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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 9, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning, maryland. now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first warning weather, and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's the top of the hour, and another dynamite day start. we have got a full moon overnight, a waning full moon. lots of stars were visible, and now lots of blue sky. and there have been some problems with traffic or have been some problems with traffic this morning. sharon will detail those after marty's first warning weather. >> let's jump non. look at temps. i was noticing the warehouse of camden yards. the sun is up enough talk see the reflection downtown or the shadows downtown on camden yard. 67, d.c. 59 in cumberland. 54 in oakland.
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easton. 56, westminster. bel air and columbia at 59. 55, kent island. 62, rock hall. 7. degrees at lunch on its way to a high of 82. beautiful 12 hours from now this evening, sunny and 78 degrees. don. >> thank you. a few hassles out on the hurry-up. sharon with wjz traffic control. >> they all seem to be on the west side much the beltway or at least one of them. an accident involving a water truck -- involving a water truck and a passenger vehicle. the water truck then caught fire and blocking several lanes. at this point blocking one lane on the west side outer loop wilkens. slight delay as you approach the accident scene. our speed sensor is almost back up to full speed in that area. we will keep an eye on that. another accident on the west side inner loop at linnert road. that one on the shoulder. a new one at waterloo road. and watch for a e-coli on the west side inner loop on the
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ramp from camp meade to the inner loop. that is blocking all lanes of that ramp. 95. no delays at white marsh. west side of the beltway looking empty at liberty road. remember wjz 13 is always on. so for traffic information any time, log on to don, back over to you. >> thank you. thank you, this is what people will be talking about news-wise. the mta is taking a back seat in the investigation in the deaths of two teens found lying on light rail tracks. the two were spotted south of the lutherville light rail station in baltimore county on sunday. eyewitness news and mary bubala are at that station right now. good morning once again, mary. >> good morning, again, don and good morning, everybody. baltimore county police are now in charge of this investigation after the mother of one of the teens complained that the mta may not be able to be objective enough investigating itself. >> i answered the phone like i always do when either one of the boys call. hi, sweetie, what's up. it was an officer. he said there has been an
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accident. and then everything just fell apart. >> reporter: families of 17- year-old connor peterson and kyle wainingmiller are trying to piece together the events that led to their deaths. >> i want closure. i really do. these are my babies? >> reporter: according to the mta, surveillance video show of the two walking north on southbound tracks when they were struck by the light rail train. >> we have tape of the boys in the track being hit. >> so far the mta have come up with this basic time line. 2:10 on sunday, a northbound train hit debris disabling it. 2:17 all trains switched to a single track. the family said the boys left the house between 22:30. mta trains video show the train hitting the boys around 2:55 along a curve of the track. police call the family. they are bringing in more agencies to fill in the gaps. the mta has handed over control of the investigation to
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baltimore county police and asked a collision expert from the ntsb to re-create the crash. >> we will work in partnership with the county and ask them to take the lead out of respect for the family. >> we are getting really angry. we get one scenario and another. we get this, we get that and we get that and none of it makes any. >> reporter: two train operators are also suspended this morning and investigators are looking into cell phone records and the work history of those two operators. don, back to you. >> the baltimore county state attorney's office will sort through the evidence to see if criminal charges can be filed. it is standard procedure. mayor sheila dixon an fred balefeld and several communities groups patrolled the street of southwest baltimore. it is to bring attention recent violence of 5-year-old. 17-year-old lamont davis is held without bail charged in
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the shooting. major developments in the murder of steve mcnair. they are now confirming that mcnair's girlfriend killed him and then herself. they released dash cam video of sahel kazimi getting pulled over for dui two days before the murder took place. this morning, adam may has the very latest. >> reporter: former ravens quarterback steve mcnair killed by his girlfriend sahel kazimi. that is the ruling by nashville police. >> mcnair was seated on the sofa and likely was asleep. and we believe that kazimi shot him in the right temple. then shot him twice in the chest and shot him a final time in the left temple. kazimi then positioned herself next to mcnair on the sofa and shot herself once in the right temple and expired. >> reporter: kazimi bought the gun found at the scene of the 4th of july killings. testing it matches it to the five bullets in the body and kazimi had gunpowder rescue on
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her hands. police found no signs of forced entry and no evidence that anyone tampered with the scene or bodies before they called 911. >> what is going on, man. this is 91 is [ crying ] oh, my god -- >> rob -- >> yeah. >> tell me what's going on. >> somebody has been shot. >> reporter: mcnair's wife, never considered a suspect, had no idea about the affair according to one of her friends. that conflicts with statements kazimi made before the murder saying that mcnair was planning to divorce so they can marry. after six months of vacation and romance, it was apparently falling apart. >> over the five to seven days before the incident, she had become very distraught and two occasions told friends and associates that her life was all messed up and she was going to end it all. we have reason to believe that kazimi recently learned before this day that she believed mcnair was involved with another woman and this, too,
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participated in her state of mind we think. >> police also say kazimi had mounting financial problems. the waitress was making two car payments and facing an increase in her rent. all that stress on top of the dui arrest prior to the shooting. she was driving and he was the passenger driving a cadillac she could barely afford. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> police records show during that dui stop, kazimi told the officer she wasn't drunk, just high. she was charged with dui and mcnair paid her bail. a million dollar funeral. los angeles officials say the funeral for michael jackson cost that city nearly a million and a half dollars. much of that money went into overtime pay for employees providing security and traffic control. city officials thought the price tag would be a lot higher. we heard $4 million going in. they are asking fans to donate money to help cover costs. a web site where you can do that. world leaders continue to meet at the g8 summit in italy.
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as susan roberts reports for wjz, high on today's agenda, global warming and the economy. >> eight of the world's most powerful leaders are reaching out to five of the fastest developing nations. the so-called g8 and g5 will try to find common ground on a host of issues including global warming and international trade. president barack obama will lead the climate discussion. yesterday the president and other world leaders agreed to do what they can to keep the world's average temperature by rising more than three and a half degrees, the g8 pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions but couldn't get developing nations on board with the plan, the global economy will also be high on today's agenda. but developing nations are expected to complain they are the ones feeling the brunt of the current financial crisis. >> the economy is very volatile. a sense there is no exit strategy at the moment. >> chinese president withdraw
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from talks to attend violent ethnic clashes in his own country that killed over 150 people and wounded over 1,000. world leaders appear to be on the same page when it comes to iran. french president nicholas sarkozy said the g8 will give iran until september over its ambitions or more sanctions. iran seemed unphased with the threat and plan to carry on with their nuclear program. as the summit wraps up, they will go home with a special parting gift courtesy of the italian government. they will receive a personalized art book designed by an italian sculptor. each book is said to weigh about 50 pounds. turning to sports, the oriole ares are back home this morning after another stunning finish out in seattle. down 3-0 in the 9th inning, the birds will go into overdrive,
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and with mariner defensive mistakes, the oriole will stage another comeback and win 5-3. it is a weekend series with the toronto blue jays here at home tomorrow night. >> all right. beautiful morning. let's take a look at the wall. the warehouse wall. >> oh, yeah. >> looking at the reflection of what -- until they take the name off the legg mason tower. whatever the name of the building is and then you can see the hyatt and the sheraton in shadows as the sun rises to the left-hand side of the screen. you see the shadows. beautiful weather for baseball this weekend. take a look at this graphic. nice mild air moving our way and turning warmer. that is not exactly an accurate phrase i really don't believe. we will go from 82 to 84.
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yeah, turning warmer. not like we are doing that july blow torch. that is for sure. completely different outlook over the next five days. warmest temperature we see is the mid-80s. 82, sunny. patchy clouds. a really delightful afternoon. it is going to be -- a great morning. it will be a super, super evening. >> i am ready. >> go to the ronster, ron matz. good morning, ron. you are in one of my favorite places, saints and sinners down on payne street. >> reporter: i was talking to jim a few minutes ago. you like -- >> as a matter of fact, here is a picture of jim and i hanging out right there. >> there you go. we are in fells . >> a little bit of ink on my left arm if anybody is curious what that is all about. >> i know about that. >> because i love ron. >> i thought it was don. [ laughter ] >> reporter: hey, we can change
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that "r" to a "d." we will tell you all about the fells point art loop. this is great. coming up tomorrow night, by the way. we have got the details for you and show you some unique artwork when the eyewitness
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6:16. marty is over in the first warning weather center. >> calm winds, 86% humidity. barometer steady at 30.05. a few clouds meander over the area. what we are seeing is high pressure continuing to govern your weather. showers southwest and directly out to the west too far but trying to make comfortably in one day. but i think the big story has got to be that we are going to continue to see problems stay either west or south. and i showed that graphic. warmer air. talking about 82 or 895. but it is going to start feeling a little more humid over the next couple of days. saturday into sunday, a bit of
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a wind shift dive down through the area. temperatures will remain constant, by the way mild, but we will lose a little humidity saturday into sunday. 82 degrees will be the high this day. mostly sunny. a couple of patchy clouds around. 62. mainly clear overnight. tomorrow 82. 85 saturday. here is that little frontal system from 85 to 84. find the difference if you can, but you will notice a bit of a breeze. a little less humidity. 84, sunday. 86 on mind tuesday. don, take it away. >> thank you. what is going on around the beltway. here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> well, we have a live look at one of those problems that has been plaguing us since we started off this morning's commute. an accident involving a water truck that is still blocking the right lane on the west side outer loop at wilkens avenue. slight delays. our speed sensor has the speed at 49 miles per hour. 48 miles per hour approaching that accident scene. meanwhile, watch for another accident on the west side outer loop at liberty road on the shoulder not causing any
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delays. elkridge washington boulevard at waterloo road and a sinkhole on the southwest inner loop of at camp meade road. that ramp is where the sinkhole is reported to be. a look at the west side. west side at wilken sp. no delays and a look at 83 north of the beltway looking good there. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer where you can choose from 16 different fuel efficient models. toyota, moving forward. marty and don, back over to you guys. >> back down to fells point. ronster joins us right now talking about the fells point art loop. an i think so ventual of the guide to ron's white and has been doing quite well. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. we are on thames street write between cally court and sound garden. saints and sinners tattoo theatre. everybody know it is. famous. jim is the proprietor. how are you doing. >> how are you doing?
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>> reporter: we are doing great. tell us about it how it happened. >> we opened our studio back in february 2002. that summer i walked around and noticed a number of galleries down here. some of them new. some of them old. the first thursday event in mount vernon was kind of fizzling out and we thought it would be nice to bring something like that down to fells point. we walked around and talked to all the gallery owners and if they wanted to get on with the idea. we organized a group and got a web site together and flyers with maps together and started off with the first sunday and it didn't seem to work out so well so we switched it to the first friday. people get off work. kind of like a happy hour. most of the galleries serve refreshments and wine and stuff. so it has just taken off from there and we have been going strong since 2002. >> reporter: we should mention the first friday didn't happen last weekend because of the holiday but this friday -- tomorrow night 5 until 9. talk about the artwork you have on the wall. and all of these works done by
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tattoo artists, correct. >> all the work in our gallery is done by tattoo artists nationally and locally. this piece right here done by three artists at classic length trick tattoo in frederick, maryland. that is cool. very cool. >> very vivid colors. a lot of people don't realize that tattoo artists do a lot of work like fine artwork. not just tattoos. we want to share that with the public and cater to our audience, our clientele. >> ron, quick question. we are looking at the web site right here. >> reporter: marty has the web site up. >> go ahead and take it. do each of the galleries have their own expertise -- in other words, saint and sinners are showing tattoo artist art. >> reporter: does each studio have their own specialty? >> i am shot sure if they have their own specialty, but i think that everyone shows a pretty diverse, variety of
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artists. some being local. some national. some a little more high hon profile than others. >> reporter: very cool. jason, i want to bring you over. jason sullivan, a lot of great things going nonfells point. >> we are very excited. we have got about a dozen galleries that participate, anything from dra traditional art galleries, the retailer of annie liebwitz's photos. we have cafes -- so everything -- traditional galleries to businesses that show -- they all share something in common which is promoting visual art in fells point and bringing people down. it is a great date night. come down. meet an artist and have sangria or wine or cheese. >> get a tattoo. >> possibly get a tattoo. thank you, jason. jim, thank you very much. >> hey ron. >> yes. >> can i show something kind of neat. >> yeah. >> i want to show my left leg. >> reporter: which i have seen. >> that is jim's work. >> reporter: explain that. >> a flaming microphone.
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>> reporter: a flaming microphone. that was beautiful, jim. >> much says it all doesn't it. >> reporter: it sure does. i want to throw some props to jim. they had a major exhibit at the bma of tattoo artists. at the baltimore museum of that is right jim helped put together. >> reporter: the bma, you helped put that together. >> yes, i helped out. >> reporter: very good. >> all right, dude. >> reporter: speaking of fells point, manic monday right here monday morning in the spotlight in front of jimmy's, the charm city roller girls. >> now we are talking. >> they will be here. >> now we are talking. >> all right, man. >> reporter: all right. >> just invite them back. >> reporter: they are already invited back. have a great day. main street. >> i love hanging in fells point. you hang in fells point. >> sure. >> a lot more than bars. a. >> a lot of bars too. >> the show at the bma will be on our coffee with history. >> it might be if you go to
6:23 am we are taking a break and coming right back.
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young children, very according to research. between the ages of 4 and a taking a daytime. that has significant benefits. after studying 62 children. those who nap during date have less hyperactivity, anxiety, and depression. on average children in the study took naps three times a week. i am kellye lynn with health watch. >> thank you, kellye. yet to come on our morning edition. >> two teen hit by light rail. why the investigation is going in a different direction today. i am mary bubala, a live report just ahead. a major gas main break shuts down train traffic. it has bge working hours to make repairs. i am kai jackson. i will have that story coming up. and i am sharon gibala with wjz traffic control. area roadways, we are already looking at a few accidents and a few delays. we will talk about those straight ahead. send it over to marty. a new season of "big brother." julie chen talks to don and we find out we are kind of doing a high school thing.
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we will have collection. okay. jules going to explain it all. i would like to live in that house minus the cameras. you stay tuned. the morning edition continues
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good morning, maryland. don scott, marty bass, breaking
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news with mary bubala, your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it is wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is 6:30 in our string of nice july day starts continues to be followed by some more. another nice day apparently and traffic is more messed up. sharon will have details after marty's first warning weather. >> let's look at the forecast. an easy job this day. a ton of sun. 77 at lunch going for a high of 892. beautiful. 12 hours from now. 78 in season. >> what has gone wrong on the your way to work, sharon with wjz traffic control. >> ail little bit of progress for this morning's commute. two accidents on the west side of the beltway. one of them is blocking lanes all morning and von involving a water truck. that accident is clear. you can see our speed sensor at 25 miles per hour. it doesn't last very long. the earlier accident we have at
6:31 am
liberty road is gone as well. one accident that is still working on washington boulevard at waterloo road. watch for a sinkhole on the ramp from the southwest inner loop at camp meade road. watch for that. a live look at 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel. sun glare could be a factor as we come out of the tunnel there. no problems on 95 at white marsh boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota deal we are you can choose from 16 different fuel efficient models including prius, camry and highlander hybrid. back to you. the top of the news, the mta has handed over the investigation in the deaths of two teens struck by a light rail train. struck on the tracks. >> good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, don and everybody. this investigation is now in the hands of baltimore county police after the mother of one of the teens questioned the mta
6:32 am
would be objective enough to investigate itself. >> i answered the phone like i always do when either one of the boys call. hi, sweetie, what's up. it was an officer and he said there has been an accident. and then everything just fell apart. >> reporter: families of 17- year-old connor peterson and kyle wankmiller are trying to piece together the events that led to their death. >> i want closure. i really do. these are my babies? >> reporter: they were working north on southbound tracks when they were stuck by the southbound train. >> we have tape of the boys in the track being hit. >> reporter: so far the mta has come up with this basic timeline. 2:10 on, a northbound train hit debris disabling it. all trains switched to a single track. the teens left their house between 2:00 and 2:30. mta video captures a train hitting the boys 2:55 past a
6:33 am
curve in the tracks. 3:50. police called the family. investigators are bringing in more agencies to fill in the gap. they have asked a collision expert with the ntsb to re- create the crash. >> we will work in partnership with the county. but we have asked them to take the lead out of respect for the family. >> we are getting really angry. we get one scenario, we get this, we get that, we get that, and none of it makes any sense. >> this morning investigators are looking into cell phone records and the work history of the two light rail train operators who are suspended. don, back to you. baltimore county state attorney's office will sort through the evidence to determine if criminal charges could be filed in this case. it is standard procedure whenever there is a death of this type. the h1n1 flu virus claims a second life in the state of maryland. health officials say this person also had an underlying medical condition that contributed to the death.
6:34 am
they have not released the person's identity but say the individual lived in the baltimore metropolitan area and was under the age of 65. health officials are warning swine flu is still spreading even though the normal blue season is over. today, the owners of a local restaurant will sift through what is left of their business. fire has engulfed the suburban house restaurant in pikesville and this morning vic carter explains the impact the blaze is having on that community. >> reporter: three generations of the suburban house has been an institution, a part of people's family, special holidays and celebrations and they are all devastated by this fire. from sky eye chopper 13, you can see the smoke billowing from the suburban house. the flames were contained inside but the smoke curled into the afternoon sky sent 35 customers and employees running into the street. >> the owner of the restaurant told us that one of his employees in the storage area smelled smoke and heard some kind of a pop and immediately evacuated. >> reporter: 30 minutes
6:35 am
multiple units battled the blaze that went so a second alarm but was finally put out. in the aftermath patrons told of their love for the eatery. he moved to the area when he was 12. >> it is really sad to see that this place burned down like this. i hope that the owners get back on their feet quickly because a great place to bring children and the family. >> it will be a loss to the community because when i do go in, i see that people really enjoy themselves and folks who have been coming for a long time. >> reporter: a problem for the suburban house, it is also a problem for businesss along reisterstown road. several blocks, streets that have been blocked and people simply can't get in. >> it is sad because this restaurant is an institution. >> reporter: the suburban house in happier days. people come for hours and munch on delicatessen-type sandwiches by the pound and soup by the gallon. it comes at a time when this
6:36 am
area reisterstown road was undergoing a major revitalization. this restaurant, it is all stopped for now. i talked to the owners and operators of the suburban house. they were way too devastated to talk in cameras. in tears when i approached them, they said they are happy everyone got out and they promise that the suburban house will reopen. on reisterstown road, i am vic carter. now back to you on television hill. >> thank you very much, vic. this morning word what started that fire. a big blaze that took out almost an entire block in york, pennsylvania. the flames raced through 12 row homes sending thick clouds of smoke into the air. 150 people were eventually forced from their homes when the fire was being fought, but nobody was injured. the cause is under investigation. in los angeles repair crews worked through the overnight after a huge power outage knocked out electricity to more than 20,000 homes out there. crews say the blackout affected streetlights and left more than a dozen people trapped in elevators. crews were able to get the lights back on after two hours of work in l.a.
6:37 am
back here amtrak is up and running hours after a serious natural gas leak deloyed hundreds of commuters, the broken gas main was a major headi think a for people on the rails and roads. >> reporter: sky eye chopper 13 is high above the north point area in east baltimore near the county line. a large natural gas leak shuts down vehicles and train traffic, but the fire department arrives, they heard hissing coming from a 6-inch line. and the leaves you see are being blown around by the gas. >> we understand that crews were on the scene performing excavation work to repair the sidewalk when they accidentally struck the natural gas line. >> all passenger and freight rail service was stopped and a safety perimeter was established around the leak, the trains backed up making for a railway traffic jam. once the trains were halted because of the gas leak, that effect was felt immediately by passengers here at baltimore's penn station. >> just short of baltimore,
6:38 am
they told us that the train was going to be stopping at -- at penn indefinitely and they didn't know for how long. >> eventually the trains were allowed to run again, but the damage was done. cars were bumper-to-bumper in baltimore as passengers looked for relief from a long day. >> you always have to keep the safety and n your mind first and foremost. it was the safe thing to do. >> reporter: the fire department hazmat team and crews worked to reduce the gas load at the scene of the break, but shutting it off completely was not the goal. >> i don't know if they are actually going to shut the gas off because it supplies a major portion of the city. >> supposed to be home ready to cook and no food ready at all. >> you will be eating late tonight. >> yes. >> no injuries were reported and bge said no residential customers were affected by the gas main break which was expected to be fixed by late wednesday night. i am kai jackson reporting. now back to you. >> thank you, kai. we are told the pressure on
6:39 am
that gas line is estimated to be 250 pounds per square inch which sounds like a lot. the space shuttle endeavour is on launch pad this morning. stormy weather could delay the weekend launch again. the shuttle's seven-person crew is scheduled for a 16-day mission to the international space station and the trip has been delayed because of weather or a localing hydrogen fuel line. turning to sports, michael phelps dives back into competition and proves he is a stroke or two better than the rest. he is in annapolis for the championships. phelps pulls away and takes first place. one win would not be enough for michael. he took first in the 200-meter butterfly. in both events, phelps holds the world record time. >> and the phelps express keeps on coming. >> way to go, michael. >> ain't that the truth. about thest ways to silence your critics because i still think some people are born
6:40 am
hoping to see other people fail. i think it is part of -- some dna, some genetic make-up of some folk. michael phelps declared and defined as the great swimming coach brian billick may say. >> is that what he is doing now? >> to an extent. let's look outside. it is absolutely -- i think it is cool that billick hangs around baltimore. >> yeah. >> i hope he stays here. maybe we will talk to coach around football season. i know he does things on fox, but that's okay. the day part. sunny skies in the area. 77 at lunch on its way to a high of about 8 it or 83. -- 82 or 893. let me tell you -- 82 or 83. the ravens wouldn't have the popularity that they have right now if not for brian billick. 77 on its way to a high of 83. still beautiful this evening. coming up on coffee with, "big brother" the 11th episode.
6:41 am
there is julie chen. we like julie. don had a chance to talk with her and what is coming up up on "big brother" this season or this episode. sharon gibala with traffic. very busy. first warning weather.
6:42 am
6:43 am
now first warning weather, complete forecast and first warning of severe weather. >> clear skies in the area, 62
6:44 am
hagerstown. 6. d.c. the mid-60s in ocean city. 61 easton and pax river. mid- to upper 50s in oakland and coupled. 56, westminster. 59 in bel air and columbia. 62 in rock hall. mid-60s in annapolis, kent island and in d.c. 86% humidity on tv hill. calm winds, barometer at 30705. high pressure runs our weather and we are looking at a bit of a warm-up. just a bit of a warm-up from 82 to 84 or 85 degrees as we move through the five-day, and really i think what we really need to point out is that some foul weather is going to continue to fly south of the area. okay. so we are going to be a little bit warmer by 2 degrees. a little bit more humid. saturday into sunday morning. we are going to see a wind shift that will knock us back by a degree and lose a little bit of humidity. the big thing over the five-day period is how mild the weather remains as we move into mid-
6:45 am
july. mostly sunny. 82 the high this day. 62 clear skies overnight. tomorrow 82 degrees. saturday and sunday 85 and 85. that slight wind shift. 86 monday and use tampa a splendid forecast as we officially move into mid-july. take it away. >> sharon has been busier this rush wjz traffic control. >> the wreck at wilkens is gone and speeds are up to normal. two new accidents in the city north gay at exeter and orleans at north caroline. one other one in the -- on elk ridge -- in elk ridge on washington boulevard at waterloo road. meanwhile watch for a ramp closure because of a sinkhole on the southwest inner loop ramp from camp meade to the inner loop of the beltway. the first delay of the morning because of congestion as far as volume. 95 southbound is slow between white marsh and the beltway.
6:46 am
that will set you back three minutes. everything is running smoothly on the west side. choose from 16 different fuel- efficient models. don and marty, back over to you guys. >> you are in the air chair for this one so -- >> as we although julie chen is host of "big brother." and one of the reasons it has gone into its 11th season is they change it every time around and make it a little different. that is true this time. and stay until the end of the interview because we get an update on -- >> baby bump. >> yeah, julie, if you get my drift. here is julie with julie chen. >> please welcome julie back to the eyewitness news morning edition as we get ready for the is 1th season of big brother. that is pretty amazing in itself. >> i know. i am the resident old person on the show now. just -- only one person in the house older than me, don. >> i kind of know how that feels. but who is older than you? >> there is a 41-year-old teacher named casey from
6:47 am
florida who is a fifth-grade teacher by day. a deejay rapper by night, married, has two sons, a 9- month-old at home and a 19- year-old. he is very interesting. we put him in -- i don't know if you heard about the twist this year. >> no, but i was about to ask. there is always a twist. >> there is always a twist. we don't want the houseguests getting a little too comfortable, you know. we are forcing the house guests to play in groups as collection. as if you were back in high school. >> oh, i remember it well. >> what clique were you in. >> the nerds. but we didn't call them nerds back then. >> well, we don't have a click called the nerds, but i will tell you that the four clicks that do exist are the athletes, the brains, the popular crowd and the off beat. and the teacher i just described to you is in the off beat category. >> okay. i also hear there is another
6:48 am
twist yet besides just clicks of people. >> yes. on opening night, after these 12 strangers get thrown in the house and find out about this twist of collection and this they have to be paired up -- cliques but paired up. once they get comfortable and say guess what, a 13th houseguest coming in and all i can reveal about this 13th houseguest is this person is not a stranger. you will recognize this person. and the houseguest also recognize this person. and this person will be automatically join one of the four cliques that we have formed in the house. all i can say. >> are they going to be there for the long-term on the show or -- >> oh, yeah, not a stunt. this person is going to be an equal houseguest where they play the game like the others and has a shot at winning half a million dollars if they make it through the end of the summer in the house. >> will it be somebody who needs a half a million dollars?
6:49 am
>> who doesn't -- these days who doesn't need that. >> i guess that was a stupid question. we just saw a clip of you giving a tour. this is a new house and even that is quite a bit different. >> we decided to go green. that's why i am wearing my green jacket. the house is eco-friendly and by that i mean we took everything from used soda cans and soda bottles and glass bottles to be -- wall art. instead of wallpaper, retook recycled products to make it the furnishing of the house. walls of the house. one big law in the living room. i feel like it is epcot. it is all green, but it is silk plants, so what is more eco- friendly than a silk plant. it doesn't need water. just needs a little dusting. you know, looks good all the time. because california where we are. we have a drought and don't need to give it water and it doesn't need sunlight. >> the beds that you were
6:50 am
showing, looks like the seven dwarfs or something. >> we never said it was going to be comfortable. they got to be suffering a little bit if they want to win a half million dollars. they look smaller than they are. they are not that bad. one year we had cots, okay. >> that looked better than cot, but, again, they looked like snow white and the seven dwarfs. >> i needed to ask a question to you. how are "we" doing. >> "we" is doing well. i am about 27 and a half weeks pregnant right now, and i was going -- i was going to have fun with the "big brother" guest and saying the twist is this year you may not all know it, but you are all expecting two. they would be like, what? [ laughter ] but we are doing well. we are doing well. i am getting lots of rest when and where i can and drinking lots of water. >> i saw you doing the bicycle with the light bulb thing. that looked like a lot of work.
6:51 am
>> yeah, i know, i know. little things i used to do walking upstairs or biking comfortably. [ breathing heavy ] takes the wind out of me. >> at tampa weeks. >> the finale is supposed to be mid september and the due date the beginning of october. if i stay healthy and keep to my schedule, yes, it should be fine. and otherwise a 14th houseguest. >> govern what. good luck to you and everybody on the show. of course we will all be watching on both fronts. >> thank you, don. >> thank you. julie chen, of course, and "big brother" july 9, thursday, which is probably today. and in just a moment we are going to update your traffic and of course marty will be here with first warning weather. the forecast for today. he was missing the day we taped this. but we will be right back.
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five and a half until 7:00, update from sharon and marty with first warning weather. >> going for a 82 degree high. mostly sunny and patchy shade clouds moving across your neighborhood. sharon with wjz traffic control. good morning, sharon. >> good morning, marty. debris in two spots. the first one the west side outer loop at baltimore national pike. the other place that we have debris is going to be on the top side inner loop at falls road. meantime, watch for two accidents in the city north gay at exeter and orleans at caroline. one in elk ridge at waterloo road. those delays on 95 at white
6:55 am
marsh seem to be gone. no problems on 95 at the tunnel. everything seems to be running smoothly at the top side at harford road. this traffic report brought to you by te oella mba. now is the time to invest in your career with loyola mba. back over to you. baltimore county police are in charge of the investigation into the deaths of two teenagers on the light rail. connor peterson and kyle wankmiller were found along the tracks in lutherville on sunday. the video shows two 17-year- olds walking north on the southbound tracks when they were struck by a train and they were not turning around at all. investigators are trying to re- create exactly what happened. nashville police release video of the woman they say murdered ravens quarterback steve mcnair. it shows sahel kazimi joking with officers after being pulled over for drunk driving. mcnair inside the suv took a cab home later.
6:56 am
two days later police say that kazimi shot mcnair while he slept and then shot herself. another big day for pams and other world leaders. -- for president barack obama and other world leaders. they will discuss trade and. a bombshell announcement from central intelligence agency leon panetta. the agency has concealed significant actions and misled lawmakers since 2001. they accuse the agency of outright lying in one case. they are calling for a direct investigation. panetta did not specify in what cases congress was misled. complete news, weather and
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