation about allowing ryan to spend time with michael jackson? >> none whatsoever. ryan went out there in 1989 right after christmas. that was the first time ryan had went by himself.s but i think there was just a respect for one another. it was so funny because ryan calls me and i said what did you do today? he goes tonight we watched three hours of three stooges movies. and i was like what? >> was it like two kids playing together? >> ryan was kind of older. ryan was 18. i think he was kind of the older. you know we always liked staying in the cottages. >> you mean the older between
7:37 am
him and michael jackson? ryan was more mature is that what you're saying? >> ryan was kind of more mature. i think michael had been used to being a lot -- he was so interested in everything ryan liked and what an 18-year-old would like to do. michael just loved kids. he didn't care what race you were, what color you were what was your handicap what was your disease. michael just loved all children. >> and i know that he did something incredibly special when he found out what ryan's favorite car was. >> yes, a 1989 mustang. michael bought ryan a 1989 mustang. >> and just to see the joy on kids' faces. we had no -- we got a call from the dealership that said that they had a car for ryan. but i think the neatest thing that michael did was do the "gone to sing" video. >> not only did michael jackson go to the funeral, sit with you. afterwards, he sat inside the red mustang. tell me about that moment.
7:38 am
that was incredible. >> the car was sitting outside the yard and people were pouring flowers. everybody had to leave a memento. and andrea and michael went out to the car. >> your daughter andrea? >> my daughter andrea and michael started the car up and "man in the mirror" was playing. the little things made michael so happy. you could see it in his eyes. he was smiling from ear to ear, and he said "i was the last person that ryan listened to." and i said yes. because ryan played "man in the mirror" over and over and over again. >> and then he wrote a song the song you mentioned for ryan. can we just listen to it? it's such a powerful song. >> i would love to. ♪ on a cloudy afternoon ♪ ♪ gone too soon ♪ >> what do you feel when you look at that jeanne? >> that promise that was kept
7:39 am
three days after ryan's funeral, michael called me and asked me how i was doing. i said michael, what made you and ryan so close? he said, you know jeanne most people can't get over who i am. they can't act normal around me. ryan knew how i wanted to be treateded because that's how he wanted to be treated. he said i can't trust anyone jeanne, because they always want something from me. i promised ryan he would be in my next video, but now that he's gone, i can't do that. can i do a video for him? and i said that's incredible you would do a video. he did the video "gone too soon." that's a memory we'll share forever. >> thanks for sharing your special memories. great having you on. >> thank you. >> time for another check of the weather. good morning. >> good morning, maggie. it's a big day before the fourth of july holiday. let's get you caught up on the national forecast. it's a steam bath through the
7:40 am
southern plains, baton rouge louisiana, record temperatures again today. travel and trouble spots if you're driving or flying in through the central plains typical monsoon thunderstorms from phoenix eastward up in through the central rockies. it remains pretty warm out west in the >> that's your latest weather. now back over to maggie. >> thank you so much.
7:41 am
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what a glorious morning. this morning in "healthwatch," how to shave 1,000 calories off your fourth of july barbecue and still have a great meal. our dr. jennifer ashton is here with the secrets. >> i hope you come over to my house this weekend. this is the healthy options
7:48 am
we'll have. this is the not so healthy option. potato chips, ranch dressing. you can substitute for tostitos and salsa, and there's a difference between 210 calories and 140 calories. >> just as tasty, big difference. >> main course here. a lot of people indulge in corn on the cob with a lot of butter potato salad a lot of mayonnaise regular hot dog. big burger with a nice bun. go to the low fat mayo skip the butter maybe a whole wheat bun, difference of 1,300 calories here. 650 calories here. big difference. >> and still a lot of food. >> dessert, you can't forget about this. the apple pie with the whipped cream on top obviously is a hunl source of calories. go for nice water melon. big difference. 426 calories here versus 86 calories here. >> that's a huge difference. >> you're saving grand total. >> 426, 86.
7:49 am
>> what's the takeaway? >> you want to eat healthy every day. not just on the 4th, but the 3rd and the 5th as well. you can eat a lot less or a lot more of the healthy portions. whichever way. >> thank you. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: cbs healthwatch sponsored by dannon activia. helps naturally regulate your digestive system. activia light! delicious, fat free, and above all... the only one that has bifidus regularis and is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. activia light. ♪ activiaaa! ♪ our hair need expert repair?
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watching 95 at the bridge, an
7:56 am
accident involving an rv. they couldn't turn it around and trying to back it up. on 95 northbound, there's a backup. one other accident on 95 northbound on 100. this report brought to you by the cochran firm. call the firm at 1-800-thefirm. the little girl at shock trauma after being hit with a bullet overnight. mary bubala staying on the story. >> reporter: good morning. we're told the little girl is on life support this morning struggling to survive after being shot. she was shot about 4:00 yesterday. caught in the cross fire between two groups of young people. one of the suspects returned after the fight broke up and fire at another person involved in the earlier fight and that bullet missed the target
7:57 am
striking the little girl as she walk town the street with her cousins. the crime was captured on tape. thank you. despite the fact you saw people in hand cuffs, no one has been arrested. a green light from a federal judge to go ahead with a case against wells fargo. it claims the bank targeted black homeowners were sub-prime loans. natural grass will be temporarily install on top of the sports turf as the world football challenge is on july 24 july 24th. 60,000 tickets have already been sold. stay with us, up next, the day neve
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ gone too soon ♪ welcome back to "the early show," everyone. i'm dave price at michael jackson's neverland ranch here in california. coming up at this hour the evolution of neverland. it began as a magical place for jackson to live out his childhood but ended with a cloud of scandal that forced jackson to abandon it. we'll take a closer look at those darker days. meanwhile, maggie is back in new york. good morning to you, maggie. >> good morning, dave. we are feeling very patriotic out here on the plaza, aren't we everybody? as we get ready to celebrate america's independence we have
8:01 am
people from delaware kentucky missouri indiana, almost every state. and what a special birthday. cody's 9th birthday. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> look cody's birthday spectacular, cbs on the plaza. we love that. and to celebrate cody's birthday and the fourth of july we're going to make some great burgers. we're not just going to talk about how to grill them. we always do that. we're going to talk about how to properly dress up your burger with extra special sauce and amazing toppings. it's all coming up here in just a little bit with chef sang yoon. first, let's check in with russ mitchell at the news desk. a custody battle may be looming for two of michael jackson's children. their mother jackson's ex-wife debbie rowe wanted to delay the custody hearing while she's considering her next move. jackson's mother has temporary guardianship of the children. the memorial service for the singer will be held tuesday morning at the staples center in los angeles.
8:02 am
and california's attorney general has joined the investigation into jackson's death. vice president joe biden is spending the independence holiday in iraq. he's coordinating u.s. policy there. he will sit down with iraqi leaders in baghdad. a powerful earthquake was centered in the gulf of california about three-quarters of the way down the baja california peninsula. so far, there are no reports of any injuries. crash investigators now say the air france jet that crashed in the atlantic ocean last month was apparently still in one piece when it hit. the cause of the crash may remain a mystery. nancy cordes reports. >> reporter: french investigators shocked the aviation community by declaring that air france flight 447 plowed into the atlantic ocean largely intact and belly first, instead of breaking apart in flight as the wide debris field had led many to believe. >> i think the french may be moving more quickly to conclusions than the evidence
8:03 am
indicates. >> reporter: the investigators admit with the black boxes at the bottom of the ocean, it's difficult to know anything for certain. but they say their examination of more than 600 pieces of wreckage from the june 1st crash indicates crumpling consistent with a full speed ocean impact. >> in particular, examination of the tail fin indicates that it did not break up in flight but upon impact. >> reporter: but the actual cause of the crash may remain a mystery. those black boxes at the bottom of the ocean will only continue to emit a signal for another couple of days, if that. nancy cordes, cbs news, reagan national airport. a federal judge in los angeles has thrown out the convictions of a missouri mother in the case of cyber bullying that may have pushed a 13-year-old girl to suicide. lori drew was accused of creating a fake profile on the myspace social network site to torment megan meyer, a neighbor. the judge ruled the anti-hacking law used against drew is
8:04 am
unconstitutional. in san diego, a 7-year-old boy was in a tight spot for more than half an hour. you could say a very tight spot. the boy got his head stuck in a storm drain. it took rescuers 40 minutes to free him. the ordeal began when he tried to retrieve a toy that fell in the drain. and hasani has a new mom. after he was born in december at the san francisco zoo, hasani was rejected by his mother. the zoo paired him with another gorilla, and the adoption seems to have worked out just fine. >> tell you what russ maggie is here with me. we've got tocbcb straight. who's got the birthday here? >> he wasn't on camera when i mentioned him. all his friends have to see him. we're celebrating cody's birthday spectacular on cbs. enjoy your day. take it away. >> i like his parents because they're from iowa state. give me one of these. russ mitchell has missouri right? here's folks from missouri. missouri tigers for russ
8:05 am
mitchell. big group all the way down here from evansville, indiana. thanks for coming to visit us. 59th and fifth. there's really no dress code here on the plaza, but this is nice. my prom date right here. let's go to weather and talk about what's happening on this big travel day before you head into the fourth of july. severe weather possible one to three inches of rain from omaha through st. louis. later on these thunderstorms could go all the way in through tomorrow for the fireworks. let's take a look at the national map. today travel trouble spots. airport delays possible. st. louis down in through kansas city. typical afternoon thunderstorms down in florida. nice up here in the northeast, just some isolated showers. . looking at for the forecast for the day. maybe an isolated shower later. we're going to get sunny and diminishing the chance of a thunderstorm or a pop-up
8:06 am
shower. we've bust out of that pattern. tonight 62. tomorrow sunny a high of 84 kicking off a five-day run of sun and >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by macy's. >> and that's your latest weather. dave, they're dressing up for us out on the plaza. they're looking good out on a thursday. >> thank you very much. up next the day everything changed at the neverland ranch. we'll be right back. you're watching cbs.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
in the hey day of the neverland ranch, michael jackson opened the gates to thousands of children. neverland also played a role in jackson's child molestation scandal, and entertainment tonight's thea andrews is back with more on that. thea? >> as you said neverland is the place where michael jackson came to escape reality, but it's also the place where reality came crashing down on him. after that michael jackson's life and neverland were never the same. >> i think michael's happiest time here was probably the first three or four years. >> michael jackson bought this ranch in 1988 turning it into a retreat for himself and a fantasy land that welcomed children. the neverland ranch had an amusement park zoo, and even disney like train stations. it was a place where jackson lived out the childhood he never had. but in november 2003 like jackson's career neverland's aps's idealic image was tarnished when he was accused of molesting a
8:11 am
cancer survivor. >> they descended this house and tore this house apart. they went through all of his belongings. they took stuff out of here rummaged through everything. from that moment on michael felt the property had been tainted. >> with a warrant out for his arrest jackson surrendered to authorities at the santa barbara jail his hands cuffed behind his back as he was taken inside fingerprinted and photographed. jackson faced 12 counts of child molestation from the 12-year-old boy who claimed he spent a lot of time at the singer's neverland ranch. jackson posted a $3 million bond and was released. >> he was greatly outraged by the bringing of these charges. he considers this to be a big lie. >> jackson was eventually acquitted, but the scandal nearly ruined the pop star. in a "60 minutes" interview, jackson told ed bradley the ordeal had driven him from neverland forever. >> so you haven't been back there? >> i've been back there but not in my bedroom. i won't live there ever again. i'll visit neverland. it's a house now.
8:12 am
it's not a home anymore. >> jackson's death last week renewed speculation about the future of the neverland ranch. one idea being floated is a tourist attraction much like elvis presley's graceland. while there's still no word on where jackson will be buried some believe a neverland homecoming would be fitting. >> i definitely feel that michael would have wanted neverland this fantastic place that he created that is so filled with his soul and his spirit to be his final resting place. >> while many family and fans would like to see michael buried here at neverland, there are a variety of state laws that would make that very difficult, if not impossible. >> thanks so much. you're talking about, and we've just seen these rooms which were so key in that down fall of michael jackson. this is the bedroom. but what a lot of people don't realize, the bedroom was two floors. there was a master bedroom right here and then you close the door and up these stairs is that second room so key.
8:13 am
police also raided this room. and these were areas visitors were never allowed. adults were always minded in that living room outside in the small area but never here. again, in testimony, in stories recounted by some of the children who were here that is what indeed drove police to this ranch to make the raid that they did, which, of course was one of those key moments in the downfall of michael jackson. so it's just fascinating to return to this scene which was a center of happiness for michael jackson and indeed was a lynchpin in this downfall as well. maggie? >> dave someone who knew michael jackson during those tough times, his longtime friend uri geller joins us from his home in berkshire, england. uri, good morning to you. >> good morning, maggie. >> i know you were friends through good anded ba. he was the best man at your wedding. you were with him through the child molestation charges. you say you personally witnessed him using prescription drugs.
8:14 am
did you ever confront him about his drug use, uri? >> look i think that i was probably the only man, maybe beside his father that shouted at michael after seeing the way he looked and the reaction to whatever he was taking. i was very concerned for his health. there were times when i couldn't wake him up. i kind of had to shake him and ask him, michael, are you okay? is there anything wrong? i slept on floors next to his bed. i slept in the next rooms next to his bedroom just to make sure that he will be able to wake up the next day. now, having said that you know michael was a great personality, a gentle man, a loving person a loving father. he was an idol an icon. he is a legend and he was a
8:15 am
phenomenon. but what i don't understand is how come for so many years -- we're not talking about a month or a year. how come there wasn't someone who realized that they've got to save michael, they've got to do something to catapult him out of this vicious cycle of him being given things that did this to him. >> i'd like to show some video that you shot a couple of years back during one of your trips to england with michael jackson. during this time was he using drugs? tell me about his state. and what happened when you tried to be that person that tried to snap him out of it? what was michael jackson's reaction? >> whenever this happened and my screaming at him, trying to instill in his mind that it is dangerous, that it could kill him, that he will die if he
8:16 am
continues, most of the times he just stared at me maggie. he just looked at me. it went -- his stare just went through me. i remember once we arranged him to see gorillas in the london zoo. he wanted to go to the zoo. i just -- we couldn't wake him up. i was so so concerned. now, i must make something clear. i've never seen him take drugs. i have confiscated things out of his bedroom on numerous occasions that i believed were very dangerous for him. and i must ask this question how did this happen? i couldn't live with him. i lived in england. he lived in los angeles. i only saw him the times he came to england. >> did you ever tell his family about this uri? >> no but i'm sure his family were also terribly concerned. they loved michael. probably they tried to talk to him about it too. but there wasn't a person next
8:17 am
to him that really loved him for the man michael was. he managed to always create and surround himself with people who could not say no to him. this was the tragic thing. nobody was around to be able to control michael. and i believe that seeing the footage of him rehearsing and dancing and looking good and about to come to england to do the concert, someone has to investigate how did it happen in two or three days? how did michael jackson die? >> that is all being investigated. uri geller, thank you for sharing your time this morning. >> thank you. up next what you think you know about the fourth of july could be all wrong. we're going to get a little bit of a history lesson when we come back here on "the early show" on cbs.
8:18 am
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8:20 am
okay everybody. in honor of the fourth of july we've invited kenneth davis, the author of "don't know much about history," to test our independence day knowledge. i may need some help from the peanut gallery. just saying. good morning to you, kenneth. >> good morning. it's always a pleasure to be with you guys. >> we love when you come by and quiz us. what do you have for us today? >> it is independence day, and there's a holiday. there must be some reason we're celebrating. let's try and figure it out. >> he always stumps us. he's very good with his questions. >> these should be pretty easy. let's see. >> it's been a long time since we learned american history. >> if you don't get these, there's a bus waiting for you to take you to canada. >> no pressure. >> with the rest of the torris. what was the actual vote on the resolution for independence?
8:21 am
when was it taken? the 1st, the 2nd, or the 4th of july ' july? >> i'm assuming it was the 4th but since you're asking it must be a trick question. >> i'll say "a." >> i'll say "b." >> i'll go with maggie. always go with maggie. >> that's a good idea in this case. july 2nd. we actually have should have celebrated yesterday if we took john adams' word. he wrote to abigail they did vote on the independence on july 2nd. we'll celebrate with pomp and parades and they did have fireworks back then. the 4th was the day the declaration was adopted, and that was fixed in america's mind as america's birthday. >> question number two. >> who drafted the original declaration of independence? this one you'd better get. thomas jefferson, albert einstein, or george washington. >> russ, you guess first. >> it's "a." >> it is "a." we can skip right over that one.
8:22 am
thomas jefferson. now, he was part of a committee of five. he had some help from john adams and ben franklin but then he had to sit for two days while congress picked over his words. he was not happy. they changed some of his words. he called those changes mutilations. by the way, fifth avenue the main library has a copy of jefferson's handwritten draft of the declaration. it's on display right now. it's a true national treasure. >> question number three. why didn't george washington sign the declaration of independence? sean, this is yours to guess. >> i still think it's thursday. i'm thinking "b." >> "b" as well. >> me too. i agree. >> that's right. he was in new york commanding troops. just a couple of miles from here. >> let's get to the next one. it says who was the first person to sign the declaration of independence? john hancock. >> right? >> john hancock is correct. but not in that big signature. that came later. the signing actually happened in august.
8:23 am
john hancock signed the draft that day to make it official but the big signing of the big
8:24 am
8:25 am
25 past 8:00. a great holiday start of the reduced rush because of it. we'll where a that up after the first morning weather. the forecast is getting better all the time. didn't ringo say those words or sing them? the five-day forecast, look at this. how magnificent of a run of weather getting ready to go on? with sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s. today, we're going to start the clearing process. and i think by midafternoon or evening, we have a passing chance of thunder shower. here the traffic control with sharon. >> reporter: good morning everyone. a pretty good morning on area roads. very light volume. only a few minor issues. an accident reported on 95 southbound at 100. haven't been able to confirm that one. you can see the speed sensors
8:26 am
are showing full speed. we have a look at a second accident reported at marlin avenue in eastern boulevard in essex. everything looking good at the tunnel and the west side of the beltway and to and from the shore. this traffic report brought to you by mr. tire. shop tires, print coupons online at mr. in the news this morning the story of a little girl walking through your own neighborhood struck from a stray bullet up the block. we're live outside of the trauma center. >> reporter: we're told the little girl remains on life support struggling to survive after being shot. she was shot about 4:00 yesterday. caught in the cross fire between a fight of two groups of young people. one of the suspects returned after the fight broke up. and he was armed with a semiautomatic handgun. fired at another person involved in the earlier fight. the person missed the intended
8:27 am
target striking the 5-year-old girl walking down the street with her cousins. the they say the crime was captured on tape. back to you. we have a update on breaking news from yesterday. lightning stroke a church in west baltimore starting a church. the steeple will need to come down and be rebuilt. the bethel a.m.e. services will be held at a different location. northwest washington neighborhood following a police raid there. happened on aspen street. later police confirmed that the scene was all staged for a discovery channel tv show. both local police and district officials told they were never told about the filming beforehand. may have not started college but a local teen is a budding novelest. won the nora roberts short
8:28 am
contest. will receive a scholarship. stay with wjz news
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ on the boat and on the planes they coming to america ♪ as we look down fifth avenue we can see all the american flags, and we can feel the patriotism on the plaza today. welcome back to "the early show" on this holiday friday. dave is at michael jackson's neverland ranch. first, dave i want to show you what we have going on here. we have all these people from all over the country. we also have chef sang yoon. he's from out where you are, dave, in l.a. he's got a couple of restaurants called father's office. look what they specialize in burgers. hungry hungry. we're not only going to grill up
8:31 am
perfect burgers. we're going to talk about the perfect topping, including what kind of cheese this is. all that coming up in this half hour. now over to you, dave. >> all right, maggie. coming up in this half hour everyone, we're going to look at the last known videotape of michael with our dr. jennifer ashton to see what clues it may hold about his physical condition. maggie? also ahead, dave this morning, we'll be checking out the latest trends in stylish and sexy t-shirts which can be appropriate for the office or a fancy party or just about anything else. when is it right to wear a t-shirt, what kind of t-shirt, and all that#a#a stuff. first, let's check in with sean mclaughlin from our phoenix station. >> you're pretty good on the fourth of july kid. blow it up big. let's talk about travel weather today. a lot of people taking off work. maybe class reunions heading back in through the central plains. we've got travel trouble spots in through the central plains with july 4th downpours. cool up in the northeast.
8:32 am
it's hot, steamy and sticky down in through the southern plains and evening storms up in through the central rockies. just absolute picture perfect weekend weather. all the way up through the west >> hey, everybody, look who's here. pts paul potts, winner of series one "britain's got talent." you're performing next week here.
8:33 am
and you've got a new album out. coming from bristol, england, just outside bristol, england and winning series one. >> it's incredible. i've found myself going around the world sex times now. making my way from houston and boston and then here. and now next week, it's just incredible to find myself doing another tour. >> you're going to give us a taste of your song off our album. it's la prima votto. take it away. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
8:34 am
♪♪ ♪♪ >> what do we think, people? nice. way to go. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> russ that wyvnb for the anniversary couple right here the hartmans celebrating their wedding anniversary. >> that was really pretty. thank you both very much. on thursday michael jackson's concert promoter released the last known video of the performer during his rehearsals for his comeback concert ins london. ♪ all i want to say is they don't really care about us ♪ >> our dr. jennifer ashton is back with some analysis of this. jennifer good to see you. people have been dissecting this left and right.
8:35 am
when you take a look at it what do you see? >> sometimes it's just as important to see what we don't see as well as what we do see. we don't see him stumbling. we don't see him slurring his words. we don't see him starting and stopping. all of those indicate he's able to focus and do what he's supposed to do in these rehearsals. >> he was 5'10" to 5'11", he weighed 112 to 120 pounds. he's always been thin. does it strike you as abnormally thin? >> his body habitus, as you say, has always been on the slimmer side. we do have to realize to be 5'10", 5'11", 112 pounds puts you just as much as potential health risks as it does to be on the obese side of things. but his baseline is his baseline. >> we still don't know what happened. as a physician, when you take a look does it say to you that something happened? two days before he died did something happen that day? >> obviously, anyone can undergo sudden cardiac death. that appears to be the case with him. obviously, he was able to rehearse, perform up to a high physical level.
8:36 am
in order to do this kind of tour you have to be both physically prepared and emotionally and psychologically prepared. and from this short video, it does appear that there's nothing ab normal. we have to look into things like electric electrolight abnormalities, drug interactions. he looks pretty good here. >> he's smiling and looks like he's happy. some people were saying they weren't sure if it was a track or if he was singing. but you're looking for stumbles or bumbles in his voice. >> again, he's not stopping and starting. he's focused. some people may remember video fightage of elvis presley at end when he was in hawaii. it's obvious at times he did appear impaired. we don't see any of these indications here in this clip. >> more medical stuff next week with michael jackson. should be an interesting week. jennifer ashton, thank you so much. now here's maggie. >> so sorry, russ. i'm here chatting with nicole about t-shirts. we're going to talk about t-shirts which are going glam this summer. style expert nicole young is here with the right t-shirt for
8:37 am
every occasion. good morning. >> good morning. >> you and i were just talking about how important it is like with everything else to have a good foundation. >> absolutely. >> let's start with undergarments. if you're going to wear a t-shirt. >> you definitely want to make sure you have the right coverage going on underneath. a lot of times they're sheer fabrics or sort of like drapy fabrics. you want to stay away from bras that have too much details. a convertible bra like this one -- this is from frederick's of hollywood. it is the hollywood reversible plunge bra. >> convertible means you can take off the straps? >> the straps can go different ways. you can do crisscross halter, one shoulder racer back. it's going to give you whatever sort of neck line your top is this is going to give you the right kind of coverage. >> very important, smooth. >> smooth silhouette. you do not want lace bows details are going to poke through the thinner fabric. >> okay. >> then if you don't need as much coverage you can go with a strapless bra. if you have really skinny straps on your t-shirt or something that's sort of like backless you can do a strapless bra.
8:38 am
this one is by maidenform. it's got a really really smooth fab lick. >> perfect. let's get to the fashion show. our first look is how to wear a t-shirt that's ecoconscious. >> eco-conscious. the t-shirt is by recycling, and it's organic cotton. this is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint but without going too overboard. people don't know how can i be green without taking your life into twists and turns. >> it's a simple way. >> and fashionable. the racer back is a summer look. the jeans are by good society, available by planet thread. also 100% ecofriendly, organic cotton. the shoes are by crocs, and they're ecofriendly as well. the whole look head to toe is green and fashionable. not expensive at all. the jeans are under $100. most jeans today way above that price point. t-shirt is about $60.
8:39 am
>> next one is date night t-shirt. this is interesting. let's see what you did here. >> this silhouette is called the boyfriend t-shirt. boyfriend jeans are a huge trend. but let's face it they're not fashionable. they're not necessarily flattering on the body. if you want to be a part of that trend, you can do the boyfriend t-shirt, which is slouchy and loose. this one is only 9.99$9.99 from tj max. >> guys love it. >> like you pulled it right out of your boyfriend's closet. if the t-shirt is going to be slouchy, you want something close to the body on the bottom. the short shorts by frederick's of hollywood for $9.99. if you don't want to show that much of the body you can do slim pants. and use the wedge. this is a fun look. you'll probably get asked out on a second date if you wear something tlik this. >> let's go to the office look. how to look professional while
8:40 am
still wearing a t-shirt, but look you pulled it off. >> the key is to keep a t-shirt. this is ann taylor. little more opaque fabric not too sheer or see through. this one is fit. this is where the right bra comes into play. you don't want a lack of support at the office. a nice pencil skirt from ann taylor is also going to punch the look up a notch. it's simple and flattering. it's form fitting and short sleeved. you're going to be warm and keep yourself from being too hot in the office but still office appropriate. >> let's get to the last look. party perfect. this is absolutely adorable. >> you wouldn't think you can wear a t-shirt to the party, but you can. >> this is my favorite. >> it has a silky element to it because it has nylon. it's from ann taylor. the draped neck line gives it the party edge. the skirt has a little shine. it's by julie house with a nice pleated detail. and the shoes from it have the nice chiffon little detail on the foot. that's going to take the look up a notch. you do nice long earrings, and you're ready for a summer party.
8:41 am
t-shirts never looked so good. nicole young, thank you. for more information on trendy t-shirts, go to our website. coming up grilling burgers this weekend? of course you are. we'll show you how to put pizazz on those patties with homemade toppings. don't go away.
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8:43 am
dave price has been at michael jackson's neverland ranch all morning. let's check in with him one final time. dave? >> maggie we are joined by j. randy taraborrelli. one person who probably knew michael best over that lifetime span. let's talk about this place. what did it mean to him? and now what's it going to mean on a go forward? >> this place was everything to michael jackson. he created such a wonderful environment here. this was his heart and soul.
8:44 am
we've seen parts of this property that no one has ever seen before. and i would love to think that this will continue that the legacy that michael jackson created here will be available to people for generations to come. hopefully, his fans and people who have never even known michael jackson will be able to come here and experience what we've experienced today. >> does this become a graceland? >> maybe. you know dave maybe. this will be the next graceland. this is a lot bigger than graceland. it would be wonderful to have children come here and see what michael jackson createded and maybe bring the rides back, bring the animals back and bring it back to what it once was. >> to his family now. did they want michael here eventually as his final resting place? >> definitely. the family thinks that michael jackson should be buried here at neverland. i think that even though michael left here unhappy with the property because of what occurred here in the final years of his life i think he would
8:45 am
love to come back here and be buried here and be a part of this wonderful fantasy land. >> he was obsessed with being young, with staying young. is it fitting that that's how we'll remember him? he died a young man. >> he died a young man. i mean i think we're going to go back to the music and remember the music and think of michael here and how much he loved neverland, how much he loved the whole peter pan sort of idea of being in a place that's like no other place on earth. i mean this has really been a great experience for us. >> thank you so much for being with us. again, much more ahead from here as we continue at neverland through the weekend and of course into next week for the funeral and memorial. thank you, randy. maggie, we'll send it back over to you in new york. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mccormick grill mates. master the flame. master the flavor. >> since we're celebrating fourth of july this weekend, it
8:46 am
is time to grill this morning. and to talk about the condiments that can take your burgers to a whole new level. chef sang yoon of l.a.'s father's office pub joins us. hello. good morning, chef. >> hi maggie. >> we've got burgers grilling up here. they're absolutely beautiful. >> we all need burgers on the porch. i always advise people when they go shopping for their burgers, avoid the pre-ground mystery meat and ask your butcher to grind you a whole chuck. it doesn't cost you anything different. and then you know the restaurant secret. we all use chuck. get about 80% lean. make about half pound per person. make nice juicy mini burgers. no hockey pucks. >> if you had to give us one key grilling tip, what would it be? >> squeeze the shar minutecharmin, but do not squeeze the burgers. >> you'll let the juiciness out, people. >> we've got a nice juicy burger
8:47 am
with what kind of cheese? >> that one is gruyere from switzerland. >> what kind of dressing? >> substitute thousand island. you can make this out of may nis. that's prepared horse radish. probably have a little bit of that. smoked paprika. you can substitute any kind of chili powder garlic, or chopped pickles. a little france in your burger. >> oui. >> when you're done, it looks like this. comes out nice and beautiful, reddish orange. i'm going to top this guy. and this leftover you can use it for vegetable dip. it's good with fish. it's an amazing topping. >> i've got to taste it. >> little california avocado. >> of course of course. that's where you're from. >> a little l red onion. bring a little tartness.
8:48 am
it's going to be a rich and creamy burger. i'm using a brioche bun from a bakery bakery. nothing from the package. >> you're going french california with this. >> what am i supposed to do? that's my training. voila, number one. >> number two. >> i famously don't serve ketchup. >> what's your alternative to ketchup? >> it's hard to talk people out of ketchup, so it's tomato season which is what ketchup is made of. i love taking heirloom cherry tomatoes cut them in half. little olive oil, little shallot and little nectar. a little red wine vinegar and a touch of tomato paste. you have the flavor of ketchup but done organically and homemade, most importantly. >> throw that on top. you're good to go. >> this is a little white cheddar. >> let's put a lot because that looks good. >> instead of head lettuce or iceberg or row main put some
8:49 am
beautiful fresh salad greens. you don't have to follow these rules. a little kaiser roll and you have added a gourmet touch. >> let's go here. this is what you're famous for at the bar. >> this is the simplified version of the father's office burger, which starts and ends with bacon. >> i like it already. i'm a fan. >> how can we go wrong with that? i love blue cheese. it's my big downfall in life. this is nothing but spanish onions which we cooked with the bacon fat. >> what do spanish onions look like? >> they look like this. this is your garden variety onion. >> had to use the fancy name. >> not that fancy. lot of bacon fat in here. that's a little -- something we don't want to talk about. >> we do. >> and we add bacon back to it. no strips of bacon. it's not breakfast. >> that looks so awesome. >> when you're done it looks like this. >> scoop it on there, chef. we've got to taste this.
8:50 am
>> localew cal, right? >> you love bacon, right? >> i'm from iowa. >> he loves bacon. >> and blue cheese. this is so intense and delicious. perfect fourth of july burger. >> chef sang yoon, all these recipes on our website. we've got to taste it. as we get ready to enjoy, we hope you enjoy your weekend. we'll see you again on monday. your local news is next, everybody. have a great holiday.
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hello again. it's now five minutes before 9:00. nice morning out there despite the clouds. marty over in the first warning weather center. let's look at the radar. the clouds benign right now. looking at one possibility of seeing a shower wing in here. you can almost see rotation, almost see the rotation around the low. it's still sitting up towards the north and east. but i have to tell you let's look at the forecast. we'll mention a chance of a shower okay. but i just don't see an enormous probability although there's a possibility. right now some sun. i think mostly sunny and by late afternoon certainly dinner time. for a high of 82 degrees this day. >> thank you anytime the news this morning someone else gun violence put a 5-year-old girl into shock trauma.
8:56 am
eyewitness news is on the story. >> reporter: good morning we're told the little girl is on life support this morning struggling to survive after being shot. shot in the 300-block of polaski street. she was in the cross fire of two people. one returned and he fired at a another person voched in the earlier fight. that bullet missed the intended target striking the little 5-year-old girl as she walked down the street with her cousin. police say the crime was captured on tape. despite the people in handcuffs no one has been arrested. learning about the events leading up to a double murder in annapolis. elbert gardner went into a jealous rage when he heard his ex-girlfriend. after the shooting gardner tried to sufficient case johnson's 12-year-old son. but he was able to escape.
8:57 am
the child is with relatives in d.c. another carbon monoxide leek. two adults and a baby rushed to a hospital with carbon mon ock monoxide incident. the fifth in the county this week. all ownby this sawer real estate group. triple a is predicting the number of people travelling this independence day will drop by 3%. still officials will hope that nice weather and low gas prices will lead to a bigger crowd. the orioles waking up with something to prove this evening and this weekend. they did not do well in the first game against the angels. birds loosing 5-2. and the orioles continue the series in anaheim. on saturday night they will be
8:58 am
on wjz orioles and angels here. and stay with
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