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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  July 8, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> we have breaking news. minutes ago, police announced new information. adam may is live in the newsroom with the latest information. >> reporter: confirmation just minutes ago. nashville police say that gun powder residue was found on the hands of mcnair's girlfriend. that pretty much does prove that she pulled the trigger. she was found lying dead on top of a gun that she purchased. police now say the gun and the bullets matched. her body was found next to the 36-year-old quarterback who was found shot in his condo on the 4th of july. here's the statement from police just moments ago. >> we believe now at this time that mcnair was seated on the sofa and was likely asleep. and we believe cazimy shot him, in the right temple, then shot him twice in the chest and a final time in the temple. she then positioned herself next to him on the sofa and
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shot herself on the right temple and expired. >> reporter: she apparently had mounting financial problems. and she suspected that mcnair nave had a second girlfriend on the side. sally? >> thank you, adam. we'll have much more on these latest findings coming up new at 5:00. michael jackson's family mourns in seclusion, while the legal wrangling continues, over who gets custody of jackson's three children. >> reporter: the final resting place for the king of pop is still a mystery. the jackson family is even keeping secrets where his body is. some speculate he could eventually be buried at neverland ranch. a possibility that has jackson fans hopeful. >> i think neverland would be great. just like elvis with graceland. >> reporter: the death certificate is now public, with no cause specified. investigators hope toxicology reports will help shed light on
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what medications jackson was taking when he passed away. >> reporter: one day after a private memorial, the family is keeping quiet. >> reporter: jackson's children are also here with their grandmother. jackson said in a will that he wanted his mom to raise his kids. but ex-wife debbie rowe said she might seek custody of her two children. >> i just want to say i love him. >> reporter: lushus smith wants to keep the family out of the public eye. >> a guardianship hearing is scheduled for monday. and jackson's toxicology report is due back at the end of the month. the los angeles city attorney's office is investigating how the city is legally force a third party to
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pake up -- pick up at least some of the costs for his $4 million memorial service at the staples center. for the first time, we put a face to the name of a 5-year- old girl shot to the head. this is raven wyatt. her mother tells our media partner, the baltimore sun, she's still in the hospital. but her condition is stable. police say 17-year-old lamont was aiming at someone else when he hit the child. lamont davis charged now with attempted first-degree murder. just days before the school bell is set to ring, hundreds at towson catholic high school learn their school is closing. >> reporter: this isn't the only school the archdiocese had to close. but it is the first high school. the school says it just does not have the money. now, parents and students are scrambling to find a solution. >> reporter: three catholic schools are already set to close. now, the fourth, towson catholic.
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parents and students received the words in an e-mail last night. all morning long, they rallied in front of the school, upset with its closing. >> we are upset with the way the school was closed. we certainly understand economic conditions but i believe there were other ways to proceed. >> reporter: the archdiocese says the problem is deep debt and low enrollment. last year, 81 students didn't enroll. and tuition is the school's only source of income. >> you realize what a financial burden it places on the schools. >> reporter: although the school has contacted notable alumni. the school says the debt is too deep. >> reporter: the school says its closing is a direct result of the economy. right now, it is in debt to the tune. $160,000 in unpaid tuition. and about $650,000 in a budget deficit. the school was founded in
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1922. a second marylander has tied -- died from complications linked to the h1n1 virus. the second is a baltimore area adult who had serious underlying conditions. the centers for disease control and prevention, says as of july 2nd, 170 people nationwide have died after contracting the swine flu. baltimore creates an anti- animal abuse task force. vic has more on the group and their role. >> reporter: hi, kai. it will be chaired. they will increase legislation. also how to build better cases for prosecutors. >> those animals don't have a voice. and we want to be here to help give animals a voice. >> mayor dixon says crimes against animals must get attention because it's linked to violent crimes and gang culture. kai, back to you.
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right now, in the case of phoenix, the animal cruelty charge is only a misdemeanor. proposal crossed its first hurd nel the -- hurdle in the city council. if it passes, it could be placed in school zones. anyone caught going at least 12 miles over the speed limit will receive a $40 ticket. it's a million-dollar day outside. feels more like may than the second week in july. eyewitness news has weather and traffic together. this is just about perfect. >> this is incredible outside. you would not expect this in july. i want to show you first warping doppler radar. nothing going on around us. all of the storms are outside of our area. this is the low that drove a front through our region. they are bringing in really refreshing air. this is the next storm that is going to be moving our way. we are sitting high and dry between all of them. keeping us cool and comfortable. and we'll have your forecast in a bit. let's check on the roads
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with joy ponds at wjz traffic control. and unfortunately, really a bad start here on 95, all throughout the northeast and southwest. we're looking live there at earlier video shot, northbound 95 towards pg county. actually, the accident is southbound 95, approaching 198. all lanes now are going to be shut down. if you're going to be using southbound 95, towards the capital beltway. they had an overturned tanker truck, actually carrying vegetable oil. major problems and major delays there. think about your alternates. 295 or route 1. really, they're not going to save you any time. we're looking live now, northbound 95. approaching the beltway. we had an earlier accident there. it is ugly. northbound 95 is stacked and packed. go ahead and use northbound 895. anne arundel county crash also coming in now.
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we're looking live there at the backup, northbound 95. and that is approaching the beltway. the northeast corridor. again, until the backup subsides, i'll keep you updated. that's your accident. your backup, that is. northbound 95 at 32. it's barely moving, approaching 198. if you suffered a personal injury, call the cochran firm at 1-800-the firm. it's being called unity in the community. one of the oldest churches in the city is damaged by lightning. now, a jewish temple offers its building to help out. suzanne collins reports, it is really the next step in this relationship. >> the bethel a.m.e. burned last week. it suffered water damage outside. and the pastor, reverend reed wasn't sure where his flock would gather.
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>> reporter: we can't control what nature does. we can't control that lightning struck the steeple at bethel a.m.e. but we can control how we react to these events. >> what prowm -- president obama is trying to teach our nation, that in times of trial and trouble, instead of turning on each other, if we turn to each other, we could make a difference. >> reporter: reverend reed says it's good for the jewish community and christians to come together. and other hate crimes. he believes there's a bond between the two groups that have a history of oppression. >> there's a partnership between the jewish community and the black community. reestablishes the bridge that existed between our two communities for hundreds of years. >> the seating here. >> reporter: today, the two religious leaders discussed logistics in the temple sanctuary. >> this is a sad time for them.
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but friends are there for the good and the bad. >> reporter: the two diverse congregations have worked together before. for example, they grew this vegetable garden. and the produce from it is going to feed maryland's hungry. >> our congregation and bethel a.m.e. are family. >> reporter: they also have a black jewish dialogue group. >> the more you learn about others and the more you learn about yourself, it's really great. >> reporter: and it will meet at 9:30 a.m., one sunday service, starting this week. the temple says they can continue to do that through labor day. >> bethel awaits a meeting with its insurance company to assess the damage and learn when it may be able to reopen its church building. sad news tonight. burt simmons has passed away at the age of 85. simmons played for the baltimore eli giants. and was a pitcher and outfielder. last year, he had the honor of being the number 1 selection in
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the orioles. he was a native of north carolina but lived in baltimore for 58 years. and he appeared at the orioles' fan fest every year. i had the honor of going with him in 1995 and a group of other guys. leon day was inducted posthumously. i wanted to express my condolences to his family. he was a great man. still ahead. we're going to update the breaking news from nashville. police confirm steve mcnair's death was, in fact, a murder- suicide. and that's not all. hope for irregular heartbeats. stick around for healthwatch. and it's may in july. but who is complaining. meteorologist bernadette woods is updating your first warning forecast.
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a firecracker factory in southern india, killing 17 people and injuring 7 others. it took about four hours to put out the flames. firefighters say there wasn't enough water in the area, making their job more difficult. the cause remains unknown. looks like winter in some areas of new york state today, where heavy thunderstorms left piles of hail behind. suv and buses struggled to drive through the ice, while kids laid down in the streets to make snow angels. storms also uprooted trees and power lines. 17,000 customers lost power. fortunately, no injuries were reported. new hope for millions of people with irregular heartbeat. as healthwatch reporter kellye lynn explains, the new drug has fewer side effects. even though this is safe for most people, it failed to get approval in 2006. the tests back then showed it could be dangerous for high- risk patients. >> reporter: for 17 years,
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joseph ruben's heart often skipped a beat. he has atrial fibrillation, a form of arith mia. >> i've tried everything out there. nothing works for me. >> reporter: he's tried every option to help keep his heart beating normally. >> now they may have found the answer. >> this thing with the flu, we call it epidemic. >> reporter: sometimes, the heart produces extra electric impulses, causing electric heartbeat. when the heart doesn't pump. >> blood can pool. and that can lead to a blood clot forming. that can lead to a catastrophe. >> reporter: it is not recommended for people with serious heart disease. especially older patients. doctors see huge benefits for others, though. because it has fewer side effects. >> we have it available in the pharmacy to give to people. >> reporter: joe ruben knows his heart can skip out of
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rhythm any time. >> it's nice to know there is a backup here. it's huge. >> reporter: some comfort for him and the millions of others, wondering when their hearts might skip a beat. >> reporter: the food and drug administration warns that it can lead to death in patients who have had severe recent heart failure. the most common adverse reactions are dieting, nausea, fatigue and loss of strength. not a lot of action on wall street today. right now, it appears investors are taking a cautious approach. nasdaq up a point. let's go to new york, where kathryn brown has tonight's cbs money watch update. president obama obama arrived in italy for his very first g8 summit. leaders agreed today that the global economy is still unstable. they say it's too early to begin rolling back the stimulus plans they've used. but they will at least start
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planning their exit strategies for when the time is right. they also talked about the oil markets and how to stop the big price swing. crude dropped again today for the sixth straight day. bringing it to $60 a barrel. that's a drop just since last week. and oil prices are slowly making a difference at the pump. they inch lower for the 16th day in a row. triple a puts the national average at $2.55 a gallon. with bernie madoff sentenced to life in prison, his wife is now free to move on with hers. a judge ordered the return of her passport. her husband is serving a 150- year term for swindling investors in a giant ponzi scheme. mrs. madoff has not said whether she'll leave the country. she gave up her apartment and most of her personal property,
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but still has more than $2 million to live on. in new york, i'm kathryn brown. as the recession forced stores to close. shoppers can now browse louis vuitton. the store is now open in the mall's luxury wing. and joins other high-end retailers like burberry and izod. sally is on her way now. >> tough times. we wish them well. casino scam. how three employees rigged it so their family and friends could win tens of thousands of dollars in prizes. definition of marriage. the first federal state to vote on the union of same-sex couple. instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click
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look at those skies. >> doesn't look really. really doesn't, does it? and especially if this is july. just fantastic conditions outside. and wait until you see the numbers. i want to show you the high temperatures from today. only 83 degrees so far. this is a very cool, comfortable air mass on top of us. and we're coming in at 80 at this hour. and notice the dew points. this is what is spectacular. we are in the 40s. 50s would be pretty incredible. tonight, we are going to cool it down. drop to 78. 81 degrees. 68 at the motion. northerly wind is keeping this dryer air on top of us. but it will die down tonight as will the temperatures. there's a chance we could have a new record low temperatures this morning. the record is 82 degrees. off to the south now.
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just a couple of clouds down there. that is about it. this is the next storm that will affect us. but it's pretty far out right now. it's going to be held up by high pressure. see more clouds mix into the picture. and on friday, the same idea. it holds off this front. as we head into the weekend, after this front clears us to the north, there is warmer air down here. it will push through. but as it comes through later saturday or sunday, there is a chance for thunderstorms. however, behind that front, another comfortable air mass. hout on the-- out on the waters. winds turn around to the northeast tomorrow. today, we are going to about 85 degrees. actually, tonight, we are dropping down into the 50s. that record temperature is 54 degrees. tomorrow, 82 for our high. mix of clouds and sunshine. then if you're headed down to the ocean for this weekend, not too bad tomorrow.
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nor friday, saturday. getting into the mid-80s ahead of that front. there is a chance for thunderstorms saturday night into sunday. then that front gets out of here for monday. if you're making a whole week's trip out of it. >> this is the week for the beach. >> it's spectacular. another csi night here on cbs. tonight at 10:00, it's another hit episode of the drama csi new york. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. the russian summit ends. the g-8 summit gips. the latest on the president's trip to italy. breaking news from nashville. where police say who fired the fatal shot. and the debate goes to capital hill. and more trouble for former
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it is 4:28 and 80 degrees. mostly sunny. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. we continue to follow breaking news in the steve mcnair murder case. just a short time ago, police in nashville released new information in the death. the former baltimore raven. >> we got a lot more information on the motive. nashville police say that gun powder residue was found on the hand of steve mcnair's girlfriend, which pretty much proves she pulled the trigger. police say the gun and the bullets now match. nashville police also say they believe that she shot mcnair four times as he was sleeping and that she sat next to him on a sofa and took her own life. they said she had mounting debts. hear rent was about to go up and there might have been another woman. >> over the last several days of her life, our investigation is revealing that she had become very distraught.
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and on two occasions told friends and associates thatler life was all messed up and that she was going up. >> police also say she bought a cadillac. and that was escalating her payments. >> we'll have more on the findings in the latest case, coming up new at 5:00. he is no stranger to the law. and right now, washington, d.c. councilman marion berry is fighting charges that he stalked the former girlfriend. it doesn't end there. barry nunnen burg admits to a no-bid contract to that same woman. >> reporter: councilman marion barry's lawyer says that ex- girlfriend tonna watts was --
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donna watts was seeing a psychiatrist. >> ms. watts should not be believed. her allegations against mr. barry are simply not true. they are lies. >> but ms. watts crashed that press conference and denied those accusations. >> i only heard a little bit of what she said. and what i did hear is not true. >> barry's spokesperson admitted that watts had been awarded a $60,000 no bid contract in ward 8. but said it was done legally. >> it is not unusual, nor is it illegal for councilmembers to award contracts to supporters or family members who qualify or can provide the services that are required. >> reporter: barry's spokesperson said the fact that the former mayor in watts were romantically involved was irrelevant to the contract process. and offered this explanation as to why watts was given the award. >> ms. watts was about to lose
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her house, her car. and due to instability of finding employment. mr. barry did, in fact, do this primarily, not because of miss watts. but because of mrs. watts' children. >> now, barry is still married. but he has been separated from his wife for years. >> the federal law at the center of the gay marge argument -- marriage could soon be overturned. sal selive in the newsroom with -- sally is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: they said this is unconstitutional because it infringes on state rights. the law defines marriage as between one man and one woman. now, massachusetts says that's discriminatory, and that gay couples legally married in their state should be receiving federal benefits. among those benefits, eligibility for medicaid. before the law was passed if they were married at the state level, they'd also be recognized at the federal level. back to you, vic. >> massachusetts was the first
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u.s. state to legalize gay marriage in 2004. since then, about 16,000 gay couples have been married there. a change in policies for the united states, as president obama attends his first g8 meeting with other world leaders. charlie d'agata reports, the president is also reversing policy set out by his predecessor. >> reporter: world leaders tackle the global economic crisis. sitting down they emphasize the need for powerful measures that will stimulate growth. this is the first g-8 meeting for president obama. he's already done a turnaround for the bush administration's physician on climate change. joining a pledge to prevent the world's average temperature from rising another 3 1/2 degrees. >> by the time this meet suggest over, you'll see there is a significant step forward in dealing with the climate change. >> reporter: they are also wrestling with north korea's nuclear ambitions.
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>> italian prime minister civilio chose laquilla to host the g8 summit to boost the local economy. but many residents complain the money used to lock this place down could have been used to build it back up. >> reporter: president obama visited areas devastated in the april earthquake, and met those who helped in the recovery effort. -- in the earthquake. more than 15,000 remained homeless. a resident group changed obama's campaign slogan from yes we can to yes we camp. complaining the government hasn't done enough to repair their homes. >> i really don't see anything useful for my city coming from this g8. nothing. >> reporter: they say when g8 members go back home, they'll still be without theirs. in laquilla, italy, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. later this week, while still in italy, president obama says he plans to meet with the
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pope. >> this afternoon, federal buildings across the country are on high alert after undercover investigators reveal potential security problems. those investigators were able to smuggle bomb-making materials past security checkpoints. a big building in four major cities. it does not appear baltimore was among the cities tested. but federal officials here are advised to make sure security protocols are making amends. flames lit up the night sky. >> he was on the phone for sometime. surprisingly, the house burned for some 30 minutes. >> reporter: but it wasn't until flames reached the basement that richard shechgman finally surrendered to police. >> it's a shame to see someone with their house on fire and they are inside it. >> his wife escaped after 12 hours in captivity.
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shankman was upset with a bitter divorce dispute and abducted her after the court date. he asked a judge to remarry them. and at one point, asked a priest to come the to house to give his ex-wife her last rites. >> schankman is now in stable condition. city police investigating tonight after a man was shot near a walgreens drug store in northwest baltimore. it happened shortly before noon today. police tell us the adult male was shot once in the leg. he was taken to sinai hospital for treatment. he is expected to survive. and we have no word on any suspects. well, just moments ago, police identified two bodies found at a wicomico campsite. officers discovered richard ozelo. and christine aquimetko. both dead at the woodlawn campground. the sheriff's office was called to check on the people
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at the campground from someone who was concerned for their well being. when they got there, the sheriffs found their dead bodies. they had been there for several days and had already been decomposing. the next time you go for a drink of water, will it be from the tap or from a bottle? if you're one of a million americans who drink from a bottle, you may want to listen up. kai has two reports. >> reporter: both report comes to the same conclusion. what is in that bottle might not make you happy. that's because bottled water manufacturers are not required to release as much information as your local water. that means bottled water isn't regulated as closely. now, an organization known as the environmental working group are urging the fda to get more involved in the bottling process. a congressional subcommittee has taken up the issue. it's already requesting testing information from a dozen bottled water companies, including where their water comes from. vic, drink up. >> will do. thanks a lot, kai.
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they plan to testify that bottled water is certifiably safe. with near perfect weather recently, many people are firing up their grills. and the american dietetic association suggest trying the vegetarian association. today, they issued a report on burgers, telling you to look for ones with as little as proteins as possible. that means it's loaded with veggies. when it comes to hot dogs, the ada says to grill them with cooking spray so they don't fall apart. today has been another grill-worthy day. live look where the humidity is still low. it's there. but low. winds are calm. temperature is right where we like it. we have weather ask traffic together. bob is here with the updated numbers. bob? warm sun out there. but low humidity to speak of. very, very comfortable. let's take a look at radar. nothing around here, whatsoever. going to go a long way. but there are some showers along a warm front across illinois. down to the south, more storms
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out there. and more activity over new england. they've had a lot of rain and chilly temps lately. for us, all of this will stay away temporarily. looks like we finally get warmer and more humid air. but not until late in the day on saturday. and then maybe a scattered thunderstorm. we'll talk about that and the weekend coming up. let's check in on the roads now with joy ponds and wjz traffic control. and unfortunately, still ugly on 95. now heading towards the capital beltway. again, we have that overturned tanker truck. southbound 95 approaching 198. still have two right lanes that are blocked. again, southbound 95, approaching 198. if you're heading towards the capital beltway, major delays. alternate there on the right side of your screen. really just want to wait it out if you can. leaving baltimore, heading towards d.c. approaching the beltway.
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now you're going to be in stop and go. baltimore city crash now involving city oak at rogers avenue. route 2 at forest drive. looking live there as you can see, on the right side of your screen, between those bushes. that will be gridlock. quite a mess there. and again, definitely gridlock situation. lots to look at. lots of cleanup continues. and you're looking there. heavy and slow. this report is brought to you by subway. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak. subway, eat fresh. now back to you. >> thank you, joy. y. we have breaking news. >> we've got a fairly difficult situation. this is in east baltimore, on north point road between quad avenue and kang street. baltimore city firefighters have been called to the scene of a gas main struck. now, you see this piece of equipment was working along the
4:41 pm
eastbound lanes of north point road when apparently it struck a gas main. you could see the leaves ruffling there. that is the gas escaping. there is a very strong gas odor in this area, north point road. this is right at the city county line. the city fire department has asked amtrak and csx to stop their rail service. this would be the rail lines that are coming out of downtown baltimore. both marc and amtrak rail, overhead lines. they're trying to get the electricity turned off to prevent a possible explosion. now, we did just have a marc train go through this area. but city fire is trying to get that rail service stopped at this time. we'll stay on top of this situation. it looks like they have north point road, closed in both directions from the county line here, between cane street and quad avenue. and we'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. back to you. >> thank you. we'll wait for those updates. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. meth lab explosion. see the motel surveillance
4:42 pm
video that captured the dramatic scene. series legal -- serious legal trouble nicole bobeck is in.
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police are investigating 13 bodies that washed ashore. the yemeni air ways flight went down hundreds of miles away from the point where the bodies were discovered. a plane seat and a sheet of metal were also found. the plane crashed on june 30th, with 153 passengers on board. only a 12-year-old girl survived. a minnesota funeral home is completely destroyed after a stolen car crashes into the building and sends it up in flames. police say the driver lost control, struck a tree, and then ran into the funeral home and then another house. the accident broke several gas mains and started both structures on fire. the driver is treated for minor
4:46 pm
injuries. now behind bars and awaiting charges in this case. a meth lab explosion and an alabama motel. as police release surveillance video. >> denise, the explosion went off in the middle of the day. no one got hurt. but a motel guest was just standing feet away when it happened. you can see the room blow up at the end of the outdoor hallway. the wall and window go flying, some 25 feet into the parking lot. police believe a husband and wife team were running the meth lab, along with the third man. investigators say something went wrong in the cooking process. one of the suspects was burned over 35% of his body. denise, back to you. >> thank you, sally. all of the suspects have been arrested and face multiple charges. police seize more than 500 dogs in a puppy raid. they are helping the animals at a temporary shelter, using donated food and supplies. they hope to adopt out as many of the dogs as possible. 30 people have also been arrested in connection to a dog-
4:47 pm
fighting ring that stretches across texas, missouri, and illinois. 200 dogs received in those raids. corrections officers uncovered a plot among inmates. the officers discovered a hole in the floor in an industrial site, inside the lockdown. they say they use the machinery to uncover the escape route. but they weren't able to dig far enough before they got caught. three casino workers are accused of rigging promotional games in order to steal more than $100,000. john slattery reports with details of the scam. >> reporter: at empire city casino, everyone wants to be a winner, either at the slots or with a promotional prize. >> that included flatscreen tvs, laptop computers, tickets to broadway shows and hotel stays. >> reporter: but the westchester d.a. says the valuable promotions were rigged and three casino employees were indicted.
4:48 pm
44-year-old donna cronin, alicia murray, and terence osborne, all of whom worked in promotions. >> the d.a. said the three would invite family and friends to be here in front of a machine at a particular day and time with a player card. >> insert their player card into a machine. and at that very time, their names would be announced over the public address system, claiming that they were winners of the promotional contest. >> then they shared it the employees. osbourn, $15,000. reaction from gamblers? >> that happens everywhere there's gambling. >> yet, officials with the new york city lottery say no slots were rigged. >> it did not affect the gailing floor or the game -- gaming floor or gaming activity. >> they face various charges of fraud and grand larceny.
4:49 pm
>> former figure skating champion nicole bobeck is out on bail. but not out of trouble. she is faced with conspiracy charges. if convicted, she could face up to 10 years in prison. she warmed up inside the baltimore arena, back in 2001. she was in town for the champions on tour. those of you into numbers. today marks a rare spot in sequential history. it is 123456789 day. and it happened at exactly 12:34 and 56 seconds on this july 8, 2009. the time and date only line up that way once every 100 years. or twice if you count both a.m. and p.m. hours. >> i was up at that hour. >> you probably were, too. >> 12:34, i was. that's exactly right. bob turk is outside. >> we'll have your forecast
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beautiful pictures out there. >> almost looks like a
4:53 pm
lighthouse. >> it's so clear. >> no, it's not. >> not that clear. but awfully nice out. the dew point below 50 degrees, means it's extremely dry for this time of year. that's very unusual. normally, for a summer like this, we might see maybe a couple of days, with the dew points below 50. yesterday was 52. today, it's only down to 48. that's very dry air. it's going to be a cool night tonight. great sleeping weather. open those windows late tonight. take a look at temps now. 88 degrees. but -- 80 degrees. dew point is 48. feels cooler. humidity, 32%. north winds, 6. barometer rising, 29.92 inches. just beautiful weather pattern. and it's going to continue a few more days. 73, got a report out of deep creek lake. only 69 degrees, right this minute. 69. now, amazing. 81 and cumberland on the other side of the mountains there. 81 in ocean city.
4:54 pm
we're at 80, 70, 80 in elkton. low humidity. very dry. extremely comfortable air. 75, bel air. this morning, many locations were in the mid and upper 50s. the same thing tonight. some spots might even get down to the low 50s with a light, northerly wind; if we clear out, those clouds get out of here. we have a few clouds now. overnight tonight, if the winds are extremely calm, might get down to 52, 53 degrees in some spots. right now, as far as cloud cover, a few pop up. fair weather cumulous clouds pop up this afternoon. tomorrow, same kind of situation. cool air. tomorrow, looks like we might see a bit of an easterly flow. down to the south, more of those showers and showers and storms. south of louisiana and out to the west. this is actually a warm front that will be approaching us on saturday night. until then, nice weather. saturday night. maybe a nice storm with the thunderstorm coming through. and additional humidity
4:55 pm
definitely coming in. and warmer temps on saturday. and sunday, maybe a leftover shower. still raining across the adirondacks. they've had rotten weather. it's been really cool. for us, a lot of sunshine. clear conditions. looks like pleasant weather conditions at least for a couple more days. increased humidity, increased moisture and by saturday night, chance of some scattered thunderstorm. northeast wind, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, around 77. tonight. just great weather. clear, comfortable. mid-50s. yeah, really, really comfortable. cool overnight. tomorrow, sun and clouds. for this time of year, we'll call it cool. although we'll call it very pleasant. 82 for tomorrow's high. normal high tomorrow is at 87 degrees. >> beautiful. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. late-breaking details about the death of ravens quarterback
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coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. police reveal how the shooting unfolded. and what led steve mcnair's girlfriend to take both of their lives. a rally to protest the closing of towson catholic high school. what's the next step for students? i'm gigi barnett. that story is coming up in a live report. i'm mike hellgren in southwest baltimore. where 5-year-old raven wyatt was shot in the head last week. now, her family is speaking to wjz about her condition and about violence in this neighborhood. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" starts now.
4:59 pm
mcnair murder-suicide. >> new details about how the former ravens quarterback died and why his girlfriend did it. >> hi, everybody. i'm sally thorner. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> updating the breaking news. just a short time ago, we learn more about the death of ravens quarterback steve mcnair. this comes as tennessee police release new information about his death. eyewitness news continue toss monitor this story. >> reporter: just a little more than an hour ago, police did confirm, they believe this is a murder-suicide. it is based on pretty overwhelming physical evidence and now a pretty strong motive. >> reporter: former ravens quarterback steve mccare, killed by his -- mcnair, killed by his girlfriend.


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