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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 8, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and it is another gorgeous day start. a few clouds in the sky, but they are only there for punctuation. a problem has popped up on a major roadway. sharon will have more on that for you after marty's first warning weather. >> let's look at the day part. absolutely magnificent. sunshine in the region all day long. 82 at lunch on its way to high temp in the mid maybe mid- to upper 80s. gorgeous evening. temperatures in the low 80s and the beat goes on. truly another beautiful summer forecast. long string of them so far. don, take it away. >> thank you. accidents happen pretty recently, sharon with wjz traffic control. >> reporter: hey, don. originally reported as a vehicle fire but we had our road reporter check it out but an accident on 95 at caton avenue. on the left shoulder. not causing any delay. you can see our speed sensor at 63 and 68 miles per hour. obviously no delays there. meantime only one other issue and a downed pole in the carroll county area blocking all lanes of marriotsville road
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between driver road and henriton road. driver road is going to be your detour. mean sprinkle while take route 32 as your alternate. same goes for the west side at liberty road. no problems there. no problems on 95 at caton avenue despite that nearby accident. not looking at any delays. remember wjz 13 is is always on. for traffic information any time, you can log on to don, back over to you. >> report. >> thank you very much. this is what people are talking about this morning. a service fit for the king. thousands around the world turned out, logged on and tuned in to watch michael jackson's memorial tribute. as manuel gallegus reports for wjz, while the king of pop has been laid to rest, questions surrounding his death and estate have not. >> reporter: michael jackson's final resting place is still a mystery. his gold casket was taken to an undisclosed location following tuesday's emotional memorial service in los angeles.
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♪ we are the children >> reporter: 20,000 people packed the staples center to bid a final farewell to the pop icon, among them an all-star list of musicians, athletes and other celebrities. >> the more and think and talk about michael jackson, i feel the king of pop is not big enough for him. i think he is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived. [ cheering ] >> reporter: on the same day as his memorial, the coroner released jackson's death certificate, but no cause listed. they are still waiting for the results of toxicology reports that could take a few more weeks. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> reporter: one of the most moving moments of yesterday's tribute came when jackson's 11- year-old daughter, paris, took the stage. >> and just want to say i love him. [ crying ] >> reporter: still unclear who will have permanent custody of
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jackson's three kids. his mother, kathryn, is currently taking care of them, but there is a chance ex-wife debbie rowe will try to fight for custody of two older children. a guardianship hearing is scheduled for monday. manuel gallegus, cbs news, los angeles. >> people also gathered here to pay their final respects for michael. the enoch pratt library set up a large-screen tv to timeu cast the event and dozens gathered to be part of the moment. stay with eyewitness news for complete coverage as the world remembers michael. so see more of the tribute from yesterday including eulogies and performances and for more on michael jackson's life, go to a suspected serial killer shot to death in the carolinas this week has ties here to the state of maryland. patrick burris has a long list of convictions for larceny, forgeries and break and entering and some of the convictions happened here in maryland. the 4 is-year-old is being blamed for the shooting death of five people in gaffney,
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south carolina. he was shot and killed during a confrontation with police nearby on monday. new details are being released about the deaths of two teens found along the light rail flax lutherville, baltimore county. mta police says there a video showing the teens being hit by a train, but as kai jackson reports, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. >> reporter: the afternoon of july 5 changed two baltimore county families forever. the bodies of kyle wankmiller and connor peterson were discovered. >> we discovered a videotape that was on the front end of our train. >> reporter: questions about how the friends died have been answered. the mta says surveillance video from a train show the teens were walking north on southbound tracks when they were hit from behind by a train. >> we found out that in fact the individuals were struck by one of our light rail trains as they were walking inside the tracks. >> reporter: the mta says their surveillance video has
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determined that the teenagers were walking north on southbound tracks. and probably weren't expecting a northbound train on those tracks. under normal circumstances, it probably would not have been. >> you have to understand there was a sequence of events that happened. initially we had a report of some debris being on the track. and because of that debris being on the track, we had a disabled train. we then went into a single tracking mode. >> reporter: which meant northbound train was on southbound tracks, though normally it would not have been. >> they may have had a comfort level thinking that a train coming behind them would have been on the opposite track, but unfortunately the train came up behind them and struck them on the track. >> what were they doing on the tracks 100 yards away from the lutherville station? that doesn't make sense. >> reporter: kai jackson, wjz eyewitness news. >> there will be separate funerals, connor peterson this friday in the lemon funeral home. kyle wankmiller's arrange vice- presidents not been finalized.
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scary moments aboard a flight leaving thurgood marshall. one bird struck one of the engines during takeoff, the pilot was able to make a quick emergency landing and nobody was hurt. a spokesperson for bwi thurgood marshall says the airport has taken measures to avoid such incidents. >> bwi has federal wildlife biologists stationed here at the airport. the individual works with airport personnel to minimize any conflict between wildlife and the aircraft. there are a number of measures that the airport takes to really minimize any incidents. >> the 137 southwest passengers on board were transferred to a different plane. you may recall a flock of canada geese forced a u.s. airways flight to make an emergency landing the hudson river in new york city back in january. in that instance, both of the engines failed. a race against time for several baltimore area families now. a new school year about to begin, they have just learned that towson catholic high school is shutting its doors.
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eyewitness news and mary bubala live outside the school right now. good morning once again, mary. >> good morning, again, don and everybody. yeah, dozens and dozens of families scrambling this morning to find out what they are going to do in the fall after the news came out yesterday. the archdiocese said its lands tied with this decision, but because the school has a $650,000 deficit. six weeks before the school year begins, towson catholic high school is closing. >> we are supposed to be looking at colleges right now. not high schools again in is what do you in 8th grade. not the senior year of high school. >> what are these stud gentsing to do and the faculty members going to do? it is like totally uprooting everyone. it is really heartbreaking. >> reporter: towson catholic produced nba stars carmelo anthony and dante green and in june hired former nbaer reggie williams to coach the basketball steam. >> how upsetting. you are thrown out of your home. >> reporter: the baltimore archdiocese sent out e-mails
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and letters tuesday earlier than planned after outraged school supporters leaked to the media that immaculate conception was shutting down the school. >> i am angry and saddened, not only for the kids, but i have had so many parents call me today. kids sitting the corner crying. what am i going to do. where am i going to go? >> reporter: archdiocese said enrollment is down 81 students from last year, less tuition dollars on top of the $160,000 in unpaid tuition from last year. a total operating deficit of more than a half million dollars. >> not only an en tenable economic situation but a program base on few people and such a bare-bones staff and program matic offerings because of the budget, it just did not make sense to continue. >> reporter: a protest of this decision is planned for 10 a.m. today. parents, students and supporters are expected to come to the school to voice their concerns over the closings of the school. don, back to you. >> thank you very much, mary,
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in towson this morning. the economy is threatening another restaurant chain, one with ties to baltimore, the baltimore business journal is reporting that the owners of ocean air have filed for chapter 1 is bankruptcy protection. they say while four of their locations were closed, the company says the baltimore location is to remain open and they expect to emerge from chapter 11 by the end of the calendar year. fresh off his visit to russia, president barack obama has another big meeting ahead of him. the president will be at the g8 summit in italy to discuss the status of the global economy. the visit comes after meeting with top russian officials including prime minister  vladimir putin. the two will discuss ways to improve the country's frosty relationship. the effects of the g8 summit will be felt as far away as wall street in new york city. the biggest companies are pulling out of their slumps as the earnings season begins, the overseas markets are struggling a bit this morning. the nikkei index closed on a low note, down 227 points in
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japan. the london, french and german markets are also trying to find their footings at this hour. and turning to sports, the orioles make a statement against the mariners out in seattle after being shut out of a previous game, the opening game of the series, the os turned on the offense against former orioles pitcher eric bedard. the birds will run up the scoreboard winning 12-4. the two teams meet and then come home and play the blue jays up to the all-star break. >> okay. let's look at the forecast for the day. it is going to be sunny. we are going to have temperature in the mid-80s. just a couple of passing, fair weathered clouds. 82 degrees at lunch on its way to a high of about 85 or 86. 81 this evening. it is going to be absolutely gorgeous 12 hours from now at dinnertime. we want you to notice something before we start talking to the ronster about his subject. >> okay. >> behind ron, the inner harbor bathed in sunlight. we have been talking about this. as a matter of fact, if the
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harbor cameras work and we may want to take a shot at federal hill. but because of the construction at the inner harbor east, we have noticed that this time of the year there is now as carol pans over to inner harbor east, there is now almost total shade on federal hill. you can seat sun is behind those buildings. the inner harbor east. we have a gorgeous day start in progress on federal hill. but the cityscape has changed at dawn when the sun during the course of the year when the transit takes it behind those buildings. now take a look at that. the ritz-carlton complex, federal hill, and the ronster. >> and federal hill -- >> is isn't that a great shot. it is just a really cool function of the cityscape on a morning. but nevertheless, a fine pun. how are you doing in the mid- 60s. >> reporter: oh, what can i
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say. it is heaven out here. it is beautiful. all i need is, what, a mojito or something. >> is chaise lounge and mojito. >> a o'clock somewhere. it is. >> reporter: they got them in in toronto, st. petersburg, florida, california, how about andy car race right here in baltimore. guess what, some serious discussions about it. we have the story live on federal hill when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on!
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6:15. what a gorgeous sky. marty is in the first warning weather center. >> i will step out of the shot. thank you, carol, we appreciate the beauty shot for the day. isn't that magnificent. >> yeah. >> it is kind of like the sun being eclipsed by the building of the inner harbor east. and you know what is really interesting. if we have the harbor cam and face it over toward oriole park
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at camden yard, i am not sure we will be seeing the sunrise on the warehouse. i think the sun is going to have to get above those buildings to throw the shadows of the sheraton and the hyatt on the warehouse in camden yards. hold on a second. there you go. let me step out -- that is great. check it out. here is the warehouse at camden yards. before not too long before -- once that sun gets over those buildings, we will start seeing about right in here the shadows of the hyatt and the sheridan. i am going to guess -- the sher aton. i am going to guess given the proximity along that wall, i am going to guess that is -- had so many different names now. not the world trade center. that is the legg mason building for lack of a better -- even though that has moved to the inner harbor -- that big ol' sucker downtown. there it is right there. let's look at this shot again in a few minutes once the sun
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pops over inner harbor east. tv hill, 67 degrees. 56% humidity. calm winds in the area. the barometer 29.82. ocean city, 72. 53 degrees in oakland. 66, elkton. 63, bel air. 70, easton. 74, annapolis. 69, rock hall. westminster, 64. columbia, 65. 60 degrees in bel air. did i mention the district at 70? we just did. a few showers meander straight across the region starting the patuxent and watershed. a little umph over the bay and the delmarva. a few low clouds will go across the area as we continue to see weather dissipate out to the west. we have a very dry and comfortable weather pattern here on our little slice of the mid-atlantic. mostly sunny. 86 degrees this day. maybe a passing fair weathered cloud or two. tonight the exact same forecast, 58. tomorrow, sunny and 82.
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friday, uny and 80. sunday and monday, 84 and 86 degrees. make sure you have your sunglasseses in the car. >> sun could definitely be a factor this morning. as far as other problems that could factor into your commute. we only have two issues to tell you about. first of all an accident on 95 southbound at caton avenue on the left shoulder. not causing any delays. you can definitely tell that by our speed sensors in the 60s. watch for a downed pole in carroll county blocking all lanes of marriotsville between driver road and henriton road. driver road is where traffic is being detoured. take 32 as your alternate as well help in hope to have this cleared up by 11:00 this morning. a live look at 9 a south of 100. no issues there. everything running well at the beltway at 83. and a look at the beltway at -- or 895 at charles street. this traffic report brought to you by toyota. toyota factory trained and certified technicians. what you will find at your toyota dealer and use genuine
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toyota parts to keep your toyota running properly. back over to you and marty. >> very good indeed. hey, ron -- let's go to ron's shot real quick. behind you to your right says legg mason. i don't know what they are going to call this building these days? >> they don't know. >> you can see the reflexion on the eastern side of it over your right shoulder that is causing that shadow. you are still in shade. it will be great to watch the warehouse and federal hill over the next 10 or 15 minutes. in the meantime and in between time -- [ laughter ] -- yeah, look how far that shadow goes. that is incredible. hold on, ron, looking at camden yards. look how far into otter bine that one particular shadow what we used to call until they took the words down from the top we will call it the legg mason building. >> used to be usfg. >> through go, ron. talking the indy racing league. where did this concept come from? >> reporter: well, the indy
6:20 am
racing events -- most famous one is in long beach, california. they have got them in toronto, all over the country, st. petersburg, florida. of course we have here in baltimore, the orioles, the ravens, the blast, the preakness, how about a baltimore grand prix? well, guess what, serious discussions under way. it just might happen. >> drivers, start your engine! >> reporter: indy car racing could be coming to baltimore. those who have seen it say buckle your seat belts. >> they are awfully exciting. i can tell that you. really a thrill to see it. and those are -- those are airplanes on wheels. >> on the outside of the front row the pole sitter ryan brisco. >> reporter: executives have visited baltimore twice for serious discussions. city councilman william cle. >> talking about an open-wheel street car race in baltimore go around the harbor, around the stadiums, and something very different for baltimore. >> reporter: baltimorans seem
6:21 am
to like the idea. >> absolutely. i would enjoy watching it. something that we need. we need some new stuff here in town, i believe. >> reporter: the 2.4-mile course will include parts of us arele, conway streets with a pit area next to camden yards. but what about the noise? >> i said, you know, if we are going to do this and do it the right way, we need to make sure that the communities are protected against the noise and vibrations. they have studied that extend simply. i actually have very few concerns that the point and think we can pull it off. >> reporter: the company behind the race says the events will bring 150,000 visitors to baltimore and generate as much as $100 million in revenues. i mean i think it will be great for the city. i think it would bring money in, and make us more well- known, baltimore, definitely. >> they have walked the route. they have met with the state and met with the state officials who would be responsible for pulling this off, and i think they walked away in -- thinking that
6:22 am
baltimore would be a very good host. >> reporter: we are back live on federal hill. two-time indy 500 winner al unser jr. is one of the consultants working to bring the race to baltimore. if it happens, we will have an indy car race in charm city in october of 2011. so, don and marty, stay tuned, it just might happen. >> well look, nobody loves auto racing more than i do, whether it is nascar. my current -- total fascination is hnra. so i would be one of the first people to buy tickets for these things. my only question is, who is going to pay to repave the road. >> afterwards. >> not afterwards, before. >> okay. >> they are not -- i mean, you are not going to drive one of those cars on that. >> reporter: well, somebody mentioned one of the good things is they would have to fix all the potholes. >> yeah. >> that is what marty is
6:23 am
saying. >> who is going to pay to make that road surface smooth enough so that the ground effects work on the cars at 160-plus-miles per hour so they won't go airborne. well, anyway, you know what -- >> reporter: hey, let's do it. >> at least we are talking something positive. >> reporter: that's right. this would be over a weekend by the way. a lot of other events involved around. this would be like four days leading up to the race. >> well, i tell you what, we will see how it comes down the pike. certainly hosted the volvo and before that the around-the- world ocean race. >> we are bid fog for that again. ron's story yesterday. >> which would be tremendous to get back here. they enjoyed the route they took this year. >> reporter: what a great day. enjoy and we are not coming back again. >> bye-bye. >> third day in a row ron has quit about this time. [ laughter ] >> the volvo ocean race, they seem to really enjoy the route that took them to the far east,
6:24 am
that took them the north atlantic into russia. we will find out. sure as heck beats the normal script that we read every morning. we will be right back.
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yet to come on the morning edition. a delayed timeline.
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a at the laid 911 call is raising questions in the death of former quarterback steve mcnair. a difficult lesson in economics this morning. a local high school shutting its doors. i am mary bubala, a live report from towson coming up. and if you are just about to head out the door, so far no delays but a few minor issues. ipod, chargers, all the other things that you could really live without but life would be more fun if you lived with. a new contributor of the show, dr. cool tech joins us with coffee with as the morning edition continues.
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hello, again, it is 6:30, and it is hart to get anything other than a gorgeous shot of this day's start. someone is sailing into the inner harbor in a pretty small sailboat. look at that. if you were about to ent ert everyday grand prix, sharon will have your track conditions after marty's first warning weather. >> basically winds ahead of 3 miles per hour. i know there is a sail up -- go
6:31 am
back to that shot -- but i think the old iron sail may be in use. >> he is motoring. >> i think we might be. let's put it this way, that guy is kind of moving along for a morning featuring calm winds. hey, whatever floats your boat. in this case literally. take a look at the day part. sunny skies in the area. morning, midday and evening. 82 degrees at lunch on its way to a high of about 86 this day. don. >> thank you. what awaits you on your way to work. sharon with wjz traffic control. >> not too many problems fortunately. only two to talk about. an accident on 95 southbound at caton avenue. still on the left shoulder not causing any delay. the biggest problem is a downed pole in carroll county blocking all lanes of marriotsville between driver road and henriton road. take driver road as your detour. you can also take 3 it as your alternate. this is going to be a problem until about 1 is 1:00 this morning. meantime, you can see speeds on
6:32 am
70 there at 53 miles per hour. close to full speed there. everything at full speed on the top side of the beltway at harford road. no problems on 95 at caton avenue despite the nearby accident and everything running smooth on 95 south of 100. this traffic report brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. choose from 16 different fuel- efish ent models. click on back over to you. >> thank you very much. tommorrow the news, there is more questions around the murder of former ravens quarterback steve mcnair. as adam may reports, investigators are now questioning why the call to 911 was delayed and what role an earlier threat could have played in mcnair's death. >> reporter: nashville police have some serious outstanding in the murder investigation of steve mcnair. >> we are concerned about the time that elapsed between the discovery of the bodies and the time the 911 was made. >> reporter: at least half an hour went by before mcnair's roommate and friend who discovered the bodies called 911. police are looking into what happened when mcnair was at this bar an hour before his
6:33 am
death. there an unknown woman claimed of that mcnair slipped her a date rape drug and she threatened to get her boyfriend to kill the quarterback. >> we will be questioning persons who were there, the management and the staffs that is on the list to do. >> reporter: mcnair was shot four times. his 20-year-old girlfriend who he vacationed with for months sahel kazimi a single gunshot wound to the head. all of the physical evidence points to murder-suicide. no sign of forced teen or tampering with the bodies in the house, and kazimi bought a gun at the scene under her body according to the medical examiner. >> she clearly could have done this to herself as opposed to steve mcnair who could not have shot himself four times like that. >> reporter: a possible motive could be a lover's quarrel but police warn they may never know for sure. >> reporter: they are waiting for balistics and gun rescue test. they will rule out or confirm if kazimi pulled the trigger. >> police questioned kazimi's
6:34 am
former boyfriend, a major at a fast-food restaurant, but he was released. surveillance video to pinpoint the cause of death for two teens found lying on the rails of the light rail. a light rail train did strike the two were behind as they walked on the tracks, but the train operator did not realize he had hit them. once discovered the teens were rushed to the hospital where they later died. new and troubling information of the teenaged suspect who shot a gun that seriously wounded a 5-year-old southwest baltimore girl. as hell reports -- as mike hellgren reports are, some are questioning why he was own on the street? >> reporter: teenager accused of shooting the 5-year-old in the head not only had a lengthy arrest record but was on whom monitoring and cut off his . ankle bracelet. it has raised concerns of the juvenile justice system.
6:35 am
>> the tragedy is a young mother who should have the joy of sending a young kindergartener off for her first day in school in september has to deal with a hospital setting. >> reporter: state attorney spokeswoman would not talk about the details of this case, but said that the system as a whole is failing. >> our hands are often tied behind our back by laws that, a archaic and do not address responsibility, accountability and punishment. >> reporter: he had been in state custody since 2008 and arrested four times since then. the department of juvenile justice services said agents were looking for him within minutes the moment he cut off his placelet and were working closely with police. she declined an on camera interview. >> this was all put together because of conditions and creating these conditions and we want to fix them? >> reporter: over and over again, cases of juvenile on
6:36 am
juvenile crime has sparked outrage including a stabbing caught on tape and a teenager killed for a cell phone in 2006. a study commissioned that year by the state's attorney showed the typical juvenile charged with murder had been arrested four times. more than half were on probation. >> the ability for the system to address the level of violence that we see as prosecutors just doesn't exist. >> reporter: at last check, little raven was on life support at shock trauma. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the 5-year-old does remain at shock trauma. a baltimore man admits in court possessing 90 pounds of powdered cocaine. trenel murphy entered a guilty plea. in february, baltimore city police found the drugs hidden in the bed of murphy's truck. it is one of the largest drug busts in history. a shocking announcement from the catholic archdiocese in baltimore. staff, students and parents have learned that towson
6:37 am
catholic high school will not reopen. eyewitness news and mary bubala live on the story in towson. good morning once again, mary. >> reporter: good morning, don and everybody. we have lots of families scrambling this morning to figure out what they are going to do in the fall. the baltimore archdiocese says their hands are tied because school enrollment is down a lot and the deficit is up a lot. six weeks before the school year begins, towson public school is closing. >> we are supposed to be looking at colleges right now. not high schools again. like this is what you do in 8th grade. not the senior year of high school. >> what are these students going to do? what are the faculty members going to do? like totally uprooting everyone and totally heartbreaking. >> reporter: towson catholic produced carmelo anthony and dante green and in june hired former nbaer reggie williams to coach the basketball team. >> how upsetting. you are thrown out of your home. >> reporter: the archdiocese sent out e-mails and letters on tuesday earlier than planned
6:38 am
after outraged supporters leaked to the media that their parish immaculate conception was closing down the school. >> i am angry and saddened, not only for the kids, but i have had so many parents call me today with kids sitting in the corner crying, what am i going to do? where am i going to go? >> reporter: archdiocese said enrollment down 81 students from last year. less tuition dollars on top of the $160,000 from unpaid tuition last year a total operating deficit of half million dollars. >> not only an untenable econimicking situation but a program with such few people and bare-bone staff and programmatic offering because of the budget, it did not make much sense to continue. >> reporter: school administrators say they are going to try to help place students in other schools. meantime, a rally is planned here this morning at 10 a.m. supporters, parents, teachers and students will all be here protesting the decision. don, back to you. >> thank you very much, mary. john hopkins hospital is
6:39 am
taking part in a groundbreaking series of kidney transplants, the surgeries involve 16 people and took place in four different hospitals. patients and donors were matched from all across the country. it is believed to be the largest series of transplants ever undertaken at the same time. hopkins officials hope the kidney donations can lead to an additional 1500 transplants for a year. the president is calling for better food safety regulations in the production of eggs, poultry, beep, greens and tomatoes. the new standards are met to reduce salmonella and e-coli cases in comes after several food safety breakdowns recently. the h1n1 flu virus may be developing a resistance to tamiflu. the main weapon used against it. they are stepping up testing after a 16-year-old was diagnosed with a new drug- resistant strain, but she has since recovered. those looking to escape the summer sun may want to think twice before they jump into the bay. the chesapeake foundation says
6:40 am
people are getting sick from dangerous bacteria in the water that poses some serious health risks including skin and blood infections. the report calls for more testing and stricter enforcement of the current pollution laws on the books. turning to sports, tempers flare as the orioles take on the mariners in seattle forcing the umph to yell you are out of here. dave trembley stormed on the field angry offer a call. he felt that the birds were denied a call after the outfielder threw a ball out of play, the ump did not agree. trembley was tossed out and gave the birds some momentum and they flew past the mariners 12-4. the same two teams out there 4:30 our time this afternoon and then the birds come home and play the toronto blue jays for a weekend series here. >> okay. coming up on coffee with, every once in a while we kind of search the satellite interviews for somebody who might be a new contributor. and we will shoot these things
6:41 am
on what we call spec. i spell his name dr. cool. but you know what, it is kind of a new angle on some of the, you know, here are the new products we show you. and he got pasted audition. we liked him a lot. coming up on this day's coffee are, we have got sharon's traffic, first warning weather, and more. we'll be right back.
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all right, good morning. it is 67 degrees on tv hill now. 56% humidity. essentially calm winds and barometer at 29.82 it. pretty much holding steady. ocean city, .2. 74, pax river. d.c. and easton 70. 63, hagerstown. 53, oakland. 65 degrees in cumberland. 64, westminster. 60, bel air. almost 70 in rock hall. 74 in d.c. 70 in kent island. columbia in the mid-60s. overnight we had a shower form right along the potomac and the patuxent watershed move across the bay and make its way all
6:45 am
across the delmarva and what you will see is the passing fair weathered clouds and what we are really notice something some more weather washing out to the west and frankly relatively dry and for the time of year pleasant conditions over the five-day. this day, 86. mostly sunny. maybe a couple of passing fair weathered clouds. not a huge issue. tonight, the exact same forecast, mainly clear skies. 58. tomorrow, more sun. just a slight mention of an afternoon thundershower. 82. call it 80, friday. 88, saturday. 894, sunday, 86 degrees on monday. that is a great forecast as we move into mid-july. don, take it away. >> thank you. how does the commute look right now. sharon with wjz traffic control. >> well, we cleared up that accident on 95 southbound at caton avenue. not a big deal anyway. but we picked up a new accident. this one will be in the city. the report of a vehicle into a house on east baltimore street approaching north street. in carroll county, we have that
6:46 am
downed pole that will be an issue around 11:00 this morning blocking all lanes of marriotsville between driver road and henriton road. traffic is being detoured on to driver road. you can take 32 as your alternate. a live look at 95 at white marsh boulevard. not a good shot, but traffic is moving. traffic moving on the west side a little bit slow on the outer loop between security and edmondson. at 70 it is looking okay. there is a look at 83 north of the beltway. no issues there. this traffic report brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer where you can choose from 16 different fuel efficient models. toyota, moving forward. don and marty, back over to you guys. >> every once in a while you got to have some fun and what is the best present, one you would never buy for yourself even if you would buy for yourself. here is dr. cool tech. >> let's welcome for the first time dave dr. cool tech king. how are you, brother? how is it going? >> i am doing great. doing great. love the applause. >> that was from all of our techno geeks sitting here in the studio.
6:47 am
okay. so show me one thing would you consider to be cool tech so we know exactly what we are talking about, okay. show me one thing. >> i absolutely will do that for you. cool tech would be this. what we are talking about is a clock. now it is not just any alarm clock. it is a peaceful progression wake-up clock that actually starts lighting up about 30 minutes before you wake up and then it wakes you with tones like this. [ bird sounds ] >> not sure that will work at 3:15. >> i got to be honest. an amateur celebrity, i don't know why people are trying to make a better mouse out of the mouse trap when it is not broken. >> don't people like to be waken up like ehhh -- gently. >> that works all the time. we are into cool and gadgets. america love cool gadgets. but to be honest about it, these are all disposable income stuff. nothing that a human being would need. >> okay. >> what would that alarm clock
6:48 am
cost. >> this one? you need to go to moreaboutthat info. all the prices are for info. >> you can tell me right now on the air. >> $59 bucks. >> really that's -- you know what, -- >> a clock would cost the same. >> a holiday present, that is not out of line. >> it is not too bad. how about this. this is really cool. this is for your inphone. do you guys have iphones. >> i do. >> leather case for the iphone. but one of the thing about iphones is your battery often runs out. this one will recharge your battery and give you three ours of additional talk time from the case itself. >> how does it do that. >> you charge the case. and you plug in your iphone right here at the base. >> so battery for your battery. >> right. exactly right. >> so you will be running around saying, darn it, i forget to charge my case. >> but you didn't have to worry about it because your phone is work and you are rocking and rolling. >> that honestly is kind of cool. to be honest about it.
6:49 am
kind of cool. what's that. >> a pen. a great pen from bic. one of the leaders when it comes to our stationary supplies. a very school pen. the triumph. you go to $4. talk about affordable. but it is a roller pen that is refillable. you have a really great writing instrument that you can refill. don't have to worry about throwing it away. >> doesn't that defeat the purpose of bic. >> no, it doesn't on this case. >> hey, listen, dude. >> you buy refills for it. >> look, you use a bic pen until it runs out anyway. a perfectly societal thing to lose a bic pen or pick one up, it works. >> these are great pens. they write very well. you want something different. you saw the "seinfeld" where george had the big wallet and he couldn't sit on it and everything flew out of it. a stainless steel wallet.
6:50 am
stainless steel. 25,000 strands of steel in a very cool, slick wallet. >> the first thing i think of is airports. >> first thing everybody does, you just pop it right in the tub and let it go. >> and somebody lifts it when you are trying to get through security but that is neither here or there. >> how about a translator. a translator portable, 14 languages, 280,000 words, 32,000 phrases go into this at the touch of a button. >> okay. >> so when i go from pikesville to reisterstown, -- >> you will be covered. and again all that is on mored. aboutthat .info. >> the next time you are on the bird, holler. you passed the audition. first warning weather and all of this day's breaking news and
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
marty and sharon. >> a good day. high of 86. mid-60s now. a gorgeous, gorgeous wednesday. now over to sharon at wjz tv traffic control. >> a good drive. one issue in the city that could be potentially a bad situation on east baltimore street approaching north street. a report of a vehicle into a house. we will try to give you more information on that one. in the meantime, a downed pole in carroll county blocking all lanes of marriotsville between driver road and henriton. driver road is where you are going to be detoured. meantime, 32 is also an alternate and they hope to have
6:54 am
that clear by 1 is o'clock this morning. as far as delays go on the west side outer loop, you are looking at delays between security and edmondson, average speed of 44 miles per hour. a live look at the top side of the beltway. things slowing right there before our eyes on the outer  loop between harford and providence. 95. no delays at white marsh. everything running slow there as i mentioned on the west side outer loop between security and edmondson. again an average speed of 44 miles per hour. this traffic report is brought to you by pennsylvania dutch convention and visitors bureau. choose a great value for your next vacation and visit lancaster county. go to lancaster don, back over to you. >> thank you very much. in the headlines, parents are outraged after towson catholic high school announces it is closing its doors and will not even reopen in the fall. meaning all its current students have just six weeks to find a new high school. the baltimore catholic archdiocese sent out e-mails and letters tuesday earlier than planned because outraged
6:55 am
school supporters leaked the closing to the media. parents plan to hold a rally at 10:00 this morning. mta police now know what killed two teens found along the light rail tracks in lutherville. surveillance video showing a train hitting connor peterson and kyle wonnkmiller from behind as they walked on the tracks. the two were rushed to local hospitals where they died sunday and monday. a scary moment for people aboard a flight leaving thurgood marshall. one bird truck one of the jet's engines during takeoff, the plane was heading to rhode island. the pilot was able to make a quick turn around and emergency landing on the runway and no injuries were reported. all passengers were transferred to a different plane to continue their journey. a suspected serial killer shot to death in the carolinas has tying here to maryland. patrick burris has a long list of convictions for larceny, forgery and breaking and entering. the 4 is-year-old is being blamed for the shooting deaths of five people in gaffney,
6:56 am
south carolina over the past 10 days. he was shot and killed during a confrontation with police nearby on monday. president barack obama is on his way to italy today for the g8 summit. he is expected to talk with other world leaders about the state of the global economy once there. the visit comes just hours after meeting with top russian officials including prime minister vladimir putin. the two will discuss ways to improve the country's often frosty relationship. now that thousands of fans, friends and family have had a chance to say a final goodbye to michael jackson, focus goes to what killed him and what . to his children. at jackson's memorial, jackson's 1 is-year-old daughter paris took to the microphone and called him the best phatter that anyone could ever imagine. complete news, weather and
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