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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 28, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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guilty to campaign finance violation. lipscomb agreed to testify against both the mayor and holton if necessary. and his guilty plea also mentions another prominent name, john paterakis. the bakery magnet who gepped much of harbor east. this is from the statement of facts in the case. they asked council wment hoton and lipscomb and paterakis to clbt. they agreed to do so by contributing $12,500, an amount in excess of the campaign contribution law. and a check with paterakis's signature was made out to lipscomb's company. >> reporter: minutes ago, helen holton's attorney issued this statement. miss hot holton -- miss holton is innocent.
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and she is confident that this charge will meet the same fate as the earlier one. >> complete coverage of the indictment continues, now with adam may, live at city hall. >> reporter: no comment from helen holton's office just yet. beyond the statement already issued. i did run into the spokesman for mayor sheila dixon moments ago, asked him about the new charges. he had not yet heard about them yet. that's because mayor dixon's attorney, arnold weiner, is currently out of the country. we are expecting a comment possibly from the mayor's office shortly. also a few city councilmembers have been coming in and out of city hall. most of them also have not heard of these new charges. but we did get a comment from councilman jack young. >> as a member of the city council, we're hearing about more indictments. what is your initial reaction to this? >> i'm just shocked. i don't know what to say. i'm just totally shocked. >> are you standing behind these people at this point? or where do you stand on all of this? >> i believe everybody is
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innocent until prove guilty. i stand behind helen holton. >> now, we also ran into keiffer mitchell. he is the former member of the city council that ran for mayor, against mayor dixon, a couple of years ago. we asked him about these additional charges. he said he had just heard of them a few minutes ago. he said it was unfortunate, but had little comment beyond that. reporting live from city hall, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> remember, wjz is always on. for the very latest on the indictments against councilwoman helen holton and businessman john paterakis, log onto our website, witnesses say it looked like a war zone, as a rivalry between feuding leads to a mass shooting in baltimore. and today, the city's archbishop says, parts of baltimore are as bad as afghanistan. eyewitness news stays on this unfolding investigation, live at police headquarters, where mike hellgren is following the fallout. mike? >> reporter: on the loose.
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and police are right now reviewing their intelligence on some of baltimore's biggest drug gangs. >> reporter: cops like it, at ash land avenue, hoping to calm the bloody violence that left 12 here wounded, after what police are calling a carefully planned hit on a drug king pin. >> this time, it was pure carnage and pandemonium. it was crazy. we've got to fall on the floor like a combat zone. >> this guy jumped out here in front of the yard and everything. a pregnant female, they took her right past me on a gurney to the ambulance. >> reporter: that was one of five shootings in five hours, prompting a strong reaction. >> it is very violent. most of the city, is as bad as afghanistan, if not worse, as we saw over the weekend. >> it's important to let people know that security is largely in their own hands. >> reporter: sources say a feud between the blackwell and rich drug organizations has also
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sparked violent murders. beefed up patrols include 37 uniformed foot officers, members of the auto task force and a s.w.a.t. platoon. >> all of us are going to get together. >> reporter: on the radio, naacp leadership condemned the bloodshed. >> it is right for us to now stand up and deal with what is happening in our community and stop pointing the finger and blaming everybody else other than ourselves. >> reporter: one block away, community leaders are building on the positives and say outsiders are behind the violence. >> you just have to think about the beauty that's going on around here and try not to think about the ugliness. >> sonya peters was hurt. we're going to help their children. their nieces, nephews, their mothers. and that's what we do in this neighborhood, right? >> reporter: the pregnant woman who was shot did give birth to a healthy baby. reporting live at city police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> thanks, mike. the mayor has called the shootings cowardly and urged witnesses to come forward. baltimore county police are
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looking for answers tonight as they tried to identify three people, killed in a crash, involving a street sweeper. denise is live in the newsroom with the latest. based on a preliminary investigation. police say all three victims are females from pennsylvania. the women were killed when the driver of the car smashed into the sweeper at the intersection of honeygo and whitemarsh boulevards early monday morning. investigators are relying on dental records and artifacts found at the scene to confirm the women's identities. police are still looking into who was at fault. wjz spoke with the owner of the sweeping company involved. she said there was nothing the operator could have done differently to prevent the accident. vic? >> the driver of the street sweeper is recovering from minor injuries. there are many dangers on the road. and one is in the palm of your hand. truck drivers texting while on the phone, while behind the wheel, are much more likely to crash. jessica kartalija is live in brooklynville, with the latest study on the crash. >> reporter: many of us are guilty of doing just that. texting behind the wheel.
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and it still is legal here in maryland for a few more months. but one group of drivers is putting us all at risk. on the inner loop of the baltimore beltway, we pass a driver, hauling a heavy load and taxing while -- texting while driving over the speed limit. >> eventually, they're going to mess up. they're going to hurt somebody. hurt themselves. >> this trucker isn't the only one with fast fingers. researchers at the virginia tech transportation institute used cameras to continuously observe truckers for more than 6 million miles. they discovered truck drivers who text, are 23 times more likely to get into a crash or near crash. in the study, texting drivers looked off the road and at their phone for almost five seconds while texting. at if i have miles -- 55 miles per hour, that's more than enough time to cover the entire length of a football field.
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>> reporter: ceo of incred shred. >> there is no reason. doesn't make any business sense to say, go ahead and text message while you're driving a 26,000-pound vehicle down. >> drivers are never allowed to use cell phones while the truck is moving. >> if nigh they need to call of the office, they pull over. or when they get to the site, they call. but there is no use of phones or text messaging while on the road. >> reporter: new jersey, virginia and washington have banned texting while behind the wheel. a similar law goes into effect here in maryland, october 1st. they say the texting ban should go across the country. >> starting october 1st, if you are caught taxing behind the wheel, the fine is $500. >> thanks, jessica. the study also shows dialing and talking on a cell phone also increase your chances of
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crashing. we're following more breaking news for you now. sky eye chopper 13 is live over an accident in timonium. captain mike perry has more. mike? >> reporter: just west of vails bury road. this looks like a brand-new vehicle. there is a rescue in progress. they were moments ago, trying to cut the roof off of this brand-new vehicle. there is no word on injuries at this point. but we do know that the driver is -- they are going to be transported to sinai hospital. the police are investigating, as you can see, timonium road. only one lane gets by, eastbound on west timonium road. >> thank you very much, captain mike perry. scattered clouds have been filling the skies. here's a live look outside. meteorologist tim williams is tracking it all. overall, weave seen a pretty clear afternoon. aside from the haze and the humidity. first warning live doppler radar, shows the one area that we are seeing showers coming
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down. this is an area with pretty strong storms. pretty strong downpour, i should say, right over elkridge. near hanover and dorsey. this system is moving around 30 miles per hour. to the east. and i'll give you an idea. it is a pretty good duration storm. and it's going to be heading up toward elkridge. moving up toward avalon. arundel mills could see the showers as well over the next few days. or next few hours or so. over the next few days, we could see the same type of dynamics we had over the weekend. with pretty strong storms in the afternoon. >> okay. tim. thank you very much. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. councilwoman indicted. criminal charges are filed against helen holton and businessman john paterakis. we continue to follow the breaking news on city hall corruption. should pregnant women be among the first to receive the h1n1 vaccine?
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i'm kellye lynn at the university of maryland center for vaccine development. i'll have that story coming up. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. the ravens training camp. everybody gets what they want in westminster. i'll explain, when eyewitness news continues. and could we see scattered showers again tonight? the updated first warning weather forecast with tim coming right up.
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it's kickoff time. training camp begins, bright and early this morning. if you head over the next few weeks, tens of thousands of people descend on mcdaniel college. mike schuh is live in westminster, with a look at the excitement surrounding the return of football. mike? >> reporter: it's hot. that's what's happening out here, at training camp, vic. everybody gets what they want
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in westminster. the coaches assess the players. the fans get to see the stars. and the merchants get the money. >> reporter: t. sizzle. isn't even in camp. but the return of the ravens and their 80,000 fans, has seen a lot of sizzle for this town. $1.2 million left behind on main street. >> that sure helps if you come downtown and shop the merchants and eat at the restaurants down here. >> training camp is back in town ♪ come to play another round ♪ >> westminster is fun to go to. in addition to the ravens' training camp, it's got a lot of historic atmosphere. >> reporter: for harry, these weeks of purple people mean green. >> our sales go about the first
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25%. for us, it's economic recovery. our own stimulus package here. we thank the ravens for that. >> reporter: for the city, it's also a boost to civic pride. >> everything says westminster. any time. you know, it's like westminster. byline. that's great. so people say, oh, yeah, i remember that town. >> reporter: well, all the big names arrive on friday. this circus continues, except for thursday, through the 22nd of august. and of course, it is free. reporting live from westminster, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. vic, back to you. >> okay, mike. go cool off. if you're waiting for some know to get home from work, let's check on the roads. >> we're continuing to follow that serious accident that captain mike perry showed us just a little while ago. let's take a look at that accident. it's in timonium, on timonium road.
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you're looking at all westbound lanes. blocked. only one eastbound lane getting by there. as you can see, watch for delays. pedonia road would be one alternate. meantime, we have accidents. five of them. west cold spring at north charles. and east fayette at north front. traffic lights still working on east joppa. meantime, delays on 95 northbound, from approaching 32 to 175. similar delays can be seen on 295 northbound. there is a live look at the top side of the beltway. on the liewrt -- outer loop, you're looking at delays between york and charles. there's a live look at 95. that delay that i mentioned at 32. looks like they are get something rain showers there as well. everything running through smoothly there. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. try the new subway, big chipotle cheesesteak. piled high with toppings. subway, eat fresh.
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back over to you. >> thank you very much, sharon. going back to the breaking news of the indictment of city hall, councilwoman helen holton and businessman john paterakis. professor, how comom common is this -- common is this type where the state prosecutor goes back after someone, particularly in the case of helen holton? >> well, i think it's fairly unusual. it's fairly unusual to have charges dismissed, as happened. so it's only that charges were dismissed that we'd have the situation of them coming back. but i think the state prosecutor indicated at the time that if the charges were dismissed, they were going to explore all options. but yes, it's fairly unusual. >> all right. what is your take in terms of -- we heard this was -- was it because she asked for this to be paid for, this survey to be paid for? or was it because it was in excess of what the campaign contribution laws allow? >> it's a combination of two things. one, it was over the campaign limit maximum.
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the campaign contribution maximum. but also, unrelated to that, it was paid directly to the candidate and not through her campaign organization. and the reason for a campaign organization is the governmental entities are able to track and determine what is happening. they bypass that and gave too much. >> how crucial was it for the state prosecutor have lipscomb already admit to guilt in this case, in terms of him moving forward with the re-indictment? does that give him a bird in hand, so to speak? >> well, yes. in many cases, the prosecution has trouble making its case beyond a reasonable doubt. as to every element of the offense, against all of the defendants. so it is facial frequent that prosecutors, then, will try to negotiate with one of the parties to allow them to escape or downgrade their crim culpability in return for their testifying or being available
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to testify against other defendants. yes, that is common. >> okay, baron walter. thank you very much. you always give us great insight into complicated cases. i'm sure we'll be talking to you more as this case develops. thank you. >> my pleasure. turning to our area, and there are storms once again. >> yeah, pretty much that one isolated area. down around elkridge. it is a small area. only place in the whole state. we'll keep an eye on that. 85 degrees down from 87. 70 is your dew point. humidity at 60%. winds coming from the south and southeast at 5 miles per hour. and the barometer falling. complete updated forecast is
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we are taking a look at showers out there. humidity levels are so high. the moisture in the atmosphere is very high. but there is only one concentrated area. we give you an idea that right around the columbia area, we'll say east of columbia, over toward elkridge, moving over to hanover. and up near woodlawn. moving in that direction. that's where we're seeing the showers really everywhere else. the scan is really clear.
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one little area, east of elkton. moving over into the delaware edge of the delmarva and the viewing area. of course that was one area. these showers moving slowly. pretty good downpours moving under them. again, they're going to move tomorrow. right now, coming down from a daytime high of 87 degrees. right on target for the average temperature this time of year. actually, we have hit our hottest normal days. 88, just a few days ago. now we're starting to come down a few degrees. so normal temperature, 87. different have a differential. overnight low, 66 is the average for this day. nowhere near the records set back in 1940. and 1962. around the state. we have 89 in hagerstown. and 88 in easton. 77 in columbia, where the rain has cooled things down a little bit.
5:24 pm
those winds coming from the south/southeast are adding a bit of a warm, moist flow coming in from the ocean. but that is continuing to add to our temperatures, being as high as they are. while we did see some breaks in the clouds, that break added a little more sunshine. actually gave us a little potential for the pop-up thunderstorm for that. we are still seeing the clouds out there. we did see the clouds start to break. but we are starting to see now, the influence of a big area of disturbance down to our south. this system sending in warm, moist air our direction. that coupled with a front is going to be moving through here in the next few days. and we'll see the potential for strong thunderstorms. they all kind of collide here. colliding over the mid-atlantic over the next day or so. so we could definitely see all of that moving in our area.
5:25 pm
we'll keep the humid conditions in place. small craft advisory on the bay. next high tide at fort mchenry. your forecast looks like this. 72 degrees tonight. thunderstorms around earlier as you see. then we'll day down. humid, strong thunderstorms in the afternoon. and you have to rest your voice. >> will do that. all right, tim. thank you. wjz and the baltimore orioles are teaming up to feed the hungry. and we need your help. this weekend, take nonparishable foods. it's all part of the continuing commitment. and if you're bringing big money donate, put it in my
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bucket. >> you're very competitive. >> you are, too. city hall corruption. councilwoman helen holton is indicted with businessman john patarakis. we're live with the latest on the fallout. and worry on the chesapeake, as crabs disappear during the height of the season. i'm ron matz, on corn beef row. we'll have the story when
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it is 5:29. 85 degrees. if you're just getting home, welcome home and cool off. state prosecutor reindicts city councilwoman helen holton and prominent city developer john paterakis on violating campaign finance laws. this all stems from the probe going into mayor sheila dixon. >> reporter: sally, these new developments are stunning. a lot of people here at city hall, each catching some off -- even catching some of them offguard. in fact, the mayor's office not knowing about the charges until we handed them a copy of the report. city councilwoman, helen
5:30 pm
holton, who was previously cleared, faces two new charges. she is accused of taking money from ronald lipscomb for a political survey. the total amount in question here is $12,500. prosecutor says it was paid by lipscomb and john paterakis. he is the owner of h&s bakery, also facing criminal charges. just moments ago, the head of the naacp raised some questions about these developments. >> frightening, it's scary. this is the second time around. you figure if it didn't get the proper bite at the apple the first time, what are they going to get this time that the community doesn't know? if they have something, come out with it and let us know. this stalls the operation of the city. >> reporter: hoton -- holton and patterakis face a fine if convicted. the court date for mayor sheila dixon has been set for the 28th. >> thank you, adam. remember, wjz is always on.
5:31 pm
for the latest on the indictments, against councilwoman helen holton, log onto our website, a crisis on the chesapeake, has veteran watermen asking, where are the crabs? what is normally a busy time is turning into a real season of worry on the bay. it's as if crabs have all but disappeared when they should be most plentiful. >> reporter: a bad sign is turning up on docks all along the chesapeake. >> reporter: tens of thousands of wire pots that should be in the bay, catching crabs, are out of the water. >> i would say anywhere you go in the bay right now, there's 10 times more sitting on the shore than there is out in the water. >> reporter: that's because watermen are coming back empty- handed. crabs are suddenly scarce. >> used to be you had crabs one end to the other. that's what's alarming to me. >> and the pots may explain why.
5:32 pm
watermen call it hair, a stringy growth that doubles in size every day. >> it keeps doubling and doubling. a crab won't get in that pot with that much dirt on it. >> reporter: but it's what is feeding the growth that is the worry. >> nutrient fed. that comes from water and plants. still releases things like nitrogen. and those are now leaving larger-than-expected zones in the bay and rivers. and that may be driving crabs into the -- into hiding. >> ask ones that don't die are going to go hibernate. >> that's left watermen with a job of cleaning off their pots while waiting for dead zones to clear and crabs to return. that means no money coming in. and unlike past years, this isn't a spotty phenomenon. it's everywhere. >> and it's the first time like this that i remember. >> reporter: the only relief is cleaner water. but that could take until the
5:33 pm
fall. if that happens issue the -- happens, the heart of the chesapeake crab season could be lost. >> expanding dead zones maybe the result of heavy rains this past spring. a 23-year-old man pleads guilty today to shooting a police officer. tway -- 23-year-old matthew gonzalez could be sentenced to life in prison. he admits to shooting officer lee joins in the city last july as he was being pursued for a possible car break-in. gonzalez will be sentenced september 3rd. just moments ago, the man accused of murdering a kansas abortion doctor pleads not guilty. denise is live in the newsroom with more on today's developments in the case. >> reporter: scott rotor entered his plea during a preliminary hearing, immediately after several witnesses gave testimony about what happened during the may 31st shooting. one of the jurors testified that he walked in and put a gun
5:34 pm
to his head. people said they weren't sure the weapon was real until they saw tiller fall to the ground. surrounding witnesses say they also heard the gunman say "lord, forgive me." a judge ordered rotor held on $20 million bond and set a trial date for september 21st. >> dr. till are perform -- tiller performed aborgs at -- abortions at his wichita clinic for 31 yours. and new information on the doctor who was with michael jackson when he died. manuel gallegus has more on the manslaughter investigation surrounding dr. conrad murray. >> reporter: drug enforcement agents searched the las vegas home and office of dr. conrad murray. it's the latest development in the manslaughter investigation of murray, the private physician who is hired by jackson's concert promoters. and who was with jackson when
5:35 pm
he died. >> i looked through for the items outlined in the search warrant. and if those items meet the standard what's in the search warrant itself, they will be seized as evidence. >> reporter: cbs news has learned investigators are looking for documents, computer records or any paper trail that is related to dr. murray's interaction with jackson, or any evidence of prescribing jackson drugs. this follows a similar search last week, at a houston medical clinic, where murray also works. investigators all took a hard drive and documents from there. >> reporter: the coroner here in los angeles is expected to release the details on michael jackson's death, sometime this week. they say they were asked by the lapd to hold off on any report, pending the investigation. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cbs news, the investigation is centered around the powerful anesthetic, propofol, known as diprivan. and the houston search was based on a preliminary autopsy finding, showing diprivan as the possible cause of jackson's death.
5:36 pm
dr. murray's lawyer said the doctor, quote, did not prescribe or admin ster anything that -- administer anything that should have killed michael jackson. as agents surrounded his home, there was no sign of murray. >> jackson died june 25th, after being rushed to the hospital in cardiac arrest. sonia sotomayor takes a big record. she won the support of the september judiciary committee today. the committee voted 13-6 to send its recommendation to the full senate, which is expected to confirm sotomayor next week. only one republican, senator lindsey graham had more. she will replace moderate liberal justice david suiter. she will be just the third woman to sit on the supreme court. in tonight's eyewitness news healthwatch, a government advisory panel prepares to make a decision on whether pregnant women should get a swine flu shot this fall.
5:37 pm
expectant moms are considered particularly vulnerable to infection. >> the baby's head right there. look at that. >> reporter: 22-year-old tiffany lawson is expecting her coming baby -- baby in the coming weeks. she has not been vaccinated but she makes her children are protected. >> yeah. they get vaccinated every year, every november. >> reporter: for the past years, doctors have recommended that women get exposed to the seasonal flu. >> reporter: changes in the lungs and the immune system make it more difficult to fight off respiratory infections. >> reporter: now, there's growing concern that pregnant women could be at heightened risk of developing the swine flu. >> we believe that pregnant women are more susceptible to the h1n1 infection. and there have been a few deaths that have been reported in otherwise healthy pregnant women. >> reporter: so far, there have
5:38 pm
been 302 deaths in the u.s., attributed to swine flu. it has detailed information about 266 of those cases. 15 of which were pregnant women. now an advisory committee to the cdc is considering whether or not pregnant women should be the first to be vaccinated against h1n1. dr. wilbur chainer is investigating whether there will be enough vaccination. >> there will not be enough vaccination for the entire u.s. population. i believe young children will be prioritized, pregnant women, and health healthcare workers. >> they say if could save my baby, then i get it. >> reporter: they will make their decision tomorrow. we'll keep you posted. i'm kellye lynn, with healthwatch. cdc usually takes the advice of the panel, formerly known as the advisory committee on immunization practices. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find on the baltimore sun.
5:39 pm
they will help fund more than 100 law enforcement jobs. legg mason's board is defending the executive bonuses. and a new trend sweeping local restaurants. for all of these stories and a whole lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. if you like a good, corned beef sandwich, you head to a baltimore landmark. ron matz reports, if all goes as planned, the famous deli is about to get bigger and better. >> reporter: welcome to lumber street. and the legendary attman's deli. >> i come here at least once a week. corned beef is great. >> every time i come to johns hopkins, i always stop here and pick up corned beef sandwiches. >> reporter: this world famous deli near the jewish museum is
5:40 pm
about to get better. the owner plans to build a new restaurant on the lot next to the existing one. doubling the capacity. >> i have more seating. and a new kitchen. new service area for all of the customers. and try to do a better job. >> reporter: attman's was founded in 1915. you could get a sandwich for a quarter. residents -- presidents have dined here. there's something about this place. >> ambience. atmosphere. >> reporter: a bigger restaurant will mean quicker service. >> they like the food. but we know they're here for lurch and they want to get in and -- lunch and they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. >> reporter: it dates back to 1907, under the plan it would be renovated for other uses. >> what we are trying to do is rejuvenate lumber street. we don't want to knock away buildings like everyone else has done here.
5:41 pm
we want to try to get some life down here. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> and attman's is not seeking any funding from the city. they hope to break ground in march of next year. captain mike perry has live with more. >> we are in the 2900 block of vineyard lane. this is crofton, anne arundel county, where a 38-year-old male has fallen out of a second- story window. police telling eyewitness news that apparently this occurred shortly after 4:00 this afternoon. it is believed at this point to be accidental. but the man died as a result of the fall. anne arundel county police remain on the scene, conducting their investigation. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much, captain mike perry, sky eye chopper 13. north carolina terrorist. seven men are arrested for an alleged terror plot abroad. find out what list this local college landed on in princeton's annual review.
5:42 pm
i'm tim williams in for bob turk in the first warning weather center. putting the finishing touches on your five-day forecast. coming up. first, here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back.
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taking a look at one storm that is moving across the southern edge of the viewing area. we're looking at first warning live doppler radar, showing you that from this lowest edge, to the northern most portion of this storm, around fort mchenry and canton. this storm system is moving very slowly. pretty heavy rain underit. but it is the only one out in the spire state right now, that has developed again, the result of these very warm afternoons, with the high humidity levels. forecast tomorrow, much of the same. 84 degrees. and for the next five days, we are looking at 93 tomorrow as you mentioned. 89 on saturday. and 88 on sunday, with overnight lows down around 70 degrees. the first is on for an
5:46 pm
merge who investigators believe may be part of a terrorist group, based in north carolina. bob orr reports. the alleged ring leader is daniel patrick boyd. boyd, his two adult sons and others are charged with confiring. sources say the fbi used wire taps to infiltrate the group. boyd, prosecutors say attended terror training camps in pakistan 20 years ago. and fought alongside afdan soldiers. he and others traveled to israel in 2007, hoping to conduct terror activities. they returned a short time later without success.
5:47 pm
still, neighbors in north carolina were stunned by the arrest. i really can't believe. and not in caswell county. you don't see anything around here except tobacco and cows. terrorists, that's a little much, don't you think? sources say the men do not appear to be a plot against u.s. targets. prosecutors say he is not considered a danger to the public. an unthinkable act. police say a man got into the arm. he refused to say where the 8- month-old and 23-year-old were. 13 hours later, two men at an electric company heard crying and found the babies, the trash can, outside. the two children were sweating and muddy, but otherwise okay. the mother's boyfriend is now in police custody. there's nothing worse than dropping a cup of hot coffee in our lap driving down the road. for an oregon man, the results were disastrous.
5:48 pm
posed a real challenge for the tow truck company, as they tried to figure out how to get the truck back out of the water without damaging the pool. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for all new stories coming up. denise is standing by. vic indicted. the probe resulted in new indictments. this time, a prominent developer and city councilwoman again. our complete coverage continues at 6:00. and... i'm jessica kartalija, here at johns hopkins hospital. coming up, how one woman's kindness saved eight lives. i'll have that story coming up. checking in with the breaking news. sports illustrated has given men another reason to keep checking their iphones. the magazine's swim suit models like brooklyn decker are featured in the latest application. features videos and photos. 20 models. if you need to convince your loved one on why you're getting
5:49 pm
it, it also comes with realtime scores for your favorite team. >> yeah, that's going to fly. if you're a student at loyola college, you can complain about your roommates. just not the room. princeton review rates the school's. >> it ranks only smith college in massachusetts ranks higher than loyola. they have 14 residence halls. also loyola has 10. >> you are a proud alum at smith? >> yes. the dorms are pretty nic
5:50 pm
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5:52 pm
sports director, mark viviano joins us live tonight in westminster. it was the start of training camp here today. and it was a limited workout for the ravens, as there are a limited number of players who are here. about a dozen are injured. so unable to play, still sore from last year. the most notable absence is that of veteran receiver
5:53 pm
derrick mason. as you know, he is pondering retirement. that's led to many questions about how that might affect the quarterback. >> joe flacco says he's much more comfortable as quarterback with a year of experience on his nfl resume. his most experienced receiver may be retired. but flacco is unfazed. >> i'm not worried about it at all. so if i'm not worried about it, nobody else should be worried about it. we have great guys out there catching the ball. and we're going to have great guys, as long as they're out there running around and staying healthy. >> reporter: if mason retires, mark clayton becomes a candidate to be the top receiver. but the ravens say they're not into ranking their players. >> you've never heard us say, we need a number 1 guy, number 2 guy. we don't put our guys in those. you guys do. >> i told the last guys, we work hard. and we lift each other up. it's a brotherhood. a family out here. i'm going to lift the next man up. he's going to lift me up.
5:54 pm
and as we do that, we'll do it together. >> reporter: the ravens had a practice this afternoon. they're back on the practice field here at mcdaniel college. let's talk baseball. orioles back home, taking on kansas city. looking to bounce back from a loss at camden yards. for starting pitcher rich hill, who was added with the hope that he would add a starting pitcher. but it does not seem to be working. hill lasted just two and one third innings. it was too much for manager dave trembley, whose patience with hill is running thin. and the pitcher admits he is running out of chances. >> as selfish as that might be, i think i can still go out there and help the team now. unfortunately, it hasn't coming to fruition. but we have been hurting the team more than i've been helping it. the only thing i can do is continue to work hard and just
5:55 pm
keep. rookie jason berken throws for the o's, against kansas city tonight. coming up at 6:00. more on the ravens, plus, michael phelps at the world swimming championships in rome. and a result that we did not expect. that and more ahead. >> thank you. and still to come tonight. breaking news rocking city hall tonight. complete coverage of the new indictment, handed out s on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico
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coming up now on eyewitness news at 6:00. a prominent city developer and councilwoman are indicted. eyewitness news is live with complete extensive coverage. words from afghanistan. stunning words. what police are doing about the blood shed in city streets. i'm derek valcourt in timonium, where they are still cleaning up from sunday night's storm. i'll take you there, show you the damage. and tell you how many people are still without power. that story coming up on eyewitness news. >> more storms tonight. don't miss the updated first warning forecast. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts now.
5:59 pm
spreading scandal. the investigation into corruption at city hall, reaches the highest levels of the city's business community. tonight, a developer and city counsel -- councilwoman are indicted. hello, everyone. >> we have breaking news now. the probe into mayor sheila dixon takes new twists and turns. a short time ago, a prominent local developer and city councilwoman are indicted as part of the investigation. eyewitness news stays on the story, with extensive complete coverage. political reporter pat warren has more on the indictment handed out. >> reporter: that's right, vic. these indictments come as a result of the guilty plea by developer ron lipscomb back in june. >> reporter: councilwoman helen holton is charged with two counts of violating campaign finance laws. a new development, since charges against her were dismissed. and she told wjz at the time


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