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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 17, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this is wjz and baltimore.
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good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first-warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. . it's friday. it's the top of the hour and it's real summertime day's start. sharon guides you through the rush hour and marty has weather. gorgeous sunrise. just getting better, absolutely a beautiful sunrise, unfortunately 12 hours from now, the clouds won't be as benign and the sunset near as pretty. here's doppler, we're seeing shower activity to the west. the cause and effect with warm, humid air and the cold front taking us into the low 80s by the end of the weekend.
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81 ocean city. 65 oak land. 75 packs river. 71 elkton and 73 in easton. the mid-70s in rock hall. columbia and bel-air 73. 71 in westminister. after morning rush hour, the chance for thunderstorms in the forecast going through bedtime. possibility of a strong thunderstorm exists today. 84 and maybe some foul weather this evening. if you're watching the sunrise, here's sharon gibala in traffic control. good morning. we have a few accidents. if you're heading out, first one is in the city on park lake drive and the second on 648 at scott avenue. watch for some artscape
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closures downtown. charles, cathedral and preston effected. remember, wjz is always on, for traffic information any time, log onto thank you. here's what people are talking about. a robbery turns deadly inside a liquor store. mary bubala live outside of police headquarters. >> reporter: good morning. the shooting happened at about 9 9:00 last night and police arrived on the scene and found one man dead. their intent may have been robbery, but it quickly turned to murder. two suspects entered the store late thursday night planning a robbery. but at some point it took a turn and a clerk inside the store was shot. >> they found an adult male inside the establishment that had been shot and deceased upon
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the arrival. they're searching for clues to make them make an arrest. >> we may have two suspects we're looking for. we are trying to verify a lot of information, go back and talk to some witnesses that may have been inside or outside of the store. >> reporter: witnesses say there are a couple of security cameras in the area and that may have captured images. a shootout involving an off-duty officer, a man stole his roommate's gun and started shooting. an off-duty officer confronted the man and both of the men were injured. it was a stray bullet that hit the young girl. two people hospitalized this morning after a bus hits
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them overnight. at wabash this morning. a man and woman were riding when they were hit by a bus. pope benedict taken to the hospital after falling on vacation in the alps, he broke his right wrist. he is 82 and has been healthy during his term. several injured in indonesia from two simultaneous hotels. several people are under arrest. this is the first major terrorist attack in that country in four years. the questions are over and now the senate must decide if judge sonia sotomayor will be
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the first hispanic justice on the supreme court. analysts expect the congress to easily confirm sonia sotomayor. no excuses, that's the message from the president as he addressed the naacp. here's denise with more. good morning, it was one of the more powerful speeches the president has given. he sent a strong message to all americans saying no matter the race, gender or your background ground, you can succeed. >> if you live in a poor neighborhood you will face challenges that someone in a wealthy suburb does not have to face, but that's not a reason to get bad grades. that's not a reason to cut class, that's not a reason to give up on your education and drop out of school. no one has written your destiny for you, your destiny is in
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your hands and you cannot forget that, that's what we have to teach all of our children. no excuses. president obama said in these tough time, we need to focus on our children and their education. the president credited his pass to the white house to all of the civil rights leaders who came before him who fought for equality. thank you. the white house says that the president work on that speech for about two weeks. they're on the road again, the orioles in chicago for a series with the white sox this weekend. jones will reunite with the team after his all-star game in st. louis. white sox are second in the division at the moment. weather in chicago good for baseball? i know that system is in that direction at the moment.
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>> that's a good question. i'll punch up chicago radar in a second. looking outside, do i need to look again. i watch these things over don's shoulder. there's a bank of monitors. isn't that super? what the a gorgeous morning. a little warm and human. -- humid. there's a little bit of rain moving up towards the top of the tv and not going to impact your morning but it's a clear indication that the weather could be a problem here later on today. it's the beginning of artscape and we're down near penn station. >> we're on the charles street bridge actually just north of charles street. it's the second time they've had this open. we're going to show you something that i've never seen
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before. human fuse ball, stay with us when eyewitness news continues.
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. marty in the weather center. mike said he had humans playing a game you find in bars. >> i thought it was table top football. >> two for beer pong. let's go ahead, that had some great potential. on tv hill, it's a gorgeous morning. it's warm and humid. here's the photo from overnight. we had some high clouds through the region and we're seeing a popup shower. with the cold front approaching, you can see the
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cause and effect. out to the west, chicago where the orioles are playing tonight have had some foul weather through the area, that's moving east, skies should clear out and the o's game tonight should be okay. wet weather advances in the form of isolated showers and thunderstorms and any of which could be strong as that front approaches the area. once it passes on by, we're going to have some fine weather for this art-scape weekend. looking for thunderstorms, tonight, the potential thunderstorms exist through the by time hours overnight. tomorrow it's going to be nice and a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms. staying in the low 80s sunday through wednesday as we head through late july. thank you.
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here's sharon gibala in traffic control. good morning, we've been watching a problem on 95. traffic a little bit slow, there's a dog in the roadway and they're trying to get it out of the road, it's running in between cars and hopefully they will get it. police are there assisting the dog and stopped traffic to get it out of the road. one incident on 648 at scott avenue. as far as delays, we don't have any. there's whitemarsh boulevard and 83 north of the beltway. this report brought to you by toyota, toyota, moving forward. let's go to mike, glad you're with us at artscape. >> reporter: we're on the charles street bridge. this is the second year they've opened this section, it's a carnival atmosphere, a lot of
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things to see and do and hear and there's a lot of art exhibitions by local artists. and it's an invitation deal and one who got the invitation was mike, he's next to andrew, they came up with this concept. it's what? human fuse ball. what is going to happen, these people are going to play michael come down here. you can control the field of
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play. andrew, where you from? >> from dallas. >> houston. >> how did you come up with this cool idea? >> we were in the bar one night. >> it always starts out that way. we were thinking of different games to make. >> reporter: because you wanted it to be humanized. >> create an obstacle course and a reason to have an interaction where we work together and create these teams and this is the one that manifested or materialized. >> reporter: is there any art concept in this one or a fun thing? >> both. >> reporter: i like a man with a good answer like that. how often are you going to be
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playing? >> we'll play for two-hour sessions and taking an hour break, all day, all weekend. >> it takes that much out of you. two hours, one hour. >> mike, there's some folks behind them that were nice enough to get up and come on. i want to make sure they're on tv. they're not in the shot. >> reporter: marty wants to show everyone, nice enough to get up at this hour in the morning. behind you. >> mike. >> move over, there they are. we were missing a player, look who the goalie is, it's the fantastic tracy from the mayor's office. >> and they're off. >> very good. >> this is what you can see, the art exhibits and 500,000
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people coming together to form artscape. back to you on tv hill, from the court, see you later. see you, mike. check out the entertainment and the music. >> it's not got to be close to 20 years it's been going on. kill on the tracks, railroad calls trespassing their biggest concern. while efforts to keep people
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. watching the beautiful sunrise, 22 minutes after the hour, it's friday, 17th of july. first warning doppler showing shower activity. talking about the cool fronts moving through the area, you can see down over here to the southeast, we had one front coming through the region and moisture running along, a cold front moving our way that is going to change our weather.
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looking at the forecast, we're kicking off art scape in about 12 hours or so. 88 degrees, possible strong thunderstorm and possibility of a thunderstorm coming through tonight. we will clear it out tomorrow. each day someone in this country is killed on the tracks. why it keeps happening and how it could be stopped. >> reporter: 17-year-olds struck and killed on the light rail tracks. >> the boys walk on what they thought was the safe track. >> reporter: in april, prince hit in prince george's county taking a shortcut to school. >> i will miss him so much. >> last year 450 people died
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in the u.s. on tracks including 7 here in maryland. >> in maryland, it's our biggest problem. >> reporter: he's with operation lifesaver funned by the government and railroad companies to spread the word that walking down all train tracks is dangerous and engineers are basically powerless. >> it takes a mile or more to stop. >> they would have to see the person and realize that the person doesn't know that the train is there. >> reporter: more than 1-4 people hit by trains are just taking a walk down the rails. the railroad companies fenced up hot spots but call it a losing battle saying some places are cut open and vandalized. eyewitness news cameras
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captured people ignoring them. >> the train tracks are quieter. >> very, because of the way they're built now. >> reporter: it's harder to hear a train. >> you don't hear it and you don't feel it. last year this was a vibration, you don't feel that any more. >> reporter: that's may be what happen here. kyle and conner were always together. they died together. >> reporter: stay off, stay away and stay alive. >> the lutherville light rail accident is still under investigation. wjz is always on, to see more stories about people hit and kill by trains go to yet to come. >> reporter: an armed robbery
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turns deadly, a live update coming up. >> a dispute inside an apartment leads to a shooting in prince george's county. among the victims, a 12-year- old girl. i'll sort out the details coming up. sharon gibala with traffic control. a new accident on a major roadway and we have some artspace closures to report. life on mars or beyond. we're not talking about anything bigger than a micro, but it completely change the way we look at everything. discovery channel is going discuss this. a new series called are we alone? once again, looking for the smallest of objects in the universe that will change everything. 6:45 as the morning edition
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continues and watch this
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. this is wjz,, baltimore. good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first warning weather, and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news
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station. it's friday. it's the bottom of the hour, 6:29 and it's a humid hurry up out there. a few clouds moved in as well. marty in weather. looking at first-warning doppler radar, i want to point out we have this stalled front down to the right-hand side of your screen and what is going on is this, we have moisture kind of running southwest and northeast up along that stalled front. that is giving us shower activity towards the central pa. notice the dew point. 65 chose to the dew point. we had dew points earlier in the week of 49 this time of the day. 65 oakland. 73 easton. 81 degrees down the ocean. bel-air and columbia at 73.
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downtown rock hall 74. 76 on kent island. some wet weather is going to advance southwest and northeast. weather-changing cold front. the activity scattered around will be trailing up along the stalled front. we're seeing showers to the west, i'm not going to add it into the forecast, but clearly midday through the bedtime hours, a strong thunderstorm or two. a high near 90. 84 some unstable weather this evening. how about the week's end? here's sharon gibala in traffic control. we're hearing of a new accident on the outside outer loop. two situations, the two trucks on the side of the road involved in a minor incident. there's a dog running around in
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the road. the police are on the scene and trying to catch the dog and motorists are slowing down. we'll keep you updated. one other accident on 648. watch for some artscape closure, preston, charles, cathedral and oliver oliver affected. thank you very much. the top of the news, a robbery inside a store is now a homicide investigation. >> reporter: good morning. the shooting happened at about 9:00 last night when police arrived on the scene they found one man dead inside. >> their intent may have been robbery but it quickly turned
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to murder. two suspects entered the liquor store late thursday night planning a robbery but it took a turn and a clerk inside was shot. >> when the officers got here, they found an adult male inside that had been shot and is deceased. >> reporter: police are combing the scene searching for clues to help them make an arrest. >> we believe we have two suspects, we don't have anything released to the public because we're going to verify information, go back and talk to witnesses. witnesses tell us there could have been several security cameras that could have captured the image. >> anyone with information asked to call baltimore county police. a fire at the children's home. the building was engulfed in
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flames. it took an hour to get it under control. no one was inside at the time. the cause of the fire is under investigation. three people including an officer and a child are wounded. >> reporter: shots fired around 7:00 thursday night at the apartments in greenville prince georges county. it began with an argument inside the apartment of an off- duty police officer. >> during the argument, the off-duty officer left the apartment in an attempt to call for assistance. at that point, the roommate was able to locate the officer's weapon and ran out into the parking lot and began randomly firing the weapon. >> reporter: an off-duty u.s. capitol police officer happened to be driving through and saw
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the commotion and confronted the suspect with the weapon. >> reporter: the officer observed the suspect firing the weapon. at that point, that off-duty united states capitol police officer engaged the suspect in an exchange of gunfire. >> reporter: the 12-year-old girl was inside her apartment when she was hit. >> the off-duty officer's injuries are non-life threatening, the suspect's injuries appearing to serious and the 12-year-old girl received a graze from what we're told and expected to be treated and released. >> reporter: all of those involved in the dispute and shooting were adult males we understand from prince georges county police. a 12-year-old girl was hit but it's a graze wound and none of the people hit have life-
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threatening injuries as we understand. we do not have names or conditions at this point. back to you. thank you very much. it's across green belt road. the fbi looking for a maryland businessman that owes $40 million. they're looking to collect loans from a 30-year-old who owns businesses throughout the region including one in baltimore. it's been ten weeks since anyone has seen or heard from him. a non-profit organization established in his name. he worked as an aid to a d.c. council person. he was in the area over the weekend when he fell in the water and drowned. several americans said to be among those injured in a double hotel bombing in
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indonesia. the simultaneous bombings on the carlton and marriott hotels. >> reporter: two luxury hotels ripped a part in minutes. a bomb blast blew out the windows before tearing a part the restaurants of the near by carlton where guests gathered for breakfast. it was so big at the marriott says the witness, there was white smoke and about 5 minutes later, the ritz was hit. it sent dozens to hospitals including one american. >> the front of the hotel has been blown off. fire, ambulances and fear throughout. >> reporter: no one claimed responsibility for the blasts.
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analysts believe it could have been the al-qaida terrorist group responsible for the bombings that left 182 dead. they believe it was targeted in 2003. today's attack reignited fears that they're ready to continue the fight. a third unexploded bomb found at the marriott after the initial blast leaving those wondering what else can be done to stop the bloodshed in their city. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is on a week-long trip in thailand and says the u.s. will assist indonesia. the president stepped up efforts to fight the h1n1 virus. a portion of the funds
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designated to help the country address the pandemic. more bad news this morning, cit getting closer to bankruptty. it acts as a lender to small businesses but is running out of cash. looking overseas, most are trying to end on a positive note note. it's another head to head competition between the two computer companies. the move allows people shopping to browse between pcs and macs. turning to sports, a day of catching up for tiger woods on the british open.
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in second place, 59-year-old tom watson, he's won the british open 5 times, tiger woods has won 3 times. going for the middle age guys. kansas city, missouri. gets the jug if he wins. there's tom watson. that is kind of cool. coming up on coffee with, going to the hubble space telescope site and you can get some incredible pictures. scowl we find other life in the universe on one of saturn's moons heightened? it would change the way we think. some think we are alone in this
6:40 am
vast area. others say not a chance. we're not talking about little green men, just little micros, but none the less, life. that's what we're talking about. lee the host of the discovery channel's new show. sharon gibala has a traffic mess to talk about as we come
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. 74 degrees right now with 73% humidity, winds calm and the barometer kind of holding steady. we've had some clouds and widely scattered showers through the mid atlantic through the overnight. it's been streaming out. it's all streaming out ahead of a big cold front moving our way. we also have a stalled front sitting out to our east and allowing some of the moisture to run along it. here's the cause and effect coming in later. this front means business. it will knock some humidity and heat out of the region into
6:44 am
next week. this day, a possibility of a strong thunderstorm exists. 88 degrees is the high. even through the dinner time and the bedtime hours, a chance of a rain or thunderstorm in the forecast. cloudy overnight, 66, slowly clearing out tomorrow, a high of 84. watching for a possibility of a widely-scattered thunderstorm. the big story is sunday through wednesday. look at how gentle in the area. thank you. traffic backing up, here's sharon gibala in traffic control. we're continuing to follow the situation on 95 southbound at cayton avenue. there was an accident and then a dog running loose on 95. now we have a police officer that habitten by the dog, the dog is still on the loose and we're watching the situation.
6:45 am
95 southbound approaching the beltway and it looks like we might have a medic unit arriving for the police officer bitten by the dog. we have an accidents working on the west side of the beltway on the outer loop with a backup to baltimore national pike. we have artscape closures in place. oliver is effected. looking good at 40. no issue on the topside. help keep your toyota running smoothly. back over to you. our coffee with lee and the discovery channel. welcome to the morning edition. huge round of applause. welcome. >> thank you. >> listen, right off, do you
6:46 am
think that we have been visited by aliens? >> no. do i know for sure we have not? no. but extraordinary claims require evidence. i always say the same thing, if someone is abducted by an alien and brought back one single art fact, one symbol, we could reverse engineer an an determine it was manufactured somewhere else. so far, they come back with empty pockets. until such time as we know for sure, we have to be sceptical. >> nobody has left anything either. except charred grass. >> you invoke the least
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hypothesis to explain things not the -- >> do you think it's been visited by someone from somewhere else. >> do i think there's beings out there that have figured out a way to visit planet earth, that maybe possible. do i think they have come and visited the earth? no. >> looking for life on other planets, are we talking mars or other universes? >> in our solar system, there are roughly 4 places that could harbor life, mars is the leading, titan and then the moon of saturnian moon of
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jupiter have possibilities. what we have done, we take people to each of these places on the earth where the environments are like the environments on mars and show them that there's life there. however, the important thing is that if we find that life exists in our solar system now or in the past, it was not likely that anything other than microbes would be found. we're looking for earth-like planets around other suns. i think this is the most likely course to find other life. >> the program you worked on but we haven't been to the other moon. >> the robotic spacecraft to titan. we have measured what the
6:49 am
environments are like. on titan, there's methane lakes and the surface has organics and if you believe that life may have formed in a cycle rather than a water cycle, it's possible that there are microbes on titan. we know what it's like. >> let's say we found a small microbe. do we extrapolate out that there is many different life forms elsewhere. can we open that door immediately? >> i believe so. if we find life of some other kind, the next question is it life like on planet earth. all is the same because of the way we produced. bacteria, slime, mold and
6:50 am
elephants are all the same. if the other life we find, does the reproduction using a different technique, for me, that says the sky is humming with life of all kinds. >> it's been great having you on, you have quite a resume and the next time you're up on the bier we would love to have you back on the show. >> thank you very much. >> it is our pleasure. >> very cool. >> wow. i will tell you, we're both space freaks, go to the nasa web site and they have a section just on our robotic probes and you can see the pictures of titan and the volcanos. >> i get excited about a microbe. microbe. we'll be right
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. here come updates from sharon gibala and marty. looking at first warning doppler radar, we were watching shower activity to the west pressing northeast. for the past ten minutes or so, watch this shower, looking at the forecast. strong afternoon thunderstorm not impossible with a high of 88. friday night starting out potentially wet and another thunderstorm around bedtime.
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clearing it out for tomorrow and the weekend. now to sharon gibala in traffic control. we're continuing to follow the situation on 95 with a dog running around in the road. it was on the main lanes and that slow traffic. there was an accident and then a police officer got bitten trying to get the dog. now the dog is on the ramp. you can see traffic is stopped on the ramp 95 southbound, they've stopped traffic and trying to get the dog out of the road. we have some debris on the bridge blocking the left lane and at frederic road watch for a backup. artscape effecting roads downtown. no problems on the topside. this traffic report brought to you by the steak house. . thank you. in the headline this is
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morning, police looking for two men responsible for killing a liquor store clerk in baltimore county. they were robbing the store when the man was shot and killed. two people hospitalized after a bus hit them overnight. this was the scene this morning. a man and a woman were struck by a bus and taken to a near by hospital with serious injuries. according to a new survey, people in baltimore pay the most if monthly expenses thanks to their utility bills. gge officials say it flies if the face of logic. it's docking day on the space station, the space shuttle expected to arrive at the station today.
6:56 am
they will be there for two weeks as they install a science lab and the station will inspect the shuttle's heat shield for damage from the falling foam in takeoff. the pope was taken to the hospital after falling in the alps, he broke his right wrist. he is 82 and has been healthy. several americans say to be among those injured in a pair of bombings in indonesia. the simultaneous attacks at the marriott and the ritz carlton hotels. several people are under arrest. stay with wjz, maryland's news station.
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